: Unfortunately, I cannot give you any advice or suggestions here on the Boards. I do recommend that you [submit a ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) with our Billing Specialists though. They should be able to look into this for you and let you know what consequences will occur.
greedy tencent, threatening a poor guy trying to get his money back. fk riot
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: The indefinite banning of Tyler1
other streamers were mad he had so many views, fking UNBAN him, hes a god!
Antique (EUNE)
Dude i know right, I was on my level 29 account, and I was playing dynamic queue by my self so I could practice mid/adc, I kept going against plats/diamonds, and had plats diamonds on my team too. At one point, I had this MASTERS Shen as my support, he had the border and everything, and i'm like wtf riot, why u trolling. Fix yo dam sht rito
hamles (EUNE)
: Please help me think of a name!
Less Thresh Thresh Hooker idk
: > [{quoted}](name=League of Ori,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=oEpWkdwO,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-04-06T00:22:32.422+0000) > > When are we getting another ori skin? Since Heartseeker Orianna came out recently, it'll probably be a bit until her next skin. :)
> [{quoted}](name=Riot KateyKhaos,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=oEpWkdwO,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-04-06T00:30:10.653+0000) > > Since Heartseeker Orianna came out recently, it'll probably be a bit until her next skin. :) where's solo queue :/, we want it really bad
: Seems to be a weird movement prediction, or an odd animation play, so not something that would usually happen. We haven't been able to get a 100% repro on this issue either.
Ok I went in a custom game and wasn't able to reproduce it, i'll see if it was captured in a replay
: Seems to be a weird movement prediction, or an odd animation play, so not something that would usually happen. We haven't been able to get a 100% repro on this issue either.
I'll go in a custom game and see if I can try to reproduce it and maybe get the steps, this was a pretty annoying visual bug because you weren't sure if your Q just glitched and didn't move the soldier or it just " invisibly" moved the soldier and allowed it to attack the enemy soldier while appearing to be far away
: Hiya Frigid Ice Storm! Thanks for the report! Let me poke our resident Azir pro and see if he can figure out what may be going on. ^-^
: Nerf Poopy
zarxus (NA)
: this isnt funny what do you guys want?
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: Kakunaa: The Best League Streamer You're Not Watching
bnhershy (NA)
: I made some improvements to the updated Christmas Nunu splash art
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FrankerX (EUW)
: Can we talk about how useless nashors tooth is?
no pls dnt remove it, i like using it on azir its a staple item, only item that gives ap and attack speed and cdr in the same stats
Klique (NA)
: Tired of playing alone?
okeh, add nocturnal negro
: > [{quoted}](name=Frigid Ice Storm,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=sguNgzKl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-17T04:10:26.351+0000) > > Hmm, if you're talking about KEY FRAGMENTS and not skin shards, then this is for you : > You have a chance of getting key fragments after you win a matchmade game ( pvp ) on summoners rift, idk about treeline but I know that you can't get the fragments or shards in ARAM or bot games. Playing with friends increases your chance of getting key fragments, and it takes 3 to make a key. Hope this helped Nope! i have now around 50 wins in ARAM from the time this patch came out. Have not received a key. I do own all champs and almost all skins, but do not own them all and i do not have all ward skins either.
: I think it's the fact that he ordered an auto attack that draws minion aggro.
Yes, but like I said, that has nothing to do with the actual spell itself. Using Riot's logic, Azir basically used a SPELL on the enemy target, the right click was just there to select the target(s). " Sand Soldier attacks are treated as spells, and as such, apply spell effects like Liandry's Torment or Rylai's Crystal Scepter."
: Well, any other marksman's strength (he *is* a marksman) lies in their basic attacks too, but they draw aggro. It might seem inconsistent concerning spells, but looking at him as the marksman he is, it's sound logic to treat him the same way. Sand Soldiers are probably the most complicated unit-thing in the game, so I don't see this as surprising that they have yet another special rule.
That is true, but this is a mage specific situation, and I'm talking about a spell here not an autoattack, since that is what Riot stated Azir's W. I was just giving an example to the person who commented that if range on spells is the issue, then they should be consistent in that sense as well. I just feel like consistency is very important, and that this could be an under looked issue by Riot
: Because it would be the most obnoxious thing in the game if that would be the case. Even if there is no consistency its completly understandable why they want a spell who has such a gigantic range to at least aggro minions.
Yes, I agree with what you said, but that's Azir's strength, his RANGE and POKE. You don't see Ziggs bombs triggering minion aggro, and that range is way longer than Azir's W. Ziggs' maximum Q range is 1400, and Azir's maximum command range on his W is 800 ( The cast range is 450, the 800 is just the maximum range you can stand away from your soldiers) Source :http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Azir http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Ziggs This is just one example, there are many many other mages who have abilities with longer ranges than Azir's W that do not trigger minion aggro, he shouldn't be punished for his niche which is Poke/DPS. That's what he's MADE to do, so although your point is understandable, I feel like this is overall either a bug or something left unnoticed by Riot.
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Arduno (NA)
: Rito releases a item that doubles the power of a champions ult by 200%
JoZee II (NA)
: Vision, vision, vision. - A guide for lower elo players who don't know this yet.
: Game anyone? Password inside!!!
aww i wanted to play but it was full :(
Rew711 (NA)
: Is no one going to talk about Irelia's buffs?
: I heard a hammer sound effect when I logged out. I've never heard it before. What does it mean?
: Pointless really. 1. It would split the community which is what riot is trying to not do by collaborating all the queues into one. 2. Rewards are DQ specific as stated by riot. So people will still focus on DQ for the rewards. 3. SQ rank won't matter. Plat + is already like 5% of the community and if only a small portion go to SQ then it won't matter since lower Elos won't face higher Elos players therefore be ranked higher
Then reduce the amount of people who can premade together for dynamic to 3 or less. 4-5 is just way too much. I'm alright with having at least another random on my team along with my self, but if you're the only one then that game will be the most unfun shit you've ever been through, you'll get flamed, won't get any help, and they'll ignore your calls/pings
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Akaash (NA)
: Whoo I beat the rush for logging in!
Haha same, I kept trying to log in over and over and it finally worked around 4:09 :D
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: [RESOLVED] NA 3/23 Games Not Starting
: New Champ Select Update
: But you can still get them if a teammate does well (S rating)?
only if you're in a premade group and someone in your premade gets an S, you can't get chests from random players getting S
: To the "fillers" and secondary supports:
I know right, what's the point of choosing fill if you're just going to get mad about the role you get, the whole point of fill is that you're fine with everything -.-
: That's what I figured but I got 3 within one week. Was just wondering how it was structured.
yeah but it'll still take a week for one chest to regenerate, you can get all your chests in one day if you'd like, then you'll just have to wait 4 weeks for all 4 to come up again, 1 week per box
: A new one will be available to earn? I thought they were on a monthly basis? Able to earn 4 per month.
Yeah its 4 per month, so 1 per week :P, 7 days in a week
: Hextech help?
That just means that the next box will regenerate in 6 days
: Ranked
Just be nice to your team even if you don't want to, you gotta baby them to make sure they don't rage.afk
: Zed: "Akali...I...I can't...hold back anymore...I'm going to-..."
The Unseen Cumshot is the Deadliest ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
RiotBok (NA)
: Did you happen to queue dodge during your promos? Queue dodges while in promos will count as 1 loss towards the series.
wheres solo queue
: Definitely not Nasus
: I'm lvl 6 and havent got riot points
oh wait nvm, you get a free hextech chest and key to replace the 400 rp
: I'm lvl 6 and havent got riot points
: When you have a troll in a ranked game
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