: weeping angel {{champion:3}}
Please Stahp! That which holds the image of angel...
: weeping angel skin for {{champion:69}}
: And now I want a weeping angel champ...rito please ;-;
: He's Mr. Freeze from "Batman and Robin", which came out over 20 years ago.
"What killed the dinosaurs? The ice age."
Squad5 (NA)
: I was always a big fan of the cyborg cowboy from the first piece of concept art that I saw of it. In regard to tying him into Ionia it wasn't really a _need_ but more of an opportunity. Through Jhin we get to see a new side of Ionia. We see not only a darker aspect to their society (with him being released to kill again) but also show the fact that Ionia has different weapons and styles of fighting than things like the ninjas or the more mystical fighters. Jhin's an entirely different side of Ionia, and I think his existence actually gives more depth and insight into that society.
I really liked the villain from one of the "good" countries. I know there's already Zed, but it was still cool. Now we just need a Demacian bad guy. Maybe someone who's started to go too far. Killing prisoners, sending anyone who questions his actions on suicide missions. Maybe trying to rise through the ranks using any means necessary because he feels only he has the commitment needed to do what must be done.
Falyce (NA)
: There's not a single "Heartseeker" skin on sale?? What gives Riot? Some people actually celebrate Valentine's Day. We're not all loveless single men playing away at our computers.
They might be doing it as a special sale that's not part of the regular schedule.
z0402581 (NA)
: Please tell me that there's been an error in compiling the list of skin sales. 14 of those skins were used in the June skin sale, which comes off as strange, seeing as how you have hundreds of more skins available for sale. June Skin schedule: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/store/sales/june-sales-schedule
Since June was seven months ago I'm not that worried about it.
: gangplank was supposed to be her "lover" of sorts. copied the lore straight from pirates of the carribean
Maybe he survived because her god likes him. Maybe she knows he's alive. Been wondering lately.
Rinta (NA)
: YAAAAAAAAAAAS. I love how {{champion:103}} owns her sexuality, but it's pretty clear the art style is sexual objectification and not sexual liberation. FFS, {{champion:267}} is a fish and she has breasts. Fish don't even have mammary glands...
Well Ahri's not just sexually liberated, but sexually weaponized. Her in lingerie giving the camera a come hither look would not be inappropriate to her lore. It would be inappropriate in general, but not to her lore.
: You mean she is **one of** the few non-objectified women in League of Legends? Other than {{champion:421}} and {{champion:203}}
I can definitely still objectify a seven foot tall battle cleric. She's just hot in new and different ways. She's a little scary and all, but didn't that one story say that her and Gangplank had a thing.
Killakam (NA)
: I assumed that Magga survived the encounter and died the night of her final performance on the stage. Her seeing only Lamb and Wolf in the audience was probably simply the fulfilling of their prophetic words "until the day we meet again". However, I do believe you're right about the arrow. I think she died from Lamb's arrow which, as you said, probably struck her in the chest; but I believe that death manifested itself as a heart attack. When Lamb asked if she would choose Wolf's chase or Lamb's arrow, I think she was really asking whether she would like to die with the rest of the troupe who were killed by "bandits" (Wolf's chase) or die at a later date in a less violent manner via the "heart attack" (Lamb's arrow). From what I've gathered about Lamb and Wolf is that Wolf is violent and enjoys violence or violent deaths; while Lamb is compassionate and would rather give someone a more peaceful death. And I think the ways that they both bring death to people are related to their preferences. Wolf attacked the encampment either disguised as bandits or by having his taste for violent deaths manifest itself as a group of bandits. Lamb killed Magga disguising her arrow as a heart attack.
I don't think the exact manner of your death necessarily has to do with whether you die to Lamb or Wolf. Up until the last moment it's still life after all. At the last moment you either accept death and Lamb takes you gently or you try to resist it or flee from it and Wolf ravages you tearing you out of this life. I think she got a rare glimpse of Kindred by going to a place that somehow belonged to them and at the end was when they truly came for her.
: Vi Skins
All of them look so cool, but I had to go with executioner just for the chains coming out of the hands. Want so much to have the enemy champed chained to me on the ult. Hi-tech is probably the best looking overall. So many jokes about beating people with your bear hands. I think I've seen the jade one suggested as Shyvana skin too. I'd like to see more non-gauntlet Vi stuff. Like a druid or psionic where her hands are just wrapped in some kind of force or a 1350/1820 Abyssal one where she has big demon hands and her audio changes to cool growls. She could claw the ground to launch herself forward for her Q. Get some purple voidey energy for her E. Her ult could surround her with the same energy in transit and the she does a claw uppercut before going up for the big smash.
: As a concept these are amazing, but the individual pictures aren't doing it for me.
Definitely want to see more versions of these.
salvaro (NA)
: Sanguine Syndra
Steel Legion.
: It got shelved just like WW rework.
I'm scared of the WW rework.
: [Skin Concepts] Diana Skins
Have thought for a while it would be cool to see a Solari Diana and a Lunari? (What is Diana's religion actually called?) Leona.
H3llion (NA)
: So what ever happened to the Crimson Elite?
I read somewhere that they started working on a crimson elite Katarina and scrapped because it wasn't good enough. Steel Legion hasn't been finished either and I think they're supposed to fight. Maybe someday...
: steel legion was meant only for demacia, Hence {{champion:86}} and {{champion:99}} have steel legions skins, leona isn't demacia but shyv is. So maybe for shyv
There's also still full metal. Not quite the same, but similar idea.
PyroSage (NA)
: Just throwing an idea out here.... but who would like to see a Steel Legion Leona or Shyvana?
Both sound good. Since they just gave Leona the project skin my vote goes to Shyvana.
: Gothic Vi !
Is the chain for her ult? Because that would be so cool.
: BUT THE TRUE QUESTION IS: can you {{summoner:12}} to the dragon
Can you {{summoner:12}} to his champ clones he makes. Seems like it should be the same.
: Champion Update: Fiora
Fiora got me my first pentakill. I was scared when I heard you were reworking her, but I understood it need to be done. Thank you for what you've done here RIOT. I'm looking forward to building Trinity Force and in general things other that raw AD on a champion that holds a special place for me. Won't feel like I'm fencing with a giant club anymore.
: Can Head hunter Talon Please happen? I mean he only has two skins, He has an assassin profile, and on top of that he has a blade for a weapon and riot has made so many cool designs for other champs with blades. Please lets make this happen and my wallet is yours.
Talon has three skins.
: It's definitely possible, but a Mecha/Battlecast skin would mean we would basically have to re-do every animation he has (among other things) so that the metal pieces don't look stretchy while he undulates around > u < (*and* add extra animations for his little pistons and stuff!) If you check out videos of Zac, the mass of his goo sort of shifts itself all over his body, and that might look strange translated to metal :x EDIT: Not saying it can't be done, but a skin like this would definitely run into a lot of issues and would probably be a legendary skin :)
Could you make him out of like vines. Those could stretch and swell pretty well. Not sure what he'd break into though.
Nightdas (NA)
: Oh{{item:3128}}, how glad am that Riot let us use you in our posts here. You have accompanied{{champion:103}}{{champion:84}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:268}}(not to much desert bird){{champion:131}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:61}} and of course your son{{champion:45}}(along with other champs im to lazy to post). With your active being so Borken (yes borken) and your lovley 10% CD along your 120AP, it is time to say good bye our love... DFG... You will be always in our hearts. {{item:3070}} {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
I feel sad for {{champion:84}} . They took away deathfire and nerfed her. Granted I've seen what people who play her better than me can do with her, but I really needed that item.
: Extra Bonus RP is coming for a limited time!
Now I can blow my RP on Dunkmaster Darius and wait for the coming refill. Been waiting for this since my sugar rush fund ran out.
: So this is how she and Swain get hooked up.
I think she's his mom. Probably adopted, but somebody was hiding him and teaching him to be all scary his whole childhood. And his tricky magic is different than what's in favor in the rest of Noxus.
: Cutthroat -> Achille's Steel.
What about cripple? Simple. Straightforward. Easy to remember.
Bleisch (NA)
: Honestly I don't feel like I deserve something that is made specifically for people that spend money(I mean skins are already in place). I don't want something to brag to other players that "I'm better". But how cool would it be to log in one day and get an animation that said I received a gift from riot with a note that said "thank you for your support, here is a toke of our appreciation"...BOOM riot fist bump ward. Like wtf how easy would that be. You could have done that once I think I would feel like a 6 year old who just got a star in class and maybe a gum ball. My 2cents...l luh you guys:)
If RIOT sent me a mystery skin I would lose my mind. Even if it was a crummy skin it would be the only skin I played for week.
: Commemorate past championships hmmmmmm.... what about Riven. Come on Riot you know everyone probably clicked this link to see if she was there.
I know I did. Please RITO. I wants it so much. Please take my moneys.
: It always irks me when I see stuff like this and then people say "good reflexes" because it was so close. The earlier a reflex happens, the better the reflexes are. This was the latest possible time to use flash so this would be the slowest reflexes before you start getting negative results (i.e Cait dying from Lee Q). A good reflex would be flashing as soon as you see Lee's animation for his Q. Not trying to downplay the Cait, it was an excellent play, I'm trying to downplay the fact that people label stuff like this as good reflexes. You can also see the late heal after Lee's R, you can definitely say that was slow reflexes. If it was the case where Cait was actually trying to flash at the last moment then that would be called good timing, not reflexes.
I think she was already busy hitting R and targeting, so I'm still going to go with good reflexes.
: Please bring back Championship Thresh! I had no money to buy it when it first came out because I had just started at my job. Then I got my first paycheck, and learned to my disappointment that it was taken off from the store the very day I deposited my paycheck. I need that beautiful blue!
I could be wrong, but i think the championship skins come back out every year during the championships.
: July champion and skin sales
Yay new sales list! Thank you RITO!
: As usual, your stories are top-notch! I really liked how "The Unforgiven" ties in with Yasuo and also makes for pretty awesome background music while reading this.
You stopped reading to turn it on too?
: So the team is told to design armor for a character fighting in the snow and *this* is what they come up with? A sports bra and shorts? Guys seriously, stop just giving into the same tired cliches for female characters and ACTUALLY INNOVATE. I'm pretty sure that's why you all wanted to become artists in the first place. Maybe someone up top is telling you all female characters have to be sexy, but I think I speak for a good chunk of players when I say we're bored of it.
{{champion:79}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:23}} These guys all went wandering around in the snow and compared to them she's practically amish. If anybody needs more clothes it's{{champion:6}} . Just... so much no.
: Add me and let's play an all for one mirror mode "all Yasuo". I don't even want to play that mode anymore cause everyone chooses Blitzcrank, Nidalee and Lux EVERY SINGLE GAME. But if we play an all Yasuo, I'm up for it.
: World War {{champion:63}} ? Red Skull.
: Brand walked through the post-apocalyptic wasteland [375 RP], his mask protecting him from the toxic fumes that emanated from the dead soil below his feet. He hadn't seen another living creature in years, apart from the huge cockroaches which infested the ruined buildings of the forgotten cities. They reminded him him of a fully stacked Cho'Gath after Lulu (487 RP) used his ult on him. As he remembered this, he suddenly saw a strange, floating circle in the distance. He approached it with caution, one fireball on each hand. If he had learnt something after surviving in this hell for so many years was that he could never be "too careful". The circle levitated, slowly and gently bobbing up and down, as the radioactive sand whirled around it. "I know you," said Brand, his voice muffled behind his mask, "I haven't seen you since season 2... Zilean". Shurima Desert Zilean (487 RP) turned around. He looked as old as always. "Brand," he said in a slow, boring voice, "it's been so many years." "You can travel through time... Why didn't you stop all this from happening?" Zilean twisted his old, dusty lips into a smile. "My dear Brand... You can't change the past." Brand suddenly felt lost. He finally met another human after so many years of wandering alone... And not just a human, but a person who could travel through time... Only to be told that their situation was hopeless. "Can you at least send me back? To a better place... And a better time?" Zilean shook his head. "No. But I can send you somewhere else. You see, there's one tree left in this world... Two people are trying to plant it, but they haven't succeeded yet. If you help them out, then maybe... Just maybe... You can save the world." Zilean put Brand into some sort of magical bubble, and everything around him faded away. Suddenly, Brand was standing in the middle of an empty sand field. A different one from where he had been. All these years had taught him to identify even the slightest difference in ground and sand colour. Then he saw someone who had been feared as being "too OP" back in the day. "Ka... Kassadin?" He whispered to Deep One Kassadin (260 RP), who stood in front of him. "What the... Where did you come from?" "It's ok, I'm here to help. You need to plant a tree, right?" "Yes. Morgana (292 RP) has been trying to root him for a while, but he keeps dodging her Q." Brand began wondering many things in that moment. What was wrong with Kassadin? Did all these years make him crazy? None of what he had just said made any sense at all. But then it all did. Maokai (440 RP) was running around, zig zagging, as Morgana kept trying to bind him with her spell. "Ugh, you've gotta be kidding me," said Brand as he rolled his eyes, and really quickly comboed Maokai and stunned him. "NOW!" Yelled Kassadin, and Morgana cast her Dark Binding. "NOOO!!! You idiots!!! Leave me alone!" Yelled Maokai, as his feet clasped the ground, roots coming out of them and deep into the soil. Kassadin tossed a bucket of water at him, to extinguish Brand's flames (it would've been pretty funny if Brand had burnt the last tree on earth). Maokai fought for a while, but he eventually gave up and stood there, motionless as a tree. "What now?" Asked Brand. "Now... We wait."
He has returned. Praise be to Moriuz. May he guide us always as we walk the path of RITO.
: {{champion:6}} <--- He is more ugly and needs new everything
bet case Urgot is hi-def ugly
: Pentakill's Smite and Ignite Album Out Now
Anyone know how long Pentakill bundle will last? Trying to grind some IP.
Kidfeliz (NA)
: Hey just in case some of you people who didn't see this on another link that was here but here is a free link to get free dreadknight skin for garen you just gotta have a twitter : http://woobox.com/scrx56
Sweet. I didn't think we could get it for free in NA.
: Tristana needs a little voice over love too. Not a single skin of hers contains any modifications to her voice or phrases meanwhile galaxy rumble has special interactions with her specifically and she has nothing to reply to him with other then the usual "Is that a rocket in your pocket? :O" lol
Actually, that kind of works as a reply to Lagaan Rumble coming on to her. Not disagreeing with anything you said up to there, just saying.
: He means the Lil' Slugger, Junkyard, and Traditional Skins . Since the VU, the splash arts look nothing like the updated skins. If you want to have an argument, go find one that's actually real, thank you.
Speaking of how different those look, did his lore used to be different or something? Some kind of swap troll?
: For real. We need more than a week for this kind of thing. If you're not going to have them on sale for a longer period, at least announce the bundles further in advance, so we can prepare for it. I personally like to buy champs with IP, and having more time to fill out the roster before a bundle you want comes up would really help. And I swear, if this means that the Pool Party skins aren't going on sale individually later this year, I will be so upset. I've been waiting patiently for Pool Party Leona since the concept skin was confirmed as getting released, and if I can't get it on sale because I couldn't afford a whole bundle with no time to anticipate it, then that's just truly outrageous.
I don't think it's interrupting the regular sales since Pool Party Ziggs was on sale earlier this month.
: riot has all but confirmed his voice will be heavily changed. they want him to be a super serious grimdark mc darkyson undead evilman, so most if not all of his ahnold will be gone.
Sad. Arnold voice is my favorite part of him. Close second is that he can literally stare you to death.
Azon 01 (NA)
: Unfortunately, legendary skins have to have a unique name, so sadly, no.
: ***
That may have been the best threat I will ever hear in my life.
: Is there any chance of a June sale schedule, like the May one? That was a brilliant idea, and totally something you should keep doing, Rito.
I for one spent more than I would have otherwise. bought nid all the way back at the end of last month just to wait for the headhunter sale.
: That shade of blue reminds me of beast from x men.
I just figured he was supposed to be a panther.
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