: Twitch Prime Loot
Bump, still haven't received it
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: Disconnected and cant recconect.
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: God Fist Lee Sin
WOW, I wonder where they got the idea for this skin... Iron Fist? One Punch Man? Who knows. It's unoriginal.
: Time to uninstall LoL and never return. Fuck riot
: Help! How would you play as Ahri versus a Yasuo?
Wait until he dashes toward you to charm, and if he wind walls with a hard engage, ult through or around his wind wall before casting charm or your q. Try to taunt his wind wall out with q pokes when you have mana, and once it is on cooldown, engage. Rely on team help for cc and fighting him.
: has anybody made it past the queue
https://gyazo.com/c9743ad465cd9fe6bdc75cefc0e62fab Was position 1. Now I'm past that, and stuck at "Logging on". I have been for 10 minutes at least.
: Just stuck at logging on
: servers back on! f u @poodlecorp!!!
This is what it looks like to be first in queue. https://gyazo.com/c9743ad465cd9fe6bdc75cefc0e62fab Also, it finally opened into "Logging on..." but it's been doing so for 5 minutes now.
: Servers down?
SO CLOSE. https://gyazo.com/c9743ad465cd9fe6bdc75cefc0e62fab
: [CLIENT] Unable to select masteries before entering a game
I also have noticed multiple other posts regarding this issue, and none have been resolved or commented on by a moderator. I feel like this is an urgent issue. EDIT: I think I may have found a way to make the issue re-repeatable on other peoples' clients. Steps: While waiting in a pre-game lobby, keep your mastery pages open with your desired page. When you enter the game, if your keystone is missing, you have no equipped masteries, and will get a client error in every game after that, along with the inability to edit or assign masteries to your champion.
Helltoken (EUW)
: Masteries
koda23 (EUW)
: masteries BUG
BUMP: This is the same issue I've posted about RIOT.
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: [CLIENT] Unable to choose any masteries in champion select
UPDATE: I recently did a full repair on the launcher and I believed it was fixed, until it happened in my following game. This REALLY ruins the game for me, PLEASE do something. Here is a .gif of what is happening (Note: this is AFTER the full repair scan).: https://gyazo.com/8e7da292550bf4ca5bf53b3c7612be3f
: [CLIENT] Unable to choose any masteries in champion select
This has happened to me for the last three games. It is really ruining my games. Please fix.
: The fall of assassins in pro play
I think in order to fit the new "tank-meta", there should be champions released in the future that are specifically designed to target tanks. Champions with great, consistent damage to tanks using % health damage, or true damage, should be integrated soon. Of course there are a few, but none of them are directly oriented to killing tanks or tank-busters.
: [Client] "Logging onto chat service"
I am also having this issue as of today. HELP RIOT, PLS.
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: Can't log in because my client is HUGE
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: Can you explain more? Does this happen even if Kalista does not attack the minion? Does this happen even if Kalista is at her base? Does this mean that entering soul-bond means you can never get any farm for yourself?
The Sentinel passive is only in effect when both Kalista and her Soul Bound are attacking a minion in this case. In order to apply the passive, the attacks from both the Soul Bound and Kalista must hit within **ONE second** of the other.
: OMG, I knew it! Ashe is a support! She can: 1. poke in safety 2. applies slows 3. gets bonus damage on passive 4. has a ranged ult that engages teamfights 5. has a skill that gives extra vision Just throw a spelltheif's on her and pair her up with any adc. ya'll motherf***rs who didn't believe me, you just got told.
I logged in **just** to upvote this. Well played.
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: Entire Team Disconnected, and Not Able to Reconnect Due to Unresponsive Servers
Dude, now I can't log in. Position is 1 in queue, but it wont log me in.
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