: [GAMEPLAY] Yasuo - Windwall is not blocking abilities when cast
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GankLord (NA)
: League of Mobility
Well it's the reason I want buff to old champs ms
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: In Promos for Gold!!! So Excited!
Riot Matching: I'm about to end this mans entire promos
: Get Yummi out of my game!
One she's not weak. 2 I really wish Riot would implement a 1 week freeze on new champs in ranked.
: I miss the times when mages were played in mid lane. {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:143}} Now mid lane is dominated by overloaded bruisers and assassins. {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:91}}
I still think S 3-4-5 were the best seasons of LOL's history.
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: Lol, I feel bad for nidalee mains. Imagine maining a mid laner, that riot buffs into an overbearing jungler. And instead of doing a full/partial revert of the original changes that made nidalee jungle broken; they start nerfing other aspects of a kit so that lane nidalee is no longer viable and only jungle nidalee is viable. Then they FINNALY go ahead and nerf the changes they made to make jungle nidalee too strong and now shes a champion that is gutted in both jungle and lane. I have no idea how a professional game company can get away with this kind of conduct, but maybe it's time people banded together and stopped buying skins untill riot is willing to be more transperent with its playerbase...
: Nidalee Players Want Riot To Step Up And Fix The Mess Riot Created.
Man it's not just Nidalee look at Zyra, Swain man I EVEN feel sorry for Tahm. I thought I would never see the day I would. I hate that champion but man the nerfs lord. The game is oversaturated with champs so no one really gets the attention they really need. Riot's solution is this champ does it better so pick this champ. I know other people may feel different but I really think the game needs to slow down with champs now. I think 1-2 new champs a year would be good because with the way champions have evolved I feel EVERYONE needs a rework. It's just a shit show.
: I just feel like every ranked I go into is just a shit show this season
Yeah i can't play ranked Solo anymore. I was gold last season and got placed silver 2 this season. I literally had games where I won 7 in a row lost one and went on a 10 game lose streak. The same thing happened when I reached gold again this season. I got a win streak to gold. First game in Gold I lost and have been on a 5 game lose streak. I'm done with solo q ranked until this MM get's fixed it's ridiculous the diceroll. One person can throw the entire game. It doesn't matter (I'm a jungler) if I get a lane super fed and shut down the enemy jungler. It only takes one person. Also the nerfs to vision they seem to love does not help. Now last season wasn't perfect at all. I still believe the best seasons were 3-5. I started in Season 2 and didn't get serious about ranked till season 4. However, this is the worst ranked season yet. It's a mess but because LOL is so big I highly doubt they are going to do anything about it. I still stand by the belief that runes reforged was the worst idea ever. All they had to do was make runes free in the old system but oh well. I'm just gonna play normals or Flexed till they fix this.
Taeli (NA)
: Zyra Is Underwhelming And A Bit Conflicted.
If you google season 3 Zyra and compare it to Season 9 Zyra you'll really understand how underwhelming she is and how sloppy and random her new kit is.
Taeli (NA)
: Zyra Is Underwhelming And A Bit Conflicted.
She was once one of the strongest mid lane mages in season's 3-5 and then Riot happened. I used to be a Zyra main and imo opinion she's only good as a support she can't compete with anyone midlane. She was my favorite champion and they gutted her to force her into the support role. As far as Riot is concerned she'll never be viable mid again. Just the interaction between her W and E gives you insight into how they hamstrung her.
Well Cause (EUNE)
: Swain main here. He's incredibly weak early game and it's hard to farm against laners that can harass you easily but the late game pays for that. You can engage in the whole enemy team catch their adc hit the full combo zhonyas and then pop the ult which feels amazing when it works
Yeah when it works but there's so much damage in the game and his heal happens so slow idk just doesn't feel as rewarding
I just don't get how I can go on a huge win streak lose one game and then it's all downhill from there. There is just no consistency.
: Yeah they had to nerf him like 4 times because he was so strong in mid/bot until they saw his winrate drop 53% to 47%. I would like to see a little buff too.
I'm not asking for anything unreasonable. I just feel like if it's going to cost so much for my spells they should be powerful kind of like the trade off for Syndra doing so much damage is that it's costs a hefty amount of mana. I don't think I've played a champion whose waveclear is that bad but I really like the champion.
Ezking15 (OCE)
: Zyra Rework Concept ~ idea v1.1
I really wish they would just revert the rework and return her to S4 Zyra. Her passive wasn't as good but at least she was a viable mid. I miss being a Zyra main.
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: Found out the hardway how Yi's ult actually works.
Oh welcome my guy I was so angry when I built all those and Yi was like that DW meme. "Those items won't stop me because I can't read activate R!".
: The reason most people are stuck in silver/gold
> [{quoted}](name=AngusBoomPants,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6HdGAdUa,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-20T07:24:44.309+0000) > > In my adventures through silver and gold, I've noticed the BIGGEST cause of loss is people who don't know how to play the map. You'll get someone who contributes no pressure, doesn't rotate, doesn't roam, doesn't collapse, and doesn't know how to team fight. Just had a Malphite who went full AP and only ulted the enemy support Xerath. Guess why he thinks we lost? Not him! He did the most damage! > > Oh but he never used his CC on the rest of the enemy team or the carrying YI. > > This isn't Call of Duty, guys. Kills are nice but if you don't do anything with them or focus objectives, you're going to lose. MAAAAAAN Let me tell you! I was mid velkoz a few games ago and the enemy vayne was carrying hard so our team hated her. However, they had just got Baron and Vayne decided to push in ahead of her team in a different Lane late game. MY ENTIRE TEAM decided to go chase her to try and kill her while I ping them that mid is pushing. Do you think they backed?! No so I'm at mid by myself and I get steamrolled cause I couldn't kite the uydr and ult at the same time. We lost our last mid turret, inhib and one nexus turret AND THEY DIDN'T EVEN KILL THE VAYNE. Bro I was so triggered. An that was after going on like a 6-8 game win streak. I lose one gamein S1 and I just go on a constant lose streak. I don't understand the game's algorithm whatsoever.
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GankLord (NA)
: Swain's waveclear
I'm not going to pretend like I know about balance but my thing is if I'm spending so much mana to cast a spell there needs to be a big pay out damage wise. That's the deal with Syndra at least. Like just landing a full combo as Swain early on an enemy drains half my mana. I usually just try and farm up till ROA but if they're playing aggressive and leave themselves open to the combo I have to defend myself.
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SSG Khan (EUW)
: Sylas is unbalanced
Yeah his sheild mitigates way too much damage he can 4v1 easily once he gets spirit visage. I shut him down as vi 0/4 while both he and I were junglers and by the end of the game hes like 13/5 thats some bs
rujitra (NA)
: So you were racist towards those from non-English speaking countries and you're surprised that's not allowed?
: PSA: Zyra and Brand are NOT supports
Brand yes but unfortunately Zyra is because Riot pushed her there. I used to main Zyra since S3 but I had to drop her mid because of all the nerfs she just doesn't work there anymore. She beats absolutely no one.
: It's been months Riot, why the actual fuck hasn't Irelia received a nerf yet????
Zertryx (NA)
: Winning doesnt even feel fun anymore
Also I know the game was always bias for AD champs but now more than ever the game is so and it's depressing.
: I've played since S1 and never in my league career have I felt like games are completely decided by the 10 minute mark until now. It's almost to the point where its not even enjoyable anymore. I don't enjoy winning. I don't enjoy losing. Every game I play either win or loss, is just a complete utter stomp. I haven't felt "outplayed" or felt like I "outplayed" someone in such a long time. It doesn't help that the role I've played since S1 (ADC main) has felt completely irrelevant since preseason of S8. And as a point of reference for the state of ADCs, Imaqtpie is a challenger level ADC main who is currently D1, close to demoting to D2. Just a little vent here as well, I just got completely annihilated by a support Leona, with dark harvest, as Twitch. (I did not have flash or heal) -She missed her ult -Flash stunned, ignited, chased until stun was off CD and by that time I was dead -Leona had Zeke's and Remnant of the Aspect vs my BOTRK and zeal
Season 2 player and I can agree like I hate to be that guy and pull a surrender. I never used to I always used to play a game through if I could but now you're exactly right if we have 5 turrets down and we haven't got one of theres or as you said 10 minutes in and bot late is 0/5 like nah i don't wanna play that anymore cause we're not bringing it back. Right now it feels like I'm playing league out of habit more than fun hoping the game will return to somewhat what it was like for me in Season 3.
DeIli (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Warlord Rhinark,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HkyvGeEg,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-20T11:29:33.996+0000) > > You can't just throw the "oh she's lesbian btw". You aren't just gay for the sake of being gay. There should be a reason for it. BIG yikes. There isn't a reason people are gay, Karen. People are just gay. What, do you want her story to be she wandered down to the Lesbian Gardens of Runeterra and fell into the Fountain of Pussy and turned into a raging homosexual?
> [{quoted}](name=DeIli,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HkyvGeEg,comment-id=000200000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-20T11:40:55.711+0000) > > BIG yikes. There isn't a reason people are gay, Karen. People are just gay. What, do you want her story to be she wandered down to the Lesbian Gardens of Runeterra and fell into the Fountain of Pussy and turned into a raging homosexual? YO IM DEAD XD YOU'RE READING THIS MESSAGE FROM A GHOST ACCOUNT
: Why is it that Jax is never getting nerfed??
Rαy (EUW)
: Irelia is so overpowered it's getting boring to watch
Honestly I would fight an Irelia over Akali anyday and I used to be an akali main but she's super broken right now and riot wont give her the nerfs she needs.
: If Zyra got buffed at all, she'd start to choke out the support pool. I'm pretty happy with how she is.
That's fine she's a mid champion
: But she works well as an offensive support ^^
But her main role is mid which she sucks at. Imagine your a top main that has mained a top lane champion since S3 (let's say for sake of argument Darius) only for them to pushed into a prominently support role by riot because a some people decided to play them as a support and it worked. Then they were nerfed until they can't thrive in their original lane. That's what happened to Zyra.
: Why? xD She doesn't need them O.o She's perfectly fine as is.
Because she only thrives as a support not a mid laner where she was originally supposed to be
Ekitaih (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DeathShadow2,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=jeETXZEf,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-15T19:29:28.807+0000) > > my problem with iron is that its below bronze either move bronze below iron or use a different metal. i say this because in every game ive ever played a good old example is runescape (probably not a popular example) iron is stronger than bronze and comes after it. even in real life bronze was replaced by iron cuz it was simply better which is why it went bronze age then iron age Agreed. There's a reason we had Bronze Age before Iron Age. XD Bronze is an inferior metal. So it should be bottom tier. But, Riot will do what Riot wants. c:
> [{quoted}](name=Ekitaih,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=jeETXZEf,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-15T19:32:23.465+0000) > > Agreed. There's a reason we had Bronze Age before Iron Age. XD > Bronze is an inferior metal. So it should be bottom tier. But, Riot will do what Riot wants. c: This is true but I mean you know the saying will just change too well at least I'm not Iron instead of well at least I'm not bronze
: Your jungler wants you to know
"If you push to turret constantly, don’t expect ganks." As a Lord of Ganks I always tell them this
: Deathblossom Zyra Skin
Id like to see Zyra get buffs before a skin
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: Am I the only one who dislikes Wukongs gameplay?
Like Annie Wukong only needs minor changes a full blown rework is not needed. Let the classics remain classics.
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: Riot just remove wards in general at this point, jesus christ you have a boner for bush camping
I've been trying to preach about how the game has been changed for the worst with the nerfs to vision but no one was listening. Also why is it that only ad champs get an item that allows them to kill wards and not ap champs?
: Its not the type of OPness easy to see. It goes beyond winrate; she suffers from the same problem that Irelia suffers: too much tools and helping hands in her kit. Chain tether distance, low CD high mobility spells, range etc. If she has range as an assassin, at least her cooldowns should be higher.
Can we also through Akali in there? She has so many get out options that the shroud is overkill.
: It's too hard to kill LeBlanc
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: Hey guys, I just really need feedback so I can improve on my youtube as a league of legends youtuber
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: Reached a Point Where Mobility & Inflated Kits are Ruining The Game For Me
Yep though I'm kind of mad this got so many upvotes when I essentially said the same thing about Akali. Anyway keeping to the point I agree I love playing velkoz who I had to switch to for my mid main after Riot gutted Zyra. However no matter how well I play mobility beats everything. Can't really enjoy playing Annie or Velkoz mid anymore so I've recently going back to learning Ekko it's ridiculous.
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