: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.16 notes
Any nerfs or reworks coming for glacial buff? 6 glacial is still nearly unbeatable for many comps in my experience.
: Patch 8.3 notes
Riot in 2017: Let's use one of the two major updates of the year to rework assassins so people have a better window to react to them before they get oneshotted. Oh and let's give supports some nice things to make the role more fun, and make people wanna play support. Let's add these fun little quests to support gold items and make it so they can opt to combine the tier 2 gold item with their sightstone to save a mid-lategame item slot. Hey people seem to like these support quests. Cool. Riot in 2018: Let's make it so everything oneshots faster, and fuck supports, they had it too good for like, 8 months. That's long enough. Why not take away a few meaningful build choices from supports, and take these fun support item quests and turn them into "farm gold with this until you can get a sightstone." Oh, and let's make Zoe.
: Why is the matchmaking in this game so hilariously bad?
You're playing blind pick and complaining about feeders and people not knowing what they're doing? Also, in drafts I've queued up with friends whose ranks were no higher than gold 5 and there was a diamond player on the enemy team. Matchmaking is shit in normals, yes, but what you're describing is pretty much just blind pick things.
: That isn't the matchmaking, that's the snowbally nature of the current meta. Games are stomps in even games because a single death can mean a two level difference and pressure put on the entire map.
And the fiesta nature of blind pick as well.
: I am perfectly fine with what you're describing happening. If tanks are going to die to carries in a few seconds thanks to one item nullifying most of their defense purchases then I think it's FANTASTIC that they can at least tank towers. What I hate is champions that have barely invested in defense or have no defenses just being able to jump under a turret and kill someone and then walk away with barely any damage on them, or using multiple dashes and speed boosts to take one hit in the entire exchange, or turrets getting melted in seconds. THAT'S what I hate.
Has someone played against a Riven recently? Cuz it sounds like you are describing Riven.... ;-;
Darkeus (NA)
: I want to play longer games. I invested in MOBAs BECAUSE of that long game. It is why I don't play HotS. I like the laning phase. I like the back and forth struggle. It really does not exist anymore. Every game is a stomp.
True, if people want short competitive games they can play Overwatch or Battlerite even. Riot is trying to change the game to be short when those who did like league liked the long, even games. My friends and I had 2 separate games that went so long there were like 2-3 barons and they were ridiculously close, and even the one of those we lost was more fun than I have had in all the 20-25 minute stomps I've had in the last 4 days combined. League should be about outplaying your opponent the whole way through the game, not getting a slight lead and then winning after that without even having to try.
Valeeva (NA)
: Free Week sometimes get moved if there is an upcoming holiday. Im not from the US so Im not aware of any public holidays this week but this is the general reason as to why the new rotation ships early. http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Free_champion_rotation It's explained a bit here.
hmmm that could be why, but there isn't an immediately following holiday that I know of... And I'd think they would announce the rotation before changing it either way. It's weird for them not to post it in advance, even if it's just 2-8 hours in advance.
: ##PHANTOMAXOLOTL's CANCER TIER LIST --- BEYOND CANCER: {{champion:84}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:412}} & {{champion:117}} Between the disgusting mobility, ability to reduce or completely avoid damage altogether, insane damage, scaling, and the fact that they literally will not die, I consider these champions top notch tilt worthy. Seeing any of these champs in champ select instantly put me in a bad mood, and for some reason if you main one of these champs you are probably that guy that spams laugh, mastery emote, and types "LOL" and "ez" in all chat when you make an "outplay". Yeah sure your champ might require good mechanics but you ain't a god when you're 4/2/2 so knock it off. I NEED CHEMO: {{champion:32}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:33}}{{champion:81}} & {{champion:61}} I hate these champs because they are LOW RISK, HIGH REWARD. They have some of the simplest kits in the game and they will abuse that to utterly destroy you if you make any mistake. Many of their "combos" are just pressing R and going ham, or going ham then pressing R, without much thought to it. Being killed by any single one of these champs its frustrating because it feels like they put absolutely no thought into actually killing you, it just happened by some accidental button presses. The good thing is these sort of champ's players are usually aware theyre playing some low skill shit and don't try to pretend like they're gods. I JUST THREW UP IN MY MOUTH A LITTLE: {{champion:103}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:50}} These are the champs that are just gonna dick on you in lane, and given the slightest lead they will continue to shit on you without mercy. Don't expact to get any sort of a lead against a majority of these champs unless it's a very favorable matchup. Some of them require skill, but some not. Somewhat toxic but will only get to BEYOND CANCER level of toxicity if you feed into their egos by getting mad. They live off of rage and negativity.
Orianna is reasonably difficult to play well, but I'll admit it's not rocket science, and during teamfights she's crazy safe. In lane though she's immobile and pretty easy to gank. I'd put lux in there instead, or the I JUST THREW UP IN MY MOUTH A LITTLE category. Because a crazy safe mage with ridiculous poke and burst, relatively easily landed cc, a cooldown reduction when she kills someone with her midlane-long high damage ult, AND an aoe shiel, totally isn't obnoxious. You get to lane if you've given up even one kill and she can 100-0 you with a single combo if she lands her q. And with ultimate hat her ult cooldown can be under 20 seconds, just over 10 if she gets a kill with it after level 16.
: *clears throat* {{champion:1}} oooo look at me I can point a click nuke the entire team {{champion:164}} What are walls? {{champion:31}} 6khp stone plate om nom your dead boom noble prize {{champion:245}} Ult {{champion:105}} walls? skillshots? pppffftttt whatever man {{champion:41}} Barrels cost nothing and deal stupid damage (also free cleanse) {{champion:420}} Fight me or you die {{champion:55}} Tons of mobility with no resources or drawbacks {{champion:141}} hahah your tried to block me what is your stoyel {{champion:90}} Ult {{champion:92}} Fuck everything you do {{champion:35}} I ulted the clone sheeeeet {{champion:134}} Ult {{champion:29}} oh hey look theres a twitch and now im dead {{champion:67}} 0-5 still 3 shots me as full tank and i cant catch her because of condemn tumble ult and support on a leash {{champion:157}} Over loaded kit and windwall {{champion:238}} I do not care for you at all, your probably not that bad if duskblade was a balanced item and maw+nullifying orb wasnt an issue {{champion:142}} One Q outshines most mages entire combos, sleep duration too long. {{champion:143}} Why does she deal so much damage? She only has fucking boots. {{champion:45}} Honestly his ult should turn into a skill shot if its going to do 2k damage by 30min in {{champion:114}} Im super happy that your garbage right now {{champion:58}} I JUST WANT TO FARM, GO AWAY {{champion:113}} WHY CANT I MOVE {{champion:91}} Bot lane if you expect me to match his roaming your delusional {{champion:120}} LOOK AT MY HORSE MY HORSE IS AMAZING and im dead
I've got a friend who 1-tricks Fiora, still carries most of the games I play with him with KDAs of like 20+/<7/10. But yeah, generally speaking she's not very good right now.
One35 (NA)
: Your Least Favorite Champion in the Game
{{champion:67}} , {{champion:105}} ,{{champion:157}} ,{{champion:142}} ,{{champion:29}} ,{{champion:81}} ,{{champion:45}} ,{{champion:99}} ,{{champion:64}} ,{{champion:62}} ,{{champion:17}} ,{{champion:35}} {{champion:11}} ,{{champion:91}} ,{{champion:1}},{{champion:58}} , {{champion:86}}, {{champion:516}}, {{champion:92}} , {{champion:59}} (Full lethality Jarvan provides fun and interactive gameplay to the enemy adc.... For .5 seconds then they get to watch a gray screen)
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: 10 thoughts going into Finals
Personally I think if SKT wins again, it'll be worse for the esport as a whole. Lots of people are already frustrated by seeing the same story at the end of the day, every year. SKT winning worlds AGAIN after looking like possibly the weakest of the Korean teams overall in every match since the end of group stage is just boring. Most people I know who aren't SKT fans, and even many who are, don't want to see another SKT win because it makes things boring. The matches they've played in knockouts have been exciting, but they were all matches they were supposed to win, and did, but by much closer margins than there should have been. As for how SSG beats them, I think they should allow the Galio pick if they can prepare a good counterpick for it, and otherwise, ban it. Pick someone like Tristana and either borrow a page from ignar's playbook and play a support that can set Ruler up to win lane hard early or pick a strong ardent censer support. Don't let them have Kog'maw Janna. Definitely don't let them have Kog'maw Janna Galio.
: 1: {{champion:141}}: Edge 2: {{champion:91}}: Hey, did you know that Talon is responsible for 25% of fir- 3: {{champion:427}}: Godlike Ganks 4:{{champion:157}}: You can't fuckING 1v5, STOP. 5: {{champion:120}}: Boooorrrrring. But Arcade, Elderwood, and Lancer Xer0 look dope af.
Bombardox (EUW)
: Let's play a game : Choose only 1 champion of each.
1. {{champion:136}} 2. {{champion:26}} 3. {{champion:16}} When you're about to lose that close 1v1 but the Soraka ult comes down. 4. {{champion:77}} Excuse me while I run around the map trying to be Trick2G in bronze then flame everyone else when it doesn't work. 5. {{champion:154}}
: New free champion rotation: Singed, Kalista, Tahm Kench and more!
: C'mon where's Kayn? Is there some rule that you guys are going by where he's not allowed for F2P like yorick and poppy where before their reworks?
He was free to play back in August during the Kayn missions. Look at Taliyah, she's only free once in a blue moon. (Meanwhile Braum.)
: not enough update, still ugly
Maybe he needs an Extreme Makeover, Jhin Edition. {{champion:202}} I will make you _beautiful_.
Dicerson (NA)
: There's a huge difference between "Counterplay" and "Useless at all levels of play"
If nothing else it forces enemies without an easy way to dodge or block it to itemize things like {{item:3102}}, {{item:3814}} , {{item:3157}} , or {{item:3155}} .
: Spears and glaives are both slashing weapons. Javelins and spears and glaives are all thrusting weapons. Javelins and spears are also throwing weapons, but glaives are not. Throwing / Thrusting / Slashing Javelin & spear/All three/Spear & glaive There's also variations on each that lean more or less into each category, and even things like halberds (which aren't thrown but usually incorporate crushing strikes as well), with lances being strictly for thrusting (and some fairly ineffectual bludgeoning), but at the end of the day the spear is definitely not incapable of slashing attacks.
God it's like the comments on the Lancer Zero Hecarim skin spotlight video all over again. If you weren't charging, a lance was probably more effective for bludgeoning in relatively close quarters. (Although if you tried charging someone and were trying to bludgeon them with it during your charge you're just a dumbass.)
: So just to be clear, I only get the border for the skin if I buy the "First star edition" that makes me also spend RP on an icon?
This is exactly how the Conqueror Karma border worked, if I remember correctly. Nothing new really.
: Rewards for old Honor are out
I wish more people would properly read the article before going to comment angrily after skimming. There is one icon they are giving away basically as a participation trophy, yes. But there are 4 other icons that are much more exclusive. And I get that it's frustrating also to think "ALL THEY'RE GIVING ME IS A SHITTY ICON? SOMETHING THAT I ONLY GET TO SHOW IN FRIENDS LIST OR A 5 MINUTE MAX LOADING SCREEN?" But then you should also realize, honor ribbons themselves were purely cosmetic and not even shown for as long as, say, your summoner icon. If you had a ton of honors and no ribbon, the only way anyone could know is to look at your summoner profile in client. In that case, if you didn't have a ribbon but fall into that top 10% for one of the 4 categories, you are getting something that is far more visible than the number on your old profile was. Sure, it'd be nice if you got something like an exclusive skin or ward skin, but really, I'm just happy to be getting SOMETHING for my 1100+ honorable opponents and my unfortunately decayed honorable opponent and teamwork ribbons. Honestly, an icon for each honor category or something along those lines was all I ever really expected to receive, because well, it made sense and I knew better than to EXPECT anything huge. I'll be perfectly satisfied with my icons and I don't mind if one of them was also received by almost every other player in the game.
BM Riven (NA)
: Not really sure how giving basically every player an icon is going to show some sort of respect for people who genuinely cared about the old honor system...sigh.
Because that is ONE of the 5 icons they are giving away. The other 4 are FAR more exclusive than the participation trophy icon.
: Kinda disappointed :/ no ribbon but had over 29,000 honor points... so I get the same reward as Tyler 1 would?
If you are in the top 10% for honors received in any of the 4 original honor categories, you should receive the respective icon for that category. I'm pretty sure with 29k honor points received (btw whew, that's a big number) you should qualify for at least one of those 4.
Nanaba (NA)
: So I had over 1000 honors in one or two categories for nothing and won't be rewarded? Sounds pretty sweet, I guess I didn't expect to get an icon at all so at least I get thrown in with basically anyone who has pressed the play button. I'll take it, but for the record I'm taking it with a side of salt. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
1000+ will probably put you in the 10%. Depends on which honor category though.
: beta players basically need 5'000 honors in a category to get a banner in the old system what a great way to reward those who are there since the beginning
I first got my honorable opponent ribbon somewhere between 200-500. Eventually it decayed but I ended with over 1100 honorable opponent just from playing a lot, behaving, and not being a douche in all chat. Also had a teamwork ribbon, ended with around 700+ honors in that category too. You really just had to get honored somewhat relatively regularly by a variety of people and not get your ribbons taken away for poor behavior.
: Having the ribbon at any time in the past will earn you a corresponding icon!
Thank you, as someone with over 1100 honorable opponent and 700+ teamwork, but whose ribbons decayed because people just didn't honor as much, I was very worried I wouldn't receive the icons.
: He has only been available for a couple of hours and you already claim to be a Kayn main. Sounds about right. Know your team cringes when you pick him in ranked. With-in 5 minutes of game play they are cussing / tilting. At 10 they ask themselves "Is he inting? Right?" Make sure to show your team that you have a horrible ping. Because, clearly that is always the reason someone feeds.
: Cosmic Blade Master Yi slices through the stars
Final cosmic skin gonna be a legendary?
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Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: Yeah, that's what I'm concerned about. Along with the changes to crit items etc lol
Well, randuins is giving more crit dmg reduction now, so hopefully that'll also balance out.
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: Nah, there are a lot of changes to a bunch of items he builds, and changes to armor/hp items which affects him aswell because he has inbuild armor ignore. With HP going down and armor going up on Tank items, I'm afraid he might be in too strong of a spot, so I was just wondering.
Ah, I see. Personally I was mildly disappointed that spellthiefs edge bankplank won't be viable anymore as an option against a tank lane to get more gold. The downside is they're reducing the armor pen provided by last whisper by a whole 10%, so if you usually build last whisper on him, I think the net damage should remain around the same overall.
: Is Aatrox still garbage? I played him like 8 times in a row and he still feels terrible.
Played him like 5 or 6 games in pretty close order during his free rotation, currently have 100% winrate on him. :)
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: Really just a Question purely out of curiousity here, but any thoughts on how the Itemisation changes might affect GP?
Are you referring to the changes to spellthief's edge?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 18
I've noticed that on Surrender@20's post with all the current PBE changenotes, reworked Banshee's veil's passive cd no longer goes down as you increase in level. Is this correct or is banshee's going to get the cd scaling later on in 7.9 testing? Do you feel that it was too powerful with an 8 second cooldown at level 18?
: Midseason Durability - Goals and Direction
Please leave banshee's and abyssal in their live states. The ap makes NO SENSE on banshee's, and the lack of ap on abyssal SCEPTER makes no sense. Every other item that is called staff, scepter, wand, rod, etc provides ap. The new stats don't suit the identity of either item. Banshee's can no longer be built by ad champs and ap champs can't build GA. Mid laners whether ap or ad will have VERY easy access to relatively low cooldown items that provide spellshields. AP tanks can build Abyssal scepter and get MORE DAMAGE without sacrificing ANY tank stats at all? Meanwhile you are adding an item to the game that allows tanks to get 8k+ hp without even having cinderhulk or scaling max health. And massively nerfing all sustained damage AP champs via Adaptive Helm (whose icon is, just on a side note, a chestpiece.....?). I am fine with most of these changes but the Abyssal, Banshee's and Guardian Angels changes are bizarre to me.... The solution you're using to solve tanks with GA and Banshee's is by making those items available to only AD or AP champions, across the board?
: Let's get this straight about Shen: His rework removed all of his innate healing that previously helped him survive in an otherwise incredibly weak lane phase with no waveclear. His rework happens, Shen loses his healing in order to make his lane more dynamic. As compensation, he gets better waveclear with Q (still weak, but better than before) and a kit that focuses a lot more on shielding and blocking damage instead of just tanking and healing. Well, here's where the nerfs start. Reduced HP regen, reduced damage ratio with Q against champions, reduced shield values on passive. And now making him lose the bonus damage on Q to minions and making his ult worse unless your ally is below 40%? In effect losing that waveclear that he got with his rework as compensation for not being able to heal anymore? This is ridiculous. I've been a Shen player since mid season 5 and he's been hit with the nerf bat so many times because of competitive play. I don't understand how I can play this champ anymore, this is going to hurt him much more in SoloQ where his waveclear and mediocre damage against champions if they fuck up is the only thing keeping him alive in lane against frequent bullies like Darius, Jayce, Riven, etc. And I'm getting punished if I am aware of a gank bot or see my ADC in trouble and ult early, which gives my carry less effective HP for the duration of the fight? Might as well just watch my ally bleed until they're at 40% or else they're losing several hundred effective HP late game. Nice. Really disappointed here. E change should have happened immediately after his rework as changing his model seemed to fuck with the hitbox, making it quite a bit harder to hit than before. Really seems like Shen should just get disabled for competitive and let the people who actually play champs because they're fun and not because they're busted in a team setting play him and not feel like they're at a disadvantage.
This. I played Shen against an Aatrox shortly after the mini-update changes to him a few weeks ago, and hadn't played Shen in a few months. I literally was useless all game because the Aatrox got a kill, and then kept me from being able to get more than a minion or two per wave without risking getting jumped on and destroyed. Shen needs waveclear because otherwise his numbers are terrible aside from his ult. His ult is one of the biggest reasons you play Shen. If you nerf both his wave clear and his ult, he will be pointless to pick in soloQ.
La Bello (NA)
: Championship Riven came back so you just never know.
But, it was championship riven 2016 technically lol
: Patch 7.5 - Revisiting Aatrox
As much as I disagree with people who say Riot should've left him alone, I do think the numbers on these changes are pretty bad, other than the 1.1 total ad scaling on q. BUT. These changes are meant to put him in a place where he can be buffed or nerfed as needed. As for the game health issues prevented by his self-healing.... Riot probably should notice a possible link between grievous wounds items having less options to pick from and self healing based champs having balancing issues. All in all I think he could probably use buffs from where he's at right now, maybe in a mid-patch update once they've gathered enough data to figure out just how far off he is right now, but I at least see what riot was trying to do and why they were doing it, even if their numbers were significantly flawed.
: Dude we don't need to watch and see how he does. He will be played less than ever, there will be less data then ever on him. If i could make one change to the changes I would have the stacks not fall off and his bloodwell drain slower. Right now as he is he is unplayable. So good luck with them seeing how he does. Hes shit and no one will touch him now in ranked.
So they will buff him chill out. Because now they can actually buff him without being afraid that he'll suddenly be actually broken.
: When I looked at the changes on the PBE, I thought "hey, maybe he'll actually get the attention that he deserves" because on paper, the changes sounded good in my head. But after reading your post and looking at the changes, I realized that...they really didn't do anything but adjust how damage is outputted. His Q knockup range is still garbage, E is still just average poke, and they didn't even touch the ult, so that's...still that ability. I think if they actually did something to better his utility, then maybe he'd be in a better state. But as it stands, his Blood Well is just a worse version of the Fury system, his CC is still trash, and his abilities largely still do the same thing, but are just generally worse. Now I just think that this 'update' is just the balance team's way of saying "Don't worry, we remember this character. We didn't forget him" without making any meaningful progress to make him actually viable. Back on the bench with Kalista, Kindred, and Azir, I guess. I feel bad for them. :(
the health cost on his e is now a flat 30 hp instead of 5%. so basically if you are behind as him you can build tank without killing yourself as fast. And it's not an 'update' and it was never claimed to be one.
: If Aatrox didn't get the attention he deserved after, like the poster above so eloquently put it - 2 YEARS of input from the community, he's not going to be fixed. I'm a long time Aatrox main and the simplest fixes were the ones most ignore. His Q is STILL interruptible, for example. No more "stop gap measures." This is annoying. Listen to what the community is saying or stop pretending like you do. Simple as that really.
You do know they have had two years of OTHER THINGS TO DO and now they are actually starting to give some attention to the outdated champions they've had on the backburner for two years. They will give Aatrox his turn just as they are giving Yorick, Galio, Evelynn, and Urgot their turns. They've had other things to do and making a full Aatrox VGU is something they haven't had time for without putting off major high priority projects. Do YOU want to finally get an Aatrox full rework that was more of a side project? This is them actually giving him attention. He's on their radar now. They'll probably be watching to see if he needs any other quick adjustments over the next few weeks and if they see a tweak they can make to improve him without negatively impacting game health or devoting a large portion of their resource to it, they probably will do it. Like it or not, this is going to take time if we want any decent product to come from an Aatrox full rework.
: "While this round of changes doesn’t get Aatrox where he should be in the long-term" These are awful changes. You gutted him, and gutted him hard. There was 2 years of input from Aatrox mains on the boards, and you decided to ignore all of it. He needs 5 stacks to get Blood Rush right? Okay, but all of his abilities are on a long cool down, and using Blood Price for the stacks means you aren't healing. The only buff his healing got was is it is higher now over 50 percent then previously. So basically in order to benefit from the healing you have not be using your now nerfed bonus damage, and also won't be getting stacks. Furthermore, the blood well drains faster than it used to. It drains immediately, and quickly. It drains WAY to fast. And because his Blood Well takes so long to fill up, if it ever drains to zero, you have no revive and its hard to quickly stack back up. He does less damage now too, and receives less bonus Attack Speed. Even with his Blood Rush passive, that extra 29 damage at level 18 doesn't mean nearly as much as 100 percent bonus AD on top of a 200 bonus damage from his old Blood Price. If you are going to move his damage output to his passive, it needs to be stronger. A flat 25% base damage is not enough. Put it in his W and E were it belongs. Gut the damage on his Q and lower the cool down and widen the knock up area. This is a colossal screw up. Its not fun and its annoying. Solution? Well if we must stick with this new set up, instead of his abilities filling up 20% they should fill 25%, and the stacks should simply remain stay even out of combat or at least remain for so he can strategically stack and plan a dive. The Blood Well drains way too fast. First of all it now drains IMMEDIATELY after you stop attacking or being attacked. There should be a several second window where it doesn't drain, and then it should drain over 10 seconds. He needs a window out of combat where his passive is available. Don't kid yourselves--this was a total nerf. Either it was intentional, or it was gross incompetence, and neither one is acceptable. Riot has yet to respond to any post about Aatrox, even when it was in PBE. I just can't believe after 2 years this was the best they could come up with. A multi-billion dollar company. Very sad.
..... You do realize the amount of other stuff they've done in the process? You realize this was never meant to be where they leave him? You realize that, in terms of game health, a champion who is THAT feast or famine isn't good for the game as a whole? And they aren't going to give him a straight buff, he's already a balancing nightmare as he was. They will be revisiting him when they can. Urgot is more in need of a rework anyway.
: Or they could stop hating supports in general. Honestly when was the last time we got a new support. Bard? Ik Tahm Kench is kind of a support but he wasn't made to be one and Taric doesn't really count as new imo. Idek what the point of exhaust is anymore lol
Ivern? also new support champ has been confirmed for this year.
Dessem (EUW)
: Any chance Lissandra might get some love? She's been on the lower end of winrate/performance ratings for a while now, and I do so dearly love my ice queen.
Good news! Lissandra is officially getting some attention next PBE patch
: **Morgana Feedback** Issues: - Her Q and her E are very strong - Her passive, her W and her R are very weak Explanations + Solutions: - Buff her passive W and R maybe at the cost of Q and E. Abilities - Passive - Soul Siphon - The spell vamp is borderline unnoticeable, she has the worst sustain in the game amongst champions who have innate sustain in their kit, her total damage healed on the scoreboard at the end of a game is absolutely laughable. Quite frankly, she could use a different passive entirely, and if the life leech fantasy appeals to you, move the sustain to her W or R while also significantly Increasing the values against champions. - W - Tormented soil - The skill is borderline useless on its own, and only useful when used in conjunction with her Q and sometimes her R, maybe re-balance the damage so it deals more guaranteed damage on the first tick, or the first time it ticks a target, or add something to it so it's bit more menacing on its own. - possible spellvamp being moved from her current passive - R - Soul Shackles - Arguably one of the worst ultimate in the game, not because it is bad perse, it does okay damage and has some utility, but because it is borderline unusable in the first place. The delay between the 2 ticks of damage is too long and Morgana doesn't have the tools to survive for the whole duration. It is so much weaker than all the similar R, Galio, Kennen, Fiddlestick, Zyra, Orianna, Cassiopeia etc are much better, Morgana R can be interrupted, the chain can be broken, can be escaped, she can be killed and the damage is delayed. The only way to use it realistically is to cast it in conjunction with Zhonya's Hourglass at which point people can still walk away from you. When was the last time you caught more than one person with the stun on the second tick? It just never happens. - Lots of areas that could use work, some ideas: decrease the delay between the 2 ticks; increase the slow; add spellvamp / healing over time (akin to Swain R); add damage over time. Final thoughts - Alternatively, I think Morgana gameplay could use an overhaul, her character has a lot of potential, the Black Angel / Vengeful Spirit / Succubus persona is a rich and popular thematic, and Morgana doesn't quite deliver this fantasy. - For example, R should be a death sentence, you only have a couple seconds to escape death itself, with a small music similar to Jhin R, and if you don't manage to escape your death, you are "judged" similar to Garen R Demacian Justice followed by some big debuff/effect/damage/something cool.
Actually just the other day I landed a 2 or 3 man ultimate as support Morgana as the other team tried to run from a losing 5v5 fight, as the people I stunned were just running into their inhib turret. If people follow up, and especially if you aren't getting focused too hard, it's easy to get a decent one or two man stun that can potentially win a teamfight.
: A couple of Bugs listed together
Damn this is thorough. +1 For doing all that work.
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: A blood moon is rising.
Darn, no free Icon from this event, but eh, we've had a lot of free icons lately, between lunar revel, Piltover and Zaun. Not a big deal lol
Euzer (NA)
: The updated client suck in every way. Legacy is 10x better.
Never said I was a fan of the updated client. But once they make it stable, and add in all the features they're planning on, once it leaves beta, THEN it'll probably be pretty awesome. But that's beside the point. They are trying to add game modes to the updated client as they go so that people don't HAVE to stay on the legacy client to play them.
: I said underplayed champs, not *unplayed champs*
Both count as underplayed... the distinction is in the degree to which they are underplayed.
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