: >Honest question: Does Pentakill know about the true nature of yordles? I mean they did trash their city.
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> [{quoted}](name=RealFaeLulu,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=lBBRgzlH,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-03-11T21:06:34.093+0000) > > https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/roleplaying/sA53tnEM-lets-put-on-our-thinking-caps-ask-lulu > > Lulu lives in Bandle Forest, in a house disguised as an ordinary tree. Could you please update this part of the thread? It might make my ask thread a little more alive. [ *OOC: I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to adjust your comment. Please refrain from quoting the informational texts listed up above as it takes a considerable amount of space for no particular reason. Also I'd be happy to add your ask thread; just post a brief description of your abode (like you see with Veigar and Rumble's locations) and I shall certainly add yours in there. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on discord (Madou#7225) and I will be happy to assist yeh. Also make sure to mention in the future, via brackets or otherwise, that your post is OOC! Thanks for visiting Bandle!* ]
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>#[ 𝔹𝔸ℕ𝔻𝕃𝔼 ℂ𝕀𝕋𝕐'π•Š π”Ύπ”Έπ•‹π”Όπ•Š 𝕆ℙ𝔼ℕ! ] *Everyone is now free to begin posting, woohoo!*
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>#[ β„π”Όπ•Šπ”Όβ„π•π”Όπ”» ]
: Bandle City
>#[ 𝕋𝕀𝕄𝔼𝕃𝕀ℕ𝔼 ] *Record of recent events goes here.*
: Bandle City
>#[ 𝔾𝔼ℕ𝔼ℝ𝔸𝕃 π”½π”Έβ„‚π•‹π•Š ] *Check this post out if you have a question about something pertaining to Bandle/Yordles.* **β… . The Optotronic-Magitechnical Generator** *The [O.M.G](https://imgur.com/a/meZqy) is a large and bulky hextech machine hooked up to a massive brackern crystal via cables and wires. Very similar to a nexus where said crystal floats atop of a constructed base; propelled by the energies it soaks up and stores from the web of leighlines underneath Runeterra's surface. This incredibly glowing, multi-faceted, humming crystal provides the energy necessary to generate an illusionary bubble around most of Bandle; an illusion dubbed by the yordles as the Wide-reaching Transmogrifying Field. Other auxiliary units much smaller and less complicated than the O.M.G are placed in the outreaches of Bandle, such as the outskirts, in order to widen the field of the illusion.* *These act like amplifiers, picking up the signal from the O.M.G and extending them out all the way to the forestline, ensuring that everything contained with in is well concealed by the illusion it throws up. An illusion which tricks those outside of the city into seeing a continuation of only forest and nothing more. Two massive sentinel structures stand on either side of the crystal, matching its size, which competes against the surrounding edifices of Keiron circled around them.* **β…‘. Portals** *Humans occasionally, accidentally, stumble upon a portal which thrusts then into the "utopian" city of Bandle. Not always; sometimes they can be transported to other locations as well. These portals are sporadic and occur naturally; they cannot be controlled, as the yordles have tried and failed. Yordles have yet to figure out the circumstances where portals are created from. All they know is that they are generated by the energies of the land, as they always tend to pop up somewhere along a leighline. (A leighline is a channel of pure energy underneath Runeterra's surface; like a vein in a human body so to speak, and the "energy" its blood.)* *Yordles are able to sense if a portal is nearby, especially ones connected to Bandle as they hold a familiar energy signature, allowing yordles to bounce across Runeterra with much more ease. Yet these portals, produced by the whimsy of Valoran's energies, can even trick a yordle, disappearing the moment it tries to pass through it.* **β…’. Currency** *10 Copper = 1 Silver.* *100 Silver = 1 Gold.* *Yordles use three minted coins as currency; coppers, silvers, and gold. Sometimes referred to as "coppies, sillies and gollies." On one side of these coins, Bandle's crest appears embossed, while the other describes the figure of the current mayor, Jadefellow.*
: Bandle City
>#[ β„™π•†π•€β„•π•‹π•Š 𝕆𝔽 π•€β„•π•‹π”Όβ„π”Όπ•Šπ•‹ ] **β… . Junkyard** *RPer: Ask Rumble / GM Rumble.* [Thread](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/roleplaying/qkiOw1EK-the-junkyard-workshop-ask-rumble?show=flat&page=4)) *The old junkyard of Bandle City lies tucked away inside the Bandle Forest, taking up a large, cleared area. About a mile away from the farmlands or any civilization, it is not incorporated into the disguising field of the Optotronic-Magitechnical Generator. A high and sturdy iron fence surrounds the property, the clear view through the metal bars obstructed by wooden boards and corrugated metal sheets, while the large, heavy gate almost intendedly makes a rather deterring impression.* *The scrapyard is a secluded place almost forgotten, since decades ago it has been declared closed after reaching its capacity limits, and a new, smaller one closer to the city has been established. Now nature is slowly taking back the rusting mountains of scrap from countless discarded projects and gadgets beyond repair. All the stuff piled up during many years of utilization left only narrow pathways across the premises to safely wander about.* *In the middle of a clearing right in the center of the junkyard stands a small, ramshackle brick building, formerly used as a workplace for the keepers of this place. Now however, a new occupant had taken over some time ago…* **β…‘. Veigar's Hideout** *RPer: Master of Evils / GM Madou.* [Thread](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/roleplaying/0542g49o-s-s-under-construction) *Nestled away from Bandle, away from the farmlands and forests, was the practically impassable mountain range of the Sablestone. It was there where Veigar decided to make a hideout for himself. There is no need for it to be concealed by the Optotronic-Magitechnical Generator's illusionary bubble for it is concealed with his own spellwork. He had picked out a cavern and placed an illusion at its entrance, making it appear as though no cavern existed there at all. One would meet with the sight and feel of stone should anyone happen to come across it.* *Not that someone should even attempt to go inside the dark hideaway; with a vicious villain lurking inside..* **β…’. Lulu's Treehouse** *RPer: RealFaeLulu.* [Thread](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/roleplaying/sA53tnEM-lets-put-on-our-thinking-caps-ask-lulu) *Lulu, having been banished from Bandle City, found a home in the Bandle Forests. If you had a keen eye you would notice a tree with a slight purple glow near the center of said Forests. Her magic allows the house to take whatever form she wants on the interior while the tree trunk keeps its half meter diameter. The portal to the Glade is also nearby, but its location will not be disclosed, for your safety.*
: Bandle City
>#[ π•†π•Œπ•‹π•Šπ•€π”»π”Ό 𝔹𝔸ℕ𝔻𝕃𝔼 ] **β… . Suburbia** *The sparsely populated outskirts of Bandle City appear as a quaint countryside idyll. Lush grass and large, flourishing trees dominate the landscape. Unpaved paths connect the mostly small, half-timbered cottages of the inhabitants, although a more unique style of building of freethinking individuals can be seen on occasion. Picturesque treehouses and thatched wooden huts pepper the neighborhood as well as some larger, two-story brick buildings which allow the residents to savor a splendid view on this part of town.* *Brightly colored flower arrangements adorn many windows, and a great part of houses feature their own miniature garden for growing fruits and vegetables for personal use. Those who don’t can satisfy their needs at small stalls dotting the streets, run directly by the producing farmers. There is no way to buy fresher food, unless directly plucking it from the fields.* *Life is generally easy, quiet and peaceful on the city borders… if none of the mischievous kids is making a ruckus again.* **β…‘. Farmlands** *The fertile soil and all-permeating magic in Bandle City are blessings for everyone choosing to grow crops or start a plantation on the plains around the town limits. Though most farmers only cultivate a rather small patch of land, there are dozens who take care of their own little farm, resulting in bountiful harvests and a rich variety of produce.* *There are a few ranches in Bandle City which provide eggs and milk, while all meat brought to the most exquisite (and costly) kitchens is hunted in the expansive forests in the north and west. The houses are typically built of wood or clay, and only few farms feature a wooden fence around their premises.* *The fruits, grains and vegetables grow quick and rarely are of less than exceptional quality. Their taste is enriched and amplified by the magic of the lands, and any non-Yordle trying them will most likely experience an intoxicating flavor more intense than anything they tried before.* **β…’. Bandle Forest** *Beyond Bandle City, beyond its suburbs and vast plains where the farmlands reside begins the forest, extending all the way to the Sablestone Mountains. This sea of thick verdant green is inhabited by many creatures such as the wild and carnivorous borengs, the size of a fully grown ox, gnashing its teeth on the bark of trees to indicate its territory to other animals. The forest is by no means safe to trek without either survival training or a guide as it is very possible to get lost and turned around in. Feral animals are always a threat, even innocent-looking flora can be incredibly dangerous if brushed upon.* *There are tiny treehouse cabins used mostly by military serving as outposts, allowing them to take breaks during their forest patrols.* **β…£. Sablestone Mountains** *The rugged stone walls are of a brownish color, intermitted by harsh, narrow cliffs. Not a single tree has succeeded to dig their roots into the steep, rocky crags, and on the greatest heights, not the slightest trace of flora or fauna can be found. But even in the most dangerous places, there is always a way leading across, and the Sablestone Mountains are no exception. However, it takes an expert climber well prepared for such an expedition to even remotely hope for success, and even then injury or death are just a misstep away.*
: Bandle City
>#[ β„π”Όπ•Šπ•€π”»π”Όβ„•π•‹π•€π”Έπ•ƒ π”»π•€π•Šπ•‹β„π•€β„‚π•‹π•Š ] **β… . Upper Class Districts** *High societal yordles, spiffy, donning the latest fashion wear usually consisting of brightly colored fabrics and feathers. Bejeweled with gems and crystals found locally. The more unique attire is typically reserved for those of a higher status. They live lavish lives, not much concerned with spreading their wealth or giving back to the community. Only that they stand out is their highest concern. The latest tech and magic could always be found in their manors and mansions, making things much more convenient for them, hardly ever needing to lift a finger.* * **Mane:** *A golden gated community settled right beside Bandle Square.* * **Ralinan:** *A long shore promenade lined with villas.* **β…‘. Middle Class Districts** *Most of the yordle population is comprised of the middle class; hard-working folk with usually their own specialties. Some struggle to climb the social ladder whereas others are content just where they are. They are surrounded by the hustle and bustle, living in the madness of their busy districts. Some say this is where the essence of Bandle can be found. They waddle along early in the morning to setup vendors and sell their wares; dressed in a combination of flashy and dull garments.* * **Demire:** *A large residential district known for their proficiency in the culinary arts, chefs constantly contracted by Mane/Ralinan.* * **Keiron:** *Medium-sized district specializing in all things related to *Magicka.* Home to the *Optotronic-Magitechnical Generator* (See General Facts for info.) * **Veld:** *A large district known for their entertainment, such as theatre, and art.* **β…’. Low Class District** *Yordles with bland hand-me-down clothing scurry along the dirt paths of Bandle. Some of them are workers; janitors for public establishments, garbage collectors, and so on, while others spend their days panhandling for coin. There are not many low class residents, and they are not all upset about their current standing either. Yordles do not require nourishment; and so many yordles don't mind their situation, so long as they have a decent enough bed to sleep on at night. Others are not happy at all with where they're at, looking up to the brilliant richer folk and craving a similar lifestyle. Not very many yordles are homeless.* * **Neurth:** *Tenement houses line the streets, packed with yordles, teetering on the edge of what's comfortable to most.*
: Bandle City
>#[ 𝕄𝔸𝕀ℕ ℂ𝕀𝕋𝕐 π”»π•€π•Šπ•‹β„π•€β„‚π•‹π•Š ] **β… . City Square** *The main plaza of Bandle City, Bandle Square, is town center, seat of the town hall, the government and administrative bodies, meeting place, cultural center, and the city’s main recreational area all at once. It is the most visited place of all the city, and you won’t find a better chance to randomly meet people from every part of the town.* *Food stands sell hot and cold snacks and drinks, while artists show off their work and skills in front of the impressively large fountain right in the center of the plaza. Only at night, when the city is sound asleep, you will find the town square empty and almost disconcertingly quiet.* **β…‘. Market Street** *Located in the dense center of Bandle City and being directly connected to the town square, there is almost nothing you cannot buy in one of the most crowded streets of the Yordle capital. Large, usually multi-story buildings string together and let the cobbled road appear like a canyon of consumption.* *The Market Street offers not only shops and stalls of all kinds and variations, but also taverns and restaurants which offer the greatest variety of sensual pleasures around. Clothes, weapons, armor, groceries, accessories, furniture, tools, materials, alchemical ingredients and magical items - the courteous and helpful shopkeepers are eager to fulfill any wishes, and only those with the most special needs will leave this place unsatisfied.* *In Market Street, you can really feel the pulse of the city.* **β…’. Industrial District** *A large expanse of dug up land provides avid engineers and mechanics a platform for which to pile all their zany projects onto. Projects which consist from anything small to large, from a tactical toaster featuring a window spike or the great "symbol of cooperation," the Mothership, which towers over all. The massive metal rocket-like gizmo of unknown purpose or origin stands proudly in the middle of the district, with smaller projects sprinkled about all around it.* *Anyone with a proper license has their own space to work, with several restrictions mostly pertaining to certain powders being mixed together due to past explosions. Explosions that have left an indelible mark on the area, scorching the earth in these fantastical blow-up patterns marked across the floor.* **β…£. Harbor** *Small, wooden boats gently rock in the calm water of the docks. Colorfully painted sails featuring family crests of their respective owners unfurl as they embark into the Guardian's Sea to return with a good haul of fish, at least that is the hope. Many vessels find shelter here, protected from rough waters by the two long wooden piers which extend into the ocean on either side, multiple strips piecing in between, allowing owners to reach their crafts safely.* *The stone-made marina features an on-site fish market on one of the piers, bearing the freshest fish one could possibly purchase. The other pier is mainly used by fishermen, leaning their rods against the wooden handrails. The area is surveyed and monitored by a naval force, whose ships are considerably larger than the typical wooden boats owned by civilians.*
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>#[ β„π•Œπ•ƒπ”Όπ•Š ] β… . **Follow the [Universal](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/site-feedback/QMLzFo0N-universal-rules-updated-6242014) and [Community](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/roleplaying/owK1mAtE-community-rules-guidelines-for-the-future) Rules** *Do it. Don't be a potato like Mayor Jadefellow.* β…‘. **OOC Posting** *Please, for the love of all things yordley, keep these to a minimum. We prefer it if you only include ooc comments at the bottom of your roleplay post. We do not wish to see pages full of ooc posts. If you wish to communicate with another player, ask them for their information or speak to them in the separate OOC thread. That is what it is there for! OOC posting takes away from our roleplay fun so please, keep it to a minimum.* β…’. **Title Post with Location** *Bandle's a pretty big place y'know. Slap a location at the top of that post. Do it, just do it. I know you want to.* β…£. **We Operate with the Updated Yordle Lore** *The heck does that mean? That means yordles are now considered to be "mythical creatures" and Bandle is no longer out in the open. Humans aren't able to reach the city through conventional means.* β…€. **EVERYONE IS ALLOWED TO VISIT BANDLE** *As mentioned last post, Bandle is now hidden, but that doesn't deny you access to it. If you are not a yordle you can still get into the city by stumbling through a portal, be creative!* β…₯. **Feel free to add us on Discord!** *We don't have a server, though that may change in the future, but we do have a chat! Add Madou#7225 for an invite to the Bandle chat!* β…¦. **All high-ranking positions in Bandle's military and government must be applied for.** *Anything above soldier status is controlled by us GMs. If you desire to be, say, a captain of the Scouts or a general of the Gunners, you must first confer with us. These characters must be accepted before posting. (Basically, we just want to ensure you're not giving your character too much power and taking control over an entire branch of the military / government.)*
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>#[ π”Έβ„•β„•π•†π•Œβ„•β„‚π”Όπ•„π”Όβ„•π•‹π•Š ] *3/9/18 - This thread is now officially open!* >#[ π”Όπ•π”Όβ„•π•‹π•Š ] *No events currently happening at this time.* *~~It ain't even open yet ya dingus.~~ It totally is now!*
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# **THIS THREAD HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY CLOSED!** > *As of 9-29-2016. Thanks for the fun y'all! > If anyone wishes to use anything from the front page, **please give proper credit!***
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> [{quoted}](name=JondorHoruku,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=AbPLBUZM,comment-id=002d,timestamp=2016-08-21T22:43:12.438+0000) ------- >**Veigar's Lair ll Study Den** >**✸ Afternoon** -* Chilly, 50°F* Naturally a Master of Evil would have *no* manners to speak of at all! He cared none for visitors, as only once had he had a visitor which proved to be worthwhile. One which went by the name of 'Beckett,' though Veigar referred to him as a 'lowly walking corpse,' never one to use actual names. Using names suggested having respect for the other, which Veigar had none for anyone until earned, and there were so far none of which who had done so. Names also implied a sort of closeness which Veigar also protested, as he was not close with anyone, and would deny being so. The trap which the elder yordle had triggered was certainly not one of his, as traps laid out by the Master of Evil were created by pure wizardry. Only perceived by those who had an eye for the type of magic energy used, in this case corrupted cosmic energy, which was an impossibility by even some of the most acclaimed sorcerers. The fact that he, Veigar, was able to call down this cosmic energy which swirled within the deepest reaches of space and corrupted it, was something which many outright rejected and refused to believe. Outer space has been as of yet to be explored, so for anyone other than an Aspect of Targon or the Celestial Dragon himself to be able to touch upon its energies seemed too far-fetched to be considered as truth. Even as a Yordle, a race whom all held within them an amount of innate magic, would not be able to perceive this corrupted cosmic energy without an expert level of attunement. Yet these unseen traps that were fitted with this corrupted cosmic energy had been currently disabled, for otherwise those who the elder employed to carry him from the base of the mountain to the ledge where Lulu's dangling legs gave away his location, would have been flung into the air mid-climb. As these traps fitted with corrupted cosmic energy were designed to, as soon as they are touched upon by living entities not including critters (the first week he stayed here, squirrels would constantly trigger these traps, to which he had to reconfigure the incantations placed upon them, so squirrels were constantly being flung into the air. A hilarious sight, but cumbersome to constantly reapply these traps) were to attach themselves to these entities and attempt to rejoin the cosmic energies back in space. It wouldn't be able to bring those it attached themselves to all the way up to space, but high enough, far above the tree tops, only for it to lose their grips and cause them to fall perilously. Fortunately, due to Lulu's coming, these traps had been temporarily disabled, allowing the elder to only concern himself with the arduous climb to the ledge. A climb which was a challenge well on its own, but one he did not exactly have to face thanks to his hired helpers. The knocks came again, more insistent this time. Loud enough even to match the volume of Veigar's voice, reverberating down the long tunnel only to reach the irritated Master's ears within his study. The dent created by such harsh rapping constantly repaired itself, as it would be foolish to simply have a brittle door to keep outsiders *outside.* The traps, the climb, the location, and the door all served to prevent one from barging into his lair without his permission. He could either choose to ignore this elder, whose presence alone infuriated him like no tomorrow, implying that his powers were so underestimated that even this aged Yordle felt safe in his company. But the rapping only continued, and would no doubt continue lest he do something. **"RRRGH!"** he lashed out, swiping the nearby wall with his claws, but the marks, just like the dents created in the door, would disappear. Instead of trekking all the way back up the tunnel for the second time today, as the mage absolutely hated wasting his time with walking, he turned to his power, sparing him of the trouble. Swiftly his form was swallowed up by swirl of palatinate and dark purples, as if a tear had been formed in the air, only to spiral to its epicenter as soon as Veigar was within. Once again reappearing, this swirl, behind the entrance door to the forest of Bandle. He stepped forth, staring at the aged oak once more, yet made no move to open it. Why would he welcome this old coot into his lair? He would gain nothing beneficial from it. A further waste of time. At least with Lulu's visit, it had been arranged so that he would never have to see her face again. But that conversation took a lot out of the mage. He was left incensed by it, in an even more irritable mood than usual, unfortunately for Deej. **"Who DARES disturb the Master of Evil!?"** he hollers from behind the door, hoping to put an end to those maddening knocks upon the door. He was aware of one other 'guest' being about, who had yet to announce their presence on their own. Hopefully they wouldn't choose to announce it in the way that this old man had.
: > [{quoted}](name=GM Yordle,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006f0000,timestamp=2016-08-11T23:37:16.741+0000) > > ----- > > Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ Afternoon - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) Gnar had been seated next to Harkis lobbing planes at the male receptionist when a certain commotion had begun to catch his ear coming from the entrance of the building. Given his curious nature he immediately wanted to check it out but hesitated until he watched Harkis chuck a plane down the hall, point at him then take off. He interpreted this as them going to fetch the plane but Gnar could get lost on the way? right? He bolted off on all fours following Harkis as soon as he left, with Daniels trailing behind doing what he could only assume was explaining the situation or getting Harkis, himself and herself a free pass to go see what was going on. Nevertheless something was going on outside the building and he would see what. As Gnar followed Harkis he knocked over various things along the way. Some by accident and some on purpose. Perhaps it was him expending some energy that he had been forced to bottle in that silly chair room. No matter, he was free now and planned on doing what he pleased. If the silly leader wanted to see him he would find Gnar himself instead of forcing him to play the waiting game, or the alternative Gnar would find him himself. After finding or doing whatever it was that Harkis was doing though the more likely scenario where he would be dragged back by the two accompanying him, or so he thought. As they carried on though it seemed they were not in fact exploring the situation that seemed to have arisen outside, but instead heading deeper into the establishment. This confused but also interested Gnar quite a bit so he played along. As they progressed deeper they say fewer friendly faces and more tired workers. It was clear that the people here were wearing no facades and were in fact just doing work. They were not paid to talk to people or introduce the building, there were the laborers cleaning on one side of the hallway and through windows yordles signing colorless papers much unlike the ones Gnar had seen in the chair room. He paid these things no mind continuing to follow Harkis, though now he was sticking much closer to him. This place was creepy and was giving Gnar chills. It was no longer the chair room where everyone seemed bored but now it was a weird place where everyone seemed official. It had been a while since they had gotten the plane and continued on, so Gnar had come to the conclusion that Harkis had some other agenda. When they paused for a moment taking a break, Gnar could not help but contemplate whether or not he had just made a mistake but immediately shook that thought out of his head. His company would not let him break many rules or they would get in trouble so he just decided to trust Harkis who was leading him and Daniels who was just now catching up. It was time for an adventure and from the look on Harkis' face it seemed like he had a plan.
> [{quoted}](name=PleaseAskGnar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006f00000000,timestamp=2016-08-12T23:45:55.672+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Town Hall >✸ *Afternoon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) Harkis, followed by Gnar, followed by Daniels, navigated through Town Hall in order to find the elected head of their City. They had spent enough time waiting in the lobby. Whatever was keeping Jadefellow couldn't be more important than this, a young, unidentified creature with many Yordle similarities. Already the City was abuzz with news about the adorable creature that had been found just outside their gates. If Jadefellow wanted to earn more points with the public before the elections next week, he better act fast on this before his competitor did! Of course they were aware of the arrival of the Aeho whom had arrived only yesterday, and most likely the mayor was busying himself with those matters, but surely the Aeho were settled enough. They didn't require Jadefellow's immediate attention like their little guy here, who was in desperate need of a check-up by a physician. What if he was hurt? What if he was sick and they didn't know it? **"This way,"** Harkis called, taking a sharp right down into another hall. **"Harkis... Harkis! You sure you know where you're going?"** Daniels, who had been following him for several minutes now, started to question whether or not this gate guard knew where the mayor's office was even located. He seemed to based upon his pace, which never faltered, continuing on steady and fast. **"Yes! It's.. this way."** he replied, taking them down yet another corridor. Well, at the very least, the little guy was able to stretch his legs. And, even though they could very well get in trouble for this, it was certainly amusing to say the least. It made Daniels feel almost like a kid again. And of course it was Harkis who would be leading the way in this childish adventure. Even if he may not actually know where the office was located, she couldn't help but smile. She had to stop herself from laughing, not wanting to gain the attention of those located within the offices that they were passing up, nor did she want it to be known how much she was enjoying this. It was atypical of her lifestyle, which was for the most part strict and structured, whereas this fell far outside the lines. That was the thing about Harkis. Even though he was a lazy slob, when something concerned what he most cared about, he didn't hesitant to take a stand. Even if it betrayed the rules, even if those around went against him, he would *do* something. Daniels had to admire this trait of his.. but he certainly didn't fit the standard profile of a Bandle Force officer. Perhaps it was because of his lack of hesitation to do what was right which allowed him to sign on as an officer in the first place, despite his indolence. But man, could it hurt to groom himself every once in awhile? She could have sworn he saw some twigs snagged in the fur around his neck. That and, the more they went on, the more she realized that her partner had absolutely no idea where he was going. She allowed it to continue for awhile though since, she wouldn't admit it, but she was having fun with this. But they were going to be caught sooner or later if this kept on. **"Oof!"** Harkis, who had been too amped up about finding the mayor's office, had finally gotten himself into trouble as he took yet another sharp turn, only to collide into a formally dressed female worker. **"S-Sorry, kind of in a hurry, didn't see you there--"** Harkis began sputtering out apologies, hoping that, whoever it may be, wouldn't question their presence. **"Move out of my way!"** she barked at him, pushing up her frameless spectacles, sending him an icy glare before side-stepping the officer and proceeding onward. She was unusually dressed, at least for their standards, much too formal of an attire. Something which was more commonplace within official establishments in Piltover, though in Bandle, things were much more lax. But she was quick to dismiss them, seeming to be in a hurry for some reason judging by the pace of her clicking heels. **"Geez.. well, at least we can continue."** That was indeed a close call. Perhaps it was a good time for them to start heading back. Clearly they weren't getting anywhere, and there wasn't any way they could ask anyone for directions either, as they would only force them back to the waiting lobby. The adventure was fun, but, it was time to bring it to an end. **"Harkis, I think we should---"** **"Halt!"** The booming voice commanded, freezing the two officers almost immediately. They turned slowly to the source of the voice, a tall, burly yordle wearing tinted glasses to obscure his eyes and a formal suit. The Men in Black attire was off-putting and severely strange, even coming from Town Hall, where employees were permitted to wear comfortable yet semi-professional clothing. None however chose to wear such official suits as this man, save for the one receptionist Harkis had previously run into, but she was considered to be an oddball among most. His appearance demanded for attention and bolstered his authority. Harkis and Daniels exchanged glances before returning their gaze to this intimidating male whom stood down the hall to their right. Looks like they were finally caught. Harkis was more than willing to give everyone a piece of his mind, about the injustice of keeping the poor kid out in the lobby waiting for almost an eternity when he *should* be settling into the City. Daniels' mind was going a mile a minute, racing to try to piece together some sort of excuse for being this deep into Town Hall. Something, anything. Looking for a bathroom? No, that wouldn't work. Still trying to find the airplane? No, absolutely not, no way the paper airplane could have flown down *this* far.. oh maker. They were going to get it, weren't they? All she could do now was brace for impact. They were going to be scolded, no doubt, possibly even put on probation for this, or worse, fired. It was over. Time to just surrender and---. **"...we've been expecting you. We're ready to receive the device."** The two officers blinked, each of them not expecting that sort of response. Perhaps he was talking to someone else. You couldn't really tell where he was looking since he was wearing tinted glasses, but they were the only ones there, and he was looking in their general direction. It had to be them. **"Uhh... Harkis? What the heck is he talking about...?"** Daniels muttered through gritted teeth, trying not to move her lips so much for the guard down the hall to notice her speaking. **"No idea.."** **"Come. The sooner it's started, the better."** There was definitely some sort of mistake here. They didn't come to deliver no stinkin' device to this incredibly suspicious guy, whose ripped muscles could even be seen through his tight suit. Looked just about ready to rip if he dared to move even the slightest bit. **"Is he talkin' about the little guy?!"** Harkis whispered. **"No, look! Over there on the ground."** Daniels pointed over at Harkis' feet, to which he followed and found a rather blocky and substantial gadget laying on its side nearby. He bent over and picked it up, which wasn't exactly light, requiring him to hold it with both paws. He attempted to inspect it as much as he could, having some difficulty turning it over, but hadn't the slightest clue as to what it was. Could be some weapon for all he knew. Certainly didn't look familiar, not anything he's seen. **"This thing...?"** **"Quit lollygagging and get over here!"** Harkis looked down to the creature, who he now called 'little guy,' as it was more affectionate and less.. scientific sounding than 'creature' was. He had no idea what on Runeterra was going on, but it would be more trouble if they resisted. Still, his priority was keeping the little guy safe, and he didn't trust this guy in a suit. Who would trust this guy in a suit? Why the heck was he in a suit!? **"What do you think little guy, wanna go see what's up?"** Sure the little guy didn't have any idea of what was going on either, but if the tyke didn't feel comfortable, then Harkis didn't want to force him to come along. This seemed like some real shady business here. Some mystery man in a suit asking to receive some peculiar device, one that the woman who had collided into him earlier must have dropped. You think she would have noticed dropping such a hefty gadget, but seeing how quick she was to rush down the hall, she was most likely too distracted with time constraints to care.
: Bandle City
> [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006e00000000,timestamp=2016-08-11T01:33:13.941+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Town Hall >✸ *Afternoon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) The receptionist was quick to pull away from this point of contention, as evidently she was out numbered as many rallied to the Aeho's aid. She had always been viewed as a professional, a systematic and coordinated sort who required things to be just so, and handled things in an efficient and effective manner. But this blunder, as many would see it as, would skew the opinions of many of her. In their eyes she had earned a bit of stigma from this ordeal as she, unfairly and unjustly, tried to force the giantess foreigner to crawl upon her hands and knees in such degrading fashion all the way to the mayor's office. Unacceptable. Absolutely appalling behavior, but it was the receptionist who made sure to follow the mayor's words exactly. She was to bring the Aeho to him. What was wrong with having to crawl? Honestly, in her opinion, it wasn't their responsibility to make things more comfortable for their taller guests. Bandle City was the homeland of *Yordles* after all, so naturally their buildings, furniture, and even food portions would be much smaller. Outsiders who came to visit Bandle shouldn't expect them to change their way of life just to make their stay just a bit more *pleasant.* But that was neither here nor there. Her opinion on the matter wasn't of a concern. She could not bring the Aeho to the mayor as she had been asked to do, so she chose the next best thing. The dangling device adorning the foreigner's horn had caught her eye the first she spotted the Captain at the Hya-Hyas. She assumed that that was the device which their foolish navy squadron had broken, which it had appeared to be so, judging from the fissures emanating from the source of impact. She couldn't go back to the mayor empty handed, she realized after a few steps away from the scene. Ririnea was glad to see the woman go, mildly incensed that she would have their foreign guest crawl like a worm just so that their precious mayor, his appellation soon to be pulled away from him either temporarily or permanently depending upon the upcoming election, wouldn't have to get his portly frame off his throne. A throne which, thanks to his visit to Delovas, was going to be exchanged for another much more similar to the Captain's chair. **"Wait."** the receptionist called, turning to face their Aehoian guest and her tour guide, whom glowed dangerously at her. Ririnea dared her to try to disrespect Krizonar again. She wouldn't allow it. Initially she had thought that perhaps Krizonar would be able to get by with a bend, but she could not. When Krizonar moved to get onto her hands and knees, Ririnea's heart broke. And then for her friend to attempt to crawl, even while carrying several styrofoam boxes tucked underneath her arm, no doubt suffering other difficulties from her dress as well. She wanted the Aeho to be able to stand again, quick to motion her back to the door when the receptionist had them stop once more. Those who had risen from their seats to speak against this injustice watched her carefully, ready to speak out against her. To hush her down and allow the Aeho to remove herself. **"I should bring with me the device so that its restoration can begin."** she, with her frameless spectacles, pushed them back up her snout with a finger, while her free hand pointed to the dangling device from Krizonar's horn. Perhaps it was her attempt to show goodwill to the Aeho as she looked to her, attempting to communicate with these gestures just as Ririnea had. She didn't make to remove it herself, waiting for the permission to do so, wary of the reaction she would garner if she were to remove it without doing so. Only when the Aeho gave some sort of indication that it was permissible, be it with a nod or a slight bow of her head to make acquisition easier, did the receptionist move to remove the gadget, having to lift herself onto her toes even with her pointed heels giving her a boost in height. She nodded afterwards, leaving the Aeho in Ririnea's care. Ririnea couldn't believe the receptionist's behavior, as she could very well have taken the translator back at the Hya-Hyas and left them to continue eating in peace. But she, as much as it bothered her, knew that there was no point through a fit about it. At least for now, as she would surely bring up this matter concerning the receptionist to the mayor as soon as he could grab a hold of his ear. Her idiosyncrasies of following the mayor's words verbatim is what ultimately caused issue as she, even when forcing the Aeho to contort herself just in order to get into the building, saw no wrong in this. But she was glad when she could finally usher Krizonar from Town Hall. Oh how she wished she could apologize to her in her Aehoian speak, though she did the best she could to communicate her regret of her failure, of the offense made to her. She would rub her thumb with hers, running it along down her bony digit to as high as she could manage, which was just about up to her knuckle joint before squeezing it lightly. The tour, for now, was over, but at least Krizonar was able to see just a bit of their City while on the way to Town Hall. Which, now that Ririnea thought about it, the mayor should have just taken the device from her when he had his meeting with her yesterday. Why had he not done so? Perhaps there was something about delivering the device in person. It was broken already anyhow, but perhaps it was a piece of tech which the Captain, having only just met the Yordles, still held value in, thus didn't trust the Yordles enough to depart with it. Who knows? But there was no point in wondering now that it was all settled with. Memore, who had been cooped up in Jadefellow's office debriefing him on what was more of a sightseeing trip as opposed to a tour, skipped out of Town Hall and joined his partner suddenly. The gang was back together, Ririnea squealing with glee. Once again they would be able to enjoy another trip together, this time back to the port where they would have the Captain settle back into her ship while her translator was being repaired. And on their way to the behemoth-of-a-ship, by Memore's suggestion, a little ice cream to make their walk back just a little more pleasant. He took some styrofoam boxes so neither was too overburdened to enjoy the tasty treat, which she hoped Krizonar would find to be palatable as well. But the sweetness of the ice cream became overwhelmed by their bitter departure, as once they reached Delovas, there was no further reason for staying together. Even if the Aeho wasn't leaving Bandle City, the two tour guides had no idea if they would be allowed to meet with her again. Riri's, and even Memore's eyes welled up with tears, grasping onto her quietly as a part of them refused to release the giantess. The hardest part about being a tour guide was always the ending. After sharing such an adventure together, one which could not be forgotten. How nervous and reluctant Ririnea had been upon first meeting with the new race to, eventually, being let up on the Aeho's arm, seeing Bandle from an entirely new perspective. The sights they've seen, the food they've shared, the laughs they've had. Even if Krizonar hadn't laughed much, but her smile, warm and true, appeared more frequently. They were going to miss her.
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=JondorHoruku,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=BMNEqOby,comment-id=0c9b,timestamp=2016-08-19T11:47:49.315+0000) Hey there, thanks for your response. Truly appreciated, I wanna hear as many opinions as possible pertaining to this matter. I have a general idea of how I might be able to make changes with the current Bandle thread so that it is more in line with what Riot puts out for Bandle, which as you said, seems to be more akin to Lulu's Glade than any other established City-State. And, as I saw teased, seemed that those that are 'sorcerers' can get in, but of course I would be changing that so that *anyone* can visit Bandle if they so desire. Like a portal! Those things are still all up in the air because hey, nothin' is out yet. I was just wondering, once Riot puts out that new lore, am I obligated to follow their version of Bandle City as close as I possibly can? Not to worry, for it has always been my prerogative to do so, so perhaps this is an unnecessary concern. But if I did not make any changes to the thread, or made a complete overhaul to match Riot's new Bandle, wouldn't that be considered wrong, especially since I am claiming my Bandle thread to be canon? Ohohoho. You thinkin' about pickin' up that dirty Scout, eh? Well if ya do, I'm sure Veigar will give ya a nice 'welcome'... *by eating the rest of your leftovers in the fridge! Haha! So evil.* Also, I hope you're on Discord. We got a little yordle chat, that is, if you do end up grabbing that ~~cheese hamster of a--~~ *adorable* Champion. And, of course, you are more than welcome to participate in the Bandle thread, even if ya don't end up grabbin' the Teemo-meister.
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Howdy everyone, I wanted to pop in and ask the roleplay community here a question in regards to my [Bandle City](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/roleplaying/gjrNdvrK-bandle-city?show=flat) thread. As some already know, changes will be made in the future to the lore around Yordles and Bandle City. The day has not yet arrived of course, but I do want to be prepared for it. No decisions for the thread are being made now, I just have a few 'what ifs' that I wanted to address. Such as, *what if the updates they have for Bandle completely dismantles the previous one?* * Which, I mean, they didn't give us too much about Bandle City anyhow, but they did give us the foundations to work off of. However, if their update completely destroys the Bandle that we have set up, would it be wise to do a complete overhaul? To start completely anew? Because if I did not, then the current Bandle City would not actually be canon. And the RP community has a right to RP in a canon Bandle, so if I didn't make changes/update accordingly with Riot's new lore, then it would make sense if someone else decided to create another Bandle City thread, and make that one more in line with what Riot established. * **That is not to say that I don't want to make any changes, or will not consider starting the thread new.** It all depends really on the lore that Riot puts out. I think I'll be able to get my with just updating the thread I have now, but I might not. Unlike Champion threads, where the one who has ownership of a Champion can play their Champion using either old lore or new, in an actual CITY thread, it wouldn't seem fair to stick to the old lore, right? Because that is not *canon* in the world of Runeterra. And, it would also be unfair for me, the creator of the City thread, to decide upon something like this-- to judge what Bandle SHOULD be and what it SHOULDN'T be, when it is a place that I have no ownership of. And even if I did, it just doesn't seem right to make a decision that would influence the world of Runeterra like that. So the question becomes, would it be wrong to keep the Bandle City thread as is, even when Riot comes out with their new lore for it? **This is NOT saying that this will occur, for there is a very real possibility of me making changes to the thread / overhauling it so that it falls in line with Riot's lore.** But if it does, if perhaps the lore is.. less than generous. As the creator of this City thread, is it my responsibility to keep it as in line with Riot's lore as possible? Because then, if not, then what is stopping others from creating other Bandle City threads which are? Then would that not invalidate my own Bandle thread as a canon Bandle thread? Thoughts? Thanks for reading! -- Villain Veigar
: *'. . .'* *Rumble sat, head in paw, drumming the boredom of the hour against the table with idle fingers that had nothing better to do. He had an inventory of unremarkable quality, though for general purposes as far as he can foresee ought to prove competent. Town hall wasn't exactly a sanctioned bastion for the sciences, after all, and any specialty equipment he may need he cannot guess at given his predicament. So there he sat instead, the list of second-hand tools left in storage in front of him and his eyes on the door that trickled in light from above that instilled a bit of jealousy and anger toward the sham of a workspace he's forced to endure.* *The mildew smell was getting to him. An earlier attempt to crack one of the thin, rectangular windows lining ground-level ended with him ass end over on his back after the rickety ladder gave weigh under the effort, splintering to bits beneath him. He considered busting the window through with whatever he could find--- maybe a well-aimed wrench--- but Rumble lacked the desire to try, lest it cause more of a headache than it's worth.* *Then again, without anything to do but sit and stew in the stink, he may go a few shades crazy if Mayor Jadefellow and his escorts don't get here soon.*
> [{quoted}](name=PleaseAskGnar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006b000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-31T19:56:29.911+0000) > [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006e,timestamp=2016-08-03T14:03:54.152+0000) > [{quoted}](name=Rumble n Tristy,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006f,timestamp=2016-08-11T21:35:55.131+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ *Afternoon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) Such a lingering wait was building up frustrations in many, as one fabled menace considered smashing a window to relieve himself somewhat of the stench of mildew. Another, a prehistoric being still unknown as of yet, busying himself with the crafting and launching of several paper airplanes at the nearby male receptionist, to whom would flail each time the nose of each craft would butt up against his face before littering the perimeter of his desk. This wait stemmed from one source, one giantess whom finally appeared in the doors of Town Hall. Much to short for the foreigner to comfortably walk into. Unlike the Hya-Hyas restaurant, they offered no extra amount of ceiling space to accommodate for her height. Should she desire to enter, she would have to crawl, which was ludicrous. Business with humans used to be attended to on the steps leading up to Town Hall, can you imagine? Nowadays they have a small tent setup just outside of Town Hall, in the break between the two short flights of stairs leading to the building, where taller races could submit what needed submitting for their living needs. It was still inconvenient, especially during the hot summer months or the frigid winter months. There was no designated waiting area either, forcing them to wander about near the booth in a line while doing their best not to get in the way of those walking up the steps. Truly a hassle, one which they desperately needed to make accommodations for, but with protesting against any changes made to Town Hall, it was proving to be rather difficult. But, for now, it would have to suffice. Yet instead of being brought to this temporary booth, Krizonar, along with her friendly tour guide and receptionist leading the way, was brought straight up to Town Hall's doors. Yet the receptionist had thought nothing of it. The mayor had asked her to escort their Aeho guest to Town Hall so that he may see her, and she was doing just that. She was fulfilling what had been asked of her. But she'll admit, seeing the Aeho standing in front of the doors now, she realized getting her inside was not going to be as simple as she once thought. And as for Ririnea, the one who had vowed to keep Krizonar safe and comfortable, had failed to realize how uncomfortable it would be for the Aeho to bend herself over backward just to get into one of their buildings. Perhaps it was because she was not as prideful, also lacking the perspective from someone tall being surrounded by beings much smaller by comparison. It became painfully clear however when she witnessed the Aeho's struggle to fit, first going to limbo as she first assumed she would, only to deem the measure unfavorable before trying an alternative. She wasn't happy, clearly she wasn't happy. The way Krizonar even just stood there momentarily at the double doors was enough to express this. She didn't want to enter this small building, and despite the circumstance, Ririnea did not want to force Krizonar to do something she did not want to do. Yet the receptionist leading them was certainly happy to, so long as she was able to get the mayor to successfully meet with the Aeho. **"Whoa, whoa!"** An employee objected to this, as many others did, a group of workers coming to stand and approach the trio. They didn't institute a rule which forbade foreigners from entering Town Hall, however, just like with Krizonar, it would be incredibly uncomfortable, *painful* even, for them to do so. It wasn't right to force anyone to endure this, and these yordles were more than willing to speak up on behalf of this injustice. They approached them, cautiously, even if they didn't realize that the foreigner was not familiar with their language. For them to suddenly come at her would put anyone at unease. Harkis and Daniels, along with the rest of their escort company, watched this spectacle from the waiting lobby just off to the side of the entrance, yet only Harkis had been struck with a mighty brilliant idea from this. As the employees of Town Hall protested against forcing the Aeho to crawl about the building, Harkis, who previously had been having fun pelting one of the male receptionists with planes with Gnar as his accomplice, threw a plane down into a nearby hallway. It flew out of sight, and when it did, Harkis got up out of his seat. A miracle had occurred, the aloof and lazy Harkis had exerted some amount of energy on his own accord. He looked down at Gnar for a moment and pointed down the hallway in hopes that he would follow before starting in that direction, to which Daniels responded in kind. She gestured at Gnar to follow as well, if he had not been doing so already. Daniels had been quick to pick up on Harkis' plan, and would not have followed along with it if she had not been so eager to get Gnar checked out by a doctor and settled into Bandle. **"Wait, where are you two going?"** the leader of their group inquired, whereas Harkis continued along, Daniels paused to reply. **"Harkis got a little carried away and threw a paper airplane out.. and the little guy seems to like to follow him. Don't worry, I'll make sure they don't get lost."** Their leader wasn't quick to nod, narrowing his eyes in slight suspicion, but approved nonetheless due to Daniels' reputation. It was an excuse at least to stretch the legs, and the bundle of energy seemed to be losing his mind. Hopefully that was incentive enough for the little guy to follow along. Harkis was set on finding the mayor and getting his approval pronto to get things going, and Daniels was right behind him on that front. Meanwhile, back near the entrance, Ririnea felt absolutely horrible for putting Krizonar through this. She put a paw upon Krizonar's shoulder and gave it a gentle pat before gesturing back over to the exit. The commotion these employees threw made Ririnea feel like a terrible tour guide. How could she allow that to happen? Even if it wasn't for very long. Making their guest get on their hands and knees and crawl? There's no way she could allow Krizonar to continue on like that, even if it is by the mayor's request! **"The mayor wishes to speak with her,"** the receptionist informed those whom had stood up in the Aeho's defense. **"Then he's gonna have to go outside! You can't just make her *crawl* like that!"** they piped up, all seeming to be in agreement. **"No way am I going to let my friend crawl all the way to the mayor's office!"** Ririnea added. **"We made it this far, the least he can do is meet us half way!"** she spoke as she turned for the door. **"Fine. Alright, alright, I will speak with him."** the steely receptionist offered, who no doubt would have kept pushing for Krizonar to crawl if it had not been for this sudden uproar. Geez.. it's not as if she told her to suck her lollipops or anything like that.. as the receptionist was well known for making lollipops that were too sweet, even for a yordle. It would be rather offensive to force *anyone* lick one of those. She didn't understand their outcry of injustice, but, acquiesced to the situation nonetheless and headed for the mayor's office.
Krizonar (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GM Yordle,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006c000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-27T17:53:51.494+0000) > > http://puu.sh/jHyrG/e47abdac77.jpg > Bandle City ll Hya-Hyas > Afternoon - Cool, light breeze 60Β°F At the sudden touch, she did look back downwards and off to her companion, the one guide remaining. Still unused to being touched, she remembered they did this often and moved past the built-in surprise. Not that she minded the touch, but that being touched with both hands had caused her to instinctively worry a little bit, as if the yordle needed support or something else. According to the voice and look of said yordle, however, she could quickly tell that that was not really the case. While not understanding the words, they weren’t worried at all. As she had expected, even with the serious demeanor of this new visitor, they hadn’t sensed anything from the oncomer and seemed to be on friendly terms. After a moment, when her guide began making motions, it was clear that perhaps, they had actually been speaking to her. She observed the motions, having already turned some, but not leaning down. While she was not quite sure what was transpiring, she did get the message that it was very likely someone even more well dressed. Maybe the mayor again? She had to wonder why, but he was indeed quite well and flashily dressed in their fashion, anyway. Her expression went from the somewhat blank it had been during the observation, to somewhat filled with emotion once again, as if she had vaguely figured out something. Perhaps that was where the male counterpart had gone already? She hoped she hadn’t held them up or anything, she had been eating quite a lot in comparison to what they had, but that was to be expected just due to the size difference, let alone intake levels after the fact. Her movement a little bit limited due to the ceiling and the chair she was sitting in, she did remain seated, for now, but after seeing her guide and another individual packing up the food to save it or move it, she began helping them, reaching with her arms over the table and handing them plates after their first few, making it easier for them, she hoped. Without much time passed, really, they were finished. The yordle proceeded to walk over to her and seem to lend a hand to her in the space she was in. Reaching out with her hand, she gripped the yordle’s hand softly within hers and took the offer, smiling. Exerting weight on it, however, both she and the yordle would find that it only jerked Ririnea forwards and didn’t move Krizonar at all, of which made her quickly stop before anything else happened. After looking at the yordle for a moment and her hand then moving to the yordle’s shoulder just in case they began falling, some moments went by. Then, something that hadn’t happened before occurred, Krizonar laughed for several moments, somewhat quietly and not too loud, as nothing she had done yet could be considered β€˜loud’, and used her other hand to push herself up. Everything quieted down as she leaned her head back in a limbo like fashion again, looking down her nose and slowly letting go of the yordle in the process. She took a step towards the guest, who seemed quite impatient. Krizonar, however, after having food and perhaps a silly incident occur, simply was looking between the two as best she could, her mood elated. It had been funny to her somewhat, and, really, she hoped it had built some trust by showing them just how different they really were but how neither side had done anything to the other besides a simple accident here and there. She lowered her arm some and patted it with her other, indicating an offer to aid in carrying the food boxes to wherever she would be led, likely to the large building seen earlier if the guide’s display of properness was true.
> [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006e,timestamp=2016-08-03T14:03:54.152+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Hya-Hyas >✸ *Afternoon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) Whether the Aeho had managed to translate remained unknown to the receptionist, yet despite having no evidence of her understanding, she had a feeling that, on some level, it was. It was not only the way in which RIrinea had articulated her message, but the way Krizonar handled herself afterward. Understood perhaps not the entirety of the message, but the gist of it. Not about her translator being fixed, or even who they were going to see exactly, which were the key components of her message, however, Krizonar understood that something was happening. More then that, they were going somewhere. More then that even, they were going to some place *important.* No, Ririnea was no Aeho translator, yet still she was able to have some communication with her. Not much considering they've only spent a few hours with one another, but yordles were able to, most often than not, pick up on other languages rather quickly. Scientists surmise that this has something to do with the fact that yordles are able to see into the infrared spectrum. Because they, as yordles, depend upon social interaction so much, that should they become isolated even in the dark, they have better chances at finding somebody to keep them company. As for picking up languages uniquely fast, they say it could be so that they can socialize with others and, hopefully, keep them in their presences for longer. Of course none of this had been proven but it was interesting to note. Just how important social interaction are to yordles, so much to the point where they have been given these extra sets of attributes in order to avoid being socially deprived. But that hardly seemed like an issue in the bustling City of Bandle, where everyone chatted up everyone, be them stranger or family. Packing the food had become a lot easier and a lot less time consuming for Ririnea when Krizonar had stepped in to help in passing her the plates. The receptionist had offered no boon to this effort, standing there idly by, still with the occasional impatient tapping of her heels. There was still quite an abundance of food so that Krizonar would have a lot to sample from, but also so that she might satisfy herself completely by being given these larger portions. Unfortunately their lunch was cut short, to be resumed no doubt over at Town Hall, where Memore would most like indulge in yet another helping of fritters and steak jams. When all had been packed away, with styrofoam boxes stacked high, Ririnea moved to help Krizonar up. The gesture had come about subconsciously, having offered her paw without much thought. She just wanted to aid the Aeho in rising from her seat. But as soon as she was pulled toward her, she, despite her best efforts in remaining planted where she stood, began to trip forwards. In that moment she had felt so guilty in this, that she had been unsuccessful in helping Krizonar. Rather, Krizonar ended up helping her, stopping her fall with a hold on her shoulder. But that guilt was not allowed to sink in in the slightest. The loud of laughter graced her ears and Ririnea beamed like no tomorrow. Her heart fluttered in her excitement, capturing every moment of this quiet laughter, as she too came to laugh as well. She gave the Aeho's hand a tight squeeze as she finally ascended from her seat, which groaned not in distress like it had earlier, but rather relief. The cushion she had sat upon had been imprinted with the outline of her buttocks and thighs. Once she removed the pressure off of it, it began to slowly expand, having been depressed for so long. **"Come now,"** the receptionist spoke up, not entirely sounding thrilled as she found their lack of haste to be rather unsavory. They were keeping the mayor waiting with their tomfoolery. **"Right, right,"** Riri offered, able to pick up on the woman's impatience. Yet she still wore a grin from ear to ear, enjoying this moment in her elevated state. The world seemed to be just a little bit brighter. Her happy haze hadn't ended, only paused at the appearance of the receptionist. She proffered several stacked syrofoam boxes to Krizonar when she held out a hand, making sure to thank her appropriately, even though the Aeho did not know the meaning. If there hadn't been so many boxes she would have carried them all, but upon trying, she realized that she would not have been able to see past the stack. The boxes, as well, were human-sized for their human visitors, and adequately contained all of their leftovers. It was the receptionist who took the lead, which had been Memore's job earlier. She also fulfilled the road as bodyguard, chasing away citizens with her piercing gaze as she demanded a distance between themselves and the Aeho. This was not for the same reasons as Memore, who had made sure Krizonar was not overwhelmed by persons and having her personal bubble invaded constantly, rather, curious citizens would constantly delay their walk toward Town Hall which the reception was not pleased with. The building was, unlike the Hya-Hyas, not human-sized. Though they had plans in the making to change this fact one day, such plans were constantly being delayed, especially due to protest. Town Hall was one of their first buildings. Naturally it had been improved upon over time, expanded and reinforced by stone as opposed to only wood, but it has not been touched since then. Many claim that it is a part of their history and should not be allowed to be further constructed upon, that it was a historical site and needed to be preserved. Others believe that Town Hall had once been constructed upon due to its needed change and that this time it was no different. Regardless of who wins, Town Hall would not be touched for a long awhile. That made things much more difficult for their human residents who needed to frequent Town Hall for their living purposes, and now, the acting Aeho ambassador. Ririnea would watch Krizonar, wondering if she would perform the same limbo-like maneuver to reduce her height. The sounds of shuffling papers and dings from yawpers all seemed to cease as they entered, the two guards standing at the doors taken aback by the sight. But they all knew who they were, lead by the receptionist still, who disregarded the sudden silence and gestured at the pair to follow. Not before making sure that the Aeho had successfully managed to enter the building, of course. No doubt she would be uncomfortable, uncomfortable still even when she does manage to find a seat, a seat that would most likely be the floor as they lacked any human-sized furnishings. Meanwhile, the mayor, still with Memore, was briefed further on their tour. In spite of the mishap involving Rumble, everything went smoothly, to the mayor's relief. Still, he felt the clock ticking. They needed to get that translator, pronto. He left Rumble down in that horrid basement for about thirty minutes now, which violated most working condition legislation. He could have sworn he saw spots of black mold down there..
: > [{quoted}](name=GM Yordle,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006b000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-21T00:15:00.709+0000) > > ----- > > Bandle City ll Bandle Square > ✸ Afternoon - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) Gnar was not going to be kidding himself, he could not count as high as the amount of squares on the ceiling because there was never any reason to where he was from. He could tell there was a lot of them though. The impatience was becoming more and more visible through his actions. The magazine the had been browsing through had lost a couple pages that had been turned into paper airplanes thrown towards the receptionist because he seemed to target of Harkis and Daniels' aggression. If one thing was certain it was that he knew aggression, but he would not act on it until he was sure what he was seeing on his two caretaker's faces was not just frustration. Frustration, that is what he felt right now. Never before had he been forced to wait this long for a meeting with a village leader, this was ridiculous! Perhaps they had more people here that required his attention but the village leader should not have all the people here sitting in a room, at least the room was not boring or people might actually go mad. After waiting this long Gnar began getting restless, normally he would spend some time throwing his boomerang but he could not even do that in this small place. The few things keeping him in his seat or even in this building at this point was the kindness of his two guards. Even the grouchy one seemed to voice and act on concern for the long wait. Admittedly one of the missing pages from the magazine mentioned prior had also gone into his mouth, since he wanted to know if it was edible. It was to a certain degree, but it tasted awful so he decided he would not try that again. He swallowed a small chunk of paper with an audible **"Bleuck!"** as he shook his head as if that would remove the taste. He took the magazine that had been mutilated, folded, thrown and eaten and tossed it back onto the table he had retrieved it from. Some sorry fool would be stuck with that being the only magazine left and the thought provoked a mischievous laugh from Gnar. After a little while he turned to Daniels and places a paw on the left pant leg of her uniform. He was confused what it was made out of and he needed something to pass the time. He rubbed it a bit, feeling various factors with his paws such as softness, hardness and thickness. This did not occupy him long though since he quickly determined it was not something he would wear or like so he turned to Harkis. On a more positive note the lazy one actually voicing concern came as a surprise to him, so much so that he was taken aback and forced to reevaluate him. This was the first point in which he sat still in the past dozen minutes. He sat there still, examining Harkis with his big eyes. Keeping his eyes on Harkis' face he poked him with his boomerang, not hard whatsoever but in a certain way that suggested he was testing him. Whatever his caretakers thought he was doing it was keeping him busy for the time being, at least until he was reminded that they were still waiting. After his prodding of Harkis with the boomerang he poked him with this paw, quickly retracting it afterwards perhaps fearing less than friendly retaliation. If he was met with such he would go back to his impatient shuffling and destructive behavior. If not he would continue to poke until he was asked to cease. It was after any of the outcomes that he lit up! He waddled over to one of the airplanes he had tossed at the receptionist and picked it up. He waddled back and handed it to Harkis as a form of offering. The page it had been made out had been on of his favorites as it had a few cannons on it. He looked up at Harkis expectantly after this display, seating himself next to him again.
> [{quoted}](name=PleaseAskGnar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006b0000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-22T17:59:43.489+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ *Afternoon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) Their municipality was perhaps something Gnar thought to be as part of a dream, the concept of having such towering edifices and cobblestone pathways linking together so many yordles of different backgrounds being foreign and unreal. Whereas to those like Daniels and Harkis, such things were completely in the norm. Not having these things would be strange. They were becoming out of touch with nature, to which the district of Rein strongly held onto their ties with the environment. Rejecting the encroaching replacement of more modern materials such as metal and maintaining mostly wooden and stone structures in their district. Gnar would get a kick out of Rein, Daniels thought, especially with the small 'water park' they offered there. The lazy river wrapping around the district allowed one to relax and enjoy the sights of the many wooden carvings strewn about. Daniels, who had before been distracted by Harkis' surprising outburst, had caught in the corner of her eye some of Gnar's curious interaction with one of the pages of '*Associates*' magazine. Some crumpling, folding, some pages even becoming paper airplanes which admittedly impressed Daniels as she had not thought him capable, and tasting. She would reach for the now saturated sheet, making a bit of a face as she folds it up and stuffs it in her pocket, taking care not to move her leg as the little creature touched upon the fabric of her pants. Now she had to figure out something to do in order to busy themselves. The mayor, a non-titular title, was obviously busy with something else important. Entreaties made by their superior fell upon deaf ears as the receptionists only replied with the same, '*Sorry, he's still rather preoccupied at the moment.*' Having to keep herself from becoming inquisitorial with the receptionist, for even her patience was wearing thin, for the creature's sake. The yordle currently tending to the decorative plants within the waiting lobby caught her eye as she pondered. Meanwhile, the way Harkis was sitting was rather rigid, and upon his countenance wore a slight glare. Some may have misunderstood his prior actions as a manifestation of impatience, that he was being childish, petulant. Wanting for the wait to be over with, and he did, but not for his sake. He was livid that they were forcing this young creature to sit out here in the waiting lobby for so long. He needed to be taken care of, not in an hour, not in a half an hour, but *now.* This build in emotion was channeling its way through the use of his leg as it constantly bounced up and down, sitting there with his arms crossed. Harkis wasn't happy. And then, slowly and cautiously, was poked in the cheek by the end of the creature's boomerang. They didn't consider the thing as a weapon, but rather a toy, due to how young the creature seemed to be. Harkis hadn't noticed the staring prior, the poke gaining his attention, turning to look at their charge. Coming face to face, so close too, with those big eyes which screamed innocence. Even Harkis coudln't deny that the tyke was cute. He didn't react negatively towards the poke, assuming it was to garner his attention, only to receive another poke. A poke not with his boomerang, but with his paw. At this he raised a brow, but did nothing more than that, watching as the creature continued to poke him. And poke him some more. And poke again. And then, another poke. Perhaps another poke. One more. Two more. Three more. More pokes. Poking upon poking occurred, now with Daniels, who had been debating upon what they should do for entertainment, came to spectate this event as well. Maybe they could play poke-r. Or try out the newest game available, Poke-man go. How about watch the movie, Poke-hontas. Poke. Poke, poke. *Poke, poke, poke, poke, poke....* **"Do you---- do you *mind?*"** Harkis finally spoke up, at first tempted to see just how long the creature would be able to keep it up for until it started to become a bit irritating for him. Daniels chuckled, also finding some entertainment in annoying the irritable officer. Thankfully the little guy stopped when he said this, waddling off with Daniels eyes following on him. **"I think he likes you."** **"Hn.. doubt it. Nobody really likes me. And I'm okay with that. I get to sleep more."** he replied, shrugging back even further into his seat, feeling just a bit more relaxed. Daniels shook her head, a small smile still placed upon her lips. The creature came back with his paper airplane in paw, waddling not back to his seat, but rather to Harkis, who at the time had been studying the back of his eyelids briefly. When he came to open them again however was met with the sight of their charge, looking at him expectantly while holding up the plane. **"What?"** he asked quietly, raising a brow in question, but the plane remained proffered to him. **"I told you~"** sang Daniels, the creature becoming even more lovable in her eyes as she watched him attempt to give Harkis the paper airplane he had created. Harkis still looked bewildered, but sat forwards, coming closer to the tyke before his chair. **"Oh yeah, is that for me then?"** his voice was considerably softer than it had been, but still aloof. Just like Daniels, he too came to offer up a smile. Carefully, with his paw in full view of the creature, came to the boy's head and ruffled his fur affectionately, taking care in avoiding his skull adornment. **"Well thanks for that, I appreciate it."** He spoke warmly, which seemed uncharacteristic of him due to his lazy personality, but he was not without warmth. He was not a cold-hearted person. He was capable of affection and love just like any other. He had been a bit touched by the offering and, in turn, showed that with his gestures. Removing his paw from the creature's head, he finally takes the plane. Looking upon it for a moment, he smiles mischievously and points the nose of it directly at the receptionist sitting nearby. **"Whaddya say we try gettin' him in the eye, yeah?"** In an attempt to translate his message, he taps near his eye and points over at the receptionist. **"Oh Harkis, come on! You're not a child."** Daniels scolded, but.. honestly would not try to stop him if he were to fire the plane. Sure it was immature, which is why she made it a point to protest, so that she might not be associated with it. But she would certainly gain enjoyment should Harkis manage to get the receptionist's eye. It wasn't as if it were the receptionist causing them wait, but perhaps it would encourage the receptionist to hurry up whatever the hell the mayor was doing to attend to their matter.
: Bandle City
> [{quoted}](name=Ask Heimerdinger,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=rER1uucQ,comment-id=001f000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-17T20:51:35.423+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Dexton, Heimerdinger's Lab >✸ *Afternoon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) *It had been after the seventh attempt of bringing the revered inventor to the door that the messenger inferred that he would not appear. No matter how many methods of motivation the mayor used to usher him back to the legend's door, there was not a thing he could do if Heimerdinger chose not to answer. It did not seem like a deliberate act, as he wasn't the inexorable sort. He did much for Bandle, and continues to do so, constantly creating new inventions to make their lives just a bit more convenient, just a bit more safe. Now that he was back in the city for a short while, due to the upcoming elections no doubt, he was expected to continue those services. Not just by the mayor, but by the public, whom clutched onto the newspapers, exhilarated as they read about Heimerdinger's newest yawper model. Now much slimmer and easier to manage! Pioneering many new scientific achievements, delving deeper and deeper into the field of techmaturgy.* *He, whether Heimerdinger liked it or not, had become a prominent figure in their society. Many affluent investors sought to take advantage of his genius mind, seeking their own personal gain, be it to shine a spotlight upon themselves for being associated with the inventor or monetary gain. That was one of the reasons why the business called Craters+ had offered Heimerdinger a larger laboratory in Dexton for his use, which Heimerdinger had graciously accepted. The lab he lies within now, with the pitiful messenger standing at the door for the umpteenth time. The door now evoked a poignant feeling within him as he knew very well how things would turn out this time. He would be, yet again, unanswered. Judging by the sounds of whirring and buzzing from within, it was obvious what the inventor was doing--- /inventing,/ most likely something for their benefit, but surely not the translator they needed for the Aeho.* *The messenger, Kea, who had been rumored to possess the ability to use echolocation for his eyes were always covered by his newsboy cap, turned away from the door, rejected for the last time. But this time was different, for a letter was left behind, slipped through the crack beneath. It was not a letter from the mayor, who had tasked Kea with, basically, continually harassing Heimerdinger's door until he answered. Kea knew that he wouldn't get anywhere by doing that, nor would it be respectful to do so, but could understand that the mayor was desperate. Still, he left a letter, which hopefully the inventor would come across be it during a bathroom break or while fetching a bite to eat.* *The letter would read as follows:* >##To: Professor Cecil B. Heimerdinger >##From: Kea, Messenger of the Mayor >*Sorry about the disruption, but the mayor would very much like to have a word with you as soon as you can manage. He says it's urgent. Has to do with the new race, the 'Aeho' as they call themselves, showin' up. Wants you to fix their translator or somethin'. He says that if we don't fix it soon, we'll be further hurtin' relations with these guys. Sorry for the short letter. Please come to Town Hall, the mayor will be able to explain things better for ya.* >*P.S. You might wanna get a louder bell or somethin' on your door* *The folded up piece of parchment did not come within an envelope, as Kea didn't have one at the time. Just a scrap piece of paper with some crinkles, not enough to make it difficult to read. His handwriting was legible enough, though sloppy and rushed, as if he couldn't wait to get off that damn stoop. After slipping it underneath Heimerdinger's door he would see no more of it, subconsciously patting himself on the back for a job well done. The mission was over. Leaving Dexton, the place most well-known for its massive boarding schools and student-run establishments, he passed several officers which guarded the place. They had approached him earlier when they saw him heading toward Heimerdinger's door, as they would keep bothersome fans and troublemakers away, but considering he was coming from the mayor, they let him pass. Not without hassle. He didn't exactly look like an official messenger with his casual dress, looking more like a hooligan really, but once shown his ID, they let him go.* *He would then return to Town Hall in a bundle of nerves, not thrilled to meet up with the mayor empty handed, but soon would be given another task. A strange one, to find and escort Rumble to the back of Town Hall. A bizarre series of events would take place from there, eventually leaving Kea bewildered and confused, but at least out of the way of trouble.*
Krizonar (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GM Yordle,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006c0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-20T23:12:29.094+0000) > > [{quoted}](name=Rumble n Tristy,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006c000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-18T21:40:18.884+0000) > > [{quoted}](name=Zr Hexplosives,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006600000000,timestamp=2016-06-26T05:45:50.181+0000) > >Bandle City: Hya-Hyas >Noon - Cool light breeze 60Β°F >http://puu.sh/jHyrG/e47abdac77.jpg They practically threw food at her, really. She honestly wasn't expecting so much, given their diminuitive size, especially compared to her own. Regardless, she seemed happy and looked about at it all as it was delivered, taking it in. They were no doubt attempting to impress her, or, at the very least, showing her what all they had to offer. Either way, she did revel in it as she eyed the foods as they came in plate by plate. Silverware was set, though it was unfamiliar to her. She looked over that as well, their different contraptions, picking one up to inspect it for a moment even. She knew what it was, as the Aeho did technically have silverware of their own, though, it was only cutting knives and two pronged forks, for the most part. That was due to their lack of dietable vegetables one might eat with a spoon, like corn, pears, or others. They primarily ate meat, and when not that, fruit, which was eaten by hand. Meat, naturally, was for the work of either the hand or the knife and fork when being civilized. Naturally, the most fork like utensil was the one she had picked up in inspection. Regardless, she soon set it back down, and, reaching for the nearest piece of meat, proceeded to eat it by hand. Nonchalantly and without anything out of the ordinary, as far as she seemed to be concerned, she ripped off pieces with fangs and moved them into her mouth, picking up and setting down the meat piece for each bite. It was at that time that her male guide got up and seemed to leave after a short interaction. Chewing gently, she seemed to ponder that and look to where he was going until he was out of sight. She half wondered if she had done something wrong. Swallowing after her slow chewing from the thought buildup of that possibility finished, she figured she had not. They certainly would have expressed it far more openly if she had violated a custom or something else. She ate far more slowly, after shooting a look of curiosity and somewhat blankness at her remaining, nearby guide. They would of course notice that, so far, she seemed to eat one thing at a time and, out of those things, she had only eaten meats so far. Fish of any sort would seem to disappear, as well. Her appetite seemed voracious to onlookers, as, of course, she required a lot more calories than a yordle did. Naturally, however, her guests food choices did not go unnoticed either, with her seeming to at least stop and look at every food item that Ririnea seemed to eat. Of course, they had not been here too terribly long before they were set upon by another guest. This one shared a fine outfit that she somewhat had to admire, as her own taste of fashion was typically for objects that covered the legs stylishly somehow. Her guide didn't seem to have known this would occur, and, she herself looks to this newcomer with a head turn and downward glance after she had finished chewing her current bite. While not understanding what had been said, from her perspective, it was obvious this was someone else official and proper. Perhaps her other guide member had gone to them? She studied the small figure and wasn't quite sure what to make of them besides the obvious she could detect and had already thought over. Slowly, she turned in her seat just a bit to get a more forward-oriented view down at the newcomer. She had heard the one word before, but, beyond that mayor word, was honestly lost at what had been said, naturally. She didn't show fear or any strong emotions, however, having given her guides trust to take care of issues after the last few strange things, so, even now, she seemed far more curious at what was going on then anything else, such as fear or urgency. "Koetah stal Daladeh?" she inquired softly to her guide with a smooth head swing, careful of her horns, in a curious manner. Obviously she meant the newcomer. Most yordles had stayed back at request or not been too keen to approach this close, this one had been neither, neither told to stay back or showing much readable emotion at all. A figure that could show such composure intrigued her, since most yordles were so outward. She hoped her expression returned a similar feeling, though of course with the laced curiosity necessary for conveying her question along with her words that would likely not be understood.
> [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006c00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-23T10:39:06.908+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Hya-Hyas >✸ *Afternoon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) Ririnea did not fear the loss of her partner, Memore, who was currently tending to things over at Town Hall. She fret not, sharing joyful moments with her newest friend. Someone she now considered very dear and special. Without words, a bond had formed. She felt as connected to Krizonar just as if she were of her own kind. Many would see this as foolish, as perhaps she was mistranslating the Aeho's body language as something more friendly and welcoming. Who was to say that Aeho shared a similar body language? The meaning behind those soft smiles could very well be an insult of her person, a mockery of her own gullible creases. But Ririnea was not the type to dwell upon such things. She would only care to see the best in all. Even if that did make her ignorant of the faults, she believed that everyone had faults, and that should not get in the way of caring for a person. Not unless these faults exceed past harmful, be it mentally or physically. No harm in any form has come to her by Krizonar. She had been given no reason to fear, or evidence that she should be fearful of her client. And of course she would not refer to Krizonar as her client, or any of her clients as clients, but friends. Sharing a meal with the captain of the largest ship she's ever seen was akin to a dream. A smile never dropped off her face, delighting herself in the consumption of this five-star food, all the while spectating the Aeho's eating behaviors. She would laugh some as Krizonar ate just how Memore had previously, though perhaps not as ravenously. Still preferring the use of her hands rather than the combination of utensils provided for her, which Ririnea allowed, permitting Krizonar to enjoy her meal as she wished. Though she did intend on showing her the features of each utensil so that she may better experience how a yordle typically eats. That moment however would not come to pass. This dreamesque time shared just between the furry female tour guide and the giantess captain was cut short by the receptionist's sharp appearance. Looking upon them with piercing eyes through her frameless lenses, as if she were a disciplinarian catching them in the act of playing hooky. It was a strange sight, at least for Ririnea, something so unexpected catching her off-guard. **"The mayor wishes to see you,"** she spoke decisively, to which Riri merely stared with her jaw agape. Still caught in the happy haze this dining experience had generated for her. Despite having it suddenly speared into by this well-dressed receptionist, she still felt giddy, giddy enough to welcome the new presence with an open-mouth smile. The receptionist's expression did not change in favor of this smile, which she deemed as a rather unprofessional one. This was, allegedly, one of the top tour guides of Bandle after all. She expected to see a bit more poise and etiquette as she stood as a representative of Bandle citizens. Yet she failed to realize that the image in her head did not at all reflect the majority of personalities in Bandle, but rather her own, which came off as distant and impersonal. Two qualities that would make tourists feel unwelcome and perhaps even more foreign. **"Koetah stal Daladeh?"** The attention nabbed away from their luncheon was quickly brought back as Ririnea caught the curious tone in her friend's voice. For her, Krizonar was her top concern. Her safety, her comfort, her happiness. Before even answering the receptionist, still with her wide smile, she turns to her friend. Not a sign of worry or concern worn on her face, for she did not fear the receptionist's presence, nor did she fear that Krizonar would be afraid either. She was confident that the language of her body would be able to keep the captain at ease. She came to rest a furry paw upon Krizonar's forearm, as such physical contact was natural for yordles, both to give and to receive. Believe it or not, Ririnea was making a conscience effort not to be too touchy, as she was well aware of how other races were not as keen about constant touching. Sometimes it even came off as being possessive. That was a foreign message, one that yordles found strange to be, yet could understand. That was because contact was largely associated with those positive effects such as generating psychological "warmth." **Oh, she works for the mayor! That must mean that they want to start fixing your translator,"** she spoke casually, her voice no longer showing any signs of hesitation as it had been before, for she knew that Krizonar could not understand. Now she spoke as if she could, yet also coupled her speaking with gestures, such as 'adjusting a monocle' to represent the mayor, as he had a tendency to do that every so often. Followed by a 'pressing of buttons' on the palm of her paw, coupled with a 'jabbering' gesture by simply opening and closing her fingers, touching the tips of her index, middle and pinky to her thumb. To the receptionist, this confident display of translation impressed her, as it seemed that Ririnea could *speak* with the Aeho. At least enough to pass off a vague message, leaving it up to Krizonar to put the dots together. **"I bet we could bring the rest of our food over. Can we?"** Riri questioned, to which the receptionist replied with a firm nod, crossing her arms afterward. Typically the Hya-Hyas would hold onto their food until the tour was over, but for now at least, the tour essentially was. At least Riri hoped so, not that she didn't want to continue, rather she would prefer it if Krizonar had her translator fixed before they continued on. But if Jadefellow insisted, then there wasn't much she could do. As she scooted past Krizonar, as they sat in a long booth seat, practically ducking under the table which, being a human-size establishment, was fairly easy for her to do. She grabs a waiter to assist with the packaging of their leftovers, as there was much, totaling to about five styrophoam boxes to fit everything inside. **"I know it was a pretty quick lunch, but we can continue the fun over at Town Hall while your translator is being fixed. Sound good?"** she asked the Aeho, extending a paw out to her as she stood in front of the booth. The receptionist, still standing nearby, begins tapping her heel impatiently.
: > [{quoted}](name=GM Yordle,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006b0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-12T21:57:29.870+0000) > > ----- Gnar was also able to notice and appreciate the greenery that speckled the office space, though the majority of the buildings he had know were always surrounded in greenery anyway it brought a smile to his face to know at least this place kept a natural charm. He glanced around the room curiously from his curled up position inspecting all the various knickknacks and doodads that this place had to offer. All of these things were very new to him and he could not for the life of him figure out what those stacks of colored leaves were for. They looked like they had writing on them but he could not read them thus rendering them useless to him. Though a couple of them seemed to have drawings of yordles on them, much to his liking. His ears twitched at the shifting of the chair that was to be Daniels' seat, and her look caught his attention. She was very genuine in her kindness, yet when she looked at him he felt as though he was being looked at as one would glance at a cute baby or animal. When she extended her hand towards him he could only assume she meant to pat him, and this would not be the first time one had tried to do this. Many of the civilians outside that had surrounded himself and the escort were attempting to do the same, and when it was a huge amount of them it seemed threatening but something about the Daniels' smile made him believe she could do no harm. He lowered his head into his tail that he had wrapped around his side and allowed her to stroke his fur, which was surprisingly soft for one that was living in the wild up until recently. He made it a habit to clean himself regularly even when he was isolated or alone simply because it felt better, and knots in his fur sucked big time. Upon hearing the two conversing he watched them intently, his curiosity piqued as he tried his best to understand any of what they were saying but to no avail. They were both seated now and used far fewer bodily gestures to describe their speech, and listening to that foreign language was giving him a headache. He would need to learn it eventually but for now he just shook his head and kept glancing around the room. It was nice and colorful unlike the bleak and dreary homes he had been used to back then... But this was a welcome change. Flowers and various other amenities seemed to be very common around here. He wondered what they did when they needed to go to the restroom though, since it was very primitive where he was from and this seemed... different somehow. It was at this moment that he realized one of the biggest problems the language barrier would pose, thankfully he did not have to go right now. Gnar looked to his side and saw Harkis trying to imitate him, though he was much bigger and would most likely fail on a surface this small. Gnar could not help but chuckle at the attempt. Gnar was still unsure about how these seats were designed so he did a double take looking at Daniels and imitated the way she was seated. Gnar placed his back against the back of the seat and sat upright, though it felt slightly off it seemed to be the norm here where everyone was seated like that. He found that this position was not uncomfortable, but it made it difficult to sleep. Perhaps that was the point of such a position, one where you could rest but not sleep. He quickly became bored though, just sitting and waiting was not his style. Stuff always needed to get done and just dedicating however long they were supposed to be waiting here to just sitting or lying down seemed stupid. At the very least the people here should be getting some sleep but Daniels seemingly denied Harkis even that. Gnar decided that he would do something productive with his time and plucked one of the magazines off of the pile and began looking it over. He was mostly looking at the pictures but perhaps he would find something he could recognize. He kept looking, sometimes laughing at pictures he thought looked silly or marveling at ones that looked intriguing. At one point he looked at a picture of a cannon and wondered what such a device could do. He spent a good five minutes just staring at that one page before closing the magazine and grabbing a new one for the time being. While Gnar read he tried to keep his ears open for anything he could understand, and was constantly shooting glances towards Harkis and Daniels in case they began using descriptive body language again because as their conversation persisted he simply became more lost. After several minutes of this he resolved to look up and stare at the ceiling, counting how many squares he could see. These heathens that seemed hell bent on wasting his time would not bottle his curiosity.
> [{quoted}](name=PleaseAskGnar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006b00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-13T00:07:47.387+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ *Afternoon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) Daniels wanted to protect the creature. He was adorable, what with those massive and glistening pupils. One would think lacking white scleras would make one appear freakish, demonic even, but not him. Not just adorable, but endearing, generating such a warmth within hearts. Just watching him curiously look about, playfully swatting at leaves or curiously prodding at magazines, put a smile on Daniels' face. He was so innocent. And, on top of it all, he was alone. She didn't want him to be alone, none of them did, which was why many of Bandle's citizens who saw the boy gravitated towards him. He needed their warmth, he needed their care, and he needed their love. Naturally they were more than willing to give it to him. Even Harkis, in his own strange way, was looking out for the little guy. Despite his indolent lifestyle, he would actually bother to exert energy if it meant keeping him safe and happy, and that was saying something. Harkis barely budged for most things! But when it came to caring for people, he would. He wasn't a cold person, though his reluctance to leave the chair purported otherwise. A brief petting, some soft strokes against what she was sure would be fur coursed from weathering and muck. Fluffy and light, which only could be achieved by good self-grooming. Curious, she even buried her finger tips in some as she continued her stroke, finding that she hardly came across any knots. **"He's better groomed than you are, Harkis,"** she commented lightly, to which Harkis waved a hand at her dismissively. His fur had become the butt of most jokes around him, but again, he didn't mind it. His disheveled and nappy fur was fine as it is, although.. his knots could be pretty painful at times. They tugged on his skin, but it wasn't enough for him to do anything about it. Daniels pulled her paw back as the young creature sat up. He was bored, she could tell, what with all his shuffling about. Hardly able to contain himself within his seat. Looking this way and that until finally he gave in to what many did when sitting in a waiting lobby.. skim through a magazine. But for him it was much more interesting. Though the marks on the paper were unintelligible for him, the pictures, the colors, and the way things were assorted was enough to grab his attention. It was something he didn't see every day. Heck, even the paper itself used to create the magazine, the feel, the sleekness of it, was foreign and bizarre. **"Just how long are they going to keep him waiting for?"** Daniels asked after a few minutes of observing the poor kid, desperately trying to find any form of entertainment. Even after their long walk from the gate to Town Hall, the tyke still had a lot of energy to spend. Perhaps he still had adrenaline coursing through his veins, excitement rampant from the newfangled scenery. Harkis was actually taken aback by her tone of impatience, as that was expected coming from him, but from Daniels? The pinnacle of order, the powerhouse of police enforcement? He tilted his head back, which had been forwards to the point where his chin met his chest, so that he could get a look at her expression. It was tensed, Daniels looking over to the desk up front where a male receptionist straightened a stack of papers for the umpteenth time. She herself had no qualms about waiting, but she worried more about the creature. He needed to have a physical done. What if he was sick? What if he was hurt somehow and they didn't know it? It had been a good half hour since they've arrived; what was taking the mayor so long? What could be more important than a new possible race showing at your doorstep? Oh, right, a new *definite* race showing at your doorstep, aka the Aeho. **"Memore?"** Someone called. To be exact, the male receptionist that had been straightening out stacks of papers ever since they got here. Now he was up out of his chair, looking out expectantly into the lobby. What he called out didn't sound like a name, not to Harkis anyway. It sounded like a stutter, as if he were trying to ask for more but his lip got in the way, adding the 'me' in front. But when Harkis saw someone rise from a chair in his periphery, he straightened up. That guy came here *after* they did, so why then should the mayor see him before them? Besides, they had way more important matters to discuss. This civvie-- which he only realized now was wearing some sort of uniform-- could wait a few more minutes to complain about the abundance of formaldehyde in his favorite soap, they had a kid here that needed attention! **"Hey! We were here first!"** Harkis called out, very much so in a petulant manner. He sounded impatient and incensed, and admittedly he was, but he would not have spoken out at all if it hadn't been for his own concern for the little guy. Daniels was quick to quiet him though, who hadn't expected such a reaction from him, or any reaction really. It was mostly standard for him to just be lazying about. And even when he was forced to actually work, he didn't yell about it. Sure he'd complain and whine here and there, but ultimately he understood that it was necessary. This wait, however, was not. They should have been the first to see the mayor, not that other guy. **"Shh, it's okay,"** Daniels shushed, putting a hand on Harkis' shoulder to prevent him from getting up out of his chair. The male receptionist charged with escorting Memore to the mayor's office, or at least partially, gave them a glance before leading Memore down the hall. Harkis slumped back into his chair with an angry huff, crossing his arms this time to show his defiance to the situation. **"We shoulda been next."** **"I know, I know. I'm anxious about it too, but there's no point fussing about it. Let's just try to keep ourselves busy, yeah?"** Daniels realized how badly she needed to keep her cool. The moment she showed some degree of anxiety, Harkis was all up in a huff. She didn't want their own distaste at the situation to influence their young charge.. she had to come up with something to keep them all distracted. Tapping her chin in thought, as many of her kind tended to be so animated with their gestures, she tried to determine what would grab their attention sufficiently enough to distract them from the passing time. Hopefully no one else would be called up before them in the mean time, as she worried about Harkis reacting again.
: > [{quoted}](name=GM Yordle,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006c00000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-12T22:38:25.596+0000) > > ----- > *Rumble bit his tongue in aggravation, a wanton interest to tell the mayor where to shove his inhospitable arrangements, but the blue yordle withheld his commentary and pulled away from the protest. He retreated from the damp, darkened area befouled and forgotten, and pulled himself back into the better lit spaces at the spacious workbench.* ". . ." *He frowned, scowling at his own relenting acceptance of such below standard conditions and nodded his head swiftly, as if to get the 'yes' out and away from him as fast as possible, so he may forget his own consent and resume his blame of the mayor.* "Yeah yeah fine. I'll work with this..." *He gestured his paw indiscriminately before him.* "...Shit-hole. Where's the damn translator anyway?" *Rumble twisted his head back around to face the mayor's tentative stare, and questioned him deeper with a confounded brow arched high.* "Don't tell me yah don't have it yet..."
> [{quoted}](name=Rumble n Tristy,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006c000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-18T21:40:18.884+0000) >[{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=00680000,timestamp=2016-06-27T13:17:23.287+0000) >[{quoted}](name=Zr Hexplosives,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006600000000,timestamp=2016-06-26T05:45:50.181+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ *Afternoon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) The mayor was more than relieved when Rumble accepted the task for a second time, the second being necessary after seeing the conditions of his workspace. He felt some ease lift off his shoulders, some, not much considering the translator was still in need of repairs. Further complications may arise, such as the menace not being able to fix it, or, pulling some stunt in order to get back at him. It would be wise to keep a guard down here, just in case. He'll say that it is to keep workers from coming down here and unnecessarily distracting the young lad. Perfect. But his brief relief deflated like a balloon as Rumble brought up a shining point, one that was necessary in order for Jadefellow's plans to run as smooth as silk: *Where's the damn translator?* **"Well..."** Now the mayor felt rather silly, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly, only to then offer up a small chuckle as if he were jesting. He wasn't even sure if Krizonar was even in Bandle Square at this point. **"Ah.. heh, not to worry. I'm sure it's just right upstairs! I will just go and... fetch it for you."** Any excuse to escape this situation, though it sure was a good excuse. Hopefully he didn't have to worry about buying time for the tour guides to arrive. If the Maker was smiling upon him today, they would be nearby, ready to deliver the translator with a fully satisfied Aeho at their side. If not, well.. perhaps he could fancy Rumble with some ping-pong until they arrived? ----- Memore couldn't help but observe the curious little tyke, or at least as much as the space between the officers' bodies allowed. As much as he tried distracting himself with the monthly magazine, the feeling of the cover so smooth yet brought a slight chill to the touch, he would find himself glancing back up again from the page he was barely skimming through. Again he felt the urge to rise from his seat and engage in a conversation about the Aeho with the two police officers nearest to the disquisitive soul. Nothing he had to say should be kept confidential, right? As he pondered about the honor code of tourism, his name was called. His ears perked just as his attention was, sitting straight up as he looked over to the source of the call. A male receptionist hugging a clipboard to his chest stood nearby, staring at him expectantly. The mayor was finally ready to see him. He got up from his chair, tossing one last glance at the one adorned with skeletal remains as he went to follow the receptionist down the hall and away from the lobby. The carpeting muted his footsteps, the rubber heels of his shoes only thudding as it made contact with the ground, as did the receptionist's. At first their footsteps were out of sync as Memore followed in toe, but at some point the receptionist slowed enough so that they may walk side by side. Still doing well to navigate them, but was now much more friendly, engaging Memore in some small talk along the way. The tour guide was complimented on his uniform, which Memore responded to by adjusting his hat, which led them into a conversation about how humans consider it rude when one wears a hat inside of any establishment. Quite strange. Eventually his companion was traded off by a guard, who was traded off by another, who had a very peculiar looking set of eyes thanks to his partial heterochromia. Memore quickly became mesmerized, but the blatant staring was obviously not appreciated by the guard, who grunted Memore's awareness back. Some awkward moments of shuffling and attempts at conversation waiting at the mayor's office door went by, but the slow torture was finally put to an end as the elected head of their city arrived. Welcomed into the office as Memore was already familiar with, having been called in along with Ririnea when Jadefellow had given them the task of showing Krizonar around Bandle, the pair settled in to speak. **"So she's having a good time, that's great news! And I'm sure she'll enjoy the rest of her tour, even more so with the repaired translator."** Memore nodded, **"I agree, which is why I thought to stop by. We met up with Ziggs out there and---"** **"Ziggs?"** The mayor interrupted, which caused for pause. The fact Jadefellow seemed unaware of Ziggs' presence nearby surprised him, honestly. How could he not know, when surely Heimerdinger was here within the building, waiting to receive the translator? Memore further explained how he had come to bump into the Hexplosives Expert, and how he was currently keeping the acting Aeho ambassador company. Jadefellow hadn't known of this, as if he had, he would have requested Ziggs to fetch the Revered Inventor post haste. Surely he wouldn't ask the Dean of Demolitions himself to repair the translator, considering his specialty was in... blowing things up. They made enough of a mess of the Aeho's translator as it is. Did his presence mean that Heimerdinger was nearby? As he pondered this, Memore brought up the little incident involving Rumble, to which snapped Jadefellow out of all thought. The one thing he wanted to prevent at all costs, Krizonar meeting-- no, even just *seeing* Rumble, had already occurred. Fortunately not for long, and as Memore explained in a rather hurried pace, didn't seem like it could leave a lasting impression on the woman. Still, the mayor wasn't happy with it. Rumble, the symbol of radical isolationism and avid SPK member, should not be anywhere near the Aeho or himself. And yet Rumble had been near the both of them in the same day, in the same hour even. What a nightmare.. ------ A formally dressed receptionist from Town Hall was sent over to the Hya-Hya's restaurant to lead Krizonar and co. to the mayor's office. She, unlike a lot of the female staff who kept to skirts or even dresses, wore a sleek pair of dress pants that just barely touched the top strap of her pointed heels. Even though they were allowed to wear whatever they would like, so long as it remained in the bounds of somewhat professional, she was a firm believer in dressing for success. Coming to work in something close to pajamas only encouraged one to be lazy and lax with their work, so she made it a point to dress herself up each day, even if she did tend to stand out from her group of coworkers because of this. Thin brown hair bundled in a bun and held by a clip, coupled with the set of frameless glasses she wore, gave her an even sharper look. She with her clipboard, always with her clipboard, steps into the establishment. It isn't difficult for her to find the Aeho, who stands above all, even while seated. After informing the waiter in front of her task, she's permitted through, heels tapping against the hardwood floors as she heads for the table which Krizonar, Ziggs, and Ririnea are seated at. Still with some food on their plates, as there was much to try, yet in the end none would be wasted as leftovers would be packaged as courtesy. It was out of her job description to be doing this. As a receptionist, she was to answer the phones, organize files, and notify the mayor of guests. She was not supposed to go out and retrieve people, to serve as an escort. But she did not mind it. Most likely she had been asked because of the way she stood out and handled things in a more experienced fashion. She took long strides as opposed to the slight waddling her race tended to do as they walked, as if she were walking down a runway. In the past she had received comments about how she handled herself as if she were a model, but to those comments she would reply, *"When I get up to stand, I stand with purpose. When I go to walk, I walk with a destination. That's all it is."* She, who stands with purpose and walks with a destination, came to a stop as she reached hers. Pressing a clipboard against her left breast, she uses a free paw to push her frameless glasses back up her muzzle, setting the lenses in a spot where the rays of sun fail to reach, thus removing the glare that previously existed. Ririnea, who had been chirping happily in conversation, is pulled by the receptionist's presence, who absolutely demanded for attention. **"The mayor requests for your appearance,"** the receptionist speaks to the Aeho, unaware of the whole translator mess. Her sharp eyes switch to Ririnea, then Ziggs, confirming their identities in her mind. **"All of you."**
: > [{quoted}](name=GM Yordle,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006c000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-09T21:18:38.917+0000) > > ----- >**Bandle City ll Bandle Square** >✸ Noon - Warm, light breeze 60°F >(Main Timeline) *Rumble's stomach lurched at the sight of his assigned work space. Apparently he was expected to share his space where he'd spend possibly many hours piecing together delicate technology with the janitorial staff. He inspected the table summarily, then toured the room taking note of the numerous marked boxes of uncountable things left stacked along the walls and housed in dingy shelves stacked side by side and left there to be forgotten about. Shafts of light that streamed through the small horizontal levels near the ceiling revealed the thick particles of dust floating through the air* " *This* is your lab...?" *Rumble spoke, using the loosest interpretation of the word. This was appropriate for a derelict hovel---not an area to conduct proper scientific research!* "I kinda expected somethin' more.... y'know..." *Rumble waved a hand in the air as if conjuring the best word to describe it from the ether as he searched the cabinets below the spacious steel workbench.* "...Professional?" *He jerked as a rat fled out of the open cabinet and toward the far side of the room where the vermin took safety somewhere inside the labyrinth of untended files and sagging boxes archived in the stale darkness. Spotting a large chalkboard tucked away nearer the back, Rumble took a short amount of steps toward it when the small yordle met a wall of odor that wrinkled his nose in high disgust. He grimaced and covered his muzzle with the collar of his jacket as a poor defense against the horrid mildew smell.* "I mean... I guess I can work with it but---" *Rumble cut himself off after tugging the abandoned chalkboard into enough light to see a swathe of mold engrossing more of it than not. He recoiled, feeling his lunch jump to his throat.* "---Agh---Fuckin' gross! You expect me t'believe you woulda stuck His Highness down here??" *Rumble barked, humiliated and incensed by Jadefellow's unseemly disregard.*
> [{quoted}](name=Rumble n Tristy,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006c0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-11T04:02:38.254+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ ~~high~~ *Noon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) Even worse, the janitorial staff hardly even used this space. It was used primarily for storage purposes, old files mostly, sometimes decor that no longer fit the theme of the offices. One of the guards flicked on the light as they entered the dank space, assaulting their corneas with the incandescent bulbs above. Looking up, one could see the dilapidated parabolic light fixtures, each emitting different intensities of cool lighting due to several bulbs being broken. The lighting came from several troffer fixtures, a few of them deciding not even to bother flickering on, as many of them had, leaving some spaces blanketed in darkness. Overall it looked like a place where a film producer would shoot a scene in a suspense flick. Dusty filing cabinets lined the back wall, while yellowed, tattered sheets covered up mostly everything else save for the chalkboard Rumble pulled out. And, as one would expect, there were plenty of cobwebs for the many spiders currently residing down in this musty basement. Rats too, most likely, judging by the tiny droppings found strewn about. It was not a place that would be within the health codes. Forcing someone to work down in this dump, with no means of warming themselves up from the chill these cold walls generated, would surely violate many codes. However, for under-the-book work, it was suitable. Preferred, as the mayor did not wish the public to know of Rumble's involvement in this project. **"Yes, I admit, this room is.. a bit foul. But therein lies its charm!"** It was obvious the mayor was trying to make light of the situation, make it seem as though it weren't something to be disgusted all, as it weren't as terrible as one makes it out to be. But it was, clearly so. **"Look, I can have someone come down here to clean a few things for you to help make things a bit more comfortable, but that is as much as I can do. My paws are tied. This is the only space that I can offer, and I'm afraid if you cannot work in here, then I will have to wait until Heimerdinger responds to my request."** He could not allow Rumble to be seen by anyone else. That, along with repairing Krizonar's translator, was his top priority. His public image would suffer should it become known that the mayor had invited the wild protestor to Town Hall, not for punishment, but for a job. The last thing he wanted was to be associated with Rumble in any way, who many believed was an influential member of the notorious SPK group. The way they both emphasized yordle accomplishments and mistreatment from humans was enough to make a connection. Even Jadefellow had this belief, as it seemed to make sense that Rumble would be a part of extremist right-wing secret society. But despite his affiliations, he was a born mechanic. The alterations he had made on the yawper device, a yordle communication device for broadcasting vocal messages over a large distance, was what made Jadefellow think that perhaps Rumble would be able to repair Krizonar's translator. Though the two are clearly different, as one was meant to broadcast pre-recorded messages while the other was meant to speak translations, it was Jadefellow's only hope other than Heimerdinger. And Heimerdinger still showed no signs of appearing. **"So what do you say? Will you still work on the translator? Not for me, but for the good of Bandle?"** The mayor looked at him, expectantly and hopeful. Now with their new scenery he looked more like a mafia boss.. a pudgy and pleasant one, at least.
: > [{quoted}](name=GM Yordle,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006b00000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-09T20:28:02.366+0000) > > ----- > **Bandle City ll Bandle Square** > _✸ Noon_ - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) Yes, Gnar was calmer after that exchange and calmer still when Harkis responded the way he did. This was all very new to him and the people seemed confusing as heck but at least they knew how to take a joke! That is all he really meant by the quip about Harkis' hair. Still all that commotion had helped him learn something, and that was that nothing he said was understandable by anyone. He would need to start from scratch and that would be a pain he thought as he placed his hands at the sides of his head as if blocking out the noise. He was still young after all and such immature actions would likely be forgiven. As they walked up the short stairway up into the belly of the beast the only things that caught his attention were the aromas of various different flowers as they tickled his nostrils. These were nothing like the few flowers he remembered from where he came from but they were equally pleasing as he slowed down to take a moment to appreciate them. Of course this would slow down the group slightly but the escort would most likely understand his want to admire his surroundings. On they went after the brief interaction with the flowers up further into the building where he would inevitably be faced with their leader. As they traipsed through certain corridors Gnar could not for the life of him keep his gaze averted from the lazy one, since many eyes are drawn to what seems out of place and different. Everyone he had been faced with up to date had at least been partly curious about him, but this one seemed boring, bored and lacking motivation. Gnar bore this yordle no ill will, but anyone would be curious about the root of such behavior, especially a young yordle such as Gnar. Though at the very least the response to his making fun of Harkis' fur was well received and he even went so far as to show emotion Gnar was not convinced. Gnar would be keeping an eye on him, ironically because that is what he is being paid to do for Gnar. Whenever he looked at Daniels he was met with a reassuring smile, and he returned the favor with one of his own smiles. Not a copy of hers but his own cheesy smile. He was glad she was being so nice to him, perhaps without her around he would been in a much worse head space for what he was about to undergo. Still he smiled back whenever he noted her smile towards him and accepted and thanked any kindnesses she presented him with such as opening the door, a smile shot his way or leading him down the correct path. Finally they reached a room where they were told to do what Gnar could only assume was wait. To be precise they were told to take a seat but Gnar did not quite understand that until Daniels gestured for him to sit down next to the odd one (Irony is beautiful). He walked over to where she was patting and hopped up only to plop himself down on the center of the chair with his head on the side of the seat furthest from Harkis. Not for any specific reason other than him not wanting his tail to be near anyone's face or his head to be near Harkis as he curled up and laid on the chair wrapped in his tail. He was curled up into what looked like a ball with his boomerang in the middle. After all the commotion he was mildly fatigued from interacting with so many in such a short period of time. Before long he was resting atop one of the waiting room chairs, not quite asleep yet since relaxation was hard to find somewhere so foreign but relaxed enough to entrust his safety to those around him.
> [{quoted}](name=PleaseAskGnar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006b000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-09T23:20:50.166+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ *Noon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) The waiting lobby was located near the entrance way of Town Hall. Chairs with the least amount of cushioning possible were offered, as well as reading materials located on small tables. Potted plants were located on some of these tables, a much larger one being featured in the corner. They were real and properly cared for, but were fairly small considering the lack of sunlight they received. Regardless, it was evident that someone put forth the effort to tend to them well. They were healthy, leaves a bright vibrant green, adding a softer element to the office environment. It served as a reminder of who they were and where they came from, with nature. Bandle was slowly becoming more and more civilized, evolving into the more modern theme. The colors were beginning to be stripped away. Metals were replacing stone, and plants were losing its place within homes. But many yordles clung to nature, especially those residing in the Rein district. Here in the waiting lobby, the plants didn't stick out too much, as the room itself was colorful to match. Not bleak or dull at all like the many human offices you would find in Piltover, or the offices located in Bandle's business district, who were fighting to be on par with Piltover's standards. It was in fact a yordle from Rein who had made it a point to put these plants here. It hadn't been asked of them to do so, but they did it anyway. Just as the crew came into the building, the caretaker of these plants was in the middle of tending to one of the mass canes, petting fondly one of its sword-like leaves. He turned his gaze away from the mass cane, to look on as many others did, when their waiting lobby became flooded by officers. Upon spotting the source of the fuss, he returned his attention to his plant, albeit with questions now on his mind. Memore, who had arrived only after the escort group, found a seat away from the officers, as he was sure that they wouldn't appreciate his close proximity. He only just hoped that, whatever it was, wouldn't cause delay in fixing Krizonar's translator. The sooner it was fixed, the better. He was excited to hear what Krizonar had to say, Ririnea even more so. But for now he had to wait, as was the point of the waiting room, the top tour guide occasionally tapping his foot on the ground as he watched the Rein yordle tend to his mass cane. Harkis wasn't very pleased with the location Daniels had chosen for the creature to sit, right next to him. He crossed his arms and slouched even further back, wishing for a magic fast forward button that he could press. Even as Gnar cutely curled himself onto his chair, Harkis remained unmoved. He afforded a glance at least, curious of the extra movements, as sitting down wasn't supposed to be so.. complicated. But the creature used it more as a bed than anything else. He was a bit jealous that he couldn't do the same. Daniels dragged a seat over so that she were in front of the two, forming a triangle between seats, before settling herself down. She couldn't help but chuckle at the adorable display, extending her hand to go and pet the little guy on the head. She made sure that her hand was in view of him first, and then gave a test tap to make sure he was alright with such contact. If she found his response to be acceptable, then she would go ahead and begin to stroke at his fur. If not, then she would gently retract her paw. **"Seems our little friend here is all tuckered out,"** Harkis commented, more so muttering due to his lack of energy. **"Well, can't say that I blame him. He walked all the way from the gate, all the while having to deal with all these new sights and sounds. The civvies were a bit overbearing.."** **"A *bit,* huh. Looked more than just a bit to me."** **"You know what I mean."** **"Yeah, yeah.."** Harkis sighed, slinking even further down his chair as he desperately attempted to use it as a bed. If only it had an extendable cushion.. and a pillow. A silence lingered between them after that, which Harkis was more than content with. Was much easier to slip into snoozeville that way, his eyes eventually shutting as the busy shuffling of papers from the receptionists and mundane chatter between coworkers droned on. Only to have his incredibly brief nap interrupted as Daniels pushed his foot, which he didn't realize he had crossed a leg over his knee at one point, the push having enough force to shove his foot back down. He gave a small jolt in response, shaken from sleep. Looks like he wouldn't be able to slumber through this terribly grueling time, much to his chagrin. He exhaled, pulling himself up a bit in his chair so that he might have a fighting chance of staying awake this time, seeing as Daniels wouldn't tolerate it. **"Y'know what's strange? Yesterday the Aeho appeared, who don't understand our language. Now we got this guy, who also doesn't understand common. What are the chances of that, right?"** Harkis figured that talking might help pass the time, as he sure as hell wasn't going to bother trying to read one of the newspapers or magazines here for entertainment. He had a point though, which hadn't occurred to Daniels really, perhaps because she hadn't the time to really think about it as she was swept up in all the commotion. **"You're right. That *is* strange.."** Memore, one of the two tour guides who had been leading the working ambassador of the Aeho around Bandle City, perked a bit as he heard them mention the name of Krizonar's race. He wondered what others thought about the Aeho, and Krizonar. If they were worried, if they disliked them, if they considered them as a threat. By the tone of their voice, it didn't seem that they held any hatred toward them. He felt a little defensive actually.. only just having spent a few hours with Krizonar, he already felt a strong connection between himself and her. Of course Ririnea, his partner, did as well. He debated going over there, to inform them further about the mysterious race who had come to them on a massive ship currently eating up a giant portion of their docks. He wondered if the mayor would prefer that he keep quiet about it, but found no reason why he would, considering he only had good things to say of the Aeho, Krizonar specifically. The plant caretaker, who was also the gardener for the flowers outside, stepped away from the mass cane in the corner and walked around the table to spray a small golden dieffenbachia silk plant with some water from a spray bottle. And, just as he did with the mass cane, fondly rubbed one of its leaves, as if exchanging a warm greeting with the seedling. It was then that Memore decided to remain put, as much as he'd like to go over and talk further about the Aeho and Krizonar. He turned the page of his magazine, letting out a small displeased groan as he was met with an article titled *'How to Burn Off that Body Fat in 10 Easy Steps.'* Why did every magazine have to feature at least one article related to fat loss?
: > [{quoted}](name=GM Yordle,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006c0000,timestamp=2016-07-07T07:21:25.606+0000) > > ----- > *Rumble's thin lips curled delightfully. It was no small thing to have the mayor in your pocket, or so Jadefellow implied. Rumble was reasonable about what to expect, he didn't put much faith in the mayor to uphold much honor but that was a small matter in his mind. Aye the glory of success---That's what he took a real interest in, dazzling his imagination. The task was nothing to be underestimated, foreign technology could mean a great deal of issues, but what worthwhile reward comes without risk?* *Rumble drew a breath, speculating Jadefellow shortly.* "Sounds typical. Bastard can't even give the time o' day to his own people." *He snorted, but kept his smile. He felt like the one on top now. For once...it'd be his time.* "Yah, I'll fix it--- you can bet on that. But he doesn't come anywhere near it." *Rumble thrust a hand outward, pointing vaguely at the supposed direction of Heimer* "Im not gonna bust my ass over this only for professor prick t'come ridin' over jus' in time to sign his name on my work." *He crossed his arms defiantly*
> [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=00680000,timestamp=2016-06-27T13:17:23.287+0000) > [{quoted}](name=Rumble n Tristy,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006c00000000,timestamp=2016-07-09T05:12:54.786+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ ~~high~~ *Noon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) The mayor was well aware that time was ticking. By now, the two tour guides he had recruited to escort Krizonar about some of Bandle's hot spots were surely in the square. Memore had quickly shoved food into his mouth hole as he wanted to get something in his stomach before he went over to Town Hall to inform the mayor of their presence. Hopefully Heimerindger was there already waiting for them. Since Ziggs was here, Memore was convinced that he was, or at the very least nearby. Maybe he had been the one in the black cab with tinted windows from earlier. Not exactly a way to keep suspicion off, but at least the identities of those riding the cab remained a mystery. Ririnea knew that Memore was in a rush, but she really wished he wouldn't eat so.. barbaric like. He even forwent the use of utensils, grabbing pieces of chicken and shoving it down his throat. What a waste of such five star quality food. Was he even tasting it anymore? At that point Riri had to speak up, and Memore stopped. She was right. Town Hall wasn't going anywhere, and with the way he was eating, Krizonar might get the impression that they *all* ate like that. So.. he settled back into his seat, apologizing to everyone at the table and took things a bit more slowly. Feeling better, Riri returned to assisting Krizonar with the foods. When something was spicy, she would point to it and fan at her tongue, panting like a dog to hopefully translate the meaning. Plus she had to make sure Kriz could use their utensils, which were the same as the humans used.. somewhat. Instead of knife, fork and spoon, they preferred multi functional utensils. The splayd, the spife and the knork were present for each of them. A splayd was a combination of a knife, fork and spoon all in one. A spife was a combination of a knife and spoon, and lastly, the knork, a knife and fork. There was no one way of eating. You could pick up your food with the fork counterparts of either the splayd or knork, could use the spoon counterpart of the splayd or spife. There were pros and cons to each utensil, the spife providing a bigger 'bowl' for liquids to sit in, for example. Some preferred to just use the splayd, which was perfectly acceptable. It depended entirely on your preference. There were many platters of food presented before them, too many for all of them to every scrap of food. But the presentation was what mattered, the chef going all out for their Aeho guest. Showing off the skills of a chef from Demire, the well known cooking district. With the amount of dishes present, something was bound to appeal to the Aeho's tastes, or so they hoped. Every platter was as colorful as the next, not a one dull, seeming to reflect the yordle's jovial nature. Ririnea never wanted this to end. She was rather enjoying spending this meal with Krizonar, showing her how to hold their utensils and pointing out her personal favorite dishes for her to try. At that point Memore had gone off to Town Hall, raising an index finger up at the ceiling before parting to try to translate *'be back in a moment'* even if he would be gone for much longer than that. Town Hall was.. as busy as always, but even more so today, he found. The waiting room was crowded with officers for some reason. It was a hassle entering the building, having to explain who he was and his situation more than once to finally get through. What surprised him the most was the what looked like a yordle adorned with.. bones, in the waiting room. Maybe he was the one in the black cab he had seen earlier? After speaking with the secretary, he took a seat, away from the officers and the strange yordle thing with bones. Was he some sort of.. witch doctor? He shook his head, taking up a magazine to mindlessly flip through the pages. There had to be something in here to distract him... ------- Jadefellow had a feeling the other was drawing out the moment purposefully, trying to hold him in suspense for as long as he could. Would he accept, or would he not? If he didn't, then he would have no choice but to wait until Heimerdinger could come down. The translator would be fixed at least. But it was good for Rumble to think that he had the mayor in his pocket. Even though it clearly wasn't the case, hopefully it would encourage him to take action now, before his rival appears and snatches away the only chance he has to prove his mettle. Rumble was pleased with the whole situation. Even if he hadn't been the first to be asked of this job, at the very least he had been asked. Therefore that had to mean that his skill had been at least somewhat recognized. Now was the time to show off what he could really do. All the mayor wanted was for him to get the translator running again, not for him to build up a mecha for their Aeho guest. Jadefellow was taking a chance here, but at this moment, he had no other choice. **"Those terms are very much agreeable. Your work is your work; the credit belongs to you alone, my friend."** With Heimerdinger engrossed currently on a project of his own, Jadefellow was sure that he wouldn't be seeing the inventor at all today, or even tomorrow. Rumble's terms were understandable considering his feelings toward the head of Piltover's Yordle Academy. He saw nothing wrong with accepting them, at least, for now. **"We have a room for you down below that you can work in. The translator is not yet in our possession but should be on its way here now. In the mean time, how about we acquaint you with your work space, hm?"** the mayor waved over to yet another set of double doors, this one located in the hall they were in, which led downstairs. Downstairs to the basement, what they tended to use as storage space. There was a metal table there with some odd chairs, along with various equipment thought necessary for fixing the translator. It was a dank space, and there was a funky smell hanging in the air, but at the very least no one would see Rumble. If it were Heimerdinger, then of course the mayor would have a more appropriate room with much less.. stank.
: > [{quoted}](name=GM Yordle,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006b000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-08T19:47:56.747+0000) > **Bandle City ll Bandle Square** > ✸ _Noon_ - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) Of course he was not mad, since that would be another problem entirely. His concerned expression melted away at the sight of her smile, as he believed to himself that this yordle in front of him could never do something as nefarious as voodoo magic. In fact, when she had uttered the word he now noted that she had not said it in a negative or positive connotation and instead it was said in a neutral connotation leading him to feel rather silly. How could people so nice stoop so low, of course they wouldn't. With a smile of his own he mimics her and drops his shoulders for a wide smile, not because it was customary or polite where he come from but he wanted to show the same sentiment. The word safe resonated in his head as he did so, and he repeated. **"Safe."** he said in a soft voice that many though he was probably incapable of replicating from all his previous exchanges but soft still. As of that moment he was able to piece together what the word safe meant, and he laughed shortly after proud of himself. All this was fine and dandy until his stellar hearing picked up the one known as Harkis' tone over the crowd all cheering at him as Harkis muttered something, prompting Gnar to become reserved once more until Harkis was elbowed by the girl. At this point Gnar was mildly confused but that did not stop him from laughing at him and making a joke about his fur in Gnar's own language. He knew they probably wouldn't understand it but just to be safe he elongated the final syllable to make it seam really emphasized unless they partly understood what he said. Of course to many being in an armed escort through a foreign city would be intimidating, belittling and even frightening but Gnar has been alone for so long he was just really happy that there were other around him again. He knew how to live alone but it was still undesirable in the long term. Everyone around him seemed so welcoming too, except for butt face over there. Of everything though one thing Gnar noted from Harkis was that he seemed to lack motivation above anything else. He would remember that... for later. Finally they began heading up the stairs at a steady pace, this was the largest building and by default was probably where their leader would be found. Gnar began getting nervous, wondering what he would say before realizing that he could not in fact say anything. This proved to give him a bit of a scare before he was reassured once more by the smile of the blonde yordle. Everything would turn out fine, though if things were to go sour this would be the place. He resolved to just communicate as best he could and to seek comfort in the smile of Daniels.
> [{quoted}](name=PleaseAskGnar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006b0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-08T20:35:56.131+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ *Noon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) Daniels was more than just relieved when Gnar reciprocated, doing well to copy her body language and expression to help translate his meaning. He was no longer worried, which had been her main concern ever since she joined the escort. She had to leave her partner at their post in Demire to help. Hopefully Ribbons wasn't fretting too much about being on her own while she was away.. Ribbons had a tendency to enter what many liked to call "terminator mode" when she felt threatened. If someone even dared as much as to litter in front of her, they would face the full extent of her wrath. Issuing tickets upon tickets, she would make it a point to make them feel as trashy as that crumpled piece of paper they let slip from their paws. Unacceptable! But.. at least it was better than having her cower in fear in the corner somewhere. Then again, she wouldn't be a police officer if she did that. No way the force could let on someone who was terrified of crime. Yet the smile that Gnar reciprocated with made her feel much more at ease. *Everything is going to be alright,* the same reassurance she had tried to issue to him. He did well copying her gestures, but there was no way she could beat those adorable eyes of his. Filled to the brim with childlike wonder, curiosity leading him to look this way and that. A whole new world for him to explore. She wanted to help him in any way that she could. She nodded as he repeated yet another one of her words, albeit this one spoken in a much more uplifted tone than before. *Safe.* He was safe, and she, and everyone else around him, would guarantee that. Harkis too, even if it may not seem like it. The only negative about him was his laziness. He wasn't pulled to Gnar like the others were, but he would do his part in protecting him should the situation call for it. He didn't want the little guy hurt after all. Still, the way he seemed to try to get out of the predicament led on to otherwise. It wasn't that he didn't care about the creature's safety, but the creature was already surrounded by so many officers. He was confident the little guy was as protected as he could be. Harkis didn't feel as if he were necessary, just an extra officer for show's sake. An ornament dangling off the Snowdown tree, meant for decoration, nothing more. He rubbed his sore side, feeling a bruise already starting to form. Not that it would show through his fur, but would be a bit tender for a day or so. Geez, did she really have to elbow him that hard? Was she angry with him? It wouldn't be the first time his laziness was a cause for incense. He decided to try to quiet his desire to depart from this company. Already having acquiesced to the situation anyhow, eliminating all hope that he would be able to return to his post at the gate made things a bit better. Just as they were about to head for the steps, the creature started gesturing. Not at the crowd trying to follow them, but at him, making him feel a bit on the spot as attention quickly turned on him. The creature was speaking in some foreign language, one that he's certainly never heard of. Yordle linguistic experts wouldn't be able to identify any of the core vocabulary. The language was far too ancient, too ancient for their current yordle language to have been adapted from. Their yordle language which was hardly even used anymore as they adopted the common tongue from Piltover. Still, it was so interesting to listen to, the creature's language. Though not a word could be understood, coupled with his gestures and expressions, it was made easier to translate. The creature tugging on his own fur as he laughed at Harkis.. made his meaning very clear, clear enough for the yordles still nearby to guffaw. **"Is-- is he making fun of my fur?"** Harkis questioned, turning to Daniels who had a paw to her mouth, but Harkis could still clearly see her smile. **"Coming from someone who's been living out in the forest presumably, that's really saying something, Harkis."** her words were filled with mirth, unable to hide her response to the hilarity of the creature's actions. **"Oh... it's not *that* bad..."** he waved dismissively, earning a chuckle from Daniels. He wasn't put off by it really, as people always made comments about his fur. If he really cared he would have started routinely grooming himself, but he didn't. He rather liked his disheveled fur, even if it was too long, sometimes poking him in the eye. Still better than having to go through the effort of combing and cutting it all the time. Getting up the steps to Town Hall was brief, as there weren't many to begin with. One stair case followed by another with a brief plateau in between. They were surrounded by aconites, maiden pinks, windflowers and virginia bluebells, all which were in full bloom. The wind carried out their aromatic scents, bringing them just a bit closer to nature. It was a nice scent to enjoy before entering Town Hall, helping to calm any frayed nerves before entering the large edifice. It was just the seven officers now with the creature still in the middle of their formation. Daniels pushed open the doors and stood there, holding it open for everyone else. When Gnar passed on through, she gave him a friendly little wave. When Harkis passed on through, she teased him with a smile. He sighed but continued along, trailing right behind the reason why he had to leave his post in the first place. **"Take a seat,"** the one in charge of their little makeshift squadron ordered before heading over to the secretary. Something like this was going to take.. quite awhile. Harkis was the first to plop himself into a chair in the waiting room, leaning all the way back into it, looking just about ready to cruise into snoozeville. Daniels waved the creature over, walking over to a chair right next to Harkis and giving it a pat. It was going to be awhile sure, but at least the poor kid could have a break from the chaos of the public wanting to meet him. A breather couldn't hurt, right?
: > [{quoted}](name=GM Yordle,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006b0000,timestamp=2016-07-06T21:33:17.142+0000) > Bandle City ll Town Hall > > ✸Early afternoon - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) Gnar walked for that seemed like ages through the town, being greeted by so many new faces that he did not recognize one bit! He was being escorted through waves and waves of the people here by what he could only assume were the hunters of this abnormally large tribe. They seemed robust enough for that kind of task, but the fact that so many gazed at him and tried to communicate with him filled him with glee! Even though he was unable to understand a single word they said. It was a welcome change from the seclusion he had been living in since his arrival in this strange new land. Perhaps he would finally get some answers. Being the observant little guy he was he was able to make out various meanings to sentences based on hand gestures that were being thrown around gratuitously. Of course questions would be asked about the arrival of an outsider but he thought this turnout was ridiculous! There must be millions living in this tribe! When various citizens managed to break the line and chanced to get too close he chirped at them in his own native tongue, asking them where he was and where they were going but with no apparent success. Of course he tried to ask the same to the guards yielding similar results, though one of the many seemed Gnar would go so far as to say unhappy about his arrival though Gnar had no feasible way to ask why. Clearly they were not holding him hostage because they had not disarmed him, though several people had tried to touch his boomerang only to be chastised by the prehistoric yordle. Though it seemed that that his dissent carried no weight when they understood nothing he said anyway. Of course he could always bonk them on the head but that seemed unwise when he was surrounded by foreign people. Having the millions of people that lived here turn on his seemed to spell his certain demise. Despite the many that were trying their best to communicate with him his head kept turning to the singular one that was different, as was his curious nature he wondered why this singular yordle was different from the rest. He tried his best to approach him but the escort was a strict formation with him in the center. This one that showed dissent was one of his original encounters upon his arrival, so he tried his best to think of any way he might have offended the man and any ways he could make amends. His ears perked up as they spoke and honed in at the mention of **"Voodoo"**, that word it seemed had carried over from their two languages prompting him to look over at the female instead. Many things were confusing about these new yordles though, the males had no tails and the females seemed bald! Still though he was not one to judge, though it perplexed him greatly. He walked confidently over to the blonde female whose hair nearly blinded him in the sunlight and cleared his throat. **"Voodoo?"** he asked in an almost urgent tone with his raspy voice but still inquisitive. It would seem as though that word was an insult of sorts or was just plain incorrect. Where he was from voodoo was looked down upon as a form of evil that was unbeatable. Magic was despised as the cowards tool as it served for naught but decimation and sickness. Of course the magic of his time was much more primitive and pertinent to his time (i.e very old inconveniences such as illness, pestilence and bad luck) but as far as he could tell they used this word freely without consequence drawing out a bit of caution in him. Though he was unable to know the context of its usage because it was the only word he understood. Eventually they arrived at a large building the like of which he had never seen before. It was massive! It would have fit his whole tribe ten times over. He walked with the guards as a few were left behind to do what seemed to be dispersing the crowd that had formed. He thought he understood why this was necessary but tried to to overthink it. Perhaps they simply wanted to welcome him individually? He was still unsure but he continued to follow his friendly (albeit armed) escort into the Town Hall.
> [{quoted}](name=PleaseAskGnar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006b00000000,timestamp=2016-07-07T20:05:50.330+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ *Noon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) With all the commotion going on around them, Daniels didn't think that their cute little guest here would pick up on what little she had to say in response to Harkis. Needless to say when he did turn to her, it surprised her. At that moment she had his full attention. There were other yordles around them making all kinds of noise, yet the young one, who had been engaged with them up until this point, turned away from them just to look at her. Immediately she became captivated by his eyes, so large and shiny from the sun's rays. There was no sclera at all, just giant irises which filled the entire space of his eye. Such a strange thing, but while strange, it made him all the more lovable. He just seemed so innocent. *"Voodoo?"* he repeated the word, albeit in a tone much different than when she had spoke it. Tones were much easier to translate, as well as body language. Yordles had always had a knack at being able to pick it up better than other races. Their sanity depended on company, hence why many scientists believe that is why they had been granted infrared vision, so that they might be able to locate such company even while in the dark. The way his brows raised instead of furrowed, a show of concern instead of anger. Some who heard Gnar were impressed, as Gnar had shown the ability to repeat one of their words, unaware that the word was already a part of Gnar's lexicon. Some didn't even here Daniels in the first place, but were soon given that knowledge by their neighbor. **"Oh. Well, I mean-- I only meant that you look *similar.* But there's..."** she trailed. Even though her intentions were to set the child at ease, she knew very well that he could not understand. So she took a breath, deciding to try once again, this time emphasizing her tone and body language and relying less on her actual words. She gave him the warmest smile that she could muster, her shoulders drooping a bit, loosening her posture as to look less rigid. **"There's no need to worry. You're safe with us."** Without her realizing, many had begun to spectate her exchange. Those that might have been suspicious of the Bandle Force and their intentions around the cute creature were mostly relieved by Daniel's delivery. Truly genuine. She felt the same as they, protective. If someone on the force was looking out for the creature's well being, then they felt more at ease leaving Gnar in their custody. As if Gnar were their own child. **"...by 'us' I hope you mean, excluding me."** Harkis muttered to keep from being heard by the yordle crowd. Daniels heard it clear enough, and in response, elbowed her fellow officer in the side. **"Ow! I was only joking..."** Harkis rubbed his side. Daniels knew better though, that wasn't a joke at all. Again, how could the force grant such a.. lazy nincompoop a position here? They began heading up the stairs, Daniel keeping her eye still on the creature as she hoped her message got through to the boy. Being escorted like this might have seemed rather intimidating, but it was mostly to prevent a yordle from snatching Gnar away from their custody. They needed to go and see Jadefellow on this matter, which to Gnar would be almost like their tribe leader of sorts.
: > [{quoted}](name=GM Yordle,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006900000000,timestamp=2016-07-01T21:41:58.007+0000) ---- >**Bandle City ll Bandle Square** >✸ *Noon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F >(Main Timeline) > ((*Veigar is the best and I worship him in all ways.*)) *Rumble shifted his glance back toward the present guardsmen standing watch for the mayor. This all felt shady, but damn it if it didn't appeal.* "'Cooperate'..." *He derided. The authority eluded him, Jadefellow would keep it from him. Still he thought of the possibilities, thinking in both the long and short term. This could grant him honors, national status beyond a vocal political advocate. Ingenuity is greatly revered as one of the highest virtues in yordle society after all.* *The silence dragged on, inviting the mayor to sweat nervously. Rumble eyed Jadefellow more studiously, contemplating the offer. It was under his reach, no matter what Rumble might bargain out of him. Rumble didn't ever care a great deal for supervision, too much of a constraint on the freedoms needed to work. Course that's another perk of living in Bandle's Outland: the control afforded working for himself. It'll be something to adjust to, anyway.* "What if I say no? You got someone as a back up? Bet yah scrounged around quite a lot if yah already are down t'me." *He intended to take the job---how could he not? Rumble just liked to make Jadefellow squirm a little more for it. Behind that phony smile, he knew Jadefellow was desperate.*
> [{quoted}](name=Rumble n Tristy,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006c,timestamp=2016-07-07T06:43:15.711+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ *Noon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) > (( *Yes.. yes I know. ;3* )) They were not here to bicker about politics. Rumble could go out and harangue total strangers about labor outsourcing all he liked, as was his right. But this was not the time nor the place to discuss such issues. No doubt a debate riddled with fallacies, more specifically ad hominems from our favorite menace, would arise should either the mayor lose his focus or Rumble lose his temper. Fortunately, the mayor wasn't verbally assaulted as soon as the scrappy mechanic walked through those doors. That alone was proof enough of his interest. Their stolid companions here barely moved, though sometimes one would readjust their footing or sniff the air with a nose wrinkle. Intimidation may not have been what the mayor wanted to project, as the doors behind Rumble remained unoccluded. Really, if Jadefellow was allowed more time, he would have organized this meet-up better. But he wasn't, and so he did the best he could and hoped it wouldn't set Rumble off the moment he appeared. And it didn't, so he could say that so far things were going pretty well. The silence bred thought, many thoughts, on what exactly Rumble could be thinking. No doubt he was suspicious. Even before this meet-up he was suspicious of him. Jadefellow just wanted this translator fixed and for the issue to be finally resolved. The one serving as the Aeho's ambassador may not appear incensed by the breaking of her device, but perhaps she would become so if they failed to fix it promptly. She would already be returning to her kind with the story of how the yordles broke her translator.. that was an indelible mark, one that might affect their relations. Because of some silly yordles deciding to climb on her as if she were a jungle gym.. The sooner the better, even if it had to be completed by Rumble's paws. At least maybe then they could salvage back some trust.. **"I will have you know that you were.. the seventeenth candidate we called upon. The first being.. well.. the Revered Inventor himself."** he paused, giving a sigh and relaxing his shoulders a bit. Everyone and their mother were aware of Rumble's rivalry against Heimerdinger, so news of being chosen after him most likely put a sour taste in the menace's mouth. **"It's not because I don't recognize how adroit you are, rather, this matter requires quiet and quickness. And Heimerdinger.. well we have sent a messenger over, quite a few in fact. But it seems he is currently engrossed in a project. There is no question of whether or not he will aid us, but a question of when. You see? We need the translator fixed promptly! And that is why I request-- no, I ask you for this favor. A favor that will be well compensated for, again, I assure you."** Now Rumble knew, if he decided not to take this task, then his rival surely would. Eventually. Would he risk missing this opportunity to snatch this job away? To prove his mettle to the City, that he was a damn good mechanic and inventor, comparable even to their beloved brainiac?
: Finally! something had come of his hard effort. He had been tracking a couple yordles diligently and stealthily for days now and it was about time they led him somewhere useful, though it was not what he expected at all. Gnar had no point of reference when it came to civilization aside from the ones he knew from ages past, and this area up ahead was massive in population and size. He tried counting the people with his fingers at first, but realized immediately that it would not be possible to do so. This strange new land perplexed him in ways indescribable by him, and often lead to his confusion upon further investigation. Modes of transportation were new, the buildings seemed very well built and the most prominent of his observations were that the people seemed extremely organized. If they had enough people to just dedicate four to the defense of the main gate then their tribe must be huge! He was not sure how to approach the place, several people walked past him and some even pointed him out in what seemed to be a mixture of confusion and wonder but seemingly no prejudice. Eventually a couple of the locals seemingly pointed him out to the guards, and just before he was able to make his grand escape they approached him. Not in any hostile or mean manner by any stretch of the imagination but almost in a welcoming fashion, albeit curious as anyone would be at the sight of such an odd yordle. They spoke to him in a foreign language, though with gestures they were able to transmit that they wished him to follow them further into the city. Sure he was reserved at first but after a dozen minutes he arrived at Bandle Square, where he was seemingly introduced to the settlement and many people attempted to converse with him but to no avail. It would normally be overwhelming for someone without the native tongue to be surrounded by people all talking at the same time but this little bundle of social skills persevered and tried tot he best of his abilities to transmit that he did not understand a word of what they were saying to him. After a few minutes a crowd had formed around him and he was being welcomed and greeted through various different means. He was welcomed verbally, through actions and even with several offerings. Only one thing was for certain though, Gnar was not intent on leaving and this was only the beginning of Gnar's adventures in Bandle City.
> [{quoted}](name=PleaseAskGnar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006b,timestamp=2016-07-01T23:18:41.878+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ *Noon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) A lot was going on with the City of Bandle lately. It all started with something simple, an interesting accessory brought over from Piltover that many wished to purchase. Be a part of the fad which swept had swept over the City of Progress, even if it was already in the process of dying down. But on the very same day the first shipment of these accessories arrived, so too did a new race come to appear. They called themselves the *Aeho,* according to Jadefellow. Their behemoth of a vessel still docked at their port was like a sailing statue. Yordles of all districts conglomerated around this vessel, looking up at it in pure awe. Most likely those on board were unnerved by this, but, hopefully, were not too frightened by their curiosities. There was a sighting of a woman who, some say, had the ability to manipulate fire. And now a yordle appears, or rather a creature which closely resembles a yordle anyhow. At this point they couldn't be for certain, but many were immediately convinced while skeptics remained skeptical. Be that as it may, there was no denying the obvious attraction to this being. He was cute. And he was young, something they could easily make out even without inquiry. Child young, provoking both paternal and maternal instinct to kick in. A desire to take care of him overwhelmed their hearts. And the more they interacted with him, the more this desire grew. **"He looks just like us.. yet there's somethin' different about 'im."** One of the guards from the west gate commented, crossing his arms. He helped to escort the young fella along with other guards posted within the City. Not as if all the guards from the gate could leave their posts, so he, a scruffy middle-aged male named Harkis, was elected to go with them and report how it was the creature came to be spotted. Out of all of them, he was the last one who wished to go, which was exactly why his superior chose him. Harkis didn't have an issue with the creature exactly.. he was just lazy, and preferred to keep on his post than walk all the way over to Bandle Square. Too bad he didn't have a choice now, did he? **"If you ask me, he sort of resembles the yordles from the Voodoo Land tribes. Back when they existed, I mean."** A blonde-furred female piped up, possessing an even lighter blonde color for her hair. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't keep her cerulean eyes off of the creature they were escorting. And neither could anyone else, save for Harkis, who seemed rather indifferent. **"The what? Really?"** Daniels, the female officer, had an incredulous look on her face as she glanced over at her fellow companion. She wondered briefly if the guy even owned a brush. Considering how disheveled his fur always was, she doubted it. **"Geez, Harkis. Have you ever even cracked open a history book?"** He shrugged, **"Eh, history was never my thing. So once we get him to Town Hall, I can leave, right?"** **"I'm afraid not.. you'll have to brief everyone on how he was found first."** Harkis was hoping she wouldn't actually know about that. He mentally cursed, attempting to think of a way he could get out of this situation by putting in the least amount of effort. His mom always said if he put as much energy into his work as he did with figuring out ways to do the least amount possible, he would be a general by now. But he didn't have any desire to be one. And besides, she had a tendency to overestimate his abilities. He accepted his limitations. A more 'go with the flow' sort of man seemed unnatural for the police force. There were other jobs that suited him far better than this.. And those around him noticed this as well. This job didn't suit him at all. Even Daniels could tell, wondering how it was he even qualified to be an officer when all he wanted to do is sit around and people watch. **"You know, I could just tell you about it and---"** **"Sorry Harkis, but the mayor is going to want to hear it straight from the horse's mouth."** **"Right..."** he sighed in defeat, acquiescing to the situation. At the very least the walk from the gate to the square was over with, but who knows how long it would take to even speak with the mayor? He could be here all day. All hope was lost. Still, there was some distraction.. this creature. He felt weird thinking of him as a creature. He was a sentient being, the word 'creature' sounded demeaning. People kept trying to get closer to him, so badly wishing to interact with this cute little fur ball, but officers made sure that their path remained unobstructed by citizens as they neared Town Hall. The edifice was imposing, much larger and taller than all the other buildings, practically screaming its importance. They made for the stairs, having to stop momentarily to request the crowd that followed them to remain outside. They had gathered quite the following from their walk. Flooding Town Hall with people probably wasn't a good idea, then again, neither was occluding the entrance, which is why they were attempting to break everyone up. The local papers weren't having any issue with picking up front page headlines thanks to all the happenings recently, that's for sure. Such excitement, never a dull moment in the City of Bandle. Perhaps maybe.. too much excitement. Some citizens were getting out of hand, insisting on meeting the alien Aeho, and now, the cutest possibly yordle creature in existence. It was nothing the Bandle Force couldn't handle, but it was exhausting, for them and the mayor as well. If another new being comes, they hoped that it would come.. perhaps maybe next week? Was a small break too much to ask for?
: > [{quoted}](name=GM Yordle,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=0069,timestamp=2016-06-26T21:53:51.540+0000) > > ----- *Rumble was privy to Jadefellow's attempt at buttering him up in any which way. Additionally, all the personal touching did more to unsettle him than need be, as every time the mayor put a paw on him or pat him, he'd shy away with a side step. Despite his disinterest in helping the mayor for anything, his prideful nature saw the mayor's request as a glorious opportunity. His name next to the ambassador of a newly discovered peoples in the papers, presenting *his* work bridging the gap between cultures? And then, working with possibly new technology..! Or even regular technology! What a break that would be from the norm cleaning rust away from mangled and worn parts to piece together from junk his fabrications.* *His ear twitched, an excitement fluttered inside him as he dared to dream of recognition over that clod in the acada---* "Wait---Why're you comin' t'me insteada the fatheaded idiot up in Piltover?" *Rumble glared suspiciously at Jadefellow, wary of his intentions.* "Last time I checked, you wouldn't have me show my face around the city if ya could help it. Or was that article about 'radical isolationists' just another cheap rally trick for your campaign?"
> [{quoted}](name=Rumble n Tristy,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=00690000,timestamp=2016-06-30T05:35:58.301+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ *Noon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) The recognition which stirred some excitement in the other was not a thing Jadefellow considered. No such thing would exist. If it were, the mayor would not have elected to meet with Rumble in such a clandestine setting. There would be no need to hide the blue yordle if he planned on crediting him in the papers. But that fact went either unnoticed or was swept away by Rumble's eagerness for a change in his lacking daily life. The mayor noticed the movement away from his friendly gesture, but that did not deter him in the slightest. The merry smile, symbolic to his name, did not waver after his pat was rejected and failed to be reciprocated. Instead he only stood there, the only thing deranging the scene being the few plus guards surrounding the pair. They stood quietly, patiently, their gazes obscured by the dark shades of their glasses. That and their location might have proved to be a bit unnerving, intimidating even, as if Jadefellow had formed a gang and trapped the young yordle in a corner. Pay up now, bub. The only thing contradicting this image being Jadefellow's rather loose and open manner. The double doors located just behind Rumble remained unblocked. He could leave whenever he felt the need to. The last thing Jadefellow wished to do was to intimidate, despite their not seeing eye-to-eye on certain matters. **"Ah.. I can sense your suspicion! Hm, I wish to set you at ease.."** bringing a paw up to his chin, he paused, taking a moment to consider several things. His fingers pushed against the hairs of his stash, causing them to either overlap his fingers or separate. Staring pensively at nothing in particular, even as he once again began to speak. **"I know that you may not trust me, Rumble.. we have our different ideas, our different theories even, but that does not automatically make us enemies, right? I certainly don't wish to be so. So I will speak to you truthfully about the dilemma and my intentions behind them. All that I ask for is for a bit of your cooperation. I will answer any questions that you may have pertaining to this matter,"** he smiles, bringing his gaze back to the Mechanized Menace. It would be rather difficult to explain things if Rumble continued spitting out spiteful commentary after all. Should Rumble be unwilling to listen to him, too hard set on hatred for the mayor, then it would be a wasted effort to continue, Jadefellow believed.
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> [{quoted}](name=Rumble n Tristy,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=00670000,timestamp=2016-06-26T00:45:47.072+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ *Noon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) The mayor was no fool, knowing exactly how the menace felt about him. It was hard not to considering the fact that he would detail it for him perfectly through the loudness of a speakerphone just outside Town Hall. Yet he gave no inclination of knowing, or caring rather, his stately serenity remaining affixed even after Rumble's nasty sneer. Insults, be it blunt or subtle, were effectively disregarded as if never spoken. It was patronizing almost, the way in which Jadefellow carried himself in front of Rumble and the way he spoke. Between the few lines which Jadefellow gave was a novel of hidden text, but upon the surface was anything but malice. The kind hearted mayor. Everyone was entitled to their opinion.. and Rumble, as despicable as he was, was not excluded from that. **"Yes, well.. considering the situation, I'm sure they did their best. But that's all in the past, the matter which brings you to me today involves the new alien race which came to us just yesterday. Exciting, isn't it? Unfortunately some of us may have gotten a bit carried away and broke our guest's translating device."** The mayor stepped forward and gave the blue yordle's shoulder a hearty couple of pats upon the shoulder, showing that they were all friends here, which may have come across better if the guards around them weren't so impassive looking. **"My boy, what would you say about fixing that translator for us hm? You would be compensated for the job, of course! Mhm, you would be doing us a great favor. I know that we may not see eye to eye on certain matters.. but we both care deeply for Bandle, yes? So what do you say, hm? Care to take a look at this translator for us? Surely someone of your skill could complete such a *trying* task.."** Standing in the hallway just before the doors, it didn't seem exactly as if Jadefellow were trying to hide Rumble. Oh, but he was, making sure to recruit another guard to cut off this particular corridor so that none may intrude upon their conversation. Should he not be able to convince Rumble then he wanted him smuggled on out of here discreetly so that none may know of his presence. But of course he led on to none of this. Just that being so close to election time, being spotted near the blue yordle would do much harm to his name than good. That was the reputation that Rumble had earned for himself after all.
: Bandle City
> [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=00660000,timestamp=2016-06-20T10:14:47.727+0000) > [{quoted}](name=Zr Hexplosives,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=006600000000,timestamp=2016-06-26T05:45:50.181+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ *Noon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) Both Ririnea and Memore were.. not so pleased when Ziggs got what he wanted, climbing the Aeho as if she were an obstacle course. Memore had to resist the urge to yank his butt back down and knock him silly, no doubt with Ririnea assisting, but made do with venting out some anger by tightening the squeeze of his fists. Krizonar had given the Hexplosive Expert permission to do so, therefore it wasn't their place to refuse him, as badly as they both wanted to. Nothing would stand in the dean's way, remaining obstinate even after Memore had advised him twice not to place burden on their guest. He was completely devoid of concern, Ziggs was, for it wasn't his job to manage the Aeho's comfort and safety. Memore grumbled, regretting his decision to invite Ziggs along with them, but it couldn't be helped now. Pulling Ziggs off would be pyrrhic, perhaps incensing the dean here, which Memore didn't care for. Going against Krizonar's decision however, that might upset her. He felt a bit helpless, under the impression that the Aeho was tired and now tasked with carrying the ungrateful goggle-wearing yordle around. They approached the restaurant, which by now the guides expected them to have finished cooking their multiple food platters for Krizonar to try. This place, the "Hya-Hyas" it was called, was a restaurant which most tour guides incorporated into their itineraries. After all, the two brothers running it had established the place for the specific purpose of cooking for outsiders. They wanted visitors to experience the flavor that was yordle. Naturally they educated themselves on Piltovian dishes in case humans, their most common visitor, either didn't like or didn't wish to try their yordle dishes. But they had yet to run into such a case. There were so many dishes to choose from, and one of them was bound to appeal. Besides, the whole point of them coming down to Bandle was to experience the yordle life. How could they even think of skipping the food? Before the Hya-Hyas was created, tour guides struggled to give tourists a proper taste of their food. The best chefs were located in Demire after all, but the Demire district was a ways from the main hub of the City. So they would make do with what the nearby taverns had to offer, which didn't exactly leave the greatest impression on the tourists' taste buds. The Hya brothers stepped up to the challenge, coming from Demire themselves, and for years has been working on giving tourists the best food experience of their lives. Memore had already contacted them in advance about their special guest which they were more than happy to receive, having heard all about the new alien race showing up at their port. The edifice stuck out like a sore thumb due to its increased size, wider doorways, windows, and much larger furniture to accommodate for their human guests. However.. Krizonar wasn't human. The size difference between herself and humans were made clear when she stepped in front of the entrance way, requiring her still to duck her head. Hopefully the smells wafting from the inside appealed to her, as it sure did to Riri and Memore. That was probably the best thing about their job, getting to eat the Hya brothers' delicious food. Upon entering they were greeted whole-heartedly, with the entire staff shouting *"Hanade!"* in almost unison, which meant '*Welcome!*' in their language. Of course they had moved on to adopt the common tongue for the most part, yordles rarely ever using their own language anymore, though many still hung onto it and used it in their every day lives. "*Hey, so... how'd you guys get so far with this visitor if she can't understand us, and we can't understand her?*" questioned Ziggs as they were brought to a large table, which wasn't quite tall enough for Krizonar to comfortably tuck her knees under, requiring her to sit at the end seat so that she might angle herself accordingly. Memore was less inclined to answer the Dean of Demolitions, still upset about the complete and total disregard Ziggs had for his earlier words. **"Gestures,"** Ririnea took upon herself to answer, who made sure to be the one to sit next to the Aeho. She would nudge and push Ziggs if she had to in order to secure her place next to Krizonar, still not having released the Aeho's finger. She looked to be in good spirits, excited even, to be so close with the captain. Now she could fawn over her as much as she wanted, using her free paw to brush some of Krizonar's hair. How attached she had become in just a few short hours. A few short hours it may be, but she felt as if they had been together for much longer, an epic adventure with the three of them being the main characters. When Jadefellow asked her to help lead Krizonar around Bandle, she was terrified. But now she felt so grateful that she had been chosen, otherwise she would have missed meeting such a spectacular person.
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: Bandle City
> [{quoted}](name=Rumble n Tristy,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=00560000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000007,timestamp=2016-06-14T23:42:58.954+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ *Noon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) Kea had been tasked to find Rumble and to bring the yordle to the back of Town Hall. The messenger felt that this was straying outside the boundaries of his job as it went beyond simply delivering a message. This was much more than just a simple escort mission, not just having to track down where the heck Rumble was, but somehow get the menace over to Town Hall. How on Runeterra was he going to do that? No way Rumble would come over of his own volition. And Kea was hardly the athlete, no way would he be able to match up against the scrappy pro. But he wouldn't have to worry about that.. considering he had no idea where Rumble was. He went through the reports and found no answers. Even calling the Bandle Police provided no solutions. So what was there left to do? Tell Mayor Jadefellow that he was unable to get in contact with Rumble, that's what. He swallowed, licking his lips as he walked down the short hall leading up to the mayor's *plush chrome* room. He hoped that Jadefellow were in a better mood than he had been in before. He did not wish to be chided, it wasn't as if he went for a lark! There was nothing he could do at this point. Even with his newsboy hat tugged over his eyes his distress was apparent. The way his paws balled into fists, squeezing every so often. The slight biting of his lower lip with a frown tugging at its corners. His heart was pounding as he prepared to face the mayor and deliver the bad news. And as he approached the door, feeling his gut twisting up inside when those guarding it prepared to open the door for him, Jadefellow appeared. He emerged with a smile, no longer wearing any marks of frustration nor agitations on his person, which helped to assuage some of his anxieties. **"Kea! My boy, great timing. There's no longer a need to fulfill the task that I asked of you. Everything is well taken care of. Thank you for your effort, I appreciate it,"** he spoke warmly, placing a comforting paw on his shoulder and giving it a squeeze before breaking off. All of Kea's apprehension melted away, exhaling a breath as he had unknowingly held it when he first saw the mayor. He realized just how silly it had been to have fretted so much in the first place. Sure the mayor was quite incensed before, but that wasn't typical of the man. He was always so kind, so friendly. Those Furniture Station guys really must have hit a nerve. He gave a nod and walked off, leaving the philanthropist to proceed with his work unhindered. Jadefellow had received word that the menace had been delivered to the back of Town Hall, but not by Kea's means, obviously. The ones who did provide the transport were those associated with a company over in the Business District. Even the mayor was surprised by their appearance, and how did they know about this matter at all? Only he and Kea, the messenger he requested to go fetch Rumble, knew of this. Kea was a suspect.. but the mayor had his doubts. Nevertheless he would keep his eye on him. He did not like private matters like these being chirped about to others. The mayor soon greeted Rumble, along with the plethora of guards, right at the security access door. Should Rumble refuse to listen to a word he says he wanted to be able to quickly remove the rabble-rouser from the premises. **"It has been.. quite the length of time since I have spoken with you, Rumble. I believe the last was.. at the convention? Hm?"** he spoke, still maintaining his relaxed composure and open smile despite his feelings regarding the other. **"I do apologize for the transport. I hope that it was comfortable enough for you, but I'm afraid an urgent matter called for your immediate attendance. So if you would care to listen for a moment..."** He suspected and expected opposition. But the mayor had a few cards up his sleeve that would hopefully persuade the yordle to cooperate. If not, the mayor would have to find some other means of repairing the Aeho's translator.
: Bandle City
> [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=00630000,timestamp=2016-06-12T10:27:55.280+0000) > [{quoted}](name=Rumble n Tristy,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=00560000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000007,timestamp=2016-06-14T23:42:58.954+0000) > [{quoted}](name=Zr Hexplosives,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=00650000,timestamp=2016-06-18T08:32:39.734+0000) ----- >##Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ *Noon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) Ririnea was pleased when the Aeho hadn't become visibly frightened or defensive when the Town Hall bells rang off the hour. She expressed her state of calm in her tone of voice and reassured with gentle hand rubs. Her efforts proved efficacious, which didn't make up for her previous error of failing to tend to their guest, but at the very least she had learned a lesson from it. Memore moved into Krizonar's line of sight before gesturing over to the corner restaurant, though already began pondering alternatives should she choose to remain seated. It didn't take her very long for her to interpret his request, and being as cooperative as she has been with them so far, moved to stand. Now that Rumble was out of the way things were running smoothly again. They were back on track, moving along with their agenda with no more distractions. They were happy to be on the move, at least, until they began to realize the burden they had inherited in the form of a wily bundle of brown disheveled fur adorned with a set of goggles. The Dean of Demolitions had accepted Memore's invitation, which the tour guide thought was perfect as Ziggs would be able to provide some company for Krizonar while he stepped over to Town Hall. However.. Ziggs' attention was elsewhere, solely fixated upon the Aeho, which was understandable considering she was of an entirely different race, one which hasn't been seen by most. What they, Ririnea and Memore, had failed to notice was what the Hexplosives Expert was focusing on specifically. As they went to move towards the restaurant, Ziggs followed in toe, but then went to proceed in front of Memore. He didn't think much of it as their destination was obvious, but apparently Ziggs had an entirely different destination in mind. The moment the yordle latched onto one of Krizonar's legs, both Memore and Riri's tempers flared. From an outside perspective it may have seemed almost possessive, but they knew how important it was to maintain their tourist's personal spaces. And the fact that Ziggs had outright ignored what Memore had said earlier about Krizonar being tired, even if it wasn't actually the case, really lit a fire in their bellies. Still they had no idea as to why Ziggs was *really* so adamant on being picked up, so that he could better examine the Aeho's supple bosom at a better vantage point. If they had known, they would have sent the guy packing. It didn't matter that he was the Dean of Demolitions in the prestigious Academy of Piltover. What mattered was Krizonar's safety and comfort, and should he dare infringe upon either, he was going to get quite a decent walloping from the both of them! "*Up,*" the yordle entreated, highly offending Memore as his earlier words were completely disregarded. He became incensed, but it was only ephemeral, taking a breath to calm himself. Ririnea followed in suit, not wanting to repeat the mistake she had made earlier of becoming too heated and forgetting about Krizonar's needs. Ziggs was emphatic with the Aeho, hoping that this time his request would be heeded. The comment was caustic to the two yordles, prompting Memore to grip Ziggs' shoulder just a tad too tightly with a rictus of a smile on his face. **"As I said.. she's tired from the walk and carrying us around. So how about you try asking her later, hm?"** he spoke rather forcefully, trying his best to retain some speck of friendliness. But he honestly had no intentions of letting Ziggs be carried, not unless Krizonar offers him a ride up on her arms herself as she had done with them. She wasn't a ride! Also, he didn't want to encourage others to ask for a lift either. Ririnea struggled not to intervene but the yordle's prolonged contact with the Aeho's leg unnerved her. She wanted so badly just to shove him off but she managed to compromise, gently pushing against Ziggs' other shoulder that wasn't being grasped by her partner. Her other paw remained with Krizonar's hand, which had some point gravitated into her just wrapping her furry little fingers around Krizonar's index.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mayor Jadefellow,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=005400000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-01-11T00:29:08.525+0000) >Adventurrrre!!! Randgridr was appreciative of the mayor calming the crowd down, announcing her intentions and her lack of any ne'erdowell'ing. She gave Jadefellow a nod and a smile for his efforts. Randgridr took her first few steps, but stopped when she realized that if the mayor was going to follow, why not use his aid? She reached into her pouch, took out the card and held it out to Jadefellow to take. When he would do so, he would read the following: _-1xx Hoe 3x Spade 1x Shovel 1x Cart jack_ A list of farming equipment. Randgridr reached into her pouch again, withdrew her coins, held them out to Jadefellow and pointed between the list and the coins. Hopefully that would translate into what her business in Bandle was.
> [{quoted}](name=Grand Viper,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=00540000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000017,timestamp=2016-06-13T02:51:52.043+0000) ---- > **Bandle City ll Northern Marketplace** >*☾ *Evening* - Somewhat Chilly, 47°F* >(Alternate Timeline) His gloved paw remained raised, slightly aloft, still with the tentative intention of touching her arm for her comfort. Yet few reasons kept his paw at bay, one of the primary ones being the fear of being burned. Not that he believed that she would intentionally do so, but perhaps the area had not been purposefully cooled enough to allow his contact. So he locked eyes with her, his stern expression just barely providing the woman with a suggestion of concern with slightly raised brows. But she seemed able to translate, perhaps more so due to his body language than his actual facial expressions. Yordles inherently exaggerated their body language, and Jervis was no exception, though he nor other yordles would classify it as 'exaggerated' but rather typical. There was her smile again, which relieved him one part, the other part with her gentle pat. Though yordle instinct told him to make a more prolonged contact for her comfort, he refused it, allowing his hand to fall back to his side. Once again she had to display an explanation to address his worry. He wondered if she grew tired of having to do so. Her being was.. alien for most, so surely she was pestered with questions. He decided that this would be his last inquiry of her strange body. Then, if she so decided, she could tell him more about it, the struggles of being the embodiment of flame. He observed her carefully, wondering if she would produce a flame at first when she took a step back from him. Instead, coaxed alive by her soft hum, appeared little red veins. He recalled seeing them earlier, though perhaps not much of their glow as it had been in the daylight hours. Rapt by what he came to see next, realizing that this woman was in no short supply of surprises, he witnessed the reveal of a strange sheen from her veins. His eyes narrowed, and without realizing took a step closer as to get a better look. As the sheen moved as he did, it told of a more 3D form. The sergeant couldn't make out what it was exactly, some sort of shiny rock within the woman's throat. At this he hesitated, almost tempted to touch his own throat, as if it would suddenly fill with the same extrusive igneous rock as hers contained. Before she even wrote, he assumed that was why she wouldn't speak much, and he had been right. Reading the much smaller letters as the empty space available on her note was down to a corner. Even though at the end, she wrote '*no worries,*' Jervis was made even more so. He had learned much from those very brief bit of words. Randgridr had in fact been human once upon a time. How could such a transformation even occur? Weirder things have happened in their world, so it was not hard for him to accept at all. But now there were so many questions that raised in his mind, such as how did her change occur? Did she do it voluntarily? How else had it changed her? But he had decided earlier to ask no more of it and allow Randgridr to speak with him, that is, if she chose to. He would not force her to divulge anything that she did not want to when it came to the topic of her biology. Or perhaps geology in some parts. As much as he didn't like leaving it at that, feeling the urge to help her, to reduce her pain, he knew not how to do so. And so, left with her words on paper, she turned to leave with the farming equipment she came here for. **"Don't forget about our promise!"** he said after her, finding some solace that, should she keep to her promise, that they would see each other again. And perhaps then.. he would be able to help her somehow. He crumpled the note slightly in his grasp. Having his concerns piqued might have been exactly what she had intended on doing, Jervis knew, a machination that could very well be his undoing. But not once had he sensed or spotted even a modicum of evil intent, and he would like to think that he was good on picking up on that sort of thing. Just as he had when he took hold of her hand, he was taking a chance. Though he really shouldn't be, he had a daughter to care for, but he couldn't simply defy his own nature. He wanted to help her.
: Bandle City
> [{quoted}](name=Rumble n Tristy,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=0062000000000001,timestamp=2016-06-03T22:49:00.773+0000) > [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=0062000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-29T13:07:31.013+0000) > ----- >##Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ *Noon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) l **Part 2/2** Perhaps those who were charged with transporting Rumble ran into another debacle which called for their attention. Then they would have no choice but to drop the yordle off where they were currently to allow them to deal with the situation, however, none of this was listed. Nothing was listed, just an empty space beside the words 'order halted.' It wasn't protocol to leave such out in the initial report. It could just be someone had made an error. Either way it made Kea's job a lot more difficult as he now had absolutely no clue of the menace's location. It was indeed a presumptuous act that these 'yordles in black' were pulling here, but it was not by their orders to move like this. It was very unusual for them, but they questioned not, as it also wasn't their place to do so. Orders said to transport Rumble to the rear of Town Hall and they would do just that. The black vehicle, even as small as it was just like every other cab, stood out like a sore thumb in the sea of vibrant colors. The color alone was odd enough, but what added both a mysterious and suspicious element to it was the tinted windows. But that had been the purpose behind the tinted windows, to garner attention and impose great importance. But in this situation, however, those two things weren't wanted, which was what confused the agents transporting Rumble when they had received the orders to go and pick him up. But again, it was not their place to question, and so once more their passenger was able to view the same scenery he had passed just earlier as they made their way toward Bandle Square. Traffic became more hectic as they inched their way into the district, pulling gazes left and right. Not quite noticeable from the corner of one's eye as the darkened spot resembled that of a shadow, a reflective shadow that is. Curiosity grants them their first set of onlookers, and then from there, the spread of word from peer to peer as each taps the shoulder of friend or family member to look at what they were looking at. As it made its way passed the fountain, even Memore, first piqued by the sudden collection of '*What's that?*' turned to see. His ears perked with interest, just in time to see the blackened cab moving along, as if it were making a point to be seen by all. Such a cab was more familiar to the Business District, but not here. Were they trying to make a statement? Or were they just taking the scenic route over to Mane? Skipping the path leading to the rich district as the cab continued forward, that possibility was thus struck off the list. He shook his head, once again returning his attention to the Aeho. The black cab wasn't his business, nor did he care for it. It was just odd to see one around these parts, nothing more.
: Bandle City
> [{quoted}](name=Rumble n Tristy,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=0062000000000001,timestamp=2016-06-03T22:49:00.773+0000) > [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=0062000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-29T13:07:31.013+0000) > ----- >##Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ *Noon* - Warm, light breeze 60°F > (Main Timeline) l **Part 1/2** The Hexplosives Expert might have been a bit disappointed after his graduation up off the ground was refused, not by the Aeho, who didn't even understand what the goggled yordle was asking for, but by Memore. The male tour guide tried to be as civil about it as possible, and hoped that Ziggs wouldn't take offense to it. The guy was a name around here, not as much of one as Heimerdinger of course, but Ziggs was certainly associated to it. Perhaps not exactly in the same light, but, a light in which yordles could mostly brag about his accomplishments. They might do this for the simple sake of the yordle name and not entirely for Ziggs benefit, for most felt pretty unsure about the male yordle himself as he seemed.. rather chaotic in both his methods and his ways. Much criticism hushed by the fact of his new title, the Dean of Demolitions, and recognition by the Revered Inventor himself. Memore and Ririnea both had much respect for him, but alas, their duty was to Krizonar. Her comforts and safety were to come first before anything, including over the desires of even a famed yordle like himself. But before Ziggs could respond, or anyone else for the matter, the City's tune began to ring loudly into their ears. *Ging-jing, g-jingggg! G-jinnngg, ging ging jing~ Ging-jing, g-jingggg! G-jinnngg, ging ging jing~* Much conversation ceased as the unique rings rung loudly throughout the square and resonated into the other districts of the city. Just above town hall, the tallest building in the square, housed the set of bells which sang to them currently. A larger bell set in the middle with a smaller bell on each side of it, together they created a simple tune in order to notify citizens of the time. Yet they sounded so different from other bells, and looked different from other bells, as they had a much more peculiar shape and thus produced a different sound. Celebrating with a chorus of bells and dramatic enumeration of each hour of the day, which was indicated by the lack of '*G-jinnnng~*' after the first set of bell rings. They told time differently here as they included hour zero and excluded hour twelve. A minute from 11:59 would hit upon hour zero, resetting the count completely. Which meant that two hour zeroes occurred, two one hours occurred, which like time told in Piltover, were followed by the abbreviations of either R.S. or F.S, which meant 'rise sun' and 'fall sun' respectively. Ririnea, who no longer felt despondent as before, had moved along with Krizonar as the Aeho settled herself down at the fountain. Memore took notice of this which led him to further believe that the Aeho was tired as she had also set the two of them down prior. Having a brief luncheon while he quickly went to inquire Town Hall about the situation would be best, he believed. They were supposed to stop by anyhow upon Jadefellow's request to do so. The mayor was hoping that Krizonar would be so invested in the tour that she would opt to leave her translating device with them at Town Hall as opposed to staying here herself while the device was being fixed. However, the two tour guides were completely oblivious to this ulterior motive. They didn't need to know it, of course, as Jadefellow only wished them to give Krizonar the best experience, one that would entice her enough to continue along with it. That the sights alone would be enough to satisfy and pique her curiosities. Ririnea and Memore, as well as other tour guides of the City, had no idea of the other ulterior motives behind their jobs. That they were to show Bandle's highlights and ignore any shadows. That they were, basically, putting on a show, painting a false picture of their home as they claimed it as a utopia. But that couldn't be, surely it couldn't. Their goals were only to give tourists the best experiences possible, to make those that visited here comfortable, happy, and have a grand time. What could be so awful about that? **"Those are the town bells,"** Ririnea explained to Krizonar, which again she knew she couldn't understand, but wanted to say regardless. She didn't want the Aeho to worry about them, her tone of voice not expressing any indications of worry or concern, which she knew Krizonar would be able to hear. That was the most important part. She patted the captain's hand which was easier to do now that she was sitting, though still taller than they. She had all but accepted the culpability for her previous actions and, just as Memore did, took it as a lesson learned. Now refocused on her duty, she tended to Krizonar and Krizonar only. That whoreson menace no longer resided in the square or her thoughts, the situation involving him entirely dismissed. Rightly so as the crass creature did not deserve the time of day whatsoever. **"That's just another thing that I'll have to talk to you about once we get your translator fixed."** Riri spoke, confident that her translator would be fixed, and soon. **"Speaking of, how about we grab a bite to eat now, yeah? Gives me the chance to swing by Town Hall and see what's going on."** Memore proposed after turning from the Dean of Demolitions. He did ask if Ziggs would like to come and join them though hadn't received a response just yet. Perhaps he wouldn't receive one at all. Admittedly he felt bad about denying Ziggs the same experience as they had, riding up on Krizonar's arms. But Krizonar was a person, not a ride, and Memore was sure that she had become exhausted by their travel. He stepped closer to the Aeho and gently tapped upon her knee, hoping to gain her attention first as it might have been with Ririnea before speaking again. **"I know you must be tired Krizonar, but there's a human-size restaurant right over there,"** he pointed, not too far off in the distance just near the path leading up to the Mane district. The restaurant was out in the open, a small part of the square as it allowed its patrons a view of the fountain featured in the middle of the district. The fountain which Krizonar now sat beside. Pointing to the close destination he hoped to encourage the Aeho to travel just a bit further, knowing that she had just come to sit down for a brief rest. Just a bit further. Ririnea, with her free paw, pretended to be holding a sandwich and started making exaggerated chewing motions with her mouth before pointing over to the restaurant. ------ The mayor was becoming ever more frustrated with the situation which he knew was being reflected in his behavior. The two workers from Furniture Station had received an earful from him after all their errors and mistakes. But he called for a break, realizing that his bubbling irritations were ruining his facade. After sipping on some whiskey imported over from Piltover and laying back in his lounge chair with his eyes shut, the mayor felt decidedly much better, and invited the two workers back in. First an apology was offered for his earlier snappiness, explaining the stresses put upon him which made the two feel much less tense and much more forgiving. He had an upcoming election after all, this was not the time to be slacking with his image, even with his recent bonus of points in the media thanks to Krizonar's arrival. Now much more level-headed, as he waited for the two yordles in overalls to finish drawing their twenty-seventh sketch for him, he thought about his plans involving the Aeho's translator. He wanted the translator fixed and he did *not* want Krizonar meeting Rumble. Which unbeknownst to him already happened, but fortunately not for very long. Regardless, Jadefellow would not be pleased as the Aeho was able to witness such criminal activity. Words of slander against their people being shouted by one of their own, though she could not understand, the residue of its filth would remain upon her ears. A nasty stain on the perfect image of his City.. it was inexcusable. Those who were employed in the Mayoral services were not actually dressed in dark suits and shaded glasses. Only but a few of these shady characters existed, and certainly not within the public eye. Because really, both their appearance and demeanor screamed *corruption.* Having that near the mayor was toxic, and so, they remained far from Jadefellow. Certainly the mayor wouldn't want the public to think that he were up to something. No, he was for the people, never up to anything else that wasn't out there for the world to know. They were not seen with the mayor nor associated with the mayor. Everyone else serving underneath Jadefellow were non-suspicious and wore warm-colored suits, many without ties or even buttoned up collars. They were encouraged to wear what was comfortable to them while retaining some professionalism to help create a warmer, friendlier environment for all. Appearance was key after all, expressing only but the truth, that Jadefellow had nothing to hide. He was as good as he and his underlings appeared to be. Kea, the messenger who was rumored to have the use of echolocation due to the beige newsboy cap always being pulled over his eyes, had found the miscreant alright, but not before the rascal was taken by said shady characters. He would not recognize them at all even after being one of the mayor's messengers for several years now. But he was not there when Rumble was transferred from the typical police vehicle to a more obscured transport. He only read the orders written in the reports, as at first Rumble was to be dropped off at the scrapyard. That was where Rumble resided now, the authorities knew, but they also hoped that the long walk back to Bandle would dissuade Rumble from returning to make further speeches. But Kea then found a halt of these orders with no reason for it being listed. *cont'd*
: > [{quoted}](name=Mayor Jadefellow,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=005400000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-01-11T00:29:08.525+0000) >Adventurrrre!!! Randgridr was appreciative of the mayor calming the crowd down, announcing her intentions and her lack of any ne'erdowell'ing. She gave Jadefellow a nod and a smile for his efforts. Randgridr took her first few steps, but stopped when she realized that if the mayor was going to follow, why not use his aid? She reached into her pouch, took out the card and held it out to Jadefellow to take. When he would do so, he would read the following: _-1xx Hoe 3x Spade 1x Shovel 1x Cart jack_ A list of farming equipment. Randgridr reached into her pouch again, withdrew her coins, held them out to Jadefellow and pointed between the list and the coins. Hopefully that would translate into what her business in Bandle was.
> [{quoted}](name=Grand Viper,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=00540000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000015,timestamp=2016-05-19T22:37:21.822+0000) > ----- >##Bandle City ll Northern Marketplace >##☾ *Evening* - Somewhat Chilly, 47°F > (Alternate Timeline) The smile was a relief to see, about as relieving as the lack of flame being generated from Randgridr's hand. The sergeant was overwhelmed with a sense of trust. The skeptical man had ultimately gained some for this foreigner, and the foreigner the same. All it took was risking his life. *'Then again it could all be part of a scheme,'* came the suspicious thought, which he suspected would come up. It took much to completely convince Jervis of one's intentions after all. This nature of his was not entirely wrought from his standing in the military either, no, something so uniquely shaped was something that had always been in his character, and then altered here and there to fit military needs. But he found Randgridr to be personable enough, not a curmudgeon at all as he first assumed. Which could be part of some clever guise, but that just went without saying. She pulled her hand from his paw, and he pulled his paw from her hand when she did, though with much less urgency as it settled back down at his side. Her hand had a much less passive motive as it went to support her sudden coughing fit. The sergeant's expression changed from that of relief, with the same general sternness he always had, to concern with a raise of his brows. He reached out for her arm in at attempt at comfort, something which the yordle race were closely tied to, company and touch. Extending their warmth out to anyone and everyone not just to keep their mental states stable but rather because they enjoyed it. But he had to force himself to pause in his action, freezing his paw just before it touched the skin. Skin perhaps not made of the same flesh as he wore, but a skin nevertheless. He didn't know if she had cooled her arm enough to allow him to touch. So he held it there, also because unlike yordles who (mostly) did not mind touch at all, other races did. He would not want to invade what foreigners called 'personal space,' a term introduced by tourists from Piltover, as no space in Bandle had ever been exclusive to one person. Shared by all. Despite the fact that non-yordles did not receive the same satisfactions out of being with company or being touched by another, Jervis still felt the need to try to comfort her as his instincts told him to. Thus his paw remained hovering just near her arm, his concerned gaze still much 'harsher' than one would expect from an expression that was supposed to be gentle, but his face just did not seem able to achieve a gentle look without some degree of harshness. The blood spat she coughed up only heightened this concern. He wished that he had some water, but then again, perhaps the embodiment of flame would not desire such liquids, or any liquids at all. He felt powerless at this moment, unable to offer her a thing as comfort. But she pushed it off and wrote down her response, which he glanced over to in order to read. Getting her to agree to visiting a security point had been pushed aside the moment she began coughing, so the answer confused him at first before he realized. After her fit had ended it was as if it were no big deal, or if it hadn't occurred at all. Gathering her things and gesturing down the road, movements easily translatable, yet he remained just as concerned as before. Who knows, perhaps it really wasn't all that big a deal for her. But he had to know, he had to make sure. **"Are you alright? I.. know, you wish to leave. But Randgridr, you just coughed up blood. Now I'm no doctor, nor do I know what race of being you really are, but coughing up blood is never a good sign. I can help you,"** his paw still remained as it were, hovering just near her arm even after all her movements of writing and gathering her things. He held her gaze, as if he would be able to read her thoughts just by looking into those strange eyes of hers. Even though he said he could help, really, could he?
: Greeting roleplayers! An important matter needs to be discussed.
Greetings! It's-a-me, DM, GM, whatever you'd like to call it, for the [Bandle City thread](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/roleplaying/gjrNdvrK-bandle-city?show=flat). I just wanted to pop in and say that, despite the lack of activity, I know that one day this place will be brimming with activity once more. I have complete faith in this fact.. which is why I am doing my best to create a Bandle City that is worthwhile for all. Fleshing out a City has proved difficult, but I've been chipping away at it more recently now. Even with the three or so people posting in it now, we're creating a story. But I made this thread to open for all sorts of activity, whether it be minimal or overflowing with it, which I think all threads should be. What I want to say is.. in the kindest way possible, that I wish people would try to put a little more effort into their threads. (Not saying everyone doesn't put any effort at all into their threads! I mean no offense, truly I don't.) *Here is 'this place.' Details, it has some things in it. Enjoy!* You know what would be fascinating? If all the City-State threads could actually coordinate together and work on projects! Develop a 'trading system' between the ones which make sense, indicate when ships are going out (be it cargo or travel, so that roleplayers can actually have their characters.. GET ON THE SHIPS, or send items, which we could even have a thread for, which can include sea-troubles such as pirates----coughcough, GANGPLANK.) Also.. just saying... *sub-threads.* Ahem. For organization's sake, why can't we have a dang sub-thread for Ask threads and----- -getting off topic here my bad.- There's just so much that we can do! I would absolutely love to work with others who are willing to put forth the effort. We have the barest foundations of Runeterra down, perhaps building it up more could make it feel more real, and thus appeal to more people eh? :D
: > [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=00610000,timestamp=2016-05-15T00:26:52.179+0000) > > [{quoted}](name=Rumble n Tristy,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=0062,timestamp=2016-05-19T20:43:28.012+0000) > > [{quoted}](name=GM Yordle,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=0061,timestamp=2016-05-14T00:29:06.384+0000) > > > > > > Ririnea leaned over to look at Ziggs when he first spoke, referring to Krizonar as.. '*a horny lady.*' She gave Ziggs a look, one which clearly read as unimpressed. > > "This *lady* here is called Krizonar. She's an Aeho, a new race we just came to know about just yesterday. She came here in her ship. It's still docked at the port if you wanna see it," Memore informed. Ziggs kept his face turned toward the Aeho as Rumble was pulled away, but his eyes followed the blue yordle for as long as they could without necessitating turning his head (which would reveal the direction of his gaze). His sharp ears swiveled and his eyelids drooped from behind the goggles as he focused on the sounds of his best friend being escorted away by the police for as long as he could before they were drowned out by the much louder crowd. At least he could get an idea of the direction they were headed, so he could try to track down his apparently unhinged buddy later. Once Rumble was gone, Ziggs could focus on the unusual visitor. He ignored Ririnea's disapproving look, but at Memore's emphasis, he leered at the yordle guards and gave the slightest of all eyebrow waggles. Ziggs took in the statuesque alien, noting the localized tautness in the foreign textile where its tensile strength was certainly tested by the prodigious yet confined masses. Elsewhere, the fabric fell in elegantly draped folds from the tall figure. His scientific mind, ever thirsty for novel information, yearned to conduct a more detailed analysis and gather minute elements of data regarding the imposing binary structures. Ziggs glanced sideways at the clambering guards who had been riding the alien's muscular arms. He made a swift decision. Ziggs pulled his goggles onto the top of his head and blinked innocently up at Krizonar with wide, curious eyes. He relaxed his confident stance into one of gentle, childlike submission, then lifted his arms toward Krizonar. "Up," he entreated, hoping his body language would communicate his aspirations in spite of the language barrier.
> [{quoted}](name=Zr Hexplosives,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=00620000,timestamp=2016-05-20T05:44:22.720+0000) > [{quoted}](name=Rumble n Tristy,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=0062,timestamp=2016-05-19T20:43:28.012+0000) > [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=00610000,timestamp=2016-05-15T00:26:52.179+0000) >*Back from the con! The show must go on!* ----- >##Bandle City ll Bandle Square >✸ *Late Morning* - Warm, light breeze 60°F She was supposedly one of the best tour guides that Bandle had to offer asides from Memore. Tourists were always more than satisfied with her service, having seen all the hot spots the City had to offer all the while being entertained with smiles and humor. But this was a slip up that she just couldn't seem to forgive herself for. Again she thought of the position Krizonar was placing herself in. The Aeho, the alien, knowing nothing of their home land or their people, going deep into their territory without protection, without even a familiar face. The fact that she had felt threatened was her fault. Ririnea couldn't help but think of just what could have happened if things had continued. An incident, perhaps, leading the Aeho to distrust their people entirely. She frowned, feeling absolutely miserable. **"Tatsa,"** she would whisper which was supposed to help calm the Aeho, but was now being used in an attempt to comfort herself as well. Swallowed again by her own thoughts just as she had been when she first came upon the mighty ship Delovas. Because of her ignorance of Krizonar's state, the formula for disaster was allowed to be played out, but fortunately never reached its final form as police stepped in. Yet Ririnea was not the only one feeling guilt, as Memore reconsidered the situation and wished that he had been more assertive at the time. He should have stepped up and taken charge. Even though he had failed to grab Krizonar's attention, he should have been more adamant. But, unlike Ririnea, he knew that the past was the past. It was over and, although things could have been handled better, they both had learned a lesson. That's what living was all about after all. So he, after introducing the Aeho to the Hexplosives Expert, pushed away all thoughts about the previous incident and focused on the present. His attention was pulled from the famous yordle bomber, and Riri's from her thoughts, as the Aeho came to lower herself enough for them to step off. Memore supposed she was tired from carrying them and hopped off. Riri however was more convinced that the Aeho just didn't trust in her ability to do her job effectively while riding up on her arm, so she too hopped off as well. Ririnea, just like in the beginning, became more fixated on the ground than anything else. A few blades of grass poking out from between the cobblestone more specifically, watching them move by the light breeze with a small frown upon her face. In this moment she couldn't have wished for a translator more, so badly wishing to express her deep apologies for failing the Aeho, but alas, she could not. Though there was much going on about them and much to keep tabs on, for example, yordles getting too close and invading the Aeho's personal space, Memore was not so distracted as to not notice his partner's state. It was clear that she was upset, and although it was not a part of his job to console her, he didn't wish only for the Aeho's happiness, but for everyone's. **"Hey,"** he spoke softly, lowering his head so that he might try to make eye contact with his partner. **"....don't let Rumble get to you. He's gone now, and he won't be near us anytime soon."** Ririnea glanced up from the blades of grass poking between the cobblestones at her partner, feeling awful for spurring his concern and distracting him from other things. **"N-no, I'm alright. I just wish I handled things better."** she sniffled, doing her best to fight the frown from her face and withhold the tears now brimming her eyes. It was at this moment Krizonar came to place a hand gently upon her head, just between the ears, causing Ririnea to look up. Then it wasn't so hard to fight off the frown, a smile so easily replacing it. The small gesture let her know that Krizonar wasn't upset with her, which meant the world to the tour guide. Memore smiled in response, resting a paw against his right hip. **"I think you did just fine, Riri. Don't be so hard on yourself!"** Ririnea reached up for Krizonar's hand, the one that had placed itself upon her noggin, giving it a little rub with her thumb and index finger. Things were looking up for them once more. The time was near approaching noon, a time perfect for taking a little break and having some lunch, Memore thought. He turned from his partner, who again took up the job of constantly assuring the Aeho by holding her hand and occasionally rubbing it. But it seems that Ziggs had not quite yet satisfied his curiosities with the Aeho. When Memore had turned, he came to see Ziggs standing there with both arms raised. *'Up,'* very much in childlike manner, especially so from a human perspective. Memore shook his head and raised a paw, once again protecting the barrier around the Aeho for her comfort. Even though Ziggs was a yordle that was bragged about in the papers, working besides one of the most brilliant minds in all of Runeterra, Memore still had to place Krizonar's comfort first. **"Now hold on, she's been carrying us up on her arms for awhile now. I think she put us down for a rest. Besides, we're about to go eat. But... you're more than welcome to join us."** The invitation was heard by Ririnea, who looked passed the Aeho to throw Memore a look, a look which was waved off casually. He thought it was a good plan. While they ate lunch he could go ahead and check in with the mayor and inquire about fixing the translator. Perhaps Heimerdinger was already there waiting for them to swing by. Then again, Ziggs might know about his employer's whereabouts himself. --------- The matter was indeed stressing the mayor out to bits. Even though the revered inventor was here in the City, attempts of making contact with him have failed. Messengers were sent yet their knocks on his door would garner no reply. They said that they heard a '*loud buzzing sound*' emanating from within, which had them convinced that Heimerdinger was in the middle of working on a project. Fixing the Aeho's translator as quickly as possible was the main priority here. They had to fix it for they had broken it, it was only fair, yet they couldn't insist on keeping them for long until they did so.. Seated in his plush chrome and leather office, the mayor tiredly rubbed the bridge of his nose, as he seemed to do quite frequently when stressed. Before his desk stood two yordles, each wearing a set of brown overalls and a cap which read 'Furniture Station' on the front of it. Between these two workers, each possessing a light blue coat, was a stand holding up a large pad of paper. The current sketch being displayed was that of a chair, one vaguely similar to the Captain's chair featured in Delovas' bridge. **"No, no, and no.. for the last time the chair was nothing like that! I *told* you, the arms are much wider, and the back is more detailed!"** the mayor shook his head with a sigh. He's been repeating the same thing for about an hour now yet these two nincompoops continued to fail him. He wanted to have a chair like that in his office, as it was a chair truly worthy of the Mayor of Bandle, which he was confident in becoming once again in the upcoming election. And to be able to sit on such a grand chair upon winning would provide for a perfect picture opportunity for the press.. that is, if these two blubbering buffoons could manage to sketch the proportions correctly. They, who no doubt regretted responding to the mayor's job call, turned back to the pad and flipped to a new page to begin sketching yet again when another yordle was let in. He possessed a light orange coat and, unlike the workers from Furniture Station, was able to hide most of his exhaustion with the help of the beige newsboy cap pulled over his eyes. He went by the named of 'Kea,' who many speculated was able to use echolocation due to always having his cap over his eyes. With his short red scarf and tattered brown messenger bag, he was one of the most identifiable messengers of Town Hall, and strangely, one of the fastest. **"And?"** was all that the mayor said as Kea entered the room, sounding just as annoyed as before. **"No answer, 'm afraid."** Jadefellow hissed quietly, mentally cursing Heimerdinger for his lack of presence. His home needed him! On a verge of a crisis here yet the scientist locks himself away in his lab. Dropping by at the Town Hall was the least the scientist could have done upon arriving in Bandle! The mayor allowed himself to deflate against his chair, removing a paw from the bridge of his nose to try to relax. There was a solution here, there had to be. The knowns of the situation bubbled together in his mind, *the translator, the stipulation that Krizonar must be present, Heimerdinger and his lack of response.* But there was more, more that the mayor cringed at when it added itself onto the list, *Rumble.* No doubt the hooligan was free and obtainable. There was a chance that he could fix the translator in a timely matter. **"Find the blue menace,"** came Jadefellow's blurted out order, which came to some surprise to the messenger. **"Pardon?"** perhaps he had misheard the mayor, or the mayor misspoke. Rumble was well known as the 'blue menace' by most folk, though many avoided using the term since it made others who shared the same fur color as he rather ashamed, hence why 'mechanized menace' was preferred. **"Find the blue menace, bring him to the back of Town Hall. And keep it quiet."** Jadefellow spoke with teeth gritted. It was a back-up plan, a last resort, should Heimerdinger fail to respond to his summons in time. He couldn't keep the Aeho here forever after all.
: > [{quoted}](name=GM Yordle,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=BMNEqOby,comment-id=0c320000000100000000,timestamp=2016-05-14T20:26:25.477+0000) > > Oh dang! I remember taking a look at those, too. I've been here for awhile, but definitely not as long as you lol. [RIP my first thread.](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4851486&page=1) > > But I haven't really gotten involved with the community here, so as of late I've been trying to come out of my shell more and get to know some of you guys. Woohoo! > I'm currently in the middle of fleshing out Bandle City even more for the boards and have so many plans for other things--- fdjkalgja. Iwon'tspoilit. > > WOW, wordpress huh. That looks really freaking useful. Since I'm gonna be creating a bunch of characters for Bandle, I might look into using that. Is it difficult to setup something like you have? Also, did you draw your characters yourself? They're amazing! The Owl is so pretty. And Tek lol, YES! Finally, a minion character! Yea, I've been around a while, and as such I've gotten to know several of the RPers here... I often try to join random RPs when they pop up as well, hence why I have so many characters. Though I've been slacking, I need to update several of the bios on some of mine, ahaha. Oh, Wordpress isn't that difficult to use, plus its free! Its pretty much like any other blogging site, you write posts and publish them, and you can display different pages and such on the front. I have mine default to show my character list page and update it whenever I make a new one. I find its easier for me to keep them organized for myself and others and keeps me from having a million google doc pages. And yeah, I drew all my characters. Drawing is a thing I enjoy to do, and I'm glad you like the drawings! I need to color them all eventually... Tek is actually an older character of mine, though I don't use him all that often anymore. He was made like, three or four years ago for an RP that revolved around minions.
> [{quoted}](name=Silverling,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=BMNEqOby,comment-id=0c3200000001000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-15T02:14:27.465+0000) I remember back when I was first coming into all this, this community, that because everyone already have their friendships established and whatnot, that they wouldn't necessarily care to get to know others. But instead of me actually trying to become involved in the community, I just freaked myself out with it and shirked off entirely. Which was baaad. -shakes head- I don't have any experience with blogging stuff, including tumblr, but wordpress looks simple enough to figure out. Hopefully. Thanks for introducing me to it, I'll definitely be checking it out. Especially because it's freeeee. Was not looking forward to creating a bunch of google docs either, lol. I draw too! Well, not as much as I should. I'm pretty lazy, eugh. I think they're great, I keep looking back at the Owl. What a cool character. A minion RP eh? That sounds like fun. Those poor guys get slaughtered on the Rift every day. Imagine if Riot put out lore for them and revealed that they weren't actually just a bunch of mindless robots? I'd feel pretty terrible csing if that were the case. I'd just see your character Tek in my mind. I cri.
: > [{quoted}](name=GM Yordle,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=BMNEqOby,comment-id=0c3200000001,timestamp=2016-05-14T19:12:11.191+0000) > > Will I though? WILL I?! > I sure hope so. > > ...and hi! Nice to meet ya! I'm the current Veigar on the boards, andddd DM for Bandle. > Howdy doo! How are you!? Do you have a character here on the boards? Yea you prolly will. d= Also Hi! I'm Silver, previously known for making such threads like "How to join RPs (and noy get yelled at)", "That OTHER place", "The Displaced Timeline", and "The Sitara Courtyard". I've been a resident of these boards for about five or six years or so, started when they were known as the lore forums, haha! As for characters? I have many OCs, so many thst I have a [wordpress](https://amoebajelly.wordpress.com) for them. Though I have RP'd a couple champs in my lifetime, being Soraka, Maokai, and most recently I was the first Rek'Sai. So yea, I've been around for a little bit here. Nice to meet you too! d= Edit: > [{quoted}](name=Insanity Kiwi,realm=OCE,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=BMNEqOby,comment-id=0c320000000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-14T07:08:29.205+0000) > > You're evil. Only slightly. (:
> [{quoted}](name=Silverling,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=BMNEqOby,comment-id=0c32000000010000,timestamp=2016-05-14T19:50:59.563+0000) Oh dang! I remember taking a look at those, too. I've been here for awhile, but definitely not as long as you lol. [RIP my first thread.](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4851486&page=1) But I haven't really gotten involved with the community here, so as of late I've been trying to come out of my shell more and get to know some of you guys. Woohoo! I'm currently in the middle of fleshing out Bandle City even more for the boards and have so many plans for other things--- fdjkalgja. Iwon'tspoilit. WOW, wordpress huh. That looks really freaking useful. Since I'm gonna be creating a bunch of characters for Bandle, I might look into using that. Is it difficult to setup something like you have? Also, did you draw your characters yourself? They're amazing! The Owl is so pretty. And Tek lol, YES! Finally, a minion character!
: > [{quoted}](name=GM Yordle,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=BMNEqOby,comment-id=0c32,timestamp=2016-05-13T18:33:38.564+0000) > > Don't you just love it when geese just park themselves just outside your window at 6AM and start FUQQIN' honkin' about? > Even worse, they're at war with this dog my neighbor has, so the dog barks and the geese scream at it in return. > > ...I just realized that by roleplaying Veigar, I have also inherited his enemies. Enemies being.. **geese**. FUQQIN. Geese. They ruined his plans for stealing the Motership, they ruined my plans for sleeping another four hours. ... I live in an area that has roosters and guinea fowl.. the roosters start crowing at around 4AM, and the guineas never shut up. You get used to it. d=
> [{quoted}](name=Silverling,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=BMNEqOby,comment-id=0c320000,timestamp=2016-05-13T20:41:03.100+0000) > > ... I live in an area that has roosters and guinea fowl.. the roosters start crowing at around 4AM, and the guineas never shut up. > > You get used to it. d= Will I though? WILL I?! I sure hope so. ...and hi! Nice to meet ya! I'm the current Veigar on the boards, andddd DM for Bandle. Howdy doo! How are you!? Do you have a character here on the boards?
: > [{quoted}](name=Mayor Jadefellow,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=005400000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-01-11T00:29:08.525+0000) >Adventurrrre!!! Randgridr was appreciative of the mayor calming the crowd down, announcing her intentions and her lack of any ne'erdowell'ing. She gave Jadefellow a nod and a smile for his efforts. Randgridr took her first few steps, but stopped when she realized that if the mayor was going to follow, why not use his aid? She reached into her pouch, took out the card and held it out to Jadefellow to take. When he would do so, he would read the following: _-1xx Hoe 3x Spade 1x Shovel 1x Cart jack_ A list of farming equipment. Randgridr reached into her pouch again, withdrew her coins, held them out to Jadefellow and pointed between the list and the coins. Hopefully that would translate into what her business in Bandle was.
> [{quoted}](name=Grand Viper,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gjrNdvrK,comment-id=00540000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000013,timestamp=2016-05-13T22:30:34.098+0000) --- >##Bandle City ll Northern Marketplace >##☾ *Evening* - Somewhat Chilly, 47°F > (Alternate Timeline) He was genuinely worried that this would not be enough to convince her. If it wasn't, he would have to try harder. Jervis didn't want Bandle to see Randgridr as a fugitive, for she hadn't done anything to earn such a label. So far she has done everything they have asked, answered every question they have posed. So far he was given no evidence that she sought harm to Bandle or its people. To be arrested merely because of not stopping at a checkpoint, well, that would be silly. She wouldn't be held for long no doubt, but it would be a lot of chaos and stress that could very easily be avoided. She came to a decision after some thought, and, again, picked up the pen and began to write. It was quick, enough time for either a 'yes' or 'no.' When Jervis looked at the paper, he saw neither responses. Instead he read the word 'trust.' He blinked, not entirely aware of the meaning until she extended her hand to him. It was much more than just a simple handshake. She had informed him earlier of the harm she could produce with her touch, and that is why she rejected the mayor's handshake. Now it was she who was initiating the handshake. From what she said, she could generate quite a lot of heat. And, though he didn't know for sure for he was unaware of just how hot the woman could get, a mere handshake from her.. might just be lethal. Perhaps receiving third degree full thickness burns all over his body. *At least his nerve endings would be dead at that point.* But he too would most likely die. That was a danger that she, Randgridr, was asking him to chance. He was an incredibly cautious guy. He stared at her hand. Even though no heat was emitting from it in her ashen state, he felt like he was getting hotter. If he shook her hand and suddenly erupted into flames, his daughter would be without a father. Did he really want to take that chance? What would he be gaining out of this, Randgridr's trust? Was it worth it? She could go off and, if she failed to visit a checkpoint, be tossed into jail, and it would be nothing off his back. It had nothing to do with him. Yet he raised his paw anyways. Jervis, sergeant of the Bandle Force, was a cautious man. But he wasn't without compassion. He looked up at her, then, briefly before taking the plunge. If he was going to do this, he was going to do it strong. He grasped her hand firmly.
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