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: I'm in bronze and I was playing against a Swain who wasn't even fed but he just walked into the middle of our team, killed everyone and healed EVERYTHING (I was very fed, playing Lucian, with an Executioner's Calling) and I called him balanced, obviously being sarcastic, and he said that he was balanced. I asked him how he thought he was balanced and he said that if he wasn't balanced, he'd be at least platinum. That cracked me up. I was like "If you were balanced, you Swain wouldn't be the next VGU after Evelyn" lol
But Swain is balanced... That swain is just stuck in bronze because he is stuck in bronze
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: If you were literate and had an attention span long enough to read my post (which was not longer than 10 sentences I might add) you'd have seen that this has NOTHING to do with creating a safe space. In fact, I think that Riot has gone waaaay too far to make this game a safe space (just look at all the words that are blocked by the censor, ie cancer, AIDS, and idiot to name a few). This has to do with sportsmanship and how to win a game gracefully (and lose, but that's a separate issue that I simply don't see as much of here). If this perplexes you, then you need to confine yourself to your mother's basement, because the real world will be a dangerous place for you.
> If you were literate and had an attention span long enough to read my post (which was not longer than 10 sentences I might add) This is why people say ggez to you.
Penns (EUW)
: Pretty much every big rework is very good. But many reworks in "class updates" (especially the assassin one) are just kind of.. bad {{champion:90}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:35}}
Yeah class reworks are forced so they aren't very good.
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: Ah I miss the day of "you should be able to play every role"
Season 4: "If you can't play all roles you are not ready for ranked"
: Lol just imagine if Riot did this. Diamond 5 que's would increase to 20 minutes since 95% of people there are 0lp
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Jikker (NA)
: Account Sharing is against the Terms of Service and is also a punishable offense. Even if your brother's actions were not appropriate, the act of sharing with him alone was enough to technically warrant a ban. As King Asgore mentioned, you'll want to submit a ticket to Riot. They may be kind enough to give you a second chance. We can't do anything here though and the odds of a Rioter seeing this thread is low.
> Account Sharing is against the Terms of Service and is also a punishable offense. Even if your brother's actions were not appropriate, the act of sharing with him alone was enough to technically warrant a ban. Can you explain this Jikker? 1 minute 32 seconds
: > [{quoted}](name=darkcastkiller,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=I60or8X9,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2017-06-05T06:36:12.601+0000) > > Is everyone gonna ignore that Runaan's is considered on hit? > Teemo can blind 3 targets. > Kat can Q 9 targets. > Lux can snare 6 targets. > So on and so forth. Kat can't use runaan's. Lux can though.
That doesn't even matter. Lux snare will just be her regular snare but shoot 2 bolts
Terozu (NA)
: Is everyone gonna ignore that Runaan's is considered on hit? Teemo can blind 3 targets. Kat can Q 9 targets. Lux can snare 6 targets. So on and so forth. -EDIT- This post is why I shouldn't try to think at 3 am...
The on hit effect for Runaans is the two bolts that fly out. So Lux can't snare 6 people... Bronze lvl thinking
: >Some games are uncarryable, Some games are, but this wasn't one of them. He simply did nothing with the lead he had.
And you could have done much more with your lead as well
: His saying he slashes or he cuts. Cant explain it vry well..
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abdul569 (EUW)
: When I'm facing renekton and he Es, Ws, Qs, Es out without me even landing an auto on him
: Can't loggin, client says my username / password is incorrect.
: Banned For Intentionally Feeding
Meanwhile Nunu smite support...
Coopa123 (EUW)
: So your excuse for griefing is account sharing? The excuse you gave might give you a permanent ban, since account sharing is also not allowed "Judge, I couldn't have killed this man, because at the same time I was robbing a bank!"
This is not account sharing. In season 4, I remember watching Bjergsen on a livestream. He had to use the bathroom and was gone for the first few minutes. Lustboy (the support for TSM) played for him for the first few minutes
Velgam (NA)
: Regarding Teemo's Blind
This person probably got rekt by a Teemo recently
Deppengu (EUNE)
: Autofill vs Remake
I believe you mean queue right? I agree with this
: Fizz E+Flash combo was stealth patched
Yeah I tried too do this in a game and I was gonna get the kill...
Arakadia (NA)
: [Champion Concept]: Almza, the Runic Liberator
> So when is The Power Thief getting another rework? Love it
: #intentional feeding is intentional when the player has the intent to intentionally feed. TL;DR unless there is clear signs/evidence that point to a player having _the intent_ to feed/troll/ruin a game, it's _not int feeding_.
What if they say that they give up?
: Why am I fighting Ex-Diamonds and Ex Plats?
Because nobody plays Normals except diamonds
: Ziggs Siege Support ... Viable or just troll?
It is not troll because even if you play nunu smite support you won't get banned
Rebonack (NA)
: {{champion:51}} with Trist passive, Jinx Q, Kog W, Kyle E, and Twitch R. Ace the enemy team from your fountain.
kyle? I actually don't know what champ you are trying to say
: Are we ever going to change Rune prices?
Please no. I spent so much IP on runes already
: Can we have the dominion map? Only for the custom game mode.
Bring back hide and seek please riot. They already have it in their files so just bring it back
Jakobi (NA)
: ARSR has GOT to be the most boring game mode riot has released
: So what's the counterplay when lee comes to your lane with red and ward jumps ?
Glîtchy (NA)
: removal of autofill from ranked
Back in season 5 you would always get autofilled. Now that Riot gives us something that benefits us you want more. Ungrateful
: I cant play ranked. is it cause im too bad??
: Is the Graves nerf enough?
Sacrificing an item that could be damage
: Rakan's voice is... not what I expected.
I thought his voice would be deep and soothing...
: Getting out of Bronze
Most important thing: Don't play mechanically intensive champs {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:92}} and such. Learning jungle. You don't even need good mechanics, just macro play. Counting jungle CS and respawn timers. You basically know where the enemy jungle is at all times. Play early game junglers {{champion:60}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:35}}
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: >-His scalings are insane Well, it's not like he has base damage. Look, his Q has 100 base damage at rank 5. Most champions have upward 300 base damage on their bread'n'butter abilities. >-I did terribly in lane, I died four times and was behind in CS. By 20 minutes onward I was still doing insane amounts of damage. I assume your lane opponent just ignored you after the 4th kill. A common mistake. >-Players don't appear to be rewarded very well for shutting Yasuo down in lane. He scales so well that shutting him down early means almost nothing. It does reward the player. The point is that you need to tend to Yasuo, because he won't stay behind if you don't. It's like you're leaving a 0/4 Tryndamere in lane for 10 minutes and expect to not lose towers. >I do admit I am mechanically a very bad Yasuo, but even then I was simply spamming my Q and E, shredding through their team and blocking projectiles with ease because of the way my windwall spawns. > >Please do something about his scalings or windwall I actually beg. You are using a normal game as a basis for "this champion is brainless" and "nerf please". Not to mention **you** lost and ended up being outadamaged by almost everybody on enemy team (poor Alistar).
: I'm REALLY getting tired of seeing him in practically every game that does not have a ban phase. UNLESS the Yasuo is LEARNING, they all end up owning everyone, and they are the typical jerks that spam their mastery shield every chance they get. They can prance around and dance in your face, and unless you have some hard cc, it takes a couple people to have a chance. The windwall is probably the most frustrating thing to deal with, because his mobility usually allows him to move back and forth from that wall shield without taking much damage. I don't know how many times a killing aa/spell disappears into a wall at the last moment, or his stupid shield procs just as the would be killing shot hits. Ya, I guess I could play draft pick, but I like the short wait time of blind pick, and the random nature of rolls helps make you a well rounded player.
> Unless the yasuo is learning, they all end up owning everyone. LOL wtf. So you are saying in Bronze that they are all reking you guys?
Statikin (OCE)
: @Everyone complaining about my rank/server (also server is a stupid argument but whatevs) I'm not saying I'm particularly good or anything but the point of this thread isn't to bust on Yasuo based on MY own rank or even if I am winning. I'm talking about his ability to destroy enemies even through a crappy laning phase and continue to do so consistently, without the player necessarily needing to know all that much about Yasuo and how this makes the game feel unfun for those playing against him. I know this is probably more prevalent in Bronze/Silver/Gold elo, as higher elo's would probably know how to enact on some damage control, but given much of the player base is in the B/S/G I'm just speaking on that part.
If Yasuo has a crappy laning phase then he is screwed if the opponent can capitalize. But in Bronze most mid/top laners don't know
Statikin (OCE)
: This is why Yasuo is unfun to play against...
Playing against Bronze Yasuo's are easy though...
: I would like to see more boots in the game, or enchantments again. Anyone else?
There should be active effects such as wards or a movement speed steroid buff that lasts a few seconds
: You jsut aren't fond of looking at things are you? Ok, lets do this, Q has to hit twice for it to work, also 35% ap ratio W, 1st hit does full damage, last two deal 35% of that, also 40% ap ratio E, thin line skill shot, 50% ap ratio, the highest ap ratio ability in her kit can only be used once and is not guaranteed to hit in her burst combo. R, Ap ratio is 30% the WORST AP SCALING in her ENTIRE kit is her R W+Q 500 Since you think it is so great, lets compare it to oh I don't know Leblanc, another mobile mid laner Mage. Her W + Q Will do (at max rank as base damage) 100 from W + 195 from Q + 300 from passive, which is 595, and guess what (she was just gutted and she still does more base damage) You can't make the argument that Ahri has high damage after you look how her kit's damage and her horrendous scaling works. "A 7/0 Ahri one shot me" Any mid lane mage 7/0 will one shot you.
: The 2 champions that irritate me the most with this issue is Tristana and Ezreal. You can root, pull, suppress, any and all forms of CC, but they can still get their movement spells off regardless. I was in a match recently vs a Tristana (I think I was Nautilus, I don't remember). I had her pulled, and during drag to me she should have been stuck in she was still able to hop away. **WHILE BEING DRAGGED**. It's ridiculous that such things don't get negated by CC that is designed to negate them. It isn't even a form of out-play. Tristana and Ezreal are the 2 biggest culprits of this happening. It's 1 thing to be **immune during the travel** like Gragas and Shyvana, it's another to be saved by retarded coding mistake that should never have been in the game to begin with. They press the get-away button to late and still get out because of this stupidity.
Riven used to be able to do the thing like Tris and Ez. But they removed it. ???? Too OP for Riven but not for Ez And Tris
: They already pressed the button though. Long animation makes it seems like they were late however.
I agree with OP. As a former Riven main, Adrian Riven decided to remove the cc cancel where you could E-Q out of a grab such as Naut hook or Blitz grab. If they removed it for Riven why not for Ezreal and Tristana?
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Avios1 (NA)
: Honestly, As Dull As ARSR could be, I'll give it a chance.
This actually looks more fun than say....ACSENSION
: Intentionally losing a game is bannable, always report especially if they admitted to it.
I don't think you can report a person once you get out of the end game screen
: Wow... just had the worst matchmaking in ranked game.
I believe you mean a solo "queue" game Not que
RexSaur (NA)
: Everytime Lee's "wardhop R Q-Q s" me i feel in bathed in awe
Lee Sin has a 48 percent win rate so its not op
: You can't even react to that... I play mage for example then some Lee Sin steps out an unwarded bush, presses R, then just Q-Q and E if needed. His ult is just stupid. It's not even flashable. Once he clicks it you are going to get hit unless you become untargetable. It still does a lot of damage so flashing away will still make you lose a lot of hp. Yes the flash saves you but you don't have flash every time but what Lee has most of the times is wardW...
You should be able to know where the jungler is
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