Glory97 (EUW)
: You are punished because you dodge the queue and waste the time of 9 other people. There are countless people on bord complaining about how long it takes to get into a game, because of people dodging queue or remakes. And this penalty is justified, because if the penalty was lowered a lot more people would dodge queue.
If you know it is a loss isn't it better to dodge for the 4 others on your team? And if you dodge once or twice because of this the penalty is just an annoyance, plus this is norms not ranked, I agree with the penalty for ranked as queue times can be insane in ranked, but not norms.
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Chermorg (NA)
: The mute button is not an excuse to be toxic.
you yourself said i was whiney and annoying. The mute button is an excuse for that. Not for being toxic. Me asking an inter not to feed over and over is annoying. Not toxic.
Chermorg (NA)
: It's useless, annoying, and obnoxious to your teammates.
So you mute the person spamming? Once again there is a mute button. Its like why is cyber bullying a thing, if someone is being mean. Mute them, or unfriend them. Its stupid you can get permad for toxicity anyways, just have a forced mute and actually make it good. You can just spam aram games and your chat ban is gone.
Chermorg (NA)
: Notice that I never said that it's always possible to give constructive criticism. Sometimes you should just shut up and report after the game.
You are being more toxic to blood lyrics than i was to my jungler...
Chermorg (NA)
: Nobody's denying that. However, you can't just say "stop feeding". You must be constructive: "next time try using q before e" or something like that. If they don't respond to you or don't take your advice, don't keep spouting off at them.
Also, how can you give a yi constructive criticism. Hes literally the most simple champ in game, maybe except for annie. Just dont run into a 1v5 with vision. Thats what they were doing.
: I'm surprised you even had time to play in each of thise games. It looked like you spent more time typing than actually playing. Seriously tho, less type more play
The yi went 0/13 at one point before getting a kill. Every lane was fed only thing i really could do was type i was mid so i didnt have tp and split pushing was guaranteed death
Chermorg (NA)
: You are defending him with incorrect information, opinions that are honestly childish and immature, and other fallacies. You aren't defending him, you're proving our points more.
Chermorg (NA)
: Nobody's denying that. However, you can't just say "stop feeding". You must be constructive: "next time try using q before e" or something like that. If they don't respond to you or don't take your advice, don't keep spouting off at them.
They were. They were flaming me telling me to kill myself.
: > [{quoted}](name=Chermorg,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=pty8Eosn,comment-id=00020001000000000000,timestamp=2017-06-19T03:33:42.656+0000) > > Saying that one line? No you won't get punished. Saying "you're not playing good" once? Probably not. > > Repeatedly saying things over and over after having observed that they have no impact on the game? Yes. So, if you have someone, who is genuinely intentionally feeding and not just having a bad game (like the dude is just running it down mid - which you and I do not know, he could have been) and you repeat to them "stop feeding" despite it having no observed impact deserves a punishment? Well then, do tell me, what do you say to someone who is intentionally feeding then? What sort of constructive criticism would you like to offer? You are trying to win the game (and communicating in an attempt to achieve a greater likelihood of winning). What do you tell someone that is intentionally feeding?
I feel like you are the only one here who has actually played a game of league ;/
Chermorg (NA)
: If someone's trolling and you say "stop feeding" to them 500 times, you're doing what's called "feeding the troll". A common occurrence in the internet world is that trolls who are fed go away much more slowly than those who are not fed. And yes, spamming that in general is toxic, doesn't matter if directed at Obama or someone who just murdered a kitten.
how is spamming toxic at all? Im not being mean belittleing or berating someone.
: 1. How the hell do you type so much in a single game. If you focused more on playing rather than typing you would probably win more games. 2. Your chat isn't worthy of going instantly to a 14 day ban but it is worthy of a punishment. If you've already had 2 chat restricts then you automatically go to a 14 day ban. 3. Now that you're at a 14 day ban your next punishment, no matter how minor, will be a permanent ban. I strongly recommend you don't say ANYTHING except "gj", "wp", and "gg" for the next 3 months. After 3 months you go down 1 punishment tier.
If its 5 to 20 on kills they have 3 towers to our 0 and our jungler is 10 of those deaths, we arent coming back. The team also refused to ff when its obvious at that point its over. I can't do much other than type because contesting anything, even split pushing other lanes, is a garunteed death because the jungler fed every single person on their team.
Escheton (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Blood Lyrics,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=pty8Eosn,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2017-06-19T03:29:26.729+0000) > > You cannot be punished for being unfriendly. If I go into a game and tell everyone "leave me alone, I don't want to be friends", I am not going to be punished. Being mean and saying things along the lines of "you are playing poorly" when the guy is actually playing poorly, will not get me punished. > The OP repeatedly says "stop feeding" to someone that (assuming he is telling the truth) stated that they were actually going to intentionally feed. He says in all chat that his lane opponent lost lane. He tells someone that they are very behind. > Sure, the OP is annoying as all hell, but like so many people have said, the mute button is an option (thus there is no need to retaliate or whatever). You shouldn't punish someone for being whiny and annoying. This isn't just whiny and annoying. This is actively berating teammates and creating a negative environment. That should be punished. Especially given the OP actually thinks he's taking the high ground. Saying someone is playing poorly helps nothing but your ego, and is conscious active negative behavior. Ergo, toxic. The fact that defenders of OP are blameshifting to a supposed feeder is both unnerving and doesn't change that he was harrassing his entire team for everything he perceived them doing wrong. Which, as you might imagine, has as much to do with the limits of his own insight as their (lack of) game skill.
If someone is 0/13 they are playing poorly. Continuing to do what they are doing to get them to 0/13 is feeding, and in my opinion, inting.
Chermorg (NA)
: Being negative, unfriendly, and mean **is** toxic. The fact you do not see anything wrong with it and consider it to not be "toxic" is not a problem with "people on(of) the boards", it's a problem with you.
Being toxic is being deliberately mean. Not unfriendly. I can chose not to say anything if they ask a question. That is unfriendly. I shouldn't be able to get banned for choosing not to communicate. Asking someone to stop inting ie ruining the game for 9 other players, that isn't mean. Thats asking them to stop doing what they are doing to make the team lose. I shouldn't be able to get banned for that. The person purposefully throwing the game, they should. I don't get how being negative can get you banned either. For instance saying that wasn't go don't go in on that next time. That is negative yet i can get banned for that? I might need to find a new game if thats the case. I really like this game but if it is so picky that you have to be nice even if a single player throws the game, that is ridiculous. I understand these rules for norms, but not ranked, also there is a mute button, so banning for toxicity shouldn't even be a thing, especially if they aren't throwing the game like a lot of toxicity leads to.
Chermorg (NA)
: No, you can't. Because that's accusing them of intentionally feeding. If you believe they're doing that, just report them after the game. Don't subject 3-8 other people to have to look at your messages to that person just because you're mad at them.
: Unfortunately, posting things like this on these boards will almost always (note the almost) result in people on the boards being extremely negative towards you. The majority of people here will straight up think that you deserve your punishment (or worse) as soon as they read that you were punished. You weren't toxic, but you were definitely rather unfriendly and mean. I don't believe being unfriendly and mean warrants a punishment, but unfortunately I don't make the final decisions. If you had no punishments prior to the 14-day ban, then you may have a decent case, however the people of the boards tend to be terribly biased against people that they stereotype as toxic and are unlikely to support you if this is just an escalated punishment from 25-chat restrict to 14-day ban.
I understand. I just dont see why you arnent allowed to be negative in a ranked competitive setting if your teammates are losing the game for you. I mean the yi for instance was 0/13 at one point. That is rediculos. And the singed even said they inted.
Chermorg (NA)
: Intentionally feeding in a ranked game is more often than not an instant, permanent, non-revocable suspension of the account.
Well ive recieved nothing saying a player has been punished like i have before
Chermorg (NA)
: No, this isn't close to nothing. A large majority of your chat is negative in nature, and while little if any is outright flaming, it's almost all negative things directed at team/enemy players. It does not matter what anyone else in the game is doing - you are responsible for your own actions and chat messages, hence why only your chat is shown in the reform card. Remember, other players likely muted the toxic players, you responded to them, thus all they would have seen (until they muted you) was you being toxic. If someone is feeding, toxic, etc, just finish the game and report after. Mute in the meantime. You do not mention if you have been chat restricted recently or at all. If you have, it would have mentioned in that reform card that you would be subjected to further, more severe punishment if you continued being negative. Remember, the severity of the punishment is not solely based on the severity of the chat, it's also based on past punishment history (as in if you have been previously punished, you can be more severely punished for the same punishable acts). Until you accept that you are not allowed to flame people **regardless of what they may have done or not done to or for or said etc.** you will not be able to reform. If you just mute someone when they start to be toxic, it'll work wonders on your ability to refrain from retaliation. TLDR: Ban is deserved, be extra careful not to retaliate or be negative in the future or you risk a permanent ban. Best of luck!
So i cant ask my feeding teammate not to feed?
Crett (NA)
: you aren't permabanned are you? that wasn't close to nothing; focusing on your team's mistakes makes the game less fun and tends to tilt them, too. if you avoid that i think you probably won't get any more punishments. it's not the WORST thing but you flamed your team for sure and if you got a 14 day ban it's probably not just that game that contributed to it
Im not perma but 14. And I see a lot worse but i get punished when they dont, even if i personally report them. I dont get why inting a ranked game gets less of a punishment than asking your teammates to not go into lane if the laner isnt there just to die.
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