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: A small thing that just occurred to me about Garen
Katarina's family isn't all. They were famed assassins that work with blades, Katarina is just pretty fast thats all. CAss got her abilities from shurima......
Kloqdq (NA)
: I would just like to see some progression to the events of the world. Way too many mysteries that are not progressing to anything at the moment. It's why I wish we had stuff like the journey of justice still or something akin to the new lore with the Vast people. It's entries make it seem like the world is moving forward, not stopping in time as we wait for these stories to end.
Tbh, it's all I'm asking for. All the lore upfates and we get very little lore progression, save Shurima and Bilgewater
: Riot is likely waiting to finish updating all the lore before they try to close stories. Just think a couple years from now when they're (hopefully) done, and they can start cranking out story progression instead of updated lore.
A couple more yrs of this. I will probably not care for legends anymore.
KoKoboto (NA)
: I agree. The thing is for a bunch of other literature even books. Book series sometimes have a year of downtime before the next in the series and that's still better than the rate of which Riot releases stories. The piltover update happened in January and I just feel sad that people who are interested in Piltover stories have not gotten anything for 7 months, myself included. It's also highly unlikely Piltover will have anything more for awhile because they gotta update every where else and there's still like 75% of ground to cover. _Shadow and Fortune_ and _Burning Tides_ are even better examples of this issue. Bestests stories tbh but when did they come out? Summer and Autumn 2 YEARS AGO. The wait continues because and will probably continue for a really really long time. What of Targon as well, what of Diana's journey to Ionia, what of Shurima, HOW LONG HAS IT BEEEEN. It's just really sad. I mean we don't even NEED stories about all the champions to be frank. Stories like _City of Iron and Glass_ and _Progress Day_ we're great on their own. Oh man another thing that is really depressing is that we wait for months or years to get the next part of a story and in the end it only amasses to around 2 hours of reading total...
This is how i initially thought the universe page was for. Some episodic short story release, like you im very disappointed.
Elikain (EUNE)
: No to less cliffhangers as this is what they call "story hooks". Story hooks are what gives them the ability to continue a story as League's universe is constantly evolving. Which means that, for example, Demacians (Lux, Garen, Galio, Shyvana, Jarvan, Xin, Vayne) are probably not last of them and if they wrapped all those stories up, that would really limit the storytelling for new characters that could end up as Demacians. It would be hard to shove them in anywhere so Riot would then be forced to either make up everything (and call it behind the scenes stuff - a character that was never mentioned anywhere but now exists) or make a new place for the character and forcefully expand on the League universe. Cliffhangers are "unfinished" stories. "Story hooks" are stories that end with the specific idea that started them but leave characters open to experience something else in the future. Story hooks are good, cliffhangers are bad for storytelling in League.
I dont get how the champions them selves can't have some fresh air from their current problems. Wouldn't you want to see Yasuo do something else around Runeterra other than run from assassins and find out his killer? He may never find him and the current rate things are going. New stories can be made, there is so much potential and Riot doesnt tap into it and that makes me completely frustrated.
GreenLore (EUW)
: I'm not saying that I don't want new stories. I just don't want them to rush certain story arcs for the sake of closing said story arcs,because I have rather few good stories instead of many bad ones. If you read a book and the book establishes the main story and some important mysteries in chapter 1,then you expect this stuff to get resolved by the end of the book,not by the end of chapter 2. And thats the thing. A lot of champions stories are still in their early chapters and some of them don't even have that. The slow progress is simply a result of having a team who has to work on over 100 stories at the same time and who hasn't even finished the introductions for every story.
How many more years? I understand good stories but League of Legends is an online game, they can start dying out in a couple of yrs right when they decide to add a new part to some champions stories. They are in prologue. Into to what's their mystery, maybe a vague hint to someone else. Nothing important really arrive til they update and the main mystery is still vague. I completely get you, but it's been more than enough time for them to at least resolve on champs story. You don't have to hold them all then start. That causes frustration which u can clearly see.
: Yes well in comics, people can take a hero's mantle and characters naturally recover from death. Lol can't afford any of its characters to die. Look at what happened when Fortune looked gangplank on the lore, gp mains were furious. In many cliffhanger loses, someone is going to die, and that's one less character that will be seen as powerful by the community.
No one has to die, just let the conflict resolve for one. It's so frustrating to wait for yrs only for them to not give us anything.
GreenLore (EUW)
: The thing is that they don't want to close storylines prematurely,simply because wrapping up a story just for the sake of wrapping it up can feel rushed. I mean take the killer of the elder for example. Right now Riven is the only suspect that we have and this means that she either is the killer,which wouldn't really feel like a surprise,because she was the only suspect to begin with,or that they suddenly introduce a new character who is the killer,which would be lame because that chara would have come out of nowhere and a mystery is only fun if you have the chance to figure out the solution yourself. This gets even worse if we consider the fact that the backgrounds of the characters can change during a retcon anyway. When the TF and Graves conflict resolved I kinda felt cheated,because as it turned out,they changed the circumstances of their conflict,which greatly affected the resolution at the end. Though I agree that they could sometimes reveal a bit more to us.It did feel like a letdown that neither Jinxs,nor Vis story revealed anything about their relation.
You can finish so a story so another can start. How many years do we have to hold one story line just so it wont finish prematurely? I'm sorry but leaving everything to a cliffhanger doesn't seem like the best route to go for anything. Even in in DC and Marvel comics they give us closure to the most important things about two character's conflicts, and guess what? They have plenty of room to start fresh anew. I can't understand not wanting to have a new story for some of the characters of league. It feels like pre retcon again, we are given intros to them and never hear from them again.
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KoKoboto (NA)
: Honestly this image just proves that Order Riven was made T H I C C
SatomiKun (EUW)
: I guess it depends. {{champion:112}} In my opinion, that guy has enough experience with hextech to comprehend how she is working. {{champion:126}} Since that guy is at least close to Viktors level, I guess the same argument could be made for him. {{champion:245}} He seems to be a fast learner and so maybe he would be able to do it, not that sure though. These are the candidates for making her work her original way, given that they have time to study her. If they have to take action immediately, I doubt it would work. Then there is the possibility to "repair" her by modifying her. She won't work the same way she used to, but in the end she would work. {{champion:27}} He created Warwick. Using his chemtech, he probably would be able to bring her back. But probably in a pretty twisted and fucked up way. New {{champion:6}} We don't know where he got his chemtech augmentations, yet. So I will mention him as a possibility, but I kinda doubt he is that crafty himself.
Would be funny to see ekko operate on her, and rewind if he some how causes her to die.
Knalxz (NA)
: You know, I'm not a big fan of the new Noxus and Demacia.
I can understand how you feel. So far we have only been gettin the bad of Noxus...even after they state Noxus is gray. If so, you shouldn't be releasing so many stories that makes Noxus look even worse the the pre-reton. Child soliders like Kayne, Taliyah's recruitment then leave, it's only being focused around that point and even if they do have some justice in stored for Noxus, they shouldn't be releasing this side of them first. Piltover and Zaun were fitting, but so champion stories could have been handled better(Some, not all related to them) Demacia's is good so far, It doesnt just focus on the the shining good side of it. In ever place like that theres always shady things going down behind the scenes. The nobles in Fiora's lore is an example.
: What's evil about Zed nowadays
He's the Akuma of LoL.
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Sancre (EUW)
: I hope we do, as Kayn's story was a bit disappointing. We usually get the bio and then a story that tells us some time they used their powers or fought, but with kayn is just the same the bio already said, but more detailed. I was expecting something like an assassination that both Kayn and Rhaast had to do for the order were both talk and start knowing eachother, but it seems that Kayn has just gotten Rhaast by the time of this story, so there isn't much to tell by now...
The game play is actually him trying struggling to control it on his own. So it picks off after he got it and proceeded to move on. It's up to the player on how his story unfolds.
: Wait, so Rengar is Shuriman?
theres jungles in the southern continent.
: Haven't been part of factions in forever. They've been stuck in limbo for a while though I think.
just like that status of yours lol......ok sorry i had the joke in mind. forgive me
JJB53 (NA)
: Aligning ourselves with a Runeterran city
I wish they would. That would have been a very cool mechanic.
Ralanr (NA)
: So Kayn's story made me realize that Noxus's military recruitment might be a little messed up.
Limrick (NA)
: Riot has said that Esports skins don't count, and I'd say Karma and Jhin prove that to be true. Kalista is in th egarbage can, so I don't think she'll get a skin until she gets a rework.
Apparently they do count, this Rioter's comment definitely seems like it.
: > [{quoted}](name=GenociderX,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=f7tJTeae,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2017-07-02T12:34:57.466+0000) > > My point is, Riot makes these team skins and will use that to suffice for an actual skin. How about Kalista? I know he got blood moon, But thats not my point. It's more that a lot of people love SKT/esports and want to celebrate them. For this year's SKT skins for example, the players told us what they wanted for concept/recalls/etc, so we were really able to personalize the skins to the taste of the players. If we're looking at scope, making an SKT skin isn't easier than making any other skin, it's an aesthetic choice. If it's not your cup of tea, that's cool too! :D
................. So a champion who can definitely fit in an existing skin line can always be missed because majority of players would rather have a skin of their favorite teams. This majority you speak of probably doesn't care about lore or any kind of AU skin lore. Kalista's last two skins came from this. And if the need comes, you'd give her another like it to satisfy this Majority. Ok gotcha.
Limrick (NA)
: Jhin just got Blood Moon, chill the fuck out lol. There are champs that came out before him that STILL haven't gotten a skin.
My point is, Riot makes these team skins and will use that to suffice for an actual skin. How about Kalista? I know he got blood moon, But thats not my point.
Zatsukino (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=GenociderX,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=F6KlQ9UP,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-07-02T03:15:39.892+0000) > > I'm certain that's going to be new eve. In her color text, she hold's Chem baron Takeda like that of a Vampire while baring her fangs. It's almost certain that's what she is. > I hope Riot makes her one after implying it. I'm a big eve fan. Nope, Evelynn was always kind of a blue demonic huntress or a succubus, im sure she will be reworked as a succubus, plus they already confirmed that she was.
they never confirmed anything about her except she's an assassin with high prices
: Anybody else disappointed in SKT Jhin?
I am. I want champions to have real skins......I look at the esports skins as they dont count. But Riot does.....Kalsita suffers just like jhin, and they wont give her a real skin. I really hate Riot for that.
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Zatsukino (EUW)
: So Riot, are you thinking about making a REAL vampire champion ?
I'm certain that's going to be new eve. In her color text, she hold's Chem baron Takeda like that of a Vampire while baring her fangs. It's almost certain that's what she is. I hope Riot makes her one after implying it. I'm a big eve fan.
: Jinx Theory: Origins of a Maniac
What if, when Jinx and Vi had their time alone in the Vaults during her heist, she spoke of Vi's real name?
GreenLore (EUW)
: Varus is likely not the darkin,but merely the host. There are honestly 2 rather easy solutions to this: 1.Make the bow the soruce of the corruption.The darkins are sentient weapons and Varus does have an organic bow.So it'd be easy to just replace "mysterious purple flame that corrupts him" with "mysterious purple bow that corrupts him" 2.Make it so that when the physical form of a darkin gets destroyed,their spirit is able to bind itself to another object.So in that case the purple flame would have been the spirit of the darkin,sealed away in the temple and when Varus broke the seal,the darkin bound itself to his bow.
The one im getting is number 1. I just don't understand the quick retcon for it.
Ralanr (NA)
: Why not? A bow isn't an uncommon weapon. It makes sense that a bow could be used as a vessel to imprison something like a Darkin.
I mean it's really about how Riot is just making fan theories coming true while not being creative apparently. Hinting a lazy choice....Because I thought they don't try to read theories they last said, otherwise it would seem like they aren't using their pwn ideas..
: Just my take on this: Aatrox is a Darkin, Kayn is a human wielding a scythe with a Darkin inside of it, Varus is a human corrupted by a Darkin trapped inside of the well which Rhaast is addressing.
The thing is....he already had a bow. There just happen to be another bow in the thing he's guarding?
Ralanr (NA)
: It allows for more connections which can make the world actually feel like a world rather than just a setting. Think of it like how the Noxus capital is now Mordekaiser's original fortress. It wasn't like that before, but making that connection official adds a little depth and suspense into the situation. With Varus's bow being a Darkin, we now have a better idea of what he's struggling with and what he may become if it isn't too late. We get a sense of the scale.
Then what is the Pit of Pallas? Isn't there still corruption seething? For All i know, anyone can become a Darkin just going to that place. I understand what you're saying, but I'm not sure a choice like that is going to fit right.
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Arakadia (NA)
: Your assuming that the people who asked for boob armor removal and hot guys are the same people. And your assuming that their feminists for not wanting boob armor. For all you know the people who want hot guys asked for boob armor too.
Wasn't talking about op in general, it's the fact that it happens that matters. Because I haven't seen a single complaint for Rakan or Taric, all the while they will get Riot if it was a female. Basically: where are the feminists? Shouldn't they be on this thread? This is the meaning behind my comment...
Arakadia (NA)
: Feminism has nothing to do with this really. It wasnt just Feminists asking for hot guys, just people in general.
Does. There used to be alot of post like the imfamous "kalye boob armor" thread that validates this. So yes, any one up here who criticized that Riot makes female champions too appealing then turn around and say "finally, some female fan service" is a hypocrite. I'm stating this because op felt the ned to post this, and ignore what the original criticism was. I could make a thread about them appealing to female fans(again) and would still mean the same thing
Wind234 (NA)
: Potentially, yes, but imagine the scenario: Kayn ults a target, but said target is close enough to his team where he can reach them easily. Once Kayn leaves said target, he will have to survive potentially four other champions attacking him all at once. Also, I think that Kayn can still be attacked even in the middle of Shadow Dash. Note how the ability description doesn't say that he's invulnerable while walking in walls - and it actually says that he loses a bonus if he's engaged with another champion in combat. That makes me think that he is still targettable even in walls, so if you're lucky enough to have an ability that can ignore walls like that, then you just might get him anyway.
That's the player's mistake. Even as other divers, you shouldn't dive in a fight you coudln't win. I can see using his ultimate for a weak low health champion escaping
: It's a good time to be a female gamer
goes to show...feminists are hypocrites when it comes to these things for league
Sharjo (EUW)
: Champion Reveal: Kayn the Shadow Reaper
He's from the order of the Shadow? I always assumed they were ninjas
Wind234 (NA)
: Huh....honestly, when they said the next champion was a transforming one, this was NOT what I was expecting. But that's a good thing, because this is a much more interesting mechanic! lol Fitting that this champ comes out near the end of the Order vs. Chaos event. I see what they did there. Anyway, the champ himself seems interesting. We finally have a scythe wielder AND a second Darkin! Potentially a third because I'm half-convinced Varus's corruption has to do with the Darkin too....I digress. While the character himself might be edgelord to the nth degree, I think he's got an interesting kit. We've never had someone who can ignore terrain like that before, and that possession ultimate seems kind of terrifying. Yet that could potentially screw him over, too - what's gonna stop the possessed enemy from walking back into his team and letting Kayn get murdered when he gets out? Gotta be careful with that. :P I see a lot of people comparing him to Yasuo and while I agree there are some similarities, there are enough differences where I don't see Kayn causing the same amount of frustration. Whether or not he'll be broken on release or fair to balance remains to be seen but I'm looking forward to the new face on the rift. Might have to practice my jungle game a bit!
Couldn't he just shadow dash through the wall as an escape?
Krabohod (NA)
: I think it would be mainly training. With a little bit GoT-like ruling of the clan.
Well that...then theres the rumors about them and how some other nobles always trying to denoble them
: Does this hold you over? A while back I asked an old friend to paint me a picture of my main boi, Nautilus, just chillin. I keep it framed at work now.
: I would love more of those types of cinematics. Even if they appear more "cheap" like the Lux one (although it was done by a master animator). Don't get me wrong, I adored the Lux one.
The lux on is probably my favorite. Some people seem to not understand it, complaining about fps problems. I wouldn't mind some others like that, I would be contempt it's lore
: Well, they kinda _do_ show Champions in their normal daily lives. Granted, some of their "normal daily lives" can be pretty extreme (looking at you, Sarah), but that's why they're Champions. They're amazing and amazing (if dangerous) crap happens to them, frequently.
Imagine seeing the daily life of Fiora. I'm kind of a sucker for medieval films and that would definitely leave me contempt. Stuff like spartacus with it's combat sides and political.
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: > [{quoted}](name=GenociderX,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=kwGlOjUN,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-06-19T22:30:41.202+0000) > > Well it would have been fine, even great with the old lore. But i'm more interested in settling personal disputes among champions. Fair, but I dislike the notion of settling personal scores in that manner. I don't want the canon Riven vs Yasuo fight (whenever that ends up happening) to be decided based on a popularity contest. Honestly, I was thinking a Demacia vs Noxus sorta deal. That's gotta happen at some point, right?
The thing is, their dispute isn't canon. Yasuo never met riven, nor is riven confirmed the killer. I like the region battles, but focusing on smaller stories aren't bad either. If it was Demacia vs Noxus, say quinn had to get Talon. Something like that.
: This sort of format does lend itself pretty well to something similar to the Ionia vs Noxus thing Kinda makes me wish that the League was still a real thing in-universe. Summoners show their support for their particular side (by selecting an icon), and the better they perform the better the propaganda spins. etc etc
Well it would have been fine, even great with the old lore. But i'm more interested in settling personal disputes among champions.
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: Think the only big difference was the magic they use and ideals. I mean, Kayle and her bunch seems so bent on justice they'd kill people for the smallest offense due to not tolerating evil and things. Morg and her bunch just appear extremely power hungry and evil as in not caring about consequences as long as their goals are reached.
> I mean, Kayle and her bunch seems so bent on justice they'd kill people for the smallest offense due to not tolerating evil and things. Demacia!
: Meet the Archivists....again!
Sorry man, people here love to play the favoritism game around here. I do like that you are trying to do something for the community. Rather than people have flock behind one or a couple people. I honestly hate the way the story and Art boards have become. No one can express their opinion or theories about things anymore.
: Only 1 question comes to mind: Have you, do you, and will you have an unwavering dedication to the Master Archivist himself, the keeper of the legendary Sharjonic Archives, Sharjo? If not, I see no reason for you to be here.
Wow really? > If not, I see no reason for you to be here. People have to be like sharjo to do something Fun around here now? You have got to be kidding me.
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