: They could get away with how he is now if they just removed all lifesteal abilities and made it so he cannot benefit from lifesteal and just translate lifesteal stat to attack damage or something. Without his problematic lifesteal combos he would be a perfectly fair champion because it would allow people who should be able to duel and kill him to DUEL AND KILL him.
Honestly, the life steal part is a problem but it becomes a massive problem when he builds {{item:3072}} and becomes even more unkillable with shields coming from both his scythe pistol and Bloodthirster. But he doesn't build that unless its his 3rd or 4th item. Aside from that because of the shield from Severum is strong and last longer than a shield from BT
: His only real issue was flame thrower ulti. That's been nerfed twice now. He's probably fine. His "best case scenario" is good, but scarce given the way his kit works. His dps, other than chakram, isn't higher than most adcs. If they were to nerf anything, although I dont think he needs one, they could put a cap on how many chakram you can get from abilities. For example, severum q will give full chakrams. That's kind of silly.
You're not wrong on the ult part but hes still being permanently banned in ranked. So it has to be other parts of his kits that possess a problem. It is silly but when you take into account of the math of a full Chakrams, it reaches over 300% damage. It is very silly. But its like ive said, his kit is just beyond overloaded
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: 10 problematics champs that need to be looked at in 2020:
Im a bit amazed that {{champion:8}} is not in the list due to how linear and insane his kit is. His sustain is very unhealthy overall and how he scales makes him a nightmare to face overall. Also he is W is not fun to deal with. Like his sustain is not bad at first until he has his blood rush and team fights becomes a problem because he heals based on missing health. And his scaling is all sorts of screwed due to the fact that he gets health for building ap and gets ap for building health. Just give him Grasp and some parts of the resolve tree to give him even more scaling to burst down any squishy target. The sooner they address him, the better for the game and honestly, hes just unfun to play against and to play as.
HideSide (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gamer Gallade,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TUXqdilL,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-12-24T06:37:12.527+0000) > > He kinda is but really the biggest issue i have with him and alot of mages are the items he build and how cheap they are along side the fact on how strong. > especially when 2 of his items are super cheap {{item:3152}} {{item:3116}}. like less than 3 k gold for so much stats on it. {{item:3152}} isnt worth on him
Have you checked all the most recent builds on him? thats usually first item on him. its 2500 gold for 60 ap, 300 health and 10% cool down reduction. yeah not the best item but he is using it alot more now because of the stats. the active is also a free dash.
: > [{quoted}](name=The King Diamond,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TUXqdilL,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-12-24T06:23:24.866+0000) > > Conclusion - Just delete Conq and give us Fervor or something like that. And then Mordekaiser will get replaced by Tryndamere
they need to nerf the ap gain on Conq and its not as op on mages in general.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Because he's immobile, and because most of his abilities can be dodged (except hit ult). I consider him to be a healthy champ. Maybe he's a bit overtuned right now, but there's nothing really inherently toxic about his kit.
He kinda is but really the biggest issue i have with him and alot of mages are the items he build and how cheap they are along side the fact on how strong. especially when 2 of his items are super cheap {{item:3152}} {{item:3116}}. like less than 3 k gold for so much stats on it.
: Thats why the majority of 50%+ wr top laners are ap now. Oh wait only like 3 lol. Morde is op because the value of conqueror. Conqueror change broke the entire game as all S+ top laners use it, all S+ mids use it, even assassins jungles like Elise is using it. Dont blame the ooky spooky mage items for an absurd rune. Hourglass is good but its a double edge sword as without it in the game, long forgotten mages barely holding on die to burst meta more than they already do, like ziggs. Conq, It alone makes anyone who gets to 10 unkillable except by other 10 stack conqs. Makes a juggernaut out of a paperclip.
the other factor is how cheap are AP items are compared to a lot of bruiser items are. really {{item:3151}} 3100g for 75 ap, 300hp with percentile health burn while giving damage boost & {{item:3116}} 2600g for 90 ap, 300 hp and slow and the biggest offender being {{item:3152}} costing 2500g that gives 60 ap, 300 hp, 10% cdr and an active ability of a dash that can also do damage. IMO Proto-belt is just too cheap for being a strong item and its the cheapest of all 3 of the hex-tech items. Mords core items are too strong and cheap. that's really why {{champion:82}} is so strong right now and its also a big problem with a lot of mages that they have items that are far too cost efficient
: zyra's passive
I would much rather have a better passive that helps her kit than her current and last passive. Point being is that her current passive is too random and is mildly frustrating to face. And her previous passive requires you to die. Its a worse version of Kog'maw passive. I think its better to make her passive interaction with minion deaths like Yorick's passive to summon out goules but have their death blossom a seed for like a second to prepare then you use her q or e to make them bloom into a plant. Granted how it would work is gonna be different from Yoricks but thats mainly my lack or understanding and how to make it more flavorful Its more interactive and has some nice counter play. We can agree that her current passive is just frustrating to a certian point.
: There not hard nerfing him yet because they are gonna see how the conquer changes pan out as alot of mages became strong because of the new conqueror. Also ryze is never above a 50% win rate so I dont see why people are complaining about him
The main issue is that hes just very unfun to play against and the fact he can nuke, wave clear, roam, and out scale alot of champions in both Mid and top is a big problem. He is essentially a ticking time bomb that can blow up on your face if you dont address him and let him get his 2 item power spike at full stacks. he becomes very hard to kill. Conqueror is a problem but that is mainly the issue of Conqueror being a little too good on almost everyone to the point that even mages are abusing its healing power and its damage power. Ryze being a a problem is a whole can of worms that needs to be fixed. Only problem is that alot of players are still having a hard time figuring out his combos and what works over time.
: Why does Kai'Sa breathe so heavily in her K/DA Skin?
Its actually chanting from the crowed or from the other girls. its kinda common from alot of Kpop groups and such. I dont mind it tbh but i understand why they have it in the first place.
: Can anyone explain how tanks can actually be tanks.
honestly. the only way tanks can be tanks is if they nerf Void staff's MR pen by like 5-10% and Deathcap AP bonus by 5% so that it doesn't scale far too much and also give them some better early MR item to work with, or they buff{{item:3211}} to work better in general because 150% health regen is pretty bad in a lot of builds and cant make good use of it because its separated from the other items that have regen in it. Tanks need better MR items and they need it fast because they are slowly becoming irrelevant due to damage creep.
: Why were Lethality Item Set Bonuses Removed?
the lethality bonus was a little too restrictive in the long run and you where forced to only stick with the 2 items or risk on losing the bonus if you ever want to build a 3rd item in your build. I have tried in the PBE when it was up. it was fun at first until i wanted to build the now Iced version of the Lethality Hydra item with both Yoummus and Duskblade. It kinda sucked and was worse when you have want to build all of the Lethality items. all for just want needing the cdr for alot of the champions you need.
: They forgot to add the green winter wonder neeko chroma.
they included it last BE store but they never brought back the special Odyssey Emote. and im side.
: AP Items do not provide better stats than AD, and AD has better item passives like {{item:3026}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3156}} MR guts Magic damage. period. if you stack MR, then a Mage or an AP Assassin/Bruiser have NO choice what so ever but to buy {{item:3135}} to even HOPE of doing relevant damage to them, if anything either Armor should get buffed or Armor Pen/Lethality should be nerfed, like for real, unless you are {{champion:33}} or {{champion:54}} you can buy {{item:3075}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3047}} and {{item:3110}} but still get bursted down by an ADC or a Fighter, I played One For All as Braum verses Zoe, and she could do absolutely nothing late game even with full MPen core {{item:3020}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3165}} the moment we stacked {{item:3065}} {{item:3111}}, every other MR item we bought after that was out of spite and unnecessary {{item:3285}} is still more expensive than a lot of lethality Items which are 3x better than it {{item:3089}} is meant to be a win more item, just like {{item:3036}}, {{item:3031}} and {{item:3026}} , although the last one is not used for the same function as the others... good job using {{champion:45}} to complain about AP, thats like saying "OMG NERF AD BECAUSE {{champion:235}} and {{champion:75}} OP!". AP isnt too strong, Infinitely stacking Damage is, Infinitely stacking AP/AD is a flawed design and Veigar's passive should be nerfed, not gut the entire class and a handful of champions from the other classes {{item:3157}} is noob bait, what the FRICK have you been smoking? cause i want some if it makes you that delusional, maybe it could help me forget the balance team's incompetence
Ok. Give me some good examples of an item that gives damage, cooldown, armor that also shits on assassins due to its active that also has the cooldown of 2 mins. Hard mode, tell me an item that does all that is an AD item. Pro tip; you can't.
: {{champion:45}} is a issue due to riot still using the infinite stacks with no cap nothing at all to do with the ap items. {{champion:13}} is again op due to his kit. {{champion:8}} just has monsterous sustain so again his kit. {{champion:350}} huh?
In all fairness im not saying to nerf both veigar or Yuumi. Veigar is designed to be a ticking time bomb. And Yuumi is just weird but there are some people that build full ap with maybe {{item:3504}} &{{item:3174}} over all, not broken. Both Vlad and Ryze are just too broken. Self explanatory Just every mage are building deathcap as thier 3rd or 4th because of how much bonus AP gives. Its a bit insane. Never forget that Vlad gains health for building AP and his Q heals for his Max Health. Also Ryze can do damage with both AP and mana and his passive gives him free mana with AP Not to mention Ryze has the highest base Health of all ranged Champions.
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arowin242 (EUW)
: riot probably wont do that, as giving bruisers any form of advantage will bring them flashbacks of season 2 metagolem. to be clear back in PBE cycle 8.16 they added a new bruiser item: Atma's reckoning. it was to be a replacement for the in preseason 5 removed Amta's impaler, but didn't add it because 'it was too similar to titanic' the stats btw: 25 AD 30 armor 30 MR unique passive: after entering combat with a turret or enemy champion gain 0,5% - 2,5% HP as AD over 5 seconds. this, while titanic only applies its HP to damage ratio On-hit, so its only good on like renekton, shyvana, irelia, Jax or some other champions. That's all.
I would kinda disagree on the limited champion usuage. Its an item that is designed to be used by brusiers and bruisers alike. And a good chunk of the well known bruisers need to attack normally. Also the Meta Golem was a bit of the fact that it gave raw attack for building health. The Atma's that was in the pbe is ment for survival and dueling sustain damage while having some splitpushing power ready incase you are about to fight a champion. Granted it wont work you are beating minions but its kinda balances out due to the fact Bruisers has mediocre pushing unless they already have any of the 2 hydra items. Also the Armor and MR are nothing to go crazy about and doesnt really offer too much for a tank to make good use of such. Almost all the bruisers can use the items and the small exceptions being {{champion:98}} {{champion:36}}
: Zhonya’s isn’t broken.
yes but actually no... Defensive items are not to bad but the offensive items are just far more broken atm. espcially when it comes to magic resist items. Hourglass suffers in the case that it covers alot of grounds of being an ap item while being a defensive item. it gives you 75 ap, 10% cool down reduction, and a fair amount of armor that eventually becomes helpful early but wont matter to a small point because Armor pen exist. MR items are also kinda garbage because AP items are just too strong and Void staff makes your Magic resist borderline useless. hopefully that rito learns that they need to improve defensive items asap and reduce the power of alot of items. Also Stopwatch deserves to be removed because its just too strong to exist for an early game hourglass that can cockblock your plays.
Amachy (NA)
: Riot we have a major problem
no doubt Bots are going to ruin alot of the new player experince in the long run because it will give the horrible stigma of the lack of interaction with them. I have never bothered making a new account because of that exact problem i can eventually encounter. Really, it is a good idea to report such an issue so that it wont be a problem later on, its just a pain because they use bots to lvl smurf accounts ready for ranked play and has very little punishment doing so. killing bots will also kill several newly made smurf accounts to the players that never wants to put in the effort of casual play. which i believe is a good thing to address.
: Turret plating is honestly the worst thing I've ever seen added to the game next to rng scuttles
No joke they need to reduce or remove the gold of turret plating. Because its gotten out of hand.
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Zullar (NA)
: Akali's Kit
they are gonna remove her stun from her ult. so thats one part of the list that is going away. the rest will slowly change over time. One thing for sure is that im so glad they removed her true stealth in her kit, it was just unhealthy in too many levels, its basically the reason why she was perma-banned every game
Neriticc (EUW)
: Stop nerfing high skill cap champions.
You kinda lost me when you said Vlad is a high skill champion. A side from that, the main reason why some of them get nerfed alot is because of set reasons. {{champion:266}} he does take skill but his damage is absolutely insane and those that has mastered him will delete anyone, even tanks, with very little counter play. Be glad they removed his revive in the process because it was basically a "get out of jail for free" skill and actually have to rely on proper skill management. {{champion:84}} one of the most broken champions that can put any champion to quarter health at lvl 1 if you can trade properly and delete anyone at any level, not to mention her invis is a core issue to her entire existence and her damage is absolutely nuts. Both Lucian and Ezreal wont get nerfed because adcs and have some problems ingame because power spikes and drops are a thing. The only usual way that Ezreal gets nerfed alot because his ap and ad ratios are nuts has a problem with abusing items. {{champion:518}} arguably has enough nerfs and is in a sort of fine place. Only main reasonable thing they could nerf is her root when it hits more than 2 units. The only thing that they nerfed was her on hit build that was rightfully deserve. {{champion:8}} desperately needs to be nerfed because his mid to late game is an absolute nightmare to face because his healing and his period makes him a massive issue. Sej, Karthus, and Xerath are in a decent spot. Karthus is constantly nerfed because the fact his ult and Dark Harvest exist. Xerath in the other hand is notorious for scripts. In the very end, it's all based on how strong the meta is and what is realistically worth changing and which champion needs to be nerfed.
GilxeN (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=GodlyBane,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EqAyJEp5,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2019-08-22T07:58:48.541+0000) > > Why is protobelt and zhonyas still in the game? Because these items are actually balanced.
they are not balanced right now due to how cheap they are at the moment. they need to be a little more expensive or reduce its stats due to how cheap they are. really. hourglass should lose some AP or its Cooldown to be balanced. as for Proto belt, just make it cost more, because being at 2500 gold that gives 60 ap, 300 health and 10% cooldown. that shit is cheap.
: How to play Eveylnn Jungle?
you mostly build ap the core items being {{item:1402}} {{item:3100}} &{{item:3165}} and her jung path is up to the enemy comp or which lane you plan on ganking first. also boots depends if you want burst {{item:3020}} or roam in every lane{{item:3117}} if you start red, kill raptors after killing the buff and then blue. if you start blue, get red asap then you kill the chickens. after that, you play around your stealth for some cheeky kills. also use your charm when you know you can get your target.
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: why isnt armor reworked???
armor is not really the issue, its kinda fine. on the other hand, Magic resist needs a complete overhaul. they are far weaker compared to their armor counterparts and doesnt help that AP are too strong at the moment too.
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: Riven isnt just a problem in the NA servers
the main issue i see with riven is her Cooldowns and when they "nerfed" her shield cool down and buffed her q along the way. It shows that it didnt solved the issue, hell when they unnecessary buffed Poppy's W. it was idiotic and shows how completely biased they are towards Riven. Seriously, they need to either nerf her damage or nerf her cooldowns. she is just too safe in terms damage and mobility.
: I honestly still believe that her ad rations are a little too high and maybe her base damages are also a part of the problem. the items and runes, you will ultimately damage bruisers all together because of bad apple. I love riven but i hate that how everyone is treating her as such an op monster,=.
it came to my own conclusion that the biggest problem is also her cool downs. god she has her shit too frequently that with the over abundances of CD Runes and items is the biggest issues when it comes to Riven's key identity and her kit. She plays like an assassin but she is classified as a fighter and a bruiser. she is the main reason why almost everyone is complaining about bruisers in general. Rito pls, for the love of god nerf her cool downs and make her choose on using her skills to damage or to use her skills to escape in the early to mid game. late game make her the usual monster we all know and love, her laning phase is just all sorts of fucked because of her cooldowns
: Can we nerf Pyke already?
straight up the one issue i have with pyke is his passive and how much health it gives back whenever hes out of vision. its just insane.
: Can something be done with Riven already
I honestly still believe that her ad rations are a little too high and maybe her base damages are also a part of the problem. the items and runes, you will ultimately damage bruisers all together because of bad apple. I love riven but i hate that how everyone is treating her as such an op monster,=.
: Has Qiyana been Disabled?
Yeah. I was wondering about it right now as I wanted to try her out. Like very curious on why she doesnt appear in champ select.
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I really think Kayle is in an ok spot but really the main problem I see with Kayle is her mana pool and her mana costs. Every thing else in her damage and utility in her kit are perfectly fine in my opinion. Really, her mana pool/many costs is the only thing that needs to be buffed.
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: Understanding Kai'Sa's Nerf
I've played a lot of Kaisa to know that this is a good nerf and doesnt really affect her lane. Sure its gonna suck that you cant melt tanks as hard but hey, that's the reason why she was a problem in the first place. So I can now wait and not worry her getting banned alot
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F Ù Ń (NA)
: {{champion:122}} -I’ll smash the enemies right back to where they came {{champion:14}} -I smash {{champion:122}} -? {{champion:14}}-I smash {{champion:14}}-I smash tower. {{champion:122}} -Wot {{champion:14}} -Lemme smash {{champion:122}} -No {{champion:14}} -Lemme smash {{champion:122}} -No {{champion:14}} -ok. *Later* {{champion:14}} -I smash tower.
Ralanr (NA)
: Sion’s ult Damage to towers honestly isn’t that much.
your not wrong but still. basically every Sion is building Titanic Hydra for that nice extra AD for him to use and they will plant a Portal to break that tower even faster because Zz'rot portal scales with HP. _thats more on fault of Zz'rot portals fault to be fair_ Overall, the damage Sion does to towers is a problem in the long run. my thoughts on the whole thing.
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: She so strong to the point ur still struggling to play her hmmmmm okay
It's kinda a weird mentality of mine. I love playing the builds I love to use but when you see a completely disgusting build. It really turns me off from playing it, or I find it fun and play it until I dont like it anymore. It's weird but it's how I work.
: I miss when MF wasn't a ranged {{champion:107}}
: I miss crit MF as well, to be honest. But you can't viably build her Crit with ER in the state its in. .-.; Her ult finishes teamfights; it doesn't start them.
its not viable to build her crit except building RFC because of the cool interaction of her q gaining the bonus range. A side from that, the crit on her ult with ER can refill her mana because it counts as a crit every hit. It was cool to see her mana pool get filled up after a team fight. I know this because i am a MF main and did the crit build alot before it got fucked by the stupid changes. the crazy thing that also works is her q does proc with {{item:3095}} because her second hit does count as a crit.
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