: Worlds Top 20
Oh GOD it's that time of year again and I really don't want to do one! But the temptation is so strong. I mean...as long as I wouldn't look as bad as LS right?
: > [{quoted}](name=ChompyWulf,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=zWWxhIxW,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-09-18T22:23:41.951+0000) > > https://esportsflag.com/japan > > I'll trust multiple websites before believing anything a faceless nobody claims. You're missing the point. It's not an esport as designated by the west. The only games noted on this singular "multiple website" are western games that officially designate themselves as "esports". I play a strictly Japanese game that generates a lot of income and gives it to players to put on good shows for paying viewers. In Japan, we don't have an LCS or the like. We simply have games that are played for money. Why would such a thing show up on an English language esports website?
> It's not an esport as designated by the west. Says what?! American controversy? > The only games noted on this singular "multiple website" are western games that officially designate themselves as "esports". I think you're missing the point more right here. Just because it's a website that details the statistics of more profile titles doesn't dismiss other titles being established esports. If you were expecting or wanted _every single title_ then that'd be a mess of a graph let alone weakening the essence of the data. > In Japan, we don't have an LCS or the like. So I guess the LJL doesn't exist huh? > We simply have games that are played for money. Aren't ALL games with a competiive scene and community played for money? Yes there exist some exceptions such as speedrun races or showmatches. > Why would such a thing show up on an English language esports website? Because...competitive gaming is a global culture? Why not have as much outreach as possible? Why be skeptical over community data on an informational website which is honestly more reliable than what you've given?
: Banning system is a biggest joke.
Chat aside, here's what I don't get. You're a kill spree Yi and nigh unkillable in the right circumstances. At some point it just looks like you cared more about kills than yknow...actually winning the game!!! You had all that momentum (and drake control for the early game) and hardly did a thing with it. Enforcing that aggression with objective control could have damn well helped your team too! What was so hard about split pushing, keeping up the pressure and telling your team to keep safe in the progression of the game? Instead you let the heat get to you and decided to pick a fight with your own team. So what you had 26 kills? Doing little to nothing with it makes your efforts just as if not more useless as you claimed your team to be.
eyeguy (NA)
: Boot Camping
I mean it makes sense. Rekkles put it pretty straightforward: why go to another region, adjust to a routine for like a week and come back having to adjust again? Rephrase it a bit and that's what NA would deal with too. It's also gone to show for quite some time that SoloQ on an individual scale doesn't magically make a whole team cohesively better. Think about it: how many times has it been go to Korea, grind your ass off and make highlight reels you could make anywhere, scrims, and...fail on the stage? So why not? Better off getting used to being where the tournament will be, keep seasoned up, and prep accordingly without exerting too much on the adjustment.
: Worlds 2019 prediction forum?
Frankly I'm waiting for the draw show before I throw any predictions out. It feels like the fairest field it's ever been so it should be fun once time winds down.
: If it was supposed to be from the act that opened the NA Finals, hopefully never.
> [{quoted}](name=ChompyWulf,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=U9VdL82Z,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-11T22:58:03.638+0000) > > ......opened the NA Finals OH HELL NAW!
: I'm interested to see CG in Worlds
I'm just glad they earned their way in. But in no way would I put unrealistic expectations on them from the get go. It really sucks that I have to worry about the community forcibly ripping off bandaids should they fall out at Play Ins. Sentiment with Chompy here: I rather think of Clutch Gaming representing for themselves rather than for all of NA. I feel that way about a couple of other teams as well; Damwon and Hong Kong Attitude currently. Greener and/or harboring their share of errors on the year that could gift them the early exit. If it were Clutch, at this point I feel it'd just spiral back to doubling down on the whole "punish NA for failure" hive mind which wouldn't necessarily apply to anyone else region wise.
: I suppose they really came up......**CLUTCH**........ {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Guess they knew how to **DIG** their way out of that sweep, thank goodness. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: TSM is so horrible!
But he had a notable and respectable track record in Academy alongside Ablazeolive. They won their quarters quite convincingly. And then for some reason the camp played jungler flip flop plus a benched Brandini and **both** rosters blew the fuck up. I don't think that was his problem tbh. I also don't think his career will be as tarnished as it sounds. At least it's not like Rikara and he _really_ didn't do anything wrong!
Barkley (NA)
: The title of MVP for Clutch Gaming goes to.....
I give it to the Cloud9 Twitter. I mean cmon...it's screwed how many teams including themselves? It is by far the most dangerous entity coming into Worlds!
Prandine (NA)
: Congrats to Clutch Gaming.
Normally I'm pretty chill about most matches for quite some time. But when that last teamfight went down I was fist pumping and grunting utter satisfaction at the realization of what was happening. Like **god damn** I'm the one who gives everything a chance and I didn't want TSM going to Worlds with this roster or form!
Kanzler (NA)
: Lol TSM
Forget that. C9's Twitter account is a fucking blessed curse!
: Is It Just Me...
It went to show that an opening ceremony doesn't always need an actual performance. Storyline and proper build up alone was enough to bring the hype necessary.
: remove armor and magic resist
We have URF for this....
: Important Weekend for Invictus Gaming
The first series just ended and I still don't really like what IG is displaying. Like recent TSM discussion, If they take it over TES, good...but I'm not sold on performance until it comes to it. This isn't one of those worlds buffs showings. They're still playing like they did all summer.
: Yeah riot. Tell the pros they have to play Teemo.
: It gets pretty boring seeing the same champions picked over and over again
Alright so this kind of thread is back again....been a few months. Guess we're overdue.
: Don't pick Garen into Yasuo
But I liked fighting against Yasuo....with almost any champion...
CLG ear (NA)
: papasmithy becomes 100 Thieves general manager
I say let's see what comes of it. Then again I don't like being hateful so it's likely just me who feels this way.
: Me Waiting for the Gauntlet
The LCK was up first this morning and I completely forgot about it lol
: Considering how huge StarCraft 1 and 2 are in Korea, on top of LoL, that beats EG winning shooters in the US.
If the dynamic of a successful multi-game organization is about winning more than presence and representation, that's not fair to organizations who have just as much longevity and success in competitive gaming across **way** more titles, including Starcraft. EG specifically has had more than just shooters though. Dipped their feet into more titles and engaged in their fair mix of success. They've had sponsored players successful across a handful of fighting games - Justin Wong leading that mantle until the roster blow up in 2017. They've had a TI victory in Dota and are still staying in the upper echelon in recent years of the following tournaments. They've even had a few Starcraft titles. While Starcraft is huge in Korea, so are shooters in the west and fighting games worldwide. Starcraft doesn't just get some fancy prestigious label because it was hot in one place in the world which had more open arms and less controversy for what the scene was than comparison to scenes in America.
: Calm yourself, OP. Remember something important. Korea has had an Esports culture since StarCraft 1. It's not a recent thing of the past 5ish years to be gaining acceptance, money, etc... There is a difference in time commitment and dedication in the player bases. There are highly skilled NA players who are happy streaming and seem to have 0 goals to play pro. A great example is Tyler1. He's a beastly Draven 1 trick who could probably be dominant in LCS if he practiced other champs. But he is happy doing his thing. Pretty much any Korean player of his skill and time spent playing would chose pro. Another HUGE difference is in team comparisons. Liquid may be pretty well respected in the West, but there is no single standout franchise with history and success across multiple major games like SmotherKfuckingT. Of course there is going to be a difference in franchise quality.
> Liquid may be pretty well respected in the West, but there is no single standout franchise with history and success across multiple major games like SmotherKfuckingT.... Wait...SK Telecom T1 has success in like...2 titles. I'd have no debate if it were like 6 to 8 titles but it's not. They're successful to what their foundation was built on in online games but in no way would I say nobody can light a candle to them in "multiple major games." I mean off rip Evil Geniuses has a word with that debate.
: Glad you wouldn't change the Worlds format in a sense that yes, it's not perfect but it's exciting to see who's in what group. It reminds me of the Fifa World cup every 4- years. > In charge of the LoL eSports website That thing's getting an overhaul again! It's crazy when Wikis and third parties do a better job. But it's not uncommon I guess. - Captain my Captain! Are you saying {{champion:63}} is a weakness of yours to play against or play as? You legit could use your feet to play such. Release your inner Likkrit! > Able to remove anything on the entire season Rift Rivals - Yes! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Get that useless tournament outta here! I'm not sure how anyone can play {{champion:16}} when it seems to take forever to get your heal from Q compared to a few years back. {{champion:43}} NO...NO Gem.. not you..... I can see your "NA forehead" XD nah. Good solo Q champ but my god teams are having a hard time winning on such champ. Also being on CLG academy with Biofrost being a {{champion:43}} player himself can help you.
> Glad you wouldn't change the Worlds format in a sense that yes, it's not perfect but it's exciting to see who's in what group. It reminds me of the Fifa World cup every 4- years. Oh yeah Worlds is absolutely getting changed by the effects of MSI. But I chose one; particularly the easier one. All I really jabbed into my head so far was 4 more teams in Play Ins. How? Not sure yet > Are you saying {{champion:63}} is a weakness of yours to play against or play as? You legit could use your feet to play such. Release your inner Likkrit! I hate playing Brand. I hate playing against Brand _anywhere_. Likkrit can kick my ass for all I care. > Yes! Get that useless tournament outta here! And...replace it with something with Worlds implications. > I'm not sure how anyone can play {{champion:16}} when it seems to take forever to get your heal from Q compared to a few years back. I'm still cherishing the memories of prework Raka and the blue build Soraka I'd do every so often. All I ever did was utter "Bzzt" every E cast...and it was a 40% CDR build so I did that a lot. GAH RIP the point n click era. > {{champion:43}} NO...NO Gem.. not you..... I can see your "NA forehead" XD nah. Good solo Q champ but my god teams are having a hard time winning on such champ. Also being on CLG academy with Biofrost being a {{champion:43}} player himself can help you. Fortunately, Karma is the bottom of my barrel of shield champs. I think in my history of League on this and PBE, I have done more Jungle Karma than Support. But I know how to be a shield bot. That's my perk.
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c00face (NA)
: SKT1 vs. GRF, what did we learn?
What gives with your hate for NA? We get it! You hate NA. You hate Liquid. You hate Doublelift. You want nothing but failure for them and the whole region because of biased judgments. Now could you **please just stop?!** As for that series, I learned little to nothing. SKT was on the hot streak minus the week 9 bump and Wildcard match and they looked good throughout the rest to meeting the expectations laid out to them all season long and finally at that context (the Spring Split shake ups and the 1-5 Summer start can speak to that). Griffin however lands in the same boat as Sandbox and Damwon on the question of do they have mental fortitude to make that international long run demonstrated by their regular season performances? They're still internationally fresh however so I'll let margin of failure slide should it come to it. And that's all I really learned. It was a relatively lack luster series as one team hardly had anything convincing for them.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: and what do you suggest? maybe try watching while doing other stuff
Exactly! Hell its a weekend. I played CTR the entire series.
ilanmer (EUNE)
: But I do want. and u are rude. how old are u? I am 21 one. I have a job and other hobbies. and I cant always sit down my ass for a whooping 5 hours period. try to understand please.
I'm sure of anyone, Bakuryu and myself understand the toll of diligently watching best of series. It's why he explains it that way. And he's right: you don't _have_ to commit to it. It's always on demand. Also throwing unnecessary shade and shame doesn't make your grievance come out any better.
c00face (NA)
: Fnatic vs. G2 - Will probably go down today as the best
All I got was CG vs CLG vibes with less emotional ambiance and yet another dominant Game 5. They both good in the end of this series. We all knew that though.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Pick 'em
Worlds isn't in full swing yet. Give it a few more weeks when the rest of the teams start getting locked in and Play Ins are finished to know the 16 for the Pick Em.
: I haven't seen this from SKT since 2015! Yes, at the moment we all have to rank SKT as the favorites to win Worlds.
Atm, they're in top 3 in my book with G2 and the now qualified FPX. I'm still seeing what Europe and China have to throw to the table before locking that.
: SKT Hype Time!
#ACTUAL Hype Train Hype!!! (Not that ordinary one from last week) {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
Lapis (OCE)
: I agree that NA probably won't win worlds, but I want to refute your claim that NA is the most ass server across all regions. Have you seen the state of OCE teams? If we even get a team in worlds in the first place it's gonna be a joke to watch.
Damn I've blanked on the OPL scene entirely for weeks! I think last I watched was Week 3. I'm with you though. I just want them to get to the knockout round. Baby steps n whatnot. Now watch they get the group with the Korean team...wait...what if they did and won out? Dreaming here lol
c00face (NA)
: All these NA fanboys trying to tell me NA has a chance to win worlds this year
Ridiculous... First, I wasn't one telling you NA and chances in your previous low effort post. Realistically speaking, any team who has earned their way there has a chance and the way paved illustrates their potential impact. Case in point, I liked the final and am hoping for a good showing by both Liquid and C9 given their playoff runs and my god anyone but TSM please. Europe and China are still running their playoffs so they're pending (~~lowkey wanting BLG to win atm~~ _What the hell am I saying?! I like Doinb_). Korea just ended their finals and it only looks like they have SKT prime and ready to rep them. Second, Fact: Liquid was MSI runner ups just like Fnatic was Worlds runner ups. Skew it how you want, it still happened. Third, server is an excuse. If a team is adamant enough to work well and perform over their opponents, they'll do it when it matters. But none of us are pros, so what the hell do we know firsthand? Lastly you can support NA without being an absolute ass about it. That's not being a "delusion fuck-tard", that's being a **fucking pessimist! **
Infested (NA)
: why is it when you fall behind in game and get flamed and talk back, you still get suspended?
Why do you feel the need to retaliate to those flaming you? Not to mention utilizing zero tolerance phrases whilst doing so? There's always a way out of being flamed and no it is not cowardice or thin skinned to do so. Just mute. Care about your game and others who will have a better demeanor in the witness of struggle.
c00face (NA)
: Lets stop joking around. NA compared to other region is horrible
Are you sure _you're_ not the one joking around? You're using your experience as a non-pro, your nonexistent proof of what LCS players do in their free time which is what all pros across the world do, your totally visible Doublelift hate boner, your comparison to SKT like they're the number 1 and only 1 team in the world, and your ever so slightly triggering mispelling of "Xmithie" and his style of play illustrated by your biased post. And that is **all of your claim**. So are we sure we should believe you? Answer no. You've made no meaningful points in my opinion. Stop joking.
DalekZec (EUNE)
: Somebody please explain this
None of us know what you're talking about.... ...Nope...nothing...carry on fellow user.
Barkley (NA)
: Oh like always?
They have had hopeful rosters in the past, so expectations were justified. Since Yellowstar however, the hope waned big time as star power and super team logic for the sake of it stopped becoming an essential factor for the org unlike others, especially in the present. If the NA narrative was step by step - "we'll do our best" rather than "we'll win worlds" - then frankly it's just easier to back. Its why I feel the NA fandom cannot bounce their support among its victors or best compared to other major regions. And that just makes the value of what Doublelift said this time compared to others matter a bit more (albeit hashed anyway by other teammates)
Barkley (NA)
: I actually hope TSM doesn't make worlds.
I can appreciate and understand that. For an org that wants the goal of international success, this is proven not to be the roster to cut out the utmost of that goal. I say they earn it if they get it. But if they get it those expectations are going to be very low. Like eliminated at Play Ins low.
: Doubling Down on C9 Dissapointment
I rather double down on disappointment of opening performances than this glorified Doublelift hate boner as a result of a good ass 5 game series. Like jeez why not be optimistic?
: Whoever loses this series can use the excuse, "My thoughts were haunted by that singing performance," and it would be justifiable.
I misread that as: > Whoever loses this series can be haunted to listen to this performance again. Don't know how I did that but I mouthed "oh hell no" upon misreading such.
c00face (NA)
: Are we going to ignore the singing performance for c9 vs tl?
I'm one to give anything a chance and even I wanted to flash a neuralizer at myself once to ensure I forgot that. Okay maybe 3 times. Good thing this series is damn good so far.
Magick (EUW)
: so if G2 would lose LEC finals and get 2nd or 3rd and FNC get 1st or someone else they would get spot #2 for the regionals is what u mean?
Basically if G2 don't win the split, they are not secured the #2 Seed 100%. G2 won't be in the main Regional Qualifier (what we know) at all either. They will basically serve as the "Final" Final boss of the Regional Qualifier. So if say...Rogue won the Regional Qualifier of the 4 teams competing (themselves, OG, S04, and SPY), they'd fight G2 for that #2 Seed. They beat G2, they get the #2 seed while G2 gets #3. They lose, they just keep their #3 seed. That's all.
Magick (EUW)
: Worlds spot
G2 has secured a spot in Worlds due to having secured enough Championship Points that no other team can overtake them (Origen is closest to them but they are not in playoffs). If FNC win the Split, they're into Worlds; nothing else to do. G2 by result of their Championship Points will have to fight the winner of the Regional Qualifier (between OG, RGE, S04, SPY) for the 2nd seed and Group Stage entry while the loser of that match gets the 3rd seed and have to play the Play In Stage. In other words, think it the same as past seasons but the only difference is the team with most points has to fight for their 2nd seed against the RQ winner.
Sarabjot (NA)
: LEC not showing what teams are playing and the score, but show the sponsors/Riot in-game purchases
I went back and watched the broadcast vod for its ad breaks. The sequence that was played was promoting the finals in Athens, Pro View, then the LEC Team Pass in that order. The only exception was that of Game 3 where they had a score update from 3:20 on the countdown to 2:10 before advertising Pro View. So it's not like the production team didn't have it on deck to display. Rogue vs Splyce also displayed the score during the break as well. From 3:20 to 2:10 after Game 1, and during the last 20 seconds after Game 2. Once again, it's not like they don't have it. If you ask me just sequence it like this: 45 seconds at the start and end of the break for the score overlay. The remaining time of 3 minutes fills the between ads they regularly sequence. I didn't even have to take the effort to do this, but at least acknowledge that I freaking did for something so petty...
: Be cool if Fozzy could do a few songs.
Holy shit I never knew how much I wanted this until it was said......but alas
Sarabjot (NA)
: It's not a matter of patience, it's a matter of clarity. They can easily add the teams playing and the score. I don't think it would take that much to simply tell everyone what's the score when they are able to instead making others go somewhere else. It's a small fix for clarity. No point in this whole "my detriment" shit. It's lack of clarity and it's as simple as that. I will yank sports into this shit. They don't hide the scores when they get the chance to. How about just do the small fix so everyone knows what the fuck the score is?
If its clatity were talking, I'm almost certain the LCS incorporated the score at analyst desk starting in semis. This was just the first week of playoffs for LEC. All it takes is calling it out in the right place and boom. It's not worth complaining over though
Sarabjot (NA)
: Lmao relax there bud. I don't care about sponsors. There's no information about the game. How many other esports or sports do you see where you have to go to another web site to find out what the score is? Do you actually believe it's okay to hide the score and the teams are playing but focus on showing the sponsors?
So for 6-7 minute breaks plus some analyst desk segments, you can't be that patient to either wait for the next champ select or the "Welcome back to _blank_ where _blank_ " in which one of those blanks is usually the game number or the score? Lighter reference: LCK puts you on a camera of the LoL Park for the English cast while the Korean cast does their analyst segment. No scores during that. You're letting those segmented 10% of entire main broadcasts be your own detriment because what? You tuned in late? Well I didn't watch the LEC series as dedicated myself. I blipped in a few times - once on an ad break - and I just took a guess based on the time elapsed since the series start as to the game number, and checked back in after break. Next time I check in its game 4 with colored dots indicating the score. On that note: **since when has any previous Lolesports overlay used DOTS?!** There are those who wouldn't get that change just as much as your ad break gripe. Also don't yank sports into this shit. Ad breaks happen there all the time and even on ESPN it doesn't give you the damn score at all times until it's back on air! My point is Jerry's point. Nothing freaking new. If it matters that much, rewind youtube or go to Reddit or something.
LaneW123 (NA)
: Rammus sup sounds plausible. Would require good coordination with the ADC, but a knockup into a taunt is decent enough CC and the ult can secure an earlier tower to start roaming. Too bad I don't sup or I'd try to refine it. I played one game and it ended very badly.
Coming from a Support player in like every previous season, Rammus falls in what I call "Ghost Supports" - No zips, blinks, just I'm going in; stop me. Or just bring Ghost. Off the top of my head it works similar to Garen, Volibear, present and pre iteration of Urgot, and to lesser extents Sion and Kled.
: See link for URF discussion. Downvote all you want, but this is the truth.
Hmm...low effort board post....or Ask Riot article....what to believe?
: A Wild Idea About Worlds
Well...by fact and results based analysis: we had 3. Therefore, it's not out of the realm of possibilities
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