Weedbro (NA)
: Chaos...Chaos isn't a pit. CHAOS IS A LADDER. https://i.pinimg.com/736x/eb/11/0b/eb110bceffe1bb31c93d415c123d423c--petyr-baelish-aidan-gillen.jpg Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try it again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb. They refuse. They cling to the realm or the gods or love. Illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.
i feel like you advice is wise but i got nothing from it
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: I cant explain why this is being downvoted, but I can imagine this would mean riot would lose a bit of money considering people DO still buy champs with RP. and buying them JUST for ranked seems kinda redundant, meaning you have to spend money to climb. but id have to ask, if all champs were available, would the game be worth playing? (IE: the game would get boring because it would be like playing super Mario world, game beat, all levels unlocked/cleared, with all dragon coins)
they really make most of their money via rp for champions? I have never bout rp and have played for years {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} If they were all avail in normals? I dont understand what would make it not worth playing? This isnt a game liek that though. The game is exciting because new things can happen every match.. and having more champs avail would only make that better.
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Galiö (NA)
: League isnt for fun doe. Thats an issue as well.
: Looking at your match history those Panth builds are atrocious
ya some were experimental/fun. Like the crit or ap builds lol. But ya I have legit copied keegun(otp challanger panth) builds and what not but have still lost. Im sure its more about my laning, decision making, roaming ect even if i had appropriate builds
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: No. What I'm saying is that you will find more success if you stop blaming teammates for things, and instead focus on making plans for the next play. Don't be so defensive. I'm not out to get you and I'm not your enemy. I already outlined what I suspect were the things that you said which resulted in your punishment. If you want to review them then you can re-read my previous comment. If you wish to contest them then take it up with Riot support, there should be a link titled 'support' in small text at the bottom of this webpage.
i see what you are saying. Still feels hopeless or impossible to make it tolevel 30 with the current system. Ive asked around and most people that climb always mute everyone. Its a team game but this is the most common tactic? Do you see how this is kind of silly? Also if i make a bad play and a very good player says " wtf is wrong with you panth why did you ult there?" Am i gonna cry and report him ? NO i will say " my bad homie you are right i fucked up" And will think about this next time im in a similar situation. I dont understand why this community is so soft. And if you are a duo bot and go 0/20 and REFUSE to ff. Im sorry but i will flame you until the game is over if im in a bad enough mood. FUN GAME BUT A LOT OF WASTED TIME
: G1 >Fukauph: have fun getting raped Fukauph: i tried to help guys you all see he gave me the finger Fukauph: thats what i told ur mom Fukauph: these guys suck Fukauph: how about get better at the fuckn game ? G2 >Fukauph: the answer is ff Fukauph: im afk Fukauph: WE ALREADY LOST Fukauph: if i try hard for another 30 min im just gonna be mroe dissapointed and still end up with a lost Fukauph: whats the fucking ppoint Fukauph: nothing to do with feeding xin G3 >Fukauph: twitch you are terrible Ya. Pretty sound "advice" you have there. If you're set on giving advice, maybe say something in pre game about lane phase, or itemization when things aren't going well. I didn't see advice so much as insults. A punishment seems deserved.
The problem is is when i sit there and type things like " Please get tower and BACK do not go for inhib they are all up" They will not listen and continue to try and get inhib when the whole enemy team is clearly up. So seems like riot encourages bad players to remain bad as long as they are nice in chat ? But a passionet competitive player like myself gets flamed for trying to play the game theright way ? I consistantly try to improve by watching diamond players and coaching vids. I spam pantheon and watch a lot of Keegun. ALl my losses are from people randomly going afk. I very rarely lose lane and when i do i try hard to get back in the game. I am very accountable for my gameplay. If i dont give these players shitt they will never think of trying to improve. All i hear in game now is report report report report. This game sucks. I mean really though the majority of new accounts are smurfs/good players that have been banned. The few new players i do see are turned off by being level 1 while playing against level 30 plat players with all sums/masteries.
: If you're struggling with tilt, there are solutions that can help greatly. You can try taking a break after a frustrating game, walk around a bit, relieve yourself, and get food and water. Doing so helps you to reset your stress and avoid carrying that frustration with you into your next game. That's an aside though, the point of your post was to discuss the punishment so I'll move on now. You were typing a lot of unnecessary things which increases your risk of upsetting somebody and getting reported. you have much better chances of not being reported at all if you don't spend any time arguing about or assigning blame for things that already happened in the past. It is safer to use chat just to coordinate strategies and plays in the future. For example, "stop feeding." carries the accusation that the person fed earlier. Additionally that statement is unhelpful. Whereas, "If we stick together and wait to fight them until our tanks engage, we will probably survive longer next fight." would be a much more effective statement. Additionally you were quite negative, expressing a defeatist attitude by talking about how games were hopeless or lost, and then saying it is because of specific people. Punishment aside, can you see how this might upset your teammates? Usually it is better to avoid such statements because in order to get the team to cooperate one needs to not piss them off. That aside, it also helps to avoid being reported to avoid such statements. I'm not judging or looking down on you for this, I'm simply trying to analyze the logs to provide you with the most likely reasons you were reported and banned.
honestly the solution you are implying is to just mute everyone. Because sitting there and typing " if you are 2 levels below someone they are much stronger then you so you need more then 1 person to kill them" is stressful on its own and not very productive since they never listen and you yourself just lose farm for typing. Again until riot starts investing time into player development instead of player behavior i will NEVER enjoy this game to its fullest, will never rank up, and will always be creating new accounts until i die.
: They dont ban for the first offense unless its major, they dont ban for roaming as support, they dont punish just because the whole lobby reported for nothing, and they dont ban for playing poorly. Please include the log tgat was included in your ban and i bet the people here will find plenty of legit reasons you got a 14 day ban.
you are wrong you can definately get banned for playing poorly or roaming all you have to do is type in chat 1x
: If you do not share your chat logs then nobody can accurately judge if you earned your ban or not. If you're being honest then we can upvote this and get Rioter attention on it to maybe lift the ban. And if it was warranted then maybe seeing the logs will help us understand what may have been ban-worthy. If you were toxic and you edit the logs to pretend like you were not, Riot Tantram will look at the real logs and call you on your shit so don't bother if you were planning to do that. I'm not saying you were toxic, and I'm not accusing you of anything. Just being straightforward. We don't tolerate it if someone cries wolf here. Whether you are or are not has yet to be seen.
Game 1 Fukauph: ww Fukauph: if you dont wanan get rekt top Fukauph: lol Fukauph: let me go Fukauph: j saying im a otp pantheon and in no way do i ever lose lane to a ww top Fukauph: this guy has aa ds skin Fukauph: this is a new account Fukauph: but ya know what Fukauph: OK Fukauph: have fun getting raped Fukauph: i tried to help guys you all see he gave me the finger Fukauph: well panths mid anyways Fukauph: thats what i told ur mom Fukauph: that panth mid is op Fukauph: i spam it Fukauph: ya Fukauph: kas you demoted Fukauph: im taking over Fukauph: mid Fukauph: thats what pantheon does... Fukauph: sorry i like to win Fukauph: you got cheesinned Fukauph: im not inting Fukauph: and unfortunately there is no punishment for taking someones lane Fukauph: and im not being toxic Fukauph: im trying hard to win Fukauph: these guys suck Fukauph: tbo Fukauph: why are you guys ttil lfighting ? Fukauph: we won a team fight dont overstay Fukauph: ok Fukauph: ill report you too then ? Fukauph: all you do is spam Fukauph: why would i stay bot ? Fukauph: we were losing lane and nothing good at all would come from me sitting there Fukauph: i actually learned the " if this isnt workign try somthing else" from a pro Fukauph: so Fukauph: i dont need to argue Fukauph: do you want to win or lose Fukauph: o Fukauph: you all left Fukauph: lol Fukauph: lee sin i report people all the time for refusing to ff Fukauph: but they never get banned Fukauph: because again Fukauph: not reportable Fukauph: report report report cry cry cry Fukauph: how about get better at the fuckn game ? Fukauph: and dont play lee sin ? Fukauph: 0/41 Fukauph: trying to report me Fukauph: lolol Fukauph: you are gonna get banned for dat Fukauph: ww Fukauph: WATCH Fukauph: riot will step in Game 2 Fukauph: the infamous Fukauph: gank Fukauph: ill carry Fukauph: damnt xin Fukauph: really your pressure just lost me lane Fukauph: you force gank when i had a huge wave Fukauph: im not being toxic imrelling you real shitt Fukauph: ]dk'lqKA;ODNA;DNQ;dnDNQkdND; Fukauph: cant believ i just died Fukauph: the afk kat tilted me Fukauph: THE FUCKIG MONKEY Fukauph: 4v5s are a waste of time Fukauph: doesnt matter all they have to do is push Fukauph: an they win Fukauph: its liek Fukauph: i cant even push Fukauph: becasue you guys lose fights Fukauph: i repeat Fukauph: 4v5s aer a waste of time Fukauph: im just feeling more depressed Fukauph: lets ff Fukauph: ALL THEY ARE LONG LOSSES Fukauph: very fuckng Fukauph: time Fukauph: kills dont even matter Fukauph: youcan ghave 50 Fukauph: kills Fukauph: but we cant push Fukauph: no win Fukauph: ff Fukauph: \QLsdklQHIOShsiQHNs;QHNSdqh Fukauph: no Fukauph: thats not that answer Fukauph: the answer is ff Fukauph: im afk Fukauph: WE ALREADY LOST Fukauph: if i try hard for another 30 min im just gonna be mroe dissapointed and still end up with a lost Fukauph: whats the fucking ppoint Fukauph: nothing to do with feeding xin Fukauph: 4v5s are like playing a hokcey game with no goalie Fukauph: ok Fukauph: i will Fukauph: ya but its not a fun experiance Fukauph: and i learn nothing Fukauph: i dont see the point Fukauph: just wasted time i could be playing a real match ? Fukauph: m god i carried this sorry ass team anyways Fukauph: until riot focuses on player development and not player behavior there will always be afks Game 3 Fukauph: team Fukauph: lol Fukauph: this ww Fukauph: lol Fukauph: i lose again Fukauph: gg Fukauph: these bot lanes Fukauph: man Fukauph: cant do anything Fukauph: god Fukauph: twitch you are terrible Fukauph: no mana Fukauph: wooow Fukauph: twithc did 0 dmage Fukauph: i did everything i could there Fukauph: tbo Fukauph: ok Ok so game 1 was the most recent one i played where i got reported. I had been actually trying to be less toxic at this point you can see im not really that toxic in game 1. In gmes 2 and 3 i lost it because it happened to be 2 out of 4 games where people afkd mid game for no reason and my team would not ff. I personally HATE everything about 4v5s, even if i win im stressed out and feel liek shitt. 4v5s take the life out of me and ill admit this is where i get the most toxic. And its like i cant do anything i have this sense that i HAVE to stick it out or i will get banned. But then im toxic and i get banned anyway. But i dont think ill ever be able to make it through a 4v5 without spamming a ff vote. Like even if im 10/0 it still feels just as hopeless if the enemy just split pushes. you cant do anything unless the enemey team has a terrible comp or they are just terrible. But honestly if they just push they win. Great game, just all the extra things make it a terrible experiance and ill admit i ADD to that bad experiance once ive been trolled enough. Im very streaky with this game. Ill win 13 ina row and then lose 13. All because i get crazy tilted from 4v5s.
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archerno1 (EUNE)
: You dont carry by telling people what to do but by controlling fights yourself
i guess. But pantheons ult is team related especially late game. I just lost anotehr game for one mistake which i guess is my fault. Akaili was fed and so was i. I pinged her for my ulti and she runs away with full hp. I know for a fact it would have been a double kill easy. But they kill me, she tries helping top and eventually dies. They get barron, drag and win shortly after. SO whatyou are saying is i should expect her to be dumb and not even try making a play?
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: Yes you need to put a lot of time into maybe 2 or 3 other champions if you really want to overcome that weakness. Diana is a good one to learn. She's AP, has hard engage and can snowball. I recommend her for your mid pick either when you can't take panth mid or there is way too much AD on the team and you need AP. Fizz might be good too, but Diana would probably be more up your alley after Pantheon. She's got a kind of similar kit layout (q for poke, w e r for melee engage). Lastly she's capable of going top or jg as well. For your top secondary pick, that's a little harder to assume. Pantheon is pretty unique amongst AD Champs in his simplicity and effectiveness. Bottom line is that any back up you pick will probably need to be practiced heavily. {{champion:150}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:126}} These 3 are fun to play and fun to learn imo. They're great top laners and if you can play a combo of maybe panth, fiora and either gnar or jayce top you'll be pretty versatile in champ select. If you need an easy tank in the arsenal, either when you don't feel comfortable about a match up or get filled, I recommend {{champion:111}} He's simple, tanky af, and is a cc machine. He also does surprising dmg and synergizes nicely with all ADC's.
cool thanks ya ill try diana. i am actually pretty good with maokai.. but at the same time prob terrible lol. Like ive played him enough to where i can make pretty good engaes late game but i have trouble getting to the point where im unkillable. Ive watched a lot of NEACE and he is able to do it consistantly but he plays him jungle. So its like i know every champ can be op if you play them right it just takes like you said it can take time to fully understand a champ. My issue with playing tanks i feel like is not being in the right place at the right time. Im pretty bad with TP since i always bring ignite with pantheon. Im also decent with naut top lane.. but is it me or is he only good if you have a jungler who takes advantage of his cc? Because unless i make a good tp play i cant see myself getting that many kills and being able to carrry. Roaming is probably HUGE with naut top lane. I guess i just dont how to do it with out top lane getting wrecked
: It sounds to me like your issue isn't tilt, it's that you're a one trick pony. There's nothing wrong with that, but you're going to have to expect to get punished when you're outside your comfort zone. Personally, I suggest that at your level you're better off focusing on learning all the different roles instead of winning. Make sure you have at least one champ you're comfortable with in every role in case of auto fill, and understand that if you're in a role you're not comfortable with, you're probably not going to be able to be the one that caries the game. As far as the frustration goes, sometimes you just need to take a step back. It's a team game and sometimes there's nothing you can do even when you get your role. If you finish a game in a particularly bad mood you're probably better off getting up and walking away from your computer for a bit until you calm down. The worst thing you can do is start a new game while you're still upset about the previous one.
ok thanks. I will take a day off if i lose more then 2x in a row
Rodder (EUW)
: Get an anger management course. You are not the only who has or had that problem, its learnable. Edit: You wanna avoid tilting at all costs. When you tilt and get adrenaline, your brain switches to fight/flight mode and loses his ability to think straight.
well hear me out. I See your point and maybe you are right. But the 13 in a row i won was not because i carried super hard everygame. It was simply becasue i had 13 cool teams that would let me get top if i asked. (OR they would say " im a plat smurf ill carry" In that case i will just fill and learn as much as i can while trying to win) I also had 0 afks all games. So yes im on a very tilting losing streak that at times feels out of my control. Like i just lost another one. Like at this point i think riot is actually trolling me and laughing. I get a player that claims top/mid AND takes my pantheon. I am already tilted beyond belief here so i just random picked jhin and ran around the map while this pantheon gets f blooded and goes 0/3 in 5 min. I donno this game is GREAT with cool players but when im with bad players i will become bad. I am very passionate when i invest my time into things. And when i dont get top/mid because a terrible player HAS to take it and gets wrecked i cannot stop being upset. And upset enough to not give a fuck about the game or my teammate. ALL THINGS SAID. I back up my talk. I spend the time to get better. I watch high elo players, coaching vids. I actually have been watching a lot of Keegun since he is a pantheon main. Been playing pantheon for years but lately if been getting even better with him. I mean during my win streak i shut down a plat Lee sin and carried my team to victory. I also NEVER get mad about getting wrecked in lane. Like if i lose lane because of one cheese gank, or if i get camped i learn from that and ward better next game. I wont ever flame my jungler for not ganking, or bot feeding ect. I dont flame players for making mistakes. I just flame people that are terrible and go out of their way to waste my time. Its like theyd rather spend their time wasting mine then learning how to play the game. And me being the way i am, when im tilted i will like you said "fight or flight" i would much ratehr flight in situations like these. they feeling of being trapped inside a game with this a hole tilts me. I think that may be the root of my problem. The feeling of being trapped. Kinda like being in traffic or waiting in line. But even in those situations you can take the back streets, or just not ride the ride.. In lol you just have to deal with getting fuckedd in the asss for 20+min since the player thasts doing the worst will not ff. ANYWASY THATS MY RANT. Thanks for listening
Dragfin (NA)
: As long as behavior and not player improvement is the main focus for league, you will tilt at times unless you can just force yourself to push through it. If you can't then you probably need to play another game because no matter how much a player sucks at this game and no matter how many games they ruin by sucking, as long as they behave they are welcome to continue to suck and ruin games. I am trying to push through and wait for those games where I have team mates that don't suck. I am sure there are times that I suck as well but I am not the type of player that continues to suck and ruin games because I am always trying to improve myself so I don't ruin games for others like those that are satisfied with sucking do. It's a shame that RIOT don't encourage player improvement but that's what we have to deal with if we want to play.
ya its a great game but i dont understand the way some of these things work. Like having new players start out with no sums/masteries while other players can be level 30? #1 New players wont even know what a jungler is until level 10 and will probably already be used to going 2 top. SO around level 10 things get really trolly and confusing since experiance players know a jungler is better for your team but the new players do not. #2 Getting raped (as a brand new player) vs a level 30 khaz is not fun. Not sure what the logic is here, like do they even put though in match making?
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