: ho okay I see {{champion:22}} ! I just played a game a few minutes ago and we won stomped the enemy team because they had a silver 3 player and an unranked lol. What's the fun in that ?
They no longer care about this game being fun anymore. Honestly they don’t
: I just jumped back into ranked and the quality of games is horrible.
To make queue times shorter they throw in people who don’t get their roles. They’d rather have faster games than quality game’s that take longer to get into.
Jestraa (NA)
: Riot support/whoever the fuck makes the "rules" for toxicity/ranked problems
Because league of filled with thin-skinned asshats that weren’t taught respect by their parents. Literally every other game playful banter and flaming is almost encouraged because it makes the game more intense and riveting to play! But no, god forbid I say “Wow you’re really stupid.” To my draven that’s 0/8 at 10 minutes Everyone is just pansies, and they’re too sensitive to what complete strangers have to say to or about them on the internet.
: Please remove autofill, Bot players would gladly take longer queues for real supports
Supports dictate the lane more than the ADC does. It’s my nightmare when my support plays Leona, Morgana, Rakan or other heavy engage supports and stay all the way back in the lane like they’re playing Janna or Soraka. A lot of times in my games it feels like a 2v1 Botlane and my duo who plays jungle just asks “How did you deal with that in lane??” When my 0/10 thresh missed a hook, flashes in, misses flay, and tries to lantern me into 4 people.
Jestraa (NA)
: the problem with the community is riot puts the shitters where they don't belong to begin with (fresh 30's in silver 1/gold4 mmr games) throw in it being fucking impossible to demote a division (silver to bronze gold to silver etc) unless your actively inting, and the shitty promo system, its a recipe for disaster
Yeah I agree it’s a lot easier to climb and harder to demote unless you lose like 8 games in a row and went 0/11/0 with 50 CS as velkoz mid. Everyone seems to be an elo higher than they deserve, and it’s truly just unfair. It breeds a mentality that they’ve gotten better but it’s just that the overall state of the game ( as well as the quality of players) has gotten infinitely worse. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a diamond player in my games and just said “well, that means we’re going to lose” because they just make awful plays and mistakes and refuse to listen to anyone since they’re “diamond”. This entire community has their head up their asses 24/7
: Well played assassins* breed toxicity (against those who don't know how to play against them).
: Oh no, you can't abuse overpowered kiting abilities against actual mobile champs. They MUST be busted. It's not like ADCS/Enchanter mages are supposed to die fast. It's not like Assassins are intended to take out high priority squishy targets to neutralize teamfights for their team. You have no understanding of what assassins are intended for.
But when has an assassin player actually done that? Assassin players just want to one shot someone they’re not looking to actually make an impactful play. When you find someone that’s an assassin main below grandmaster with that mindset hmu
: I hate the league of legends community and everyone in it.
HONESTLY DUDE The coin flip is so real! I don’t play ranked because I have TERRIBLE anxiety, so I play normal draft. It sucks so badly because it just seems like my team is filled with inters that don’t play their champions. Then proceed to say “Dude it’s just norms!” Whilst being 2/11/0 This may be norms but this is my ONLY way of playing the game, I refuse to play ranked because it just stresses me out so badly. Normal drafts are all I have, and my team just wants to feed. In blinds - “Dude it’s just blinds!” 0/9 In draft - “Dude it’s just norms!” 3/17 In ranked - “Dude I don’t even care about this account xdxd I’m a diamond smurf” 1/6 This game is going down the shitter
Tezza74 (NA)
: Unpopular opinion here
Me carry, no surrender. - 0/9 Yasuo
: How are some people in gold so bad?
The problem with this community is that everyone thinks they’re a gift to God’s green earth. No one ever owns up to what they did wrong, it’s always someone else’s fault. That’s how they get hardstuck gold with 2 million mastery on Katarina. They just don’t want to get better, so they never will.
: This community is the most toxic community by far
I mean you right, because no one cares. I’ve never had to mute everyone in a game just to keep my sanity before I started playing league
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