Sneekers (NA)
: Pay to play urf
> [{quoted}](name=Sneekers,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zaFoiLIB,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-01T04:49:36.063+0000) > Stop holding this absolute unit of a game mode from us riot. This shit made me laugh pretty hard take my upvote
5050BS (NA)
: This is what it looks like when Riot is boosting a Smurf
I can agree that smurfing is annoying and to some extent It ruins the ranking system but the game you linked really doesn’t set off any red flags as to there being one
ıIlllI (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=FreeLanternRides,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=3lWREVRF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-01T05:01:22.679+0000) > > I’m pretty sure it had something to do with Aram being random buuuuut now tft has a ranked mode and it has much more ring than simply getting a random champion so the excuse doesn’t really hold up any more maybe it can actually be considered now yeah bro! I don't see why not right? I mean can it actually effect anything other than just having fun?
> [{quoted}](name=ıIlllI,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=3lWREVRF,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-01T05:02:32.329+0000) > > yeah bro! I don't see why not right? I mean can it actually effect anything other than just having i edited my reply some it could cause problems it didn’t seem to do much for 3v3s on TT but not as many people played it as they do aram
ıIlllI (NA)
: Please explain...
I’m pretty sure it had something to do with Aram being random buuuuut now tft has a ranked mode and it has much more ring than simply getting a random champion so the excuse doesn’t really hold up any more not that it really did in the first place because being able to excel in a completely random composition with a champion weren’t expecting not just once but enough times to actually rise above others in a ranked scenario would speak volumes to your abilities as a league player however adding a ranked q to a game mode mostly considered to be for fun could cause people to be more salty about it and would add some form of an elitist attitude like it’s done in normals
: I did haha. Neat to see we are thinking the same thing. I'd play it.
> [{quoted}](name=Freedom Dividend,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=uQzl2AjA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-01T04:30:15.545+0000) > > I did haha. Neat to see we are thinking the same thing. I'd play it. lol fr kinda blew my mind guess its the whole TT being deleted thing thats making me nostalgic about the good ole days
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a lot of the things on this list were changed for the better but god damn do i miss old zac i know not much changed with him but i much preferred the original and old gangplank once zac got changed i just didnt want to play him any more same with gp i know some people will argue that those changes were for good as well but not to me
: Out of 145 champs, 2 are Black....
I'm pretty sure all these champions are from an entirely different universe than the one the usa is in so really diversity is kinda off the charts
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Rexxiee (NA)
: Akali needs to be nerfed into unviable tier until she gets another rework
i do think true stealth should be taken away but she isnt so bad as to completely nerf her i feel like i have more chances to beat her now than i ever did before
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: New Vi build revealed
until you fight any crit based champ that just shits on you at least for now any way
: Thoughts on pre season Master Yi?
I recently fought one and he did horrible, I mean I was playing Yas, but still dude did bad.
: That 1 to 3 poll ratio hating on the patch.
lol i dont see much to love they haven't just hurt the game this time i venture to say they have fucking ruined it
: > [{quoted}](name=FreeLanternRides,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=vETYTXEQ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-10-23T03:48:42.321+0000) > > if you bring them back why would you want them anymore? i want them because i'm one of those people, who started late in the game and never got the chance to get them so that's why i want them
it would ruin the cool factor of actually owning the skin
: Old Skins, that you cant get again
if you bring them back why would you want them anymore?
: How to stop raging?
Well when i get angry ill step back away watch some you tube videos, the easiest way for me to deal with anger that comes from this game is just remember that no matter how bad the game im currently in is the next one could be better. P.S. don't look at chat like ever.
: I feel bad for Bronze 3-5. Should we make a minimum MMR soft reset so they don't start at bottom?
i feel as though even if it did it wouldn't make a huge difference people will fall into a division they belong in sooner or later
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: The moments that made Worlds: Part 1
The best part about worlds ever was idk something like BALLS getting a phucking PENTAKIRRRRRRR. C9 has been my favorite team since I started watching professional league I put them as numero uno in my bracket and am so damn happy to see them doing well again. Because it was hard to watch them finish 7th in na.
: Thank you, but do you think that it would last until X-mas/New Year's
im sure it would last at least until then id guess that the exp. date would be sometime in 2016 at the earliest
: The New Thresh Figurine
Im sure it would have an expiration date but it would be most likely further down the line and not as soon as it goes off sale. So yes you could essentially save it and sell it for a higher price but not much considering the skin goes on sale once a year so good luck with that.
: guys its sivir that thing in her face is the boomerang blade.
try leona and that thing in her hand is her shield
: Be Victorious
really another support victorious skin
: The Blue Skin for Kayle.. I don't remember buying it, but it was the first one I had...
i recently got a kayle skin from a mystery box not sure if its the same one your talking about though
: I bought Totemic Maokai and Nightblade Irelia together after a few weeks of playing them pretty much exclusively. I don't like Totemic Maokai as much since the visual update, but it's still a great skin.
D Bag (NA)
: My first mistake was Assassin Yi in season 1.
lol i spent my free rp that rito gave me on pantheon when he was on sale ages ago
: I think it was battle cast vel koz... mecha kha zix?
i bought vel when he came out but stayed away from his skin and i own mecha kha pretty decent skin
: I... I don't remember. I started playing in 2013 and I just... don't recall. I remember my first champ I spent real life money on though. It was Thresh. Of course I was a noob and took him top lane, mid lane, ADC.... whatever. Slight amounts of success with that as well.
any place that thresh is taken is the right place i love thresh easily my favorite champino
: Arcade Riven
excellent choice i don't play riven but that skin is pretty killer
: great champ concepts riot needs to take notes
they obviously do i mean what is a game without a giraffe
: Need 2 for chilled team for wards
you can add me if you want IGN: FreeLanternRides
i havent seen this vid yet i fucking love darkmane good job mate
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: But what purpose would it serve? It would basically work like report system, yes. Who gets to see how many dishonor a summoner got? Teammates, so they can flame whoever has a dishonor ribbon? I do agree that BM needs punishment, but I don't think this is really helpful.
it would be a way for all people to see if this person does annoying things in a game that they cant really be reported for i don't want them to get a ribbon for it that would be an incentive to dick around and be annoying. and i would hope they would implement a system so that you could get rid of them over time if you improve your behavior and stop doing things that most players don't like.
: I think we should too shame all those assholes who troll and rage and d/c on a consistent basis. Lets Shame those pieces of shit Riot give us this Option. We should be able too voice our dis-pleasure against assholes whom Troll on a daily basis. **It will allow us to know if a person is toxic as fuck, and it should also give us the option too Kick that piece of shit and get a new 5th.*
as i said i don't want the dishonors to mean anything i just would like them to be a tally type system that would shed some light as to how the person plays this game and what their tendencies are and maybe if they stop getting dishonored they could work of the ones they have already received so they are not stuck with your account forever
Wajster (NA)
: no grow up
what do you mean grow up? At what point did i make you think i needed to mature at all? I simply brought up an idea that i wanted people to look at and if you don't like the idea there was a much more "grown up way" to go about it like down voting or saying no on the poll and moving on, instead of telling someone to grow up. We aren't playing call of duty on the xbox i would like to believe that most of us are respectable people so how about next time you think of a more constructive thing to say please.
: > [{quoted}](name=auntamedrhino,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=H40mEmFA,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-06-15T04:34:01.631+0000) > > Are you a plat player? If not how would you know what Plat mechanics are. And who is to say that the person hasn't played a decent amount of vayne. im silver five but my thresh is pretty damn good and that's because i have played the literal shit out of the champion. Your division doesn't determine your skill level. I have 2 plat friends and a diamond 3 friend who I know personally and talk to every day and also I play with them a hell of a lot, meaning I get dragged into very high elo games and see a lot of plat mechanics
if your playing with people that are plat and diamond then why are you complaining about a vayne outplaying you? if your constantly playing with these people sooner or later you would be able to play as well if not better than them you would think right?
: When a "Silver 4" player has Plat mechanics
Are you a plat player? If not how would you know what Plat mechanics are. And who is to say that the person hasn't played a decent amount of vayne. im silver five but my thresh is pretty damn good and that's because i have played the literal shit out of the champion. Your division doesn't determine your skill level.
: Skins
rengar just got a new skin and has three now some other champs haven't gotten skins since release and are more of a higher priority. I do agree that the most recent rengar skin was a little bad and i don't like it much at all but his other two are pretty decent and i even own the night stalker one its a pretty good skin.
: who should win this fight
it honestly should depend on how far along in the build both are obviously a tank with all his items should beat an squishy ad/ap who is behind on items. but in a straight one to one fight with an equal spread of gold i think the tank should still win because he/she will be able to last out on the squishy damage much longer than the ad/ap champ will last out on the tanks damage even if his damage doesn't seem like a whole lot. but you have to take into consideration that tanks are not just walking health bars they for the most part have cc that will and should slow down a high damage carry's damage output. so in short as long as its a one on one fight and the tank doesn't have to go through other people to get to a squishy he should win IMO.
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Arie (NA)
: Which champion abilities would you want IRL?
i would want {{champion:121}}'s ult so i could you know evolve... my claws... yeah my claws nothing else
: Does {{champion:201}} 's voice count as an ability?
Oro Deus (NA)
: Updating Legendary Skins?
well corporate mundo is fine but have you seen gentlemen cho if i didnt get that skin from a mystery gift i would be pretty damn iritated
: Well, I'll give you a bit of a breakdown on how to counter each of his abilities. (This is from my perspective, I've only played about 10 games with him on the live server) Passive - This is going to always give Ekko an incredible amount of damage in trades, if he can pull it off. Distancing yourself from him gives him little chance to land the third hit, or even second. Timewinder - As someone who's been playing Ekko a lot lately, I'd like to point out that this skill is really easy to miss if you're not good at skillshots. Sure, it's big, and it hits hard, AND it's got a great slow, but to be perfectly honest, if you're any good at kiting, he's not going to hit this unless he's close enough. And when he does, since it DOES apply his passive, you need to stay away from at least one of the two hits. Moving to the opposite direction of where Ekko currently is helps a lot on avoiding the second, trust me. Parallel Convergence - Oh, you. This skill is honestly one that I think could use a bit of tweaking. It is actually rather easy to bait someone into, especially in a bush, or while they chase you. Plus, getting caught in this gives Ekko either a great escape chance, or the extra damage he needs to burst you down. Really, avoiding this one boils down to noticing his startup animation for it, it's pretty obvious. The passive of this is actually what makes Ekko a threat to the marksmen and supports. Or just anyone who lacks in the health department. The bonus damage he gets from this is INCREDIBLE. If I'm being perfectly honest, avoid fighting Ekko if he can get you low fast, especially if he didn't his e already. Phase Dive - Ekko's mobility depends on this skill, as well as his ultimate. This one is pretty tricky to go against in a 1 v 1 lane, but again, like his q, it's actually pretty easy to mess up. If you're a range champ, you can bait him into using this skill pretty easily, and since it's also his PRIMARY escape in lane, if you have any cc, once he switches back to his normal stance, that's the time to CC and get in your damage. Chronobreak - A bit of advice to newer Ekko players, as in ones who didn't SPAM him in the PBE - this ability is going to be your saving grace, every game. The sheer damage you have with this skill if you can snowball will decimate the enemy team. To those fighting Ekko, I'm going to explain two tricks to make this skill useless. Lane returns - Something Ekko is very good at, lane control. His r is VERY useful for winning a fight, sure. But this is what I'm going to want you to repeat to yourself. If Ekko recalls, and his clone is still there, STAY AWAY FROM IT. A smart Ekko will buy homeguard early, and then warp back to his position, and then suddenly, you've lost half your HP, and he's already got full HP and MP, plus some shiny new items. I have done this almost every game as him, where my lane opponent thought it was safe to take tower, and then suddenly, BAM. They're dead. Seriously, stay away from that thing. Teamfights - Try to make Ekko use this as soon as possible, and remember, snares, stuns, and roots prevent him from activating it. If he uses it early, chances are he'll pop back up AWAY from your team, and suddenly, he's lost that damage potential. Laning against Ekko is a pain in the ass, sure, but remember, he's an ASSASSIN. He's not meant to be weak. I mean seriously, Annie is worse to lane against, especially post six. Oh yeah, and a final tip, if you're the adc, avoid the {{item:3285}} {{champion:245}} . Hope this expanation done in about 10 minutes helps with some understanding on how to fight Ekko!
passive: distancing yourself from ekko does not stop his passive from getting proc'd he can simply throw q which can proc it also it slows you so he can catch up he can use faze dive to get closer and then use the second part of it to get even closer (which btw also procs his passive) and when it is proc'd he gets a huge speed buff only making it harder to get away from this fucker and all of his damage Time winder: this isn't that hard to hit unless you haven't played league or any other moba it moves incredibly fast and expands to slow you down letting him catch up to deal the last one to two hits left for his passive to proc making it even harder to stop this fucking monster and i do agree if your at any distance away it will miss but with all the shit he has to get close to you thats not really a reliable way to counter this ability parallel convergence: this ability is so much packed into one that i have no idea why riot let it go through into the final kit i wish they would at least allow you to see it the whole time and not just the starting animation so if your not paying that much attention during a team fight (where this ability seems to be the perfect place to use it) you are utterly fucked i can understand if it just gave the shield and possibly the slow but a whole damn stun alongside a massive shield and a slow with it seems like an ability that was meant to just piss off people trying to play and enjoy this damn game phase dive: this ability is about the only one in his entire kit that i don't have much to complain about it seems fine and simple mistiming on the ekko's end can easily fuck this up but when you throw something like this in with the slows stuns and shields plus an excellent escape tool it still begs the question as to how this champ made it through to release chrono break: the ap scaling is ridiculous i just dont see why an ability that offers up so much utility for other things and a heal based on damage taken needs to do so much fucking damage to any poor person caught near the thing and i know that it is easy to spot but honestly staying away from this thing all game is a huge pain in the ass and damn near impossible and considering the ability has a crazy low cool down for all that it has to offer for an assassin that deals this much damage and does all the things that he can to be honest i like ekko i think he is really fun to play, that being said he is still incredibly overloaded with all the things his kit has to offer i dont want him to be nerfed into uselessness but it would be nice if he couldn't do everything because honestly what champ deserves to have a slow, stun, heal, shield, escapes, gap close, and insane damage. The closest champ i can think of to doing all of that is lb and she cant even shield or slow. Another champ i can think of having a lot of that is Rengar he has a slow stun and a heal but no shield and no gap close outside of people standing near brush and he definitely doesn't have as good an escape as ekko lb does but not rengo
Fredart (NA)
: So there should be a loss forgiven/win denied because someone didn't like the champion comp and leaves during loading screen?
how is that the rest of the teams fault he should be punished but not the rest of them
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