: Burger king net neutrality ad
ITT: ppl who refuse to understand what NN is because someone somewhere said it was a partisan political issue. It aint. Vast majority of Americans support NN. Yall smug net warriors about to pay more just to get dunked on in LoL now.
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Skelenth (EUW)
: A disgrace to the art of war
"Ima gonna suck your penis" - Panthin
: You capitalized the wrong thing. You should have capitalized: WAY. and left too long lower case because you're describing how long it takes. Always emphasize the adjective, not the verb. If you're going to cap. too long, then add way with it. You just look like a kid who didn't pass 6th grade English. Your's Truely, -Grammar Nazi
For a grammar nazi, your grammar and syntax is all over the place and bad. You just look like a kid who didn't pass 6th grade English.
: The (support) singed guy in a nushell
Found the guy helping to make league unfun ^
: Crazy support champions, I need it.
Well you can go Singed Support but apparently Rito will threaten to permaban you if you do... Personally I enjoy playing volibear support. If you go with Thunderlords and start with q, you can help your adc get an easy ambush kill. Your passive will save you. Its pretty feast or famine though, like old Poppy support, and ashe will beat you up.
Bultz (NA)
: How Yasuo mains actually feel about the hate on the boards
85.47% of yasuos: 3 minutes: 0/1/0 5 minutes: 0/2/0 12 minutes: 0/4/1 18 minutes: 1/8/1 34 minutes: 23/20/1 Yasuo: "ez scrubs"
: Does udyr actually need a rework?
Give udyr a gap closer on bear stance, remove AS buff from his passive. There, much more fun Udyr. Edit: instead of monky stance, decrease his base MS and give him a passive like deadmans plate. Thematically appropriate and tactical.
: All the recent female champions are ugly as sin.
Youre reading your own socio-politics into a video game. Its more fun if you don't do that. After all, awful liberal Millennials find a way to enjoy CoD.
: Runes making the game pay to win.
By the time you have a nuanced understanding of the game (on your first account anyway) you should have earned more than enough IP to buy a few pages and full rune sets for several playstyles. Regardless, I play casually and 3 pages is basically all I need. I Play with Silvers and Golds often. The runes play a very small role in whether I win or not.
: People don't want to play Supports
This season especially for me, playing a traditional support (other than a harass support like Lulu, Lux, or zyra) just doesn't feel rewarding. Everything is so damage-centric in the game now that if you're a supp with low damage you feel super weak and if you're a tanky supp you get blown to smithereens in 2 seconds anyway. Tl;Dr I've been playing illaoi supp bc free, multiple sources of damage is worth more than a good support kit.
: Come little noobies and sit by the noob fire and let me tell you alittle story. Long time ago before {{champion:157}} was born. {{champion:23}} was the fear that gave one team an unfair advantage because of who he was. So in truth {{champion:23}} is the baby daddy to {{champion:157}} so that both teams can have a crit monster. I know all your noobies out there cry and whine cause {{champion:23}} is so oppressive. But if they rework {{champion:23}} to not be the crit monster he is that means the champ that you do love {{champion:157}} would have to be rework too so there would be balance in the game from the removal of crit monsters. Now just sit back and think about the lives of 2 champs you want to end before you cry more about the 1 champ you hate.
> Implying people ever, ever pick Trynd as a balance against Yas or vice versa. > Implying that people pick Trynd these days at all. I've seen him as often as Karthus this whole year.
: Banned for standing up to bullying. [Banned for trying to defend myself against sexism]
Ritos system for analysing reports beyond what was said on a face value level is basically non-existent. Basically it's an #allchatmatters approach and it allows dick wads with one report each continue to play while their victim gets tossed for having 4 reports.
Vallalan (NA)
: yasuo is always going to be. because for two reasons 1.) in the right hands, hes absurdly broken. 2.) in the wrong hands, he's complete dead weight and heavy to carry. people ban him for one of these two reasons. and thast a lot of people who will fear one of those two things. some people ban him because they fear they might go against that one beastly yasuo main. other people ban him because they don't want the feeding 0/6 yasuo who complains about being ganked when he perma shoves his lane.
In bronze - gold, even a bad Yasuo still has broken numbers and free crit stat and enough lul durr abilities that he can go 0/6 early and still end game 23/23 carrying his team on sheer stupidity.
: A Serious Topic Often Overlooked
I agree that raging on a game is a part of a phenomenon in which people feel disconnected from their aggression onto others, but this is kind of a chicken/egg scenario, eh? If anything, I'd say social media on the internet in general has been a greater contributer to people's awful attitudes.
: Anyone who shouldn't be played below a platinum level.
S0kaX (EUNE)
: What champion do you hate seeing on your team?
Vayne. Its so bad that I just call it "vayne moments" when the friendly vayne does ridiculous stuff. Bot Lane feeding? They can't help it, theyre just having a vayne moment.
: Is there a way we can BLOCK someone on the Board, and not see any of their THREADS/COMMENTS
: > [{quoted}](name=FreudFromSKA,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YQ3tnZqg,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2016-09-23T15:18:15.611+0000) > > Godamn youre stupid gaahhh it burns! Yeah thats why im stuck in Bronze and can't get out cus im stupid
Lol no silly youre stupid because you say really stupid things.
: > [{quoted}](name=archerno1,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YQ3tnZqg,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-09-23T09:07:22.224+0000) > > So move from her when she ultis... People English are OP
Godamn youre stupid gaahhh it burns!
Coran (NA)
: Yorick Weak to Strong?
He starts off weak and ends up strong because Rito gave him a ton of free damage so he's basically like a juggernaut Zyra with creeps instead of plants. They could always balance him and incentivise offensive items but they want tanky butt-wreckers to be a thing.
ícup (NA)
: Riot should remove the surrender function.
If you're so concerned about team mates voting ff because they underestimate how totally awesome you are, perhaps you should do a better job showing them how awesome you are. You obviously have trouble inspiring confidence in most players you play with.
: Rioter Mister Guns response to my Perma Ban.
I shows that taking away an account that someone may have spent years and a bit of money on is a severe enough punishment, in their minds. They probably assume 1) if you will spend any money on a new account, you'll probably try harder not to ruin the game for dozens of players, or 2) you'll just stop playing the game, which may not be bad for their business, honestly.
: Everyone is copying tank yasuo.
I've seen tanky vayne before, building 1 or 2 dmg items, relying on her passive, and then going tank. Long before this Yas stuff. Bruiser fizz and Diana have been around forever, and theyre only ok anyway.
Anonagon (NA)
: Will Riot work on "pseudo-assassins" in the assassin roster update?
Seems like you just don't want people building full damage burst builds on Champs that are more or less balanced (except panth...) I think build diversity is just as important as thematic integrity, don't you?
FNC Jinx (NA)
: Why is Riven resourceless?
Being resourceless is basically just an arbitrary, op passive ability that people can only ever half justify. You know why? Xin Zhao has to use a full combo to do anything useful in Lane and he puts himself in more of a disadvantage than Riv, Garen, or Yas by having an altogether crappier kit than any of them. Don't talk about how he is strong sometimes, because he's just a stat check champ: his kit sucks monkey nuts and only items make him strong. Being resourceless is only justifiable on Champs with moderate/low cool down, moderate/low impact spells - I.e. basically no champ that currently is resourceless in LoL. Its a lazy, uncreative handout.
: Leona had a bug. 57% winrate.
Youre forgetting the extra special ingredient of a fun game: fun. A broken Yas that can merc youre whole team more unfun than a broken full tank supp. Some champs' kits are just annoying and unfun despite numbers. Teemo's a good example of this. Yas and Ekko are too.
: Nihongo island?? I'm pretty sure it's only Nihon island. Or Nihon. Or Japan.
M8 tell me where else the island of Nihongo (Japanese lingo) would be? Btw Japan is Nippon.
: shotcaller fill player looking to join a team gold +( ranked 5s only)
No offense but "I can do any role completely fine and I main shot calling" makes you sound pretty pompous, especially in Gold.
: When Someone Says They Quit League...
I been off league for almost a month I guess. It actually is really easy at the moment since every recent change Riot makes is cringeworthy and/or rage inducing. Been learning nihongo (I live in nihongo island) and modding morrowind. Feels relaxing bro.
: Best smite upgrade for nidalee?
Imo since in solo q youre trying to whoop ass, skirmishers would be the way to go. Nid has the mobility and spells to control the jungle pretty safely already, right? Also, late game she'll need skirmishers more.
joead2011 (EUNE)
: people who dont play their assigned role should get a disadvantage ingame
Youre basically advocating the videogame version of fascism in order to offset the videogame version of anarchy.
: [GAMEPLAY] Lulu Polymorph does not cancel Darius Q
Polymorph doesn't cancel Garens spin. Makes me sad, but it's pretty fair imo. Just use Glitter Lance instead of polymorph, or speed yourself up!
kinkan (NA)
: How could people be offended by words
If words don't make any of us feel anything, we wouldn't be reading books, watching movies, or listening to music. Words are important.
: > [{quoted}](name=RogueWill,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GMa6OFki,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2016-08-23T01:21:16.453+0000) > > Even with max CDR the CD is too high to be considered a CC machine, specially since only one of his spells has CC and is a skillshot. CC machines are tanks like Nautilius or Leona that are worth attacking simply because of their lock down potential, if Amumu ult is on CD he is not worth attacking, if he jumps on you with his Q, then you just ignore him and atttack the follow up damage that his teamates will do, he doesn't have the damage potential to be considered a threat besides his ult, no matter how much CDR you build. > > Also last time I checked, the current most favorable Amumu build doesn't include any CDR but it goes something like {{item:3285}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3001}} or something among those lines, no CDR, just relying on the initial burst so you can remove a threat with the follow up damage and become a zoner after that i would still argue that cdr is better on any tank jungler that has cc and aoe abilities. i have a 19-7 record with {{champion:32}} since 5-4-2015 but im a bad player and only got to silver so i couldnt know anything
Yeah we all came here to debate the semantic merits of one single term: CC machine.
AraMoOse (NA)
: I'm sorry about being so indifferent towards your threatened departure. I want to leave you with these words, which I think you will agree are particularly appropriate for the circumstances : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F03gEzdLa2g Sorry, it was too amusing to pass up. He's right though. And if you don't believe him, you're a schmuck. You don't wanna be a schmuck, do you?
Eyyyy that's the best thing I got out of this game in weeks. SKA is actually the anglicization of my fraternity's name from college, do now I can annoy them by sending it to them. Thanks bud.
Wuks (NA)
: LOL. If you ever have a final product to show, you should definitely post it on the Boards!
Hey with ~ 10 - 12 hours a week of increased free time who knows! I can use it to bond with the hooman womin I am living with who keeps calling me "husban" or whatever.
Dukues (NA)
: Now more than ever losses make me feel like I got cheated and wins feel cheap and circumstantial. Probably your lack of skill your feeling. Its fine to be sick of a game, it happens. But chalking it up as its the games fault when really its your attitude/perception that every game you play is unfun is unfair.
That's a nice opinion you got there. Did you pull it out of your ass with your hand or your head?
Wuks (NA)
: Korean Drama Board Game?!?!?! Voted. Do what makes you happy, mate. Maybe you'll come back to League of Legends, maybe you won't; but as long as you're enjoying yourself, that's all that matters. Have a good one, mate, and GLHF!
yeah I stumbled an old RPG where players are rich assholes in Victorian England. The goal of the game was to find love while basically not dying and one upping other players. I figured only a few changes would be needed to modernize the game and give it a nice, seriously ridiculous, korean finish. Do you survive the car crash/stair fall/random stabbing? Roll endurance!
: Peace out LoL!
edit: I played for 3 seasons. My math is bad.
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ßoy (NA)
: ^
I'm a little more mobile than her. While at my mmr, I can smush Talon as Diana, with this champ, I've got to see Talon to click on him, and by that time he's on me and I'm dead. Here's another hint: my main (non-damaging) utility against Champs is almost completely useless only on Garen if he's spinning, and it doesn't last long enough to save me from J4. I can play in 3 roles.
ReDesign (NA)
: {{champion:53}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:111}} hint: think of someone who really hates braum? Blitz also I just hate him the most actually
DaliaTM (NA)
: {{champion:412}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:22}} Extra points if you guess my second main ^^
Dryditch (NA)
: The champions I hate aren't really hated because of how they affect my games, but because I just don't have fun fighting them. {{champion:245}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:23}}
: Hmm... who can't I play against... {{champion:82}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:111}} Not 100% sure on these, but I think that's the general idea. Good luck guessing mine, I suppose? Alright, summary time, so that maybe a better idea can be gotten. Squishy mid laner, mobile, builds AP. Also, as a further hint, the immobile tanks I can deal with rather well, though getting too close for too long usually means I die.
Veraska (NA)
: post 10 champs you hate, and see if people can guess your main!
THEY. WONT. STOP. RUNNING AT ME: {{champion:86}} Garen {{champion:27}} Singed {{champion:56}} Nocturne {{champion:11}} Yi {{champion:91}} Talon {{champion:157}} Yasuo {{champion:59}} J4 Outranges me too hard: {{champion:115}} Ziggs Can't keep her (or her buddy) damaged: {{champion:16}} Soraka She pops me: {{champion:1}} Annie Bonus hint: I kill {{champion:55}} Katarina.
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: drunk af, i went 14/1
When I'm drunk, I gravitate toward Shaco with a reckless attitude. I usually to better than normal. But if I'm playing while high, expect me to explore the jg and admire all the flora and fauna while not noticing pings.
: Yeah, your the first person to tell me saying GG ez or EZ would get me in trouble with being reported. Most of my buddies do it all the time, and I can see how it might be a little rude, but for the most part its just kind of a joke. Thanks for the comment. I have found that the birth of Overwatch has created a very nice community to be a part of, and I suggest it if you haven't tried it already.
I'm bad at those games. I'm just getting back to my Dingle player rpg roots. Nobody to flame there lol. Gl hf.
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