: Should riot remove auto-fill?
Okay I might of missed a big issue of what auto-fill entails. With this feature if just 1 person were to get auto-filled it would not be that big of a issue because there are 4 other players who are in their primary position and are able to carry (hopefully). However, when 4/5 players, or even 2 or 3, are auto-filled than when you check the other team only 1 is in a fill position that is when it starts to become a problem. This causes the game to be such a low quality it doesn't seem to matter and it is almost always going to be a loss. I understand yes it is needed in the game because we would have extremely long queues, but again I would rather have a fun game than a game where it is inevitably a loss. Maybe they don't need to fully remove it from the game if it would please everyone with the queue times, but they should not have it so 4 people are in a fill position. You might say "Well ask to swap roles and maybe you will get the position". That doesn't help when there are 3 top lane mains on the same team or 2 adc mains and 2 mid mains. People have got better about letting another person have their role since the pick order era, but it still almost never happens and when the person is doing bad in the role you gave them it just deters it even more.
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