Palaven (NA)
: Designers Fail To Understand The Top Lane Problem
tbh i think most the time i see top laners complain about dying to the "fed adc" they leave out the fact that the adc had their support/team there and they were not forced to take the fight but they did anyways and expected to win 1v2 or 1v3. In a 1v1: adcs can get bursted by almost any class(including support) that is at a moderate or average power level. They are extremely team relent class that will spend most if not all the game near someone else just like the support, so this xp change might slightly effect other lanes but it's a HARD nerf to botlane.
{{champion:133}} I'm an adc player autofilled top or I'm a toplaner that hates other toplaners and they hate me.
: What skin lines would fit your main amazingly that you know Riot won't do?
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Zardo (NA)
: They're all pretty equally as hard as you have to understand different things to do well with them, bit in terms of the two options presented i'd give mid the edge as the hardest. ADC has an entire class dedicated to helping them plus they don't have to worry about priority anywhere near as much and don't have to roam.
Wrong on multiple accounts, adc is heavily team reliant, what could be farming for a midlaner with selfpeel and cc is overextending as an adc. Everyone in the game cares about prio and roaming to help jungler. Throwing out skillshots is one thing, but being able to dodge them while kiting is another. The only thing mid has over adc is a need for wider matchup knowledge as the mid pool is significantly bigger.
Grillin (NA)
: Never Get Three-Star Units
If you buy other units at the same cost of the unit you want to 3 star it increases your chances quite a bit, then you can sell them back later. It's also not usually worth going for 3-star on 4cost or above. Even going for a 3cost 3 star can be rare.
Ninoccio (EUW)
: Impossible to get out of Bronze
Play only 1 champion for a month and you will improve and gain elo.
: Is not being toxic really necessary to get high Gold/Plat?
There is a bluntness about mistakes in higher elo, if you fuck the team fight up everyone will say you did, but just play it differently next time and no hard feeling. If you were dived toplane all game people usually won't bitch about your score, but when I play in lower elos on flex or a smurf I notice these things right away. In lower elo if you point out sometimes mistake they will soft int you for the rest of the game ksing stealing cs and never helping when you get dove on. Regardless of toxicity levels, I'm 1000% sure lower elo players can't take flame as much or recognize their own mistakes, if you want to climb getting a better mental or thicker skin is a requirement.
Voidner (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=FrozenFrostFyre,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EmgkR3PE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-03T15:49:57.937+0000) > > Not every game is winnable, but called it a coinflip is laughable, that just means you've hit your ceiling and need to actually improve at the game to rank up again. Oh yeah? then why can i climb on my diamond account and can't my plat? Hmmm???
Because you lack skill, regardless of who you are or what elo you are in, if you think the game is a "coinflip" then you have hit a point where you cannot make a difference in your games, thus lack skill. Also I find it extremely suspicious that you would say such a thing since it sounds like you didn't make it to diamond by yourself. That is if you weren't outright lying about a diamond rank. Good players will always be able to recognize and punish mistakes lower elo players make.
Voidner (EUNE)
: If i ever see someone saying that Ranked isn't coinflip im gonna slap him in the face really hard
Not every game is winnable, but called it a coinflip is laughable, that just means you've hit your ceiling and need to actually improve at the game to rank up again.
Miirik (NA)
: oh look the enemy picked vayne
Vayne isn't that strong at all in higher elo. I see it going unpicked/banned many many games in a row and when it is picked it's never uncontrollable. She relies completely on getting extra AA over enemy ADC because she has no burst/poke in her kit like every other ADC. If vayne wins the lane then whoever was playing them would have won lane as any other ADC as well.
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Arabat (NA)
: Needed 8 wins in a row just to get my series from silver 4 to 3..but it takes 3 losses to go to 0 lp
Improving your play can carry you anywhere in any season. I gaurantee you if I was placed in your exact elo I would be able to climb back into plat in a matter or weeks and diamond in a few months. This is meant to give you hope, improving your own play will help you climb into gold for sure. Good luck out there buddy.
: can my adc players stop griefing my game?
Only time ADC should ever get mad over cs is when the jungler wants to shove a lane out that was already shoving into you and doesn't even shove it into tower essentially freezing it for them fucking you over immensely. But it is typically nicer for a support to try and hold a wave before tower kiting it instead of taking it themselves. Not that anyone should be upset if they don't do this.
Snowbrand (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FrozenFrostFyre,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FquabE8g,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-04-24T16:01:09.939+0000) > > Anyone who actually plays aniv will tell you to fuck right off, aka me. she has one of the most unique and balanced kits in the game that has endured throughout time. There is nothing on her kit that isn't designed exactly as it is suppose to be. She is the perfect control mage. > > Most the champions you list have ALREADY had reworks. If you want people to take this seriously only list champions that actually need it. Except her model looks like 2009. Her gameplay is mostly fine though except that they could update her e maybe.
Oh idk what she even looks like anymore been using blackfrost for so long. Maybe just a visual update.
: Are Reworks coming out Fast Enough?
Anyone who actually plays aniv will tell you to fuck right off, aka me. she has one of the most unique and balanced kits in the game that has endured throughout time. There is nothing on her kit that isn't designed exactly as it is suppose to be. She is the perfect control mage. Most the champions you list have ALREADY had reworks. If you want people to take this seriously only list champions that actually need it.
: Tilt/Loss Streaks
Best advice is try to notice a difference between play, technically when you are losing you are getting into a lower elo bracket and should be able to notice weaknesses and mistakes to exploit to get an advantage. Then you can better polish your ability to punish these mistakes. This means that even loss steaks help you grow and improve as a player.
: Marksman Support [CONCEPT]
Riot would never allow this much cc on any ADC. The cc adc's get is either conditional or on their ultimate. I am a fan of more ammo system adc's though I hope they do more of that. The q is interesting though.
QQsha (NA)
: Damage per gold is legit the worst stat in the stats page.
At first I was like: wtf are you talking about, but how i can totally see why this happens after you explained it more. excellent post my dude. +1
: Climbing out of plat
I know you don't want to hear this, but. There is probably something they are doing that you are not. Mechanical skill is only 1/4rd of the game. Game knowledge and map awareness and teamplay account for the rest. I suggest figuring out where you are the weakest and learn how to improve.
: Ranked...
Long as duo's still get punished the same, I don't see why not
Saezio (EUNE)
: Nobody in the mentioned champs can kill in 0.1 seconds. Unless they are stupidly ahead in which case it's only normal. Champs that can 100-0 you in 0.1 secs(or 0.2) would be the sorts of {{champion:134}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:142}}
I have been bursted by every single one of these characters at least once. In higher elos you can see many of these champs bursting down people. They don't even have to be fed and it usually doesn't matter how fed you yourself are compared to them. It's a much shorter list to point out who can't 1 shot you after they are 3-0.
: Please explain to me clearly and politely what is so wrong with ability based fighters/assassins?
Nobody likes dying on 0.1seconds. so when the super mobile high damage characters also have amazing cc or utility/suvivability or both. Then it starts to seem like a problem. All of them have very high damage, all of them have amazing mobility mostly through dashes. all of them have cc abilities and those that don't have extra dashes. On top of all that every single one of them has something in their kit that makes them harder to kill. Compare them to a lot of other classes with much less and you will start to notice pretty big differences in what riot considers "a fair and balanced power level"
Gilbirth (NA)
: Stop camping rengar
pretty sure you can just stand on top of your own boxes and out trade him on every single jump, that's a matchup shaco wins and you are bitching about it...smh
Azeranth (NA)
: What people mean by "Jungle can't carry"
Junglers seem to be the only role in the game that doesn't realize that not every game is winnable. They bitch and moan bc they are so use to having the biggest impact on a game that when they don't win because of it then that means the role must be weak. Give me a fucking break.
: this isn't true this is myth going around, multiple reports can actually trigger either one a manual review or two an instant review was even stated in a redit session with a rioter
"this isn't true this is a myth going around" >that's where you are wrong. riot support quote: "It only takes one report for our systems to review a game." link for quote: here is a rioter commenting on a post about it as well: stop being a part of the problem spreading misinformation.
: Riot facilitating behavior that undermines their ranked systems
Smurfing is explained by players wanted to find out if they can consistently get back into a certain elo or if they got there by luck. Usually extreme cases the system makes them skip ranks to get them out of lower elo as fast as possible. Maybe I didn't play as many games as you have, but in all my games through plat to diamond I don't think I encountered more than a single person that I would consider high diamond or above. Probably about 1 in 200 games.
: So, after looking at a clip about the supposed Yas ult outside of turret range thing...
Bolter (NA)
: What's going on with flashing and using abilities at the same time?
Doesn't work with bliz q because of obvious reasons. Works with almost anything with a cast time.
: > [{quoted}](name=FrozenFrostFyre,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jTiHc0qb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-03T17:04:11.518+0000) > > Nerfing ADC items into the ground for multiple patches shouldn't be seen as reworking them. Especially if you are referring to them as "overloaded" ffs. Bruh what you smoking?
Use to be smoking people with brand botlane because of how useless they made marksman for multiple patches. But low and behold the absolute geniuses of boards is calling that a "overloaded item rework". I think I know what I'm talking about here.
: > [{quoted}](name=FrozenFrostFyre,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jTiHc0qb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-03T17:04:11.518+0000) > > Nerfing ADC items into the ground for multiple patches shouldn't be seen as reworking them. Especially if you are referring to them as "overloaded" ffs. they were down for a few patches but, as of now, they have their old power back
First of all they do not have their old power back their old power was op they are at a balanced level now, but that shouldn't be seen as a rework for obvious reasons. You can't cut the power of an item by 30% then realize you gutted an entire class give back 15% so the Nerf was only 15% power Nerf and call that a fucking rework. Especially not calling it overloaded items.
MrBobMan (NA)
: Real tank items?
Nerfing ADC items into the ground for multiple patches shouldn't be seen as reworking them. Especially if you are referring to them as "overloaded" ffs.
Zerenza (NA)
: Goku Syndrome/Main Character Syndrome.
What about the opposite, when you are extremely fed trying to group and have teammates playing around you to win, but they all run off in different directions to be picked off one at a time like flies.
: What to do during a loss streak?
I think fluxuating up and down in elo is a really good and healthy thing for any account. You should be able to see a difference in opponents skill level and use that to determine what they are doing wrong that allows you to abuse/control lane and learn from it. Even good players can be pressured into bad play if you know where and when to exploit. Back when I was fluxuating inbetween plat4 and plat2 I could tell the difference between the two and climb out of plat4 easier and easier each time exploiting their bad play. I probably went on 3-4 loss streaks taking me back into plat4, but again each time climbing felt a little easier until I didn't have a loss streak down that low ever again. Losing might feel bad, but don't tilt. Trust in your ability to make the difference in lower elo games and carry. And then learn from it.
: "Ban this troll" a single time regarding a blatant troll is not harassment and not being toxic. Period. Toxic: capable of causing serious harm to a person's health and well-being.
First of all, multiple reports does nothing so there isn't a point in begging pointlessly for reports. Second of all, whether you agree or not riot views begging for reports any number of times toxic so just don't do it.
Jaxi (NA)
: Memory Leaks? Insane amount of Memory usage? [Help Please]
If you think it's a game issue try hextech repair tool it's a pretty good app for resolving client issues. Memory issue: My gf noticed significant speed differences after I defragmented her disk drive. It's a simple but lengthy process but could help if your comp is running out of memory during game(since it looks like you use 6GB) and uses virtual memory(aka HDD memory). CPU/gpu: It's highly recommended to run league only with your gpu if you have one, and sometimes it is set to run with CPU for some people. Connection issue: Possible this is a connection issue if you use wifi. If another device connects to a similar bandwidth. I would recommend Ethernet if possible.
: > [{quoted}](name=FrozenFrostFyre,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=b7RhInEX,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-04-01T18:13:30.960+0000) > > "Sona: high risk low reward kind of champ, requires massive skills to play her (one small misstep and she is done), but unlike Zyra/brand her damage is null." > > Nice April fool's joke right here. You had me for a second there. I think she's more of a similar situation like Master Yi, they both seem like low skill champions (they might be, I am not the one to judge) but what seperates a skilled Sona player from a regular Sona player is how well they play their champion (example: not always using the Q Empowered Passive for extra raw damage, and instead using other parts of her Passive ability empowerments that people forget about... Which usually depends on what you need, E Empowerment for catching up or disengaging from an enemy, W to reduce someone's damage like Zed R). It's all about how well you make use of her Passive Ability Empowerment options...
I suppose that's an opinion you can have, but I believe you are pretty much the only player in the world who thinks sona "requires massive skills to play her". Again it's your opinion, but man... maybe keep this one to yourself... My opinion is that if you can play a champion with 1 finger+mouse without losing ANY functionality then it's HIGHLY LIKELY they are an extremely basic champion. but that's just my opinion don't need to take it to heart or anything.
: Botlane champs that needs buffs and nerfs (according to me)
"Sona: high risk low reward kind of champ, requires massive skills to play her (one small misstep and she is done), but unlike Zyra/brand her damage is null." Nice April fool's joke right here. You had me for a second there.
: Guardian Angel Overtuned?
"I'm so use to adc's being worthless that now they are barely able to do something they feel op" "Why don't we take away any possible defense item from them because I can't dive backline and kill them every time in a 5v5 fight" This post reeks of bias.
: Just because something is true doesn't make it right.
Look m8. I'm a high elo player I understand that getting objectives is a priority, but so is KPA. You need to have an impact on the game as a jungler it is as simple as that. Go watch ANY higher elo game and analyse the meta or what jungle priorities are. Junglers who go 0/0/0 are simply failing at their 1 job which is to have a large impact on sololanes tipping the balance in your favor. Getting summs isn't an excuse, because if you get a laner to blow thier summs you should be repeat ganking multiple times for the kill.
: silver 4
"nothing to do with your own game play" ever wonder to yourself why you are stuck in [insert elo here]? Ever wonder if it's because you stopped trying to improve? Nevermind I'm sure blaming your team will work out of luck.
: There is this thing called "objectives" and "counter jungling" that could have someone be 0/0/0 and yet still be doing the right things. Your problem seems to stem from the fact that you think kills mean everything, when in fact, you can win a game without getting any kills at all. Worry less about the score of other people and worry more about how to play a little safer to avoid dying so much.
Safest way to take dragon is to gank botlane first, safest way to take rift is to gank mid/top and then go for the objective, of course you can sneak these things, but counterjungling isn't a good excuse. I don't care what my jungler is doing as long as they are doing something. Many of them are useless then wonder why team doesn't win 4v5
: 1v5 not really fair at all/look at my team and see what is happening to me. screenshotz
First of all you need to censor the names. Second of all, sounds like you had a bad game dude can't win them all. Advice: try not to hog kills and solo carry, teammates can help you out if you help them out.
: Just because something is true doesn't make it right.
Junglers that do nothing hide behind this argument. Yes most players should understand junglers doing things on the other side of the map is fine they can't always gank your lane, but it's particularly frustrating when you get ganked 4+ times and you junglers score is still 0/0/0. Like fucking do something man anything! Gank a lane doesn't even have to be mine! I don't wanna see my leesin or Elise power farming for 6 fucking items.
Paroe (NA)
: You know what tanks feel really good to play?
I like this idea a lot. Biggest issue with tank meta was not the fact they were tank it was that they were tank AND did the big damages over a SHORT amount of time. Increase the time tanks deal damage and survive longer. give them a neiche in longer fights over this Regen tank short trades bullshit(I'm looking at you warmogs).
: Notice they didn't add their own super reliable statics from a different site
There are too many people who think lolanalytics is actually accurate, but maybe I should get a copy-paste explaining why their data is inaccurate. I trust because when I used riot API to calculate the champion winrates myself I got the same numbers as them, because they use the average team mmr for both teams, where lolanalytics counts any game with even a single plat player aka for example games with 9gold/silver and 1 plat player close to demoting. This game to them is concerned "plat+" so they can get more outrageous stats on champions from lesser skilled elos where the champions can be abused a lot more.
: I do not agree at all, I think is much better than for example and I could check with several cases where there is a hotfix, and there is clear that site has good statistics and which not. In any case, the data is not bad. For example, when they made the nerf hotfix to Neeko, lolalytics could be seen as their WR down to 46%, while still showed 56%.
The biggest problem with lolanalylitics is that it will take games with 9gold/silver players and 1 plat player and call that "plat+" this waters down the stats quite a bit where some of these champions are a lot more abusive on lower elo where people simply aren't as good. Coupled with the fact that there is a much larger amount of games from lower elo you get inaccurate stats. You mention how is slow to update and I agree they are,but at least they at some point actually have accurate data, instead of using sneaky tactics to make stats seem more outrageous than they actually are.
: I’ve titled this the: “My botlane always feeds illusion.”
Here me out: Maybe it's not an illusion for some junglers because they ignore the ever loving fuck out of botlane letting the enemy jungler easily decide the lane. So even games where your botlane was better and should have won the enemy jungler is able to out play you and prevent that. >biiiiiiigthink. Nah just never gank for them and blame all your losses on "bad teammates" I'm sure that will work out for you eventually. Kek. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: 53% winrate, 30% pickrate y 35% banrate
Lol another post using the extremely inaccurate lolanalytics site. Downvoted and ignored. I want vayne nerfs too but using trash sites to "justify" it is a problem.
Midg3t (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=FrozenFrostFyre,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EPAP9GPm,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-03-21T17:13:24.921+0000) > > This is fakenews > I see you didn't even attempt to care about validity or accuracy, might as well put this is memes and games. > One day people will learn to use legitimate websites like for their outrage statistics. And what makes "legitimate website" compared to all other ones?
> [{quoted}](name=Midg3t,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EPAP9GPm,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-03-22T12:58:19.118+0000) > > And what makes "legitimate website" compared to all other ones? Lolanalytics takes any game with even a single plat player as plat+ data. As you can imagine a game with 9gold/silver players and 1 plat4(close to demoting) player isn't plat+ level and since gold games are many times more frequent than plat/diamond games this massively waters down statistics. As such the site doesn't offer anywhere near correct data and as such it would be pretty foolish to use them as a source. I'm not so sure about never really looked into their stats maybe someone else has, might have extremely buggy item builds, but champion data is spot on if you use riot API to calc it yourself.
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