Dremiist (NA)
: Daily reminder: ninja tabi doesn't do much against the likes of rageblade,razor and botrk
KnifeCat (OCE)
: I love the baron change !
what are you talking about baron still gets taken almost instantly
DW Diana (NA)
: If Malzahar was reworked by the guy that made Yasuo
Nah it'd be more subtle and yet not subtle at all Passive: Now cools off even when being damaged Q: same W: now gives malz 100 bonus ms on cast, also gives all his other abilites 20% more damage, also doubles malz's crits, also lowers all of malz's cooldown by 10/20/50%, also lets him drop water potions randomly when he walks through river E: same R: now a skillshot oh did i mention he's manaless now, there you go, look i'm certainlyt
Aimléss (NA)
: I think it's great that Crit is becoming a purely late game stat but...
lol late game, i don't even factor in more than 3 items when i'm thinking of builds because you'll never get games past 2 items
Vizulix (NA)
: Yasuo Needs To Be Changed
I've said it before but yasuo isn't a league champion and it's the reason why every single one of his match ups boils down to 1) you get to watch yasuo play his own game and get to do nothing about it or 2) you roll your face at him and have more stats therefore you win. He literally has an ability that shuts down 80% of all other abilities AND auto attacks in the game, like how does anyone at riot think this is healthy is beyond me. It's the same problem kalista had of just not fitting into league at all and it's generally a problem certainlyt has, or should i say riot has because they don't seem to have any quality control whatsoever, nobody at their HQ seems to have the authority to tell certainlyt NO, THE GAME DOES NOT NEED RNG, STOP GIVING ZOE 20 PASSIVES, THIS ISN'T A FUCKING CALL OF DUTY, NO ONE WANTS TO GET SNIPED FROM 3000 RANGE AWAY AND JUST DIE INSTANTLY. But here we are
: tricks you can do with a champ that you might not know about
if you pick {{champion:90}} you can EQRQ {{champion:91}} and watch him take no damage, and then just kill you in one rotation nice trick right what about {{champion:34}} , you can pick him, and then like all of mid game, you have no mana what a trick
: Why do Mages get stuck with 4 movement speed runes?
funny because most mages can't proc phase rush OR nimble well what a time to be alive
Eedat (NA)
: But if everyone wanted ultimate hat, why does almost nobody actually use it?
maybe it's because they just took half the mana out of every mages kit
: Doesnt he basically lose most lanes straight up because of the endless nerfs he has been getting since his rework and all the "power redistribution's" that basically moved all his damage to voidlings and then made those die in 1-2 hits from anything? Times are not good for the floating purple guy.
He does, but Malz has always been an anti assassin. The fact that he can play safer against mages and therefore has better match ups vs his traditional counters than the class of champions he was meant to counter speaks volumes for far malz's rework has fallen.
: {{champion:90}} "Laughs in Suppression"
This is a meme, Malz currently loses to a lot of assassin match ups.
: Is there even a point in going a mage anymore? I think I'm just gonna start doing AP Sion Mid
Any tank with banner of command mid will take a tower faster than any mage.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Sorcery was supposed to be primary mages tree. What mage will use Nimbus Cloak?
First things first, just because a champion builds AP, it doesn't make them a mage. Ok, lets get that out of the way.
: Let's get a banner of command
Lmao good luck getting AD games to do that.
: I feel like moving Ultimate Hat to Domination will make Sorcery Tree obsolete.
Too many people don't understand that mages need to do constant dps in fights to a variety of targets, not just the squishiest one, electrocute isn't hella strong on mages.
Jbels (NA)
: I wonder what's stopping people from going Eletrocute. It's a pretty decent alternative if you're playing a mage that just shits out all 4 abilities to kill somebody
1) the lesser runes are garbage 2) electrocute has a long cooldown, it's meant for people who can abuse all ins, mages don't play like this
koshkyra (NA)
: The runes in sorcery are more powerful than the keystones are
It's because mages have no dedicated keystone. Comet is actually a bruiser keystone. Aery does no damage outside of the first 4 levels, it only exists to make shields stronger. Phase rush is only usable on sol and cass.
Merlinez (NA)
: Can we like stop indirectly buffing Zed?
why do you think riot has any control over the balance of the game, you know they have no idea what they're doing right
koshkyra (NA)
: Wow, when the enemy is doing baron we actually have a chance to get there before it dies now
No you don't it still dies almost instantly but now it also does no damage
: Riot, if you want mage botlanes to be a thing..
you know that was just a meme by riot right?
Nebby (NA)
: Mage Meta
you can't play a mage top so long as banner of command is a thing
Rioter Comments
Vanjie (NA)
: The Balance & Update Team Don't Know What They Are Doing
they need 6 more months to figure out why e girl shields shouldn't last 5+ seconds
Darks (NA)
: @junglers who are upset about the up coming changes.
the jungle is an incredibly complex system because league of legends has an incredibly shallow macro game and the smallest change can have the largest of impacts what the jungle requires is a team of high level players who understand not only the jungle but every aspect of mid top and bot so they don't release changes that have too many unintended consequences down the line, and this team needs to make decisions by committee else you end up with meddler the janna player just buffing janna in a jungle rework because he needs to hit gold 4 so riot's answer is to do what they always do, have a silver 5/bronze 1 jungle player do the entire rework, have no consultation from anybody else, and just whatever who cares ok
: Duskblade is literally causing the same problems Deathfire's grasp did, yet it still exists.
except dfg didn't remove wards think about that you now have champions who abuse invisibility, who have more burst than dfg could've ever dreamed of, who can't even be warded against riot doesn't learn
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Riot, if you want ap carry bot to be viable:
you really think riot adc meddler and riot adc repetoir is going to get rid of the rune that lets them coast through laning with their negative mechanics lmao
5050BS (NA)
: New Rank system sounds good but is open to so much abuse.
it doesn't sound good at all but sure lets roleplay
: One of our designers was looking at a few Talon bugs last week in some time between tasks. Some were proving pretty tricky - I'll track down where we landed on those last week. I know 1 fix for sure is going into this patch (his Q range will no longer be bugged), but there was also some weird behavioral bugs when flipping over walls he was investigating. Wukong ended up getting put on the backburner for a short amount of time while we re-evaluated the function/success of mini updates/roster scope updates. We'd been exploring him around the same time as the Xin Zhao rework, and there were a few lessons from that release that we wanted to learn from and apply to some of the champions like Wukong that share some similar thematic space and gameplay desire for players (we've seen that Wukong has a similar fantasy that Xin Zhao players and a few others share). For the time being we have him on one of our short lists for the champion team designer to pick up when they're looking for an additional smaller scope project to take on while waiting on iterations for their main project. I can't promise any timelines as usual, but there's only 11 champions on that short list, so I hope that information is better than no thing. Sorry we've been so silent on Wukong, there just hasn't been much to share recently that would feel particularly great, but I realize silence doesn't feel super splendid either. FWIW I think there has to be a better passive for him, and I'd be really interested if we could make him less bound to lethality in order to be viable in a game. Right now if you can't delete their squishies quickly, you don't bring much to a team comp that you couldn't get elsewhere. (Wukong has been one of my higher played champions in seasons past).
tl;dr yes you're right but we don't care lul or we'll look into it lul
: Teaser of the new support?
the game totally needs a new support when they can't even balance the ones they have already or their newest cash grab kaisa which oh look is pick or ban in high elo every game
Lippen27 (NA)
: This is exactly why 2019 ranked is going...
i dunno what you're talking about i played with a teemo player in diamond who ints and then just split pushes all day and he got to diamond because of how shallow this game is so clearly it works
: The thing about Zed Mains is....
Manaless assassin whose entire play pattern involves outranging mages with his poke and having a 100-0 ult, yeah that's not gonna cause problems later on - the bum that made zed
: "We're nerfing Poppy's positioning ability and defensive values because she's too stat checky"
once you play this game long enough you'll realize nothing riot says matters because they don't even know what they're saying 90% of the time
: Anyone else feel Ekko is sleeper strong and/or overtuned?
"utility assassin" - literally straight from riot's mouth
Rioter Comments
: Why does riot try so hard to...
: I just want this game to be fun again
It's what happens when you keep trying to push the "WE'RE A REAL SPORT GUYZ" narrative so hard that you end up believing it yourself and start screwing with the game to try and accommodate the 10 people getting paid to jerk off in their pointless tournaments on stream.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: a bronze zed would play like u and a diamond zed would play like me
exactly, no difference because he's easier to play than janna
: *Locks in Zed* Can we get an AP top?
Hey kids need their freelo i don't blame them
Zed genius (EUNE)
: someone doesn't get the /s ? (btw I'm diamond lul)
what's the difference between a bronze zed and a diamond zed
Zed genius (EUNE)
: No it's all wrong Riot has a personal grudge against me and is nerfing all mages every single patch because they don't want me to get out of bronze 4 I swear please believe me /s
it's funny because you can't even crawl your way out of bronze when zed has the highest winrate in the game
: Highest winrate Jungles in Diamond? Shaco, followed by Nunu and Skarner, and then mostly bruisers until Rengar and Evelynn, followed by Trundle and then K6. After K6 are two more bruisers, then Nid, Hec, and Graves. Every champion below those three has a sub-50% winrate. 5 Assassins (6 if you count Xin) to 7 Bruisers and 2 Marksmen and a Tank. What the fuck is Nunu even classified as? Just mage? Tank? Nani? Out of 18 champions, 5 are Assassins. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/jungle/diamond/by-winrate Highest winrate Mids in Diamond? ASol, followed by Talon and Kat, and then all mages until Ekko, 3 more mages (well, I'd argue that Kayle is more of a fighter, so 2 mages and a fighter), and then Zed and Fizz. After those two, all champions are a sub-50%. Most of the high winr8 Mids are mages. 5 Assassins to 12 Mages. Out of 17 champions, 5 are Assassins. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/middle/diamond/by-winrate TFBlade plays an outdated and admittedly disgusting champion which has been need of a rework for some time.
why the hell do people who are wrong keep linking to league of graphs
Jerah (NA)
: Yeah, can't really play assassins anymore.
highest winrate jungles in diamond are assassins highest winrate mids in diamond are assassins tfblade, the savior of top lane, plays an assassin but clearly you can't win with assassins because assassins are bad, clearly
: The game's less enjoyable than ever.
Don't worry about it riot's about to halve the mana pool of mages, that'll save league
Feel Apathy (EUNE)
: Daily (1) Reminder that Jhin with rageblade is disabled in competitive but not in ranked games.
: Stealth is an unfun mechanic that lacks counterplay.
Riot learned this, and then they unlearned it. What can you do when the developers are like this. Oh btw this board is filled with shaco abusers don't bother trying to discuss these champions here.
: Honestly, who the fk's responsible for buffing Brand's passive?
Funny because there's nothing fun playing against alistar or braum period.
: Mages getting nerfed meanwhile all i play against mid is....
There's is literally NOTHING enjoyable in a mage vs {{champion:7}} or{{champion:157}}or{{champion:55}} match up BECAUSE ONE SIDE HAS BEEN GIVEN ALL THE TOOLS TO OUTPLAY THE OTHER RIOT GAMES AND ONE TOUCH FROM THEIR ABILITIES CAN COST YOU YOUR FUCKING LANE, yet _<Removed by Moderation>_ is perplexed as to why mages choose to abandon "laning" completely and opt to clear waves. It blows his ADC mind that having literally 0 options to play aggressively because of a severe discrepancy in mobility and ability consistency results in people who play their champions passively unless the skill discrepancy is so massive that none of that matters. Even vs {{champion:105}} or{{champion:238}} every match up literally boils down to roll your face at them before they hit level 3, if you didn't slap your face on your keyboard hard enough then you're not allowed to interact anymore because you'll take 90% of your hp in a single trade, and post 6 if you get touched you die. Wow Riot, that's so fun to play against, I can't understand why mages don't choose to MUH INTERACTION more with assassins :O. _<Removed by Moderation>_
: League of Graphs is most accurate.
funny because even riot said lolalytics is the closest to accurate. and by funny i mean how are you wrong about literally everything, how are you even alive.
: Just an FYI, {{champion:136}} , {{champion:245}}, {{champion:105}} ,{{champion:43}} ,{{champion:38}} and {{champion:7}} are not in the"mage mana update" so Riot didn't consider them mages or "waveclear" mages.
Funny because Ekko literally just walks into lane at lvl 1 and then just Qs the wave over and over again to clear it so he can roam. And by funny I mean riot's live design team is retarded.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: After a few years, can we get updated population statistics?
Kids aren't going to play league, kids are going to play what's hot and that's fortnite atm. Veterans get to see their time and effort put to waste as riot spits on their champions, spits on all the mechanics they've developed over the years because muh competitive, spit on them as they continue to buff supports making shit reworks of all their champions and then just leave them to die when it doesn't work out all the while nerfing their ip gains implementing shit chinese mmo grinding tactics while offering scraps as rewards for play time no wonder vets are just abandoning this dumpster fire started by meddler and repetoir. The biggest reason league was popular was because of luck, and riot has taken that fortune and just squandered because they think that luck is forever, they think that letting meddler and repetoir and rickless who don't have the mental faculty necessary to handle a broom fumble their way around in the dark like some blind headless chickens doing whatever the fuck pops into their small heads won't negatively impact player rates because they've always taken their playerbase for granted.
: Assassins were popular until the Assassin rework but its mages fault?
Assassins have never had an easier time laning in this game because of the total lack of MR and AR from runes for mages and retarded shit like electrocute doing 5 times the damage of thunderlords starting at lvl 1. The reason assassins currently only dominate solo Q slightly (highest winrates in solo Q) and not so totally that every mage is dead is because of supports, but you really think _<Removed by Moderation>_ is going to acknowledge that a _<Removed by Moderation>_ shouldn't impact the game as much or more than every other role that requires 10 times the skill. Don't bet on it.
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