ursucarlos (EUNE)
: I still dont find it a good system to get banned for chat, which can BE muted so if domeone is toxic mute him, a perma ban isnt a good solution for a toxic behaviour, its isnt like trolling, and as long as it isnt offensive why would you get banned for it? Its not like i used the N word or "kys" or anything, i just called the feeders bad and the silvers that ruined my game hardstuck, if that is offensive they shouldnt play league And they get banned slowly, thats the point, they focus too much on toxicity, and not on the roots of toxicity, most people are toxic towards the trolls, you cant just mute a troll and get over it. And if you rage quit because of a troll you will still be punished.
> a perma ban isnt a good solution for a toxic behaviour It's a damn good solution for all the people who are affected by people who can't follow the rules. None of us want to deal with rage in a video game. If you can't follow the rules, that's on you.
: Consequences in Ranked
Ah, another person suffering from ZOMG RANKED Syndrome™. After 5 years, you still can't separate **intentional** griefing in a game from someone making poor decisions? Are you rank 1 challenger? Do you never make mistakes?
ursucarlos (EUNE)
: Toxicity punishments
> I find it bs to get perma banned for being toxic. League is a competitive game and with something competitive there ways is toxicity around it. People forget that competitors are also **professional**. You can be competitive and not be a douchenozzle at the same time. Nobody wants to play a video game, for entertainment (even in "competitive" game modes), and have to deal with children flying off the handle at every little thing that goes wrong.
: > [{quoted}](name=Timethief49,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=A5NK4WFi,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-07-16T12:58:23.659+0000) > > Yeah cause called first is not a actual rule. If you think so then there is no point of arguing. don't reply to me , I'm not going to argue and not going to reply.
First of all, nobody needs your goddamn permission to post or to reply to any posts. Second, the whole point of draft pick (which didn't always exist) was to get guaranteed roles. If you want your role, blind pick is not for you. Riot isn't going to turn blind pick into another draft pick queue.
: Would someone please help me find the threat related laws in us ?
This is the kind of post that can end up being inflammatory or political even though that's not your intent. Do you have something related to League here?
: @Riot Recently i took the wrong runes in a game and team accused me of soft griefing? am I griefing
: A Friendly Reminder to Low Elo Players
You would fail all the markers of your own test, bud.
Yenn (NA)
: Why is it not possible to automatically detect role stealing?
You know that for someone to be punished, they have to be reported, yeah? I could think of half a dozen things that might LOOK like role stealing but aren't. Did you report this person?
pwnsrus (NA)
: They took off my ban. I was not wrong. Also I'm a SHE. But thanks for your input .
Proof they took off your ban?
: Reporting for Crashing
Anyone can report someone for anything, but false reports get thrown out. Leaverbuster handles situations where people leave games. If your brother doesn't leave games (for whatever reason) frequently, then he's in no danger. You're in no danger of being punished for defending him, **unless** your defending of him broke the rules by crossing the line into negative or abusive chat, which derails the game even more.
: Will there ever be more than 3 honor options?
Not a player behavior issue. Just choose one. The type of honor doesn't matter, give it to someone who you liked playing with. The "GG" covers it all.
: I was chat banned rather than the troll on my team getting repurcussions
I stopped at "crybaby jg." Nothing you said was helpful and only **further derailed the game for the rest of your team.** When someone is beihaving poorly, don't retaliate and also behave poorly. "He started it" is for crybabies.
: I am truly disturbed by the reporting system.
Don't. Retaliate. Why is it so hard for people to unserstand that retaliating **derails the game for everyone else who isn't an asshole**. That's why you got punished. Learn to ignore people who say stupid shit in a video game. It has no impact on your life.
boss2131 (NA)
: By this logic someone who intentionally died to a tower to stop an enemy from killing him would be feeding because like you said they Intended to die.
No...that would be an exception, because their **intent**ion is to deny gold to the enemy.
Juxin (NA)
: Some have narcissism, some were raised in a bad home, some are sociopaths, some are having a bad day, etc. There isn't one answer, 90% of the problems neurological.
True sociopaths are not common. League is stressful and the anonymity emboldens people.
: why some people are born with bad personalities when other don't
> so the question why are some people nice, kind rational non problematic in most situations, while others are the complete opposite? what's the difference between those two polar opposite people, is it bilogical i don't understand it I don't think anyone here, or anyone **anywhere** can completely explain this, there are just too many variables and as far as we've come as a species scientifically and intellectually, a lot of how the brain works is still a complete mystery. The best explanation (in my 100% unqualified **opinion**) is that it's a mixture of things. Some people are definitely biologically predisposed to have a certain temperament. How we react to situations is also shaped by the "training" we received as a child, and throughout our lives. I can only speak for myself, unfortunately. I'm wired for an attention to detail and the ability to put things where they belong, operations management. I am also very short on patience, and a lot of that is definitely due to my upbringing.
: What It´s Like to Support in LoL
Yeah, I'm not watching this, but I'm a support main, so I know the struggle. I'm the jockstrap on every sweaty Jhin taint.
TimeToTroll (EUNE)
: It is too late my friend, I am too far gone, the toxic ADCies drove me to become a.... **Riven main!** If I die, please tell my family and friends that I had no choice, to rid me of a disease, I had to become a disease.
: > they actually don't. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/f9P7YRXv-bad-game-i-guess https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/FcYJWc1F-permanently-banned-for-feeding-in-1-single-game --- > How do you even climb out of silver with these players? Statistically speaking, you benefited more from inter (not that it is right to have them in your game on any team). If you are not an inter, then there are only 4 rando on your team and 5 rando on the enemy team. The chance of the enemy having an inter given you a big chance to win is far greater than the chance of you having an inter on your own team over a big enough amount of games you play. So inters (again, it is not a good thing to have in the game period) would have benefited you more in your climb over numerous games you play by pure statistics. If you cannot climb out of silver, it is not because of inters. You should look inward to what you can improve instead of finding blame on something you cannot control and over season long, even be beneficial to you, not detrimental.
Please, please, please post this on **EVERY** thread where the "zomg inters don't get banned in RANKED." We need to keep this alive, my man.
TimeToTroll (EUNE)
: As a retired support main having 4 years in the field, my heart goes out to you. I remember just recently I played a game as Leona and my ward had just expired, my ADC immediately told the enemies to report me because I couldn't "provide vision properly", mind you he never used his wards. Another ADC blamed me for her dying because she accidentally dashed into the enemies as Caitlyn. Also had a Vayne that felt like I was the 1 making bad calls, thus asking me to leave lane and when I did so and helped our Rengar do pentas, she wanted everybody to report me for leaving bot. Tough life for supports my friend. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Understandable, we all have a few war stories. :) I don't get that much of this kind of flame any more. Maybe it's the types of support I play, maybe it's my (believe it or not) friendly nature in-game, or maybe it's that I only play enough ranked to get season rewards and then stop. Either way, the game is still enjoyable for me after all this time and I try not to let a few random asshat ADCs dampen my mood. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: ban this dude plz (death threats and everything XD)
Why are you being that dude who adds random douchenozzles post-game?
: How do I deal with this player?
Smashing his way into your lane in a draft mode is punishable, banning the champion you hovered (it's not yours until it's locked in) is not.
Zaltiar (NA)
: Yea, I get that. But you'd think jumping to a perma ban on a ten year old account that hasn't had any issues in years is a bit over the top. I could see if I was getting banned left and right or dropping racial slurs, but that isn't the case. Plus it'd be nice if they gave actual info.
The age of your account does not make you more important than anyone else. Wait for a reply from support. You're also not telling us the whole story.
: Bad Game I Guess
52 times a day we have to see the "Rito doesn't ever ever ever never ever never ever punish inters" horseshit. Well, here's some more goddamn proof they do.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zardo,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=z6oK2FIl,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-14T15:39:03.324+0000) > > I mean I get flamed by my ADC for dying as morgana because I got sona ulted...... > > Ignoring the fact that my adc also got sona ulted and I used my shield to block it for them. Reminds of a game I played Camille in, their Ashe ulted and I flashed infront of the R to save my Kaisa 2 seconds pass* Kaisa: ' Report Camille for fucking wintrading what a fucking autistic flash xD' ????? >ok :^)
"Wintrading" is the current buzzword that people get a chub from using. Your Kai'sa is a douchenozzle.
Ephixus (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=GatekeeperTDS,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=z6oK2FIl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-14T15:15:42.946+0000) > > Too many people forget that their teammates are people who will make their own decisions. When people are this toxic, they think that any action someone takes is done deliberately to fuck them over, when people (such as yourself) are just trying to play the game to the best of their ability. They expect everything to go 100% perfectly every game, and they have unrealistic expectations of what their win rate should be - they honestly expect to win 100% of games. > > Don't let them tilt you, don't respond to them, nothing you say will change their way of thinking. Focus on your teammates who aren't douchenozzles. When it comes to normal game I dont care at all about their stupid decisions. But when it's ranked game and their dumb decisions constantly loosing my game due these incompetent monkeys, so I can't complain? Main problem these low shits abusing the reports because they know words > trolling. I have never seen someone banned or punished for trolling.
Poor decision making is not "trolling." I see you suffer from what I call ZOMG RANKED Syndrome. You need to realize that your teammates are not deliberately making bad decisions just to fuck you over. Instead of complaining when something bad happens (which will never, ever have a positive outcome), try making **suggestions** instead. We're all incompetent monkeys from time to time.
: TO BE FAIR "why start red" isnt a flame thing.
>Śleek: why satart red Śleek: why ping me? Śleek: ur dumb Śleek: jeez WHAT ARE U DOING Śleek: ur gonna blame me Śleek: for u having a full jg Śleek: and going to his **After** "why start red," smart guy.
: > [{quoted}](name=Infìñìtÿ,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=cdjEmEcF,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-07-15T01:27:10.731+0000) > > I didn't delete it, It got deleted and I made a new one so my friend could back me up in this case This is true; your prior post was removed for naming and shaming. Particularly for saying teammates were feeding, then posting the match history with those teammates.
I'm afraid I don't quite understand this - people post their own match histories all the time. Isn't this a bit of a stretch for violating naming and shaming?
: > [{quoted}](name=CharDeeMcDenniz,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=cdjEmEcF,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-15T01:26:01.178+0000) > > none of this matters > > as you were both told already I personally believe that this is gonna help me because he was in the game when it happened and can explain to the specialist what happened as well from his POV
Nobody here can unban you. Board staff are volunteers and have no power over your punishment. You can contact Riot support, but you **are not going to get unbanned**.
: You know what? I'll give you a fair doubt here. You're obviously upset that the people on PB are coming off as rather elitist, and admittedly, they can get that way in some cases. In yours however, the majority of them had every comment supported by fact, and you simply didn't want to hear it, deciding instead to pop off and call everyone white knighting SJWs with no idea what they're talking about. In that, you're wrong. And in that, you prove that not only was your conversation no longer going to remain civil, you also unflinchingly proved that you straight up don't give a shit. If someone has a difference of view, they *must* bend to yours...right? That's how all this foolishness looks...so save yourself the trouble, and leave it alone.
Elitist? Nah. In my own case, I just have a very finely-tuned horseshit filter and believe people should take responsibility for their own actions.
: Why does riot think I would invest anything
Investments are things that gain value over time. Money you exchange for online content is not an investment, it's like going out to dinner or to the movies, you've exchanged money for entertainment or another service.
: > [{quoted}](name=GatekeeperTDS,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=6v74xdvx,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-13T09:51:09.121+0000) > > It's July, you still have plenty of time. But...just an observation - you need to switch up what you're doing. It took you nearly 900 games (!) to get Gold in solo queue. That's a massive amount of games, so something isn't working. Try new champs or new roles, you might find something that clicks. took me like 500/600, highest was g3 i main draven, jhin and varus. I main adc basically. Im playing mid only because the supports are braindead and dont know how to support.
Support main here. Don't play ADC, your attitude sucks.
: I consider it a more dangerous subclass of inting, honestly, as people who engage in soft inting are actively attempting to derail the game while also trying to play the system that would normally ban them for inting. As much as I hate hard inters, I royally hate those who actively destroy the game in more subtle ways and try to play it off as simple mistakes, because they're much harder to actually prove as inters instead of just having a bad game, as far as the system is concerned. Hard inters will enter into hard data a series of deaths over time that equivocates to around 1.1 deaths/minute (this science is still somewhat experimental, but there are at least a couple of other posts on it in PB) and the numbers will say "this guy went from dying like 3 times in 10 minutes to dying 7 times in the 3 or 4 minutes afterwards...he's probably inting." But soft inters will very rarely be caught with help from the numbers, and particularly not the averages for hard inting. They'll only get caught basically by admitting it. Which is why soft inters need to be shut down with extreme prejudice when they surface., and why I have no remorse for this.
Agreed. Deception makes it worse, but they're still not as clever as they think they are, as OP discovered.
TheFortex (EUNE)
: Is my next punishment gonna be a perma ban?
You most definitely did not get banned for complaining about a champion. "Man, I hate Trundle." isn't going to get you banned. Going on and on and on, derailing the game, criticizing a teammate for picking a certain champ **will**. Whatever you think you did or didn't do, don't use chat to derail the game by complaining about things that can't be changed.
: ***
Yeah, this'll rally people to your cause. **applause**
: I get that, but holy shit, perma ban just like that?!? Makes no sense, this is terrible practice from Riot.
No, it's terrible practice from people like you who think they can ruin games for other people and not get punished. 52 times a day we have to deal with the "Rito punishes chat but **never** punishes inters" threads. Here's the damn proof that it gets punished, and **harsher** than chat-based offenses.
: Permanently banned for feeding in 1 single game
> where I ~~soft~~ inted Fixed that for you. "Soft" inting doesn't exist. If you died **intentionally** even while attempting to be clever (and failing), you still **intentionally** fed. You are allowed to intentionally feed in **zero** matches. Good luck in your future endeavors.
: What is soft inting, as opposed to straight inting? Did you int like running down mid repeatedly, or did you get crushed by your opponent? I've had so many teammates being 1/16/1 or the like, they never, never got banned. I mean, I see that what, 1 every 5 ranked games? Plus if you had your account for 6 year, never got a punishment, and then all of a sudden a perma ban, you must have been toxic and hard inting. Give more details!
"Soft" inting is a horseshit term that people use to disguise inting and possibly "just being bad." So basically, it doesn't exist. A person is either intentionally feeding or not intentionally feeding. There's no gray area.
: Oh god, the nostalgia. Gamefaqs for the guides and eventually exploits. Cheatcodecentral for cheats before them. And cheatplanet before that. Not surprising results though.
But...BUT...remember the bestest thing? ~~And I think they stopped doing these 15 years ago~~. The summer CHARACTER BATTLES. EDIT: They still do them...just waaaaay less frequently. Last was fall 2018 - Looks like my boy Link took the finals just like the first one in 2002. And looks like **Draven** won in 2013. lol I am old. EDIT 2: Link wins **a lot** of them.
: Interesting results to a poll about verbal abuse (not mine)
The results are a perfect bell curve, so while 7000 or so votes isn't a ton, it's a decent enough sample to show a moderate point of view, that "game companies should take player issues seriously."
Śleek (NA)
: False Banned for 14 Days (10 Days So Far)
You are not getting unbanned. You started flaming your team in the very first things you said. Permaban is next if you don't stop.
l MrD l (NA)
: I feel like toxic people just like to rage about anything
> Do people ever just stop and think for a second or just rage the moment they can Too many people forget that their teammates are people who will make their own decisions. When people are this toxic, they think that any action someone takes is done deliberately to fuck them over, when people (such as yourself) are just trying to play the game to the best of their ability. They expect everything to go 100% perfectly every game, and they have unrealistic expectations of what their win rate should be - they honestly expect to win 100% of games. Don't let them tilt you, don't respond to them, nothing you say will change their way of thinking. Focus on your teammates who aren't douchenozzles.
: It was good...then you pointed it out, and made it like a dad joke. xD fair point tho
I'm of the right age for dad jokes.
: {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} lol
: Unable to upvote or downvote threads or comments
Do you have an adblocker/scriptblocker running?
: Did you even read the whole thing? Obviously not, your comment is off topic and makes no sense to the relevancy to the post.
Every time I have a comment moderated, which is reasonably frequent, I 100% deserve it. So do you, and the fact that you're just attacking people here who disagree with you is proof.
: GG EZ is banter. I really get more annoyed by people who have a stick up their ass and cant take seeing basic banter as anything other than a direct "fuck you!" Like, I don't get it...people are like "omg everyone's so toxic! They said GG EZ!" then 3 days later, same guy, different post "wow, people get fed up with petty shit. All I said to my teammate was that he's a worthless shitball that needs to fucking uninstall...where'd I go wrong?!"
> have a stick up their ass Stickinass is a very widespread disorder in gaming. :) EDIT: Just realized I wrote this unintentionally - "widespread." Get it? Wide spread. Get it?!?!?!?!
: > [{quoted}](name=GatekeeperTDS,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=h0Nf5eb3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-14T13:14:25.947+0000) > > GGEZ is pretty much a meme and mostly I see the **losing** team say it to be funny. This is not the hill you want to die on. I know right? But it is pretty hilarious seeing the enemys reaction to it in aftergame lobby. Some rare cases even go to the boards.
I am 100% for good sportsmanship, but this is soooooo mild of a BM that it's funny. I feel sad for anyone that uses it (or takes it) seriously.
: is it so hard to show good sportmenship??
GGEZ is pretty much a meme and mostly I see the **losing** team say it to be funny. This is not the hill you want to die on.
toukaftw (NA)
: it flex rank important
All game modes are equally important insofar as everyone deserves to have fun and not have to put up with any horseshit like this.
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