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: As a person who mains the role "Fill," and so typically ends up on Support, I normally end up warding more than both the enemy team AND my own team... combined. >> Even when I'm not on Support, I ward more than most people at my tier. It's a strange feeling when you're on Jungle and the first thing you back for is the jg item upgrade, three green wards, a pink, and a few HP pots...
As an ADC main i think i speak for all of us when i say what is a ward? {{item:3031}}
: The Challenger Code: There is no darkness, there is vision. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no salt , there is calculation. There is no chaos, there is teamwork. There is no death, there is objective focus. Together, we shall prevail
I could not reply to your comment about there being no title for the perfect lol player so ill just do it here. Faker.{{champion:13}}
: Ive done something very similar. me and my friend also played malz raka mid alot before the raka change. weve noever lost a game with that combo.
We've never* can someone direct me to the edit button?
: {{champion:48}} SUPPORT {{champion:5}} MID {{champion:37}} ADC {{champion:4}} JUNGLE {{champion:412}} TOP
Ive done something very similar. me and my friend also played malz raka mid alot before the raka change. weve noever lost a game with that combo.
: Well, he was actually _meant_ to be an adc, he just wasn't _designed_ that way, so he was never really all that good at it.
This is how i feel about quinn. why would an ADC want to go melee form.
: {{champion:201}} do not worry little Mummy, Braum sees the curse that lies upon you, and I tell you now, Braums Heart is Stronger then any Curse of saddness {{champion:32}} *sniff* ...really? {{champion:201}} yes my friend, now come, let us find MORE friends {{champion:32}} thanks Braum, but one is more then enough for me {{champion:201}} maybe, but one can never have enough friends, I mean look out there! {{champion:32}} huh? {{champion:201}} all of those people agree, they would LOVE to be your friend, if given the chance {{champion:32}} think so? {{champion:201}} it will be Hard little mummy, but trust me when I say, Even in the Darkest of times, the warm smile from a friend does more then melt icey hearts, it also sends a light that all can see hope in {{champion:32}} ...thanks Braum, I feel alittle better {{champion:201}} anytime my little friend, now lets go make some friends! {{champion:32}} okay...can we start with that girl with the teddy bear? {{champion:201}} meeehhh alright...just watch out for that bear...I'm not scared of it but...meh it does give me a start, you know what, Braum will let YOU do talking {{champion:32}} okay! ...what should I say? {{champion:201}} All friendships start with a friendly hello my friend (btw please give a like if you did read every text for Braum in his voice)
This brought a {{item:3070}} to my {{item:2050}}
: If you haven’t received a chat restriction, ranked restriction, 14-day ban or permanent ban in 2014 you should be getting a skin :) After the mystery gifts have been automatically sent, the team in charge of this will be manually checking to see that the players who should have received a gift but did not, will get one :)
That is very thorough. I came here to thank you guys for the skin. Its nice that you guys are giving even more incentive for people not to be ass hats. For clarification:
: You do realize that it isn't a matter of money. They've got the money, they're putting everything where it needs to go. But frankly, the money doesn't solve the issue of the fact that they're completely separate teams and divisions. You wouldn't hire an artist to do coding and server maintenance, just like you wouldn't hire a programmer to draw you a masterpiece work of splash art. All these cries for "stop working on X and work on Y instead!" are absolutely pointless, because they already ARE working on it. It's a completely different set of people with a different set of skills. Please, learn this. I'm tired of seeing this same comment every time.
i logged in just to upvote this.
: Patch 4.7 notes
Where is Morgana nerf? Rito plz.

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