: have you tried playing chogath support it works really well if you can land a q
Haven't tried it but it seems logical, and being close to Drake means you can stack that Instead of taking kills every now and then
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: because it sounds like she hasa lot of aoe, and it would be easy to revive , more so early game. plus easy stacking on enemy corpses if you get even a small lead
The only "aoe" she has it's her ult, and stacking will be a lot harder since everyone could atack you while you consume. Also, almost every broken (good or bad) passive gets tweaked for Aram
Nasuuna (NA)
: My only gripe with this is that it is a similar archetype (parasite that is) to how current darkin function (host control) everything else is +1 rito take my money
Well, darkin "fuse" with the body of their host to create a new half and half body, its more like a possesion.
: sounds fun, and would be op on aram XD
Why do you think so? I feel like she won't be as stong in there, at least not as a support, with the reduced healing and the amount of champions to throw your parasites at will make it not as effective, even so, the MCP will be even weaker because the moment someone gets Mind controled 4 people will focus it to kill the parasite instead of 1 which is what you'll usually find in the botlane
: yes boi
: Here's a little review of what I think of each ability. Passive: Very cool. It takes a Zac/Aatrox passive where, "situationally, you can survive" and makes it more high-risk high reward, while making it harder to revive, you can also get a kill with it. I like. Also, the bit about eating corpses almost reverse-zone controls you, making you strategically move around to pick up corpses. Q: Pretty cool. It's like an ability version of that rune that gives soul essence, except it can also heal, giving it extra utility. However, the part where it lingers as a trap seems a bit excessive. An ability this overloaded is hard to balance. W: This is VERY cool. It's like a single-target Twitch E that also heals. It forces you to think--should I wait for the full damage/heal, or sacrifice my parasites now? E: This is my one major problem with the kit. A short Mordekaiser ult seems a bit OP--you can instantly turn a botlane 2v2 into a 3v1, making their fed ADC an instrument of your destruction for a few seconds. Being able to do this frequently is very OP. R: I do like this one. It's like a shorter ranged, conical Vel'Koz ult that heals. Pretty creative. So... all of it was original, and most of it would be pretty good in game. Congrats!
I feel like the E turning a 2v2 into a 3v1 early game will be kind of hard, the duration scales off of health up to a cap of 4s; the idea is that if your adc gets possesed you'll have to use your damaging habilities in the MCP to reduce the duration even more, maybe It'll need some value changes to make it not as strong in the early game but in the late game where teamfights start to pop up where most of the team is around said fed adc the MPC won't last as long as if you were going to use it in a 2v2 ALSO adding the fact that you'll have to micromanage the mind controlled champ while you have to land the rest of your kit. Thanks for the review :D
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: New Game Mode Idea: Extra Large Skill Shots
It's funny how some comments have more upvotes than the actual post
: I don't think you understand how big i want it to be....
I get the part about dreaming with an (even more) gigant sword falling from the skies to punish the Evil with the might of Demacia, but still, Garen's ult its a targeted spell, no matter how big It might be, it would only execute one champion... :C
: With nunu ulti, if you're in an unwarded bush as nunu and ult, people in the area will be slowed, but they wont see the particles/visuals of the ult
: but wait, she can E every few seconds and you're forced to run around lane to not get half healthed, i do agree with the fog of war, it's like nunu's ult and such
I don't get your example about Nunu and the Fog of War, could you explain?
: I agree with the bush part. GP can hide barrels in the bushes, and yet you get no warning about them being there unless you see the animation. Caitlyn can place traps in a bush and you get no indication of it unless you see the animation. Zyra seeds will spawn in a bush and unless you see the animation line, you have no clue it's there. The fact that it's her main source of damage and yet she can't really hide it in a bush for an advantage makes it sorta unfair when others can. Same with the hugging a tentacle issue. The tentacle tries to hit and then gives up. Really? Zyra plants continue to attack even after she dies. If the duration of the Vessel is 10ish seconds, and it spawns a new tentacle every few seconds, make it that if you hug a tentacle and a new one should spawn, just make that tentacle attack again.
I'm glad you get my point
: That'll be some sweet ass global skill shots. Do you think Ezreal will be able to cover a entire lane? I wanna see that big ass nami ult. XD
Yeah, imagin Ziggs 'Big ass blast zone por Gp's ult xD
: lol I wan't to see a garen ult so big it can execute 3 people at once.
Sorry to pop your bubble but Garen's ult its point and click...
9 X (NA)
: https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--Cbdcb7-T--/c_scale,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/ugtv54lpbfmm25bx9lev.gif
Thr34t (NA)
: Also give 2x-3x movement speed and I'd be down to play this.
Pupel (NA)
: then the damage from the soul should be lowered
You can walk out of the soul's radius to avoid the damage
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Pupel (NA)
: The spell does enough damage on its own not sure why this is needed
The spell was named _Test of Spirit_ for something, being harassed by the tantacles is part of the test.
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