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LennyVV (NA)
: What are some good top laners that have 'staying power'?
Renekton and Garen have great sustain and both bullies.
Falque (NA)
: I Quit League
Game really isn't fun like it used to be. Player since 2013, never thought I'd see League in such a sorry state. Too much damage to turrets, too much snowball, NOT fun or tactical anymore. Boring.
Mimr (EUW)
: Since when is Rengars' Q supposed to be a projectile for the purposes of Yasuos' W?
Same thing with Diana's W. If you dash through his wall you lose your balls.
Ljubezen (NA)
: I love how mid game is legit at the 10 minute mark now.
Towers are so weak now, and so many aspects of the game focus on destroying towers. Demolish, Earth and Infernal Drakes, Herald. Towers are made of paper resulting in winning a teamfight at 20 minutes = 3 towers and an inhib. League was at it's best when an average game was 40 minutes. Average games being 30 minutes or less means we've essentially removed the lane phase and turbo rushed the game into teamfight only thing that matters.
: Swain
I hear another Swain rework is on the board...they want to make him a tactician? If he loses his R he won't feel like Swain anymore. His E is pretty boring and easily replaceable, also doesn't make too much sense amping single target damage, when his other abilities have a focus on AoE effectiveness. Swain pre-rework is still better imo, however new Swain is still great.
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Nural (NA)
: Starters Discussion & Week 5 Analysis (Who Do You Start Week 6?)
Top: Cabochard Jungle: Reignover Mid: Link Adc: Doublelift Support: Edward Flex: Betsy Team: Gambit Gaming Alternates: Counter Logic Gaming, Zionspartan, Kasing. Should I start Kasing over Edward? And what about CLG vs Gambit?

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