: Can we talk a bit about how to beat a fed kassadin?
Option 1: Have one of your teammates be leona and make them CC lock him until someone else kills him. Option 2: Play Diana and chances are he would of never of gotten fed in the first place.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zac x Me,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=n6A9vB3e,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-06-29T23:25:02.268+0000) > > Yeah that's why we have Tidus's father as a skin and Lucius Malfoy and so on and so forth. I have no idea which skin you're referring to and Swain looking like Lucius is because Lucius is based on a stereotype of evil characters of noble blood. Vague looks are OK, but something specific like Virgil probably wouldn't fly.
> [{quoted}](name=General Esdeath ,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=n6A9vB3e,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2019-06-30T01:08:55.989+0000) > > I have no idea which skin you're referring to and Swain looking like Lucius is because Lucius is based on a stereotype of evil characters of noble blood. Vague looks are OK, but something specific like Virgil probably wouldn't fly. I want to say Demonblade Tryndamere? I mean he kind of looks like a mix of jecht and aeon jecht.
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obviously creator of Sword art Online also made TFTs. Just a headsup. you guys can just ctrl alt delete then exit out of the game if it happens again. But you wont be able to play until the match ends.
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: the love that mord has right now is what's wrong with the forumers.
Honestly the new mordekaiser is showing the good mordes from the bad morde. Several twitch and youtube videos of mordes ulting someone then getting stomped 1v1.
: What counts as intentional feeding?
Yeah, alot of "intentional feeding" you see flamed in chat is just the person getting outplayed and the enemy team abusing a weak link. So less inting and more the enemy is better and your team is letting them pick at an open wound.
: Yuumi is probably the worst pick for solo queue
honestly one of the biggest problems I see is that people are Q maxing then trying to damage. They don't get they are supposed to be enchanters and should be E then W max then building a Grail with a mikhail and ardent(does the percentage on w increase with level? If so then that should be second). So that they buff their healing,buff their allies damage, and buff their allies attack speed. sole purpose should be building Alot of AP and healing while grabbing items that can break your attached person out of CC. You aren't brand,zyra, or sona. Stop trying to be a mage support people. Heck, I havent seen anyone abuse guardian keystone yet.
: LF ADC coaching help
Depends on the champion, if you are jinx I would just grab long bow(after IE) and and try to take a turret then run when the enemies come to lane to stop you. Purpose is to essentially make them all deal with you while your team (hopefully) takes objectives or flanks them. You can also try to either steal objectives with your R or clean up a fight with it(used it plenty of times to save a toplane losing a 1v1) since people in bronze tend to stand still and just wail of eachother alot of times. Also can be used to kill all the minions on your turret if a champ is there trying to stealth take it,scares them into thinking the team is nearby and back off. The CD on it is not bad and people tend to underestimate how many things you can do with it. Outside of that there isn't much you can do ADC if your team is not ahead since bronze players are not always the best at peeling(neither is silver actually). Personally i say either get a support duo who can cc or just playing mid until you get out of bronze then go back to adc once you hit silver. edit: Also a mistake I see alot of people make. If the enemy team is coming for your turret/ dive and they gonna flank you. Don't run from turret, Kill all the minions so they immediately take turret damage. If they don't have a tank then they will either back off and if they don't then attack the one being hit by turret so you atleast take one(or more) with you. Too many people just run out of turret range and get killed,give up turret, and get no kill of their own. Don't know how well this works in plat+ but I usually either live or go 1 for 1 1 for 2 and even 1 for 3 doing this.
: Anybody know what happened to TL?
Add onto this. I am not a good player, I am silver atm. But even I noticed TL was doing stupid things. The first game Corejj stood in a bush with in coming 4+ G2 players alone and did not move until right when they got their and proceeded to waste a flash? Why was he there? To lick one of them once...He didn't even have klepto to make it a minor gain. Corejj in that same game proceeded to position aggro(with the enemy minions to his back) when he had no flash and 2 of the enemy team had TP, he also face checked a bush when he was obviously behind and got killed. DL was useless, he kept going off splitting during the time they should of been defending mid and he was missing all his shots or just no shooting anyone to try to make it an even trade. Second game was worse. They won several team fights only for one of them to run off alone chasing the last members of G2 and face check bushes alone leading to it getting turned around. They also didn't grab any hard merc shoes or hard CC champions meaning they didn't learn from the first match. Essentially TL choked and played terribly. They most likely didn't expect to make it this far and thought it would be an easy sweep but saw G2 beat them in the first few minutes and pretty much gave up.
: people need to stop saying "GG" after winning
Honestly, GG isn't that bad. It's the stuff added on that makes it worse: "GG Ez" "GG EZ tutorial" "GG freelo" etc. thats the people who should stop since they are essentially just doing it to upset the losers. Makes it worse when those same people tend to be carried by someone on their team.
: Also stop using mobalytics for stats / gpi Thats the worse thing you could ever use.
> [{quoted}](name=ShirleyfG,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rR1N2Jyr,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-08T21:48:26.442+0000) > > Also stop using mobalytics for stats / gpi > > Thats the worse thing you could ever use. This, that thing is hilariously inaccurate. It told me I was a hoarder that didn't properly use my resources gained. Says this to a sona who got all their resources from klepto and ended up being the deciding factor of the game. It also says that a poke champion with klepto being too "aggressive" is a bad thing.
: I don't mean to roast or anything, but iron4 to silver4 in 2 months is pretty slow. You had to be losing a lot of matches. Most people can make that jump in rank in 2-3 days due to how you start out gaining 40ish lp right now.
> [{quoted}](name=Logang4Lyyfe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=h5zp5Q3K,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-08T08:06:15.799+0000) > > I don't mean to roast or anything, but iron4 to silver4 in 2 months is pretty slow. You had to be losing a lot of matches. Most people can make that jump in rank in 2-3 days due to how you start out gaining 40ish lp right now. You sure though? My match history showed I played maybe a 100 or so games for over 8 tiers plus their promos. Iron I did in only 2 days and won every match so bronze It would of only been 3 to 4 losses a tier. Add onto most people who get out of bronze in 2 to 3 days either got to keep the higher lip from iron(I had a win streak and it left anyway), are smurfs, or play alot longer than me a day to do around 10 plus matches a day. That does not seem slow in terms of matchs done.
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Mr Elessar (EUNE)
: Ranked.
Why are their silver 3s in a gold ranked 1-2 match?
: Silvers need to shut up about Zed
Wait, people are complaining about zed? While a smart YI with the right items can literally 1v5 a team with no CC or a Sona supp can take half your hp with a Q auto combo? And ZED is the thing people are complaining about?
: How do I get out of bronze?
Ignore everything else that is said. The problem is that you rely on your team. Grab a tryndamere,mute your whole team, and push your lane to the end. Or go jungle,grab a Yi(who is pretty much god in bronze) and gank the crap out of everyones lane until they are forced to be fed.
: Loosing all the time in One for All
The biggest problem with the mode is that people are trolling and choosing exetremly obscure or hard to use champions just so they can make their team lose. Like fiddlesticks,Shaco,Hecaram,zoe etc. There honestly needs to be an option for people to each ban two champions just to make sure this doesn't keep happening.
Jo0o (NA)
: So, your account DOES have a history of punishment, albeit due to being hacked and mis-used by the hacker. Submit a support ticket and explain this. It's sounding to me like the infraction history was never wiped clean after you recovered the account, so your standing with Riot was still very poor through no fault of your own. Should be something easily fixed, assuming you present this information respectfully and don't antagonize the support staff (and aren't bullshitting us).
It was wiped. I might of wrote this wrong. But essentially, I had no bad history (besides my horrible skill in top lane). I stopped playing, came back months later to find out someone had hacked my account and played a single game and somehow got it perma banned all in one game with flaming that would be considered a chat restriction at worst. So I assume the perma ban might of been because of the system noticed this guy wasn't at my ip. The problem is that the account had been banned for over a month since the system never emailed me about either the ban or that I been hacked. It was only when I had decided to login on a whim that I noticed. Either the system found out there was a hacker then failed to notify me. Or the system didnt know it was a hacker and essentially perma banned a clean account for a minor flame. It has already been reported and fixed though so I got my account back. The problem is that the system needs tuning since it either chose not to tell someone their account was stolen. Or it decided to escalate drastically.
: no previous bans in the past few months?
There may be something wrong with the ban system lately. I had stopped playing months ago and someone hacked my account and got it permanently banned. Only I had never ever gotten even a chat restriction before and they only sent one chatlog of 1 game where the guy was only minor flamer. I am glad they did, but still. It might of been because of the hack, but they never even emailed me to either tell me my account was hacked or it was banned. It was fixed but it still shows there may actually be something wrong since it went straight to perma ban after one game with out informing me.
: No he didn't get you banned. Calling him a slur got you banned. Case closed.
I didn't call him a slur. the text was from the person who had hacked my account. I just wanted to ask if anyone knew why would someone do something as pointless as hack an account but then not sell it but go out of there way to get it banned. I just got it back but I still don't know why someone would do something so pointless and how they could since I didn't use my old password and email or anything but this.
: I don't think you are able to prove it but you can't be banned by such a mistake, Riot detects IP addresses which means it was your IP in these games
Just got off support. They were able to go through my account and agreed I was hacked. Got the permanent banned lifted but I still honestly wonder why would someone hack me just to ban get me banned.
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SolomonnG (OCE)
build armor or if you see him pop his ultimate run until it goes away. One of the saltiest things you can do to a YI player is make them waste their ult before killing them. There Q can be blocked by anyone with a shield or high armor. Plus he will follow you, so if he Qs you then you flash under your turret he will get a face full of turret when he comes out.
: Kai'sa AD or AP Build
AD for mid and adc. I have fought a lot of Kai'sa's when this started and the real gankers/carrys were AD focusing on crit. Of the ADC ones they were running things like fleet foot work and the sorc build so they were prob building celerity and movement speed.
: What about the toxicity caused by playing champs they don't have a mastery on or troll pick for roll
I am usually fine with a first time If your main and secondary get banned. I think the problem for me is when im in rank and someone asks for my role since they got autofill. Then proceed to grab a first time champion and feed. So yeah, Don't play a champion in a role they should not be doing unless you're some kind of god(those support garens for example are gods).
Kosm1K (NA)
: Riot, what's the deal with promos???
So essentially silver. I hate silver. You can play the best of your ability and win your lane,but your team will probably feed or your jg doesn't help leading to you losing anyway. So fustrating. At this point I would rather be in bronze than Silver.
Kídá (NA)
: Does Riot plan to do something about this item?
That item is really only useful in the early early game. And because of the price you wont be building that until well after your smite item. By then it will be mid game and everyone will be able to tower dive to some extent that it isn't worth it. So the only way I can see riot getting people to use that item is to buff its freeze by another second or cut its price in half.
: Sunfire Cape
Same reason why they don't take away Leona's Q. It would destroy any wave clear and gold income you would of gotten as your tank and or support. Also it would weaken the damage it does overall since it won't be up as much leading to people just not taking it anymore.
Jo0o (NA)
: That's not a good analogy. A better comparison would be to the management of a bar, in which somebody starts a problem with you and you escalate the issue and start a brawl. Who gives a shit who started it? You're still breaking glassware and disturbing the other customers. Both of your asses are getting kicked out. If you don't flame people, you don't get punished for flaming people. It's really easy.
Wasn't supposed to be a good analogy. The idea I was going for is that the way riot had things set up is that you be flamed constantly and if you say anything to defend yourself there is a chance you can be the one reported. Problem is mostly because riot only takes one side of the argument to show it making the person look worse. Like a principal would a child, you could have a kid make fun of your dead mother but if you call him a bastard and the principal sees you then you end up the one suspended. While I agree a lot of the people defending themselves and being overly toxic should get a chat restriction, but not a perma ban if what they said next wasn't even that bad. Since you can get perma banned for something really minor just because you got a ban before. That needs to change and actually make then bans depend more on how harsh you're instead of just next thing that can possibly be seen as negative should be a ban.
: Please explain why this deserves a 14 day ban Please riot member respond!
Bro you have to remember riot is like midschool principles. It doesn't matter who did what or how justified you're in defending yourself. They will suspend and or expel depending on who tattles to the principle (riot) first. Best thing to do is just disable your chat permanently or play a different game with better punishment systems.
DereC4 (NA)
: Should I get Kai'Sa
Depends on how much AD you stack. I either see an average Kai'Sa who doesn't stack a lot of AD. Or an op Kai'Sa who is flashing around two shotting everyone. I think the people saying she's bad are the people who don't want to see her in their matches anymore. Kind like Yasuo.
: Please help me LOL community you are my only hope... (Am I screwed?)
Have you tried contacting riot and providing your credit card number for any payments you made? It would show it is you.Your id as well if you take a picture and fax it.
: Unbanning Tyler1 was a huge mistake..
You're not the only one. I won a game where the enemy team had a draven and caitlyn bot. Turns out the Draven auto locked in and refused to choose a support even though the caitlyn called adc.
: Twitch does not do AP damage. His passive (the poison) does a small amount of true damage, but not enough to actually mean anything in tank busting.
I said don't qoute me on this.{{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: AD Armor VS MR Armor
Don't qoute me on this but doesn't twitch do ad and AP? Usually I grab items that have both MR/armor on it and large amounts hp tends to make it easy to get around most of the armor pent people have.
: I was given a chat restriction for calling someone out for int feeding?
Honestly, riot should just remove the chat from game since the way their chat rules go: * You can't say anything negative regardless of the reason or you can be banned * You can't defend yourself in anyway or you could be banned, you have to mute your chat. * You will be banned for asking someone to stop something since that is hostile. Regardless of how you word it. Several others but the point is still there. One of the biggest problems I do see is that riots method of catching and banning people is ban everyone if they so much as say anything bad or anything that can be seen as bossy(even though one of the honors is shotcalling/leading which you can be reported for?). Heck my last game the jg kept afking,mid kept running away from fights,top would not show up to fights, and my support kept throwing the enemies onto me yet I had to sit there and take it since If I said anything too much I would risk them all reporting me and getting a chat restriction or worse. Which brings up why don't they just remove chat from the game and make it so anyone who wants to talk needs to do it in custom games or a voice chat? That way no one can flame/troll anyone and no one else can feel harass. And everyone upset about inting will not be able to say in chat and will be forced to report after game. Everyone wins.
: Cannot report a player when the game did not start
Yeah you cant report people if they just say they're going to do something. If I say I was going to run it down mid and you reported me in lobby. Then I proceeded to win my lane showing I was joking do you think it would be fair I got reported for it?
: when will champions become free ?
Don't you auto get a couple champions free? As well as the easy amount you get from shards.
Arammus (EUW)
: (almost) 4 ludens on ahri. troll?
If it works it works. I did a game with a full AP build Miss fortune and won it. We could of won it early too if the adc,supp,and jg would of actually grouped up with me and the top and went mid to finish. For reason like these that I wish Riot let us see the enemy chat in the after match videos just so I can see their reactions.
Rude Name (OCE)
: Seriously not liking Riot’s responses to everything.
[this here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLU8huUzfSk) What i picture riot is like to people who get banned but believe they are innocent.
Wtf Jax (EUW)
: Miss Fortune os not even a popular adc..
Shes not an adc.Shes a mid AP carry. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2733403009/244025422?tab=overview
meowwow7 (NA)
: it's even better when you pick a champ/build nobody knows on either teams then you get a "wtf is that" in chat
Did that last game by going mid full AP MF. We won but I ended up taking deaths since the ADC,jg,supp refused to end the game and let it drag on an extra 15 minutes letting the enemy build their full set in time. Before all that I was bullying ekko out of lane and winning a lot of team fights since they didn't know how to deal with me or if to focus on me.
shorty88ka (EUNE)
From what I seen it looks like a lot of his deaths were more from the enemy actually being smart enough to zone him from cs and him trying to get to it. I don't know what the janna was doing unless you get a video but from past experiences (both as an adc or as some other role watching) good chance is that the enemy saw that you had a weak adc/supp and chose to abuse the adc while leaving the support some what alone. Seen it happen before in a game where the supp kept letting a adc I was killing die while he took cs before telling everyone to report him for feeding. Also a lot of his deaths seem to be from the jg and miss fortune as well as near his tower so he might of gotten tower dived. But yeah stuff like this happens a lot. people get bad games,bad matchups,or if you are adc your support isn't great leading to you getting zoned and farmed.
: > [{quoted}](name=CaliCoastReplay,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=n3Xw5YVh,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-05T03:15:40.994+0000) > > Even LCS commentators have described top in particular as a "walking bag of gold" when the lane is lost badly. > > "Play safe" is better said earlier rather than later. The game is indeed designed such that you can't really interact with your opponents if the lane or game is being lost by an absurd amount. Playing safe is also a bit harder to do now that people can dive you with near completely impunity. sure its possible, just harder.
I think that's what a lot of people seem to forget. I have seen junglers tell top or adcs to "hug turret" only for the enemy to lock the wave near his turret so you get no exp or cs. And if you try to go get any you get killed,don't go get any then you end up underleveled and immediately tower dived over and over leading to you still feeding and now being useless. Best thing to do in this situation is try to get someone to help you. If no one will then you are probably screwed till the enemy decides to go back to base.
: Sure, It may be a false report may mean that RIOT will not do anything against you. But this community is so petty and vindictive that all someone needs to say is "X is a troll" and BOTH TEAMS will instantly bandwagon and throw that player under the bus. And It wont be limited to just that match, It "poisons the well" and if you meet Any of those other players again, thier first comment in the pre-game lobby will be "oh i played with X before, they are a troll. Make sure to report them after the match" and what does that do? Not only does it leave the accused being stressed out and on edge the entire match, it instantly turns the entire lobby against you and ANYTHING you do will be painted in the lens of "they are doing X to intentionally troll". You get CC'ed? Well that is intentionally feeding. You run out of mana and Back/recall? Well now you are doing that to troll/greif your teammate(s) These people will then spend the rest of the game going completely out of their way to turn Both lobbies against you, and you spend the rest of the game miserable, stressed, and growing closer and closer to your breaking point. So yeah, False reports do nothing against you, But this community is so disgusting all someone needs to do is make the mere ACCUSATION to make sure you NEVER have a good game again. Because people will pull up any bad game you have, and use it as validation that you are indeed a troll. All it takes is ONE person to slap the label on you, whether its false or not.
I know what you mean. I just had a horrible game as a leona where my tristana would ask me to set up constantly but would never follow through. Then the jungler would come down and when i set up an easy 3v2 win they would just sit and watch as I die before spamming "INT report" before running at the enemy and dying themselves. Made worse is that top was winning but the jungler refused to go help them which led to them losing lane and the mid ended up dying since they left 3 enemies with 1/3 of their hp leave since they didn't want to grab them when i cc'd. Then they just afk'd and left me,mid,and top to have to try(and fail) to stop the enemy team. It gets pretty stressful which makes you make actual mistakes which just makes them flame more. All I can say is just mute them since everything you do will always be spammed as troll or int unless you are playing perfectly. Even then they still may troll you since people like these aren't actually playing to win. They just want to ruin someones time because it makes them feel good.
: I get a vayne.
Think thats bad I had two terrible games. One was where I got paired up with an ashe I beat last game while me being support. Said ashe kept running into the enemy leona and MF and ended up dying. Then ended up getting me killed a few times when she told me to initiate on them (after they were fed)early game so that she can kill them(she didn't unless i ended up sacrificing myself). Had another game with a support who decided kled was the way to go. then proceeded to barely do anything but rush at the adc over and over and not initiate for the entire game which led to me and the mid getting picked out on team fights of the enemy choosing.(The jungler was a kayne who decided to not be the tank and stay kayne when we had no ccs or initiates besides me as jinx). Moral of the story is don't Bottom lane...EVER, you either get an average person or someone who is borderline trolling and will ruin your statistics.
douglah (NA)
: Permanent Ban for this?
Why is it a permaban after a 14 day ban? Why not have a 3 month ban after 14 day and then a permaban. That way people upset about would have no leg to stand on since they just got out of a massively long ban and still went back to fighting/being toxic.
Hamez61 (EUW)
: This shouldn't be allowed to happen...
Can I see some of the chat replies with the names hidden? I just want to see what was going through the enemy teams mind when they got two bots feeding them a lot of kills and they still lost a 3v5 with them being fed by such a landslide.
: It's my worst nightmare from last season in a pro match
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