: League sucks when (game)
When your bot lane feeds 0/19 and you forget to report them :(
: If Riot wanted runes to be more thoughtful, why are Aery and Comet so boring and uninspired?
: Not because I can't read him, but because I can't fight him in his mini form after he buys frozen mallet. He has tools to chase and disengage. He is bad design because after he transforms he gets counterplay to his kit. He should start with counterplay
I've mained Gnar for a long time now and FM is actually one of the worst things you can put on him. Takes too long to build for little gain and typically puts you behind. A good Gnar will never build it.
: Is there any point in picking assassins anymore?
I only play 1 assassin and 1 assassin only. {{champion:131}} She is my BAE {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: It's amazing how I gotta work hard to do dmg, then I see ADC's right click for 600 crit.
Easiest fix of this would be to truly make marksmen marksmen. If AD only scaled by 1/2 on melee and had higher scaling for skills it could help this
Durzaka (NA)
: >Gnar is the only champion that has a transformation that makes him weaker in lane. There is a reason for this. Mega Gnar is the team fight form. Its meant to be weaker 1v1 because in a team fight he is godly, with the high damage and Slow on his Q, the aoe stun on his W, max hp damage on his E, and the monstrous ult that he only has access to in Mega. His mini has to be powerful for him to lane at all. But the difficult part in playing Gnar is actually getting to use Mega and your ult effectively in team fights. In short, he should be weaker in Mega form in lane.
His Mega Form isn't "weaker" per say but has more counter play. Which is what I think you're going for here?
: Gnar is one of the most poorly designed champions in lane
Your joking right? So you're saying because he's hard to read that makes him a poor design? Does that mean WW has the same poor design because early game he is near unkillable in a 1v1 because when his health is low he has nearly 100% life leech?
: The system tries reasonably hard to give you your primary position - in most cases, it's above 80% of the time which correlates with your experience. If we can't give it to you, we'll start looking at your secondary and autofill you if it has been a while and there are some positions in high demand at the moment. If you just wanna play whatever we need, queue up as Fill and you'll probably see your game distribution change a reasonable amount. It could also be true that in your MMR bracket support isn't as high demand, so you're getting assigned other positions.
Would it be possible (or too hard) to code it so that if someone's Secondary: Fill overrides a person's autofill? IE: Primary: Top Secondary: Fill Primary: Mid Secondary: AD Primary: Jungle Secondary: Top Primary: AD Secondary: Mid Primary: Jungle Secondary: Mid In this instance all roles but Support are picked in both Primary and Secondary. This queue would undoubtedly force one of the Jungle Primaries to be forced into Support. In this instance, if a forced auto-fill would happen, would it be possible to code the Secondary: Fill as an override to Primary? This would allow the one Jungler's 2nd Top pick to place him their while the Fill basically attains the "autofill" role.
: If they did truly remove that feature I"m going to be severely pissed. it is still listed Hextech crafting section FAQ. Since it's still there they still should give us the option to do it. Maybe it's not showing up there for me because I have all the champions and it will give me the option to reroll once Zoe comes out? If not I am definitely going to be putting in a ticket and complaining and demanding compensation because that's why I saved all my champion shards. No where did I see them removing that opion {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
I'm sitting on multiple Annie shards because they removed that feature. It 100% blows
: Idea for reducing player frustration that they're never heard, without more work for Riot employees
Then you'll get the next phase of this tragedy. People will see that their post was viewed by a Riot employee but they couldn't be bothered to respond.
: This is the only reason I hate playing against a Pantheon. Everyone's like, "Oh no, he falls off in the late game!!!" *What late game?* And when Riot makes continuous changes to the game [like buffing Vayne's Q damage for the early game and removing its ability to crit for the late game, giving most bruisers/tanks/mages a decently high amount of base damage with less substantial amount of scaling damage, first tower gold, Rift Herald, the removal of everything crit-related from the new runes, removing critical damage from most assassins who once liked it (Talon, Rengar, etc.) etc.], it shows us just how much they want the early game to mean everything. I guess they just want LCS matches to have all their Oompth early on so people don't get bored. Gotta rake in that revenue, huh.
Pantheon is easy to bait and he is incredibly telegrammed. While I agree he is incredibly hard to lane against, even champions he counters will beat him if played right due to his all or nothing nature. I play these guys top regularly and I can beat Pantheon if I'm patient enough. {{champion:150}} As long as you play it cool and "ignore" farming you can beat pantheon. Q poke and Q farm almost exclusively. Mini Gnar's Q range is what keeps him farm relevant and doesn't get blocked by Pantheon's passive. Eventually you can poke him down low enough you call go all-in with a well timed Mega Gnar since Panth can't block _any_ of his skills and during the stun lock you will land 2 of the 3 auto attacks before he fights back. {{champion:72}} I haven't had this matchup since the removal of armor runes so I'm going off old experience here, but it's still very doable. The trick here is to simply wait till 6 and don't die. Yup, that's it. Even if your farm is low, you've won lane by not feeding. With Tabi + Sheen and some extra armor you will survive Panth's initial burst and be able to fight through and beat him. Plus remembering to E **AFTER** you remove his passive is very important. Panth is usually so far pushed you're within Ult distance of turret. {{champion:75}} Again, don't die. It's literally all it takes. Once you make it to 6 and haven't fed you're on top. Get those armor items and keep farming. Nasus' new ultimate gives you additional armor which is what turns the balance of this fight now. Pantheon doesn't have an ult to rely on. Survive the initial attack, and then go all-out and ruin his life. That and don't forget to Q **AFTER** you remove his passive with a regular auto attack. Problem is too many people are so impatient when it comes to this game. They want FB or they want double kills and flare, they forget that not dying is just as important as getting farm.
: Autofill is tricky. You're right, we should probably do more to make support a compelling position. That might not fix the problem though. The entire population of players isn't as homogeneous as it might seem at first. At some MMRs and times of day, we have more than enough supports in the system but not enough junglers or top laners. Position distribution also varies by region. {{champion:74}} ****Warning: we're about to get pretty technical.**** {{champion:74}} Strictly speaking, Autofill isn't the only solution to position starvation, but we believe it's the best one we have thought of so far given our goals. To understand why, we have to dig into the tradeoffs of matchmaking in general, which are matchmaking speed, player agency, and game quality.   --- **Matchmaking Speed** How long does it take from the time you click Find Match to when we transport you to Summoner's Rift for an epic five-on-five clown fiesta. Sometimes we can improve this by optimizing our algorithm. **Player Agency** How much control we give you; position preferences fall into this bucket. Autofill also affects player agency - it means you don't get to play the thing you picked this game for some reason (which we'll get to shortly). **Game Quality** How competitive your games are. We want to match you with people of similar skill so both teams have a good shot at winning the game and it doesn't feel like a total stomp. --- The easiest way to talk about the tradeoffs among these is to look at game quality. If we wanted to make matchmaking as fast as possible, we might be ok with lower game quality. If we matched you with basically any other player, we could probably make matchmaking pretty fast. For League, we typically choose to optimize for high quality games, which means longer matchmaking time because there are fewer "compatible" people to match you with. So how is this related to Autofill? I mentioned above that Autofill is a lever we have that takes away some player agency. The position preference feature lets us give you more agency, but also makes the pool of compatible people smaller, so it comes with longer matchmaking time. Let's say we always wanted to give players their primary position. We could potentially do that, but we would likely need to trade game quality, matchmaking speed, or both. When we know there's high supply for both your first and second preferences at the moment, rather than putting you in lower-quality matches or making you wait for a long time (in some cases *very* long), we make the choice to trade some of your agency and assign you to a higher-demand position. This is probably WAY more than you ever wanted to know about why we have Autofill, but I hope it helps you understand how we look at the tradeoffs in matchmaking. We've talked about doing some long-form posts about our matchmaking system. If you guys are interested in knowing more, let us know!
I have a question. So when I queue up I always pick Primary: Top and Secondary: Fill. I would say about 80% of the time I get my Top roll. Now, here's where the question comes in. Do I typically get top because 1) nobody wants top or 2) because I'm super lucky and players actually want to play support or 3) I get top and some unlucky sap gets auto-filled into support even though he doesn't want support one bit? This confuses me because I hear all this complaining about no one wanting to support so I keep my 2nd role open just in case yet rarely do I actually end up in support. Would it be also possible that, in fact, no one is, indeed, picking top so my primary is overriding my secondary not allowing me to ease the support pain?
Rebonack (NA)
: Aery's cooldown is the problem
Arey can proc twice from Teemo poison if hit by Q > AA
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: Which Top laner do you think should get an Ultimate skin?
Umm...there's more than that who have Ultimate Skins. Only difference is you can't purchase them. But there are many ultimates you'll find through the hextech boxes. That's how I got {{champion:127}}. I also shattered {{champion:4}} cuz he dumb :D
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Mhihnj (EUW)
: 28.05 sec zilean ult lol.
34s Taric ult > your 28s Zilean ult
FNC Jinx (NA)
: This is just Wrong...
AOE damage will always appear inflated. Just look at Zac's numbers. 80% of what he does is AOE damage. Hitting all 5 champions with 200 damage each is 1000. Over the course of many team fights and prolonged games those numbers aren't surprising. But it also shows he's doing his job.
Strong Nizo (EUNE)
: Game changing ultimate by Bard in Diamond game
Ebolol (NA)
: What's really the point of Kleptomancy, though?
Honestly I haven't used it but from the majority (that means most) of the people using it they've only managed about 400~500 gold for a 30~40 minute match. That's not a very significant gold lead when there are ton better "runes" to be used.
: Hey ToxicShaco, I see that you're actually only level 21. I've got good news for ya. We redesigned the 1–30 leveling curve specifically to give out more BE overall, and [we even published the EXACT numbers to prove it](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/hAaYMrEs-leveling-and-rewards-early-impressions-and-adjustments). Once you check out the post, you'll see charts that show you exactly how much BE each level up to 30 will give out, along with estimates of how many games it'll take you to get there. We also showed in that post how we also made leveling 1–30 faster in the new system. So the change actually is a win-win for you. We're going to spread the information in this post a lot more widely so more folks like you can see for themselves how the new system is better. Sorry about the confusion!
I have to question the thought process about pinning a thread to the top that has been downvoted over 100 times on a thread that has been upvoted over 300 times about not spending RP. Is Riot just ignoring this issue or are they starting to get a clear picture of what is happening?
Baka Red (EUNE)
: I did too, but it was Nautilus shard, whose value is high. May I ask what shard did you get to get you whining that much? Edit; Oh, and I am perfectly happy with my single shard as long as it is above the minimum capsule value in total.
It was Vi shard. Which was considerably better than my 2 shard crapsule that only had a 90 and a 450.
: {{champion:72}} MID? Lol that's something you don't hear everyday.
As probably the world's only Skarner main, I've played him in all 4 lanes. Before they removed his passive he was a very dominant lane champion. He still is, but because the current "passive" only procs through a his E you need to wait a few levels for the scaling to finally be up to par. However, that being said, a well played Skarner will beat most people. Skarner actually has lane presence again thanks to Phase Rush. He has great ability to E stun poke poke which give him great hit and runs. Once your ready to go all-in, or if they do something stupid, E > R (into tower range if applicable) and then go to town :)
xelaker (NA)
: Since rito will never buff our wet tissue towers
Rush ZZ'Rot and just keep it under your tower. It'll never get hit during lane phase :D
: Tips on how to play against Zed, and counters?
{{champion:131}} and {{summoner:3}} Or my personal favorite. {{champion:72}} mid
My last level up capsule gave me only 1 shard. Just 1. Man to hell with this shit.
: The reason why Ezreal is suddenly OP is a BUG (?) that doubles the muramana damage on Q
Warlek (NA)
: Bard R remove nexus turrets invulnerability [GAMEPLAY]
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: As a top lane main, i'm miserable. The game has never before been this cruel to me.
Riot needs to re-adjust skill damage where its smallest at lower levels and larger at full levels. No more of these 50/100/150/200/250 it needs to be more like 25/50/100/175/250. This will prevent early game implosions and actually build more teamwork and farming than the current burst meta.
: [The rate isn't significantly slowed -- in fact for most players it should be *slightly* faster.](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/hAaYMrEs-leveling-and-rewards-early-impressions-and-adjustments) There's a perception switch though, definitely.
It might be faster for new players. But when you level up and only get 2 champion shards from your level up capsule, you're not gaining much at all.
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: Autofill means fill not troll
The dynamic queue has made players soft. Back in the golden era we had to know all 5 roles because we never knew which one we'd be put in. Now they all are one trick and sally two pick players.
: How will Riot avoid balancing champions around a specific keystone?
They would have needed to remake all 140+ champions. Instead they took the easy way out and let the system implode on itself while some champions thrived and others completely died off. Not to mention have you seen a single support character use any of the intended "support" "runes"? Most of them take the burst now, even on healers like Nami and Bard.
: So I just tested it. You can have Tibber's back up as soon as he runs out (duration is 45 seconds, you can get the cooldown down to 37 seconds), but you can't recast Tibber's while he's still up, because using R again just moves him.
That was the thing though. In the middle of this fight we killed Tibbers thinking "alright we're good" then BOOM "Evil Shadow of Undead Tibbers Reanimated Death Fire"
: still not as bad as having to dodge a lux ult every 10 seconds
I'm honestly considering quitting
salvaro (NA)
: You fucking serious Riot
Huh? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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Ralanr (NA)
: So...what you’re saying is that there is a risk to not take teleport top .
Now you're just being coy. I had teleport and it was on cooldown. Now you literally are not safe backing UNLESS it is up. That's just outright stupid. And there's always been a risk of not taking teleport. Falling so far behind you're irrelevant.
Ralanr (NA)
: IMO runes were barely changed across a lot of people and Riot hasn’t touched their strength in years. It was an archaic system that seemed like a bunch of extra knowledge to new players that was also a chore to get. I never made more than my general runes because buying enough runes was about as much as buying a champion, something that’s more fun.
The fact that runes were expensive was not a reason to remove them entirely. Either make them less expensive or free. As for as them never being changed, that is the difference between a casual player and a player who prepares for specific instances. I had 9 rune pages with 20 mastery pages which gave me limitless combinations. Mathematically I had 144 different options to choose from. Now I have 9 options to choose from and I am forced to make generic pages that hopefully multiple champions **may** be able to utilize. Seriously.....9 pages when there are 140+ champions in this game?
Ralanr (NA)
: I’ve been playing a game that allows me to better act as a splitpusher as Sion (which is one of the ways I like playing him) and that allowed me to really put a foothold in top lane with Ornn through klepto and debt. Junglers got a bit screwed, but it’s only the first day. Changes are obviously going to be made.
We're not making the game for you though. We're making this game for a community. I used to play Skarner top religiously until you guys changed his passive. For reasons nobody had any friggen clue why because he was already healthy by that point and you jug handled him straight into the jungle. Sion was never meant to be a split pusher but I'm not a mod so I guess I won't ever get that change back.
Ralanr (NA)
: Not really. Split push Sion wasn’t that good because he didn’t take towers as quickly as other split pushers and wasn’t a super big 1v1 threat. Now he’s an actual tower threat.
The towers have always been soft as baby shit. There was no reason to add an ability that does 30% of its health in 1 hit. You completely took out safe backs and unless you have teleport, your tower is now gone. I had this happen in a game where I was ahead by a level, 3 kills, and 20 cs. I pushed my wave to their tower for a safe back. By the time I got back my tower was gone in 4 hits. Great job.
: Yeah because if you need resistance you are totally going to trade autos early game, let me autoattack an electrocute Zed as Lux and see what happens. :D Things go even worse when you want a full damage or full defensive /sustainability because you just can't get them.. Especially as a mage. Say as before I am Lux vs Zed. Old runes I would take full armor in yellows. Blues I don't need magic resist so I can either add more AP,more cdr or even some mana regen since one of the worst things about the matchup is the forced early zhonya leaves you in pain with mana. I look at runes now: The only rune that gives some armor is in a path I literally don't want anything else from. The stopwatch is real nice.. But if you get it no biscuits. Too bad you have mana :p screw you. The other mana option is in the sorcery tree, and would lock me out of probably the best rune out there for me so I can't take it.. See the pattern here? Meanwhile I am stuck with a (for me ) completely useless branch in which I still have to decide which rune is the less useless, but I HAVE to take one of them unless I play without keystone (since only 3 keystones are ok on my champion, one of which I can't take because all the rest of the tree is thrash on my champion). Funniest thing about this is the best rune for my mana management being in the ADC path. So.. Guess what, can't take it. Much choices indeed having to decide your whole setup on ONE rune you need. May as well have scrapped everything and instead of rune pages having us start with one rune
In those situations I used to take a flat 13 armor and a scaling 27 armor and put the rest into either AP or cdr. AS if teemo ^.^ Now I lose ALL of that. They took diversity of runes, removed survivability, and added....whatever this is
Ralanr (NA)
: Why do you believe you can not customize your playstyle now exactly? The new system may not offer things like 1% crit, but it allows for certain options that you can change easily in champ select to better suit your match ups or playstyle.
The old rune pages better suited your match ups. You're confusing the old runes with the old mastery trees. What you did is remove runes completely and turn a 30 point mastery tree into a 6. The mastery tree would change occasionally, but it was the actual rune pages that changed most of the time. You completely took that away and forced champions to play a linear system.
: >So, they replaced almost endless variety with next to no actual choices, and making everything extremely linear to the point where you'll use exactly the same page on similar champions, and never ever deviate from that page for that champ. Which was the main criticism of the old rune pages. Almost every optimal rune page was the same. TotalBiscuit actually addressed this in an old video where he played league early on (Like 2010), quit, and then looked up Cho's runepage around 2014. The optimal rune page had not changed in four years. The idea/goal behind these pages is to have a lot of conditional choices rather than one flat out best one. >And the removal of all of these options for an even more linear path, rermoving all sorts of diversity, and individual player expression is so that we can. . . Not have all of that I guess, which you're acting like is in some way a good thing? You're woefully overestimating how "unique" runepages were originally. The only time there was experimenting was early in League's life around S1/2. After that, it was a solved system. You couldn't iterate on it because it was just flat stats and every champ class would always have the stats they wanted. You could always express yourself by tweaking those invisible stats I guess. I'm certain that 20 armor at level 1 will be quite noticeable by the enemy. So then we get to the new system. A system we've had for a handful of days on live. But what are the actual advantages? For one thing, most runes don't give you raw stats like +10 AD or +6 Armor pen. They're conditional. You get <x> after <y>. Are they _all_ like that? No, but most of them are. Power that isn't freely given but requires you to fill a subset. All runes should be like this but eh, Riot's working on it. The other thing is that (while base stats are out of wack atm), you actually don't have to worry about level one stats. Your first inclination when you lose lane isn't "Shit did I have the right rune set-up?" (Well, it is, but you're focused on the runes and not invisible stats). But at their core, runes to me represent a thing that can positively change league. Something that (if worked on in the right way) can improve on an earnestly shitty and outdated system. A system with choices tailored to ten different situations, not a system where you have one right choice and the one gimmick page you pick against one match up. If successful, this could absolutely smash what the old system was and make gameplay far more interesting in the pregame. But, as I said, it's day zero. Even so, the runes as an idea are a step in the right direction over raw stats and focusing on numbers.
Your joking right? Optimal runes didn't change? You could have 5 different viable rune pages for 1 champion based on how you want to play and what the enemy team looked like. On top of that the same champion could have 2-4 viable mastery trees. So that's potentially 20+ types of rune page and mastery page combinations you could have had. Now you've taken the variable and forced people to play 1, maybe at best 2, linear "runes" and forced champions to play very specific roles. You've been forcing champions into role specific categories for years once off-meta people proved their viability. Look at what you did to Skarner and Alistar. The only thing you've done is put the final nail in the coffin for off-meta and variability. And the removal of runes pretty much focuses primarily on damage and none of the art of sustain. You've turned this game into "well if no one can start with armor, it all comes down to how hard you can hit".
: His ult isn't even the main issue with ultimate hat and even then it's not a big deal. Bait it out and then pull back. Besides at 40% CDR it was around that time anyway. And I don't even think the 15% goes beyond the CDR, cause even at 55%, his normal ult is 100 seconds, assuming the way I understand CDR that would almost half it, it would be around 50 seconds. I think that ultimate hat does not work beyond the 40% I only say this cause as a Sion main, I notice with 40% CDR + 15% from ultimate hat my level 3 ult was only about 34.5 seconds, instead of 36. *shrugs*
It is a separate cooldown entirely. Lets say someone has 100 cooldown. Ultimate hat turns that into 85 if maxed. Then the 40% cdr is applied.
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shicky97 (NA)
: Anybody else feel really squishy right now?
143 to 15 lol oh my. That being said. Riot forgot that we are losing all those base stats from the lack of the old runes. So any of the armor and resistance we used to stack for early game is gone completely. Instead its replaced by a +5 or a +8 & 5% but only after the 10 minute mark. We're basically all running around with no clothes on stabbing people with empowered items.
: Aery Trolled My Zilean Ultimate
The term "help an ally" is very vague.
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