: ".. dont play ornn correctly..." poor post, until you detail what you believe is the "correct" way to play him. you only mentioned ult usage
> [{quoted}](name=Quil Evrything,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MzFnEUb3,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-09-04T22:20:17.011+0000) > > ".. dont play ornn correctly..." > > poor post, until you detail what you believe is the "correct" way to play him. > you only mentioned ult usage If I must elaborate, I meant that he seems to feel like a squishy tank in lane, were to be more specific is that he seems very squishy but he offers lots of cc. Often times I find that he takes a lot of dmg during ganks, it feels like too much. While playing him I was very careful to play around cool downs and very smart about when to go in and when to get out. With most "braindead" tanks, you can take some damage but after a while you get your health back. Ornn specifically is a tank that has poor to mediocre sustain due balance his passive shopping. I think people are playing him in lane as a big beefcake whereas they should think of him more so in lane as a cc slab of meat. He takes dmg so you have to be careful as he's not forgiving, but by playing lane as a squishy and trading around cool downs he does fairly well dmg wise. Tl:dr In lane he has bad sustain so I think people take too much dmg thinking as a tank he can take it and sustain/shield through it
: Don't go dragging the entire class into issue's caused by one or two champs. {{champion:22}} will not assassinate anyone i can assure you. But Twitch is definitely an issue, stealth, crits and high attack speed along with a huge range booster is a way too OP mix. Being gated by early game is not enough if he can takeover a game by himself if he get's past 3 items.
It most certainly should be, if you get a twitch behind it should as simple as playing 4v5. Playing as twitch from behind is awful as you can't reliable peel for yourself and you have no escapes. If you stomp him early but fail to maximize your lead, that's not a problem with twitch, that's a problem with your team throwing your lead.
: All classes have their stereotypes- Tanks: {{champion:57}} or {{champion:31}} Assassins: {{champion:91}} (ad) or {{champion:84}} (ap) Mages: {{champion:134}} ADCs: {{champion:29}} and {{champion:18}} Enchanter Supports: {{champion:40}} to name a few
Up until S7 I had people who didn't even know who twitch was.
: Twitch would be fine if we could actually counter stealth.
hoganftw (NA)
: Assassins = Big burst Twitch = Bursts per second See the difference?
Thanks for explaining how a adc late game works! In all seriousness he's a late game hyper carry, which means he's balanced via a weak laning phase swell as he's got mana hungry abilities if he's trying to wave clear. He's a champ who does well currently in the meta and it's not his fault that he's does well with the current support items.
: Rengar: You get the warning that he's ulting and he's going to jump on you,camouflage range=leap range, gets nerfed to the ground because of no counterplay (and also because of the too strong bruiser build caused by new unhealthy w and free damage). Twitch: No warnings, reveal range is half of the r+auto range, still no nerfs. He doesn't even have to jump to you, he just sits like 1000 range away from his target (i dont know the exact number) right clicking.
If he's standing at full ult range then it should be easy as just walking away as he still needs to auto move auto.
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: Taking another look at subclasses
Wait, are you for real telling me that Twitch isn't considered having a unique playstyle? He's a marksman who can go invisible, shouldn't that count for something?


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