GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=I3Iame,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=a2FnAc8K,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-08-15T20:58:49.843+0000) > > You know, I think I might actually pay if it doesn't give me the fucking autofill... {{sticker:sg-lulu}} I was just talking about the whole "match you with actually same skill" matches.
> [{quoted}](name=GigglesO,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=a2FnAc8K,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2019-08-15T22:10:32.570+0000) > > I was just talking about the whole "match you with actually same skill" matches. You usually always do get matched with the same skilled players, people just automatically assume their better then everyone. Also, anyone who complains about autofill should just get better in other rolls. Autofill came because of people complaining about roles and what not in the first place.
Midg3t (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=GamingExotic,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=wNzj4EzX,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2019-08-15T11:15:06.340+0000) > > Eh, it's just more flash and extra stuff for your champions, I don't see the problem, it ultimately depends on the price really. 860 RP for 3 ethernals, 2 common and 1 champ-unique
> [{quoted}](name=Midg3t,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=wNzj4EzX,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2019-08-15T21:04:46.942+0000) > > 860 RP for 3 ethernals, 2 common and 1 champ-unique Eh, not that bad, regardless, it's mainly just more meat to statistics that aren't really needed and a bit more flash to mastery. Don't really need it. :p
Fuya (NA)
: Guys, calm down. There IS one plus-side of the Eternals:
Eh, it's just more flash and extra stuff for your champions, I don't see the problem, it ultimately depends on the price really.
: It is entirely within Riot’s capability to design and moderate the boards in a manner that attracts people who are positive and offer constructive criticism, and, as a company that serves to generate money for their owners, it is _their responsibility_ to show that the money they are spending is well spent. And _it does_ cost money to keep the Boards around. The Boards is entirely under their authority. They have 100% control over everything that occurs on these forums, and it is _their job_ to make sure that what goes down on these forums is profitable to the shareholders. Hence, “people are shitty,” is _not_ an acceptable excuse. There are reason why social engineers, psychologists, and sociologists exist. If the Boards are here to provide feedback and if the Boards “aren’t good for feedback” (paraphrasing, multiple Rioters have said this), then Riot is continuing to fund a failed investment. They either need to redesign and re-moderate the Boards to suit their purpose, acclimate to and make use of the extant boards, or take down the Boards. This is Business 101.
Their job is to make and update the game, the boards were simply made for riot to see and hear the community, but after so much toxicity and bullshit complaints from the community they would obviously stop listening to them. If people actually got paid to maintain these boards, riot wouldn't have abandoned it. And it wouldn't be surprising if there are riot employee's just lurking on the board and reading the shit show.
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GamingExotic,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EALf4Ej2,comment-id=0002000000000003,timestamp=2019-08-10T23:58:05.277+0000) > > Thank you for speaking the truth, everyone who complains about broken champions just refuse to adapt and get better at the game like they should. Pretty much. Balance in LoL is so close that you can pick pretty much any champion in the game and play them in any role in the game and climb to AT LEAST diamond.
Right, hell even above diamond there are a lot of one trick off meta pick people.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sirsir,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=holLJLjA,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-08-10T19:53:39.126+0000) > > Tank jungles are actually pretty solid in the gankbot meta. Grab Rammus or Zac and forcefeed your laners as best you can. Nunu is probably the best tank jungler in the game right now. Good CC, his passive helps with carries getting more AAs, and can heal up mid fight by eating a minion. Not mentioning how can take objectives easy and has a very healthy jungle clear.
> [{quoted}](name=Raeny,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=holLJLjA,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-08-10T22:37:51.481+0000) > > Nunu is probably the best tank jungler in the game right now. Good CC, his passive helps with carries getting more AAs, and can heal up mid fight by eating a minion. Not mentioning how can take objectives easy and has a very healthy jungle clear. Rammus all the way man!
: remember when riot thought a parasitic cat was a good idea
But it is a good idea, she's just a little too strong at the moment after the community was bitching about her being weak. ;p
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=PiVoRx,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EALf4Ej2,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-08-10T18:50:06.852+0000) > > Pros favors whats broken, thats the rule of being competitive gamer. Except nothing in the game is broken. They favor certain general traits, and have their pocket picks. Heimer adc isnt broken, yet there is at least one pro with a virtual 100% winrate with it over numerous years because theyre just **THAT** good at heimer.
Thank you for speaking the truth, everyone who complains about broken champions just refuse to adapt and get better at the game like they should.
Nithke (EUW)
: I do play Talon mid, which is a MEH matchup with Yasuo imo, because he can windwall AND use his shield to negate like 75% of your burst, i just think they should change windwall to a real ability and give cooldowns on his others (Because he hasn't got any let's be honest)
I mean, the windwall has a pretty long cd and can usually only use it once in a fight. So all you need to do is bait in.
Ðïana (NA)
: I would assume it's becoming a problem now due to things like Qiyana - Doesn't the cursor change to show her what element she would grab at the target location? Having to change it for two different cursors each time they update is unnecessary, if the community didn't get too upset. Community got upset though, so they've shelved it to try again later - Same thing happened last time they said they were removing it.
> [{quoted}](name=Ðïana,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=29JdQyIg,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-08-08T22:34:49.412+0000) > > I would assume it's becoming a problem now due to things like Qiyana - Doesn't the cursor change to show her what element she would grab at the target location? Having to change it for two different cursors each time they update is unnecessary, if the community didn't get too upset. > > Community got upset though, so they've shelved it to try again later - Same thing happened last time they said they were removing it. Pretty much, like why can't people move on instead of holding onto nostalgia boners.
AhmCha (NA)
: Riot is the Game Freak of MOBA's
> [{quoted}](name=AhmCha,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=sBGlZjr4,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-09T15:09:16.194+0000) > > For those who may not know, Game Freak is the company who made all of the main series Pokemon games > > Think about it: > > * They have the most popular MOBA with insanely high potential, but are never willing to let it reach those heights, be it through complacence, laziness, or never knowing what to do with it. > * They add beloved or well liked features for a little bit (ARAM bans, Blitz, RGM) before removing them for seemingly no reason > * Most of their existence lies on the back of a larger company that's more interested in mobile games now. > * As time goes on, disappointment in the company increases because of the previous three factors > * But in the end it doesn't matter because even the most stripped down version of their product will be lapped up. They work constantly on this game, so that whole laziness shit is completely bs, and you probably couldn't even do the constant work they do. Aram bans wasn't even that useful of a thing, it was pretty useless. Blitz just didn't make it to be a permanent gamemode mainly because it lost player count constantly each day, and most gamemodes the majority of players didn't really play constantly, maybe the first day the gamemode is out and just done with the gamemode. The only disappointment I see are low ranking players complaining about champions they refuse to learn to be able to beat. You are basically the SJW equivalent of a complainer. Tries to demonize what they hate, but for shitty and or no reasons what so ever.
: akali is still 10x worse than yasuo and pyke I'm honestly just surprised that pyke isn't a CT champion.
I'm honestly surprised people are complaining about akali, she's practically the same as old akali, just not point and click.
Nithke (EUW)
: Yes Yasuo isn't at his strongest, it's still an annoying piece of shit that becomes unkillable if he kills you even once.
There are lots of champions that just need one kill to be ahead, like MOST ASSASSINS. Xerath may be immobile, but his ranged can easily wittle down Yasuo and kill him. Hell, Karthus himself is a good matchup against Yasuo because he has an aoe damage over time and his skittles hurt.
Zullar (NA)
: Lets think about the later champions they've designed/reworked Yuumi Pike Zoe Irelia Akali ... what does every new champ/rework have in common? They are toxic terrible designs. Riot is killing their own game.
Yuumi: I don't see a problem with yuumi, a back pack champion that is a traditional support, she came out weak but she's much much better and she's super squishy. Pyke: Pyke is one of those champs that needs to get kills in order to get himself and the laner ahead, just learn how to face against him like any good player would. Zoe: She is entirely skill shot based, you literally just need to dodge her skill shots and you beat her, not that hard. Irelia: I haven't seen much shit about irelia, other then the people complaining about change because of nostalgia. Akali: akali is pretty much the same but actually needs more skill to kill people, so why didn't you have a problem with old akali who could literally point click you to death?
Morbys (NA)
: Sounds like another newb complaining about something they don't know. Play him a few times then come back and say hes still broken. The only thing that needs to be fixed is the amount of gold he gets from his ult now, thats it. He is extremely weak compared to other supps. The only reason low elo qqs about it is because he takes advantages of mistakes, and low elo makes a TON. If he gets ahead, just like ANY champ, he will stomp you, hard.
Right, these types of complaints are all bronze complaints. What is so hard with learning how other champions play in order to be better at the game?
: Pyke has officially taken Yasuos place as my most hated champion.
This is more along the lines of you just not wanting to get better and refusing to learn champions so you could face them better. Like seriously, that's all these types of complaints are. He isn't that hard to face against just like how yasuo isn't that hard to face against, learn the matchup, learn the champion, learn how to face said champion. That is all there is to it.
: OK you are right. Can u explain why riot doesnt change anything about matchmaking system ? they know its fucked right? but they dont do anything and players are quitting ranked at least
Matchmaking itself is a very difficult thing to fix, they have to take their time with it or make it worse. Regardless, what is your problem with matchmaking? the only people I have seen to have a problem with matchmaking usually just fucking suck at the game.
: Riot games is the company that developed the boards, that controls the boards, that owns the boards, that has something to gain or lose from the boards. If the boards has become that way it is entirely due to the faulty management of Riot games. You don’t just tell upper management that “oh yeah, our investment was awful, people only whine, we’ll just leave it there to rot.” There’s money on the line, and that money is not mine, it’s riot’s.
No, not really, Riot is not at fault for how people act, you can't shift the blame to riot cause the majority of the player base is bitchy and whiny with everything. That is not riot's fault, you know why, because riot doesn't control PEOPLE. And even then, none of you people really have any fucking proof that riot abandoned the boards anyways. They don't need to respond to show that their there. Don't blind yourself to how the community acts and demonize riot now.
: Riot ignores them, people get more annoyed as they see Riot ignoring them and going in a direction that people have said for years is not good/balanced/wanted. As that happens they get more frustrated and lash out more often, especially when Riot _finally_ responds only for it to be a trivial thing or a joke. Riot sees this and goes, “SEE! They’re just so TOXIC that we CAN’T sort through all the toxic garbage so it’s a _waste of time even going to boards_.” This is Riot’s official forum. If it’s _useless_ it is because they have _failed to make use of it_ or it’s because they’ve _failed to make it useful_. Either way, it’s not a fault of the community; as a company that spends money to upkeep these forums, it’s their _duty_ to make it (A) reflect well on them and (B) benefit them. If they can’t do either, that’s a _huge_ failure on their part.
Riot is not what makes the boards useless, the boards became useless when people start to cry and whine about what THEY want and not what is good for the game. If the boards are useless, that's because the COMMUNITY made them useless, if the community just stopped bitching and moaning about every little thing, riot could have made use out of the board. But because so much shit drowns out any good argument or good idea, and because the shit gets up voted the most, it just becomes useless. Any forum board becomes useless because of the community that posts on said boards, not because the devs abandoned them. If these boards were actually useful, the devs wouldn't have abandoned them.
Εlin (EUW)
: People have scores like this and then tell me not to surrender.
Nah, it's when you take on the defeatist attitude is when you lose. Any game is winnable if you can hold out long enough.
Yenn (NA)
: I've gone 14 consecutive games without getting my primary role. This is not acceptable.
OR, get this, get better in other lanes! Don't isolate yourself to one fucking role. Especially isolating yourself to mid, you know, the MOST POPULAR ONE. Like anyone who complains about not getting their main role obviously needs to look at how popular said main role is and you'd understand why you don't get it as much. Especially picking an off role that is second least popular.
Cosnirak (NA)
: Sure, but does that make it good design? I'll have to reserve judgement till I see it in action a bit, but I have a strong feeling it's going to generate a lot of hate.
It turns a 5v5 into a 4v4 for 7 seconds. You are taking yourself and an enemy out of the fight, strategically, it's best to target a champion with a lot of peel to take out of a teamfight.
: The phases of rework: 1) Skepticism - "Oh crap, they're reworking mord… I hope it doesn't suck" 2) Excitement - "Holy crap, this looks amazing! They really nailed it!!" 3) Impatience - "When can I play it? Gimme gimme gimme!" 4) Disappointment - "Ugh after playing the new mord they completely forgot everything I loved about Mord. Why do they even try? REVERT!" I've watched this pattern so many times... I hope, for you guys' sake, this time is different.
And usually that phase 4 is only because people don't take their fucking time and learn how to properly play it. XD
Poske (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Thefrostyviking,realm=EUW,application-id=EBBIvmVK,discussion-id=Oy46Keg6,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2019-05-27T20:47:06.269+0000) > > His ult was also one of the most boring uninteractive gizmos you ever saw anywhere, completely unfit for a complete VGU. What? His ulti alone gave him a niche. "Go focus this target". and not in a "Vi" way in a diff way. **An isolation ultimate on a champion WHO IS SUPPOSED TO TANK AND HAS AOE DAMAGE - prob designed by an autist** We are losing a Gem of an ultimate and it was super interactive and spiced the teamfights certain way. Now sure Mordekaiser with Liandry had to lowkey one shot people because he would never reach anything and you have to somehow make him viable (obv not the way but it was in RIOT MIND). Ulti should have been slightly nerfed and kept.
Oof, using Autist as an insult. You realize Autistic people are generally smarter then the average man right? Anyways, stop using a mental disorder as a fucking insult you degenerate.
: that ult is puny for the new movement speed he's getting. Hello Mordekaiser Perma Ban. 25% magic pen (ratios wont go down though)
It's not 25% flat, it starts at like 5%. Regardless, Morde's ult kinda gets countered by Zhonya's , dodge morde around for a bit then zhonya's and his ult will pretty much be over. Lissandra alone could just ignore his ulti entirely. People like talon are almost unclickable and will have probably killed someone before he even gets his ult off on him.
: Weaker. Poppy's ult allowed her to ult the support or whatever enemy had the least cc, then just charge in and 1v5 the enemy team. This one is just a 1v1 against an immobile champ; you can cc him and run/hide or play Lissandra with Zhonya's and just wait until it's over. It only lasts 7 seconds, Liss ult + Zhonya's = 5, root and E away.
I'd say stronger, while yes, you are taking yourself out of the fight, you are also taking the enemy out of the fight, so target someone who has heavy peel or lots of damage, that way your team can wipe the rest of them.
: I am surprised they did not give him 2 dashes, a knockup and untargetablility on a basic spell, knowing how Riot deleted and replaced Swain, Aatrox and Galio . But this ultimate should definitely have some sort of Kindred cooldown, so that Morde cannot only use it on the weakest target and guarantee himself an easy kill.
I think it's better to isolate the stronger target, that way your team can clean up everyone. Basically isolate a strong burst mage or a tank with heavy peel. Things like that.
Xelynega (NA)
: I've been killed from >1k damage from a cleanse according to the death recap. The issue is that it's wrong some of the time, so you can't really trust if it's right any of the time.
Death recap is probably one of those things that's extremely hard and tricky to fix without doing more damage. At most, they'd have to rebuild the whole coding from square one for the death recap.
: people like you are the reason they keep making skins for him lmao. fml.
Make other champions popular then. :3 that's literally what decides who gets more skins.
: Upcoming Jungle Changes for 8.10
As someone who loves the jungle, I really do like this change, it will stop people from doing the same damn path over and over again other then the occasional invade. {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
: The long ranged barrage of death missiles are missed.
But now we have them S H O T G U N K N E E S. But really, the old urgot was fun, and very under appreciated, people underestimate him, but he was still pretty hit or miss. Now, you have this tank man that deals good damage, running into the fray with a constant stream of attacks because of w, and the ult is just so satisfying when pulled off in the middle of an enemy team.
: Patch 7.5 - Revisiting Aatrox
Love seeing these posts, "Boo hoo, if the devs just listened to us, if riot just listened to us." Honestly, if we were the ones making the decisions and not riot, the game would be far more unbalanced, people would cry and gripe for more buffs on the champion they play and main.
: *next patch* in before she gets her changes at the end of the season like they always did to Urgot and Zil.
{{champion:6}} Is the most beautiful champion in league. People underestimate him so much. :3
Huebone (NA)
: She's pretty good against squishies, but she can be dealt with mixed damage. Playing AD against her in lane? {{item:3068}} Ap? Well, there aren't many AP champions in top lane most that are already outsustain her. The problem is, most people tend to want to build damage against her and don't have the sustain to stay in lane, or the damage to outduel her, like all the champions who like rushing {{item:3071}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:150}} and could be building {{item:3068}} , I learned the hard way how to deal with her, one time I went 0/2 as {{champion:150}}, then I built {{item:3068}} and she was never able to duel me, even when mini, she just jumped into me and her shield couldn't block my magic damage, while I was also tankier. Then she got outscaled by me and most of my team. But ofcourse, she can snowball pretty hard if you let her, so I see how the true damage would become unbearable if she gets ahead and rushes {{item:3078}} {{item:3748}}
:D yea, or like playing nasus against her and being able to ignore her damage
: I've seen a full build yasuo kill a full build rammus with randuins all he has to do is get a bt and ult for the 50% armor piercing and rammus is dead
Rammus was probably doing something wrong. You get enough mr from your w to survive bursts from mages. So no point in building it. Rammus also benefits greatly grom armor, add that with a red smite in the jungle. Youll be lowerering yasuos damage and by fully build should have over 500 armor, 50% armor pen, so what, thats still roughly over 250 armor, and a bt aint gonna do jack shit heal wise against the damage your w ult thorn and autos because of passive, too much damage out put from rammus.
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Possibly. I need to mention that the part about Annie and Illaoi in my previous post was relating to them in general.
I hate facing annies, but in my opinion, I have never had a challenge against illaoi once I figured out her kit.
: > [{quoted}](name=GamingExotic,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AAWgNMJT,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2016-12-14T03:32:56.083+0000) > > I personally hate phantom on yasuo, I dont know why, just doesnt feel right as statik does, but then again, im one of those highdamage dealing yasuos and not a filthy tank building yas. :D Phantom is superior in auto trades and dueling, static for quick pushing and RNG burst x) The movement speed and mini exhaust from phantom and all the stats is what makes it so hard to deal with for people when going against him i think.
Meh, I despiseit, its a core in the tank build.
Oelyk (NA)
: Ikr!
Add me if ya wish, I normally only get on weekends on league, access to a comp then We could troll around together. Like adc{{champion:161}}
ItsOrval (NA)
: Im stuck in low elo because I fuck around a lot. I also hardly play this game as much as I used to. Nowadays I am playing champs like Kha top or something like that, League gets boring after a year of playing.
Eeeeeeey! Fucking around in matches is fun. Trolling around with random ass builds like adc vel koz get flamed by team, laugh, and pull it off.
: > [{quoted}](name=NightmareAmazoX,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AAWgNMJT,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-12-09T16:03:52.415+0000) > > Anyone can do that... Might have been a bad example but a bit closer to say that he can just recover his game extremely quickly with a little gold. You shut him down extremely hard but unlike a mage that needs to trade between AP or magic pen for burst or more dps in fights yas just kills everything around hardly losing any power. Unless you are very skilled you´ll most likely rush zhonya as a mage playing against zed. This will cost you mana sustain and cooldown and AP. But you´ll survive better. Yas on the other hand seems to go phantom dancer regardless and then beats you silly with it :c
I personally hate phantom on yasuo, I dont know why, just doesnt feel right as statik does, but then again, im one of those highdamage dealing yasuos and not a filthy tank building yas. :D
: I assumed it was Singed. Then again he manages to win while being 0/10 sometimes sooo
Nah, itd be cho cho, nothing is scarier then when a fed cho can walk into your fountain, eat someone and walk out happily.
: Eh, I don't mind him. Usually I play supp so I can do something about him unless he got fedone. Or I can feed him if he's on our team. And when I play top or jg I take Xin sometimes and he makes Yas completely useless.
Duuuude, you know whats fun, :D yasuo with any aggressive support bot lane.
Vekkna (NA)
: I just hate him because he counters my entire champ pool. Like if I'm playing Lux, his shield and/or wall will negate most or all of my damage. If I'm playing Kat, his stupid wall blocks literally all of my damage (including ult, passive, Q) except Shunpo even though it's melee range, and I can't poke or burst him through that effing shield. If I'm playing Zyra I can keep his shield off and be a nuisance, but he vaporizes plants with multi-hits and aspd and just windwalls any roots or ulted plants. He's just a completely cancerous champ that doesn't play by the rules the rest of us have to play by. He's toxic as fuck in lane but still has a great late game. He splits well playing from behind, can get fed easily off ally displacements, hyperscales, and isn't even squishy with the Mallet build and life steal. I wouldn't say that he has no weaknesses. I would say that his weaknesses are not pronounced enough for as good as he is overall.
You sir, should play yasuo 10-15 games, get to know his kit, and you will find it easierto fight him.
: "Entire champ pool" "Mentions 3 champs" You play Lux. After morello, you can spam to your heart's content. If you lose to Yasuo as lux, then sorry, he's just better mechanically than you. The champ has little effect on that matter. After all with lux, you can deny him cs, you hold your Q (Which every Yasuo is afraid of), You have an ability that he can't block and also deals an insane amount of damage. You have a double shield and you probably have exhaust (if you are smart). There's no reason he should win you. But nope, you get outplayed, then you come on boards and moan. Carry on.
Oglaf (EUNE)
: Overloaded kit with far too many Passive goodies in combination with one of the most solid set of abilities in the League.
High skill ceiling and is actually hard to get the handle on him mechanics wise Seriously, one wrong move with yasuo and you could easily die.
Oelyk (NA)
: I'm not even sure If I hate Yasuo. I just kinda look at threads and subconsciously agree with them, but in game I laugh at him 90% of the time. Tonight Im going to play AP bard top... see what kind of reactions I get.
Duuuude, no rageblade bard top! Kicked a rivens ass doing it.
morris1 (EUNE)
: I really wouldn't hate all aspects of this champion if I didn't have to play against him every other match.
Play rammus, not better then speeding through the jungle with a thorn finding a yasuo and ass handling him.
Vesemir (EUW)
: So true... Whenever i see a Riven, Fiora, Zed, Yasuo, Shaco on my team i get a panic attack because i know they will fail and feed the entire team or they will just snowball there is no middle ground. They usually feed though.
Nab, I think the best think is as a yasuo player personally, having my entire team feed and still winning because they get too cocky. Try this, play a champ you are pefect with, carry with em instead, if you are the jungler, camp the enemy zed fiora or yas, make their life pay, enjoy as they rage into the chat. Oh and if ya see your team start to become toxic, aka the ones feeding, pay no mind, read the words and laugh, dont respond to them, dont let words over the internet control you. Laugh at people's anger over the internet.
: Playing against any main of these champs is like playing LoL on hard mode. Not that you won't win those games or that they're unfair, but it just feels more stressful than other games. They have so many nuanced ways to outplay you, just due to the fact these kits do more per second to worry about than others.
I will agree with you on that, but honestly, I find that us yasuo players play him because he fits our playstyle to a T and find him fun. :3 heres a tip, if ya play jungle that is, and see a yasuo picked on the enemy tram, pick up rammus, I promise you, yasuo players and any ad players will shit themselfs
: oh ok
Yasuo main here. Surewe fine knock ups that our team posses a good thing in all, but you should not feel pressured in picking a knock up champion, we literally have a good built in knock up in our kit, and if we cant land that, then we are bad.
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