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: 2 T4 looking for team
Hi, I'm going to add you
Gimpy89 (NA)
: silver sup/mid/top looking for a clash team
Jarring (NA)
: actually just watching the Rise video just now made me want to come here and ask if that was really a whip i just saw the guy use in the video?? I remember awhile back i was kind of underwhelmed with the lack of diversity of unique weapons in LoL.. and one of the obvious ones i mentioned was a whip.. also a cat-o-nine tails/holy water sprinkler cuz they are awesome the holy water sprinkler just got its name because it would cause people to bleed out from holes. so really it just means any mace with spikes the cat just distinguishes itself from the sprinkler cuz it has claws where the sprinkler has spikes ..cool af imo. i'm just happy to see a whip though.
Where was there a whip? Edit: oh do you mean the Sejuani scene?
Imgartn (EUW)
: The moment I hear music in Odyssey Kayn dance
Not sure what your getting at here...
Howldoom (NA)
: I'm Confused With A Bit Of Odyssey Lore
So does anyone have any speculation on why Rhaast is afraid of the dark star champions...? Isn't Rhaast one of them?
Thalmor (OCE)
: This Game makes people angrier than it does make people happy
How do 2 rage induced sentence fragments get 82 upvotes... but a well-written essay on the post-modern aesthetics of Morde's mace barely scratches 10?
: You're overlooking important aspects here. Let's use some common examples. Everyone knows Harry Potter. We have an overarching villain, Voldemort, and then a heap of his lackeys. One of his consistent, main lackeys is Lucius Malfoy. He's a horrible human being, he's a death eater, and he's arrogant and elitist. He's devoted to Voldemort, and he gladly kills for his master. However, we get to know him a little, and realize that his whole persona is wrapped tightly around an immense protection of his son, and his devotion wavers when his son gets wrapped into Voldemort's crowd. This was us empathizing with a villain, because he showed very human emotions. But then, we also have Bellatrix LeStrange and Lord Voldemort himself. They're evil as fuck, and completely irredeemable. They murder for fun, and they exist to do nothing but take power and kill those in their way. But these characters are necessary, most especially for Lucius. Why, you ask? Because without Bellatrix and Voldemort providing the absolute darkness as irredeemable villains, Lucius has nothing to be compared to - the empathy you have for him loses some depth because there's no greater evil that would influence or frame how you should empathize with him. In the same way that you need light in order to cast shadows, you need pure white and pure black in order to have the grays in-between. Having all of the sympathetic characters that you can connect to is fine and all, but without the extremes, they become much less compelling as characters. Juxtaposition to extremes in stories and writing is very important for compelling characters, because they provide framework for how we can relate to the characters who aren't at those extremes. League doesn't have any of those extremes, and the old Darkin were one of those extreme, evil forces that provided framework for many things, like empathizing with Noxus, Swain, and Darius, empathizing with why Demacia might have become so xenophobic and anti-magic, and so on. Having absolute evils in the world can provide much more context and characterization _for other characters_. Losing that evil, and replacing it with ill-intentioned characters you can empathize and relate to actually does more to remove compelling elements from the story than it does to add to it.
I understand what you are saying but absolute evil does not really make for compelling characterization now does it? Having an entire race of a story be absolutely evil with no other defining characteristics in an attempt to allow readers to empathize with other factions is definitely an approach, but I'm sure that readers can simply compare factions with their own notions of absolute evil, so rather than looking at Demacia and saying, "well they aren't as evil as Darkin," they can look at Demacia and say, "well they aren't evil enough to do _this_"
: Shouldn’t Illaoi be able to kill Aatrox with the Test of Nagakabouros?
I wonder how the power levels of Nagakabouros and the ascended compare. Is it possible, for instance, that Nagakabouros cannot even test an ascended, as they are pretty much considered gods in their own right.
: > [{quoted}](name=DarkSoul1994,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=dsH6iOQ5,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-06-28T00:54:41.531+0000) > > The new lore: > > 1. Does a good job of explaining why they all look different. > 2. Embeds them in the world of Runeterra - they now have links to Icathia (The Void), Mt Targon (Celestials), and Shurima (Ascended) in addition to the other Darkin. > 3. Players now have empathy for the Darkin. It was very hard to relate to the Darkin simply because they were too inhuman. Now they're tragic heroes turned lost souls. If the Darkin kept their shit together for a few hundred years longer, they would have seen Shurima rise from the sands. Why _should_ we have empathy for the Darkin, though? Is this some new requirement for champions? Tell me how many people you think empathize with Cho'gath, Vel'koz, or Rek'sai?
Well you don't necessarily have to empathize with the Darkin in the new lore. You can always take Zoe's approach and say, hey these guys caused the deaths of so many out of pure carelessness, they deserve their fate, and you can look at the rise of the Darkin once more as a threat to human civilization, much akin to the void. But this is what makes this story so compelling, it doesn't throw at you an obvious right or wrong party, it allows each reader to choose which side THEY would be on if they lived in the world of Runeterra. You know, as a peasant or something ;)
Ifneth (NA)
: Targon is not the true antagonist of Runeterra. First, it’s not a unified faction, implying that Diana is not guilty of Leona’s prejudice, and that Taric is innocent of Pantheon’s trickery. Albeit Zoe is a sociopath who, wanting to live, fights the Void. Second, the Void is so obviously worse and more dangerous than anything else on the planet that, even though it’s arguably a natural disaster, nothing else compares. Third, Targon doesn’t have the resources to directly lead humanity against the Void. All it could do was give the largest government at the time, the Shuriman empire, the Ascension ritual to create an army of god-warriors and hope it worked. But that army was made of people who lived for blood, coin, and conquest as the soldiers of Azir’s expansionist campaigns. Even untouched by the Void, could anyone have expected them to use their powers for anything other than squabbling after their enemy were defeated? But they were all Targon had at the time. Their mistake was not expecting that eventuality and planning accordingly.
ORRR you could look at it as Targon's ultimate goal is to protect itself from the void, and it will do whatever it takes, sacrifice anything in pursuit of this goal. They enslaved the creator of stars for their own self defense. They gave mortals the power to become gods with mortal minds - so blatantly dangerous They take over a mortal's body as a vessel for their wanderings on Runeterra. They trapped the Sunborn in their own weapons, even those that could be reasoned with, because they may have been able to pose a threat. To be clear, the Targonian people are not the antagonists here, but rather the Aspects are.
Cetri (NA)
: To be fair to Zoe, the guards did try to attack her first.
Sure but slaughtering an entire village with a meteor in retaliation is akin to stumbling across a dear in the woods that gets spooked, and in retaliation burning the entire forest to the ground.
: Thanks for listening <3 Ed the Conqueror
Do you have any sheet music for this?
: Pyke Bandanna tweak on PBE
Rioter Comments
: Comprehensive Zaun Dictionary/Field Guide
Bigtoady (EUW)
: Hey ! I'm uping this maybe a couple of months too late but I just had the same issue and I found an answer by my own. So, I don't know if it is the same for you but i used to hide the toolbar on my MacBook, so it just appears when I put my mouse on the top of the screen. I finally realized (after some long hours) that I had to open the HTR (it opens too high) then go in system settings > general > then uncheck the set that hide the toolbar, and the HTR automatically comes down ! Here is my solution, and excuse my english, i'm french :))
It worked for me the first time, but hasn't worked since then.
benliow (EUW)
: Thanks for your suggestion, just to add to the solution for some people who this might not have worked for: When I first tried it was returning with an error saying: 'System Events got an error: Access for assistive devices is disabled.' To resolve this, go to system preferences>accessibility and checl 'Enable assistive devices'
GreenLore (EUW)
: {{champion:420}} is definetly one,her whole religion is essentially about "doing what you want to do" {{champion:8}} also comes off as a hedonist,though I dunno where riot will take his new lore.
This doesnt make Illaoi a hedonist now, does it? She doesn’t really so whatever she wants, it’s more that she is just constantly in motion. Also everything she does is for her diety, not for her own pleasure.
: Love Fiddles' new Bio
How would a conflict between Fiddlesticks even look with other champions? Would you find him on opposite ends of, say, both Garen AND Darius at the same time?
: > [{quoted}](name=Game girl 1,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=lITlXNrU,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-12-04T02:49:54.359+0000) > > Rito please make Nocturne a darkin next... or do SOMETHING with his lore please I beg! {{sticker:sg-janna}} He was already called the "Demon of Fossbarrow" in the Garen/Lux/Nocturne Story and he possesses people, causes Nightmares and all that. If you want to read... https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/story/for-demacia/ #If you DONT want to read and want to watch/Listen to a video with models/animations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o78kj6i4duY
Yea I read it, but it seemed odd because his only lore is within a story that has nothing to do with him. It was a nice inclusion for sure, but I'd like some personal substantial lore to flesh out his character. Also, I love Necrit!
: On Darkin Names, Meanings, Themes and the Future
Rito please make Nocturne a darkin next... or do SOMETHING with his lore please I beg! {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: @Riot: I love Varus's new lore.
Same, I don't think all the rage about his lore is warranted at all.
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: Varus splash update incoming (Varus update AMA)
Link to AMA? Edit: Found it - https://www.reddit.com/r/VarusMains/comments/7gnmnc/ama_were_the_rioters_behind_the_update_to_varus/
MysterQ (NA)
: This is what I believed. Question. Would this become Default skin (like new Galio) if the story evolves.
: Jesus I hate this community. You're all so negative about everything that Riot Changes or Updates, speaking of which I don't see why you care about the Varus changes when I can guarantee that 90% don't even play him.
I bet 90% of the upvoters haven't even read his old lore!
: Look up any reddit AMA for any new released champ or major lore update, where those involved in the narrative have to answer the community's questions. Its not literally like they're crediting their work but based on who shows up for which AMA you can generally figure out who wrote what.
All I'm saying is that each piece should have the author somewhere on it.
: They kind of do, it's how I got my list in the first place. You just need to know where to look is all.
look up any specific piece on the universe page. None of them are credited.
ssfxd (NA)
: Who writes the lore for LoL
Who knows, since Riot doesn't put names on the pieces. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: The Grand Magistrix's Rest (Bar Hub Open RP)
Lamb sat on the tavern windowsill, watching. Some tavernsfolk drank, others sang. In the back a few folk lavishly dressed in Piltovian high-class garments played cards. Everything was as what one would expect from a tavern. Well... almost everything. Wolf returned from his trip around the room and circled Lamb. "Will she run?" He asked. "Will I get to chase?" To this, Lamb remained silent. Wolf made another lap around the room. When he returned from his trip, he circled Lamb. "Will she hide?" He asked. "Will I get to scavenge?" To this, Lamb remained silent. Another lap. When he returned, he circled Lamb. "Will she beg?" He asked. "Will I get t-" "We will find out soon enough, my Wolf." Lamb interjected. "Soon enough." Wolf stared at the golden river that cascaded like a waterfall over her dainty shoulders. "I hope she runs."
: (I want in, but I have no clue how)
(It's a closed RP, sucks :/ )
: As of now they’re creating foundations and getting some stories started. I’m **assuming** that at the long end of this process we’ll start to see things get moving, but then again, wouldn’t it **suck** for your main to die?
It wouldn't really suck if their story was still interesting. Also, it doesn't mean their story ends, because you can still write background/go back in time.
: The Problem with the Lore of League
I think another problem is that the universe cannot change or evolve like, say, Game of Thrones, where every action carries weight and RISK because you KNOW any character could die at any moment.
: ^ :/ I never expected to see a logical person on the forums
I don't think people are understanding your point.
: I'm pretty sure a lot of these are up for consideration when it comes to the yearly Blue Essence Emporium. Let's hope they come back in some way or another.
: my goodness -_- champion lore will not change unless they rework the champion Mordekaiser's lore was not changed in the process so it was of no significance these are simply events that don't affect the big picture for instance Noxus is trying to take of the world blah blah blah, but they cant because that would change the big picture Noxus sends 30 ships and they all sink = Noxus doesn't take over the world it doesn't change the big picture nothing that will change the big picture will ever occur because that means there has to eventually be an end game to it all and Riot wants a game that lasts forever, so tons of things that change nothing will happen just like the walking dead drag it out, no ending to the story just event, after event, after event
He's right. I wan't a champion to die in the lore, just to show that the world actually changes. Closest thing we got was GP's story. Right now every story feels like there is no RISK for the champions because they can't die.
Mech0p (NA)
: Speaking of void champs its about time we got a new one... I mean if I remember correctly the last one Was Vel'koz and that was ages ago... I feel like we need a big Jugernaut whos like the leader of his Void battalion that destroys entire armies with whatever his weapon is....
: Did aurelion sol create the stars?
It doesn't say Aurelion Sol is a liar in Zoe's bio...
: Possible Teemo Direction
I wouldn't mind Teemo just being a psychopathic murderer without any real justification.
: Champions Ranked by Size
Hey, nice list! You should check this out tho, it's pretty cool: [champ height + weight](http://i.imgur.com/c7KRXXd.png)
: What is it about religious people that they just can't help but shove their children's fairy tales down other's throats wherever and whenever they have the opportunity to?
Dessem (EUW)
: With all due respect, I don't think it need necessarily support all these languages. Consider that right now, the two of us converse in English. How likely is it for you to talk with people who don't speak English? The reason you'll find Europeans here is, we get to talk to the people involved in various aspects of League directly, rather than by proxy. Current Riot communication is already more personal and accessible than non-English speech; with an EUW Rioter passing messages back and forth, you also suffer the EUW Rioter making decisions on what is worthwhile to report back etc. What I'm trying to say is, I think it's perfectly fine and acceptable to look towards supporting English first and foremost. Riot Japan can chime in on the Japanese side if need be for example, and where there is good work, there will likely be people willing to translate (see: fan translations for various games, novels and comics). A limited environment is, I argue, better than no environment. It may be unfair, but then there are Rioters in offices around the world, and surely something can be done! And I'd argue, making fanfiction as a whole hard to access while fanart is featured on the site and in summoner showcases is already plenty unfair; Riot now does a lot to acknowledge cosplayers and those who draw pictures, but someone who wrote a cool Viktor story would be completely ignored.
Are there other communities that support a fan-fiction site like the one you were talking about?
: Yu-Gi-Oh cards based on LoL Champions- Call of the Void Booster Pack
Jesus Baron Nashor is strong and easy to get out with all the voidling tokens
: Okay so i do sympathize, players down here in OCE are pretty ignorant of lore. I've began a few of my games asking the team basic lore trivia once.. Q: Which city came first Piltover or Zaun? A: Zaun. I'll give honors to anyone who gets it right and if they show interest I would explain why. Its just somthing nerdy i like doing. ___ Anyway, Im engaged here and apart of the Boards community as you are. Here to socialize with like-minded people and associates as much as you would too. I recognize others names in SA&S and I'm confident you do as well. And were having a civilized debate trying to summarize perspectives, but i didnt expect to be scorned just for _sitting on the fence_ over the topic. Yeah "undermine" was a retarded choice of word (im embarrassed) perhaps "disregarding" would have been simple enough?
: Suggestion: Add Universe page in the Client [ Pictures inside] & diff. bet. descriptions and stories
: > [{quoted}](name=Whyte Lyon,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=8oFpqTV9,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2017-11-08T03:20:42.323+0000) >I&#x27;m sure there are lots of players out there that fail to grasp the simplicity of clicking a promotional link to lore on the client homepage, or stumbling across narrative updates on Surrender@20, or ever bothered to read a Reddit AMA. Or last but not least (Although maybe to some) League Nexus/ Champ Insights. > ... > [{quoted}](name=Whyte Lyon,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=4TzxUpBf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-06T22:42:52.089+0000) >Riot do an amazing job at promoting their content through all sorts of different mediums. Including mini-sites; independent League News websites &amp; Youtube channels; Animations/ reveal trailers; arguably these very Boards as well and most notably the **home page of the client itself.** One would have to be a drooling monkey (or they just don&#x27;t play League often enough to understand) not to find the Universe site and all it&#x27;s content, especially after these last 14 months. >Anyone that is somehow still ignorant to that content is unlikely to have ever cared to go looking for it in the first place. Because there are soo many different ways to discover or stumble across lore already. It's safe to assume a lot of us here started following League's lore long before the Universe site. I started maybe 12 months beforehand. Back then lore was a hell of a lot harder to find and understand. Personally I had no issue finding any of the lore and I was self taught the difference between non-canon and canon content pretty damn easily. So either it's not as hard as everyone thinks and all that's required is some basic common sense + additional perception. Or I'm a bloody genius... which isnt likely compared to the former.
We are saying, make the lore more accessible to those that have not been following it since before the Retcon, so that more people are likely to become engaged.
: Yu-Gi-Oh cards based on LoL Champions- Call of the Void Booster Pack
This might be the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
: You. I like you. Your happiness simulates a barrel of actual joy! I approve. And yes. Of all games I played, League is the only one I can stand when it comes to lore. Overwatch has good story, but I think I got fast stuck to League overall. Also, Poppy is a beautiful, beautiful yordle.
Dmitko (EUNE)
: I'm still immensely shocked by the loss of my favourite champion last quarterfinal. I want to curl into my safe space, chew on my thumb and cry. But I still have a mission to complete, so duty comes first! Please vote for Azir. I have never played an Azir game in my life. I do not know what his abilities do, I know nothing of his personality. But still... choosing the other option scares me. So, instead of telling you why vote Azir, I shall politely explain to you why NOT to vote Ahri. My reasons are as follow: *1.* Social reason Ahri is the epitome of female objectification. Seeing her in games triggers me immensely. Hearing her laugh makes me want to punch a hole into my CRT screen. Her mere existence pulls feminism 100 years backwards. Also: ->she is a cat -> there are other champions in the game with grab abilities -> you know who likes to grab cats right??? Do YOU want to encourage such behaviour? If no vote the RIGHT way and choose Azir! {{champion:268}} *2.* Aestethical reasons She is an ugly, nasty woman. Choose a better looking champ for your favourite! Do YOU want an UGLY champion representing our game??? If no vote the RIGHT way and choose Azir! {{champion:268}} *3.* Practical reasons Ahri is the reason we don't get the skins we want. YOU heard me right! She is the reason we don't get the skins we want. Everyone wanted Star Guardian Urgot, right??? YOU want to know why we did not get him? I will tell you why! According to my (completely real and definitely not totally made up) source in Rito Gmaes SG Urgot was almost finished ULTIMATE skin, but officials decided to cancel it and put Ahri in his place. She was more popular they said. And you know what else hangs in the balance? DRAGONMASTER SWAIN YOU heard me right!!1! According to my (completely real and definitely not totally made up) source in Rito Gmaes the word is if Ahri wins this fan contest SHE will get the dragonmaster skin and Swain will receive nothing. Do YOU want another Ahri skin? Do YOU want NEVER to experience the glory of Dragonmaster Swain??? If no vote the RIGHT way and choose Azir! {{champion:268}}
GenoXx (NA)
: Riot, Please consider making maps like the SG ones based on Lore.
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