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: 1 serves to punish players for breaking the rules in a light way so they know their behavior is below standards, and warns that future behavior like that will result in harsher punishments. if it makes someone more mad, thats a personal problem with them. A lot of people dont do well with authority. 2 because people like to communicate 3 theyre not, i believe they would be called neutral. Neutral comments will not get you punished unless youre spamming.
"Because people like to communicate" then why have a mute all, mute ping, mute emote option in the game? Also, why have chat restrict if communication is key? Saying "Stop feeding" is a neutral comment, also asking for reports is something neutral because people have a choice to do so or not, and if it only takes 1 report apparently to trigger the system to review the game, then why would someone get punished for asking for reports? its just a scummy system. You get the same punishment for saying "you suck" and "stop feeding" , one you get a little faster then the other, pathetic .
: You'd lose before you even file a court case. Because you lost for even thinking about it. The judge wouldn't even show up because you already lost. The judge would probably just post the case on humor reddit post for laughs. That's how accurate the TOS is and how specific it is. Just how is, no matter how hard you deny it. You're not the first and you're not the last who attempted and failed miserably. Don't agree to terms you don't understand. That is all. We're done here. Good day.
Who said they didnt "understand"? your FORCED to accept them regardless if they are right or wrong. just to play the game.. So good day, come again! Good game bad company is what that is, league isnt the only one.
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: Riot Created Iron rank but Im seeing worse players in Upper Silver then I did before Iron was added.
I never played rank that much in past season, iv got to like gold pretty simple when i tried and always got silver out of prov games. I actually wanted to climb this season and im at plat 4(might stop because of what happened to me in gold 1). I got placed b1 this season on this fresh account, skipped s4 ,s2,g3, was climbing easy , ever since i hit silver 1/gold i was facing plat 4s every game , i hit gold one and still was facing plat 3/4s with some plat twos very rare and i failed promo's for plat 3 times and dropped to 30 lp two different times in gold 1 and i was confused because i was facing the same rank. I also took a hit in my overall win rate and win rations on my champs.. SOME PEOPLE IN MY GAME WERE SO BAD it was a 100% boosted account or someones little brother was playing for the first time. I could probably get high plat , maybe even d4 if i kept grinding rank but i think it gives me more cancer in my brain.
Kei143 (NA)
: Nubrac's scenario is very different than the scenario you mentioned. You scenario the bot lane is already losing and already has no pressure, midgame is about to come as well and people already have a significant amount of gold in their pocket. It's very different than Nubrac sitting in midlane during all of laning phase while he just mainly sits in midlane soaking up exp and not doing **that ** much to exert pressure. Anyways, this is more about how we can turn your unproductive (and mildly toxic) chat into things that can help your team, so let's focus on that.
The scenario i said was mid losing, me roaming mid to help them out(as support) and my adc/bot lane is now solo and can get 2v1 or even 3v1 (also could die to mid because mid is bad and end up not getting anything from mid) 2nd: my "mildly toxic" isnt "toxic". Thats the problem with the community of league and people not being taught in school that utopia is a fake place and it wont ever exist just look at history. I know what "toxic" actually is and i understand the difference between being mean, being BLUNT and also PERSONALLY TARGETING someone. You say "unproductive" .. PLEASE ANYONE, you or ANYONE ELSE THAT READS THIS.. Give me a video PROOF of someone doing bad in a game and someone giving them advice on why they are losing and how to change.. and they start winning and doing better that game(this does not count for someone missing hooks and toward the end of game they start hitting them).. IF NOT THEN BEING POSITIVE IS UNPRODUCTIVE . Either way look at it like this : If someone is doing bad, its a bad game for them, THEY WILL NOT BECOME GOOD IF SOMEONE SAYS SOMETHING POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE . so is it actually productive to even talk? probably not so why have chat?
Kei143 (NA)
: It's the "play under tower or wait for jgler" that's the important part. The "you are dying too much" isn't that important. From a gameplay perspective, you as support being elsewhere would draw pressure away from your bot laner. Either that or they ignore you and you use that pressure to trade objectives. If they 3v1 your bot laner and take the tower but your team takes 2 towers back, that's a good trade for your team. Especially when you are behind.
So have you not seen numbrac videos and doublelift and backlash for roaming supports leaving adc to solo lane and most the time losing lane, losing tower(is behind all game) while mid barley gets ahead on your team. I jungle sometimes also, and i can gank a lane twice and help them get ahead and THEM STILL LOSE LANE.. so its not like me influencing another lane does not help me win the game, help him win lane possibly , but its still a coinflip chance to win.
: Instead of useless negativity, why not give some constructive advice? "Play further back" or "swap with top since he's ahead" is useful advice. "Stop dying" in any iteration is just useless negativity, and making it sound like a command is aggressive.
> [{quoted}](name=Luigi Nooooo,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=AcE9shjE,comment-id=00010000000000000001,timestamp=2019-08-11T20:58:01.369+0000) > > Instead of useless negativity, why not give some constructive advice? "Play further back" or "swap with top since he's ahead" is useful advice. "Stop dying" in any iteration is just useless negativity, and making it sound like a command is aggressive. So what your saying is that if someone is doing bad mid, mid laner on other team is fed, its best to switch him to another lane and hope he does not feed that one right? that is the HOPE, because its not a 100% fact he will do better or win? And also telling someone "Swap with top since hes ahead" your implying that he is losing lane(doing bad/feeding) and telling him to switch (which he return he can say no or yes or not reply at all) . But isn't telling someone what to do aggressive right? ---These randoms in ranked are not like a pro team, one person isnt the shot caller and non of them have played together before and understand how each person plays.--- Now saying "hey , you should switch with top since he is ahead, you good with that mid? " now that sentence is 5x longer then "stop feeding" or even "stop dying" . he has 3 options on the "useful advice" Switching, Says no, or does not answer at all and does whatever he is already doing. Sorry, im looking at it from common sense perspective which i know tons of people lack in todays times. If someone is doing bad in the game rather it be a bad game for them or they are boosted, NOTHING WILL IMPROVE THERE GAME PLAY DURING THAT GAME.
: Nope. Not true. Just don't be toxic. Heed the warnings. If you can't, then don't agree to Terms of Use that you're incapable of following.
TOS is too 100% save riot from going to court over any reason, from it being someone spending money then getting perma banned, or being banned for toxic behavior and ALSO IN THE SUPER RARE CASE of someone accidentally being punished by the system.. Just makes sure riot dont get sue'd for any and everything. People have different thought on "toxic" because saying "stop feeding" "stop dying" or asking for reports are NOT i repeat NOT toxic. Saying "you suck" 100% toxic, saying "your bad" toxic, because its a direct term that is blatantly mean. (even if they do suck, its still mean to tell the truth in games for the most part: Some game company dont care about that because its not important) If your not good at the game then you shouldn't play ranked because that is the competitive mode correct? if you want to have fun and troll , you do normals correct? and even if you do normals, is it still okay to troll and go 0/11 or afk for 10-15 minutes because your adc was a neeko and trolled picked and does not have base game mechanics ?
Julevi (EUW)
: Ah yes, I love the pings “Jungler, if you want you can grab a few minions as a thank you for ganking me“ and “Nasus, push Top. We build up pressure mid - team don't fight!“. Just because Pings cover some basic calls/interactions does not mean the chat will be useless for other tactical discussions. Besides that: you can try raising the teamspirit there or have fun, crack some jokes. Regarding your edit: I openly admit that I downvoted this thread - mostly because you argue the same way I have read so many times before by other punished people. No, player who dislike your in-game behaviour are not automatically “insecure people“ and the way of thinking that chat only serves for getting easier bans/CR or players being toxic/flaming tells me a lot about your experiences and point of view.
So going back to basics because your forgetting and thinking that one person is the lead and tells people what to do like a dictatorship ... Not everyone will listen, thats the first problem, 2nd problem that someone else stated was you can "mute all when you get in-game" which is what some people do so then you TYPING or PINGING is useless.. 3rd problem is that most people above plat know how to play, and know what is best, If you ping nasus and then ping assistance top(common sense and process of elimination tells you that nasus was pinged and top needs assistance. Then you ping on your way mid and if you have to ping your other teammates. I actually dont care what you think my POV is, or if you think im toxic. Everyone has a opinion and thoughts , its part of being human and having a personality . The thing that is not up for debate is FACTS. People not listening, People being muted, People getting mad that your trying to tell them how to play(different play styles as SPLIT,1v5,TEAM, and FARMER). Also can be that you TELLING someone what to do may not be the BEST advice to win the game. Be open minded to understand , plenty of times someone said they were going to split, and team gets caught out or a fight starts. Stuff that actually happens all the time.
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: You know that you can now mute yourself and your allies? Its essentially the same as deleting chat.
But that brings me to my point, what is the point of being ABLE to if your ABLE to just make it irrelevant. if it has no use and is NOT needed... why have it in there? to punish people so they get less free rewards is what i assume, because since the new hex tech system you get more free loot , they made "toxic" a more loosely thrown term and now applies to anything not positive. From when i played before hex tech.
Kei143 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Get mad ur bad,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=AcE9shjE,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-08-11T01:03:25.999+0000) > > I understand its "other ways" to say someone sucks and stuff, but if someone is feeding, what do you say? You've answered you own question; > > > let them know they are dying to much and that they should try to stay under turrent and stop dying / or wait for jungle.. If they don't listen, then you can try to influence their lane yourself, or get the jgler to focus other lanes instead.
But you do know me telling them they are dying to much, is the same as saying "feeder" so, stop feeding is just a shorter way of saying "your dying to much, stop dying" right? And explain something to someone takes longer then saying 2-5 words that sum up there actions. But if im support, and i roam mid, then they could 3v1 my bot lane or even 2v1 my adc if they are smart.
: What does Chat restrict do?
Either way, i think the typing part of chat needs to be deleted.. no point in having it when you have pings that can tell someone what your doing. edit- It would decrease "toxic" behavior by at least 90% (other 10% will probably run it down mid because they cant type) LOL
: Simple. It's your first two warnings. Simply a warning. Nothing more. Then if you don't heed the warning, Riot will force you to take a break on that account. If you don't learn from that break, Riot will then remove the account from the game. 4 Tiers. 2 Chat Warnings. 1 Break. 1 Removal.
The problem is does that make someone NOT be "toxic" or does it make them become more "toxic". Like obviously when you get punished you usually dont want it to happen again, right? but this is a game, and if you get punished for something minor or stupid(numbrac situation) its going to piss you off and make you more mad... Riots game is good, it use to be great, but the community it self ruins some players experience, rather it be someone "toxic" or someone that is not good(boosted or bad rank/mmr system). Me getting punished just "tilts" or makes me more mad and usually when something makes you more angry , you either hold it all in and have turmoil within, or you let it out... which problem now a days, is they want you to force keep it all in if not your punished or frowned upon or looked at differently. With someone who has had problems within, its something that league does not need to force upon people , people enjoy the game, not so much others that they play with(unless premades).
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: > [{quoted}](name=Get mad ur bad,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=AcE9shjE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-10T23:34:13.534+0000) > > > 3rd question: Why are the minor things that are NOT NEGATIVE NOR POSITIVE "toxic" and can get you chat restricted? > > Answer: So as for this , that goes for my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of what a riot employee has told me the reason for my chat restricts.. are "Asking for reports regardless of what the person has done as follow: Afk, Feed/troll,Verbal abuse etc." Also Saying "Stop feeding, stop flaming , play better" more on the "stop feeding,play better" are apparently "toxic" > > just saying "play better" and or "stop feeding" should not be a reportable or toxic offence which i was told by a riot employee. > So I'll answer this one. True neutral texts are not punishable. Asking for reports alone is not a punishable offense, but when used in the form of harassment and wanting to get someone's account banned, that's when it's punishable. * Report ahri no skin * fun, laughable, light banter - not punishable * Report this troll Neeko ADC * Attempts to get someone banned - harassment and punishable Most the time, there isn't a good reason to ask for reports. The system only needs 1 report to trigger the automated system for a review and more reports don't change the result of that review nor does it get people punished any faster. Report count only matters in manual reviews, and report count is not the only thing they take in account when reviewing. "Play better", "stop feeding" are just other ways to say "you suck", so it isn't a true neutral. If 5 was neutral, 1 is extremely negative and 10 was extremely positive, telling someone to play better or stop feeding is like .. 4.8. If you wanted to provide constructive criticism, then teach them how to play better, like give them tips on CSing under tower or when to use the defensive shields to block majority of the damage, and not just the small part of the combo. Stop flaming is neutral though.
I understand its "other ways" to say someone sucks and stuff, but if someone is feeding, what do you say? hey, stop dying so much? that is also another form of saying someone sucks because it all leads back to them playing bad, intent or not. Also with troll neeko adc that is legit admitting to not trying in the chat and being like "im just a normal neeko adc" and saying that probably 5 times throughout the game is the problem with the system, because she wont be banned for that or chat restricted even though she is "triggering" people to get pissed. I dont know, i understand "toxic" i do because i WAS toxic.. i use to tell people they suck, and the 3 letter abbreviation.. i understand those direct personal attacks are punishable, but saying something that is not toxic nor positive should not result in a punishment.. By me saying "stop feeding" that then lets them know they are dying to much and that they should try to stay under turrent and stop dying / or wait for jungle.. and it is much easier to say "stop feeding" and not waste time because im walking back to lane or something or recalling then to type on how they can play better(which does not mean they will listen and can get offended because im also telling them how to play: mainly them not listening) I know i was toxic a few years ago, but now me losing honor level 3 for saying "stop feeding" "play better" and also asking for reports which if it only takes 1 report then me asking for reports wont get them banned faster apparently. But i lose motivation and it also does no justice for me or my teammates because now im mad i just lost honor level 3 (which takes forever) because of super minor reports. In the end i honestly think the system needs a update because all it does is make people more toxic in the end, i think probably 5-10% of the people chat restricted dont get punished again and that might be cause they MUTE ALL as soon as they get in-game which in turn makes chat pointless. -- Thanks for the good reply though !! I just think the word "toxic" has been put on anything that isnt positive and thats where problems occur. just because someone is not "positive" does not mean they are "toxic"(i quote the word toxic because i think its a stupid form of the word mean.
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: Diamond+ is always top 2% regardless of server, that's how Riot has set the MMR standard. Though not saying that being diamond in NA is the same as being diamond in KR.
Im like 100% sure diamond is more then 2% of the population playing league on a server. if anything at least 1% higher then that. Either way, some people are probably diamond level but are not in it, sadly i know im plat worthy, stuck in gold 1 facing plats all day since g4 but got to gold 1 still facing the same ranks and cant past promos to save a human life.
Kei143 (NA)
: Then don't say it's common sense. Diamonds+ are top 2% of the population. So many things they do don't portray to the masses. If you want to make this post about the top 2%, then specify it in your original post.
Now 2% worldwide? and is that factoring in alt accounts and or accounts not played anymore? but it is common sense.. im not trying to wait on a miracle bro, just like im not depending on hitting the lottery to get rich
Kei143 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Get mad ur bad,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=VUP484yA,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-03T12:57:25.871+0000) > > It's pretty common, most of you are probably like this, or at least experienced it at least a few times.. When a game is going bad, and 1 lane is winning, lets say bot lane. Your apart of the bot lane, your winning lane, higher cs on adc, your up 2 kill too nothing.. you look at the scoreboard, OH MY, jungler is 0-2, your top is 1-3, your mid is 0-2.. This is going to be a loss, from a COMMON SENSE perspective This is where I stopped reading. People throw all the time in mid/late game. People are well practiced for the laning phase, but they suck in macro plays. Better shot calling wins mid/late game and I always play with that in mind.
> [{quoted}](name=Kei143,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=VUP484yA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-03T14:55:52.160+0000) > > This is where I stopped reading. People throw all the time in mid/late game. People are well practiced for the laning phase, but they suck in macro plays. Better shot calling wins mid/late game and I always play with that in mind. Lower elo's that happens all the time, in higher elo its very rare, because players have better mechanical skill.. Silver/bronze and even gold can do that all the time, but its a waste of time in higher elo, most people want to surrender and go next .
rujitra (NA)
: If your team picks all early game champs that fall off, that's partly your fault. Nobody is obligated to surrender. Maybe you should learn to play some more champs that have varying power spikes, that way if your entire team wants to play early game champs you can make up for it by playing a good scaling late game champ.
So what your saying is , if you cant 1v5 on a champion , then you should what? play kayle and hope to god you get full build and can do something?? Oh and i should be the ONLY person to pick around my team if they pick early game champs, i should try to be the solo carry late game?
: Probably the same mindset of the bot lane giving up on the game. Those scorelines mean jack shit depending on other variables.
> [{quoted}](name=Imperial Pandaa,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=VUP484yA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-03T13:01:13.820+0000) > > Probably the same mindset of the bot lane giving up on the game. Those scorelines mean jack shit depending on other variables. so your depending on the enemy team throwing the game late game, which cool , bronze/silver players do it all the time, VERY VERY VERY RARE, for higher elo players that are not on boosted accounts too throw a game.. Thats the problem with people assuming oh, the score is 1/9 lets wait for them to throw while they keep snowballing even more and never surrender. 'NEVER SURRENDER" mentality waste more time and tilt more people for there next games, because some people want to take the loss and go next.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Get mad ur bad,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=oZcTLl7K,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2019-06-23T21:02:45.743+0000) > > He is in higher elo, please tell me how often he WONT have a STREAMER in one of his games? and he streams him self? dont use scummy tactics like NB. Im not, thats what riot said
> [{quoted}](name=Midg3t,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=oZcTLl7K,comment-id=000100020000,timestamp=2019-06-23T21:41:06.270+0000) > > Im not, thats what riot said The thing is, you trust them? they first said he was int-feeding.. which he only had two deaths.. then they said it was griefing then when it wasnt either of those they went to him stream sniping, dont trust what riot says . i promise you they always try to make them selfs look good even when they mess up.
: Riot why are you putting newly level 30 players in their ranked promos in our ranked games?
Midg3t (EUNE)
: 1. Nubrac played that strat only when in game with another streamer. Not to mention he didnt communicate with his team. 2. Every1 can play on another acc after getting banned 3. thats PBE acc not LPP xD
> [{quoted}](name=Midg3t,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=oZcTLl7K,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-23T18:59:44.499+0000) > > 1. Nubrac played that strat only when in game with another streamer. Not to mention he didnt communicate with his team. > 2. Every1 can play on another acc after getting banned > 3. thats PBE acc not LPP xD He is in higher elo, please tell me how often he WONT have a STREAMER in one of his games? and he streams him self? dont use scummy tactics like NB.
: You realize that on a normal basis it takes upwards of 15 minutes to find a game on PBE if you're not in the optimal time zone?
I played like 4-5 games before i got off that one night i accidentally closed the client.. and my que's were instant and it was 1am+ est. But i mean, what your saying is proving my point of making more pbe servers to help login que and matchmake que? but i have heard people having long que's sometimes.
They dont really care about pbe , and getting people in.. If they did, they would create servers like normal and have each region its own, to eliminate these login ques that actually take a WHOLE DAY, to get in, and thats IF YOU DONT GET HIT WITH A ERROR, or a maintenance that could random happen also. Its kind of sad, i got in once after 16 hours but it was late, played a few games and got tired, i accidentally exited out of the pbe client. rip , waited 9 ..... 9 hours to get the que down to 2 hours and hit with a error. if i reque it would be another 10 hour wait, and thats just killing me mentally. so im good. guess ill find something else to do.

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