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: Hoping for a family members deaths should be bannable
You're not alone! I totally get this frustration. Everyone's under the impression that you should desensitize yourself to these things and become dead inside but I believe it's completely normal to be upset when someone says garbage things towards you. You're allowed to be pissed off! I don't usually let people get to me, but when it's multiple games back to back with different people being complete dumpsters to one another, even if it's not directed at me, can get to be a bit much. But I always try to follow the saying " Be the good you want to see in the world. " Also, I find humour to be a good mediator. Offer them freshly squeezed gamer girl bath water.
: We finally got rid of Garens Villain mehcanic
I hate Skarner's spires mini-game almost as much as I hate Illaoi's whack-a-mole mini-game.
: "garen is fine just never be in his range"
This happens all too often. When people would rather spit out some low effort/not so good advice instead of saying nothing at all or "I don't know how to help you." This is almost as bad as when people say things like "bro you counter him bro just be good bro" like, great, thanks!
: > I keep seeing people say this, but I believe this to be what I call "Forum Wisdom." Someone said it once, a few others saw it and said "I've heard this is how it works." Suddenly it becomes a universal truth. Has anyone from Riot actually said this is how it works? If so, where? I'm only going to be commenting on this half of your response, and that would be to say, yes, it's more-or-less the case that that's forum-wisdom. Since we don't really know how the IFS works, it simply seems to be the best of our understanding that the IFR was designed to be unreliable. That said, the official Riot statement regarding the way Instant Feedback Reports work (while I don't have immediate access to the comment in question, I can at least remember the content well enough) is that the Instant Feedback Report is sent to all players who reported an offender _if_ that match in question is the one that pushes the offender into a punishment. I believe there may have also been mention that it only occurs if the match in question was recent enough, but the core of it is; **If the player gets punished for that match, the players who reported them in that match will receive an Instant Feedback Report.** So, it is very likely less that the IFRs are unreliable and more that our understanding of the system (even for as much as we _do_ know of it) is unreliable.
Well said! And thanks for sharing some knowledge on the subject!
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