: > [{quoted}](name=GalexiaStorm,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ppR337LI,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-23T21:00:05.976+0000) > > So they have to b nazis or extreme racists to have any punishment if seems. > > 1 time of cyber bullying is ok > 1 time of feeding because of cyber bullying. (Instantly suspended) Extreme behavior is met with extreme punishments, so yeah, a suspension is warranted here, as are hate speech and threats. Equating these behaviors with insults or even intentionally banning your pick is a stretch. Is it rude and trolling? Sure. But definitely no where near the same level as the extreme behaviors I mentioned. What they say in pre-game, or even in post-game is bad. That being said, every player is held responsible for their actions. You were punished for your actions (or reactions) and they are held responsible for their actions.
what punishment did specifically vim receive from my last game played actualy his whole team joined in on it. Thing is I was matched with his team randomly once before the actual game started, then someone on the other team left then I was matched with him again where he did the same thing. So I doubt there are even records of the pregame comments from the first original match. Saying things like "play a champion that actualy requires a brain" was one of the few things he said. I'm just confused on why inting in this situation is worse than a group of bullies. Because it seems that being rude or trolling (aka intentionally feeding) is worse than 4 people bullying 1 person. Because they only get a ding against their record towards maybe being chat restricted where I got instantly suspended for 14 days.
: Of course it's worse?! xD You can mute people who say bad words and meaningless words to you. I highly doubt it even made you troll. You just decided to do it, cuz you're a troll. Where is the "mute button" for people who run it down? There is none. And no, being "cyper bullied" is not a reason. There is NEVER a reason to ruin a ranked game. Ever. But why do I explain this? You are a troll. You know what you did. League is suffering from a plaque of trolls right now. Riot does nothing about it. And people protect them. Riot protects them. They'd rather ban those who want to win... which is disgusting. Most people refuse to admit it, but I'm certain everyone would rather have a flamer than a troll. Common sense. Have a nice life.
Funny how it was a normal game. Not ranked. And there is no mute button in pregame. I'm surprised that ur supporting bullies in this situation. I'm not saying that inting is not wrong, or that I dont diserve punishment. But saying inting is worse than bullying is wrong. Theres a difference between saying a few bad things to someone ya whatever but when 4 people gang up on someone and cyber bully them. That's where I draw the line. Riots lack of punishment towards cyber bullying vs inting is my point. chat restriction is hardly a punishment. Because 15 or 25 games later their just going to to back to doing it. I am not a troll and this was the first time I've ever intentionally fed (which I do regret but whatever cant take it back now) however they diserved it and I still feel like it was justified. Long story short apparently league should just give an option to mute people during champion select. If there is a way to do it I am unaware of how to do so.
: I was going to explain but I'm not gonna bother. You are wrong.
K so good to know that in league inting is worse than cyber bullying
kevinolt (EUW)
: I just got perma banned
Just letting u know riot doesnt care how bad u feel or how sad u are. All they care about is "U broke the rules" If ur banned they wont undo it for any reason what so ever. Because instead of unbanning ur account they want u to make a new account so u have to start all over and u have to rebuy everything and play more. I got suspended because I intend because I was cyber bullied by my entire team, but nobody cares about that. Because I've learned that in league inting is worse than cyber bullying. Take this as a sign. Its communiry is toxic. Play other games or take up new hobbies or hang out with friends.
: No, you are wrong about EVERYTHING. Flamers are banned. Trolls are not. Inters are not, unless they run it down. You got banned for inting? You have no idea how glad I am. We don't want any more trolls in this community. We don't want you here.
So u consider someone is "trolling" because they were bullied to the point of wanting to do it. I understand that inting is bad, but it sounds like in league that inting is apparently the worse crime ever compared to cyber bullying. And I dont care that I ruined 4 bullies game. I am sorry I ruined the other teams game but if i was on their side i wouldn't care and I'd think the team diserve the loss. IN A NORMALS GAME
: It is 200% fair. You ruined the game. Not the others. Leave.
So inting because ur team bullied u is not ok. Cool sorry that the other 5 people were involved in a 15 minute situation that wasnt their fault but the other 4 totaly deserved it. Goes to show how in league bullying is ok but inting is a hate crime apparently. Ya I get inting is wrong, but in a situation where its justified if I was the other team I wouldn't feel bad at all for someone on their team inting because their team bullied them to the point of wanting to do that.
: > So I'm like ok ur going to be a bunch of jerks I'm going to ruin ur game and feed. Yup, you're that kind of scum it seems.
Its different when just 1 person says something, I just roll it off like its nothing, but when your entire team is treating you like crap and bullying you before the game even starts based on your ranked matched history IN NORMAL, then ya I guess I'm that kind of "scum" cuz reacting back to being bullied is a bad thing.
: > [{quoted}](name=GalexiaStorm,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ppR337LI,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-04-23T21:14:19.917+0000) > > So then in essence riot cares more about inting than cyber bullying cuz that's my real question. > > Who should get punished more. > Inting because of cyber bullying > > Or cyber bullying someone because of their winrate. > > (1. I think inting for no reason is justified to receive a 14day ban) > > (2. Yes I knew what I was doing but apparently the reason behind it doesnt matter) > > I bet these people havent gotten punished for what they said. How about Riot just punishes both when they spot it? You're acting as if Riot is choosing one or the other. No, both are punishable. Both are unacceptable. You're responsible for your own actions. No one here has said that cyber bullying someone is okay. ##Use mute to halt all chat from them. Use the report feature to help bring their behavior to Riot's attention. You don't get a free pass to grief games just because you're upset at other people.
I'm not saying neither get punished I'm saying inters are getting punished more than a cyber bully does. A chat restriction is hardly punishment. But I understand that inting is bad now after hearing all of this. It was literaly the first time I've ever done it. Personally I feel like the reasoning behind why I did it should justify a lesser punishment than a 14day ban.
Julevi (EUW)
: No, they have to be extreme to receive a ban at their first/second offence or after reforming for a long time. Don't twist it the way that it fits your mindset. The punishment steps are: - 10 games CR - 25 games CR - 14 day ban - permanent ban The system can't punish you with a CR as your actions did not occur in the chat and as it crosses the line massively. Insulting players is not okay, inting is not okay either. It was not your job to sabotage the game to get your revenge/justice and ruin it for 9 other players.
Chat restriction is not nearly as punishing as 14day ban. It takes several reports for the cyber bully to even get to a 14day ban but takes inting one game to get suspended. I still dont understand why inting is such a huge offense in a normal game. I can see now that I shouldn't have fed but I should have dodged but I made a mistake for bad decision to try to get some sort of "vengeance" against these people and I get punished. Its literaly saying if u get bullied go tell the grown ups and they'll deal with it dont do anything back to defend urself. Yes I should of just dodged but it's the first time this has occurred so I didnt think of doing that...
: the answer was honestly to dodge. waiting for 5 minutes to get away from the 4-stack of fools is much less tilting than being stuck in their game (and at their mercy) until they lose. if you want to "stand up for yourself" then take a couple screenshots of the pre-game before you dodge, and send *that* with a support ticket to Riot (along with your "why are these people still playing" speech)
I agree looking back at it but I didn't realize the intensity of my mistake until after it happend. So I can do this in the future but still get punished for not knowing what to do in this situation and getting punished
: Intentional feeding is a 14-day ban for two big reasons. 1. It's the first punishment that is time-based. There is no point in giving a chat restriction for game related poor behavior. 2. There is no reason to give a warning for it. You know what you're doing when you're intentionally feeding. You know that you're griefing the game and causing your own team to lose intentionally. You know that it's something that your team will hate. You did it anyway. You're not allowed to enact your own vigilante justice towards people who slighted you. You're free to use the mute and report features if you believe they are necessary. But your punishment is based on your behavior, not theirs. Just as their punishment would be based on their behavior, despite having an intentional feeder in the game.
So then in essence riot cares more about inting than cyber bullying cuz that's my real question. Who should get punished more. Inting because of cyber bullying Or cyber bullying someone because of their winrate. (1. I think inting for no reason is justified to receive a 14day ban) (2. Yes I knew what I was doing but apparently the reason behind it doesnt matter) I bet these people havent gotten punished for what they said.
Julevi (EUW)
: And how do you know exactly that they got away with it, I mean they could have received a CR?
Cool chat restriction for bullying. Vs 14day ban for inting because u were bullied. Totaly fair. That's what I mean by got away with it.
: should have banned their champ. it the best thing you could have done. inting was not the answer.
So then what is the answer. Riot please tell me what is the correct thing to do in this situation. And why punish someone who was just trying to stand up for themselves. Also they didnt select their champions ahead of time so I didnt know who their champion was. Also there was 4 of them against me.
Julevi (EUW)
: Cause detected inting normally leads to a 14 day ban as it crosses the line massively. Chatrelated offences can also escalate to a ban when they use hate-speech or ZT or because they already received several punishments. It takes into account how often these actions occur and how intense.
So they have to b nazis or extreme racists to have any punishment if seems. 1 time of cyber bullying is ok 1 time of feeding because of cyber bullying. (Instantly suspended)
RallerenP (EUW)
: Because when you int, you ruin the game for 9 other players. You can also mute 'bullies'.
Cant mute them in champion select and at least 4 of the players deserve to have their game ruined for bullying. When I think about it I should have just dodged. But u know I feel like that meant that the bullies won which is why I didnt. But the one time I feed. I get instantly suspended nobody even asks why it just happened. I get that two wrongs dont make a right but what happens to the bully. Nothing they get away with it.
RallerenP (EUW)
: Riot bans someone for flaming an inter: 'OMG Riot only cares about words' Riot bans someone for inting a flamer: 'OMG Riot doesn't care at all about words' --- You just can't win. You deserve to get punished for flaming. But you deserve to get punished more for inting.
Why is there more punishment for inting in a normal game (because of bullying it's not like I just decided to do it for no reason) Then bullying someone because of a low winrate because their jerk.
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