: Buy Championship Ashe and raise money for charity
I love this idea. I'd be interested to see it expanded - maybe having charity sales where 5-10% of all skin revenue during a given time period is donated to charity? Or even a specific charity-themed skin each year? Like in addition to the championship line there'd be like a "better world" line which would have like 50% of skin revenue donated to charity for that particular skin?
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: > [{quoted}](name=Quackas,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=HWPhZNsU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-16T20:50:56.889+0000) > > I feel like just getting MORE SHIELDS or MORE RESISTS is too beneficial for people that already want to do that ie. Soraka/Janna and this doubling down is the exact same thing Windspeaker's Blessing is currently doing. > > I think a better solution would be to combine the effects of Windspeaker's blessing with Stoneborn Pact. It gives an ally a shield that redirects all incoming damage to the person who gave the shield while the shield is active/unpopped. Once the damage limit is hit or a timer is done the shield deactivates. > > This gives supports/tanks the ability to sacrifice themselves to shield an ally making it more able to differentiate between good use and bad use of the skill. To be fair I'd think a lot of enchanter supports would rather be taking perxie instead.
That might be the "optimal", but I'd really, really, really like to see something that could compete with perxie for enchanters. I'm afraid we're going to see more of what we have now without viable alternatives - wind speakers, censer, mikaels on every enchanter. I would love to have, at the least, soraka take a different keystone than janna and karma, and Rakan take something different entirely.
gregab (NA)
: In the last version described, there's a very brief travel time between when you click and when the shield turns on (watch for the small green particle that moves from Braum to Caitlin). After that there's a window of a few seconds where any damage from enemy champions to Cailtlyn would trigger the shield. There was an early version I mentioned in the post where the champion with Guardian Soul actually channeled briefly before applying the shield. The idea there was they could cancel the channel by moving if they hadn't actually meant to apply their shield. But we found that having to wait made the whole thing feel less responsive and ending up in repeated short channels disrupted your normal free movement around.
I feel like a big part of skill expression is lost when there is any kind of significant travel time on this type of ability, as it forces you to only be able to play predictively. If I'm playing as Soraka, I need to be able to hit this reactively, because there are times where I cannot predict the damage incoming, and if the travel time is as long as it appears in this clip, then that might take away half of the skill expression from the keystone. Overall, I love the idea, and I'm looking forward to testing it out! Also, it might be cool if there was a version of this (or maybe an item or alternative keystone :P) that would provide the banshee's veil passive instead of a standard shield. It would be really cool to have some way to predictively "cleanse" (for lack of a better term) an ability than just cleanse it after the cc goes through (like with mikaels). Especially if this ability only works on allies (and not on yourself), I think it could really offer some more skill expression to supports.
: I posted this on Reddit just a few minutes ago, but when we first talked about the new design I said "So rune pages are going away, right?" Because I assumed you would just make all the rune choices in champ select. But once we got farther into implementation, we found that we were using rune pages in our playtests. It's just helpful to have a few of them set up so you can spend more time in the lobby figuring out who is playing what champion (or heaven forbid, talking strategy) rather than quickly trying to grab the right runes. I wouldn't say our solution for rune pages is finalized yet by any stretch. We are still iterating a lot on the rune system (and IP and everything). Feedback on all of this is appreciated.
I get the impression that rune pages will still cost IP at the current 6300 amount. Is that the case? If so, I'm struggling to reconcile this with the idea that we can have rune pages planned ahead of time. I'm totally one of those people with a ton of mastery pages in the current system, and I'd expect myself to have a lot of rune pages in the future. Basically, I agree that I should have to pay for additional pages, but I'm concerned with runes being so much more active now that I won't, as a fairly new player (started at the beginning of S6), be able to pay the IP cost for the additional pages. I'd love to see the pages in the 1350 or 1800 IP range in the new system. EDIT: I don't necessarily pay the IP cost for pages instead of buying a champion with that 6300 IP.
: Runes Corner: Runes Content Development Peek
The current way you've portrayed the magical footwear makes it seem like a must-take for support players who are already delaying boots in some cases. Are there any plans to provide a meaningful alternative(s) so that support players can have options for their runes?
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