: Why Nexus Blitz was killed unfairly by Riot (And why it should be brought back for another test)
Riot's reasoning certainly seems bizarrely flawed. They said they had high player engagement for the first 4 weeks and then an exodus of players going back to other game modes in the last two weeks. Of course, there can be a variety of reasons for this, but Riot just assumes that the "novelty...eventually faded" and "The big reason people came back consistently was because.." of the missions. Yet, it's just as likely, as other commenters have noted, that people burned out from spamming the mode and, thus, switched back to other modes. If Nexus Blitz were allowed a longer period of testing, those players could have come back for more without the missions. I wonder, how many players must a mode consistently draw in for Riot to consider giving it permanence? What is the business cost associated with keeping the mode versus getting rid of it and having the portion of players who did enjoy the mode become less satisfied with the game or even leave it altogether? I ask because I'm uncertain, but it seems like performing some balancing for an additional mode or two shouldn't be that much trouble for a game company as successful as Riot. Is there a concern about queue times? In comparison, other games maintain significantly more than three modes without excessive queue times. If they can do it, then it seems like League ought to be able to do so, since it still seems to be one of the most popular PC games out there. So where is the harm in keeping the mode? Could there be a different reason that Riot doesn't want to divulge? Maybe they think they can make more money by selling those passes and packages during limited time events. I understand the financial motivations of a company, so I would be willing to pay for permanent access to Nexus Blitz or ARURF or maybe a RGM that contained those modes along with others. Maybe that would be too unpopular to implement, but I think many would prefer that over waiting an indeterminate amount of time until the next RGM event, which could be many months away and then only last a brief period of time.
There doesn't seem to be any good reason at all for Riot to keep making an ephemeral appeal to the audience of gamers who like faster modes like ARURF or Nexus Blitz rather than retaining that audience by making either or both of these modes permanent. Riot hasn't explained why ARURF isn't permanent, but regarding the permanence Nexus Blitz after the alpha test they said, "we didn’t end up seeing the sustained levels of engagement that would’ve moved Nexus Blitz directly into becoming a permanent feature." Well, I don't have access to any data for this last stint of ARURF, but the queue times remained very short throughout its availability in comparison to Summoner's Rift. What are the levels of engagement for Twisted Treeline? Yet it is maintained as a permanent mode.
Summoner's Rift feels absolutely glacial to me after ARURF. There should be a permanent mode for players who prefer faster gameplay, whether it's ARURF or Nexus Blitz (or both). Even though ARAM is faster, it gets dull with one lane.
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