: The issue is that while Ziggs has an identity it isn't separated from Xerath strongly enough. Only one of them can be good at any given time atm, and ever since Ziggs got nerfed in 2014 there has literally been no reason to ever pick him over Xerath. How Vel'Koz was seriously chosen over Ziggs baffles me.
Honestly, Vel'Koz faces the same problem. Once you get past his personalized control scheme, he's functionally just Yet Another Immobile Damage Mage. But unlike many others in that brand, he doesn't even really have anything that makes you go "this is exactly what I need". He doesn't have things like Ziggs/Xerath where you can go "I need the range"; he doesn't have the raw deletion power of someone like Cassiopeia, Brand, or an Assassin; he doesn't have particularly remarkable CC... you get the idea. And that's partially just because a *lot* of mages fall into this mud, to be fair, and is why this update's happening. But while it's easy to pick out characters that compete for specialised spaces (Ziggs/Xerath), and yeah, that's absolutely a problem... Vel honestly feels like he's in the middle of *all* of those competitions trying to figure out which one he even wants to compete in. Nothing about him makes him stand out from the pool *other* than how he controls, which leaves him in a state of being able to be completely forgotten.
Statikk (NA)
: Vel'Koz is a great champion, but he honestly lacks Distinctness. He has some hints here and there of uniqueness (Q targeting, true damage from Deconstruct, etc.) but none of them are pushed to a point where it truly differentiates him. Don't worry, even within the 6, the amount of change each champion will see is pretty drastically different.
He's definitely fun, and I think for people that like him he definitely feels distinctive; but you may *really* want to specify for people that you're referring to strategic diversity - that he lacks a reason to really pick *him* for your team as opposed to (insert other damage/CC combo mage here). He's definitely distinctive in *control* - the Q targetting scheme and R mechanic are clear, and the way players and opponents have to maneuvre, position, and respond to Vel'koz is unique. I'd love for Vel'koz' distinctiveness in that aspect to be pushed further into the rest of his kit. Ideally that would provide him his niche, too - if he's dangerous *but avoidable* you create a champion where his value as a pick is because he's powerful and forces the enemy team to either respond to Vel'koz' threat by dodging (and thus not casting/blowing mobility/etc) or take a lot of damage. But idk The other thought off the top of my head is something to make the deconstructive passive more dangerous if it's fired repeatedly? Given its nature it would be interesting to see Vel'koz done in such a way that he becomes a dangerous threat to everyone (even tanks) if allowed to continue burning people down. Make him a mage who can *actually* tank buster if left alone.
Lorinne (NA)
: Illaoi wouldn't care what you did with the money as long as you did _something_ with it and as long as you didn't let your new riches turn you into some lethargic, motionless, unambitious lump. Use the money for greatness and pleasure but don't treasure it as if it's the only source for these things.
This sounds most accurate to me. I think it's less that she and her god are necessarily Hedonistic, so much as they are about change, desire, and motion - ensuring that humanity doesn't stagnate.
: So Riot will admit Graves is waay to strong and nerf him... right.... right?
Actually they already have admitted he's too strong and said he'll be adressed at least a bit in an upcoming balance mini-patch/hotfix, with possibly more to come.
: When will Team Builder Draft be released?
They have not set a specific date. They've said there's some bugfixing to do, and they are looking into possibly adding a couple more features before it sees release.
: so it is possible to let the timer run out and then leave champion select entirely? or does the game require you to ban and choose a champion no matter what now? is the only way to completely leave champion select to disconnect from League altogether?
You can leave queue by simply failing to lock in a ban/pick when it comes to you. The "let it run out to display a helmet ~~bro~~" is for the pick intent phase, before you actually start ban/pick proper. At that point, if you let the timer run out, it'll just not display an intended pick for you.
: Collusion means they threw the game on purpose to help koo out/make worlds more interesting. Based on everything we have seen from SKT do you really think they are dumb enough to walk into a blender like that?
When you've got a perfect record at the tournament? When you screwed up again in the previous match and *still* came back hard? Yeah, I can believe they'd be cocky enough to make a mistake like that. It's like Alliance vs Kabum last year. Fresh off of a great performance and an exceptional previous game, teams can get cocky and think they can show off and pull risky stuff... and then discover that suddenly the game has slipped too far out to recover it.
: Bans this Finals
Gangplank's been proven dangerous; he's the only champion with 100% pick+ban in Worlds (Mordekaiser did actually have a game where he was neither picked nor banned), and has a 100% win rate when not banned. Elise is easily the most popular pick of the jungle at Worlds. I've never personally had a good grasp on why, but I suspect it's that she shares a lot of the strengths of other popular jungle picks (Rek'sai, Lee Sin, Gragas) but is just "better" at them, given her massive popularity this Worlds. Renekton definitely seems to be a targetted case; it's always KOO that's banned it out.
Meddler (NA)
: Junglers will have a few options. Starting gold's 500, Hunter's Machete costs 350g (as does Hunter's Talisman, an alternate jungle starting item that gives mana and health regen instead of damage on hit and lifesteal). That then leaves 150g which is enough for either 3 health pots or the new mini flask. That's got 2 charges, each of which restores 100 health, at a cost of 150g. It upgrades (combine cost 250g) into a bigger refillable potion called Hunter's Potion, that holds 5 charges of 60 health/35 mana and gains a charge whenever you kill a large jungle monster.
>Recharging potion when you kill jungle monsters SIGN ME UP
Kshaway (EUW)
: Hey! I'm creator of this vid and various "Serious" montages, if you have any questions, will try to be there for a while!{{champion:9}}
Are there any crazy builds you've wanted to do for a Very Serious Montage that you simply have not been able to make work at all, or just weren't able to get any good footage for, and had to scrap?
Meddler (NA)
: If it was my choice I'd have Bill Nye voice any champion he was interested in, even if that meant we'd end up with something like Bill Nye Draven or Sona.
Rhlax (NA)
: add jayce adc, j4 top to the list! (fnc vs edg game1)
I've got an entire additional thread in the works for after Quarterfinals come to a close, and it'll be listed there.
Jamnon (NA)
: In other words, with love from Riot of course, We are sorry you don't like the skins. But we do so we're gonna go ahead and ship them anyway. Way to respond to overwhelming feedback. GG.
Well, what would you expect them to do to 'respond to overwhelming feedback' then? Don't release the skins at all, disappointing those who are actually interested in one or more of these skins and leaving us with nothing for the Harrowing? Are you expecting them to scrap and replace them in a span of 2-3 weeks, which is exceedingly unlikely? Like it's fair if you dislike what's been created, it's fine if you're disappointed with the thematics, but I'm genuinely not sure what you're expecting.
: Ok,something needs fixing here. 1st you have Kennen top under the "New champ/position" combo. Then he's list twice in the top lane section.1st in the 3x group (with 2W & 1L),followed by being in the 1x group (0W 1L) I'm sure you see where the problems lie. Edit:I'm also seeing Elise twice in the "30+% participation" section.
Thanks for pointing that out! @_@ I have to manually redo the list each time, which is a bit of a mess because the post formatting doesn't use names; it uses champion:###, which is a LOT easier to miss stuff on when it comes to accidentally messing up a champion on the list (eg Elise twice). Kennen's screwup was all my fault though, I even had him listed twice separately on my tallies somehow. Whoops!
: i think you're missing the {{champion:96}} Bottom Carry.
Oh, yeah, somehow he got lost when I updated for today (I have to manually redo a large chunk of the post each time). I'll fix that now, sorry!
: Now up to 68 unique picks, equalling the high of season 3.
Yup! Depending on who you ask, season 3's champion total is up for debate. There were a couple "this game's irrelevant in pools so we're going to pick whatever the hell why not" games, and therefore there's some debate over whether those games should be counted in champion statistics (without those games counted, the total drops to 61). The impressive part is that we're only 42 games in. There's still another day of pools and all of the playoffs for more champions to emerge, too.
: That's the thing, really. Fiora couldn't care less about other people's opinions, yet still has to devote time and energy to prove herself to them. And she surely is a woman of power now, but her lore, rather than being about something exciting, is presenting her as constantly trying to preserve her honor in the face of arbitrary discrimination. I mean, she is shrewd, smart, decisive and deadly, yet she can only manage to keep House Laurent afloat, rather that enhance its position.
> That's the thing, really. Fiora couldn't care less about other people's opinions, yet still has to devote time and energy to prove herself to them. Yup. Which says a lot more about Demacia than it does Fiora. I think she herself very much has always been her own person, and wanted to be her own person - but she's raised in a society with *very* strict restrictions, both in formal law and social expectation. This doesn't really contradict or change any of Fiora's character, or who she always was. She's always been doing this stuff because *she* wanted to. It's just that, I think, the new lore really stresses where that puts her within Demacia and what it means for her life - and why Fiora's such a big damn deal to Demacia, too.
Red Ryu (NA)
: So far 85 different champions have been picked at worlds, huh that is pretty interesting.
Nope. 65; it's right there at the top. Keep in mind that a number of champions have been played in multiple roles, so they're listed in each position; if you just add those up you get some overlaps.
ciel915 (NA)
: Popular champions in soloQ vs professional play
The short form is that champions have different strengths and weaknesses, and some of these strengths or weaknesses become really apparent the more organized the team is. Master Yi or Katarina, for instance, can be really good at capitalizing on one person's mistake and the ensuing chaos. In an environment with organized teams, though, it's super unlikely they'll see a chance before an organized CC chain just locks them in place while they're bursted to death. There's also expertise as a matter. Champions like Rumble or Gnar are *really* strong - but those strengths take a lot of practice and skill at both the game in general *and* with the champion in order to really show, and people are less likely to grind through the learning phase of those champions compared to how easy it is to pick up and learn Garen.
: Is it just me
Lulu's only one of [23 champions seen in midlane](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/esports/V0WsriPU-champs-seen-at-worlds-a-list) so far, and while she is one of the top three, she's not even the top, and has only been midlane in ~1/5th of the games. She is a high priority pick because she's flexible in lane (you can pick her, *then* decide between top or mid), and her general utility in countering the melee-heavy game scene has actually made her one of the most total picked/banned champions, yes. But she's hardly in mid lane 'every game'.
ploki122 (NA)
: Am I illiterate or did Riot not follow their rule set?
With regards to CLG vs Pain, I'm pretty sure it's because regardless of who's third or fourth, it ultimately doesn't matter - neither of them could possibly proceed out of Groups.
: Why Kindred are enemies of most Shadow Isles champions?
The Shadow Isles is full of the *undead*, those that cheat death. Essentially, they're things that have escaped Kindred's grasp.
Kinjishi (NA)
: •14x: {{champion:201}} (6W 11L) He's been played 17 times or the W/L is wrong. Just bringing that to attention, GW.
Thank you, I do make typos like that. It's 17 played; I'll fix that right now.
: Brazilian curse ?
Not really a curse. Keep in mind that CLG were functionally eliminated *before* this match. Even if they had've won, they would've placed 3rd, which doesn't change a thing - they still wouldn't get out of Pools.
: CLG confirmed garbage
As much of a joke as BR seems to usually be thought of? Last year, Kabum, a team that was an absolute joke on the first day, learned and improved so fast that they beat Alliance in their last game. EU "Super Team" Alliance, who had *scored a perfect game* against a very skilled Korean team earlier in pools, *lost* to Kabum - and because of that loss, ended up losing control of their own fate and were dropped out of Group stage because they didn't even qualify for a tiebreaker shot. This year, Pain very nearly forced a tiebreaker that could have gotten them out of Pools. Don't let your NA pride blind you to the fact that BR is really starting to show up on the international stage. They won those spots *for a reason*.
Dr Poro (EUW)
: What happens in a tie?
This is explainable using the current setup with the Flash Wolves and Koo Tigers. They're both 4-2. However, in their two games *against* each other, Flash Wolves won both matches; therefore, Flash Wolves have the higher placement; and thus, the first seed. If the teams are actually tied, there will be an extra match added, and the winner of that gets the higher placement. If three teams were to tie, they would play a trio of games with one another - and if one team wins both games, they get the priority. If not... I think they have to loop again and again and again. I don't know if there's a limiter on that, but that's what was mentioned in the past. If four teams were to tie (all of them go 3-3)... well, then, hell if I know.
: We know there's a problem with the site that's affecting the schedule, live stats and standings. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Our @lolesports twitter account and the broadcast should be helpful in giving you the updates in the meantime.
Thanks for the update!
: No Worlds schedule????
It's... throwing me for a loop because apparently the stream hiccuped at some point and I can't go back to ban phase to get data for the pick/ban list without this. Nyaaaaaaaaagh.
: You may want to make a new post for Week 2 of Groups, continuing off of this one. This thread got pretty much lost for anyone who hasn't kept it open, and that's a shame because it really is interesting to see this.
I'm considering it. Indeed, it'll stay dropped off the face of the boards at this point simply due to low activity, so it may be the best option. I'm not quite sure if it qualifies as spamming the boards or something though idk. I'll decide what I want to due when Thursday rolls around and it's time for Moar Data.
: ok so season 1 was held June 2011 season 2 group stage started on October, 4 2012 season 3 finals was held on October, 4 2013 season 4 group stage started on September 18 2014 all according to this [site](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/League_of_Legends_World_Championship) I wish i had more information
That should actually be plenty, thank you! I'm tired out today, but I'll put that together and have percentages up and added on Day 5 at the latest. Thank you for the effort!
: i realy wish we knew how many champions existed during the previous world champions so we can compare the percentages.
The hard part would be finding which patch each championship was played on, or just which champion was most recently released/made available. If I could find that I could find the date of the patch, I could probably obtain that number within a reasonably tiny margin of error. Release dates for champs are listed in order on the wiki.
: Tons of respect for how you've kept analysis (and therefore all the controversy that goes with it) out of the OP.
I think the data is capable of spurring on opinions and reactions enough by itself! But thank you.
: Champion Mastery level 6 reward Suggestion
Best part: [It wouldn't be the first time Riot's had poro versions of champs](http://imgur.com/a/zqbqy/all)
: > [{quoted}](name=Unlucky Number7,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=V0WsriPU,comment-id=0047,timestamp=2015-10-03T19:06:34.892+0000) > > what was the percent of champions picked or banned at the last world's championship? I gotchoo. ;) http://lol.esportspedia.com/wiki/2014_Season_World_Championship/Statistics/Champion_Stats And for this year's as well: http://lol.esportspedia.com/wiki/2015_Season_World_Championship/Statistics/Champions
Oh snap, thanks a lot! I'll keep doing this though, if not solely to track by position.
: what was the percent of champions picked or banned at the last world's championship?
I wish I had a link to give you. I don't. That's why I'm doing this, this year.
: So is Veigar not bad anymore?
Veigar *was* in a really poor spot. He's seen very tiny buffs that have started stacking up though and now people are noticing. That there's a lot of Juggernauts walking around (and into Event Horizons) is also part of it, I think.
: He actually got through once today (H2k vs BKT), and won pretty easily.
Twice, actually. Fascinatingly, in the second case of not being banned, *he wasn't picked*.
Szunray (NA)
: I'm not even sure whether or not that's proof of something wrong with morde. I think that nobody on the pro scene wants to break with the meta they've been practicing all these years. I mean these guys have been peeling for squishy ranged carries for years. Assassinating squishy ranged carries for years. All of their practice basically revolves around one person doing consistent, ranged, AD and not having a lot of survivability. Morde would ruin all of that training. I mean I even doubt anyone on the pro scene practiced with Morde. They knew he'd be banned. Edit: They'll probably permaban morde at worlds until Riot makes more bot lane Melee carries. Right now it's too easy just to ban the singular massive outlier.
The big thing with Morde is that if he's in bottom lane, it *defines* bottom lane. If you leave him unbanned, you're in sort of an ugly position: * If your opponents grab Morde ASAP, well, damn. Yes, you can counter that; but it means having your team defined by countering it * If your opponents *don't* grab Morde and you don't, you'd better be ready for the possibility that they'll grab Morde late in the draft and then you'll potentially be in a terrible matchup * If your opponents *don't* grab Morde and you do, welp, there goes whatever strat you were planning. It's worth noting, he's not permaban anymore - in fact, in the two games he wasn't banned in as of this writing, he *wasn't played at all in one*. There's actually champions with higher total pick/bans than Morde, although he still reigns in raw ban count.
TBakes (NA)
: I wish I could upvote again today :(
Thanks! Even just comments are appreciated (They'll help keep this post bumped up)
: Now I'm a bit confused on gangplank. He was picked twice, but you only listed him once?
No, he's listed twice. That's just it though - he's listed *twice*. He's been in Top *and* Mid.
: can you please add win loss rate? I'd like to see if they are picking daruis a lot, but not winning with him. Mid gangplank crushed, so that would be nice to see too. :D EDIT: And possibly the total team comps for each round. Pretty much can this be the ultimate thread of champion comp, pick, ban, win, loss etc for worlds?
Once I update with today's data, there'll be win/loss rates. And a list of bans, not just 100% Pick/bans. (It's the second line in the post!)
: Why is this so highly upvoted?
Because actually having this kind of data collection visible is actually *really* rare. If you go to the Worlds site, there's a stats page, which lists everything you'd ever want to know... for *the players*. In terms of a clear view of what champions have seen play, and how frequently, and where? You have to page through every individual match and tally it yourself. There's a lot of times where people go "Pro play's just the same champs in the same roles every time", and I think a lot of people are curious to have the actual data in a visible format.
Ternt (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Garlyle Wilds,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=V0WsriPU,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-10-01T21:20:04.657+0000) > > Oh, yes, you're right; I did end up accidentally mixing those up. Fixed! Instead of 4 ban 1 game. Write 4 ban 1 pick. It sounds stupid, but it makes more sense and is less confusing.
I'll change to that. The mixup was actually that I listed all three together (4B/2P and 2B/4P) by accident. You're right though; less confusing.
: Can someone find a way to get this pinned to the top of the boards? This information seems interesting, and I'm certain many others would like to see this.
I'm flattered. That said, I don't think there's any form of Request Sticky for these boards. But hey, if a Rioter decided to I certainly wouldn't object.
: Can you put a win/loss ratio, like under Darius (as an example) * 4x: {{champion:122}} 3 Wins - 1 Loss Just for more useful/interesting information. Thanks for the list!
I'll do that in the update that includes tomorrow's results (along with adding a full ban list).
: It's really interesting looking at this list, because it tells what the pros know is the strongest (in the highest level of play). **Champions deemed OP by the Boards** It seems Garen is overhyped, or at least completely outclassed by Darius. Darius is as bad as the community makes him out to be. Fiora is like Master Yi or Fizz, a unfun champion that is viable. Thresh is good but not the best as the boards make him out to be. Vayne has weaknesses in higher play, _but is still strong. Not god-tier, but good._ _Lee Sin is back! #LC$BigPlays_ Mordekaiser numero uno huehuehuehue. **Champions that are powerful according to this list Not including the board's champions** Lulu is really good. _Rek'Sai the knock-up bot is back!_ _Gnar is appearing again! He's a furry ball of CC in this hard-engage meta so it has sense._ Elise is really good, probably because its a lot harder to throw, so a lead is more important. Gangplank is still really good. Braum is really good, even better than Thresh Alistar is underhyped, and is even _better_ in pick rate with Thresh. Azir is still good. Sivir and Tristana are both pretty powerful. (I do not have access to the ban list, so apologies if that ends up being useful for this.) _New updates are in italics._
I can probably add the list of bans (not just 100% pick bans) on the next update (tomorrow's)
: If you can put up the winrate for each champ, that would be nice!
I can probably add that when I update after tomorrow's games.
: So are you going to keep creating these lists as a day by day or a compounded one of the total group stage?
Probably compounded into one. I may keep day-based tallies in one or two forms (New champions seen on day x), but I mostly just want a complete overview.
LoganXP (NA)
: ***
I didn't see Brand when I was going through today's data. If there was a showmatch or something, I may have missed that game entirely.
: In the 100x pick ban list, should it be 4 bans, 2 games or 4 games, 2 bans?
Oh, yes, you're right; I did end up accidentally mixing those up. Fixed!
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