: this is absolutely what I am trying to say, thank you for this article . Wukong is the one needed rework most. consider who many people have the passion for Wukong.
I just posted about this too. Preach brother. Get the monkey man the help he needs.
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: He doesn't require a buff but he he REALLY needs updated. Despite appearances, he has one of the highest base AD stats for both Divers and Assassins. The problem is WHY he needs that high base AD. As he has no real means of sustaining himself and only gets a messily 4-6 Armor and MR (depending on how late the lane phase goes), he has to be far more careful in match ups then champs like Riven who have a stun, 3 mini dashes and a shield dash to keep her safe or Darius who can Q to recover some health. Every hit Wukong takes in lane without a {{item:2033}} charge (and you WILL want {{item:2033}} generally speaking) is far more harmful then anything most other champs have to deal with. They can't give him straight Tank stats to deal with it either cause... I mean... Higher burst then an Assassin, mobility AND the defensive stats of a Tank? That's going to cause some issues. But this is exactly why a straight buff won't fix him. He needs more utility with a mechanic that will make people go "I'm playing Wukong cause he's got this mechanic that stands out". Should he have a better laning phase then Riven who is supposed to be a Hyper Carry? Yea, she's made to dominate late game while Wukong is only supposed to be good late game. His lane phase should be easier since he doesn't scale as hard later on. But not like this. Not the flat stat buff way.
I respect that and hope to see some changes soon. I just hope the mini rework isn't a flop. Thanks for responding.
: > [{quoted}](name=FurrySlayer01,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6iBEie7x,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-22T03:44:50.187+0000) > > So I have been maining Wukong recently and have been having such a great time except for the fact that he sucks. His base damages are so low that in any match up top lane and mid, he is immediately disadvantaged. I don't understand why Riot nerfed him, but it makes me sad that to play the champ I want to main, I have to have insane outplays in order to be able to compete evenly with a Darius, Riven, or Renekton... Even Garen. I really wish Riot would give the monkey man the help he deserves and at least help his lane phase a little bit. Please Riot Games, with my utmost respect and love for your game, please please help Wukong! How recent did you start playing Wukong? There's still a very prevalent memory in my mind, of when Wukong was the highest winrate champ in 3-4 roles at once. I remember being able to w e q r anything that's not a tank from stealth and oneshot them with zero counterplay. They nerfed him to be weak probably pending a rework cause his kit just isn't healthy.
I started playing him about a week ago, and already got m7 because the champ just clicked with me.
: He's disadvantaged because of his design. He gets too easy of a one-shot on most squishies that he's not allowed to have high base stats, or he just has no counterplay.
Maybe he should be buffed in base stats and nerfed in scaling to make it his gameplay a little more rounded throughout the game?
Jessey (NA)
: Riot is planning to do a small rework to Wukong make him more fighter/ Trickster than a burst Assassin.
Any idea when it might happen?
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