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I really think Kayle is in an ok spot but really the main problem I see with Kayle is her mana pool and her mana costs. Every thing else in her damage and utility in her kit are perfectly fine in my opinion. Really, her mana pool/many costs is the only thing that needs to be buffed.
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: Understanding Kai'Sa's Nerf
I've played a lot of Kaisa to know that this is a good nerf and doesnt really affect her lane. Sure its gonna suck that you cant melt tanks as hard but hey, that's the reason why she was a problem in the first place. So I can now wait and not worry her getting banned alot
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F Ù Ń (NA)
: {{champion:122}} -I’ll smash the enemies right back to where they came {{champion:14}} -I smash {{champion:122}} -? {{champion:14}}-I smash {{champion:14}}-I smash tower. {{champion:122}} -Wot {{champion:14}} -Lemme smash {{champion:122}} -No {{champion:14}} -Lemme smash {{champion:122}} -No {{champion:14}} -ok. *Later* {{champion:14}} -I smash tower.
Ralanr (NA)
: Sion’s ult Damage to towers honestly isn’t that much.
your not wrong but still. basically every Sion is building Titanic Hydra for that nice extra AD for him to use and they will plant a Portal to break that tower even faster because Zz'rot portal scales with HP. _thats more on fault of Zz'rot portals fault to be fair_ Overall, the damage Sion does to towers is a problem in the long run. my thoughts on the whole thing.
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: She so strong to the point ur still struggling to play her hmmmmm okay
It's kinda a weird mentality of mine. I love playing the builds I love to use but when you see a completely disgusting build. It really turns me off from playing it, or I find it fun and play it until I dont like it anymore. It's weird but it's how I work.
: I miss when MF wasn't a ranged {{champion:107}}
: I miss crit MF as well, to be honest. But you can't viably build her Crit with ER in the state its in. .-.; Her ult finishes teamfights; it doesn't start them.
its not viable to build her crit except building RFC because of the cool interaction of her q gaining the bonus range. A side from that, the crit on her ult with ER can refill her mana because it counts as a crit every hit. It was cool to see her mana pool get filled up after a team fight. I know this because i am a MF main and did the crit build alot before it got fucked by the stupid changes. the crazy thing that also works is her q does proc with {{item:3095}} because her second hit does count as a crit.
: Riot is Making Me Hate Pro Play and Their Greed is Making Me Have Little Faith in The Devs
the main complainant i have with buffing for pro play is that it also effects for us Solo queue players that has to actively relay on our own skill. Buffing champions for Pro Play is so fucking shallow that it really hurts the players overall because of the unnecessary power that causes those champions to get banned alot more then they should while other champions that are an actual problem are not put in checked for fucking pro play is just flat out retarded. _Looks at Jhin, Draven, Brand and other problem champs_ Its annoying to have his problem because it damages alot in solo queue that doesnt have a team to play with or those that already master the champion will just destroy their opponents even harder that makes them want to perma ban them every match. Its just frustrating to a massive degree.
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: Defensive Items Getting The Shaft
Defensive items do need to be stronger but they will have to reduced the damage on a lot of Tank Champions. I find a lot of the items a bit to underwhelming as damage items are just too much or too little to offer. The main complaint I have is with tanks is how much they can do. If they remove Cho'gath health scaling. He should be more balanced in the long run. Same goes for a lot of the champions that have HP scaling. Or those that do percentage damage. It shouldnt exist on a tank that has a lot of defenses skills in their kit that does alot of damage. Its because of those offenders, tank supports dont have that many options to keep their carry safe and are very underwhelming. Bruisers are outclassed as well because of those tanks. Really the main issue with making or buffing some defensive items is that there will always find them unfun to use... But it would also help to nerf a lot of the damage options so that we dont have to get destroyed without a warning {{item:3147}} should be reworked again. Mainly because its burst power is just too much And {{item:3095}} should be nerfed to have the required 60% crit. Because only 30% crit to have it ready to use is just wayyyyyy to easy to use. But that's my opinion there.
Aura 411 (NA)
: The State of Bot Lane 7 patches after 8.11: The Problem with Stormrazor
I personally think that Stormrazor is not a good item in the long term. Mainly because it limits the designs of potential ADC and Assassins that will build it. I can say the same towards Duskblade because the damage is just insane. But that's a completely different story. Also they might Nerf Draven along side Jhin because of Stormrazor Draven's amplifying damage is already insane because of Conqueror with his q. Jhin is a problem as you stated but small off chance they will change how his scaling will work hail of blades. Still, they should raise the cost of Stormrazor a bit more because the power it delivers is too much. Like make it cost over 3k gold and change its build so that it can compliment the change.
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: Kai'sa nerfs when?
I'm gonna make a bold statement. They need to nerf {{item:3115}} to indirectly nerf her AP build. It is super cheap and gives AP 80 with 50%Attack speed, 20% CDR and magic damage that scales with AP that fuels her upgraded W&E even faster. Honestly that is the reason why that build is a problem. Doesn't help that Rage blade is also a part of the problem but that item is always been broken or useless in the past. Still, Nerf Nashers tooth.
: Wukong is pretty much rengar, but everywhere. Not just bushes.
I agree. Fuck that stupid bitch ass monkey. His passive is basically free fucking armor. Q is an auto extender that shredded armor. W is a basic point and click gap closer. E is just cancer as fuck and made me wonder why he even has it in the first place now. And his ult does a retarded amount of damage it is not fun. Fuck him and I hope they nerf his damage again. As long as {{item:3147}} is a thing. He will only cause more problems
: Riot, there's only one way I can see you starting to get yourself out of this mess.
Let's not forget that DZK made an anti-semite remark not to long ago by calling some one a Sea lion. Can we say that he went to far. I think he has gone to far this whole past weekend and rito really needs to fix it. As for your ideas. I like all 3 them, even if 3 seems a bit much but it is a good one to try to regain the trust of those who got excluded from PAX west for the dumbest reason ever. SJW culture is just dumb in general that is absolutely ridiculous.
: Or they can let the game die.
> [{quoted}](name=Jewlliette,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=dPAm2k8I,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-02T23:36:24.297+0000) > > Or they can let the game die. That just seems a bit too extreme to do that. But I dont blame your logic. I read your post and how fucked up for what they to you.
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: Because Quinn's play rate was one of the lowest in the game she wasn't really a problem. In order for that winrate really be a problem she actually has to actually be in more games than 1/100. Now that she's in 7/100 they will probably do something with her...
She is one of the most oppressive champions in all 3 lanes she has the highest win rates. the only reason why shes good in bot again is because all of the ADC's Quinn has trouble against are not in the game for the time begin. Champions that out range her are not viable because Crit items are not worth getting. Because all you see in bot are Bruisers and Mages that are being played cant really face her oppressive nature. Quinn needs to be nerfed so that when everyone discovers her power. then everyone will abuse Quinn.
: Champion Rework Playoffs (The Exhausted Eight)
{{sticker:sg-zephyr}} This is tough because all of them are really bad in terms of gameplay. We have in one question that is {{champion:82}} The champion that is riddled with bugs vs {{champion:32}} that aged like milk over the years. Then we have {{champion:80}} that is oppressive in the early to mid game vs {{champion:10}} that is oppressive Mid to late game. Both are cancer to a certain degree. Next we have The balanced mess that is {{champion:9}} vs {{champion:106}} that is just an inferior tank compared to all the other better tanks that exist. then lastly we have one of the weirdest and of the champion that has abused items as much as Ezreal over the years, {{champion:77}} vs the Most boring and most bullshit champion to exist because of his basic ass kit that is {{champion:23}}. To be completely honest, all 8 of them deserve a rework because of how horrible they really are in design and their models are old.
: Nerf conqueror already
Yeah Conqueror is not fun to play against and with any luck on Ritos part, they nerf the bonus True damage and make it scale by level then I can see it as a reasonable nerf but I think flat out nerfing the damage bonus by 5%(or more) makes it far weaker. Because that keystone is absolutely broken with {{champion:11}} and {{champion:157}}. I really hate that I have to fear their degenerate bullshit do to the fact that one builds crit regardless and will hurt alot while the other is on hit that will chop you up faster then a God damn shredder, not even Tank items will help you against him. In the end, I think in the long run between Yasuo and Yi broken factor is their kit. We can all hate Yasuo all the time and the players but Yi is just a right click champion that has an untargetable skill and bonus flat AD base on the level of his Wu Ju style. I cant wait for those two to get nerfed along side a Conqueror nerf
: Silver ELO is absolute Cancer
Silver is, in my opinion, the worst Elo because there are too many people that dont understand how other champions work or try to force some really horrible off meta that we all know why it doesn't work at all. When they flame. They flame hard. Imagine a Tryndamere player that decides to build AP because he thinks it's good because almost all of his abilities scales with AP. I wanted to slap that moron because there is a reason why AP doesn't work. It gets worse when they dont understand how Team comps work at all or even the basic understanding why it works... The worst part of it all is when they legitimately think that you are Intentionally feeding but your just trying your best to salvage the match. Sure you die alot, but that is either you're doing bad or the enemy is far better then you. I told someone this, "if you think I'm inting, then you deserve to lose this match." Not surprisingly we lost because of the Trynd that did all 3 of the grips i said. Shit like that makes me hate Ranked and Silver Elo so much.
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: While you're thinking of making adjustments to Karma's kit, could you also look at her voice lines.
Shes old and it shows how bad it is. At this point shes in the dumpster in terms of gameplay. I wouldn't be surprised if shes going to be placed in the rework department because of her poor performance and out dated model with an out dated voice over. Because I know a few Karma fans are disappointed in the state she is in.
Nosnide (NA)
: Does Udyr deal too much damage right now?
The problem with Udyr is yes his q is got such a insane AD ratios and I feel like they should tone it down but that is not gonna happen because hes not played as often. What really grinds my gears is how that stances can burn but its countered by armor stacking But if you want to counter him. It's best to kit and maybe slow him so that he cant reach anyone. His bear stance is his only form of CC and is only a speed boost. As long as he doesn't touch you, you're fine. His shield is annoying but its manageable and can only heal based on his first hit and ever 3 hits. His Phoenix stance is not as strong but its more for wave clear and a lesser version of sunfire. So your best option is to not let him split push and dont let him gun for the carry. I'm not really good on advice but it's the best I have
: Can Ignite be Nerfed Already
Ignite is a bit too strong in early game. I hope they tone it down in early levels and keep it useful for every other stages in the game.
: Windwall is fine. But if you want to get rid of that then remove braums shield too.
The differences between Braums Shield is that he can still be affected by damage(granted it is reduced damage) and CC can still affect him. Yasuo's Wind wall is the definition of broken in terms of design. OP makes a good point on how insane wind wall is in both Team fights and 1v1 battles against ranged champions/ projectile skills. that shit lasts too long for its own good and it is oppressive to a massive degree. Yasuo is cancer. It might be the sole reason why so many other players hate him so much because how that one skill can cuck so many champions from all forms of CC and Burst damage. I still think when Yasuo was indirectly nerfed with the ADC changes and Riot thought it was a brilliant idea to give him 40% bounce crit. Its like What the actual fuck Riot. I hope They change him to be less cancerous.
Terozu (NA)
: Op.Gg shows 93% pick ban rate. Regardless I think this is the first time I've ever seen a post like this where the person was actually nearing Pick/Ban and not still anywhere between 20% and 60% with the poster wildly exaggerating.
Someone doesn't know the nightmare of pre-reworked {{champion:38}}. He had such a high ban rate it was not fun to pay against him. And you though Yasuo was bad, you should be glad that pre-rework Kassadin is gone. That guy had a 99.52 ban rate back in the days of Season 4. It was nasty
: Yasuo actually almost 100% pick/ban now
I always viewed Yasuo an amalgamation of several bugs that everyone hates because he plays like one. 1. Moves around so much it's hard to catch him and chasing him is a chore so might as well bring someone to burst him down. 2. Is quite the Cockroach When Busting him down won't work because of {{item:3046}} and {{item:3026}} are a thing. And you see him everywhere in the most dirtiest place to happened(being low elo) and it's somewhat rare to see him in high elo because they know how to deal with his annoyance. 3. It's not fun playing against him because he sucks the joy of fighting him because of his kit is not fun to play against. He is by far one of my most hated bug to exist. The champion is a mosquito because he is prone to give you some form of a disease that will make you want to ban the champion but you know there are worse bugs but that one is one you want to kill the most. I have some personal hatred towards that champion because mainly it's how he has too many safety nets on his back and Riot is not addressing on removing some of the problems. Like changing his wind wall to not be created right on top of his body or the fact they never bothered on reducing the duration of it. And what makes me mad is how they gave IE double Crit and with Yasuos passive that gives him double crit as well. He still has to by 2 items to become deadly. I honestly wish they would remove that double crit part of his kit and I was mad that they buffed Yasuo's reduction crit damage from 140% to 180%. And we all know a good chunk of Yasuo mains are the most cancerous bunch of degenerate to exist. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} hate those filthy mastery spamming baboons. Then again baboons are more offended by being called Yasuo mains.
: Teemo needs a buff or a rework.
For me as an idea what Teemo needs a rework is the entire kit except his Shrooms. that can stay and is basically core to his identity. His poison shots (e) should be moved into his passive because lets face it. its up all the time and is just a waste of space that can be improved towards his kit. His Q is aids incarnate because its a pain in the ass as a point and click ability. but its not the worst for the game but its a nightmare against so many champs in the top lane. If they do plan on changing it, i hope the make it similar to {{champion:133}} Q blind. Its not as painful but it gets the job done and offers some level of skill. His W is too basic and needs a massive overall, No need for dashes but something that will help his kit overall~~(like we need the thousandth dash in the game)~~ Like something that encourages for him to earn his speed boost in fights so that he can escape or chase against his enemies. Speaking of his E being moved into his passive. it would be nice to give it a nice skill that makes him an annoying spirit. Something that gives him extra means of making an impact in terms of team fights. hell, the poison shot can the passive for him instead of making his current passive massive texts to read and understand. I know almost everyone hates Teemo _(Hell i call him the little shit Teemo)_and his basically a punching bag at this point. but damn does he not deserve it as badly compared to most champs *cough* {{champion:157}} *cough* I just hope Rito finds a way to make him better so that I can proudly use his Satan skin.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Gamer Gallade,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=22jQI3vE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-05-31T23:08:45.995+0000) > > no need to take it so seriously, I dont mind him saying something that is bad or good. Its just his own opinion and how he felt towards the game changing over all, I do agree some of his points are kinda bad and it is pretty bias with some of the older champion getting reworked. > it just kinda sucks how some changes can affect the game so negatively. > > but in the end, its his point of view and how he sees the game overall. his bias is mostly with the thematic changes, and thats a valid point. when a champion is reworked visually and thematically to the point that his fans are feeling a disconnect from the champion, then hes fine to be upset about it. but when it comes to certain game mechanics changes, his arguments were pretty terrible.
Yeah. hes not the best when it comes to game mechanics overall, it kinda shows on the other videos he plays. he questions why Galio was reworked but he kinda doesnt understand the long run why. The same for Taric. so i understand why you didn't really wanted to listen to his gripe on gameplay reasons.
: hes also talking a bunch of garbage. i completely stopped listening, when he said he doesnt understand the difference between armor penetration and lethality. its not a difficult concept to grasp, and takes one minute to look up on google. hes saying he didnt manage to do that in 3 years? why is he still talking then? dont lethality items even have it in the description how much armor penetration they grant? if you cant wrap your head around such a simple concept, your general opinion about game balance is probably worth shit. he has a couple of points when it comes to thematic changes, or the frequency of changes, but i also noticad that he really doesnt have a clue that some mechanics were changed for good reason. for example i dont agree with chogath % health damage on his e, but the reason why his ultimate was changed to not lose stacks on death anymore, is because feast of famine mechanics fucking suck. thats one reason why draven shouldnt have his passive either.
no need to take it so seriously, I dont mind him saying something that is bad or good. Its just his own opinion and how he felt towards the game changing over all, I do agree some of his points are kinda bad and it is pretty bias with some of the older champion getting reworked. it just kinda sucks how some changes can affect the game so negatively. but in the end, its his point of view and how he sees the game overall.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Hotfix Ezreal and Kai sa RIGHT FUCKING NOW
I love Kaisa but I do believe they need to nerf {{item:3508}} passive of reducing basic skills for every auto. That item is part of the problem at the moment. And it is ok to ban both {{champion:81}} &{{champion:145}}.
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: So Pyke is going to be released soon...
honestly. your better off banning him for the first week in ranked so that you dont have to deal with a really fresh champion out of the fridge. its better if everyone just tries him on norms first then give it 2-3 weeks and then its ok to put him in ranked.
Baka Red (EUNE)
: Even though I agree that the Spear should not become League reality, please oh please do not use that video as proof of that. The ADCs there are much lower level (12 vs 17) and they haven't build any AD. That is as fake news as things can be. (PS: I am not a Trump supporter. I am rational european after all.)
Yeah that stuff is pretty much exaggerated to a greater degree. When they have build AD. It does show it can do enoigh damage to melt but by the time you destroy your enemy with that item and a crap ton of AD. As improbable it can be, it's not a fun time when it hits live. Still, that channel is not mine and it is mostly done to experiment with certain items, abilities, and Runes. Just take it with a grain of salt. (PS: I am not a Trump supporter. I am a rational Mexican after all) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: I'm fine with Atmas, but Shojin's Spear should NOT get released Yeah that item is just insane as hell, but i see that this item is extremely over tuned in PBE. I would try it out to see how retarded it truly is but its been pulled out from the PBE for now. In the end, This item should not hit life for the sake of the game. Making it unable to scale will not work because it will become trash as the game goes on. The scaling is very hard to balance, because to little and no one champion will ever pick it up. To high and every single AD(Even ADC's) will pick it up to become unkillable monster. It will make you say RITO PLS.
: I posted this in gameplay because they can be hard to tell apart in-game when things are going on.
Ok. I get your logic and I respect your decision. I see no harm done here. Come to think about it, yeah the color scheme is too similar that could be a problem later on. I do hope some small tweets to Pykes color does make it easier to differentiate between those 2.
: Pyke and Ekko Symilarities
I think it's best to take this to the Story, Art, and sound department. Because this is irrelevant towards balance changes. I do agree with you that there similarities is kinda a problem but those are a special case. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Just wanted to help out. No harm done.
Done25 (NA)
: Never forget when Jinx was released as brown Mexican.
I know of the old Jinx artwork but that's her concept art. I dont mind her being pale as a girl can get..
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