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: Honestly I think {{champion:14}} is a running back, It would suit him more. Or at least in my opinion. He is kind of like Marshawn Lynch.
I agree. Imagine him shouting "Touchdown" as he ults, and spiking the ball to create the big hit at the end of his run.
: Very well could make the raging worse...we can hope for the best tho! I would like it!
I suppose if someone is unhappy with team comp the pre-game chat could go badly, but I feel overall this would be a positive addition.
Shurikend (EUW)
: if you start raging even in the loading screen how are u in game oO"
What I mean is that people tend to not rage online at people they like, where as some people have no problem being toxic to complete strangers. By being able to talk and joke before the match, players get to know the people they're playing with, and thus are more likely to hold their tongue when things go badly in game. In short, my theory is "pre-game joking = less toxicity in-game."
: Where's the loading screen option?!
Yeah I would love to be able to talk strategy while waiting for the game to load. Also, to pass the time joking with people if someone is loading slowly. Getting to know your team prior to the start may even help avoid raging during the game.
: Supports
I think being able to more effectively provide utility (vision) for your team is supposed to be the trade off for the one less personal item. I don't think giving supports a free item slot is really fair in that regards. Recently posts have been made to think-tank some ideas in adding [versatility to Sightstone]( I think giving the "mandatory support item" some versatility similar to how jungle items have been given options is a much better idea. Also, what would stop {{champion:64}} from being able to exchange trinket for Sightstone? Do we really want to let him have an extra item?
Wofye (NA)
: If you went on a date with your most used champion...
Either I'm {{champion:201}} Going to the gym, saving the nearby town from dragons, and ending the night with milkshakes, or {{champion:41}} I'm getting wasted and painting the town red. Either way I have a great story the next morning.
: Your favorite champion takes you to their house and cooks their favorite meal
{{champion:41}} Appetizer of rum For dinner, we have oranges, served with Grog. Finished with a light dessert of: more rum.
Maloski (NA)
: Who's your favorite Champion and why?
{{champion:201}} He's just so fun to listen to, so much more of his character shows through in-game than most champs IMO. Also, I love making big saves with jump/shield combo.
: Thresh or Braum?
How can you not choose the mustache {{champion:201}} ? It really depends on how you want to play your support. I personally love Braum because I prefer tanky bruiser champions and I absolutely love saving my ADC while providing a stun from my passive. If you like more of a poke-support and good for setting up kills, then Thresh is your guy. Also note that thresh has a higher skill cap than Braum. I've heard people compare Leona and Thresh in play style, so if you don't like Leona, you may have a hard time with Thresh. Honestly though, supports come around pretty quickly in free rotation so I would just hold off until you've tried them both.
: that would push us to far the other direction. Things like azir wall are a good thing but what we really need is a way to reduce mobility with out reducing consistency. I think the slowing the dash animation could potentially be good.
> [{quoted}](name=Sammystorm,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PV2EQ8oO,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2015-01-06T10:25:40.893+0000) > >I think the slowing the dash animation could potentially be good. I agree. This seems like a great way to affect mobility creep without causing a massive rework of the system. Champs still dash their full distance (and thus don't have a problem reaching enemies/going over walls), but still makes the slow relevant against champions with lots of dashes. Even Lee (and anybody else with a targeted dash) gets a clear effect placed on him. It's not game-breaking or crippling to high mobility champs. The only thing I can think against this is that a big slow would lock someone in their dash, essentially turning their dash into a sort of channeled ability. Also, what about special cases like Ezreal's flash?
: Reasons Why it's Unenjoyable to be a New League of Legends Player
As a lvl 12 player, I actually rarely find myself going up against players that I can definitively say are smurfs. I would say that most of the problems for new people come from lack of knowledge. Knowing what abilities champions have and how they play are a HUGE part of the steep learning curve. Understanding the meta (and when/how to break it) is another important thing for new players. When I try a new champ in bot games, I almost always see a champ in a non-meta role or lane. Honestly, watching videos of people playing on youtube is the best way to learn the game, because you can take the time to analyze and understand the champions you see without the stress of being blown up or worrying about costing your team the win. No one is going far in ranked because they watched videos over actually playing, but they have personally helped me clear the learning curve and I can usually hold my own when I play duo with my gold-ranked friend.
Duke Anax (EUW)
: Yes Sticking to one champ will greatly improve your play. Once you no longer need to think about which buttons to press when, you can actually pay attention to what you are even doing. However don't play that champ exclusively, every second or third game, do something different, get into lane (even with Udyr, but also with others), and use the free weak to play other champs, also other junglers. You don't need to get good with any one it, a couple of games is all you need to get a graps on the role or the champ. Doing it yourself will give better results in a few games than just playing along or playing against will ever do. The better you know how laners play the better you can decide on when and how to gank. Also when you know what a champ can do and what not, you'll have an easier time fighting them.
I completely agree. It's one thing to know your champ inside and out, but it's at least equally important knowing what the enemy champs are capable of. For example, I mained Gangplank for a while, and knowing when to expect enemy CC from certain champions made me much stronger with Gangplank b/c I knew when to hold my Remove Scurvy.
: if it's intended, then it's poorly thought it, in my opinion. Most true displacements (i.e., not stuns with knock-up visual effects, like Vi's ult) have much lower durations than stuns. A singed/mundo shouldn't be able to turn Alistar's headbutt into a .1 second stun. A bruiser/tank shouldn't be able to buy one relatively inexpensive item to basically completely ignore Janna's ult. This item would make a champion pretty much immune to janna/alistar's kit. The active effect is way too strong against a small number of champions, while being pretty much useless against most of the cast, which means its impossible to price fairly. If you price it to be fair against Alistar (in which case the active effect should be absurdly expensive) it's not worth buying against anyone else. If you price it to be usable in an average game, it's totally broken against ali/janna/etc. This would be like releasing an active with the effect "reduces damage from ninja champions by 50% for 5 seconds." Knock ups are effectively stuns that aren't effected by tenacity. Their duration is tuned lower as a result, and they are intended to be a counter to champions with natural tenacity. Turning them into stuns allows tenacity to hard counter what is intended to be a counter to tenacity... this would be like releasing an item that converts enemy armor penetration into extra armor for yourself. As for knock-backs... they generally have completely negligible durations. This item makes a champion, for all intents and purposes, completely immune to knock back abilities. You shouldn't be able to buy a single item with universally useful stats in order to make yourself immune to knock backs for a whopping 5 seconds. Speaking of its stats, you keep saying this is a "tank" item, but it's relatively inexpensive, and offers two stats (health and CDR) that are useful on almost anyone. There's absolutely nothing stopping any bruiser picking this item up, and making themselves practically immune to the kits of champs like Janna and Alistar. There isn't any need for this kind of effect in the game. There isn't a problem right now with champions being perma-stunned by knock-ups. Nor do I think knock-backs are, in particular, overpowered. It's an unnecessary and overpowered active.
I agree that the ability as written is over powered, but I think the idea is good. In particular, the idea of reducing horizontal displacement. knock-ups (as a stun effect) are not particularly bad to the tank (as their purpose is to eat damage and CC), but a forced displacement can almost completely negate a tank in a team fight. Tank goes goes in first to initiate a fight, and suddenly is pushed to their back line, leaving the team exposed. Given that most tanks are not particularly fast, and team fights (not always but) can be decided in two seconds (especially against burst-oriented teams), there are times where a single ability has negated a champion's main effect to the team fight. I think a more appropriate writing of the effect would be: "for the next five seconds, forced displacement effects (not including knock ups) are reduced by half" Activating it prior to initiating a fight doesn't completely negate the enemy's effect, but does keep the tank in the fight. It also makes the item much more situational (Since only a few champs have forced displacement). Given that tanks are meant to be big, beefy characters, shouldn't they be able to resist displacement more anyway?
: should darius ult hit if you flash before the animation is done?
I may be wrong, but aren't most point and click abilities undodgeable? I thought ranged auto attacks, as well as ranged point and click spells can't be dodged after they take flight. Taric's Dazzle, with it's slow speed stands out as as spell I've seen connect after the enemy flashes (even outside it's max range). It seems unfair to make a melee champion's ultimate suddenly miss with a flash if ranged abilities don't.
: Tips for a new player by a new player.
To go with "know your champion" I recommend watching youtube to see how the champ plays and handles. Tons of people have "how to [champion]" guides, and just watching videos in general will help acclimate you to champion play styles, certain lanes, situational plays, etc. It's how I learned to jungle, among other things.


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