: It doesnt have a color, but it's so cool to imagine a skin like this to her, it would fit her so well. Really like this project
I'm going to be adding color and values soon to give it a better feel. I had a white and gold vibe for this series of Heralds, so I'll put it up today and you can let me know what you think!
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: Raver Lux Skin Concept
This is the working splash that I'm making for her.
: Well you couldnt be more wrong..... http://na.pentakillmusic.com/en/
Dreddeth (NA)
: I thought Lux already was a raver. But seriously, that's a clever concept, and Lux needs a less grimdark skin.
Thanks, and I agree. For the lady of Luminosity, she's a spellthief, in the stell legion, etc. But she should have something bright that shows that she's still the brightest thing in the league.
: Raver Lux Skin Concept
Well since the colors aren't concrete yet, does anyone have any suggestions on what would look good on her?
: I dont if it was ever stated,but if you look at the location Order of the Lotus Karma is,its the Lotus Garden in the Navori region of Ionia(near the Placidium).A sacred placed used for meditation. The skin could be used for Ionia champions,like Soraka(She is a teacher there),Irelia,Master Yi,Lee sin.... Zyra by thematic sense would be an option,but if they refeared to Ionian Lotus garden as a place used for enlightement,it wouldnt be a top option. Hope you get a red post. :)
It doesn't have to make perfect sense for the skin to happen. I'm pretty sure Sona isn't actually in a band named Pentakill.
: Order of the Lotus - Zyra
It's a great concept. I kinda wanna draw it out just to get a cleaner picture, lol.

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