: Getting really tired of having to wait 5 or 20 min spread over three accounts because you guys can't seem to fix this problem. You need to either fix the problem or suspend leavebuster...joke. And before anyone tells me to re-install, I've already done this and the game works for 3-4 games then reverts back to not letting me connect after champ select.
Reinstalling helped me, but if what you're saying happens to me then I'll be sure to say something. But so far it's been working fine for me. Hopefully the DEVs still see this post and help out to prevent it from continuing for anyone else.
: [CRASH] in champ select
REINSTALLING fixed the problem.
: Did that solve the problem? I'm having the same issue. Are you Apple/Mac users too?
No, i'm actually windows. but I just started the install not to long ago. if you check again later i will post if it fixes the problem
DaBeanz (NA)
: I'm having this issure too.
I got fed up with not being able to play and now I'm just reinstalling.
: [CRASH] in champ select
and it does the same thing on twitsted treeline.
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