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: they did change firefighter tristana with the rework
That was a full rework however and the animations that she does, a lot of them aren't any different than the base skin. Some of the skins that would be under what OP is talking about, those champions won't receive an update/rework for a long while ( if the game would even last long enough for some of them to get to rework status) if you look at the champ as a whole.
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: It doesn't, if I recall, but it most definitely is something that is super risky to do with strangers. All you have to do is take in a player you don't want, and put the person you want to trade as a free agent. The other person takes in that player and puts the person you want as a free agent. You then give up that player your didn't want in the first place for the new one and voila, a trade. Unfortunately, anyone else on at the same time could theoretically steal anyone you put out this way. It really isn't a very good system. It worked for us because our league was all irl friends, but if that weren't the case, I don't know if I'd be willing to trade.
The whole thing is that it relies on the honor system. IS there a way to trade players? Yes. Is there a way to safely trade players, with little to no possibility of someone else taking the person/team you are trading while you two are doing so? No. Also, in your example, what would stop the person that you are trading with from keeping the person you set as a free agent, and not giving up the trade that you wanted? There is only honor. I know it should be get better friends at that point, but if you set up a pool between co-workers, or flat mates, or whoever that you might not 100% trust, you need a specific system in place to trade.
: [4.13] Live Gameplay Forecast
Please do something about Sivir{{champion:15}} ... She is now outclassed utterly in the 500 range marksman (as if she wasn't already for being 500 range...) with Lucian's{{champion:236}} damage and mobility. Seeing as if you play it right, you can dash all over the place with Lucian, but maybe get off 1 or 2 spell shields in a long fight as Sivir. I feel as if there is no reason to keep her at 500 range, she doesn't bring anything that big to the table as a 500 range carry that the other longer range carries can't out-poke her in lane and do better with the more farm... All of the shorter range carries (below 550 range) tend to be picked much less with Sivir and Quinn bringing the least to the ADC table... (excluding Lucian of course with just being changed)


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