Nej Kalas (EUW)
: they have stated they dont want him to be a tank thats why hes w is how it is
I dont remember them every saying they dont want him to be a Tank.
Kazekiba (NA)
: I just dont think Galio should trigger Aftershock AND damage someone with forced-movement ability at the same time, leading to a situation where he becomes momentarily tanky, then suddenly deals a lot damage and before you get to react you take damage again? Veigar's E doesn't do large amounts of damage either, and it *shouldn't* because its a huge AoE CC. Only thing is, Veigar is a burst mage and galio is not. Strip damage from his kit, strip synergy with *more* damage from him, remove the "cast on allies" and add back some defensive utility (like the "allies in the landing zone heal whenever Galio takes damage" idea, or restoring the resistances) but shorten the range significantly so its like a short-range Redemption that Galio teleports to instead of doing true damage
Veigar E also does between double to triple the amount of CC as Galios W. Also many people play Galio almost exclusively as a Burst Mage so that's his identity to a lot of people. I'm trying to make trade offs/counterability where he is either a tank or a burst mage instead of the both he has now, and more of the latter. Its hard to compare between Galio and Veigar. I'm trying to compare between Galio and Galio (pre rework) which is hard enough because they are also so different.
: IF they're gonna give a team heal to Galio, its gotta be in the ult. Justice is here to save the day or something.
I dont see how a heal on his ult would fit thematically, make sense for Galio to build into since he is gated from ulting a lot, or would be healthy for Galio to help others with a heal since he already offers a good amount to a team. Rare instance would be like when redemption Galio was the best support path and he would give a heal buff with that I guess, but still seems very weird for the champion.
Kazekiba (NA)
: Eh, he was synonymous with te item (as was Veigar) back in season 5 and early 6; I started playing around that time, got Gatekeeper and played a lot of Galio where I could and Athenes was insane on him. Right now the item is severely underrated, and if Galio gets a way to properly use it (healing allies) it could become core again.
That just doesnt sound like it was great. Also I'd prob stay away from adding more utility on the champion, he is already hard to balance. I played some of the most Galio before the rework in the world! Lol I had 1.5 million mastery points on him -and only 2 million 2 years after the rework- and I spammed him a lot prior to even having mastery points be around. Very near and dear to me and sucks he is gone since he was the best champion in the game by a mile (for me).
Kazekiba (NA)
: No no no no, keep the DR. Remove the **damage**. Why does his W damage anything, it's a taunt! I know Shen's Shadow Dash does, but Rammus' doesnt so its not a required mechanic for a taunt. Removing damage from Galio and giving him in-combat sustain makes him more appropriate for a tank, and if the on-damage heal scales with his MR it gives him more incentive to build MR like he used to. Plus, maybe there can be a way for the effect to go on allies, **finally reviving Galio's synergy with {{item:3174}}** after almost 3000 years
Well his synergy with that item was from season 2 when it was a very different item. Either way I like when they added the damage so it's kind of like his old ult in that regard; and while yes his old ult had 50% damage reduction it was far less interesting (or unique) than his W which provided bonus armor/mr and the on damage heal. All I'm asking for is that on-damage heal because that (on top of the bonus defenses) would end up being too much in the end and harder to mitigate. Maybe give a reason for spirit visage to maximize tankiness and give a reason for enemies to build magic pen and/or grevious wounds against Galio. Riot is actively trying to stay closer to champion during reworks at this point and I think that's been generally more successful and less controversial while still increasing popularity. I just wish they would go back and fix some reworks that drastically changes almost everything about a champion (Galio being the worst offender in the largest visual change and the most drastic gameplay change, just slightly above aatrox who atleast looks similar to what he used to)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 13
I'm just here to post about Galio having an on damage heal in place of his DR on his W. I've been feeling extra sad about it lately so my frequency has increased.
: Draven is not Sett's dad.
I was hoping Setts dad was also Yasuos dad. Yasuo got the dashing from his daddy.
: This will need to be worked with a bit...currently, other crystal units are kind of awkward. Skarner without predator is kind of bad generally, Ashe and Lux are ranged champions that usually die in about the same amount of time anyway since nobody going to build them defensively, and Taric...well, he's about the only one that's decent as a standalone unit. However, adding Galio as per your setup into such an awkward situation would swing Crystal buff from "awkward but useful" to "holy shit that's busted". analysis: - Mystic is pretty strong, and considering this opens up a double mystic (soraka/galio) at 3 gold each, it means that anyone trying for mage or summoner is gonna have a pretty awful game. Translate that even further, and find Yi/Nami for the 4 Mystic buff, along with some blademasters, and you effectively wombo combo the enemy while also having shitloads of MR between the Mystic buff itself, and the added bonus from Galio, so the enemy return fire after likely losing half their units to a wombo combo is pretty much null and void. - Crystal is actually sort of balanced in its awkwardness. A unit like Galio means you can easily take two crystal buff (Skarner/Galio) with preds and be pretty much impossible to handle if galio taunts the whole team instead of just one unit, and it allows the 4 crystal version (normally impossible without lux) to make everything pretty much unkillable between Taric immunity and Galio taunts. Add in the fact that usually skarner is built as a defensive pred who will then start executing people slowly, and it really doesn't matter if the other preds live - Skarner and his Crystal buddies will outlast and slowly whittle the entire enemy team, since a level 3 skarner with Warmogs + Quicksilver will *easily* outheal all the damage, block cc, and never have an answer. That also opens his 3rd item to be something like Shiv or Runaan's for AS and the scummy multi-man execute off item procs, or for something like BT or even IE to start strong arming people. Or, you can leave that slot open and go for crossbow strats - no matter which crystal ends up with the crossbow, that added AS makes it pretty overpowering, and eventually, even if those Crystal units all die, it'll make its way to your unkillable beast. With the addition of Lunar though...I'm not sure if I can *permanently* call it an imbalance, since Lunar/Warden is about to become a very scary thing...but at the same time, Lunar/Crystal/Predator would then *dominate* games, and the only answer to it would likely be the Lunar/Warden team. This will still get my upvote, cause it's a solid design and a good concept. I'm just a bit wary that it might be *too* good, especially at 3 mana.
I was a little worried about the crystal application but mystic (prior to karma) is typically a pipe dream unless you get lucky with the hyper rolling meta that persists this Set. Soraka is kind of a weak unit and Skarner can be S tier with items and set up. Even though Galio synergize well with Crystal he is -somewhat- anti synergistic with mystics (as most are with eachother regardless). It's possible that they can rebalance crystal as they did with shadow. -Maybe- make it a 3/5 Bonus and buff its damage cap for both. This was also a way to get Mystic since it was hard to pull off but this was also before the reveal of Karma.. lol
Ipheya (EUW)
: I like the idea. Enchanted Galio Cost 3 Crystal / Mystic Active : After a 1.5 seconds delay taunts all enemies within 2 hexes. Taunted enemies can attack only Galio and can't cast their spells for 2/3/4 seconds. Health : 850 / 1500 / 3000 Mana : 125 Starting mana : 50 Attack damage : 60 / 100 / 200 Attack speed : 0.6 Attack range : 1 Armor : 25 Magic Resist : 40 What do you think?
That's good too but I think the delay on his taunt should be shorter. 1.5 seconds can be a while for TFT standards
Rioter Comments
: nope you cant activate anything while CC also going up its mostly a root not a stun you should try it soon son.
Lmao... i... I dont knowing trolling or not...
NemeBro (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=ThunderCraft,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sr9liAJF,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-12-10T20:12:27.416+0000) > > someone prolly mikael {{item:3222}} crucible him ´coz trynd can´t pop up his ult while CControlled. > > > i invite you to test it in the game. Undying Rage can, in fact, be used while under any form of CC. I invite you to test it in-game.
I'm actually more surprised someone doesnt know that Tryndamere can Ult through CC.
: Why is Trynda allowed to use his ultimate while hard CCed?
Tryndamere isnt that good and if you were able to lock him out of ulting he would be garbage instead of 'OK'
: What beats glacial/poison?
3 star mage team veigar with 3 shojin. ;)
: Zed + Redemption LOL
Redemption, Shojin, GA sounds like fun
Duça (EUW)
: wait for pros to spam tanks and then everyone will start play them appropriately and then winrates will rise. write me back when pros scene is back
Ok I will. I'll save it on my calendar.
Duça (EUW)
: Hey Meddler, thank you for the updates! 2 questions: 1) S10 is going to be a tank meta giving no true dmg from conqueror, no gold poaching from cleptomancy and mountain drake buffs. Will you give us back any tank counterplay or you just want a tank meta? 2) Do you agree that if something is picked up by ALL CHAMPIONS in the game, EVERY GAME, is therefore unbalanced? Please consider taking out flash from the game, it would shake things up in a very interesting way. I am interested in your opinion. From my point of view flash skews towards flattening player experience and champ diversity. Flash adds an incredible tool to champs kits that are not supposed to have it, such as poking ranged champs. This bends the meta towards only this "most-safe" approach to the game obliterating the remaining category of champs and game strategies especially early game. {{sticker:katarina-love}}
'Gunna be a tank meta' = Almost every tanks winrate dropped since pre season patch except for Nunu.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 6
Hope that if Galio gets buffs in the near future itll be more as a Tank, he had too much focus on his role as an AP burst mage the past couple years other than when he was primarily played as a support. I want to see more accessibility to be a successful tank on solo lanes.
: New Support Items are poorly implemented.
You also spend almost nothing on the support item so if you need mana or CDR you can afford it elsewhere early.
: welp this is now a thing thanks Riot.
: Why has Yasuo not been nerfed yet?
Yasuo isnt THAT good to be nerfed.
Rioter Comments
: Twisted Treeline Rewards
I wanna know as well
: A Thanks to All Twisted Treeline Players
Where are the rewards though?
: Wukong Update- Progress Report!
Curious to functionality of his passive. If Wukong is in the Jungle would he get a physical shield frequently?
: > [{quoted}](name=Galiö,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=V9wBw3nx,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-11-26T21:30:41.168+0000) > > Just my thoughts, and some of it isnt so serious. > > Why does E have 'fluff' text with being the embodiment of the moon? > > Also decoupling her attack speed from spell rank seems ok/good but many games seem to end around 27 minutes (something I spam often) and around level 14 so I feel as if having abilities scale by level up to 18 is a hindrance to those characters power fantasies for those who want to man-max kits other than stretching out a game just to meet that goal. > Its nothing super detrimental to the champion just something I'm not a fan of seeing, personally. > > I love these change directions and hope more champions get this kind of love! > > Huge fan of light reworks and remasters. The skill leveling order for diana is Q>W>E, so overall this is a major buff, as you get the scaling online much sooner. Maxing e before w rarely makes sense. the attack speed trade off for the shield and damage offered from w is not worth it.
That I get, but before diana had more burst (in a way) with lesser safety/early strength. I'm just saying the attack speed should be stronger sooner than later even though it's not connected to a spell regardless if you wanted to level it or not. I get what you're saying however.
BigFBear (EUW)
: How about giving her an effekt like a big Version of ZZ'Rot portal. They deleted it because it was too hard to balance as an item. But as a one time boss event it could be great. If you kill Vilemaw you get her icon in trinket-slot like Herald. Then you can place her on a lane you want. She builds a nest where you place her and from now on Spiderlings spawn from that location and push that lane. Ofc the Nest is bigger has more HP and way more range than Zz'Rot Portal. Also the Spiderlings could be stronger. If enemy want to destroy that they need to come in your territory and attack the nest. It's like the Herald is the bigger Version of deleted Banner of Command and Vilemaw will be the bigger Version of deleted ZZ'Rot-Portal. One is more the offensive version and the other could also used as defensive version to hold a lane. This way we will please 3 groups of players. Those who loved Twistes Treeline (as tribute to TT), those who loved Vilemaw in particular and those who loved Zz'Rot.
That also sounds good to me!
: That actually sounds pretty cool. Perhaps 2 entrances that open up in the alcoves after a certain point, and if you defeat Vilemaw, spiderlings emerge from the holes in the ground to assist your top and bot lane minions (and maybe actively prioritize enemy champions/structures).
I think something like this could be interesting and make use of the alcoves.
: I’m not sure if Vilemaw’s buff would fit in nicely in SR. The spiders are a really cool idea though, as a more aggressive version of the scuttlers, both in terms of their attack pattern and their debuff zone.
You're right. I was a little worried about it. Ok how about this! Vilemaw acts exactly like herald but when she explodes she explodes into a bunch of baby spiders (like if vilemaw was carrying young) and the attack everything nearby. Hmn hmnnnn
Squad5 (NA)
: Diana changes on PBE
Just my thoughts, and some of it isnt so serious. Why does E have 'fluff' text with being the embodiment of the moon? Also decoupling her attack speed from spell rank seems ok/good but many games seem to end around 27 minutes (something I spam often) and around level 14 so I feel as if having abilities scale by level up to 18 is a hindrance to those characters power fantasies for those who want to man-max kits other than stretching out a game just to meet that goal. Its nothing super detrimental to the champion just something I'm not a fan of seeing, personally. I love these change directions and hope more champions get this kind of love! Huge fan of light reworks and remasters.
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Kiyõ (EUW)
: People to play with
You can add SomeOfGodsTears But my play time is prob not the same as yours. Also obligatory this is the wrong thread for recruiting/duo/team stuff
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 22
Idk why but Herald feels bad. Sanguine is strong for certain top laners and hard farming junglers. Nunu is better with getting Dragon priority. I still havent seen an elder (personally). Game times/levels/3 item finish still seems very common. Support seems pretty nerfed (which is good because they were dominant for a while) Only thoughts I had with this patch so far, map changes seem more background and less impactful than I thought on paper (so far in my experience).
: Yeah he seems to be straight up using people for his immature agenda. But he _is_ a villain. He's gonna do bad things. Galio becomes animated because that's how Durand designed him (as seen in the Lux comic). There are instances of petricite in Demacia absorbing magic for as long as Demacia has been a country and they seem fine. Sylas' manacles contain 15 years of his own magic, which is what he is unleashing when he uses his Passive/Q/E. As far as we know petricite has successfully nullified all magic it comes in contact with - which we now know is because it's absorbing it. Garen's silence works on every champ in the game!
That life giving energy/animation should be represented in game with an On Damage Heal for Galio :')
: Zeal now gives Yasuo 50% crit chance.
Why bother just build two cloaks and build better items. Super cheap and you'll have 100% crit chance anyway.
AidanWR (NA)
: It's not a bug. Riot was smart enough to code Garen's e so that temporary attack speed buffs (see Lethal Tempo and Guinsoo's) wouldn't give him more spins.
I think this is the case. I wanted to rock a Hail of Blades Garen but wasnt allowed :(
Galiö (NA)
: I was actually expecting galio rework this coming patch. So I got the patch coming up and the patch after to still enjoy my baby and pray to the riot gods that his W stays intact.
> [{quoted}](name=Galiö,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=1cwWmQWi,comment-id=001f,timestamp=2017-02-17T19:50:40.226+0000) > > I was actually expecting galio rework this coming patch. So I got the patch coming up and the patch after to still enjoy my baby and pray to the riot gods that his W stays intact. Wwwhhhyyyyy
: Hey Meddler! Quick question about **Omnistone**. An initial look at it (and some PBE experimenting) makes this rune appear largely mediocre, as you have to constantly pay attention to which rune you're given (sometimes in tense situations), and you can't be sure you'll actually get runes that meaningfully benefit you -- and, perhaps more importantly, you're trading a known quantity you can plan your laning phase around for one that's in the hands of psuedo-RNG. In short, it feels like a rune that requires a lot of attention and may only be viable if it's fairly heavily overtuned in terms of overall keystone usage. In your testing, have you found situations where this rune is the optimal one? If so, on what characters? If not, are you content with this being more of a "fun RNG" rune?
I thought, initially, it could be ok/good on like Neeko and Kayle. Then it was nerfed for Ranged Champions and cant think of a melee champion to utilize it. I'm curious to if there any plans for it.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 15
Adding an On-Damage Heal on Galios W in place of his DR can still be fixed! There is still time and hope! A 'small' remaster of his kit without changing functionality is still a possibility. I beleive in you guys! This gives old pre rework Tank Galio players one of their favorite mechanics back and doesnt offend the new full AP Galio players. Just gives Galio more options to somewhat be played as he was prior to the rework.
pwc2016 (NA)
: Can We Talk About Fizz?
Fizz isnt that bad and you can easily trade with Fizz. If Fizz doesnt burst you dont Fizz makes themselves vulnerable. They have to literally int into you to do anything and if you force them for use playful trickster they are a sitting duck after. If you think Fizz is so strong I'd try playing it a bit.
: It might have helped, but I'm not so sure. Game 2 G2 clearly planned on doing Grag/Yas, so no way does Poppy come in. Game 1 G2 was quite competitive, and Kench offered some anti-dive defense. And at the end of the day, a huge problem for G2 wasn't just protecting their back line, they NEVER got into the FPX backline at all. Poppy may have helped, but when GimGoon and LWX combined only had one death, there are other big problems that Poppy just doesn't solve.
Could have sent Yasuo mid or top and Gragas jungle. Had Poppy Support. Just example for Game 2.
: I was talking about that with a few folks after the finals. Basically Poppy was the most talked about, especially in the amount of engage comps that conspired in several games. That and I know I'm a fan of competitive Poppy cause I really feel like the W buffs really upped her value
I've been talking about it since play ins. Like if you're against a naut, kaisa, lee sin, renekton you can easily play poppy into that lol
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Draehl (NA)
: That's fair. I'm trying to think about champs that aren't as good at using as many keystones. As a Bard main I know he can make solid (enough) use of most of them. But not all champs are as lucky.
I initially thought it would be Ok on like Neeko and I forgot who else. But then they added aftershock and nerfed the rune on ranged champs. So i imagine itll be useless.
Draehl (NA)
: Omnistone, Thoughts?
And grasp and aftershock on bard. Too much variance I think I misread about choosing but I think that goes against the spirit of the rune.
: To all you people wanting moonflair spellblade in the rift.
νsco boi (EUW)
: Is it a good idea to create a fresh account for ranked?
If you want to start from Iron instead and having to play through whatever MMR your account is on regardless for your climb. Then sure. If you wanted to make another account for ranked shoulda done that last year or prior where you can start nearly gold of you won all 10.
Riot Pls (NA)
: Future Stories
{{champion:37}} {{champion:3}}
Leu07 (NA)
: Taurus Taliyah
I love the bottom image so much.
Mianta (NA)
: Why would you be offering galio reworks after he was already reworked into a completely fine kit? Just asking
His kit is -ok- at the moment. Prob going to be very weak after the aftershock changes after already having a problematic couple of years to balance. My main gripe is that he retains about 15% of his prior kit and it got rid of some of his more unique mechanica in the process. Not only did it get rid of his on damage heal for example it was an awkward time to do so; reworked Galio has that he is made of petricite and he eats magic/gives him life while as his in game counterpart just negates magic. Weird shift from old Galio who had no reason to have an on damage heal to have one (which was cool regardless) into a new that that has a reason to have an on damage heal but doesnt have one. Also Galio is almost always played as a full AP mage and his will give him incentive to build tank (mainly MR) because his kit gates him from building MR and being a successful champion in that sense.
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