: Send Cloud9 Your Worlds Energy!
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: You don't have to be the one playing him, and making it viable in Ai kinda takes out the purpose of a quest.
Um so did I read it wrong when it said play one "as" kayn??? {{summoner:14}}
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: is it me, or the people always pick the same summoner spells since s5?
Because it works. Those are the best options we have with the current summoner spells, to fix this we need new ones but because summoners don't exist anymore those aren't really legit lol. The Adc takes heal so they can kite and survive damage easier, why wouldnt the ADC take ignite? Well cause its risky business especially with the damage output currently. Although it does shit with oneshots and all. Lol The support takes exhaust instead of heal cause when the supports not around the ADC in early game has little life steal and no heal which results in unanswered damage early game especially in a 2v1 situation and possible kills handed over Mid is self explanatory. Its in the middle of the map why would you tp a short distance? Start walking damn it lol Top has tp for pressure especially for bot lane and since top lane is usually the bruiser lane they farm more which means they are rarely seen outside of lane before 10 min, ever and the jungler is fine with whatever he takes. Ignite smite maybe? Most junglers have gap closers anyway so big whoop vi Lee sej heca yi etc In short. Because it works and it works the best
: Is LoLReplay2 considered cheating?
So I decided to remove and uninstall it anyway since riot will be implementing a recording option in the near future its to risky atm maybe in the future there will be a more clear post as to rules on this sorta thing. THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP GUYS
Dolasaur (NA)
: Better safe than sorry. Even if it is "okay" right now, you never know when they'll add a "not okay" feature and you'll get an irreversible permaban. Anything that affects in-game is incredibly risky. Riot also often doesn't immediately ban cheating stuff; they wait a while for general engineering security development reasons. Regardless of how benign it may seem, or whether you can say "I could find this information out other ways if I wanted", there's one important question: "How willing am I to risk my account being permabanned?" I'm not comfortable with any level of risk there, so I don't use any game mods. But if you're a pretty casual player and haven't spent much money on RP, then the answer might be different for you. @Others You can also spectate yourself at a 3 minute delay and see where Teemo shrooms are or where enemy blue/control wards are. Do you think that Riot would be okay with someone writing a program that pinged/overlaid "enemy placed a shroom/ward here 3 minutes ago"? That's publicly available information too. Simply being public doesn't make it okay to add in-game.
: Is LoLReplay2 considered cheating?
Ok so, so far I understand that's its pretty much public info yes, but I get the info of current runes and masteries they are using in game atm, is it still fair game or is that cheating? BTW this is during game not post game and it allows me to check anytime in game. Is that cheating?
Dolasaur (NA)
: Do you mean it adds them to the replay, or that it adds them to your in-game screen in some way? If it's only post-game effects, that's one thing. But getting additional information in-game is a different story, and *much* more likely to get you banned.
Yeah it gives it to you ingame and as to what they are currently using so I I'm so confused
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: MSI In-Game Rewards
Sad thing is I never knew it was a competition so I just bought the icon but never used it :\
Mhija (NA)
: Lucian vs Thresh: WHO WOULD WIN?
I guess it's not much guessing on who I'm gonna choose lol
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: Happy Valentine’s!
Love is letting your adc take all the kills..
: {{champion:202}} You 2 ready to start? {{champion:51}} I am but I got 1 question: Why are you dressed as a cowboy right now? {{champion:202}} Jinx told me that cowboys have a rivalry with ninjas so having a cowboy kill Zed would be more...artistic. {{champion:98}} Pirates. {{champion:202}} Mmm? {{champion:98}} Pirates have the rivalry with ninjas, not cowboys. {{champion:202}} ......Why would pirates and ninjas fight? That doesn't make sense. {{champion:98}} Don't know. {{champion:202}} But you are a ninja right? {{champion:98}} Yes. {{champion:202}} And what do you think of Pirates? {{champion:98}} Hate them. {{champion:202}} Why? {{champion:98}} _shrugs shoulders._ {{champion:51}} Can we get back to the task at hand. {{champion:202}} Right. _takes out intercom_ Jinx can you hear me? {{champion:222}} Loud and Clear Masky. {{champion:202}} Why did you tell me it was cowboys that hate ninjas instead of pirates? {{champion:222}} Cause you look so much cooler as a cowboy than a pirate. {{champion:202}} ...........just start the operation. {{champion:222}} YAYYYYY!!! BLOW UP TIME!!!!! :D
Bruh blood moon jihn... 😐😐
Skyrush (NA)
: What champions in this game could match and or defeat Superman ?
: As a thresh main, the most annoying thing EVER EVER EVER... well there are two actually. 1.) people dont click the lantern 2.) NOT EVERY HOOK IS AN ALL IN, IT'S JUST A TRADE BRO
LOL This is very true
: when top lane cancels tp and you are already balls deep..
I honestly logged in to up vote this. You sir know the real struggles lol
: A new esports season means team icons are here!
I think I should transfer to EU... All my favorite pro teams are from EU haha
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: Damn, 5th place, well.... it don't matter none to me, Im{{champion:119}} always gonna be the best around. Actually this is my first post ever, dont pay any attention to me, and btw, who is that guy that does the league stories?
Lightdragoon88 also does stories on the sales page spideysheep is just being ignorant
: we get the 40 ping now, time for you to learn to play with 100 ping MWAHAHAHAHA
I'm in Hawaii and we get 200 ping.. I will be forced to quit
Jinxish (NA)
: What a shitty birthday present, BibleThump. (as a person who lives in Hawaii {{item:3070}} )
My birthday is on the day the server moves... Time to quit league and go back to playing wizard101 :/ I am also from Hawaii
vtaki232 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jacadasag,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=U0M1AVfO,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2015-08-18T18:46:40.368+0000) > > Wow, poor Alaska and Hawaii... Im From Hawaii my ping better not be 200
: u realize that us people in the mid west are getting 90 to 120 all this time and and we havent been bitching we just play and now we getting change and we get better ping and yours rises well lets talk bout this again in five years after we have good ping that long
Are you serious? People in Hawaii didn't complain EVER with 200 ping and you guys think it was okay not to complain with 120? Get over yourself that's damn good and they're isn't a reason to complain
Raw (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=supa cool ninja,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=pX6pFIao,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-07-15T22:47:30.835+0000) > > Doesn't hurt to add to joy that riven and zeds gone for a day or two lol Yah than you lane against {{champion:13}}..... *Sincerely,* http://www.auplod.com/u/lpodua564a6.png
Haha well I have no problem with ryze since it'll be a ryze vs ryze match up lol
Raw (NA)
: Good thing there are like 50 threads about Riven and Zed being disabled on the front page but hey feel free to make thread #51 about it. *Sincerely,* http://www.auplod.com/u/lpodua564a6.png
Doesn't hurt to add to joy that riven and zeds gone for a day or two lol
: Both Riven AND Zed are disabled.
Start playing ranked games LOL
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: Ashe and Anivia dropped her off........while flying over her house. But don't worry.....her Boar broke her fall.
Lmao broke her fall! They chucked her ass off the bird didn't they?
: {{champion:113}} .............. {{champion:64}} ................. {{champion:79}} This looks to be the end folks but neither of them want to give up. {{champion:67}} Think she can lose? {{champion:22}} I don't know. {{champion:103}} Come on Sejuani!!! Hit him!!! {{champion:113}}** thinking:** _That's it!!!_ {{champion:113}} I have to say Lee Sin, I have never met such a man with such strength, endurance, and is so handsome too. {{champion:64}} Huh? {{champion:113}} Would you like to go to my place after this? And have another "match" all night long? {{champion:64}} Well that sounds... {{champion:113}} _PUNCH_ {{champion:64}} ugh!! _Falls to floor._ {{champion:79}} AND IT IS OVER!!!! The winner and new champion: SEJUANI!!!! {{champion:113}} You were right Ahri. Hitting on guys is fun. {{champion:103}} I...but...that's.....Good Job Sejuani. {{champion:22}} That the best we can do with her. {{champion:103}} I guess. I give up. {{champion:102}} Something I miss? {{champion:222}} You don't want to know. It's to crazy even for me.
A few thoughts went through my head reading this... ■_■
: Love and League: A documentary
Lol! GG Noob plz report I want a divorce you suck you cost me my promos your on the couch until I'm out of bronze lol I can go on
: Guys I just crunched some numbers and this goal is EASY to reach. 27 million people play the game every day so if one third of those people got together and made 5 man parties and won at least one game every day for 7 days we would have 10 million divided by 5 (5 per party) * 7 days a week is 14 million but you get 5 points so 14*5 is 70 MILLION SO JUST MAKE IT YOUR GOAL TO WIN ONE GMAE A DAY WITH A 5 MAN PARTY AND WE ARE GOLD!!!!
: you really dove right into that comment, it hit harder than a cannonball :^)
He came in like a reckingball {{champion:33}}
: {{champion:79}} And Sejuani has defeated her 9th opponent ladies and gentlemen. {{champion:113}} Now this is what I call fun. {{champion:103}} Way to go Sejuani. {{champion:22}} I have never seen her so happy before. Or Anivia this drunk before. {{champion:67}} How can you tell she is drunk? {{champion:34}} IMA DINOSAUR!!!! {{champion:22}} Call it a hunch. {{champion:79}} And now the big moment. Our Challenger Sejuani will now face our Grand Champion. {{champion:113}} Bring it on. Bring. It. On. {{champion:79}} Here he comes. From parts unknown: Knockout Lee Sin {{champion:64}} YEAH!!! Thank you my fans. {{champion:113}} You're blind. {{champion:64}} Well I guess that means you have eyes then huh? What gave it away? The Blindfold? {{champion:113}} Smart ass. Don't think I will go easy on you cause you are blind. {{champion:64}} Don't think I will go easy on you cause you are weak. {{champion:22}} Oh he did not just say that. {{champion:79}} Let us make this more interesting with our Hell in a Cell mode. In this the ring will be surrounded by a cage and the floor will be replaced with..... {{champion:22}} Mud? {{champion:67}} Water? {{champion:102}} Fire? {{champion:222}} Cheese? {{champion:34}} DINOSAURS!!!! {{champion:79}} ......Teemo's Shrooms. {{champion:22}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:103}} _Gasp_ {{champion:34}} ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Omfg I haven't laughed so much at these stories in a while. Keep it up lightdragoon88
MísoTra (NA)
: {{champion:89}} I was told we need CC? {{champion:150}} Same here {{champion:12}} Don the donkey and Con the cow... {{champion:53}} Together they are FRANZ {{champion:157}} Mobility? ;-; {{champion:92}} Let us cry together ;-;
Why riven crying? She's got the most effing mobility besides rammus and hecarim
: > [{quoted}](name=supa cool ninja,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=wwYpsfAw,comment-id=000000010001,timestamp=2015-06-08T18:22:44.023+0000) > > {{champion:254}} PUNCH FIRST ASK QUESTIONS LATER It's Ask Questions while punching
Actually I wasn't using her quote lol
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: Why do I have a feeling it is gonna end up being {{champion:113}} vs {{champion:254}}
: {{champion:222}} : well its not like someone going to come right up to us with a place to go {{champion:79}} :HEY!!! You ladies looking for a great place to go Me:.. Well its not like riots not gonna make it rain 10000 cards of RP..........COME ON RITO
I'm imagining jinx scene in the bathtub full of bullets in her movie but only thing it's me and rp cards lol
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: {{champion:40}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:44}} Yes {{champion:1}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:89}} No
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: Everything changed when the Ignite nation attacked or is it Everything changed when the Fire nation attacked?
Here how it goes: Everything changed when the fire nation attacked wiping out the air nomads and water tribes then fighting a war with the earth kingdom.
: Only the avatar master of all four elements could stop could stop them. {{champion:54}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:63}}
{{champion:54}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:63}} Then the avatar can be {{champion:77}}due to his skills Tiger for earth Turtle for wind Bear for water and Phoenix for fire.
: ***
I stopped reading 2 sentences in cause I was getting a head ache.. go home bro your drunk.
Irucas (NA)
: {{champion:43}} B**** don't dress like me
Balance in all things b**** {{champion:39}}
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