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: So Im at +24/-9 LP in Silver Im getting 25% win rate 2/16 team mates. Riot is LITERALLY Forcing me to lose games.
4th game tonight where ALL of my team mates are under 48% win rate and Im at 56% MANY of then under 40% 3 Dodges and Im done for the night. Riot has it out of the account it seems.
: MMR isnt working Riot!
So Im at +24/-9 LP in Silver Im getting 25% win rate 2/16 team mates. Riot is LITERALLY Forcing me to lose games.
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: Malzahar buffs are needed
AD Malz pls. I miss my jungler/Top laner
: Eve Vrs Rek sai
Reksai is very strong early. If you ran into her at lvl 13 it would have been a very different story.
: Yi highlander changes.
Well he is not building {{item:3046}} anymore so had to make him catch everyone when he ults without it.
: Riot Tell me how this is even happened.
Guess Im not playing tonight. Next Champ select had a 35% Unranked and a 43% S3 Had to dodge that shit too.
: Question, does it work with {{item:3800}} slow? or {{item:3143}}
: I swear Glacial Augment is a fun as hell rune
I run it on Zyra as support and rush {{item:3905}} because its really cheap and allows my team to catch people. Throw Shadows when you Ult and ppl CANT Run out
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: Iv avoided ranked for a few months now, played a few games today/yesterday. you guys werent kidding.
Riot fuked up but like always wont say a thing and wont take responsibility for it. Its always "Things are working as we like it" The game is in such a bad state its not funny.
Kalikain (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=XXXMurderPenguin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zdEmi2Ny,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-09T21:33:15.913+0000) > > MMR is based ONLY on win rate. > > My win rate for this account is going down because Riots Match making is putting me on teams with VERY bad players that make games UNWINNABLE by anyone. > > My OTHER account is winning because my team mates actually can play. > > Im not having to 1v9 EVERY game on the second account. > > I play the SAME champs the same position and its me playing the same way. > > > The ONLY factor that is different is Riots Match Making. Lol, I'm here to tell you that mmr is not based on win rate. Thats just a fact. Idk where you're pulling that out of. Shocking that you didn't even look up what mmr is and try to tell me what it is.
?? MMR is solely based on Wins. What are you smoking.
: Say the reasons you dislike the current state of the game
Zabulus (NA)
: Not saying any names but I know a whole server dedicated to selling challenger smurfs to Koreans and Chinese and they making bank off of it. Plus it keeps popularity in NA with those guys.
So they are NA players going to KO server to rank up smurfs to sell to Koreans? Or are the Koreans buying NA boosted accounts?
: Please explain to me clearly and politely what is so wrong with ability based fighters/assassins?
issue with most of then is that they have abilities that hare high damage, low CD and then also have high damage Auto attacks. Its all about Button presses per second and attacks per second. These champs all have high numbers in both.
: Riot should do something about the amount of smurfers.
They have to fix Match Making and the whole Ranked LP gain system. We are seeing the massive number of smurfs because Higher Elo's cant climb with LP gains of 8-14 and losses of 24-32 Riot royally screwed the pooch in S9 with their changes to Ranked.
: Riot, Inting come in different shapes and sizes
I agree with all of this but the off meta one. Unless they are going 0/10 as their off meta. I have seen Reksai Mid played as an assassin and they go 14/3 but at the start of the game people are calling for a Report on her.
: every... fucking... game
Riot needs to fix their Match Making. Every game has 1-5 players that SHOULD NOT be playing in that Rank. Often I see players in S2-S1 rank and play worse then Iron players. Iv been stuck in Bronze for two runs to Promos because soo many of my teams have Silver players that should not be in silver and I really question how they got there. SOMEONE was playing the account before they were.
: Please nerf Yorick
Its his Ults Damage and the Range on her Spirit attack. You can stand on the back side of your turret and she can attack you AND she can be out side Turret range. Its like its ALMOST as long as LeB Chain attack
: No because there would be no way to properly watch that system. Even with a computer. Do you know how many games of League are going on at any one time? And I don't mean just ranked, I mean all together. The system would have to check every game to see; A) Is it ranked? [If not move on], and then B) What is going on in said match? People can have bad games and still win a match. Should they then lose LP because they had a slightly bad KDA ratio? No, because that is dumb.
You have no clue how games work today. All of this is tracked. Riot CAN fix Rank, they choose not to.
mack9112 (NA)
: Only thing that should matter is winning or losing making lp about anything else ruins the integrity of the game. If you are not climbing it is your own fault and you have to own that fact. The system gives you plenty of opportunity to climb.
QancerClown (EUNE)
: This meta is worse than last season :/
Its not the Meta, Its the shit Match making. Riot fuked it up with Positional Ranks and then fuked it up even more when they removed them.
: Zed fed every single game regardless who is playing him.
I dont play Zed, but when I do I press R and Role my face on the keyboard and get a kill and some how get back under my turret even tho I was in the River.
: First Promo game 2 int feeders and Riot thinks this is a fair match
3rd match in Promos Enemy team all Silvers mix of S4 and S3 My team Two Bronze, a Silver 3 and TWO!! UNRANKED FEEDERS I get camped top because bot needed no help, my junlger (Im a Support main the silver 3) and never comes to help Riot is shit at managing this game.
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Barcid (NA)
: Riven now still sits at a 56% winrate with a 60% on her mains
They nerfed the crap out of {{champion:6}} Because of Conqueror and left Riven who EVERYONE on the PBE knew was broken with Conqueror. Cant piss off the One Trick trash.
: Why does Yorick Maiden have infinite duration?
Maiden Duration does need nerfed. Yorick can have her up a large % of the game if used correctly (backing when she is low)
: So, are we ever going to fix Duo Q matchmaking?
One thing that can help is REMOVE DuoQ from Rank. SoloQ 100% and a Team Q where you can group is the ONLY way Ranked MMR can even start to get fixed. Autofil also needs to go.
: Poor balancing ruins the game and makes a toxic playerbase
*KoolAid man busting through a wall* "OH YA" Been playing since S2 and never had a report Im not one to get mad about things. Game is so bad now I got a 12 game chat bad for calling someone "Trash" because THEY WERE TRASH. Meanwhile.... Someone can Soft int all games and never hear a word from Riot
Cloud273 (NA)
: Even LCS players admit there's zero counterplay to Nocturne
His fear is point and click AND does not slow him RIP {{champion:6}} W -125 movement
: Suggested Changes to Yasuo's Kit to Make Him More Fair Without Removing Anything From His Kit
That would help but also Q2 should be WAY slower E should have a 18s CD and 3 charges when cast EQ2 should not be a AOE
She is BS You can stomp on her early game and then suddenly she can 1v9
: I'd be okay more so with a forced +11, -6 LP gain//loss in off positions, but thats just me, Positional ranked (as it stands currently) is not something that a person wants to play (IE: if i dodge an off role, ALL OTHER ROLES get -10, whilst also including -10 in the off role i got assigned, which is hell to makeup for... a singular rank that would display overall performance would be best... and that is what we're moving too, still appreciate sapmagic for his work towards positional ranks, but too much weight... too little gain
That can and would be abused.
Quepha (NA)
: I don't understand why people asked for this and why they're happy now. Positional matchmaking works to make for fairer games, and all positional ranks meant was that the game gave you an indicator of what your MMR is for the different positions. Positional matchmaking will continue so you will still have positional MMR. All Riot is doing is taking away the indicator and only giving you a rank that represents your play at all positions.
It will remove the problem of You wanting mid and your top wanting top but once in game you two want to trade because you are better matched vs the others opponent but in the current setup you dont get LP for your main role and nether do they.
: The idea behind it is honestly fine and I personally enjoyed it. The way it was ultimately put together had room for improvement absolutely and it was far from perfect, but so is our standard ranked set up.
If they would kill Autofill it would work better. If they would actually stop allowing Smurfs all of Rank would be better. If they actually punished Soft Inters the game would be better
: I take it you never played ranked in Season 4-6. Wait times before Dynamic Queue in LOW elo were 8-10 minutes. There's also the argument: Why SHOULDN'T people learn multiple roles? No offense..... but part of the reason 80% of the community is Gold or worse, is simply because they know such a small champ sample size per player, that they don't understand who they are facing in 90% of their games. Knowing only a small subset of characters has more inherent weaknesses than it does strengths. Autofill drastically combated this issue, and forced more players to learn more. That's why Silver in Season 9 is about as skillful as Diamond I Season 4.
And we were FINE with that. Game quality was great. Games lasted 45-50m because it was a back and forth nail biting match. No one has a clue until the last minute who was going to win. THAT is the game we all loved. Not this "Ops Mid died at 2m GG FF@15" shit
: LOL that only happened because people complained ON REDDIT AND ACTUALLY GOT LIKES FOR IT because whenever a complaint on reddit gets over 500 likes, riot instantly turns their heads.
Its also big streamers and High ELO players have said it sucks
: Moody P, here are the statistic of Top lane Bruiser AKA supposed to be suffering against ranged...
Dont forget {{champion:6}} at 47% (and the PBE changes will not help this AT ALL)
: telling people they are FEEDING
Just had a game where my Nas top went AP {{item:3027}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3193}} .....
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: Melee is almost a benefit now.
Moody P (NA)
: Possible Wits End/Zephyr rework
Man ADC Neeko would LOVE this
deathgod5 (EUW)
: the master yi is high bronze and has a 50/50 win rate. He both had good and bad games on his champs. Low mastery can also mean that he doesn't play this game this much or is learning new champs. High kill rate happens without smurfs. his kda on yi over all games played is 7.0 / 8.5 / 4.5 . The leblanc is a silver player with more than 200 games in silver. She also had a good game. Sorry to disappoint you but both can still be not smurfs. his average kda on leblanc is 6.5 / 6.0 / 5.9 . Both really don't show evidence of being smurfs to me. edit:high bronze
Thats nice. Does not change the fact they have skills of Plat but are in Bronze/Silver Another thing called a SMURF. S9 is full of them. Your looking at end game stats says nothing about what is ACTUALLY happening in the games. Riot fuked the MMR system and with Positional Ranks you get shit like this. Plats that are in Bronze. Your OWN account shows this is true (or are a Rioter trolling on a test account)
deathgod5 (EUW)
: Like is this your main account? because on your main accounts I don't see any evidence of smurfs. Can you link to any game that had smurfs in it?
Mastery Yi 28/1 LeB 15/4 Thats just the last two games today Both have low mastery of the champ and skillz up the butt so 100% they are Smurfs. S9 has completely Jumped the Shark for Riot.
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: Mordekaiser and Nasus Nerf
Mord is broken. His sustain is crazy (better then most any sustain champs)
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Verxint (NA)
: Why is Spear of Shoujin being changed from a way to survive better to a way to do more damage
Akrid415 (NA)
: Anyone else start off with a horrible losing streak?
All of my Placements were total shit. I would win lane to see everyone else on my team had fed and not just a little like bot lane at 15 deaths at 20m
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