Broporo (NA)
: It doesn't look like your PBE account was locked permanently, but it did have some suspicious activity going on. Hit us up in a [**ticket**]( by picking "I need help recovering my account" and after verifying yourself as the creator we should be able to activate your PBE again.
I already have done that, and i definitely wasn't doing anything suspicious. A month or so ago, my password changed by itself in the regular client, and I did not notify anybody about it. Just changed it instead. Maybe that's what you are reffering to. My account may have been hacked at one point
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Zeanix (OCE)
: Has the Story, Art and Sound team thought of creating an original game?
Nope they haven't. Countless times i suggested something else in past threads. It seems Riot is only bent on This one game, never to expand, and will keep getting ridiculed by other companies. Inb4 some one reminds me about that Minion vs Mech game, it doesn't cut it. It's a board game, chances are: only some families may buy it for whole family activities. Riot seems that they are just going to depend on E-sports to help them survive in the coming years. It's 2017 already. I can undestand if it was 12 or 14, but since 2009 and Riot still hasn't attempted to make a branched off game based on the lore. This could easily turn into rpg. The foundation for everything is there. I don't understand, when will Riot finally start turning into Riot games? I've been a supporter, as i like the lore of League of Legends ALOT. And I always await the day where it can expand. Unfortunately, they are content on just being in esports every year to keep them relevant and make new champs. Hell, they JUST made a brand new map design, unfortunately that's going to only be for The star guardians. It kinda lets me down as a fan. I do give Riot money for skins and such, but i would give more to support an Idea of a new game that's not a mini game. But w/e, it's my 2 cents and unfortunately people don't like constructive critism around here and deems it Drama. Nice post though.
Kynin (NA)
: They announced a while back Xin would come first since he didn't need much work and they would look into a larger scale rework for him in the future. Evelyn will come before the end of the year. I'm so excited to see what they do with her, she definitely has one of the best fantasies in the game.
If that's the case, I'm expecting some time in novermber or december. but why would they push a rework back so late when it was announced the beginning of the yr and can be speculated done mid summer.
Sharjo (EUW)
: I'd assume nothing's pushed back since one doesn't affect the other. Xin Zhao's being done by live gameplay, not the VGU teams. They already said his was a smaller job so one can extrapolate it'd be out potentially before Evelynn just from that. No one ever stated concretely when he'd be out of course, but I'm inclined to say myself that from your wording, you're annoyed by a percieved change of plans, when really nothing changed. Evelynn's rework would have taken this amount of time regardless; if she'd been delayed they'd have said. Xin's rework likely changed nothing about how Evelynn was secheduled.
If that was the case, for clarity sake, they should lay down some dates or estimated one. Because i wasn't the only one who brought this up.
: Sigh... like are we stil confused between a vgu is and a vu?
well no, because both are getting reworked skills. so no one is confused here
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: From a super casual to a very formal conversation "deep down inside"? That's a bit too long of a stretch, unless she's her own performer.
: Is it just me, or Jinx and Ziggs from their new comic sounds out-of-character?
It's called seeing a different perspective of them. These champions are not limited to how they sound in their VOs. I think this is the misconception you're getting.
: These skins aren't martial arts based.
The movies that they are based off of from are.
: Reasoning for Sacred Sword Janna
That still makes no sense. Why Prime target Janna for martial arts skins as a demi goddess? Last Foreign martial arts movie i saw did not have a goddess in the fray. It really sounds like Riot just chose her for her staff. Another bad decision if you ask me. lol And i'm an artist, I know how tough it can be to come up wit creative things but damn....Riot seems desperate.
: Hi Naalith, There are currently no plans to add voice processing for Arclight Yorick. We feel that he's still human, he's just wielding a different source of power. I think it makes sense in Vel'Koz's case as he's a Void entity, but Yorick is human.
Aaaaaand back at it again with the lazy choices/
Sukishoo (NA)
: New SWORD skins incoming (Yi lel, Fiora, Janna?!) along with Yorick and Signed.
Why Janna though. I swear their choices for skins this yr hasn't been grade A. Why in the word would Janna need a sword?
: :) I think this is a really awesome high level look at Star Guardian! Now it might not be _completely_ the case with SG, but at times we do get excited and jump at an idea without a comprehensive understanding of how it might evolve once it's in players' hands. We can't always anticipate what's going to have a lot of resonance, and part of why Riot loves feedback is so that we can have our ears open to hear it directly from fans. If League Players resoundingly say "HELL. YES. SECONDS PLEASE." We go "Awesome. Give us a hot minute and we'll cook some more of that pot pie for ya." I can think of a few champs that would be really good foils for the Star Guardians. :)
I like how you guys never respond to constructive criticism, but godspeed to a player seemingly along with your opinions.
: tell me that beautiful sob doesnt fit the project theme.
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: If we can have maps for Valoran City..
Because Riot doesn't want to mix lore and gameplay completely. So thme making maps like that will make them feel obligated to start putting lore in the map. Honestly, They could suceed greatly if they just listened to players AND take in consideration what they're saying. These Star Guardian maps are gorgeous. Why would they pass up the chance to make more like them?....
Reav3 (NA)
: This is incorrect. The Xin update was not worked on by the same team as the team working on the Evelynn VGU so they don't affect each others schedule. Edited for spelling
: 2017 Star Guardian Product Collection Coming
Riot, you continue to make poor choices.... Why not show them? I'm sure the hype for them is gone.
: Lore event soon?
Nope. at the very best it will prolly be another shock surprise like the Darius comic. They will think it "holds us off" for a while. Then Eve's rework will be revealed. Then they will think her new lore will be enough to "hold us off" then it's worlds. Which means we have a excuse to not have one. Then maybe new champion. They do this. I am not expecting another lore event( the least being Bilgewater) ever again from Riot because they are getting content on what they are doing now. I mean i do like the random comic but consistency is still an issue here. Even aftre what happened 2 yrs ago
: But the whole thing is, for every time he screws up, he has a reset button that gives him as many "extra seconds" as he wants
Not exactly everytime. Only if he manages to pull his device first at a point where he could rewind back. If he can't press it in time, he could die or fail an objective. He's not perfect.
: Can Cassiopeia unhinge her jaw?
What a question. Judging from studying her anatomy, you could say no. Because it seems only the lower half is. _However_ , since she has gained snake abilities it's not impossible that she wouldn't be able to. I'm willing to bet Cass probably _does _ do this with the prey she stalk like that guy in her short story. But she didn't eat him. We can't assume that only her legs changed during the transformation.
Elfezen (NA)
: It's because she is the most popular female champion, she fits with a lot of themes and brings them the most money, the acctual question is how can you not understand something so simple
Well i know that. It would be nice if Riot took the time to talk with the un happy fans for it is all I'm saying. Instead of just staying quiet making it worse Edit: And yes I understand that.....I spoke the same thing you're saying in another thread....So people just choose to not perceive what I'm saying and jump to conclusions huh
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mkyner (NA)
: Runeterra Geography
Woot! I like it. Finally some one put effort and thought into this. I pictured it similar like this, but i think this is a lot closer to the truth of the map. Just wish Runeterra wasn't a pluto sized planet...
: Why doesn't Star Guardian Soraka have her little buddy in game ?
Because those skins were rushed and imo not much effort was put in thought for these skins...
Ralanr (NA)
: I don't think any moba has found a good way to tell a story about its gameplay without it being too restrictive.
couldn't they make more than a moba though? The material is there!
: Watching the Orn trailer makes me wish lore meant something in League.
Riot with their League of Legends has so much potential to branch off and actually become Riot Games but they never do. I've said that before. It **is** sad that none of this really grows out to anything other than E-sports....or and that minion-mech board game that I'm not too sure people will buy. I just don't understand why the hell they haven't attempted to even try. Honestly, Is this really Riot games in the next couple of yrs? I can see this dying in a few yrs. Come on now.....Even though Riot can't really compared to Blizzard in terms of content, they can learn and eventually build their own...
: Darius: Blood of Noxus Lore Analysis
Wait a sec...if the invasion took place 9 yrs ago...and Jhin was release soon after the war.....Just how long has Jhin been out of prison?!
: Why was the Lux x Ezreal romance destroyed in the first place?
Because nothing should be cemented by the powers of assumption.
: I'm personally confused where everyone found out Invetia was Quill's child, as the best reveal I noticed was that the necklace Invetia wore, was probably the one Quill picked up in Ionia.
If you look on the piltover map, it will show Quilletta Varn for the seward of the country they come from crossed out. Instead, you will see Invetia Varn. She killed Quill to stop her from telling Darius Decius was his son, and possibly that she's his Daughter.
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Dr Mercy (NA)
: After when? Project is the only one that comes to mind, with Ekko, Kat, and Ashe, which were new skins. The only precedent for going back and giving an Old skin an Overlay was Yasuo, like said, a Single champ.
The moment they did it, it was to be expected for later skins. That is a fact you can't dismiss. As I keep saying, Riot is getting lazy.
Dr Mercy (NA)
: For one champion, not 5, when meanwhile each of the Overlay's for the champions are more than just different colors. (Ahri's, MF's, Ez's are the same design, Soraka and Syndra both different). There's a big difference here, especially when they're symbolic of the Crest on the skin's uniform.
They started the trend before they made this new set of skins though. Any other person would have all the right to think the same is going to happen.
: Only the 2017 Star Guardian skins will be receiving these borders. Right now, we don't have plans to add them to the others.
Not a good choice, especially after you did it for Project.
: Need More Sakura Skins
Well Sakura Ahri could work /S
: I guess "THROW ANOTHER ROCK" doesn't work well if you're throwing stars...
{{champion:163}} "THROW ANOTHER STAR"
: She could have worked with team lux, who are new cadets. Team ahri are experienced seniors compared to freshmen lux.
Well you do have a point. She could be a de facto one also.
Jeddy017 (NA)
: \>Teenage girl \>Use magic I have been saying this since she was released when the only SG skin was Lux's. Taliyah is a perfect fit for this skinline. No one can tell me otherwise.
Well yeah, and her personality fits as well. Maybe they should keep this one in mind
Mudrensen (EUNE)
: I think it's not just the theme or the looks,nobody plays her -meanwhile Ahri...
Eh maybe. I'm just taking her into consideration. It would have been ridiculous to see Diana as a SG but Taliyah is the only other teen girl who could be a magical girl. Even Annie _could_ have been one but that's territory better left untouched.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Nah. She has ugly face. Only cute grills get to be Star Guardians
Tbh, I find her pretty adorable considering where shes from. Keep in mind how some females look in the countries that live around deserts or some where like the Mediterranean. Honestly anime Taliyah could have worked in my opinion. Maybe a better choice to please fans then Ahri(She's gotten too much favoritism ever since a new Dawn.) Besides, she's a teen. Easily fits in that skinline.
: Sorry ......but a "legacy skin" is not an excuse ...... a skin is a skin .... life is just unfair for some champs ...
No, I never count esport team skins. They aren't really relevant until you look at esport and that's my problem with those sort of skins. They fill skin slot for a champion and really aren't that relevant. Then that champion wont get another skin for forever
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: > [{quoted}](name=GenociderX,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=MEorUn4L,comment-id=000d000000010001,timestamp=2017-08-09T22:08:32.755+0000) > > I believe this is the same reasoning for why they wont actually verify Jinx and Vi's origins in Zaun......I just don't agree with it Nope. Not at all.
Stating things like "Jinx might be the spirit of Zaun's revenge against Pilotver"(believed by some people) says otherwise. The whole point to the issue is that you guys are still clouding important things in mystery. I do get the feeling to allow players to interpret why this person is a legend. But that doesn't help the issue.
: I need to get this off my chest: not only do i not want it, i HATE the idea of star guardian Urgot.
No, the idea is outright ridiculous and I just cannot comprehend why so many people want this skin. And some people aren't even joking.....
mkyner (NA)
: It's always Tokyo... why can't these epic battles ever take place in Omaha?
Yeah, I suppose(Just liek some other animes) It's because it's the most city like. So if some writers needed a heavily urban area they choose "Tokyo Ichi!" Would be nice to see some other areas though
: This is why I don't like the 'mythological' characters. I have no problem with myths and legends not being true, but when the only thing we know about a character is myth and legends, I don't bother to ask questions, I just assume that everything is fake and write the character off.
I believe this is the same reasoning for why they wont actually verify Jinx and Vi's origins in Zaun......I just don't agree with it
: I'm not mad that Ahri has a new skin, but why a legendary one?
Money > Player opinions. It's always been like this you know. Ahri is popular and while she has 100 skins, adding another will certainly be a money spike for Riot. I oppose it, I wanted Syndra to have it. Tbh, she should have it looking at ther uniform. But meh..
: This is what losers in an argument say when they know they lost. XD. Sharjo is rito-paid and did the same thing Reav3 did in the road map... the only difference was that Reav3 was lowbrow but both him and Sharjo just wanted to hype. If any side is unreasonable it's you bud. Just don't cut Ornn out too soon and stop being upset someone, _**WHO MADE LORE TIMELINES AND LORE TL;DR's AND MADE RIOT LIKE THEM ENOUGH FOR THEM TO LET THEM IN THE TEAM,**_ shared info about Ornn which could have easily been speculated from the teaser. The Freljordians speak about Ornn the way Hawaiian culture spoke about the Volcanoes. In the song they talk about Ornn not as a person but as a place. > Dark smoke exhales, from the mountain half > And wind blows through hollow dells > Skies clear as day, shall soon turn gray > _**And you'll know, you're nearing Ornn**_ Barring your path is a chasm wide Howls rise from fathomless pits _**But close stands a bridge, frozen by time And across, you'll soon find Ornn**_ HE IS CALLED THE MOUNTAINSMITH FOR GOD SAKE. The song says they see him as a god > And steel sings its tone, as a god stands alone .... like Sharjo didn't share anything you couldn't get out of the song. They just confirmed basic information. You call yourself a lore guy but you couldn't get basic info out of a song... shame, shame shame. Chillax and stop making innocent lore guys, who have worked hard to be in their position, the bad guys. Story and Art is drama cause you make it drama. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
No that's just me not arguing with another blind supporter, which I'm sure im speaking to another one.. And about that, it's not like no one else attempted that yrs ago too, including myself. But hey, only one persons efforts matter right? :D Don't get it wrong, not to join rion somehow liek he did, but because it's a fun thing to do. And many other people did it too, or maybe you are jsut ignorant to that fact.
: Why the lost hype, friend? TBH: Sharjo didn't "leak" anything, believe me. He hinted at stuff and whetted appetites, which I think has generated a LOT of really interesting theories that have led me back to the boards and have me hyped.
> [{quoted}](name=FauxSchizzle,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=LvYwfZtW,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-08-07T03:47:30.886+0000) > > Why the lost hype, friend? > > TBH: Sharjo didn't "leak" anything, believe me. He hinted at stuff and whetted appetites, **which I think has generated a LOT of really interesting theories **that have led me back to the boards and have me hyped. Yea, that one line. Just like everyone who came here also said. Quite the optimistic response. Still sounds like covering to me. How wouldn't I lose it; I watch the video then come to the boards for theories and discussions and the first thing I see is sharjo giving info on the new champ. But w/e I'm not discussing this anymore, cuz it's pointless against the majority, including you.
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