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: I have played every champ in the game except one....
: Tell me your main favorite champ, how you got into them, what you liked about them, etc
Min eis RUmble, i hionestly dont know how i got to like him as much as i did because when i used him on his free week awhile ago i didnt like him and then one day i just had ip to spend so i was like lemme just try him out one more time and out of no where he was fun and i spammed him i still do.
GD Blink (NA)
: Suspension
its about to be 12 am july 30th an im still banned
GD Blink (NA)
: Suspension
An hour goes by and im still suspended
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: Looking for a BRONZE TEAM
IGN:Multithegod Name the 2 Lanes you're best at: Mid Support Top Top 3 Champs: Rumble Gnar Ekko Any Questions just ask!
: Connectivity issues.
damn thanks
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: Looking to Coach a Team
davon snow pic with dreads on skype MultiSnow on CurseVoice
: I want to use my Super Weaboo Rumble with a Star Weaboo Lux
: Thank god Rumble is disabled
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: Rumble and Viktor disabled for 4 days
: Your favorite champion (That no one else plays)
Gnar i play him alot and rarely see him ingame... and this might be offtopic but RUMBLEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: Please activate Rumble again
: So, Rumble is Still Disabled.
: So my main champion has been completely disabled for a few days now...
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Rumble does 472.5+150% ap aoe damage on a 6 second cooldown.
How do u find something negative to say when he is disabled clearly u arent against him because he isnt being played atm
I love Rumble and cant use em he has been disabled for my whole weekend and now i amsad because i can not have any fun with any other champ besides gnar top because i alternate rymble and gnar Top
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Abscond (NA)
: Chaotic Destiny LF Toplaner
IGN:MultiThegod Age: 18+? (Yes or No)no(17) Rank:b3 Top 5 champs:Rumble,Gnar,Morgana.Ahri.Vi Timezone:-6 Skype and Curse:Skype Areas of improvement:im up for any improvements
Porporo (NA)
: Looking for serious rank 5 team - Bronze Silver team
i am bronze 3 if that matters i started in 2013 but i quit and started back up seriously beggining of this year i wanna join if u dont mind
: and i cant troll normal games with my support {{champion:68}} because hes still not available. rito pls
They dont care about our needs
Bizkutz (EUW)
: same here man. he's my main, and i'm just not as good with the others really.
i was on LoL all yesterday bro and i didnt go to school bercause i wanted to get better at Rumble(thats a lie didnt go cause i didnt want to) but i did wanna get better with him and i only played 3 games in all the time i had to play yesterday just cause it wasnt fun without him, and i just paid money for the super galaxy rumble outfit on the 13th
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