0ctavia (NA)
: No, validation only some good feedback to convince me the community is nice. I am really glad yours wasn't the first response I read. I love the skins :). I do put in a lot of time and leveled my account from 0-30 in a couple weeks, so that is a bit of a tangent in the wrong direction. The post is exactly as states. I am frustrated and would like feedback about the game and it's culture. I play all kinds of games not only MMO and I understand that it takes work, but also if the culture of a gaming community is marginal and negative it can ruin the experience and make putting work into a game pointless because these are competitive social experiences. I have had some positive experiences in the game and as I am getting better at the game this is one of the things that has become a bit annoying to me. The one edge I have in most games I play is that I am strategical about my decisions and if I am focused on my strategy and target my kill in this example AI, which from what I can tell is less challenging and does not compare to the PvP side of the game it is frustrating to line up a kill and have someone jump out of the jungle and take it. This is not about the kill, or getting the most kills it is about an attitude within the community - more of this feeling that it's the opposite of what you are describing and as you mentioned it is a problem with people being selfish. I don't care so much about having the highest kill rank but the fact that I have Caitlin ultimate on my target and someone feels like it is okay to attack it before the shot when I was there in the lane alone and that being the case on at least 10 different occasions it results in me feeling like there is a lack of respect because yes I do agree it is a team effort, so be there in case my kill shot is blocked but don't interrupt it while it's firing... hope that makes more sense.... Seems like maybe I needed to vent and get feed back about the game. It was not meant as I want the game to be easy, if it was easy or becomes easy I would get bored and leave immediately.
You keep mentioning the PVE and PVP experience. Let me just tell you now that the PVE is only a training/leveling ground. This game is entirely designed for PVP. The whole point of the game is to win by defeating the enemy nexus. It is objective based, but many in low ELO feel that kills are the point. They give value both in gold and in strategy, but if you watch pro games (highly recommended), teams will focus on objectives and cs first, and not many conflicts happen and skirmishes do not always end up in a kill. Things like knowing where to ward, ramping up your cs, knowing when to gank, communicate, take drag, push for first tower, first blood. Understanding how your jungler works. All of these things are way more important than knowing if you can get a kill or not. I highly recommend you watch diamond plus videos. If you ever play ranked, chances are you will start around bronze (silver if you play normals long enough to learn the game). In either case, you will run into very toxic players. Everyone wants to win. While toxicity is not acceptable, it DOES HAPPEN and quite frequently. Understanding how to mute and report and keep going is your best tactic.
0ctavia (NA)
: I will try others, I have to feel comfortable with the gaming community and so on before playing more competitively and I need to feel better about myself and ability to understand the game and gaming mechanics of the champions I play and play against. Currently, I am frustrated with game mechanics and the exploits that I see in AI. I can't imagine this being any different in regular PvP - I imagine it is a lot worse. Like a team mate letting you die to take your kill for example - also something I think may be happening.
I can see it now. You are so going to rage over this game. If you don't have thick skin, you will hate it.
0ctavia (NA)
: I am in a club :) but they are from UK and I am United States. I guess it's a gray area about the kill stealing. Like when is it kill stealing and when is it helping out the team. As I get better, kill stealing is more apparent because before I am not sure I can finish the kill but now I know I can and yes Junglers and assassins... Maybe that's their job - the other issue is because of this sort of thing I evolve slower and then by the time these veteran players are level 14-18 I am 8-12 and I don't die much if at all and I do take risks, usually when I think I have team mate near by... I feel like the game ends when I finally get my good weapons and gear. Often ends just as I purchase my essential weapon and/or my best gear is set... I am happy when we have two bots on the team because then the game lasts longer and I get more or the most kills since then the veterans can't outsmart the computers - I win the game with brains. I enjoy that rare experience.
There is no such thing as kill stealing. It's kill securing. If the kill is yours, take it.
0ctavia (NA)
: Frustrating Beginning for New Players
So basically you want the validation for your current skill in the form of a kill, you don't want to put in the time that just about everyone else does to be competitive, and you want the game to change to suit that... am I close? Also, it sounds like MMO's are your thing. I would suggest that you play those instead if they bring you more enjoyment. Easier than trying to convince a MOBA to become an MMO. My advice in bot mode is learn how your combos work and how to last hit minions (cs) for wave control. You can use practice mode to see how damage works against certain champions, but you will not learn all you need to learn there. You will have to play normals, watch videos, play play play hours worth of games just to understand not only how you fit in the game, but how the game fits around you. Warning, you will NOT be competitive at all in ranked play. You will have ten games to show where your MMR (match maker rating) is. You will start a game at roughly mid to high silver level, get completely dominated and lose (unless your team is lucky, or skilled enough to win a 4v5 with a crutch on their team). Then with each respective loss that follows, you will drop in MMR until you are ultimately placed in Bronze 5. You think you're having a hard time now? Kills are nice, but CS and how to get it should be your main concern. So many in bronze focus on getting kills that they forget (or care less) about closing out the game, or working as a team. As far as money spent, the only benefit you get from money is cool skins. There's no competitive edge to be bought.
: Is the vision game fun to you?
The vision game itself being fun is a bonus in my opinion. I am working harder in trying to develop my macro play there, and it makes the game better for me because I'm not as worried about being caught in a dark jungle, or being surprised by an early drag from the enemy, or losing a buff, or not seeing a gank. My biggest problem is that at my elo, most players still don't seem to care about wards. I check inventories and often see our support with a site stone, and still has both yellow trinket 30 minutes in the game. Then i look at the rest of the team and I see yellow trinkets staying full, a dark jungle and we are getting owned. Check the vision score and I see most of my teammates under 10. It's frustrating that players still don't see the advantage of something so simple as placing a ward. I'm not talking about new players either. I'm talking about players with 100+ games in ranked alone!
: Calling you out @Riot for your crap matchmaking system
I agree that the matchmaking algorithm needs work. It's a system based on individual play that was applied to a team game environment. Your post, however, lacks well thought out arguments that could support your complaint. I would suggest maybe taking some time to think about posting evidence to support your reasoning.
: Calling on all booty lovers.
I'd gank that! {{champion:104}}
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Zahreik (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=EndlessSorcerer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=61N5GPgO,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-06-22T18:31:57.504+0000) > > That doesn't show use your champion, build, level. > > Once again, a link to the match history (provided by Riot) would be preferable if you won't both providing a video. That's not the point, everytime I play against one, he proves to be an constant issue throughout the whole game.
You play veigar... you are the squish master. If you take any damage late game, you are dead. Your job is to nuke from a distance, zone, and stay out of damage range. If you built the standard veigar build with no hp items, your health is really low compared to most champs. It's one of the tradeoffs for having unlimited stack and nuke potential. I faced a Gragas with that build and he never touched me, let alone 1 shot me.
: Taim and Ma'Rid - Fan champion concept by Oussama Agazzoum
Definitely cool and unique. I'm only wondering if the switch to Ma'rid should be more like gnar, or like Kayle's e and make it a small window for balance. Or at least consider how close this champ is to a generalist, which Riot tends to avoid. Maybe make it so each of their ults is to change into the other? That would be interesting. You get the decision to change, but you need ult CD to do so, which allows your laner to be able to know when you are able to suddenly change your lane tactics.
: I mean, you DID edit your logs. [3:57] 4Jhín (Swain): opop [12:08] 4Jhín (Swain): spellthiefs is gr8 for swain lol [16:29] 4Jhín (Swain): ya [17:02] 4Jhín (Swain): didnt realize kat was that much ahead [17:16] 4Jhín (Swain): then ping mia or follow her [17:47] 4Jhín (Swain): if u cant follow her then at least push out the lane when she leaves lane [18:41] 4Jhín (Swain): when i get top tower group mid [21:14] 4Jhín (Swain): k group mid [21:22] 4Jhín (Swain): hurry [23:42] 4Jhín (Swain): focus kat plz [23:59] 4Jhín (Swain): ekko u fight when i engage not after everyone runs out [24:01] 4Jhín (Swain): ugh [24:19] 4Jhín (Swain): i can tell [25:09] 4Jhín (Swain): ww just stop talking to them ekko is going to end up making us lose anyway [26:36] [All] 4Jhín (Swain): worth [26:47] 4Jhín (Swain): only game i can play today and ekko ruined it [26:54] 4Jhín (Swain): thanks [27:14] [All] 4Jhín (Swain): id prefer to have 4 of him than this eko tbh [27:50] [All] 4Jhín (Swain): how am i toxic? [27:55] [All] 4Jhín (Swain): ive barely said a word lol [30:42] 4Jhín (Swain): ww shes trying to tilt u so she can report u [30:46] 4Jhín (Swain): just mute her [32:27] 4Jhín (Swain): push [33:38] [All] 4Jhín (Swain): elise ur being very toxic can u please stop [33:52] [All] 4Jhín (Swain): ww already muted u so the rest of us are the only one seeing it [38:27] 4Jhín (Swain): 1300 fucking damage with his ult lul [41:17] [All] 4Jhín (Swain): this sohuld have been an easy game T-T [41:33] [All] 4Jhín (Swain): for me [42:29] 4Jhín (Swain): push [42:34] 4Jhín (Swain): plz [42:41] 4Jhín (Swain): forget it [42:59] 4Jhín (Swain): im just pushing top [46:48] [All] 4Jhín (Swain): bg [46:49] [All] 4Jhín (Swain): honor me [1:30] [All] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): jax is salty af xD [1:45] [All] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): i didnt? [1:52] [All] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): hess mad i banned yorick when he never queued him up [2:25] [All] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): u first [4:14] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): bye [4:51] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): he quit he didnt dc [9:56] [All] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): how r u so dam fast [13:51] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): dont fight, farm, stay close to turret [16:13] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): we can win if u will just stop complaining and farm [17:42] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): ^ [17:59] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): lul [18:01] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): that flash [18:21] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): we r carrying right now [21:04] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): sona is just about as jax [21:19] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): k [21:25] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): y so toxic [21:42] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): ^ [21:48] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): they suck we can win ez lol [22:08] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): lmfao they were hising in bush [22:15] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): how is she not being toxic [22:17] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): plz tell me [22:30] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): i havent said a dam thing [22:33] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): i was trying to help [23:55] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): nasus can u tank [24:11] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): if u tank we can maybe 2v5 this [24:41] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): ^ [26:00] [All] 4Jhín (Tryndamere): reports for all So, you purposely edited the logs to show people on the fourums, in order to further your case. But let's not fourget about pre-game, where you said "how u going to report me in pregame?" after telling your team to 'report him' four 'being a %%%got' and banning the champion they wanted to pick because you were in an argument. Or the game befoure that where you troll your team by typing 'ggafklulez420kappa' to your team as the game is about to start. This is your 4th penalty, and were told the last time you were penalized that further negative behavior would result in a perma-ban. BUT WAIT - THERE'S MORE (infomercial voice) You have 3 other perma-banned accounts. This is your fourth {{champion:202}} .
I don't get why he even edited the chat logs. It's not like what is missing in the actual chat logs are that much worse than the edited logs. Clearly he's irritated and it shows, but I don't see anything horrible. If the pregame was what he got banned for, then that's news to me. I always thought Riot's stance was that pregame chat wasn't reportable? Maybe someone submitted a ticket?
: what champs do you think have diabeetus?
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Chiken138 (EUW)
: Still no Volibear buffs on PBE
I wreck with Voli when I play him. He's just boring though, so I only play him if my jungle choices are banned/picked already. I used to be a volibear main. I got bored of him.
: Because bad games can be won.
Some can, some can't. Sometimes surrendering a game is better bc it's so toxic, or so one sided that it kills any chance for fun.
: The surrender option shouldn't exist. It's rediculous and stupid.
I refuse your vote, and to throw it back at you, those who vote to surrender think YOU are ruining the game for THEM if you don't. That's why it's a vote and it's a fair representation of what the majority of the team wants. Unlike your vote, which only allows options YOU like.
Ink Rose (NA)
: Hello! Today is my 19th birthday (Yes, on June 19th) Can I get a Rioter to play a game with me?
Shiitmo (NA)
: IS Colossus viable on Riven?
I think CoC is a good option if you need an off tank. I use CoC on Jax when I see we have no tank and ir procs quite well in early trades with e as a top laner. I think the only tradeoff is you don't get the typical TLD procs that are better synergy (imo) with her kit as a damage oppressive champ.
Jo0o (NA)
: Something is fucky here. I have to say that I suspect you're misleading us with edited logs, because I have never seen logs like this incite a punishment. But until that's demonstrated, I'll upvote you in hopes of a Rioter review.
I don't think that Rioters would actually review this if he got reported enough. I think if the logs are legit, the reports will trigger disciplinary action regardless of the actual cause. I think it just so happens that most reports of toxic behavior are legit, and that this would be the rare exception to the rule. If that is the case, I hope a rioter reviews and clarifies, or fixes the potential oversight.
: Is Sona Mid Troll?
To assume you can stop a Riven from roaming is unrealistic. You can make her PAY for it by shoving her tower to extinction while pinging MIA. Riven isn't exactly a typical pick for mid either, so you should outpoke her and she will respond by roaming for kills. Ping MIA, shove her lane and your teammates should note the MIA's and play safer when possible. I find that other lanes LOVE to push hard when they get an advantage (Bot and top do so recklessly I find) and they don't want to back off. So they get ganked and die and want someone to blame. Do your part and mute their negative reactions and I don't see a problem.
: Nope, I'm a plat 1 player and I manage to consistently get accounts plat 5 (I stop trying after that). So it's not very far from my best level you see ? Your ranking after 100 games is accurate minus or plus 2 divisons. Which is quite okay for a ranking system with 27 divisions.
> Nope, I'm a plat 1 player and I manage to consistently get accounts plat 5 (I stop trying after that). What part of my question does this answer? You are a plat player getting consistently out of bronze. How does this relate to someone trying to at least get to silver? Also, your logic of +/- 2 divisions... please post data supporting this. If not, I will just assume you pulled it out of your ass to support your logic. That's circular logic pal.
: Actually Veigar has no mobility, Idk what you are talking about. It's like the most immobile mage either. He has no reliable CC since his cage can be dodged, blinked. Everything he has is space control, he can freeze at inib tower forever as long as baron isnt there, and he scales very well into late game as long as there are not too much tanks. And he has some range to be a bit safe with W and Q (not with R though).
Apparently I wasn't clear about how he fits in the meta. He fits as a counter to the current meta picks. Space control is very good versus mobility. I'm not disagreeing with you on how he fits in. I am disagreeing with saying that he is not a typical op meta champ. Maybe not typical, but he DOES work well in the current meta as a good counter to meta picks in low elo.
: > It may be a punishment system, you get reported, they give you hundreds of unfair matches. No they dont. A lot of my friends though they were "punished" by the system or stuff. I just had to sit in front of their computer and play a few games to show them the problem was ... them. > Atm you have to play op champ at an very high level I think. I'm playing Veigar only when I need to carry a lower elo game. Not the typical "op meta champ" uh ? > carry a few games and matchmaking will expedite your climb by giving you good teams. Not really. > Rito wants me to play aggressive playmaker Like Veigar ? https://i.imgur.com/PPoz6KD.png
Actually Veigar fits very well into the current meta. High mobility, high damage champs (at least in low elo) are the highest pick rates in ranked. Veigar's gate and nuke style counters a lot of this. He also peels and zones very well for his team if needed. I've had quite a bit of success with him.
: > The profiling and judgement that happens is nice and all until you realize that no matter what you do, some "unfortunate" thing always happens and from there you cannot climb. AFk's, throwing, arrogance by the people, trolls, intentional feeders, people who do not understand the game, casual players, people who want to climb, people seeking improvements all just get tossed into one. Suddenly, I'M not good enough to carry my own team because they have no urge to want to win. I am just really flustered... someone tell me what I should do. The fact I consistently manage to get any account to at least platinium in less than 100 games invalidates your statement. In fact I would bet you anything that I can do the same with your account, and suddenly, you'd be like "omg you dont have afks in your games", or "omg your teammates are always good". (or at least, not so bad). This would not be true, but your cognitive bias is so high it doesnt matter.
Okay. You are a platinum player who can get a bronze account to platinum. Congratulations. Does he then HAVE to be a platinum caliber player to get to silver? Or maybe gold? My problem with your response (which is common of plat + players) is that we who complain about the inability to climb out of bronze KNOW we are not platinum caliber players. But why should we have to be to get to silver at least?
Translation: Your scripts got banned, thus your "skill" went with them. You should just ask for your scripts back since that's what you're really saying here.
: > My issue is that I often find that those on my team are considerably lower (in skill) than the opposing team. This is statistically/systematically not true. Maybe those "lower" players were tired, or had a bad game, or decided to try a new champ, or whatever. But the system definitely matches you WITH players of the same skill-level as you, too. Not only against. Your points 1- and 2- are then valid arguments based on this premise, but since the premise itself is false, your conclusion doesn't hold. > In both cases, the ELO system originally developed for chess was based on a single individual matching against other individuals. True. But do you have anything better to suggest? I know of no better system for a team game with randomly arranged team, than to ignore team-mates and just rate you personally, because you should get as many "good" and "bad" team on average, over a large enough number of games.
> the system ALWAYS matches you against AND with other players of the same LEVEL, not Rank, as you. I would like you to post evidence that supports this very definitive statement. You can't. The reason you cannot is because the MMR system is hidden, thus depriving you of any empirical evidence to support your claim. I made a statement based on my experience. It's a reflection of my observations. I find it difficult to believe that out of 1000 + games this season alone, that the win/loss streak vs matchmaking imbalance trend can be explained away by "bad games". You can search through the forums and you may notice that the win streak trend is not a new concept. This has been observed by many players in the community. > But do you have anything better to suggest? Interesting request, I will quote you for your answer. See below: > ignore team-mates and just rate you personally I wasn't looking to advocate for a new matchmaking system in this thread. While I prefer the above suggestion, I was mainly responding to the transparency issue with agreement and supporting statements to that end. > I know of no better system for a team game with randomly arranged team Then Riot would be breaking new ground developing such a system. You would think that a game developing company would jump all over this... but then again Riot is not really known to be all that original.
: That's completely wrong. In any situation, you should be playing against folks of your own **Skill** (not Rank). And that's what happen. If you've got Gold-level **skills** (even if you're currently in Bronze), you should play against other Gold-level players (no matter their current Rank). It doesn't reward bad players by giving them higher ranked team-mates. A "bad" Plat-ranked player will be estimated to be Gold-level and will be matched **against AND with** other Gold-level players. Maybe those other Gold-level players are currently Ranked Silver and climbing, and maybe they are currently Ranked Plat and are other "bad" players, but ALL players in the game will be Gold-level. And it doesn't punish good players either. If you are Gold-level but Bronze-ranked, **you don't have to *beat* other Gold-level players,** you just have to maintain a very average 50% winrate, and you will still climb. Even if you lose just as much as you win, even if you get beaten as often as you beat them. If you're a Silver-ranked player, you don't have to beat Plat-level players to get to Gold, you have to beat Plat-level players to get to Plat itself. If you're actually matched against Plat, it's because the system **believes** you ARE Plat. It doesn't stack the game against you to force a loss, it thinks you can actually have a fair chance to win a game against other Plat-level players, because you are Plat-level yourself. And you will be matched **WITH** Plat-level players all the same, not just AGAINST you. tl;dr: the system ALWAYS matches you against AND with other players of the same LEVEL, not Rank, as you. If your current Rank is below your skill level, your LP gains/losses will compensate that, and you will reach your deserved Rank even with a 50% win rate.
> the system ALWAYS matches you against AND with other players of the same LEVEL, not Rank, as you. I've seen many instances where this is not the case. If I am on a streak, I often suddenly finding myself playing against better players. This is certainly fair since I am proving that I am worthy to reach the next level. My issue is that I often find that those on my team are considerably lower (in skill) than the opposing team. I find this to be unfair on two fronts. 1 - The balance of equal skill matching does not seem to cover the entirety of both teams. It feels more like Riot's system sees an imbalance in skill vs rank (MMR) and immediately takes corrective action by either placing you in a less skilled team facing of a more skilled team if your skill to rank ratio is high, or they place you with a higher skilled team facing a lower skilled team when your skill to rank ratio is low. 2 - There is no reliable lane matching mechanism for "equal skilled" opponents. Since the MMR system picks my teammates and opponents before lane identities are established. Meaning that someone riot considers of "equal skill" to me may end up squaring off against someone of lower skill on my team. The laning phase is a huge part of winning and losing. Even if a player being evaluated by the system does really well and comes out on top, their opponents are likely dominating the less skills players on the rest of the team. They are essentially being punished for one player's evaluation. How the game is completely one sided through times of win/loss streaks is often so obvious and ridiculous. In both cases, the ELO system originally developed for chess was based on a single individual matching against other individuals. It never had teammates to consider... Let that sink in. Even the current MMR system that replaced the ELO system of old is still based on the same concept. Individual treatment in an environment influenced by group effort. This system is not well suited to team play.
: No, I just believe anyone who dismisses real, serious issues plaguing millions of real people and real lives, does not truly care or want to understand their problems. I only judge based on what you say and how you say it here on the boards. And thus far, you've only shown contempt and been dismissive of LGBT+ people and their fight for equality -- all the while shrouding yourself as some champion of humanity. Pretty dispicable. I could care less about where you come from, your education or income, or anything else. If you believe the things you're spouting out on these comments, you are only revealing your true personality. The rest is superficial.
You can put me on record for dismissing all you mentioned. My gaming time is for gaming, not political, gender, racial, whatever else is polarizing real world issues. Push this all you want, but in reality, most of us could care less here, regardless of how we actually feel outside of the game.
: Hey man, good luck out there. I just won one that seemed hopeless, so maybe the turning point is near. Thanks for chiming in!
Winning a hopeless game is a huge motivator. I recently played one where our top lost connection withing 5 minutes. The team was trying but started hitting the surrender vote. I did my best to tell them not to give up, and told them to turtle bc the other team was really aggressive and seek unnecessary fights. We were down to just our nexus and our sona started making great plays. I carried us through a last fight with some good plays and we pulled out a 4v5. Sometimes you have to push positive, make plays, and be a leader when the chips are down. Not all games will come out in your favor, but it's better then screaming and crying at each other.
: Out of 100 games it's actually a 10 win difference, as you not only win those 5 games, getting 5 games more of lp, but you don't lose the 5 games of LP that you would have lost.
Sounds like an argument for using Nunu
Penns (EUW)
: Because 55% is huge. Sure its just 5% more than average but another 5% more and its 60%, which would be insanely free elo, despite having 40% loss rate. Otherwise people shouldnt complain about Garen in high elo, he even has 46.5% win rate in diamond+
Out of 100 it's a 5 win over loss difference. And saying it's huge with no reasoning behind it other than "another 5% more and its 60%" makes no sense. You could just as easily say "and another 5% more and it's 65% and 5% more..." etc... until ultimately you have 100% win rate. I can't even find where Nunu is 55% win rate. Can anyone provide a link to that stat? Is that in a specific tier and over what time frame? If the parameters change, so does the math behind them. Addressing Garen: If those numbers are true, then that is a low win percent. But what does it mean and why exactly? Personally I think what makes Garen somewhat broken in low elo is that he is simple to use, and opponents are reckless and greedy and mechanics are often not great. In high elo, play mechanics (as I see on pro play videos) play far outside of Garen's base capabilities. I'm not high elo, so this is just my opinion. I feel that win% far below and above the standard deviation of the mean win% is a useful metric for taking a look at a champ. I don't think it automatically assigns "broken" or "useless" by itself. Also, since the 55% is a value I can't find, I can't really tell you where Nunu really sits in those statistics. According the the stats I have found, 100 champs are withing 2.32% of the average 49.61%. Nunu is only 0.02% above that. Maybe that's enough to look at him, but I don't feel it really stands out all things considered.
: Nunu is at a 55% win rate
I never understand how people get bent out of shape when a champ has a win rate over 50%. 55% translates into 55 wins every 100 games, or even 11 wins out of 20 games. That's 45 and 9 losses each respectively. How is that such a big deal? I don't feel that percent wins within +/- 5% is a useful metric for broken, or terrible. If we use a common site to track win/loss percent across all leagues (let's use op.gg over all ranks over the last month for example), Nunu is 52.34% ranked 13 in win%. Nasus is currently at 50.00% exactly, ranked 64 in win % out of 134 champs. So there are 70 champs below 50% and 63 above 50%. After taking all the win percent, I found the median, mode, mean, and standard deviation of all win % of all champs. The median is 49.92%, the Mode 51.14%, the mean 49.61% and the deviation at +/- 2.32 percent (that's 52.32% and 47.68%). There are currently 13 champs above the standard deviation (starting with Nunu who is 0.02% above) and 21 champs below (starting with Nautilus at 0.21% below). That leaves 100 champs within the standard deviation of the mean (almost 75% of the champion pool). Even if you used the 50% bench mark, why Nunu specifically? Ryze sits at 40% (the lowest) and Anivia he highest (54.34%).
: I advice against these because they are weak early game. Veigar also lacks dmg (not kidding) because skillshots are delayed. Actually Veigar is the poor man's Syndra. He is easier to play but has MUCH less potential and is not nearly as versatile while fullfilling a similar role in the game. I love Syndra, she is my main but I can't recommand her because she is very hard to play (immobile + skillshots + squishy) Nasus is okay if you can freeze early and farm well BUT you usually can't afford to play lategame champs, people might feed and give up or shut down mentally before you come online. Your really want someting with good late (bronze players can't push their advantage and close the game) but not shit early (see my champ recommandations, they can get fed and they are not weak early). If you play Nasus don't go E max fancy build, you go Q and you chill early (low elo people won't punish you for Q farming) then you splitpush all game because this is how you will get fed, since you have constant access to Q stacks, gold and xp, and you pressure the map. I wouldn't even take E before lv 8 at least, it's unecessary and will burn your mana pool, making you get less Q stacks. You only W the dude if he goes ham on you or if you are trying to kill him. All the time just go in last hit (with Q if it's up) then back away. Once you get rolling you will make them panic because you have 500 stacks and dealing more then half their HP with one Q and pushing their towers, they come 1 or 2 you kill them, if more come you get away. Always take sprint + TP on Nasus, and use TP to go back in lane (NEVER TP gank).
I love how you say Veigar does no dmg and is not as versatile... If you gate properly, move correctly and time your event horizons (ult is point and click so not nearly as destructive as a well farmed event horizon). I am currently wrecking my way out of bronze with Veigar.
: Remember when mana conservation used to be a thing?
: That's the thing: Riot is not showing any. For about a year and a half Rito hasn't been bragging about increased player-base. Hmm, I wonder why?
So bc they are not bragging about new players, that's an automatic assumption that they are losing players... I see your logic.
: Riot, if you want to stop losing players, it's time to clean house
When I see posts like this, my first question is: Where are the statistics showing that players are leaving?
: And judging by your post you probably were flaming them too. I generally don't like to "follow" someone who thinks they are hot shit and flaming everyone
How did you come by this? Post logs or you are reaching.
: what is this? am i banned?
Report feedback. You basically are being informed that a report you sent about a game resulted in a penalty.
: Korean Champion Names
You sir, have my upvote for effort
: Important things to note about runes when considering compensation.
No one made you pay for anything. By your logic, when champ reworks change a champ, the mains who have invested money on skins may lose value if they find the champ no longer competitive (not to mention the time lost mastering that champ) and they should be compensated? Honestly, if we got anything at all from Riot, that would be a bonus. The game constantly evolves due to updates, reworks, content additions, etc... The time and money you spent is not lost. You had those runes while they had a cost associated. Now you will have a new rune system that will cost you ZERO money and LESS time to accrue than previously when items have been changed in the past. Rather than try to justify any entitlement for compensation, how about be grateful that Riot is considering giving anything at all on top of the fact they are spending time (funded by your purchases) to continue to improve the game?
: Should We Be Allowed To Report For Being A Victim Of A Pedophile???
My first advice would be to look up and understand the definition of pedophile. You mentioned you don't know them, so I have to assume you don't know whether or not they are adults. Also,, while those terms may be uncomfortable to you, they are not necessarily harassment by themselves until you mention that you feel that way and ask them to stop and they continue. Document it (screen shot) report it and allow Riot to do what they do. Pedophilia is a serious crime and also a very serious accusation. I would suggest not just throwing it around without understanding the implications.
elduris (NA)
: If someone says they're going to report you and you know you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about. If someone says they are going to report you and you sit there and argue with them for several minutes, you might have something to worry about. Don't engage these players, they're only trying to get a rise out of you.
Yeah... victim blaming isn't a thing here.
: Complaints about how the team is playing, is not the same thing as flaming.
: The new Honor System
If this doesn't motivate people to be less toxic, then nothing can. The honor system as it currently is, and was in the past, does not really offer any incentive. You may think "why do people need incentives to be nice?" Well, that's just the nature of the game. It's highly competitive and people do not like losing. Their time based rewards are often out of skew, because let's face it, only one team wins. Incentives for honorable play may offset the bitter disappointment of a loss. It will likely not drop toxicity a large degree, but it may make people pay attention to ways they can play to increase their honor, and thus the incentives gained, and may also sway those who are toxic due to the above discussed. I'm pretty excited about it. The only thing missing is the incentive to GIVE honor. Let's be honest, most people are self aggrandizing on league. If something does not offer them personal positive utility, what is the incentive to do it? Hopefully the visibility will offer that.
: > [{quoted}](name=FreeVolibear,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=i9Ev0qyp,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-05-26T15:30:01.623+0000) > > Ask Caitlyn how she deals with him. Better yet, just play Caitlyn in response to Draven picks, then proceed to enjoy the Draven tilt. I would play Cait except she's getting nerfed massively next patch.
The stack effect of Runaan's will be removed. Her range is what makes her the best counter for Draven and her skill shot. The same could be said for Varus. The nerf will not affect how she counters him.
: Legit Asking...
Ask Caitlyn how she deals with him. Better yet, just play Caitlyn in response to Draven picks, then proceed to enjoy the Draven tilt.
ShiraZen (NA)
: What do you *actually* do in silver/bronze when your entire team feeds?
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: Weird Lag, Not FPS or Ping Related
Bump this message and upvote it. There won't be a response if it doesn't get attention. I am having the same issue at times
: I'm Pantheon 51k and the champions that give me the most trouble are Teemo & Malphite maxing Q first. Riven also does okay versus Pantheon because she can shield my Qs.
I can understand Malphite if he plays safe and waits for his passive to trade with you and farm a bit, but you are Teemo's top counter. Your passive blocks his blinding dart damage, your poke bullies the crap out of him. If he is smart he will wait until 6 to set mushrooms up, but he should be behind in cs and playing catchup. I don't understand how any Pantheon can lose to him especially once he gets merc treads.
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