: Blitzcrank Changes Heading to PBE
So if I grab someone and E them to knock them up and mark them, THEN use my ultimate before the passive hits the marked target, will the mark just not be proc'd, or will it still hit them since the mark was applied before the ult was used?
Riot Jag (NA)
: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
Slightly off topic but would it be possible to change destroying Teemo shrooms (and other traps) not count as in combat? As a support main against a Teemo I sometimes have to risk a LOT to kill a shroom since my mobi boots turn off compared to a ward.
Iznie (EUNE)
: I used to main Vlad while I still played SR, and he has some weaknesses: - long CD early (8 secs on Q and E with one rank and 20+ on pool without CDR), and his Q has an "oh shit I gotta run" meter - no CC - no mobility outside short MS boosts, summs, and items - Executioner's and Morello's to a lesser extent - short range (though this is probs related to battle mages in general) . weak to all-ins/DPS I understand the frustration of The Succ, but if he falls behind, he's almost useless. Once his Q is down, you can engage on him as a Riven or Jax, force him to pool, and proceed to yeet all over him when your CDs are back up, for example. His late game is strong, yeah, but you can shut him down early if you know how to exploit him. Or maybe I'm wrong, haven't played him in a while.
I think part of the problem is that because of his nature with Q he's fairly safe to at least Q minions to keep alive barring really rough matchups. The other issue is that he is either a stat bomb or useless. There's very little in between and he either rolls you or just kinda exists. I can point to Lee Sin and see a lot of things either I didn't respect or could've punished fairly easily because Lee requires a lot of careful placement and ability use. With Vlad a lot of times it's just a point of "Does he have enough stats to out duel/tank me and push enough buttons." Granted Vlad isn't the ONLY champ with this issue, but he definitely feels like his skill ceiling being lower makes him feel a lot more frustrating to fight.
: Let's discuss Nami's kit
Tbh I think Nami is pretty ok with her kit overall. She's a bit of a generalist for sure, but her main ability to CC is tied to bubble which is a fairly slow and awkward skillshot. Which means her ability to handle an all in will require her ult to be consistent. Her damage starts to fall off late game as she's generally building increased heal/shield power items instead of AP. Her mana regen late is probably a bit too consistent to allow her to spam currently. Early however if she isn't using her W effectively her mana will die and she becomes useless in lane. I don't think forcing her W to be cast on enemies is a valid answer because there's meaningful thought that has to be put into who she targets first because of the bounce. Having it forced to bounce opposite of last target means choosing your first target is important. Increasing the damage/healing reduction on next target is an option that could be valid though. I don't think comparing heal values is a valid way to look at her as a problem either because you're negating a LOT of other factors to look at a vacuum. Bard for example requires setup to get that heal value, all of those heals are a MUCH lower mana cost and if Nami is purely healing and not trading she will go OOM fast. Also Taric's Q will not be 30 most times as you're going to put extra points in it early and have multiple stacks. All in all I think Nami is a bit powerful but her kit isn't overtly problematic, she might scale a bit too well into the late game but that can be fixed with numbers rather than functional changes to her abilities.
: Yasuo's Wind-wall is balanced, but its execution is what breaks him.
You make a lot of good points, but one issue that you didn't point out that is a major issue for myself is that Windwall isn't very noticeable for how powerful of an ability it can be. When you're in a skirmish you're generally watching your champ and your opponents and abilities become background/peripheral noise. With how transparent Windwall is visually it can easily be missed and you're stuck firing into a Windwall and not really realizing it for a little bit. It could definitely use a bit of touching up to allow for some ability to play around it as a ranged character but the biggest thing is just being clearer to the player on where it is and when it's up.
: > [{quoted}](name=Maple Nectar,realm=NA,application-id=ELUpwER8,discussion-id=PKZQhYk8,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2018-09-05T22:50:13.108+0000) > > One of our designers is doing a quite spike exploration into support items and their quest passive rewards to see if there's a way to kind of spice up the satisfaction and appreciable power loaded into them to make way for a few other gameplay changes we're trying out for preseason. I don't want to get into specifics yet since we haven't actually tested them (we get to tonight for the first time). To be clear, we're not just looking to buff the current passives, but rather replace them with something better. Disregarding everything else; do you think there's any way you guys could bring support income to par with everyone else's? I feel like the low cost/low personal power of support items is a major reason why people dislike the role. Not disregarding everything else; I just hope for a way to reliably proc the Targon line at all times in the game.
I don't think they'd really wanna do that. Gold income shouldn't be a massive thing because it's generally in line with the items you buy as a support. You get less gold but you also don't need to spend as much gold. If they brought gold level in line with other players you'd see nothing but mage/fighter champs in the bot lane to try and stomp.
: One of our designers is doing a quick exploration into support items and their quest passive rewards to see if there's a way to kind of spice up the satisfaction and appreciable power loaded into them to make way for a few other gameplay changes we're trying out for preseason. I don't want to get into specifics yet since we haven't actually tested them (we get to tonight for the first time). To be clear, we're not just looking to buff the current passives, but rather replace them with something better. It's also a possibility we don't ship anything for it l, but wanted to let you know we're taking some time to explore.
Good to know. I have a few qualms with the current setup, mostly small things but the overall impact is that it feels like if you fall behind in lane it can be hard to utilize the items to catch back up. Coin doesn't have this problem as much, but if you go Spellthief's and then start losing lane you end up losing even more because your ability to harass goes way down, or your ability to grab cannons with Relic dies down. Having vision clearing/placing be a quest goal would possibly fit better and be a little more generalist and less snowbally while still fitting in line. I don't know if you're looking to keep unique quests on all items though. I think giving the stats a little more personality and generalizing the quests is something worth looking into at the least.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 11
Would it make more sense to have the funnel gold cap be a percentage of your teams total gold instead of just being the most fed? If you're playing a snowball assassin jungler I can see this unfairly punishing you for a good start. Granted that's a fairly off the beaten path use case but one that can happen nonetheless. Maybe if it's possible to see how much lane farm the person with Smite is taking and if it's a fairly large amount trigger that gold cap? I think your approach hits the mark pretty well but I would really hate to see someone basically get socked for just doing well.
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ItsLowbo (NA)
: Changes to Sightstone/Support Items coming to PBE
Are we just going to be losing the Active Item CDR passive from Ruby Sightstone with no plans of that coming back either? Having the ability to get crazy low levels of item CDs in combination with Ingenious Hunter was great and it'll be sad to see that go.
: is PBAOE Player Based?
: I've got one honor capsule so far.
I just got my first one when I logged in a minute ago
: Currently Luden's is proximity-based according to my testing (it hits the closest damaged champion to Karthus). Can we assume this is both intended, and how Meteor will work?
My experience is that it hits the person on the top of the scoreboard
: @Riot Who are the designers behind Kayne?
DanielZKlein is head designer on him. Also involved in two reworks (Xerath and Sejuani) and four champions (Lucian, Azir, Tahm Kench, Taliyah). (ripped straight from his LinkedIn)
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Meddler (NA)
: State of Gameplay: Pre Worlds Updates and Beyond
I'm gonna jump on the ship saying adding bans is a good thing, especially in a snake draft order of 3-5 up front. There's just too many champs to ban out all possibilities at the moment. It's more just a case of what OP is going to get through. Later bans open up a lot of opportunity for interesting draft choices too in pro play. Dragons are really doing well I feel like I have a purpose in getting them and not just getting standing gold or denying stacks from the enemy. The changes really did well nice job guys! Do you guys have any plans on looking at reverting TP nerfs? I think the longer channel time makes TP plays of watching the map and reactive TPs pretty much impossible and lane swaps are now pretty done with both the turret changes and first brick gold. I think along with the extended aggro range check it'd make tower dives and quick thinking plays more rewarding. The mid lane pool is finally starting to open up now that Azir is out of play (meaning Viktor loses value as well). Jungle, however, is still pretty stale. A lot of it due to early clears being so rough on almost anyone but Rek'Sai/Gragas (AoE damage and health regen), and sometimes Elise (spiderling tanking). Would adding a bit more tankiness to early jungle items against purely monsters open this up a bit more do you think or do you guys have other plans?
: Champion Gameplay Values 2016
>Do you agree/disagree with where we think we’re at? I think you guys hit a lot of good points here and it's refreshing to see. I think counterplay is always a great thing to add, since it allows more ability to make a champion strong, but also a chance to make them weak. Rewarding mastery while punishing unfamiliarity is great since it allows both players to feel like the outcome of a battle is deserved. I also agree that thematic synergy and overall connections to champions have improved dramatically. Someone like Tahm Kench has a huge and in depth backstory and it's really unique from all other champions. Compared to champions before like Ahri or Graves that just fit a theme and left it there, much much better and makes me want to know more and play the champion. I think strategic identity needs a bit more work. Champs like Vel'Koz fit a very similar vein to Anivia, Ziggs, etc. Wave control with a good burst if the enemy oversteps their boundaries. Champions like Illaoi fit too closely with Darius. Lane bullies with heals tied to abilities for sustain, also in the right atmosphere, they'll run in and wreck a teamfight. Bard and Kindred are awesome steps in the right direction, but some of the others overlap already established champions. > Are there any values missing and worth discussing? Overabundance of skillshots might be worth looking at, but this is my personal opinion. While I think skillshots do offer a great amount of leeway for power balance, you pay for it in terms of skill floor. I think a lot of the champs that have been released lately have had a lot of skillshots. It ties slightly into the mechanical mastery point, but it's something a little more specific. Having some point and click is a good thing and makes champions more reliable. I'd also like to take a deeper look at overloading kits, sometimes a champion having simpler abilities is a fine thing and makes it easier to balance and play against. I understand that it is another way to add levers for you guys to tune, it can sometimes make a champion permanently good unless you remove portions. Thresh was probably the first example of this, but it starts to push other champions out of the meta because there's someone else that can do that job in addition to other things. >Are you excited for 2016 with this refreshed perspective and how we hope to apply it? I'm cautiously excited. There's some really cool things coming out lately and the quality of champion releases has really noticeably stepped up lately, both in story and in kit quality. I just feel there's some really big flaws that need to be addressed and handled or we run the risk of hurting the game rather than improving it. Also really happy to see a thread like this since it gives a lot of transparency in what you're all doing so I'm hoping to see more in the future.
: Mechanics like Rek'sai tunnel or Skarner spires put a lot of burden on the other players in the game because they are constantly having to destroy or capture them. We think this was adding more frustration than fun and it's not a scalable design method.
Would this also apply to something like Illaoi's vessel? I don't have as much problem with her tentacles as a whole, but her when you're marked as her vessel, you pretty much have to stop doing anything in lane and wait for her tentacles to pop up and kill them as quickly as possible. I really feel it's her main problem as a champion. It's just so frustrating to deal with and if you miss it as Illaoi you're pretty much a worse version of Darius.
Lyte (NA)
: The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback
Honest question. Why not design dynamic queue to only re-queue you if someone on **_your team_** leaves? This way if an enemy fails to lock in or disconnects some other way, you can stick with the people you've already crafted a composition with. I would think this would solve some queue times too since you'd have half a game made and wouldn't have to go through the champion hover process again.
: When he picks up "The package" he gets a homeguard like buff to help him find a fight/gank. The "special delivery" (the mega W cast) is basically this: * 3x range of normal Valkyrie * Has a knockaside when it hits enemies * Damage zone is way more dangerous + it has a slow * Normal W is put on 0 cooldown after he casts it (to let him reposition) So this ability is best used to separate a team fight or trap enemies in bad positions.
So it's a massive Rumble ult that Corki drops him self and then can run away?
Ceonn (NA)
: With an AD ratio it will already deal more damage than before ratio. With impure shots gone, it sounds like the base damage on it will still be really significant. It'll be way more powerful sans crit than live ult for sure, so I doubt it'd completely crash her ability to fight if she somehow fails to roll crits throughout her ult. (Though really, it seems like the crit system is weighted. If you don't get a crit for a bit it tends to hand you one, I've never had a situation where it gives me no crits between 5-6 autos.)
The crit system is weighted for sure. Riot's stated as such. I don't know if that weighted system will travel though. There's been a history of weird code interactions in LoL.
: With the new ADC itemization, crit is a core stat for most of the good marksmen builds. This led us to the situation where MF players always felt bad about their item builds because they were missing out on a lot of power in the ult (her key spell).
I guess my biggest worry is that MF could get an unlucky roll and basically lose a fight because of it. It's an integral part of her kit, I'd hate to trade power that she could gain from adding something else over crit chance. You guys usually make better decisions than we can, and I trust that you have more info than we do. I'm just a bit skeptical at first glance.
: > It seems like it's gonna make a huge part of MF's kit reliant on luck. "fortune doesn't favor fools" {{champion:21}} I feel like the luck part fits her
I agree, it fits her, but it doesn't fit the style of the game Riot's been moving towards.
: The Preseasoning: Day 1 Open Forum Discussion
Any worry about immobile champs becoming weaker because of vision loss? I would think the lack of wards would hurt these champs since they can't really get out of sticky situations and now won't be able to ward around that either.
: TLDR on what we did with her R to make it relevant at all stages of the game: 1. It now has an AD ratio (we actually already put that in an earlier patch) 2. Each rank up of the ult now shoots more/faster waves 3. Each ult wave can now crit (based on her crit chance) the entire wave will either crit or not Side note, impure shots (the W passive) will be removed and is replaced with a new auto attack passive.
I'm gonna be frank. I don't think adding crit is a good idea. That was partially why Ashe was changed right? I thought we were trying to get away from the binary crit or no cirt path. It seems like it's gonna make a huge part of MF's kit reliant on luck. If I'm misinterpreting please set me straight.
: Domination and rotations: LCK team icons
Seriously, this is a bit much. I was excited to see the LCK icons on PBE, but why would you allow some regions to be bought individually and others not? Like I love LCK teams, but I'm a CJ fan through and through. Having the other icons is cool for people that want all of them and I'm glad I'd be supporting the teams, but I only WANT one icon and this is gonna keep me from getting it
: Have the same issue. Happened after the mini patch that came after the main one. It makes teambuilder completely unusable, which is a shame since it's my favorite mode. Currently repairing my client and will respond if that worked.
Repairing the client works. You'll need to save your item sets before hand if you care about them, but it fixes the issue
Cthuhlu (NA)
: (CLIENT) Old Client + New Client = Fu-shoin!
Have the same issue. Happened after the mini patch that came after the main one. It makes teambuilder completely unusable, which is a shame since it's my favorite mode. Currently repairing my client and will respond if that worked.
: Introducing the new Mid-Season Invitational
> We all saw the impact an International Wild Card region can make at Worlds. I mean I wouldn't call a one off win because a team underestimated another a huge impact. More just a windstorm of perfect events
Dryditch (NA)
: This is a great endeavor, but I wouldn't call it a support guide only. EVERYONE should be warding. Pick up a pink and a green every back if you can.
well it's only one part of a series. I linked the rest of them at the bottom. I've already covered items and champs Might do a laning phase soon too.
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: Something I Noticed About the Monsters
It's client side only, meaning it'll only show on the people's screens that should be wary of the info
C3Sound (NA)
: We will be fixing the E early-cut of the line if you toggle the ability. It's a known bug! Global dialog is something we don't do very often, outside of say, Nocturn's Ult. If he had a one word Iconic line like DARKNESS, then it may be different. However, he has many lines for the ult, and most are much longer than just 1 word. One thing to consider is that by allowing global VO, it would be subjecting other players to hear someone else's full length VO lines whether they wanted to hear them or not. We definitely hear the feedback, and will give it a round of deliberation! Thanks for the feedback everyone!
I don't usually play Karthus, but even as someone who would play against him more than as him, I would not mind having a global VO for his ult. He has one of the few ults in the game that directly affects everyone. Depending on the lines I have no issue with this whatsoever.
Shahamut (NA)
: Honestly, I feel you man. On the other hand, if the cooldown is dropped, it will be about the same anyway. A good friend told me (he has been playing a long time) that unless you or a teammate just saw them use an ultimate, just assume its up. ESPECIALLY on champs like Skarner. The change in his passive, I think, will be good for him and it will allow his other skills to have normal cooldowns. My biggest problem with his passive now is that unless I am farming in the jungle for my ult, my cooldowns didn't seem much better than anyone elses. As a passive that reduces my cooldowns, I felt kind of cheated. You will still get the CDR per auto on Q, so spamming for days remains. It will work out in the end. You will only miss it while you are farming after a gank, until you realize that your ult is still up in time when you need it. No worries man! :)
Yeah I know, I'd just really rather have the AA CD reduction on the ult over the Q, especially since the Q no longer slows. It's much more impactful
: Meta Breaking Champions + Roles?
AP{{champion:37}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3089}} and you can ult+Q+passive auto any squishy from full health
Morello (NA)
: [Skarner follow-up] New passive direction - what are your thoughts?
I would **really** hate to see Skarner lose his current passive, it's a huge part of why I enjoy playing him and I feel like it's a core part of his character. I love how strong his ultimate is and I enjoy surprising people with how often I can keep it off cooldown because I farm like mad while it's not up. In my opinion Skarner is a champ that revolves around his ultimate being primed to fight and his passive lets him be a threat more often, plus he's one of the few champs that you couldn't keep strong track of his cooldowns when you're playing against(some others being Ryze and Ezreal)It's a really awesome advantage to use. He absolutely needs some kind of change to help his sticking power. I feel like the first passive idea would be a wonderful idea to add to the currently "phony" mark on Fracture. My best memories of Skarner are how I could just train-rush people and whittling them down, and power farming my ult back up to use since it was needed to gank. It's an easy to grasp concept and I didn't have to think too hard about it. IT still has the chance to have a high skill cap though if you know where to look for farm. If I only have these two options and they're concrete I'd much prefer option one, but if you're going to change his passive at least move his current passive to his ult. That's why I love his passive. I can keep my ult up if I focus on farming while it's not up.


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