: Competitive Plat/Gold team LF a dominate MID and SUP for LCS style leagues (Info within)s
You guys still need a support? I hit diamond last season in about 100 games with close to a 70% win ratio and play just about anything with cc on it. https://na.op.gg/summoner/champions/userName=Fryce Add me on FryceRice99 if youd like to give some games a shot
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: They won't give LP back when its their fault btw
Tbh, this was just an angry vent post that got a little bit of attention lol. I know they wont I was just ticked off last night
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: Mixture of her counters being hurt, her itemization improving(600 gold cheaper and stronger too), and the Warlord mastery makes her leaning passable when before it was terrible.
Yup yup, just wanted to make sure I was understanding properly. Thanks :>
GGLineaR (NA)
: Care to share where you're getting these numbers, hun? All you're doing is spouting nonsense right now.
Correct me if I'm wrong gg as I'm not an adc player. But the only reason trist is even viable right now is because her counters fell off a bit, correct?
: lol damn he must've just won a ton of money
He only gets a cut of the Netherlands profit the skin made. It's going to be less than a few thousand euros at max. Which probably isn't enough to even pay for his lawyers or anything. It wouldn't surprise me if he wound up actually losing money in that case tbh
: Star Guardian Splash Arts
The syndra splash looks like the skin isn't garbage. That's some grade a catfishing
: they're trying to fix a problem that started 2 years ago (keystones) apparently and it's not working
Who would have guessed free damage for everyone would have caused a problem :v
Rude Name (OCE)
: Is Riot's skin team biased? WITH EVIDENCE!
As much as I don't like to admit it, Riot is still a company. I'd like to see a really nice Yorick skin or something along those lines, but at the end of the day, they are just going to do what profits them the most. That's why we are getting another star guardian set of skins
: Meanwhile no one is bitching about the following being left overpowered as fuck: {{item:3504}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3076}} And these are items that are blatantly overpowered. Not even the ones who are slightly overtunned. Ardent Censer is so overpowered Trundle is building with Stoneborn Pact as a support to be viable. Stoneplate is harder to event explain, but there's a few ways to go about it. Renekton and Jarvan IV are viable in top lane compeitively because they can build Stoneplate. No other bruiser is viable top lane (with very few exceptions) nor even contested. Stoneplate giving massive resistances is insane, while also making anyone who has it practically unkillable for 4 seconds. Tanks don't care about damage midgame so they could give fuck all to the damage reduction, with the exception of Cho'Gath. Tanks are still building Locket and Stoneborn + Locket is giving 1000 HP shields. Who didn't think Tanks wouldn't abuse the fuck out of an item once it was given a % health to shield ratio based on the user's HP? Knight's Vow is still being abused by tanks because 12% damage reduction is an insane amount to give to an AD carry. Yasuo literally almost every 1v1 matchup with PD, and somehow it was a good idea to give ADCs that unconditionally? Death's Dance Draven and Riven is literally the largest plague to this game. Mages who don't even want the passive are literally buying Liandyr's for it's raw stats and then oneshotting any non-tank mid game. Bramble Vest has literally killed mulitple bruisers top lane. Thornmail is a noob trap, but Bramble is a free win lane 900 gold item.
The general know how for most of these items is just that they're overloaded. Ardents gives alottttttttttttttttttttttttt of stats for supports like Janna and karma to abuse with ease, not sure why it has the forbidden idol healing along with cdr etc. Stoneplate is in a pretty decent spot imo, they did a good job on giving it some counterplay with you losing damage, but the real trick is on champs like Cho or when people abuse that health with the new locket scaling type. Only when you stack those 2 do they both become very unhealthy, but alone I feel as though they are actually pretty well-rounded items. Knights feels a bit underwhelming, but it definitely does help keep an ADC alive. Don't think its too bad though. Deaths dance is a straight up abomination, however, the bleed effects along side the huge life steal potential makes champions like Draven monsters. Liandries feels a bit underwhelming as its slow and a bit pricey to build, but that could just be me not playing mages like brand that can abuse it pretty well with death fire touch. And the bramble vest, think that's what its called, is pretty much a hex drinker for top lane, probably needs a bit of changes. I don't think alone any of the items are make or break, however, just really annoying to have to deal with almost every game
: @Riot: please do not add "channel blink" as a rune. It will make flash EVEN MORE mandatory.
I don't even know what the fuck the balance and dev team is doing anymore
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: :c I'm so sorry, do you need any help?
I need lots of help .-.
: people play destiny?
I don't like the traps, but I feel there are ways she should be rewarded. For setting them up in a bush to avoid a gank, that's a good use for them, but it gets out of hand when said bush is lined entirely and you can't get past at all. On top of that, she then gets what feels like the duration of a Morgana q to decide if she even wants to waltz up and headshot you or not. Maybe limit her to only one trap per level, so you have to invest points if you want to play safe and lose damage for wave clear and cd on the net for escaping, or maybe even just do what they did on Azir and make them disappear much faster if they're under any sort of tower. Maybe even if they're in a close proximity to other traps, who knows. Something definitely needs to be done kit wise though, but I have this odd feeling that they are just going to drop her q damage by like 10 lol
: is that warframe?
: When you have reached perfection.
: When you have reached perfection.
: Two reasons you should pick Order and not Chaos
They're both edge lords tho. Cuz...ya know.....they got swords and stuff... Ok Ill see myself out
Meddler (NA)
: Janna X RubicK: "I make things up and then present them as quotes" Let's start with a look at the post you're referring to: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/haWf2QnU-quick-gameplay-thoughts-june-13 Relevant section: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=haWf2QnU,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-13T15:56:37.452+0000) > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > **Support Starting Items** > > We've been looking at the starting support items now that they've been out for a while. Conclusion is that the Coin line is underperforming, so we'll be doing some more work on it. That will likely involve improvements both to the tier1 and tier 2 versions as well as the tier 3 upgrades (probably both Talisman and Eye of the Oasis). > > Possible the Frost Queen's is also too strong, what we'll likely do is buff coin first though then reassess whether that's actually the case or not. > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Key things in there just to spell it out even more explicitly: * We've identified Coin is weak and will be buffing it, probably at all three upgrade tiers. * Frost Queen's might also be too strong. We'll look at that again after buffing Coin. Coin being weak doesn't mean Frost Queen's can't also be overpowered. Calling this thread out in particular because I think it's sad to see this sort of attitude on Boards, especially in a somewhat upvoted thread. The feeling any words you write will be deliberately misinterpreted, or warped, is something I've heard a number of Rioters call out over the years as one of the reasons they don't want to post anymore.
: Don't be fooled! Riot switched the role selection to trick ADC mains into playing support!
What about all 2 of us support mains they tried to throw into adc ;-;
: where are you playing this new mode at? on the PBE?
: But we are talking about it right now
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: New Sejuani has the exact same problems you said you wanted to fix
Can we stop putting % damage on tanks riot? Thanks
Jofeyy (NA)
: Hey im on your side friend lol. I took two months to learn that champ only to have him gutted ;-;
Saaaaaaaaaaaame, my poor little heart D:
: {{champion:64}} My nerfs/changes: **Stats**: Lower movement speed **Q: Sonic Wave ** Decrease the missile speed, but slightly increase range. (This eliminates the point and click kill combo without completely killing it) **W: Safeguard** increase the cooldown to 24 seconds(From 14). How ever, IF he jump towards an ally(Or clicks himself), decrease the cd by 60%.(Or something) (This will hurt his mobility, but reward his jumping towards ally, and possibly increase the flashiness.) Another thought would be Keep the CD to 14. How ever Give it the blitz crank treatment. (IF he ward jumps/jumps to a allied creep, he reduces his speed by 60%) Possibly Buff the second half and increase the duration.
Interesting changes, but honestly I feel as though the biggest issue is just his ability to ward hop. If they were to just get rid of that, it would be enough to pretty much gut all the huge problems he has of just being a menace. This wont happen because muh lcs, but I feel as though its the only change the singer needs :V
: At least all those bugs kept him well fed. XD
Jofeyy (NA)
: I thought {{champion:429}} and {{champion:268}} were 2016 :O
My bird has been through enough, quit rubbing it in :c
: If you have a ban, ban Xerath. If somebody picks him, dodge.
6 hours later, still not disabled. Been almost 2 entire days now zzz
: The hardest skillshot to land?
Hands down, varus ult .-.
1337JMAN (NA)
: This is the most meta thing I've seen on boards. No more beating around the bush, no detailed explanations of why x champ is broken. Just a list. Let the upvotes flood in I guess.
I think it's because all of the champs have been well known on the boards for a while now, so everyone that looks here has a good general sense as to why they're on the list
: List of champs who need nerfs ASAP
Lulu is a bit questionable, definitely strong right now, though. I think all that needs to happen to her is to drop the amount of slow q does on level 1, as well as the amount of as she gives on level 1 w. She should have to choose what she wants, not give it all to great amounts on level 1 of each spell. Besides that, yeah, all the rest of them need to be gutted pretty much
: Or, you know, If you don't want to have your entire team nuked, don't all clump in a small pile. It's only a 200-300 wide Radius.
Nono, thats the plan you see. If your entire team groups up, tibbers wont know which one of you to hit. Its the ultimate battle plan
RexSaur (NA)
: Removing cast times (aka counterplay) from lucian was a terrible idea.
I think if they just put the cd on a timer, one that scales down by level for late game to still be solid, he would be fine. But the fact that he can w, passive, e passive, q passive, then just ult you is what the real problem seems to be. If it was on a cooldown is abusive laning phase would be halted, his potential to just rofl-stomp when ahead would be stopped quite a bit. All in all, it seems like that would be the way to go, but the cast time buff may have another huge play in it as well.
Atronthor (EUW)
: What has God to do with this or Jesus Christ? Again God is nothing else than the Roman Emperor who still rule over this planet. The Roman Empire never fall apart it still exists and rule over this world. They control Christianity, Islam and they ARE JEWS. Jews are nothing else than descendants of the founders of the Roman Empire. They are probably Greeks. JUst compare in what the so called Jews believe and in what the founders of the Roman Empire believed. It is exactly the same. ONly difference Jews call their "God" JHWE the founders of the Roman Empire called him Jupiter.
Tahyana (NA)
: I can see losing because of the Twitch in that one game, but if you were so tilted that you went into another couple of games and lost, you can't blame that player. You should have taken a short break to calm down and then get back to playing your promos. Of course, i have no clue how promos work. So, please don't jump my case. I am just saying, if you were that upset it affected your ability to play, you should have taken a short breather.
I mean, its not that I was tilted to the point of not being able to play, then I fed the next games. I actually played even better the next games. My salty ass was just venting on the boards because they were plat promos >.< I honestly didnt think anyone would even read it, it was at like 3 am 0-0
unsane (EUW)
: fair point actually looks like i miss-read. but of course twitchs fault in that game, it is possible to win a 4v5 but ideally your carry isn't afk :(
Yeah, I was just salty as hell after that >.> Venting on the boards seemed like a "why not" thing to do at 3 in the morning :P
: you could of always won he other two games.... Stop blaming others man.
The chances of winning are 50/50 every game, no matter how you look at it. But the fact that I got absolutely screwed out of a game is absurd. He didnt get punished for ruining the game for 4 other people. That shouldnt even be remotely tolerated.
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: RIP Christina Grimmie
R.I.P. I hope shes up in heaven playing league right now. She shall be missed but not forgotten...
: When you chase a Bard through a tunnel
: I'm just going to go ahead and paste my post here to explain why this statement is wrong. Draven Day is upon us once again and it's ruining the game. Yes. Ruining. How is this possible? Draven is amazing! True. However it's not that it's Draven that's a problem. It's that there is a giant Censor bar encompassing half of every single character's upper body. I play on a very bad monitor and have bad eyesight so it's hard enough for me to differentiate between champions as is, so having every single face be the same is a huge issue. I would be fine if it were just April 1st or if you could turn it off but nope! It goes on until April 3rd and I could find no way to disable it. So now I have 2 days of my Spring Break where I essentially can't tell who is who with half of the champions. And some people even know this and plan around it. I went in PvP to and found a game where every single person on the other team who were all in a party picked small champions like Poppy,Heimerdinger,Tristana,Teemo,and Veigar. I got absolutely slaughtered. In post game chat they openly admitted it was intentional. So it's a huge 2 day long Handicap that can't be turned off and mainly affects those with bad monitors or poor vision. I have a $40.00 sitting on a debit card right now that I would just LOVE to spend on skins but what would be the point? It's not like I would be able to even SEE them! So I think I'm just going to quit playing for the weekend and instead put that money on Steam and buy a bunch of games I don't even want in order to get me through the weekend. Thanks for making my one weekend long break to play LoL pointless. I get that you want to do something for April 1st but make it something that doesn't destroy the game for some people.
Cmonnnn :c I understand your problems that you have to go through and everything with this event but still, some people worked really hard on doing it. This wasnt a board post meant for hate, it was meant so hopefully a rioter will see it and realize that their hard work is appreciated
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Kotex (NA)
: Reported for playing Amumu support
8/1/22 Aatrox support last night xD It all depends on the person I guess. If you play well enough, it doesnt matter what you play. People just dont seem to understand that >.<
: The slow on Thresh's ult is that makes it okay to build tanky instead of damage. He's loaded with cc instead of damage. I'd like to see his Armor/Soul buffed and AP/Soul nerfed instead of gutting his ult.
I feel that if he should keep his ult the way it is, it does need to scale by level. Not just a 99% slow from level one of ult. It is ridiculous to play with. But theres alot of nerfs I think thresh needs. So who knows >.<
: Please don't do this
No one should have a slow that much, thresh needs it ripped from his kit (along other things) but thats one of the main reasons they hate him, its just too much. People will hate jhin for the same reason if they decide to go through with these silly buffs >.>
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