: So when are we getting a separate P.R.O.J.E.C.T. game with amazing storyline driven gameplay @RIOT?
Would be nice wouldn't it? Reminds me of the metal gear game with raiden.
: What do you mean by “The fact that they thought giving a lonely child unimaginable power only to give her a chance to explore was a good thing”? I will agree that I do find it dispointing that we didn't get a story regarding her relationship with Ezreal, but I do think that can be further explored latered on Also I do have effecize that people here hate the character achetype zoe repersents: Hyper active and void of responsibility. Personally I really don't find this a valid criticism about a character. Because I personally hate the character achetype “self rghteous moralist(ie Riven,Umbridge) but I will never claim that those character are bad. I don't think riot should stop using an archetype just because the archetype is generally hated. As for being random, I disagree. I think her personality fits her character. Riot obviously worked on her and put thought to her personlity. I think much of the criticism here is un deserved, people who hate on Zoe will never like Zoe to begin with. In the end it appears to me bunch of egotistic haters.
I was very interested with Zoe with her teaser. It sunk with the content following. So you can't say that. I'm sure this was the same for others. The "people don't like hyper active" excuse is invalid. Fizz is hyper active and you see how his reception is going.
: Could you clarify why her production was bad?
If it's not the un explainable obsession interactions with Ez and Lux, it's the fact that she literally had none to begin with. It's a very different and random take that Riot has ever done, I surely hope they didn't expect very positive reviews. The fact that they thought giving a lonely child unimaginable power only to give her a chance to explore was a good thing. She can't even socialize right, despite being a preteen. The one who worked on her story KNEW Zoe would get negative feedback. I'm not sure what route Riot thought of. Honestly, it just feels like they went and slapped together some thing random for their new type of mage. But hey Just my thoughts and observation.
: If people don't like a character because they personally find her/he annoying is a valid critcism.Then Riven Kayle are the most disgusting most atrocious character every grace league... But hey this won't ever stop the boards ego so why bother.
You can exclude me, Its not cause she's annoying that I don't like her. It's because her production was bad. I personally hate lux in game, but I like her lore alot
: My Rebuttal to the hate on zoe
Careful. Stating your honest opinion gets you hated on the boards. Even the Rioter who work on her "so" called story even disregards "haters" of Zoe. Or pretty much any one who had an honest or constructive opinion about Zoe.....This will be likely heard on deaf ears.
: Correct. Zoe does not experience time in the same way we do. Obviously, she can travel faster-than-lightspeed--but also she is connected to multiple realities and (if you look carefully) she is connected and able to perceive the past, future and spirit world in a very different way than we can. One of the things that struck me when researching her was the disregard tricksters have for rules and norms --including respecting life-and-death. Loki, coyote, Peter-Pan, etc... After looking into them for a while and checking my Jung-- I noticed that tricksters have subtextual commentary on death and a connection to it as truth bringers, jokers, and rule-breakers. Often because the trickster hold (sometimes subconsciously) a secret knowledge-- i.e. they know death: is not real, is preordained, is part of cycle, etc... Then deciding if part of a tricksters and herald's job is to prepare you for some hard truths and change-- I looked at Zoe as needing to exist as a sort of Zen Koan. Many, many of Zoe's lines have double meanings (including the word "sparkles") and can be understood more than one way. Three side notes: 1) There is a weird space parasite thing some people are hung up on for the Targonians-- I have no idea where that came from. --From my understanding the Aspects _merge_ with a person-- except for Pantheon-- he's a dick-- he only keeps your sense of duty and thirst for glory. (Shrug maybe that makes him the perfect warrior) 2) Everyone somehow believes Aurelion Sol-- hates Zoe. Nope. There relationship is closer to Loki and Thor (in myth not marvel) They are sorta friends-- but he knows not to trust her. And in fact she is his best hope of getting free-- after he learns some stuff he needs. 3) Zoe did not destroy the town, only the guards attacking her and the tower. Bonus: A question for you to consider. In the color text (story) why would this be the way the aspect needed the world-rune to be found?
Ok, so what's up with the many interactions with Ezreal and Lux? Don't you think it's crucial to give some explanation on that? Or are you guys gonna keep playing dodge ball with things like these?
Reav3 (NA)
: Zoe and the Aspect share the same body, like Taric. The Aspect is cunning and devious, Zoe is not. As for why the Aspect chose Zoe. For one all the Targonian Aspects don’t necessarily get along or even like each other. The Aspect of Twilight being a Trickster God likes to play tricks on humans as well as the other aspects for its own amusement. What better way to piss of the other Aspects then give a irresponsible little girl immense cosmic powers. It also finds it all extremely amusing.
.....Why would you add a character like that?
Ralanr (NA)
: Because I don't see Riot messing up. Morally I don't see Zoe as a good person. But thematically I feel Zoe is fitting the whole hyperactive kid with a hyperactive kit. And honestly I feel she's getting bashed too hard for what she's supposed to be. Annoying on purpose is still annoying.
No, I don't have a hate for hyper active kids. I was so stoked when i first seen Zoe, as they needed a pixar like character for league. It went downhill when I heard the interactions....even more with her lore. There is no justifying that her lore is written pretty badly. And I usually accept all of Riot's lore, even if I don't like the changes or champion. I love the new lore. But I was in for a doozy with Zoe's. It's a sudden change of pace from their usualy out put and honestly does not give us a good impression on who Zoe is.
: Will someone from Riot please respond to the Zoe lore criticism?
They're actually allergic to criticism and tend to gravitate away from it.
Ralanr (NA)
: ... Are we supposed to consider Zoe as a good guy?
I honestly don't see why you are trying to defend Riot on this one so badly, Riot actually messed up this time with a champion. No one will learn from their mistakes if you don't say anything about it. What do you think the next champion will be?
: and what proof is there that he is unknown outside the order of shadow?
What proof is there that he is? I don't think anyone in Ionia even knows he has the scythe since he was still in Noxus at the end of his story right?
: How?
If they wanted a very neutral chraracter, they should have jsut gave her no interactions at all. With that many directed to the same champs you would think that there is a reason in the lore.... Seems like it's all random except for Sol...... More randomness
990Felix (NA)
: Pretty nice lore, can't wait to see more! I've read quite a few threads on the PROJECT skins(my favorite line of skins). But, it has appeared that the "corporation" you're talking about left me in confusion. Are they responsable for augmenting the PROJECT agents? If yes, why did they leave? If I remember correcly PROJECT:Ashes lore, she is leading a rebelion against that corporation, right? I hope you'll see this message, and reply to it;).{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
They are responsible. In Project ashe's Vo, she mentions that when they signed up for that program they didn't ask to become mindless puppets or lose their humanity. Ashe leads a rebellion against them because what they are doing is wrong. But According to Project Vayne, ashe stands no chance of beating them and will get destroyed, then rebuilt again. Vayne her self states that she was rebuilt actually. Mentioning that Ashe could be in a cycle of struggle to no end.
: but Kayn does have a reason to be a legend he alone survived while others of his trope would have died and was adopted by the enemies he was supposed to kill if that doesnt scream legend i dont know what does also he hasnt fallen easily to corruption even though a champion like {{champion:110}} has almost been consumed whole and barely holding on to himself
He can't be a legend if he has no renown. He's only known in the order of the shadow....like no one else in Ionia knows who Kayn is or " the legend of Kayne"
: you do know there are more to each character than just their connections to other champs, right? you never go through life meeting just 100 hundred other people unless you live a very VERY short life. -.-
You stating that supports the fact that her champion interactions are very pointless....
Rioter Comments
Gapybo (EUW)
: Zoe Bio and Story
So like.....No Ezreal or Lux in the Short story? Riot............ She is another Kayne.....just a random character that doesn't have a reason to be a legend
: The Jhin Ult Song-off
MY favorite will always be the classic, as it it what defines him. But man that project will be my second fav.
: So, basically Project Jhin is a facehugger which makes you pimp as f if you are infected.
Well, according to the description that they gave us for his project skin, he still does "art" in his own way. And...judging by the design that springs up when a champion is killed with this skin, I'd say it's been "dysotopiozed." Seemingly more horrifying
Lit Corn (EUW)
: I mean in riot official website , Zed and Syndra are related to each other as " allies " so they obviously met at least once . Tho if you read their lore its not stated anywhere that they met . I mean they are at least allies , now are they in an actual relationship who knows , they both love power ( strength ) and want to become as strong as possible , so they have same goals , why not i guess ? tbh im not sure a whole lots of champs are actually confirmed to have relations with each other exept for {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} and {{champion:22}} {{champion:23}} most of the other are made up by fans , either for the meme or cause they seem logical {{champion:238}} {{champion:134}} ( ive actually seen some people saying {{champion:238}} {{champion:84}} but hey im not really into this and wont chose either one or the other ) {{champion:99}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:43}} and obviously the most famous ones : {{champion:44}} {{champion:81}} , {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} , {{champion:157}}{{champion:92}} and they would have a baby : {{champion:17}}
I don't think they are allies at all. Merely two Ionians who chose roads down the dark path and I believe this is what makes them connected. Such was when a certain Rioter mentioning Jhin taking the darkest route in Ionia.
: It looks exactly like Project Ekko, except the hair is red instead of white... That's a little weird, and it raises questions like _"Do Projects have clones? That dye their hair?"_
Project Vayne did explain that if Ash dies, they will rebuild her.
: Zoe Login Theme
Fits, Riot lost a massive opportunity to introduce her coming from the Glade. That fit's better imo...music and all.
: Umm new loredidn’t mention it but didn’t say it was gone. It’s possible the Glade is where she got her powers. You know what happens when you assume...
Well, apparently yordles have innate magic to begin with. That's hardly feasible atm
Arcathos (NA)
: Wow, that went from a story I actually thoroughly enjoyed reading to something... pretty boring.
And something pretty generic to Lulu- - > the yordle mage who can create "illusions." .....
Rioter Comments
: thicc af and the fact she's made too look young despite being 'old'
There is a lore explanation for that. She's a cyborg, probably like 40% human now. I don't think cyborgs age visually.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: PROJECT: Jhin Spotlight
Ok, that ult music deliviers
Rockman (NA)
: does it look like Zoe cares about her job
Which is a messenger correct? I didn't get the hint listening to it though.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: I Think I Realized why Zoe's Mouth is so Big.
Why is this still a discussion....
Ralanr (NA)
: I have a single problem with Zoe.
Sugar spice and everything nice. Lulu was just missing one ingredient.
: Zoe's Mouth is WACK
It's like how Pixar characters mouths are animated. A note I took an interest in since they do it with like 80% of their characters.
: We don’t even know if the Glade is still a thing anymore
Sigh....your right. Riot showed no signs about the Glade's survival after the retcon. If anything, Bandle city **is** the glade now..
: New champ is out, and guess what everyone’s complaining about?
Tbh, League's majority of players are those who play it for competition. The Worlds tournaments and such(esports,etc) To see them complain over something that trivial is just to be expected. I'm pretty sure the majority of those who had this complaint are birds of the same feather.
Rioter Comments
: We need adventurer Illaoi
And it's a new skinline......people here so quick to have shipping champions on their mind they try to rush deep space....
: Definitely magic Man. No physical prowess, knowledge or skill could achieve that alone.
I'd wager it's actually him cutting wind it's self. Would be pretty silly seeing a Samurai use magic. I'm kinda 100% sure it's Yasuo cutting wind out himself. Hence, it's not magic. So I wouldn't think Garen would be prepared for that.
: Now I think about it how do vastayan tell wherher or not people have vastayan blood or not. Like do they just sense it or something?
Rakan was able to, since some is in Swain some how. Mentioning he was given Vastayan Blood.
DimPack (NA)
: sounds possible to me
I get this: When he was in Ionia a vastaya attacked him. That or he probably caught sight of one sometime before he went to cause Chaos. And precedes to think "I can make something like this through science"
Rioter Comments
: The League Of Legends Universe Lore and other entertainment platforms.
I guess we're asking too much of them. Ive made at least 3 threads saying the same thing. All they've expanded to is Minions vs Mechs... Riot really don't know the potential they have..
: Well Illaoi is a Cleric of sorts. I'm sure her Turn Undead ability is probably pretty powerful with how in sync she is with her god.
Do you think that that ceremony she did pushed back the Shadow Isles a bit?
Rioter Comments
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Ah, my mistake. Not intentional.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: If it is some kind of joke I didnt get it.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: {{champion:75}} Hmm, I don't know why you think that, is there any hint that he was sexually active? pre - {{champion:268}} would make sense but Nasus? Maybe, just maybe. If {{champion:103}} can use his essence manipulating powers on demons, she would see true herself and avoid her. Most of my mains are safe btw. {{champion:101}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:112}}
> If can use his essence manipulating powers on demons Are you implying Ahri is a trap?
: {{champion:99}} would both be desirable for Eve and would probably fall for her temptations, being rather young and on the naive/trusting side. {{champion:126}} probably would fall for her. {{champion:4}} would be an interesting case, and a neat story to tell considering the old, non-canon lore.
Sorry, but as i have always hated to lane against Lux I root for eve to go for her.
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