: The Noxian Eyebrow
Finally...the Rock...HAS COME BACK...to Noxus!!! (Sorry...had to do it.)
Moody P (NA)
: This Volibear is thinking. What is he thinking about?
"How many licks DOES it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?" "What the heck is this Bewear thing that thinks it can step to me?" "Should I be worried about that cutesy look that Annie was giving me?"
: Star Guardian Lulu Cosplay!
*COLLAPSES* Cuteness...too much...
: Who in the world would use an Articuno as an HM slave? (Also thank GOD they removed HM's, part of why I enjoyed Sun&Moon so much)
That was more a "Anivia's an Articuno" comment rather than she's an HM slave comment. Also...agree wholeheartedly. HMs needed to GO! (BTW...we can now surf on a Mantine in USUM.)
: Learn the difference!
HM Slave? {{champion:34}} Those don't exist anymore since HMs no longer exist. Well, you would know... {{champion:34}} HEY!!!
: [SHIPPED!] Ziggs' Arcade Blast, an arcade-themed 2D-platformer made in 48 hours with your input
Actually...JoshScorcher did a list a while back on ten League characters who deserve their own games. I can post the vid if you guys need ideas for other games. BTW...why does this game look like Mighty No. 9, only...good?
Besteau (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mounting Dread,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=JBvW4lPc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-18T19:55:00.701+0000) > > Aww right in the feels Yeah. That's why Illaoi says to him "You know the motion, but you must find joy in the motion" He's miserable because he lost his girl to Noxian Values. and I feel we might see some more content and internal conflict with said values. Just because hes a bad guy, doesnt mean hes a "Bad Guy" It makes me love his character even more than I already do.
> [{quoted}](name=Besteau,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=JBvW4lPc,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-08-18T19:58:29.000+0000) > > Yeah. That's why Illaoi says to him "You know the motion, but you must find joy in the motion" He's miserable because he lost his girl to Noxian Values. and I feel we might see some more content and internal conflict with said values. Just because hes a bad guy, doesnt mean hes a "Bad Guy" > > It makes me love his character even more than I already do. I've always thought he was more honorable than many thought. I mean...he has respect for Garen, and he's the ENEMY technically!
: it is real
Noice! Now...let's see if we can get an all Arcade/Boss Skin team to play on it!
: "Hey can we trade roles? I don't want to support"
Oh you picked a tank role I see, Fish! *gets looks* Look up Slaking...you'll understand.
: Ori really is a baller
...and she does very well in a Blind Forest as well! Wait...wrong Ori...
: I don't always play support, but when I do, I prefer "support"
: Can we agree on this being unhealthy?
Don't apologize...I agree. Whoever the drek thought a donut was an appropriate bun for a cheeseburger is WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIRD.
: Where did you even get that
The real question is: What sort of industrial strength narcotics were used in its making and how much was consumed in the process?
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: And to my knowledge only Silent Night Sona got the "Deck the Halls" special interaction with Reindeer Kog'Maw. Also 975 RP. So I think it's safe to conclude we can say Pentakill Sona should get electric guitar SFX added at no extra cost.
Might be interesting to see a rework of all the skins where the music matches the skin. Might even open up the idea for future skins based on other music styles. (Country style where the etwahl is a slide guitar? Classical where she plays it like a viol?) I'd pay for that... ...if my Wi-Fi wasn't drek right now so I could actually PLAY!!!
: Remember when DJ Sona was released? (DJ Sona appreciation thread)
I main Sona, and this is the skin I use. (Despite having all of the Arcade skins) I even start every match with a chatall saying... "Everybody on the dance floor! It's party time!"
: Describe Your Champion Through a GIF
{{champion:37}} https://68.media.tumblr.com/dda4aff8be8b434e6d2794b28fcf1f8a/tumblr_ogo3kpXXKR1vkdz8po1_250.gif (Why the drek can't I find a gif with the full animation?!?)
: Sombra is love, Sombra is life! <3 What is it with me loving purple women?
But I thought Sombra was a demonic evil king unicorn obsessed with crystals? Oh...wait...
: You mean regular Shaco :^)
Yeah, I was going to say: Isn't Demon Shaco redundant?
: You know you have been playing too much Yasuo when:
He's not the Avatar...but he is the Air Apparent. *gets bad looks* I'll get me coat...
Saewin (NA)
: Sona can have her etwahl...
To quote Josh Scorcher: "I kind of want to see a music battle between Sona and E.T.C." (Referring to Pentakill Sona in this case.) He then asked who was in favor and devil signs appeared from all sides.
: Who would win?
Hang on... *looks up various video game RPGs to see what the elemental reactions are* Looks like Wind beats Water most of the time.
Saewin (NA)
: (I main Sona and Lux) ({{champion:99}} On her deathbed. various champs are crowding around. Garen charges through the masses, running like he hasn't in decades despite his own poor health. Sona sits with her etwhal on her lap, fingering the golden designs with her shriveled fingers and staring intensely at the events unfolding before her.) {{champion:86}}: Lux! you can make it through this. I swear on m- {{champion:99}}: Garen, please. hope banishes fear, but a false hope brings a greater fall. do not weep for me. All light must eventually fade, but the memory of that light will live on. {{champion:86}}: DON'T SPEAK LIKE THAT! don't ever speak like that. I-i'm not going to let you go that easily. I won't. {{champion:99}}: (smiles slightly) I haven't heard you yell like that in decades, since I told you I was going to spend a year in Shurimah training Taliyah to control her magic. you were so mad. you thought you might never see me again. Garen, listen. our time in this world is drawing to an end. I am departing, and eventually you will join me. Wherever we may go, I trust that we will be together. so please, don't weep. (Turns to Sona) Sona. Words cannot describe how happy I am to see you here today. {{champion:37}}: (smiles faintly) {{champion:99}} I have a request of you. I've always admired you and your music, ever since we were young. I know we grow older by the day, and playing your instrument becomes harder and harder as we age, but could you try to play a song for me? One more song to ease my passing. {{champion:37}}: (Smiles and nods, a single tear trickling down her cheek. she plucks a string, making a faint reverberation in the air. nodding, she slowly let herself be enveloped by the music, improvising her greatest work yet. It was a sad song, a song of passing. a song of letting go.) {{champion:99}}: (a single tear glistens on her face.) Thank you, Sona. and goodbye...
*collapses a crying heap* Dammit...and I'm a Sona main...
: He should have walked backwards or spam rolling XD. When {{champion:115}} uses satchel charge to escape a gank http://i.imgur.com/nNXdQEU.gif?NoRedirect
I wish you could do that with Link in Breath of the Wild. That would be sick AF, but you'd prolly off yourself trying to do that.
: The fuck is that
That's what I want to know. The phrack is that gif from?!?
Kürama (NA)
: Welcome Deep Terror Nami back to the Arbiters!
So, I have a question: Have any of the Arbiters done an impression of a certain character from Halo and said "What would your Arbiter do for you?" when asked to do something?
: Rip, when Halo was still my childhood ;-;
Really? My childhood was... *remembers playing the Atari 2600 as a kid* Gawd, I'm old...
: The Littlest Thread for Lulu nerf ideas
Suddenly Yarn Yoshi appears, and things get interesting from there...
: [Champion Concept] Zentrum, Servant of the Cosmos (support)
WHOA! When did Oatu the Watcher become a Champion concept?
: When the person carrying you is toxic and you have to follow them to win...
I'm not sure I can "Stand" all the JJBA pics I've been seeing.
: Everyone arguing whether Demacia or Noxus is more manly...
As one of Norse descent, I approve of this observation. GIVE PRAISE TO ODIN, MY NORSE BRETHERIN!
: Teamwork to scare fizz ult: https://www.sandler.com/sites/default/files/Unity-is-strength_shark.jpg
Oh, cool! Wishiwashi vs. Sharpedo!
: When you're hiding from the enemy in a bush at low health
I have to ask: Where the phrack is that image from?!?
Chroud (NA)
: If Riot were a food what would it be?
*squints* Made...by...the...great...Papyrus. The heck?!?
: Pokemon: LoL
Has anyone ever made a "Pokémon" themed team? I'm talking having {{champion:34}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:72}} on the same team (Why the drek is Anivia a blue block?!?) along with any other characters that could pass as Pokémon.
Knoyle (NA)
: People telling me Adcs are trash and out of meta and I'm like
What is a meta? I believe it is a miserable pile of alternate play styles.
: Sleepy Soraka
*COLLAPSES* Cuteness...too much...diabetes...acting up...
: slumber party {{champion:201}}
...carrying a teddy Poro under his headboard shield?
: The Sewn Chaos Amumu splash is actually perfection
Awwww...Annie and Tibbers have a new friend!
: As an ADC main, I'm happy they're dead either way. I still at least get assist gold which is better than them getting away and no gold for anyone. Plus a happy Support = happy ADC.
That, and the support needs cash too. They can't heal/protect/whatever if their equipment is relegated to dirty underwear and a stick.
: RPGs on the M&G Boards, huh?
I am now pondering which classes each of the Champions would be. I mean...some are obvious. {{champion:37}} would be a bard, as would {{champion:432}} , obviously. {{champion:22}} is an Arcane Archer.
: Well they already showed you can snowboard on your shield so why not XD.
Indeed. Personally, I'm surprised they haven't already tried to implement a Demoman/Junkrat mechanic into the 3D games yet with the myriad of bombs they've created.
Neamean (NA)
: https://45.media.tumblr.com/8fd63c37f5fce5730252ab319218ff55/tumblr_nyrhn3BTr41um5xf9o1_400.gif
*COLLAPSES* Feels...too much...make...them stop...
: As an ADC, I have no problem if my support or jungler takes the kill. Always secure.
As a Sona main... Gaia bless you, you magnificent memeing bastard!
: People Waiting For Elementalist Lux Right Now
Someone make an AZ meme with Elementalist Lux. DO IT!!!
: Use a gif to describe your main's ult.
{{champion:37}} http://66.media.tumblr.com/68cec3c1c9263d0f794f2526dec9f132/tumblr_ognfsymw821sqehnzo6_400.gif
: Not spamming dance on DJ Sona? http://i.imgur.com/7U7VVO5.gif?Noredirect
Indeed. Hell, at the very least I do a /all and say "Everybody on the dance floor! It's party time!" whenever I play as DJ Sona. One time, I even had a full on dance party going with everyone on BOTH sides doing a dance off until the minions spawned!
: when rito nerfs ur main
{{champion:267}} Tee hee! {{champion:99}} Strange...I thought that was his natural element... {{champion:223}} Well...at least I'll be havin' me some frogs legs tonight!
: When you see that rito is going to buff one of ur fav champs
That was his reaction to seeing there was actually a species of frog that looked like him too. *gets looks* I kid you not. Thanks to CNN, BEHOLD: http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/21/living/feat-new-frog-looks-like-kermit/
Ralanr (NA)
: http://i.imgur.com/mEs0Vvr.jpg Speak for yourself.
NOTE TO SELF: Do not show DM this. He may get...ideas.
: Water. Earth. Fire. Air.
*walks in to the message board to see if anyone made a thread comparing Elemental Lux to the Avatar* *walks back out...nodding approvingly*
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