: Dealing with people who use ban to grief
All bans in the ban phase are intentional. Bans come first, and anyone can ban any champion for any reason they want.
: > Then why wouldn't they just give you back the lp if you lose a game? Do you expect to keep the +LP if you win the game with the trolls?
: No if your on the other team when someone trolls and you win, you still get the lp
And that is why these ideas don't work. Any time LP is affected by anything other than winning or losing games the result is the pollution of individual ranks and the ladder as a whole. If you aren't climbing, and I know you won't want to hear this, then you need to adjust how you're playing. A few losses over an entire season due to (fill in the blank - trolls, akfs, nuclear war, locusts) will not affect your rank in the long run. Drops in a bucket.
: Really?
* Drops hate speech * Gets banned * Surprised Pikachu face
: Preferred Champions
> remove the tedious task of choosing our lanes every time we play I'm an IT operations manager. Nothing grinds my gears more than people who complain that tasks are "tedious" and open high-priority change request tickets for things as trivial as this. Choose your lanes, make your clicks, press play. Also, this isn't a player behavior issue.
: Player Behavior Bingo
This is legitimately awesome. lol Fox in a Tux, I'm not a furry, but I'd uwu for you.
: > [{quoted}](name=GatekeeperTDS,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=B21LXkhc,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-05-22T13:59:09.305+0000) > > You seem to be a bit unclear about how punishments work in League. > > Here **is not** how chat-related punishments work: > - X action results in Y punishment > - A action results in B punishment > > Here **is** how chat-related punishments work: > - First offense - 10-day chat restriction > - Second offense - 25-day chat restriction > - Third offense - 14-day suspension > - Fourth offense - Permanent ban > > It doesn't matter how "heavy" you think the punishment is based on the offense. You said in other replies that you just came off a 14-day suspension. The next punishment level is a permanent ban. For a single game, it is like you cannot make any mistake. Especially this game I was negative only. There is no verbal abuse, no hate speech or anything else
There is no verbal abuse?!?!!?!? >Reset Ðaggers: Are you that trigerrred ? Reset Ðaggers: You fed him like a monkey Reset Ðaggers: And after you complain about Reset Ðaggers: Just stfu Plat player Reset Ðaggers: OTP Thresh Reset Ðaggers: Having a 48% winrate Reset Ðaggers: Just shut the fuck up sometimes Reset Ðaggers: 3 deaths to Voli, the one you fed
Granark (NA)
: Constant Mastery Point Bullying
Toxic people are going to be toxic regardless. This way, you've thrown them a bone and you know what they'll be toxic about. Mute and live your life.
Cibs (EUW)
: I dont get your point but I for sure feel treated like a child when I receive these punishments.
My point is that actions have consequences regardless of the venue. If you don't follow Riot's rules, you can get banned from the game. If you don't perform well at work, you can be fired. If you break the law, you get arrested. Come on, dude.
: > [{quoted}](name=GatekeeperTDS,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=B21LXkhc,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-05-22T13:59:09.305+0000) > > You seem to be a bit unclear about how punishments work in League. > > Here **is not** how chat-related punishments work: > - X action results in Y punishment > - A action results in B punishment > > Here **is** how chat-related punishments work: > - First offense - 10-day chat restriction > - Second offense - 25-day chat restriction > - Third offense - 14-day suspension > - Fourth offense - Permanent ban > > It doesn't matter how "heavy" you think the punishment is based on the offense. You said in other replies that you just came off a 14-day suspension. The next punishment level is a permanent ban. I agree BUT... it must have a logic behind every punishment. For example, no one should be punished for a single game as everyone can be in a bad mood but if the behavior continues, then the sentence arrives. I mean, it is unfair to punish someone for a single game except if he bypasses a limit (racism etc)
It does have logic. You were toxic and negative, therefore you got punished. You don't have to agree with Riot's logic.
: Do I deserve a permaban ?
You seem to be a bit unclear about how punishments work in League. Here **is not** how chat-related punishments work: - X action results in Y punishment - A action results in B punishment Here **is** how chat-related punishments work: - First offense - 10-day chat restriction - Second offense - 25-day chat restriction - Third offense - 14-day suspension - Fourth offense - Permanent ban It doesn't matter how "heavy" you think the punishment is based on the offense. You said in other replies that you just came off a 14-day suspension. The next punishment level is a permanent ban.
Julevi (EUW)
: Mind elaborating this?
He thinks any type of discipline equals treating people like children. He's in for a shocker if he ever works in an office or other professional environment.
Bossarij (EUNE)
: Diamond players giving up in games
You know, it's funny, I remember these crybabies in bronze, silver, and gold.
DalekZec (EUNE)
: ***
What does it mean, I like learning other languages. :3
Cibs (EUW)
: Let me be a toddler. 90% of the games I play people flame each other /int like crazy so Im not in this alone. Also, I mostly play with low elo friends and stressful games are daily occurrence and I do that also to try to improve my self control. Sometimes it is just not possible.
Did you know that 72.85% of statistics are made up?
Cibs (EUW)
: Well, those 2 clowns from my team were ruining my game experience and were most certainly taking joy from it, what now? no point conversation ... and indeed this whole thread is leading nowhere but hey, I'm for sure the one that got wounded the most out of this, hell I got suspended for almost nothing. The very last statement one can say is "it's just a game" which both sides of the coin could use to explain their rights. I still think, way too many things on this game are handled very poorly and I don't regret what I did. But you'll have to wear my shoes to even try to understand it I guess...
I'm playing the tiniest violin for you.
Cibs (EUW)
: "we"? there is no "we". It almost seems like you are taking this on a personal level with this statement. You could very well int yourself a game in a few hours and I'll be there to report you just because you inted that one game in specific for whatever reasons. In that case I'd be on the "we" part .... It is always easy to be a defender of justice when the matter is that simply put. Legit nobody who's taken part of this thread can talk to me from a pedestal like they are and always have been immune to flame, rage, etc.. but I don't regret what I did in this one specifically.
A pedestal? Fine, I'll talk to you from down in the gutter. You don't have to regret what you did, but nobody is impressed by your behavior or your mentality. Those who purposely ruin things for other people and take joy from it sure are a unique breed.
Cibs (EUW)
: thank you for nothing Riot :)
: To the person that said i'm on a losing streak because I gave up easily. I would have 2 more games in the time that I spent 'playing out' losing games. Games that were decided prior to the 15 minute mark. I play every game to the entirety, but every game is decided pre15 mins.
Keep up the defeatist mentality and you're in for a tough time.
: My lawyer sent a cease and desist, telling them to immediately lift the suspension. He said that would be a better first move than filing a tort docket immediately. I'm on the other side of the country though, and he just sent it today. Truthfully, i don't want to win, just be a pain in their ass. They'll have to pay their lawyers much more than I will have to pay my one, single lawyer. Hell, we're family friends, so he sent the letter for free. To read the letter, the lawyers will probably bill riot a couple hundred, at which point, I have already won.
While this is indeed a shitpost, I'll take the bait a little bit. No lawyer in their right mind would send any such thing and risk their own name and reputation because a friend misbehaved in a free-to-play video game and got himself banned.
: Implicit in the section below that, 2.2, is the notion that there is a way to conduct oneself appropriately so as to not be banned. If there is a situation where all actions are inappropriate, then they have misrepresented it.
Dude...if you're sure you have something here, **sue them**. Anyone can sue anyone for any reason. Whether you win or not is another question.
: You know, I have lawyers too. I have one that specializes in fraud as well, and I'm also keeping up to date on riot's legal proceedings. Riot's lawyers probably thought the arbitration clause in their employment agreement would prevent their employees from suing them. They were wrong. Riot's lawyers don't look so good at this now, huh?
: Has any thought been given to removing surrenders?
I just gave it some thought. It would be bad to not allow a supermajority to vote to end the game.
: Wrongful bans are fraud
You know Riot has those...what are they called...lawyers? You know what lawyers are? Better at this than you.
: That's negativity? Responding to them telling us he's going top no matter what with what i said, telling him he's going to get reports for doing so? I mean, if that's the way league's going to punish things then sure, but it's evident to me that whatever it is they're doing isn't catching the right people. I'm being punished while dude holds a lobby hostage in ranked play. I didn't use profanity, I didn't wish death on anyone or their family, I didn't use "trigger" words. I didn't agree with my 10 game ban either, but I rode it out and was ok with it. Stuff happens, but if what you quoted is what you think got me a 25 game chat restriction, YIKES! edit: sorry, i did use 1 curse word. maybe that's what did it. a 25 game chat restriction for using "damn" in game chat. Why should I be the one to dodge? Why should I sacrifice my game because "I can't play support, I'm going top"
I told you that you weren't going to understand. And you don't.
: Chat Restriction - Question
I know you're going to come back with, "He started it," but I'll give it a go. >IAmAfeedlordAMA: no IAmAfeedlordAMA: if you can't play other lanes, don't play ranked IAmAfeedlordAMA: enjoy the report IAmAfeedlordAMA: we're in bronze IAmAfeedlordAMA: we're all used to losing IAmAfeedlordAMA: exactly IAmAfeedlordAMA: you just give us an obvious reason to report IAmAfeedlordAMA: pretty easy IAmAfeedlordAMA: and i'm telling you nicely IAmAfeedlordAMA: i queued top, i got top IAmAfeedlordAMA: i'm going top IAmAfeedlordAMA: you're going to be mad when you get that 2 week ban IAmAfeedlordAMA: :D IAmAfeedlordAMA: 2 accounts to play in bronze... IAmAfeedlordAMA: lol You were negative from champ select onward. The right move here, unfortunately, would have been to dodge. You definitely didn't get punished for just this one game, though. More likely reported over several games since your 10-game chat restriction. Please, please, before you get a 2-week suspension, stop arguing with idiots. They're idiots, they don't know they're idiots, and nothing you say is going to convince them to stop being idiots.
905 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=GatekeeperTDS,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=tcd71UQ1,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-05-21T13:09:08.103+0000) > > You know, I wrote out a thing, but you're not going to be capable of introspection. > > Let us know how your 5th account goes. Sure I will. I actually have some more ideas that will highlight to people the issue with the system. I don't only post here. I do it because I hope that some of you are not total NPC's. The majority of my work goes to Reddit. People agree with me which is something funny to observe, I mean how responses from them differ to yours, where yours are usually something like "yeah I guess saying useless is the greatest harassment ever, you deserved your ban", meanwhile on Reddit people are like "yeah man, I'm playing this game since ever and it was never like this". I'll keep you posted. I still check out on that Kindred from time to time. Since a longer time I plan to make a marathon of trolling, where I'll document everything so you can see that although having obvious evidence, Riot does **nothing** about trolling.
We may be NPCs here (which means we don't agree with you), but Reddit is a huge circle-jerk of yesmen. You are sooo focused on everyone else, but you just lost your 4th account. Come on dude, look internally just a little bit. I've fallen into this trap a little bit too - mainly in the earlier seasons, and I missed out on Victorious Morgana because I had a 2-week suspension that season. That was the worst punishment I ever had. Want to know what helped me keep things in perspective? If I go through video games, work, family, or any other gathering of people and I see an asshole every now and then, then I've seen an asshole every now and then. If I go through the same situations and I see assholes everywhere, constantly, with no explanation, there's a good chance **I'm the asshole**. I'm now better at paying attention to my own reactions to stressful situations.
: Riots game belongs in the garbage.
> Riots game belongs in the garbage! You're free to not play it, dude. But looking at your match history, did you get a 14-day or permanent suspension recently?
TrulyBland (EUNE)
: >Guess what - we even did so despite viewing the entire chat log. Which also meant people couldn't use that as an excuse… instead they had to use the ever so slightly different variation: "People **probably** only read my logs and ignored what the other players said." It's honestly funny how most excuses/demands/criticism stayed virtually the same throughout all the different systems.
Introspection is legitimately hard. It's our nature to want to blame external forces before we blame ourselves. I just wish people would compare a League match to something more...tangible? That way they'd see that their behavior is uncalled for. I'm an IT operations manager. Daily I have to work with colleagues all over the entire company on various projects. The rules I have to follow in a professional setting are really no different than what Riot expects of us - don't be a dick. Quite often I want to send e-mails "calling people out" in the wrong way, for screwing up, not pulling their weight, changing direction, and things like that. But here's the kicker - **I can't send those e-mails or else I'm jeopardizing my own job.** It's not my place to call out people who don't report to me. I can professionally ask questions for clarification and explain how I see the situation, but it's not my place to be rude to them or tell them what to do. I have to speak with their managers or my own director if I have an issue outside of my authority. A League match is really no different except for the fact that everyone is on equal footing. All the players that hate the punishment system really don't see it that way...they see it as themselves SOLO against the enemy team **and their own team** and then wonder why they get punished for being assholes to their own team.
905 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ornndyr2k19,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=tcd71UQ1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-21T12:47:55.318+0000) > > These options are present in the report pop-up > Verbal abuse > Hate speech > Leaving the game/AFK > > hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm All right. So what am I supposed to do? Put yourself in that situation: You have 4 premades that troll, all of them are on negative stats, enemy team has nearly 30 kills advantage, they don't want to surr, they call you an ape. You already got one ban, so instead of trying to argue you tell them facts and leave because you are not in a mood to wait 30 minutes until they finish, you prefer to play some normal game like dota, apex or literally an other game with normal system that punished bad playing. What do you do? I guess I'm not allowed to say that someone useless is useless because I might hurt his feelings. Glad they can call me an ape and after I rep them no punishment for them from Riot. Glad people **CONSTANTLY** troll on their games with each year more and more, yet Riot doesn't care and does nothing about it. Glad they banned such bad flamer as myself that dares to say that someone useless is useless. This system is so sick.
You know, I wrote out a thing, but you're not going to be capable of introspection. Let us know how your 5th account goes.
Kei143 (NA)
: You know, people's macro skills are bad. There are plenty of things you can do to get bad into game. Just be causing laning phase is lost doesn't mean game is lost.
I admit I'm terrible at this game, but I only had to learn and accept 3 simple things to consistently stay the hell out of silver - 1.) My team doesn't have to be good to win, just less bad than our opponents. 2.) My personal score and feelings ultimately do not matter, and I'm fine being carried. 3.) Stop goddamn surrendering as much as I used to. :)
Kei143 (NA)
: Melee minions take 2 turret shots + 1 AA to kill. Ranged minions take 2AAs + 1 turret shot to kill. Knowing that pattern means that people can still easily farm under turret. They don't have to barrage the minions with auto attacks only to have the turret finish it off for them.
Perfect, thank you. I knew those stats for how to farm under tower, but never seen it with that terminology before.
rujitra (NA)
: Your individual performance is not important. Games are not won by kills, deaths, assists, CS, or neutral objectives. They are won, quite simply, by the first team to kill the enemy nexus. >As you can see, most games were just about over within 10 minutes, mostly when one of my lanes fed. None of your games were over within 10 minutes. In fact, your shortest loss was 19 minutes long - a whole 9 minutes where you have "given up". I get that you may feel like the team is losing. But you have not lost until your nexus falls. If you, however, decide to have a defeatist or "go next" attitude about it, you're cementing a loss that **is not certain**. Again, it's the first nexus to fall. I guarantee you someone on your team could've been splitting while you guys defended. >At this rank, one fed carry is all it takes since there's no VOIP or any real community to coordinate strategy with. Chat is perfectly useful for coordination. Furthermore, please keep in mind that even with VOIP, others aren't going to listen to what you say. Sometimes you have to "bite the bullet" and just do what they want you to, in the hopes that they'll play better when you cooperate with them. >My personal performance generally greatly exceeded my team average - not just talking KDA, but general playing. No it didn't. Your team average was one nexus fallen before the enemy team. That is all that matters for a loss. And all of you had the same result. While you may have been more "fed", that just puts you in a position to be the one on your team to help. If your teammates were dying, **why weren't you**. If you're playing "above average" in a loss in KDA/etc, why? If all you care about is being the best on your team, then you're not going to win games - because you're focusing on the egocentric idea of "well I played the best so this loss isn't my fault". The majority of players with such an attitude actually screw over their teams because they play too safe, they refuse to defend objectives or help because they're afraid of dying. >But, it's a team game, and I can win my lane but if the others lose, I lose the LP too. Because you lost the game. >In Match #3, I advised Yasuo to hug tower. He said "I'd rather die than not even try to farm." And that's his right. You are not a coach. You don't necessarily have the right ideas all the time. His opinion was that he was behind in farm and needed to farm. At this point you can either advise him on proper farming under tower (either 2T+1AA or 1AA+1T+1AA depending on minion type and stage of game), or you can attempt to assist him in killing the laner/jungler so he is able to return to farming without worrying about dying. If you instead just let him suffer, when it was clear he was not going to stop farming, when there's likely *something* you could've done to help, that's on you. Again, it doesn't matter your KDA. So what if you go die in his lane - but he gets a kill and 20 more CS off of it? Sure, you may fall a bit behind. But the team now has two people that are ahead instead of just you. >I'm only 1 of 4 people, after all, and while I can advise of strats, I can't make them follow it. Right, and I'm sure they feel the same way about you. You may advise him "sit under tower". He may be thinking "why the hell isn't he coming up to help me, these are easy kills". Even as support or ADC, there are games in which it makes sense to go top-side for a wave or two to assist your laner. If you notice professional players, they actually spend very little time in their respective lanes compared to what most people in lower leagues do which is just camp out in their lane, then scream when they keep dying and falling behind (or their team does). If your team is falling behind, you're falling behind, thus your strategy isn't working and you should change it.
Rujitra, what's this 2T+1AA thing? AA probably means autoattack, but I've never seen this terminology before.
Aza80 (NA)
: ***
Sorry, too busy downvoting to read.
Aza80 (NA)
: If you're going to click the down arrow how about you read it and give a reason, people like you are why this system is broke!
Downvoted because you think someone else's behavior is a pass for you to be a jerk to your teammates in-game.
: The worst part of the community is....
Game isn't over until a Nexus explodes. Do you know how often people throw games because they don't know how to close it out? > that was decided at 15 minutes. If you can't commit to a full match, don't play. It's simple. I can see your losing streak. Perhaps it would be less of a losing streak if you didn't give up so easily. > Stop holding us hostage in the name of 'sportsmanship' and wanting to play out the games. Some people, unlike yourself, actually want to play the game and enjoy playing it from start to finish. They're playing the game for entertainment, not to fuck you over by making you stay in an "obvious" loss. > In the time I've spent 'playing out' losing games I would have played 30% more games. And that, unfortunately, is your problem. Everyone else in the game doesn't have to cater to your impatience.
DalekZec (EUNE)
: Was it that post that had the title relating to the age or some shit? Couldn't see what the full topic was going to be cuz all i ended was an Ezreal asking me if i needed a map. Although, seeing Ulanlopo's comment, now I know. Some shit about complaining having kids at the age of 11-14 more than what? 18+? Man i wish i saw that post before getting deleted.
I always find it funny when people complain about the maturity of teenagers, because it's obvious that they've never worked in an office or another professional setting. Adults quite frequently are not bastions of maturity. lol
AssA (EUW)
: Again, somethings seriously wrong with this community
> it doesnt matter how fucking bad they fuck up continuously for 40 minutes, call them out on it once in ANY way You aren't **supposed** to call your own team out. You realize you have to work with your team to win the game, yes? You aren't the team captain, you aren't in charge and... > and youll et shit thrown at you ...none of your teammates are required to take shit from **you** either.
: Bringing back Player Tribunal
Oh, are you one of those dudes who thinks he wouldn't have been punished if his case happened back in the Tribunal days? Boy would you be in for a shock - those of us who participated **overwhelmingly** voted to punish toxicity. Guess what - we even did so **despite** viewing the entire chat log. Turns out it doesn't matter who started it or who was worse - we didn't want the negativity in our games. You're much better off with the IFS.
: You can literally turn on chat filter so why do you report bad words
Cursing is not against the rules. Being an asshole is against the rules. "Fucking hell, I can't believe I walked into that bush." isn't going to result in a punishment. "Fuck you, idiot Lee Sin." is going to result in a punishment. Notice the difference?
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
Jamlance (NA)
The key is to think small. Control your emotions? No, that's a very large thing and very hard to do. People are allowed to have emotions. You want to control your **reactions** to your emotions. Daily at work I'd like to send certain e-mails to certain colleagues, but I choose to control my reactions rather than lose my job. Same thing works in League or any scenario. Swear out loud, get a drink of water, punch a pillow or something. Choose a reaction that doesn't involve others.
Atylia (OCE)
: {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
I think I can clear this up for you. I believe this can be distilled down to, "I'm not climbing in rank because my teams are shit." Tale as old as time.
: Riot doesn't really ban intentional feeders until they get reported after like 5 games in a row, its a mix between riot being too lazy to make a system that properly punishes intentional feeders, and the community constantly reporting people for intentionally feeding just because they do bad.
> doesn't really ban intentional feeders until they get reported after like 5 games This is absolutely not how the system works. Players are allowed to intentionally feed in **zero** games. If someone gets reported for intentional feeding and the system has a positive detection for it, then they'll be punished immediately. Don't spread false information.
Humb1e (NA)
: Flame? you have no idea flame if you think i was flaming him. you'd have a much different opinion had you seen his logs you just comment bashing whatever perspective is given because you are a "specialist" on leagues forums ...
My dude, why are you attacking rujitra? Nobody here reported you, nobody here punished you. Our opinions don't actually matter, Riot's system saw fit to punish you whether you believe you flamed or not. (You did.)
: Losing LP when a teammate AFKs
If LP was affected by anything other than winning or losing a game, then individual ranks and the ladder as a whole get polluted. This is why you still need to lose LP for a match lost due to an AFK teammate. If they made it so the losing team didn't lose LP, that can be easily abused. "Oh shit, we're going to lose, someone leave, quick!" It's unfortunate when it happens, but your rank is determined in the very, very long run. One or two losses due to AFKs cannot impact someone's rank in any meaningful way. Also think about it this way - the enemy team always has a better chance of having an AFK (and that **benefits** you) as long as you're a person who never AFKs.
: This I dont agree with this ban, My other Chat Bans I understand.
> xDanceGavinDance: hec you are always so late xDanceGavinDance: hec xDanceGavinDance: you talking shit for? xDanceGavinDance: you are doing terrible xDanceGavinDance: you are fastest champ but you are always late? xDanceGavinDance: fastest champ but always late xDanceGavinDance: well you might take to long to not do anything so its ok xDanceGavinDance: crugs over Drake xDanceGavinDance: nice xDanceGavinDance: hooray for toxic team xDanceGavinDance: toxic teams generally lose so its ok xDanceGavinDance: yeah but most toxic teams lose Spend less time banging on the keyboard and criticizing your teammates and more time playing the game.
: I just got trolled and I'm a bit mad.
You're missing a couple key pieces of information in your tale - what did he do and what did you report him for? None of us know what "trolling" means to you.
: Thank you Riot (actually)
He deserved what he got, but you and your friend need to learn that pinging the mistakes people make (or pointing them out in chat), is never, **EVER** going to get you closer to winning a match. People know when they fuck up.
: Streamer abuse?
Reporting him is all you can do.
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