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: Feel the love with our 2017 Valentine’s postcards
The "I love my Pet" one is probably my favorite, and no not because I'm a {{champion:240}} main, trust me..........
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: Ivern Q&A Coming 9/29
Be honest, do you find it funny that just after the release of a very violent champ, aka Kled,that you release the most pacifist champ yet?
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: Who do you Pick-Ban-Instalock?
pick Rek sai, cause she's cool and all but eh ban Lee, cause F*** lee and instalok Shyv cause shes litteraly the hottest of the 3..... also she turns into a drangon
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Xeruon (NA)
: My Interpretation of the Ryze login screen.
Well it makes more scence than nocturne hentei
: am i a hero for ryze?
XD yes, yes you are Even Pantheon approves{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Nahui (NA)
: So should he look like he doesn't care?
Especialy cause he's supposed to save the world.
: outdated content that hasn't been properly updated; remember that LoL client is HTML and some things might not get touched on by tencent
eh i just find it really strange that ive seen this for so long and its never been adjusted, kinda that small perfectionist in me
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Ebola san (EUNE)
: Movie?
Well they have one story simply known as Burning Tides, they could turn that into a film if they maybe included stuff about Twisted Fates lore in it
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: Supporting as a whole was updated in S4. They gave all of the new support items and in this MYMU their giving more support items. The reason supports haven't been updated is because they are just fine right now. Also to list supports that have been updated in the past: Alistar, Sona, Soraka, Zilean, Soraka again, and most recently Taric
I'm more asking that they make supporting as a whole more fun than it usually is. Don't get me wrong I know there are those, specially me, who find it fun but then again that's still a very minimal amount.
: I made a post a while back that talked about this... Basically it's impossible for Riot to update "supports" because of the fact that nearly every champion can support. There's too much potential support diversity. So instead Riot tends to take a "One at a time" approach. They update a single "Dedicated Support", for example what they've done with Alistar and Soraka over the years. The best thing they could do in regard to "updating supports" would instead be to focus on Support Itemization. Increasing the depth and choices of what a support can get, so that they can gain more flexibility in their overall build.
Even then I'd appreciate it more for more diverse support picks to be honest. Again any support I see is either {{champion:16}} or {{champion:53}} with some of the others occasionally if either are banned or picked. The lone exceptions being new champs that "can support" or outright new support champs. Maybe I'm wrong and it's always been my games for some odd reason or only lower elos but otherwise I stand my point.
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Kinperor (NA)
: Did I get Aurelion's lines right and he's supportive of Jhin's action ("Imagine if you had a bigger canvas!")? How come he has this sympathy for a human and then turns around to snob Shyvana? Did you happen to know about Ancient Apparition (Dota 2) when coming up with Aurelion's Q? How low do you think his ultimate's CD can go before it becomes too strong? Did Aurelion Sol have any whacky early mechanics that didn't make it in the final build?
> How low do you think his ultimate's CD can go before it becomes too strong? How low can it go, like LIMBOOOOOOOOOOOOO
: Welcome to the Aurelion Sol Q&A!
Do you think you will make more dragons in the future like Arulion Sol? Or is he gonna be the only one aside from{{champion:102}} for like another 500 years or so?
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: You have to spend 1 week in a cabin in the woods with your top 3 mastery champions
{{champion:201}} Tries to make friends and protect all the wildlife around him, whith some dissapearing {{champion:223}} secretly eats the wildlife {{champion:201}} is protecting {{champion:14}} Charges though all the trees and calls everyone cowards {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Poppy Update Q&A
Is poppy still gonna be friends with Galio, or are ya changin that compleatly and leavin Galio in the dust even more than he kinda already is? P.S. I love that new ult{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
AnarchAL (NA)
: {{champion:14}} : Cute charge move. {{champion:78}} : Cute knockup.
vacohp (NA)
: When Poppy ults you so hard you have to reconnect to get back into the game...
Welcome to the champions new joke for the fanbase{{champion:119}}
Arie (NA)
: What does your main say about you?
my mqin is {{champion:201}} , cause i typicly am there for the saves.............. even if im not playing him
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iLuma (NA)
: Make me laugh. Win a Champion or Skin.
: Veigar and Gnar with boobs and you're hesitant to do an Ekko cosplay because of race? maaaan go for it! this was the first Anime Expo I ever went to and I thought about doing an Ekko in the future, and I'm Asian. if a black guy wanted to do an Ezreal, by all means, I'd tell him the same thing. go for it! I PREACH EQUALITY!!!
: Riot can advertise cosplayers who use cigars, but Graves can't have a cigar.
I see something kinda backwards there thought to me {{champion:104}} is cool cigar or not
: But then he'd be overpowered, because he'd just keep eating Oranges and keep being K
whats the origin of that anyway?
: Champion Update: Gangplank
this might make me play gangplank again .... {{champion:119}}
: Champion Q&A: Tahm Kench, the River King
whats tahms reason for entering the leauge?
: Champion Q&A: Tahm Kench, the River King
guys have you realized how FRIGGIN AMAZING THIS GUY WILL BE ON THE STORE MUST GET HIM- xuse me, but is the voice you hear in that one river king video gonna be his voice in game, or was that just for show..................................{{champion:119}}
: Mysery Champ Day! (or skin otherwise)
i still dont have mine yet hopein for it soon
Lowvyr (NA)
: Literally, Lickitung + Whiscash.
how did u bring pokemon into this discussion?
: Champion Reveal: Tahm Kench, the River King
when does he come to play, aka, when can i get him

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