: Tips for laning against Yasuo
I win lane vs most Yasuos with {{champion:82}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:421}}
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: The mods on this board are super bias towards high damage and high mobility. Makes me wonder if they are all just assassin mains or something.
That they even have bias and are allowed to act on them shows the health of the boards.
: Yasuo True Powerspike
Yasuo's Lifesteal is broken with his Kit. The Shield on BT stacks with his Passive shield so its a double dip. More reasons why Yasuo is a cancer champ.
: Saw your thread get locked this morning and really wondered how the fuck it got locked for not discussing gameplay when you were literally talking about game feedback from other players . This proves the mod who locked it either didn’t give shit or can’t read. EDIT: it just occurred to me. They didn’t even move it, just locked it? Lmao
Riot has moved More of the Mods to china so what do you expect.
: Mana based champions have one disadvantage over energy based
I dont know why they even have Energy champs. Just make then CD champs and be done with it.
: So are we going to have to waste a ban slot on Senna for the next 3 years like Yasuo?
: Is there no such thing as actual fair team matching?
The state of the game is really bad and players are more and more getting fed up with it so let their frustration out in game. More and more also dont care if they get banned. Its almost they are asking Riot to force them to Quit so they can move on to better games.
: Lets be honest. There was a certain unique charm playing pre-rework Urgot
I actually Like both Kits. I miss his Old Q and the Lock on missiles. I dont miss his Old Ult tho. Kind of Wish there was two Urgots.
: As a 600k Soraka main the very existence of Senna is just a slap in the face
So far every Sorka support vs Senna Iv seen has been a loss
: Can anyone explain how tanks can actually be tanks.
EZ so with all the Lifesteal you never run out of HP so you can tank anything as [insert ADC/AD Bruiser]
: Exactly Old akali had 0 kill potential pre 6...
Oh so Diana is more OP then Old Akali?
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: Why does Ryze's ult not warp out of Mordekaiser's ult?
People still can flash into walls and get out of his Ult when they are not suppose to. Also Ryze CAN use his ult while in MOrd Ult. You just cant leave the zone because that is all there is.
: They do send out surveys. And as evident by the fact that the game *isn’t* bending to your will, that would indicate that your position is not as supported as you believe.
There is no evidence that is the case. Riot could have a bunch of other reasons the game is going the way it is and surveys most likely have nothing to do with why.
Zullar (NA)
: Riot: Send Surveys
I got 2 surveys last year. One about what kind of champs I like (not really about the game balanced or anything) and skins I like. The other was about actors and movies I like (like WTF is Riot looking to make a movie?) Riot seems to not want to actually ask the players about what how they feel about this game (as most EN seem to think its falling more and more) Im sure its because they are asking the Korean and Chinese these questions because Rion only seems to really care about them.
: ACD yasuo vs mid yasuo
He is part of RIots stupid game design "Hypercarry" a thing back when games lasted 45-60m and they ONLY became a Hypercarry near full build. All of the good game design at Riot left the company back in S5
: Why is there never talk of buff/nerf ing specific Junglers?
Im sure there is a lot of talk about it. But Riot Mods delete the posts. If you want to actually talk about the game go to Reddit or something.
nash55 (EUW)
: It doesn't feel like you get outplayed anymore, just out-champion-ed.
Diana 2.0 will be more of this too. She deletes people in ~half a second with no counter play
: Aphelios' permaslow and old Riot design principles.
Careful my friend posted just this kind of thing and it was deleted for "Not being a game play post" The mods in full knozy mode. If he has Gravitum then you just back away from him and until he gets a new weapon. Its 100% a kill if the Jungler ganks.
: How people get pleasure from Playing with/against Akali ? Where is the interaction with her?
Just wait for Diana 2.0 You cant get away from her and she will kill you in 0.7s
: so you cheated? taking advantage of a bug
Riot really screwed S9 up for everyone. S10 is now the fall out from it. I swear collage kids could do a better job at this.
: Senna NEEDS to be given a HARSH choice. DAMAGE or UTILITY.
That would be balanced. Too bad Riot does not think like that.
: Remember when i said Senna ADC should be nerfed because it will be broken despite what Riot says?
Everyone know she was going to be OP. Basically every thing Riot does now is broken. Its to sell her and skins. Take note the new guy and the Diana changes. Both are going to be broken AF and Riot could care less.
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: So Im at +24/-9 LP in Silver Im getting 25% win rate 2/16 team mates. Riot is LITERALLY Forcing me to lose games.
4th game tonight where ALL of my team mates are under 48% win rate and Im at 56% MANY of then under 40% 3 Dodges and Im done for the night. Riot has it out of the account it seems.
: MMR isnt working Riot!
So Im at +24/-9 LP in Silver Im getting 25% win rate 2/16 team mates. Riot is LITERALLY Forcing me to lose games.
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: Malzahar buffs are needed
AD Malz pls. I miss my jungler/Top laner
: Eve Vrs Rek sai
Reksai is very strong early. If you ran into her at lvl 13 it would have been a very different story.
: Yi highlander changes.
Well he is not building {{item:3046}} anymore so had to make him catch everyone when he ults without it.
: Riot Tell me how this is even happened.
Guess Im not playing tonight. Next Champ select had a 35% Unranked and a 43% S3 Had to dodge that shit too.
: Question, does it work with {{item:3800}} slow? or {{item:3143}}
: I swear Glacial Augment is a fun as hell rune
I run it on Zyra as support and rush {{item:3905}} because its really cheap and allows my team to catch people. Throw Shadows when you Ult and ppl CANT Run out
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: Iv avoided ranked for a few months now, played a few games today/yesterday. you guys werent kidding.
Riot fuked up but like always wont say a thing and wont take responsibility for it. Its always "Things are working as we like it" The game is in such a bad state its not funny.
Kalikain (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=XXXMurderPenguin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zdEmi2Ny,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-09T21:33:15.913+0000) > > MMR is based ONLY on win rate. > > My win rate for this account is going down because Riots Match making is putting me on teams with VERY bad players that make games UNWINNABLE by anyone. > > My OTHER account is winning because my team mates actually can play. > > Im not having to 1v9 EVERY game on the second account. > > I play the SAME champs the same position and its me playing the same way. > > > The ONLY factor that is different is Riots Match Making. Lol, I'm here to tell you that mmr is not based on win rate. Thats just a fact. Idk where you're pulling that out of. Shocking that you didn't even look up what mmr is and try to tell me what it is.
?? MMR is solely based on Wins. What are you smoking.
: Say the reasons you dislike the current state of the game
Zabulus (NA)
: Not saying any names but I know a whole server dedicated to selling challenger smurfs to Koreans and Chinese and they making bank off of it. Plus it keeps popularity in NA with those guys.
So they are NA players going to KO server to rank up smurfs to sell to Koreans? Or are the Koreans buying NA boosted accounts?
: Please explain to me clearly and politely what is so wrong with ability based fighters/assassins?
issue with most of then is that they have abilities that hare high damage, low CD and then also have high damage Auto attacks. Its all about Button presses per second and attacks per second. These champs all have high numbers in both.
: Riot should do something about the amount of smurfers.
They have to fix Match Making and the whole Ranked LP gain system. We are seeing the massive number of smurfs because Higher Elo's cant climb with LP gains of 8-14 and losses of 24-32 Riot royally screwed the pooch in S9 with their changes to Ranked.
: Riot, Inting come in different shapes and sizes
I agree with all of this but the off meta one. Unless they are going 0/10 as their off meta. I have seen Reksai Mid played as an assassin and they go 14/3 but at the start of the game people are calling for a Report on her.
: every... fucking... game
Riot needs to fix their Match Making. Every game has 1-5 players that SHOULD NOT be playing in that Rank. Often I see players in S2-S1 rank and play worse then Iron players. Iv been stuck in Bronze for two runs to Promos because soo many of my teams have Silver players that should not be in silver and I really question how they got there. SOMEONE was playing the account before they were.
: Please nerf Yorick
Its his Ults Damage and the Range on her Spirit attack. You can stand on the back side of your turret and she can attack you AND she can be out side Turret range. Its like its ALMOST as long as LeB Chain attack
: No because there would be no way to properly watch that system. Even with a computer. Do you know how many games of League are going on at any one time? And I don't mean just ranked, I mean all together. The system would have to check every game to see; A) Is it ranked? [If not move on], and then B) What is going on in said match? People can have bad games and still win a match. Should they then lose LP because they had a slightly bad KDA ratio? No, because that is dumb.
You have no clue how games work today. All of this is tracked. Riot CAN fix Rank, they choose not to.
mack9112 (NA)
: Only thing that should matter is winning or losing making lp about anything else ruins the integrity of the game. If you are not climbing it is your own fault and you have to own that fact. The system gives you plenty of opportunity to climb.
QancerClown (EUNE)
: This meta is worse than last season :/
Its not the Meta, Its the shit Match making. Riot fuked it up with Positional Ranks and then fuked it up even more when they removed them.
: Zed fed every single game regardless who is playing him.
I dont play Zed, but when I do I press R and Role my face on the keyboard and get a kill and some how get back under my turret even tho I was in the River.
: First Promo game 2 int feeders and Riot thinks this is a fair match
3rd match in Promos https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/3016054581/228654531?tab=overview Enemy team all Silvers mix of S4 and S3 My team Two Bronze, a Silver 3 and TWO!! UNRANKED FEEDERS I get camped top because bot needed no help, my junlger (Im a Support main the silver 3) and never comes to help Riot is shit at managing this game.
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