: should have cosplayed a good Love Live girl like ehm Nozomi or Yohane :^)
> [{quoted}](name=BoggyBuntu,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=X0kB0zI5,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2018-06-28T06:35:24.406+0000) > > should have cosplayed a good Love Live girl like ehm Nozomi or Yohane :^) Why pick one? All. All the LLSIF girls. It's only 18. Not like I'm asking for all 25 BanG Dream Girls Band Party girls. That's for -after- the Love Live....
Bilsu (NA)
: I Made Nami, Ornn, and Maokai into Starter Pokemon + Gnar and Skarner Pokemon
{{champion:61}} Orianna. I think she might make for a good Steel/Ghost or Steel/Fairy!
: Zoe nerfs have landed on PBE
Multiple nerfs across the board for each of her abilities and passive since her release, and decently hard hitting ones at that. Can we -please- keep CertainlyT chained to the ChampUp team now? I'm not crying for that because I hate playing against his creations, I've found Zoe to be pretty respectable power wise against my general picks, she's rarely been a threat or worry for me. BUT CERTY'S SHIT IS A HEADACHE FOR THE LIVE BALANCE TEAM AND GENERAL PLAYERBASE. FOR THE LOVE OF KITTENS CAN WE KEEP HIM IN CHECK!??
: > [{quoted}](name=Gear Kitty,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=0Voh1gEi,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-08T06:00:42.507+0000) > > The story would be obsolete within a couple months, if not a few weeks. how so
> [{quoted}](name=OrigMorjumba,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=0Voh1gEi,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-02-08T06:02:28.403+0000) > > how so Imagine if they had already started this series, and the series premier was a year ago. Varus, because he's so goddamn gorgeous, would of made an appearance... somewhere, you can bet the farm on that. How does the show handle his backstory being as changed as it was recently? Swain would be one of the biggest players on the show, considering since his release he's the most powerful man in the most powerful nation in the world. Oh wait no now he's got demon powers and he looks like Lucius Malfoy, lost his bird, and doesn't limp anymore. Trundle is an entirely different character after his VGU. Cassiopeia was turned snake-y hundreds or thousands of miles away from where she originally became a monster, under entirely different circumstances. Galio. Just... just Galio. He's a MASSIVE colossus now. *Casual mention of the headache of the Warwick/Singed/Soraka stories.* ------------------------------------------------------------ The Champion Update team plays fast and loose with their work (for good an bad), which does not work at all with a character driven show in the same vein as GoT.
: League of Legends TV Show/Series
The story would be obsolete within a couple months, if not a few weeks.
: As a {{champion:432}} main myself, I kinda see where you're coming from. I agree with you on Riots drastic, and someone thought-provoking, decisions being kind of... peculiar.
The biggest thing for me is the how Riot decided Supports hated buying Sightstone, so let's just roll it into the main support items and it'd be fine. I'll admit, yeh, I wasn't 100% ecstatic about grabbing SS early-ish every game, but I accepted it and worked it into my build path rather nicely. I could let it sit there all game and still get a lot of use out of it by the sheer nature of the item and flow of the game itself. 800g to keep my map utility relevant is cheap in my books. And that's it exactly, I HAVE NEVER ONCE, IN THE ENTIRETY OF THE ITEMS BEING AVAILABLE IN THE GAME, PURCHASED THE COMBINED SS+SUPPORT ITEMS. Not a single one, ever. I consider them idiot traps even though I know I'm an idiot for thinking that. Keeping the two items separate meant I could grab the REAL Tier 3 support items and a Ruby SS for that delicious, wonderful, amazing active item passive. Even if everything else in the game was in an okay spot right now (which it certainly(T) isn't), you couldn't pay me to log in as support items stand in their live state.
: (Poll) Has the current state of the game had an impact on the time you spend on League?
I haven't logged in since a few days into Jan. And with the recent changes to Support Items, I have zero interest in playing anytime soon too. I'll probably update and play some when OFA actually comes back, but I definitely won't be staying after unless Riot gets around to actually fixing the colossal screw up known as LoL Game Balance in a noticeable way. I'm a Support Main, and I'm tired of watching Marksmen run everyone else's items into the ground while they have the best options in the game.
: An in Depth look at What the Community wants Changed and Why
I have graded graduate papers with less word count than this piece of art. I'm a Tank and Support main. I'm just fine being obnoxiously burly against champions. I shouldn't be able to walk all over the enemy base with all their towers up though. Towers SHOULD be a threat at all but maybe the final stages of a game. I should feel some risk when I dive defenders. Instead I feel pity because they're put in a no win situation. They have to protect the tower most of the time, but the 'safety' they should have in its shadow is paper thin.
Uzzlegorf (EUNE)
: I'm really disappointed with the "year review" (in the game client)
It's hard to tell, they keep disappearing. (But no, seriously Rito, add this to next year's Year Review, these are great)
: o K *spins away*
Cacto. Cacto I'm gonna need your ear for a moment. It's gonna be good, I swear. The Rammix video has a great many silly Rammus faces. We need them as Emotes and/or Icons. WE NEED THEM. 0:58 in the video alone is an amazing pick. Please work you're pointy magic and hand the idea off to the people who actually decide these things. Rammus is known for his superb, eloquent, and downright soul shattering taunts, ye? Give us a whole series of ways to taunt with Rammus. Silly Rammus emotes 2018!
Bârd (NA)
: You have a phone without a number? Why?
I'm in that bucket too. Smart Phone but no SIM Card, so no cell plan. I use it entirely on WiFi to access Skype/Discord/Email, though 98% of its usage is for app games (woooooo, Tharja victory!). I'm housebound disabled. I go farther than my mailbox about once every 3-4 months. Everyone I would EVER need to contact is either living with me or accessible via one of those messengers. Anything official or important that requires a phone number is done through a family member's. Seeing as how I can't transport myself, it's better to have them set appointment times and such, considering it's their schedules being affected. So, y'know, kindly go sit on the pointy end of a spear. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Don't make Champion related missions when said champions is permabanned...
You can do it in Co-Op bots. I did it quick as Zoe Support. There's more enemy summoner spells used down there, depending on which Champ Bots are in the match.
: Am I Homophobic
Nope. It's entirely normal to find fault in a major change to an established character that rewrites their background and narrative.
Pika310 (NA)
: {{item:3146}} Still has Spellvamp {{item:3812}} Has half-Spellvamp {{item:2140}} Has half-Spellvamp
{{item:3146}} Is Omni-Vamp, not Spell Vamp {{item:3812}} Is Phys-Vamp, not Spell Vamp {{item:2140}} Is Phys-Vamp, not Spell Vamp. Omni is all the damage you deal to enemies factors into you healing. Physical Vamp is only for Physical damage (Autos and Phys damaging Abilities). There hasn't been a Spell Vamp item since we lost my bestest friend, WotA. I will miss you, maximum life drain Teemo. Your soaring journey brought you too close to the sun, and hubris was your undoing.
: On a minor note, AFAIK you can't get 6300 champion shards before level 30.
Don't forget a new player to the game might of joined because they saw some new cool champion being released. By {{champion:86}}-teeing that a new account won't get a discount on any 6300 champions, Riot nudges them closer to using RP in order to unlock them.
: The Real Reason Why Tencent Bought Out League Of Legends.
yeulx (NA)
: everyone who leveled to 31 tell me what you got in your Leveling capsul
Singed, Poppy, Malphite, Amumu, and Evelyn Total? 810 {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: @Riot: About Faker
For those confused or just plain angry at this post: I know Faker has felt defeat before. SSG was already 4-0 over SKT in the regular season this year. They didn't even enter World's as the winning-est team from South Korea. But Faker isn't... he's not known for showing emotion, for breaking down like he did after the final game. If this was Uzi I wouldn't even be concerned, everyone knows Uzi really feels the defeats he faces. Faker doesn't show that in defeat, not normally.
Rioter Comments
QaznGod (NA)
: 4 man premade, 4 man reports
> [{quoted}](name=QaznGod,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Mgd9wppY,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-30T01:39:42.558+0000) > > Kinda lame that multiple reports hold so much weight. THEY DON'T Riot still tracks how many people report you per game and overall, but that's only to throw it in the faces of the morons who think they didn't deserve the punishment. You play a match: 1 Person Reports You 2 People Report You 3 People Report You 4 People Report You 5 People Report You 6 People Report You 7 People Report You 8 People Report You 9 People Report You ALL OF THOSE HOLD THE EXACT SAME WEIGHT. THE WEIGHT OF YOU BEING REPORTED IN A MATCH. A ton of feathers weighs the same as a one ton car.
: More leaks! New champion and skin
We ask Riot to make Tenacity more meaningful as they release more and more KnockUp/Backs. We beg. 10 second mez..... we shouldn't have begged. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
zero356 (NA)
: First Star Ahri First Stahri
I want to be mad, but I can't. Pun names are too good.
: haha the Kat VGU sound designer helped me look at it so she's volume balanced against more accurately!
If I might have your ear for a moment? Would it be possible to do something about Maokai's Q and E SFX as well? When they hit one target, it's all fine and dandy. The problem comes up when the games plays the 'Hit" sound effect.... for every target hit. I can understand why it happens like this. Q is an ability that has a missile speed that goes through targets, so it plays the sound for each new one struck. E on the other hand, while the Sapling Toss and Sapling Chase sounds are fine, the problem arises when it explodes and applies it's effects to targets under the effect of the spell's Brush bonus. It sounds like (at least on my end) that the SFX is just increased in volume relative to the number of targets hit. When I play as Maokai, I can tell when the sounds will happen and can brace myself for the (heavily) increased volumes of Q and E - Brush Explosion. But I've found myself lowering the SFX volume of the whole game when I'm not the Maokai in the game, because I can't pay full attention to the exact moment when the SFX are trigger and I don't feel like having my ears destroyed by basic game actions. Q has a considerably short Missile Distance and a fast Missile Speed. Is it possible to remove all SFX for targets hit after the first, or reduce the relative volume? And if you find the time, checking the code for Maokai's bonus E effect to make sure it's not doing something screwy on the SFX side?
Skorch (NA)
: When you dont know who you want to win.
I've already got my icons for Pick'Em by ace'ing Group A placements and getting minimum 6 from the other three. Samsung already botched the rest of my spread; I have LZ in the finals against a winning SKT. Misfits for president 2020!!
: Why the rankings of IMT and GAM in the worlds pick'em make no sense to me
It's because it was a three way tie. In a three way tie, and how they settled it, there is a biggest loser. In a two way tie for 3-4th place, there's no need for a tie breaker, neither can go any farther than 3rd.
Rockman (NA)
: which is better
Where's the poll?
: 50 sands of sands.
Sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands sands of Sand.
Illydth (NA)
: 2018 NALCS Changes, Real Data, BO1's, and Competitive Integrety
Some great analysis. Unfortunately, it won't change anything for the coming year. Riot wants viewers, not a competitive region. They say they'll make practice for Pros easier, but I really don't expect much to come out of that. > NV still sucked No truer words than those right there.
: Only somewhat related, but does anyone have any good ideas for an interesting version of Sunfire Cape that you'd be excited to use and play against? We've been slow to buff Sunfire because the gameplay it brings when it's good isn't very interesting or fun, and so it's at best overly niche right now. That said, leaving it pretty bleh isn't the right treatment, and we would like to do something with it to make it worth its spot in the shop. So if you have any ideas, I'd be interested in hearing them. Buffing its stats or the damage of its current effect probably wouldn't cut it.
There's really not too many ideas for it that would leave it in a better state than live AND not make it too oppressive in dueling like it used to. Maybe something for allies? Perhaps a MS or AS boost while standing in your AoE pulses. A nice risk-reward might see Sunfire brought back out of the closet.
Rockman (NA)
: Can you speedrun animal crossing?
In short... YES! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3Z381yWvUo
: Dynamic Queue Season 6 VS. Solo Queue + Autofill Season 7
Found a hiccup in your poll, no Team Builder.
Atuko (NA)
: Name a better bag of chips
: Pineapple on pizza is just the worst.
I started eating Pineapple Anchovy pizza just to spite people like you. And you know what? IT'S TASTY! {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
Razur (NA)
: Ahri's Charm does not cancel attacks
What.... jegus, I'm gonna have to actually type this.... what 'The Gaytrox' said is right about Ezreal ult. For Garen, you might have expected a full Charm timer on him, but he might of had Mercury Treads and extra Tenacity from his Masteries. Charm effects are a Slow, Taunt (Enemy champion paths to you and tries to Auto Attack you), and Pacify (Auto Attacks are Disabled).
: It's almost like not every thing you do has to make a point or strive to be a historical significance of some sort.
> [{quoted}](name=SEKAI,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=E56QUo1k,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-17T04:27:25.924+0000) > > It's almost like not every thing you do has to make a point or strive to be a historical significance of some sort. I...... This has got to be the most sage advice I've ever read on a video game forum. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Gear Kitty,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=rEBEWsQl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-17T03:45:42.150+0000) > > There was a uhh. side episode where they became heroes to a small village. > > Pokemon Chronicles Episode 7: We're No Angels! > > And it's been a long while, but didn't they help out in the Lugia movie? > > Also, how could anyone forget the JESSE WENT TO POKEMON NURSING SCHOOL WITH A WHOLE CLASS OF CHANSEYS episode (Episode 129, Ignorance is Blissey). They were bad, but they were also good. Life's wacky like that. > {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} dirty rocket sympathizer
> [{quoted}](name=Mecha MaIphite,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=rEBEWsQl,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-09-17T03:47:52.797+0000) > > dirty rocket sympathizer Listen, I wrote that post WHILE playing Pokemon Tabletop in Roll20. Like I do every Saturday night. And every Friday night I RUN my own Pokemon Tabletop campaign. I spend my entire week talking about Pokemon Tabletop in group chats. It's not so much Rocket Sympathizer, it's that I'm so far gone and entrenched in Pokemon lore and info that I cannot regularly socialize with normal people any more. But it's also totally that; Jesse is superb and James is a true Pokemon Master. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Team Rocket Actually Successful?
There was a uhh. side episode where they became heroes to a small village. Pokemon Chronicles Episode 7: We're No Angels! And it's been a long while, but didn't they help out in the Lugia movie? Also, how could anyone forget the JESSE WENT TO POKEMON NURSING SCHOOL WITH A WHOLE CLASS OF CHANSEYS episode (Episode 129, Ignorance is Blissey). They were bad, but they were also good. Life's wacky like that. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Doozku (NA)
: Yeah but it doesn't change the fact that no one plays him anymore.
Ye, the fact that Galio was almost 100% Pick/Ban for a lot of regions these months on the pro scene means nothing....
: What happens to my end of season rewards if my account gets a 2 week suspension?
I suggest taking recompense on your brother. I hear an arm and a leg make a nice price.
: Honor Capsule update delivers new drop rate
I see this news, and think oh boy, I'll finally get another capsule! I log in because my club night ended and I could finally get back into Onslaught queue to help people who still haven't earned the tokens they want. Boom, Honor Capsule. Oh joy! ....... It's a Poppy Shard and 3 Key Frags. Poppy, the champion I've been spamming the whole event to help people wreck in Invasion. I now have 49 Key Frags. I don't even know if I should disenchant the Poppy for Essence or not, it's such a paltry low number, but I don't give a flying patootie about Champ Mastery ranks either. No way am I getting on that abysmal treadmill.
: There is one thing I never got about Invasion.
Because Malzahar would do the same thing as a Giant Cho (Suppress forever), and Skarner looks Voidy enough with the color and FX changes to fit. If they wanted other things close to the Void-ness, Varus would of been eh. Kassadin is anti void but he would fill the same niche as Kha'Zix. Illaoi might end up being a beefier Kog'Maw, where in the longer they are allowed to attack in a given area, the more dangerous they become. Look at it from the same design view as the Special Infected from the Left 4 Dead series. Each one has it's own roll to play when assaulting the Players. Skarner acts like the Jockey, pulling a single team member out of position, but no so quickly that the others can't help. They don't all line up with these dark beasts of the void, but it's close enough that you can see the purpose put into each pick.
: Every time someone starts saying "it's the current year"
It's 2017 Humanity hasn't eradicated itself yet I can't even
Cloud273 (NA)
: Of all the console games you've played, which one had/has the best multiplayer in your opinion?
Katamari Damacy, but not for the multiplayer modes. It's the best party game series of all time. Just turn it on, play, and watch as the audience gawks at the insanity.
Looknook (NA)
: According to Riot they want Xin to feel like he is using a spear
You know what? I just want the spear wielder, the historically longest melee weapon, to NOT TELEPORT INTO MY CHAMPION'S MODEL WHEN HE DASHES. That's all I wanted for him when it comes to gameplay updates. To not feel violated every time he jumps me just on positioning/visuals. The only champions who know each other better than Xin gets to know EVERYONE are Ashe/Trynd and Rakan/Xayah. Illaoi and Gangplank maybe, but it's been years since they were an item and Xin just GETS RIGHT UP IN THERE JEGUS CHRIST RIOT. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Please Bring Back the Original Arcade Poro Icon.
I think the Updated one might be a smidge better than the original. The rainbow is more pronounced (and rainbows are everywhere on the Arcade theme), and the black border around the '+' is easier to make out. I will say, that the Original icon's poro stands out more than its Updated cousin. It looks crisper against the darker background. But not so much that it feels outright better.
Weizi (NA)
: Should the final boss of Star Guardian: Invasion had been either an evil queen or dark lord instead?
{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} This is only the first arc. Gotta save the real big bads for later.
: I'm kinda sad you can't reach full build at the end of Invasion
It's for balance. To keep the challenge and threat comparable for all the available Champions, no one class can be so far above or below in what damage they can bring to the park. To keep from having Champions like Jinx and Miss Fortune from being near required to complete the Invasion, they can't dish out damage to an obscene degree more than the supports. They had to make Invasion doable by a team of Janna/Lulu/Poppy/Lux/Soraka. So they couldn't let there be late game builds, everyone reaches a point at the tail end of mid-game.
: Star Guardian Onslaught Vel Map Impossible?
Passed it. First time playing the mode, full rando team. However, yes, the Velkoz bullet hell walk is what took two of our map resets. We got by because we kept our Ezreal safest till then end, and he blew flash and had his jump ready to hit the final spot. Advice: The walk isn't a kill map, it's a survive map. Sometimes it's better to just focus on moving and dodging.
: Noob Questions: What Determines A Champion's Lane?
You've got a few things, well, not wrong but not quite correct. Top needs to be self sufficient. Because it's the farthest spot from the Drake Pit (which historically is highly contested during the laning phase) it's the lane least likely to be visited by most of the rest of the team. That doesn't mean no one should ever visit, but that in regular play, there probably won't be as many high points happening around Top as around Mid or Bottom. Champions who regularly go top have some way to heal or shield themselves on a respectable (if sometimes costly) cooldown. Jarvan, Shen, Garen, Maokai, Renekton, Rumble, and Trundle all carry that self sustain with them when they cover top lane. A focus on top lane play is staying in lane as long as possible using what you can in your kit to survive. If you're not there to grab that minion gold and exp, no one will be, and that's no bueno. Mid is one of the positions with wide options. Most Midlaners bring wave clear (a quick clear of the minion wave from a safe position) and burst damage. That's not the end all be all though, as Champions like Karma, Orianna, and Lulu regularly mid, not to mention options like Katarina. Generally, a Mid Laner should bring a few of the following: Wave Clear, Burst, Utility, and Roaming Potential. Good Wave Clear is important though, as clearing your wave and moving for a roam or objective take or just threatening either is playing smart for a mid laner. It's why the two Energy based Assassins, Akali and Zed, are split between Top and Mid Lanes. Akali normally goes Top because she has sustain but poor wave clear, and Zed goes Mid because he has no sustain but quality wave clear. Bot Lane Carries all share two common factors; excessively high sustained damage in the late game and a very high threat against enemy Towers. Some have good wave clear, some don't. Some have maneuverability, some don't. A majority of them eventually purchase Item builds that let them wreck a beefy tank Champion no matter what items it's carrying. A noticeable thing about Bot Carries is that when they do have a repositioning tool, they can use it in any direction. Champions like Ezreal, Corki and Lucian (mostly played Mid now), Caitlyn, Ziggs, and Tristana all highlight this. If they don't have a repositioning ability, they likely have some form of movement speed boost, ala Sivir, Jinx, Twitch, Miss Fortune, and Draven. (You'll notice I brought up Ziggs as a Bot Lane Carry. The lane favors him, believe it or not. Having a dedicated support peeling for him keeps him safer than the generally safe lane of Mid. As well, considering all of his Abilities are AoEs means his damage is more of a threat in bot lane as it's 100% more enemy champions to hit than he would find in Mid. Bot Carries have to have Tower threat, and his Satchel Charge can auto-kill a Tower if it is low enough.) Support is a role that revolves around Utility. What form that utility takes depends on the Meta and the champion kit, but the generally have at least one form of Hard Crowd Control (most everything that isn't Slows) and all use Mana as a resource. There is likely no wider pool of play style options compared to any other position. You protect? Soraka, Janna, Braum, Lulu, Tahm Kench. You attack? Annie, Leona, Brand, Zyra. You do both? Sona, Karma, Nami, Alistar, Morgana, Thresh, Rakan. So on and so forth. No role has had as many champions played on the professional scene as Support. What Supports DO though is set up or secure plays for their teammates. A single Sona ult, Tahm swallow, Leona engage, or Morgana shield could make or break an entire team fight. A focus on TRADITIONAL Support Champions is that their power doesn't get significantly stronger with a high amount of gold COMPARED to other types of Champions. Instead, they invest their Gold and Items into empowering their team more, with Items like Aegis of the Legion, Redemption, Mikael's Crucible, and Ardent Censor. Because of their low Gold power, not much relative strength is lost if they buy a Sightstone item, and doing so greatly increases the team's safety and power because vision control is soooo important. So finally, we're at Jungle. The biggest things a Jungler needs to bring is at least a decent Jungle clear (most champions can reach this actually), but more than that, more than anything, they need to have Engage. Almost entirely from out of vision too (as in, from over a jungle wall). Of all the 'regular' Junglers, only 5 have no way of crossing a wall without using Flash. And those five bring other strengths to make up for it. Rammus and Nautilus bring a large amount of CC and hazard, Olaf and Udyr bring a nice amount of dueling potential, and Nunu brings a buff for auto attacking allies and one of the most obnoxious Counter Jungling playstyles you can end up against. Ivern is basically the 'Oddman Out' in regards to Junglers, but he makes up for it by bringing an equal amount of Utility and a counter jungle potential that can rival Nunu. -------------------------------------------------------- All that doesn't explain EVERYTHING ever, but it does give a crash course I think. I hope I was helpful.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gear Kitty,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EbMn1r08,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-09-06T16:50:59.552+0000) > > You see though, it's not just this one time, or this one time and one time before this. > > Your friend wasn't banned because of a single game. Bans come down because of consistent vulgar and improper behavior unless one SERIOUSLY just tries to get removed via a single match. They're something you work towards whether you expect them or not. > > And really, if you don't expect a punishment for flaming and cursing at others there's nothing we can do to help explain it better. A Ban isn't something special Riot holds onto for only the absolute shit tier worst players. It's the final punishment for toxic persons for whom the previous punishments held no sway over. The same game could garner a chat ban or a permaban, what it hinges on is how many punishments the account has already. > > Permabans are Riot's way of telling the shit-heel players that they're through, that as a company they don't want to bother trying to teach manners anymore because it's something the players should already know. Well nah sherlock. But seriously, of course he was banned for being toxic repeatedly, read what I said. These kind of comments are what trigger me the most, other than comments that involve elo shaming. I am asking this question because I talk to him often and know he can become a better person and think he deserves one final chance and yes I also said this repeatedly in the post.
You didn't get it though. He's already been given multiple second chances (unless he really escalated quickly, which it sounds like he didn't). What gets you permabanned is no worse than what earns you a chat ban for a few games. What matters is how many punishments you've ALREADY GOTTEN. **Your friend already burned through his 'second chances'**. He's free to make another account or make a side account his new main, but that's the punishment for being a shit-heel.
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