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: Help me find my mouse Rito...your my only hope.
Can not relate, but thumbs up for inclusivity.
logique (NA)
: Is download page offering new client?
Still comes with the old files I believe, Downloaded it today on a fresh PC.
: Can you move the "A player has left..." message so it doesn't completely cover Loot/Store/RP/IP?
Agreed! Also keeps you from seeing the details of someone honoring you.
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: when you think you got a good support and then they don't buy a sightstone
When you have {{item:2049}} and {{item:3340}}, then you quickly back embarrassed.
Amici (NA)
: Most out of meta support?
{{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}}
: Ranked "Fix"
I placed in Plat 2 after flex promos with insane MMR. My PC crashed during that new single promo and it placed me in Silver 2. My hopes were so high for the season and now their at the lowest. I played super well which helped me win 9/10. I played against Diamonds and a master (even though I was only Gold 1 last season). I really hope the revert this.
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: Urfwick wants a Loot Box and voice chat and better support
Supporting is fun when you play {{champion:26}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:26}}


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