: Because “giving up” is a reportable offense, “refusing to give up” shouldn’t be one as well.
How should it not be? considering it is 3 people who no longer wish to play and 2 people who do and also what you are saying is that because 2/5 people on your team want to play you are forced to continue or face a form of punishment its basically holding 3 people hostage unless they don't care about their account. Basically my point is if your a duo and you go 0/10 and want to keep playing because "they might throw" that's a load of garbage i shouldn't be forced to spend 30 mins more on this game that is already decided because 2 people who fed cant get over the idea of coming back. there is a difference between 1 person giving up and ruining it fro everyone and majority of people want things to be over and certain players being selfish.
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